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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-8:57am MST

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a statement calling the event exceptional and saying the
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addressing. what happened this week showed that we need to do better. >> something went wrong. we either didn't interpret the forecast correctly or we will do a complete review of the situation to see if there's any way to change our procedure, processes to do anything to make sure this doesn't happen. >> reporter: maritime lawyer jim walker says half a dozen passengers already called him from the ship wanting to file a lawsuit. >> the real issue here is whether the cruise lines have any liability for the fear and anxiety that most of these passengers had and in most cases, cruise lines are not responsible when the passengers have been fearful of weather conditions. >> reporter: while at least four people suffered minor injuries, royal caribbean says the ship didn't sustain any major damage. the ntsb is currently considering an investigation. in the meantime, royal caribbean tells us "anthem of the seas" will once again set sail on saturday, heading to the
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robin. >> all right, linsey, joining us now to share their stories are peter and angela alupus, ashley and charlotte lipman and lauren, whitney, brittany and alex and albert hayes. >> good morning. >> absolutely. >> i was just looking at you as you were watching that. we're so thankful that there are only some minor injuries and that you all are doing okay. they got back? anybody do that? everyone? you always hear about people saying they're going to kiss the ground. peter, we saw your sister's video that she posted. you guys were told to stay in your cabins. it looks like you guys were in a washing machine. >> that's exactly what it was like. we were on the third floor with an ocean view and we literally saw the ocean with dori swimming
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humor about it right now. you could hear even -- 17 years he's been a captain. he was experienced but there are a lot of crew members, this was their first time out. could you hear the fear in their voices? >> absolutely. my sister walked out into the corridor and saw some of the staff hugging and crying and that's when she got concerned. we also didn't have any life vests in the cabin which is unusual. we've cruised many times and i guess they keep them at stations to the cabins and there were no life vests. luckily we had our own personal snorkel vests and my sister was wearing it throughout the -- >> yes. >> you guys have been on cruises before. wasn't your first rodeo. >> we have. >> lauren, okay, i can understand this, you had a panic attack. >> oh, yeah. >> even though you were -- >> beyond. >> even though you were told to stay in the cabin, you had cabin fever. had to get out. >> we were probably -- we were all together probably in the room for 20 minutes if that and then we left. yeah. i couldn't do it and the crew
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i'm not going back. >> i hate to use the phrase but you said you felt like you had a "titanic" moment. >> i felt that way when the captain came on the actual loudspeaker telling us to get back to our rooms. he didn't sound very convincing that it was going to be okay so it just -- everyone around us just started crying, saying they couldn't breathe. i had a guy rubbing my back up the stairs saying it's going to be okay. when everyone is freaking out like anxiety. out. charlotte, you're 10 years old. >> yeah. >> and your daddy and everyone eating candy and stuff. what was it like for you? >> it was kind of scary since i saw the waves and they were basically almost crashing on to our terrace. and the room is basically tilted all the way down like a ramp but when it wasn't moving i just ran down and then i fell on the bed. it was fun but still really scary. there for you and you had to be
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tried to make the best of it. >> you said you got to eat candy and got quality time with your dad, one-on-one time with your dad so there was a bonus there. you heard in linsey's report the response from royal caribbean saying that there were some gaps and stuff. looking back, what do you all think should have been perhaps done differently, would you want something different? >> yes, it came to my attention from a meteorologist friend of mine this storm had been forecast up to a week before and i've been watching the news since we came on land and they say even 24 hours before, the forecast was very accurate as far as what we were sailing into so, you know, in retrospect, the captain did maneuver us through the storm, but i think he was instrumental in getting us to the storm and that's what i think needs to be addressed is how do we prevent this from happening again. >> the big lesson here. show of hands. who is going to go on a cruise
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>> look at you. >> a few shaky hands. charlotte was right up. quite a daughter you have there. >> she's a daredevil. >> hey, thank you all very much and finding the humor in it. i know it had to be some very scary moments and thank you for sharing your story. ground. all the best to you. >> thanks robin. temperatures plunge what should you do if you want to use your we'll look at the touch screen gloves that can keep you connected. put them to the test. oves that can keep you connected. put them to the test. ve with... a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... every kiss begins with kay. guys, kay jewelers would like to remind you...'s engagement season. and, all engagement and wedding rings are 20% off this friday through monday only. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for...
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and we're back now with a touch screen glove test as temperatures fall into the single digits typing on your phone outside can be a challenge. regular gloves don't work on touch screens. what about those specially designed ones? put 12 pairs to the test and abc's gio benitez here with the exclusive results. hey, gio. >> it's cold outside.
7:11 am broke it down. you know which one is the best. this morning here are the results right now on "gma." >> typing in the cold can be a pain in more ways than one. >> annoying having to take off the gloves every time to send a text. >> reporter: regular gloves don't work with touch screens. here's why, the fabric blocks the charge from your finger which activates your phone. nick guy, a website that advises on best gadgets evaluated 12 pairs to find out how well they work. looking at all of these, they don't have the tips we're so used to seeing. >> the technology is advanced. they actually sew in silver and copper thread that conducts electricity and allows you to use your touch screen as if you >> to test for touch screen ability. he camped out in a temperature controlled brewery cooler, a lot like this one keeping it consistently frosty above freezing while he texted, used
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now it's my turn with wire cutter's picks. all right, it's cold in here. >> it is. >> 37 degrees. >> got to keep the beer chilly. >> moshi. for $29.95. >> these are our favorites. we found they were nice and warm but we were also able to type really well with the thumbs on them. >> how well can i type in a brewery cooler? well, no typos. >> looked like you did pretty good. >> next up the north face thermoball tip gloves. for $50. >> a little bit thicker, not quite as flexible but they're still pretty impressive for how warm they are. >> feel like i could be in a blizzard and can type. >> yeah. >> they all lose connectivity over time but sometimes too quickly. that's what wire cutter found with glider gloves winter style which sell for $29.99. >> yeah. >> we wore them for a few months and were fine.
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stopped working altogether. they can wear out and that's unacceptable. >> glider gloves told us we found it's about 1% of all gloves that fail early. we do back up our product with a 90-day warranty and replace any gloves that have failed or are defective. nick's advice, get gloves with gripping material on the palm. see how well it stays in the palm. get a tight fit. watch out for those with extra materials or seams on the tip. that reduces touch screen ability. we should tell you wire cutter does get a percentage of money from retailers on gloves sold through the links on their site and by the way, out of 12 of the touch screen gloves that expert tested this year he says he highly recommends four of them. you can see the entire list of results on our website, on yahoo! check it out. >> good info. thanks very much. coming up here, johnny depp plays donald trump. you have
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the art of the deal kenny logins performing "art of the deal." the theme song for a new funny or die video which shows donald trump in a way we've never seen before. wouldn't you say, t.j.?
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but if -- imagine if donald trump starred in, wrote, directed and even edited a movie about himself. that's essentially what this is and 50 minutes of them making fun of donald trump. what threw them off is who played donald trump. put it up. if you don't know already, yes, that is johnny depp who transformed -- it took him two or three hours every day to do that. they shot it in december over about four days. and let me give you a little example of how this came out. >> i had to start up with nothing but the shirt on my back and a small million dollar loan from my father. >> that's the beauty. he did say that. >> he did say that and goes on with more stuff. >> a full movie. >> full-on movie. they did this about four days. you'd love this. they thought they had to do it in a murray because trump was going to be out of the race. >> plenty of time. >> yes. >> we want more. >> some would say that is
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welcome back to "gma." we're already in a deep freeze across parts of florida. temps below freezing in tallahassee and they are that frosty and parts of orlando gets even colder this weekend. this weathercast brought to you by fitbit. more local news and weather
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brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be. by panera bread.
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just about 7:56. we have the latest about that breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. 6-year-old boy was killed yesterday and arapahoe county apartment. police say a woman was sexually assaulled in that same apartment. when deputies showed up they stab wounds. a 2-year-old was in another room and was fine. police haven't named a suspect yet officially. officials won't confirm where the boy went to school, but holly hill will have counselors on happen. this deputy responding to the scene was involved in a crash that scene. deputy bill foreman stable
7:25 am
though this morning. we're keeping watch on that. let's check in with lisa with our first aall right weather forecast -- alert weather forecast. >> more sunshine in afternoon. 41 at the airport and 38 downtown. current temperatures have been fluctuating with our winds out of the west. boulder upper 40s to low 50s. it's colder near fort collins and greeley by this afternoon pretty mild. teens and 20s in the mountains this morning. highs today denver expecting a high of 60 degrees by 3:00. more sunshine expected later this afternoon. overnight lows tonight in the 30s. we stay mild for the weekend. little cooler with more cloud cover tomorrow. >> we certainly do. 6th avenue, left lane, the guy ran out of gas there, and the left lane, tow truck person helped put gas in the jeep and
7:26 am
all lanes just nowwopening on westbound 6th avenue after sheridan. heavy stop and go traffic on 6th avenue, both directions. ramp that came out of northbound i-25 to 8th avenue, that's open after a car fire earlier this morning. heavy traffic north side of town, into downtown. lots of sun glaae affecting rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people
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good morning, america. kim kardashian opening up about baby number two and that big debate about moms, kids and being happy. experts weigh in with three ways for all moms to reduce the stress. new this morning, questions about how popular weight loss centers are getting people to shed those pounds. the new report raising big questions about whether some even work. dr. ashton here live with what you need to know before you sign up. it's time to get the chains out and things are about to get "scandal"-ous right here. >> don't tell me you can't do this.
7:28 am
prime time's hottest show like you've never seen them before live, unfiltered and all access. we're going on the "scandal" set and behind closed doors. >> sit down. >> as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. i'm alive yes, indeedy, good morning, america. suit up, gladiators. you know who you are. "scandal" is back tonight, and we're celebrating big time this morning. unprecedented access behind the scenes. as you saw, the entire cast is going to be joining us live. >> yeah, who needs sleep? it's 5:00 in the morning there in l.a. lara is there on the set with the entire cast. it's the first time we're going to see it. hey, lara. >> hey, yeah, george, this is unprecedented. so kind. "gma" starts at 7:00 in new york. that's 4:00 a.m. out here in l.a. and, look, a welcome sign. we're in the studio where "scandal" comes to life.
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the gladiators, everybody. we got huck, we got quinn, we got olivia, we got marcus and we -- i have a question. something is wrong with this picture. gladiator, gladiator, gladiator, first lady. >> ah. >> bellamy has infiltrated. a little foreshadowing of something to come in part two of the season. >> we could tell you but we'd have to kill you. >> yeah. >> we're here. >> we like you too much. >> oh, yeah. please don't kill me. i did notice though, guys, they do have some new clients here. >> suspects, suspects. >> i'm not sure if they're clients or suspects. but as i told them off camera you guys have a lot of work to do. >> stephanopoulos. >> for a long time. >> the dirt. >> uh-oh. >> so anyway, we'll have a full cast talk and talk with all these guys and give you secrets all throughout the 8:00 hour. mwah. back to you. >> going to be so much fun. a lot coming up. now to amy with the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning
7:30 am
that wildlife refuge in oregon may finally be ending. the four remaining militia members holed up on the property in after being surrounded by the fbi. meanwhile, cliven bundy was arrested in portland last night. he is the father of ammon bundy who led the occupation of the refuge to protest the use of public lands. well, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing for another crucial debate tonight, this time in wisconsin. it will be their first face-off since sanders' landslide victory in new hampshire. sources tell abc news hillary clinton's top advisers are calling supporters and donors trying to ease concerns about their campaign. they are focusing on south carolina and nevada and relying on support among african-american and latino voters. on the republican side, donald trump telling supporters in south carolina, if he wins their state's primary, he'll, quote, run the table to the nomination. ted cruz claims he is the only candidate who can beat trump.
7:31 am
shot in south carolina, but the ohio governor is making news as he prepares to sign a bill defunding planned parenthood. in health news, encouraging signs about dementia in america. it appears to be on the decline. a new study finds rates of dementia are down more than 40% since the 1970s among whites. doctors say the change is most likely because of lower rates of heart disease, and they also found a link between higher education and a lower risk for dementia. well, we have an update on this video we showed you of that man helping police catch a drug suspect by tripping him on a sidewalk. well, police released the video in the hopes of finding him so they could thank him for doing their legwork, and now they have. it turns out he is a soldier in the british army, and like any good soldier, he is always on duty. and finally the secret service has posted a sign outside the white house that may seem a little obvious. it reads, weapons prohibited at the white house. well, the agency tells "usa
7:32 am
to post the sign to have the right to search people. but here's the deal, that law was passed back in 1988. it took them 28 years to get the sign up. no word why it took so long, but good work, guys. better late than never, robin. >> i guess so, amy. thank you. we got a big health headline for the millions of two-thirds of u.s. adults are classified as overweight or obese, and a new study from johns hopkins university reveals those popular weight loss centers that so many use may not be helping. dr. jennifer ashton is here with the details. so, what's going on here, jen? >> so, robin, if you are overweight or obese and in my office, i would likely counsel you about the importance of losing weight and then might likely refer you to one of these weight loss centers to help you because this is an ordeal. so what this study did is they kind of went behind the
7:33 am
an urban area of medical weight loss centers and what they found, they didn't do so well. there is a lot of room for improvement. one of the findings was about 1% only follow the actual medical guidelines in helping patients lose weight. fewer than one in three are actually supervised by a physician, and only about 3% are recommending the proper amount of physical activity. so, again, not such a good report card here. >> these are shocking numbers. >> yeah. >> why are they not following the requirements? >> we don't know. i mean, my take on this is a number of possible explanations. number one, a center may choose deliberately to pursue their own approach, which is fine as long as you're transparent about that, and you want to follow your own espy. what would be more concerning if they were actually unaware that there were real guidelines that should ideally be followed and, lastly, obviously there could be financial gain here, and it could be a scam, so this is a
7:34 am
buyer, beware. >> congratulations, you are just newly -- >> yes. >> -- board certified when it comes to obesity medicine. >> thank you. >> and there is some research out there that shows why it is so difficult for many to lose weight. >> right, we know based on the obesity medicine data, in some cases losing a significant amount of weight may not be as simple as eating carrot sticks and exercising a lot because this is a complex issue with multiple causes. there are metabolic reasons, hormonal reasons, environmental reasons, exposure in utero, behavioral, genetic. this is a war on obesity, so we need an army to fight it. >> jen, you know so many people, they see these centers in malls, in strip malls and all around. what is your recommendation? >> well, proceed with caution. okay, there are a couple of tips. number one, you want to be clear about your goals at the onset. are you going to lose 20 pounds or are you going because you're trying to lose 200 pounds and you want to ask about the credentials of the people operating these centers. >> good. >> that should be up front. it's not a secret.
7:35 am
qualifications. ideally, people can go to the internet and read the american heart association and obesity society guidelines on weight loss from 2013. it's a magnum opus, but it is everyone to look at and, lastly, you have to factor in cost. we say it all the time. it's expensive to be overweight. but getting good health can also be factored in. >> wonderful suggestions right there. all right, congratulations again. >> thank you. >> like she needs another title. doesn't have enough going on. >> a little bit of free time. >> a little. jen will be answering your questions throughout the morning. tweet her @drjenashton. go to "gma's" facebook page as well. now to jesse with the "morning menu." >> thanks, robin. here's what's coming up on the "morning menu." kim kardashian opening up about baby number two and starting a parenting debate. what experts are saying this morning. and lara is live on the "scandal" set getting unprecedented access with the entire cast like you've never seen before.
7:36 am
with some great "deals & steals" to keep your family warm as the temperature drops, and it is getting colder. she's right here. we got some beards. we got some great ideas. it's all coming up live right here on "gma" in times square. where is my jacket? it is freezing. what's going on? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. vo: you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... el iminate odors you've gone
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welcome back to "gma." we're going to start now with she's opening up about how she's handling that new addition to her family going from one child to two and we have expert advice on how to manage that challenge. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: kim kardashian has conquered the worlds of reality tv, fashion and social media. but going from one baby to two, that's something she says she's still trying to master posting this week, "i get no sleep" in reference to balancing the needs of her newborn son with those of her toddler daughter, north west. "one is like one," she writes repeating something her mother kris jenner once told her. "two are like twenty. every waking second i'm not with the baby i'm with north. i feel like i go into overdrive
7:42 am
and make her feel loved." >> this is exactly what your reality stars to be like. relatable and in this post, kim kardashian proved she's just like every other mother out there. completely overwhelmed by taking care of kids. >> reporter: the strain from becoming a second time mom is far from uncommon. according to a 2015 study conducted by the university of michigan, 65% of women are likely to be less happy in the first year or two after the birth of their second child. nicole herwitz knows the stress of going from one to two. the new york mom says she was just getting into a routine with her firstborn max when she welcomed a new baby two months ago. >> mornings used to be really easy. my son would wake up, and we would do breakfast for him and get him off to school. and now it's a lot of preparing at night to get the toddler out the door and then start things all over again with the newborn. >> reporter: parenting experts say the key for new moms and kim kardashian is enlist help from a baby sitter or spend time with mommy friends who understand the stress and schedule some "me" time on a regular basis. >> if your older child is feeling jealous or left out, you can always make them feel included in taking care of the
7:43 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and you have to pull the older child off the younger child. >> yeah, you have to watch those two, right? >> absolutely. >> and kim is very fortunate. she has her resources to be able to help her out that some other mothers might not have. now to the moment we've been waiting for all morning, lara live in hollywood with the cast of "scandal." enjoy, lara, enjoy. >> oh, thank you, robin. you know i'm in heaven. i love the show, and the cast is just as nice as you would imagine. "scandal" back tonight. millions of viewers have followed every plot twist about olivia, fitz, jake, mellie, the entire crew. we're going to talk about all of that but first we want to get you caught up on what's gone on. take a look. >> it's handled. >> reporter: no one handles a scandal -- >> don't tell me you can't do this. >> reporter: -- quite like
7:44 am
>> reporter: tonight the gladiators are back in business, and things are getting a little >> i was trying to save us. >> there is no us. them at christmas, president fitz narrowly survived an impeachment trial. >> i have done nothing wrong. mellie became an overnight olivia's evil dad came back into the fold. >> i may be the bad guy, but the worst guys are out there. >> reporter: and for a brief moment, it looked like the white house may even have a new first lady, but she found out that even the best fairy tales don't always have happy endings. >> we tried. >> reporter: so where will it all end up? >> it doesn't matter. i know. >> reporter: of course we'd love to tell you, but then we'd have to handle you. so, instead right now an unprecedented look behind the scenes on the set of prime time's hottest show, so grab your popcorn, gladiators. >> sit down. >> reporter: because this "scandal"-ous cast interview live starts now. yes, i cannot tell you how
7:45 am
unprecedented live look at "scandal" behind the scenes. the show, as i said, back tonight at 9:00 p.m. i'm here with 13 members of the cast, and we are going to -- [ cheers ] and tables are turned. i'm interrogating you guys today. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> we have all agreed to spill some "scandal"-ous secrets but first here is a little look at something to come tonight. >> yes, yes. >> are you going to open the door? are you okay? >> i'm fine. what do you mean? >> i mean, you won't open the door and that's weird. is there someone in there? client? you want to talk on the phone. surveillance -- >> we do not want anyone at the who's the client? >> i was just trying out for a role. i have a captive audience and i love the show so much. >> applaud, everybody. [ applause ] i'm going to start -- ah.
7:46 am
all of you, thank you. >> you're our first gladiator and one of our most fierce gladiators. >> i tried to dress the part today. >> sexy. >> thanks. the scene that we just saw, what are you hiding behind the door, girl? that scene, huck is trying to talk to you. you will not -- usually you let everybody in. you have something, either it's a man or a something. >> uh-huh. 9:00, 8:00 central. 9:00, 8:00 central. >> really? that big? >> that's my answer. that's the only way you get to see what's behind the door. >> does what's behind the door have a heartbeat? >> hmm. i mean, poeticly speaking. >> that's beautiful. >> i see life in all kinds of things. >> that was great. >> whoo. we saw a glimpse of it. another character in the show. >> uh-huh. >> it definitely tells a bit of the story, and what we've seen so far indicates a sea change of sorts, in fact, i'm going to start -- i want you to roll one
7:47 am
go ahead, roll this. >> we are never done. we do not give up. >> my world, my rules, this is war. >> there is no script. >> do you want to be a gladiator in a suit? >> it's handled. >> i like that. >> oh, yeah, you throw that white hat. out with the white, in with the red. the red symbolize? olivia and in all of you? what is the change? >> if you say 9:00, 8:00 central -- >> no. it feels like -- it feels like we're not hiding anymore. it feels like -- which is ironic because of the clip we just showed of hiding. but it feels like everybody is trying to step into their new truth. >> but are you sick of being on the white horse? do you have a different agenda now? >> we'll see. i mean, i think everybody is that's so much to me what the everybody is trying to be the
7:48 am
>> well, not everybody. >> be an upstanding person. >> trying. >> not everybody is -- not everybody is able. your dad. >> no, no. >> he thinks he's being the best version of himself. >> absolutely, he thinks he's being the best version of himself, yeah. >> i mean, nobody does a joe plays command. >> thank you very much in front of my entire case. >> yes, thank you. >> there's just something about love the dynamic that's happening or that i'm sensing between you three, scott foley and guillermo, my hunk. what's to come? what can you tell us about the dynamic between that triangle? >> well, the last thing you saw, right, was that he walked into my house, which means that we're or there's going to be a lot of blood. >> really? okay. action. >> oh, well -- >> we have a chyron up. you can't see but i just saw a very touching moment. >> it was. it was sweet, wasn't it. >> it was sweet.
7:49 am
scene. >> you don't know. i mean, like you said, the last thing we saw jake walking into rowan's house, so i think there's a lot of possibility there. you know, there was some harsh feelings in the past and understandably so. >> yeah. >> but i think there's an open door. >> and, huck, i want to ask you. most complicated. i just called you huck. guillermo. >> okay. >> guillermo, how is that for you to play -- it must just be a actor. >> yeah. >> and then also what can we expect from your character? >> it's awesome. you know, i'm the luckiest guy. i feel like i'm on television to be able to portray huck, but, you know, huck, i think, is trying to be that normal guy. you know, he's trying to be that guy. really, he's trying really, one of those scenes a few episodes ago where he doesn't end up torturing rowan was a major step forward.
7:50 am
>> yeah, well, i don't -- >> kind of. >> i look at it as he's getting stronger. >> amen. >> he's getting better. >> that, i agree. >> i absolutely agree. >> resisting the -- >> trying to break -- >> yeah. >> katie, next to you is cornelius. he is the newest gladiator. [ applause ] >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and he might not be as willing to do the things that you are willing to do. >> very true. >> my friend. so how -- >> yet. >> oh, really. >> i mean, who knows. who knows. >> that's true. how will that dynamic work, though, when you're willing to pull teeth literally? >> i think that you'll see a lot going forward about what it's like to have a new gladiator in the office and how we all sort of deal with that energy and what responsibilities we give him, what we don't give him and >> all right, and then -- darby, who is my fashion icon, always fun to see you. >> ah. >> and abby, poor abby, that's tough to be in that press room. you had a hard time with the
7:51 am
so, do you get a break? does the president finally call you abby? >> abby comes into a little bit of a different scene in this second half of the season, and there is a major change. >> that's all i can say, major. >> capital m-a-j-o-r. >> oh. >> so are we saying that abby line? should we be watching abby? >> yeah, yeah. >> i know. >> i haven't even gotten to this side of the room. >> every story -- >> equal opportunity writing. but abby -- >> i would say every character has major changes. >> and i mean, portia, this little three-way back here quite literally and, artemus, welcome to the family. you're fantastic. [ applause ] i want to hear about that. and i've been saving -- i mean, your trouble all the time playing cyrus beene and the president and first lady and
7:52 am
save the best, the nuggets of your relationship and, of course, with this gal, kerry washington, because we do have more with "scandal" coming up. plenty more time coming up, so thank you for this little sort of sneak peek. more to come, everybody, but just a reminder in case kerry didn't remind you enough, "scandal's" winter premiere is tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central. please stay with us, though, we'll get a little "scandal"-ous coming up. back to you guys in new york. >> lara, please tell each and every one of them how grateful we are for them getting up like that, playing with us this morning. we know how early it is, and our audience is loving it. you tell them. >> they baited the hook this morning. >> thank you, thank you, to each and every one. we can't wait for more. let's go outside to rob. >> we're grateful for those bearing the cold. you're from australia. why would you come to the cold? >> something different. just something different but, yes, freezing. >> on the way back there heading to hi high so it'll be a warmer stopover.
7:53 am
snow rowers in idaho. wind with light sticky snow will bring you that kind of yodel first alert weather with a beautiful day in store. a lot of sunshine now. skies clearing after some of that cloud cover we saw this morning. look at our temps today. near 60 in denver. we could put the bright ssot on any day this week. just beautiful. it's going to get a little cooler tomorrow through the weekend. you'll find low to mid-50s friday. with a little more cloud cover. we have more from the set of "scandal" coming up in our next half hour. also "deals & steals," tory and jesse are going to be here with that. stay with us.
7:54 am
we are hearing two dogs were rescued in a home that cashes fire in larkspur. %- it's been burning almost an hour now. we're keeping a close eye on this. we'll bring you any updates. no word on how this got started. if we get new information we'll keee you posted. let's check on your weather with lisa hidalgo. >> going to be a nice one. more sunshine now. had a few more clouds this
7:55 am
fort collins 57. it's a touch cooler today and we'll see things cool down a bit more tomorrow. we have lighter winds today. that's the nice thing. friday more cloud cover. 55. you're going to find low to mid- 50s through the weekend. and more 60s next week. we are not looking at any major
7:56 am
still looking at quite a bit of traffic, including the north side of town. a lot of red on i-70, 270, and i-76. no problems on and off the freeways. at least on this side. 20 minutes either side of i-70, and 270. through the denver tech center `usy, a lot of traffic on i-25. 25 to 30 minutes. drive up to the foothills, pretty ease commute.
7:57 am
70 or 285 or highway 93. take a look, that fire that structure fire, should hopefully not be a traffic issue. light traffic there. might see the smoke from i-25 in southern douglas county,
7:58 am
you can see the full video on our facebook page right now. you want to check that out. >> very cool. also this morning, mario batali is here. he is taking on our $5 dinner challenge. i'll team up with him for i guess we're making penne pinchers penne. >> it's going to taste good if mario is here. let's get back to lara. lara. >> hi, everybody. welcome to "pop news" time. i am on the balcony on the set of "scandal" with the one and only josh malina. >> it's exciting. >> hi, thanks. i know you're a pop aficionado. >> i am. >> so, guys, we begin with part one. we need to roll the music. >> do you like adele? >> sure. hello from the other side >> hello.
7:59 am
actually it's adele. she is in california dreaming about how it used to be. actually she's probably dreaming about how tomorrow night will be. a surprise pop-up last-minute concert she's throwing for her most loyal fans just ahead of 1500 tickets were offered to registered at, which i know you were. >> is it a surprise if we know it's tomorrow? >> she surprised fans by saying, hurry, go to my website. >> i think a surprise is if she just walks in. >> but this is big. 1500 fans get to see her. she's got a world tour coming but this is just for the very biggest fans like i am with "scandal." >> sure. >> and not to worry if you didn't get tickets because, yeah, they are all gone now, six shows coming here in l.a. at the staples center and all over, world tour for adele starts this summer.
8:00 am
>> uh-huh. >> also in "pop news," if you don't have a date for valentine's day, i can't help you. >> i do. my wife of 20 years. >> fantastic. if you ladies don't have a date, no problem. how about a little pillow talk with fabio. >> fabio? >> yes. >> check this out. yeah, baby. >> fabulous. >> oh, yeah. there's cheesy music, rose petals, champagne and inexplicably a wind machine. >> he still looks good. he's hanging in there. i probably should stop speaking. >> fabio is there for you because hallmark is offering -- i feel like i have to talk like this. >> i wish you would. >> he's prepared a lovely evening for you thanks to hallmark offering 18 minutes of the long hair lothario's undivided attention on their streaming site, he's stretched out on a bear skin rug. he will ask you how you are, of course, he's not really listening to your innermost fantasies, your secrets. this may not lead to a happy ending.
8:01 am
minutes of skyping with fabio, it would get awkward. >> it's not even skyping, it's like a video that rolls. >> you're watching and he's pretending to -- >> listen, if you don't have any other plans on valentine's day as the gladiators would say, fabio has it handled. yeah, you see what i did there. >> it was good. >> all right. so now we have two other teammates of yours. >> portia and artemus will help me. "pop news," we'll do a little game. you guys always have wine, wine coolers and you seem to like wine coolers. >> we promote drinking on the show. a nice bottle of red. we came up with a game. these are all wines and their description. tell me which cast member best matches the wine. first one is rose, bubbly flirty, a regular at summer beach houses. >> jeff perry. >> jeff perry. >> okay, artemus. >> i mean, if we get to hard liquor, i can give you some answers. >> saving that for last. malbec, deep and soulful.
8:02 am
-- >> i think papa pope, no? >> that's what i was thinking. >> i don't know about that actually. >> deep. >> who in real life is malbec? who is deep and soulful? >> nobody on the show. >> fantastic. >> we don't have any of those. >> irs reisling, sweetest of the sweet. >> bellamy. >> she's very sweet. >> anybody catch that. portia was like, me. >> i just wanted one person -- >> i was assuming -- >> i was totally with you. i was mind melting. white zinfadel. high alcohol content. you like to have a good time. >> oh, that might be me. >> i will a give that one to -- >> we got our zinfandel. >> i love it. >> oh, that's it, and, okay, and good old hooch. >> oh. >> you said you wanted it. >> well, that's susan's -- >> no, you said you were going to name. oh, a blanco tequila, i'd say scott foley. >> there you go.
8:03 am
>> sampling of the secrets of the "scandal" set. for now, though, back to you in new york. more with the president and olivia coming up. >> now i'm craving a glass of wine. so early. >> it's almost 9:00. >> thank you, lara. thank you everybody. we'll have a lot more with the cast of "scandal" coming up. amy and mario batali, our $5 dinner challenge. >> that's right. we are giving celebrity chefs 5 bucks to whip up a well-balanced meal and this morning a celebrity chef and co-host of "the chew" is taking on the challenge, mario batali, come on out. [ applause ] >> all right, you, this is not an easy challenge, $5, but in the bag. >> absolutely. >> first of all, i have a box of pasta, which we're only going to use half. people on a budget. >> absolutely. the problem with americans, a single portion serving. this is enough for four people. >> all right. >> then sausage. >> sausage. all right. >> delicious italian spicy sausage. >> that was $1.50. >> we're only going to use half
8:04 am
then broccoli. >> broccoli. >> 85 cents worth for a half a head. >> that is an incredible -- this is your total right here. >> yes. >> that brings you to a grand total of $3.21. that is amazing. >> all right. >> i'm feeling pretty good about it. >> pretty incredible. so, let's get cooking. we need any items from our pantry? >> well, yes. could you bring me extra virgin olive oil, chili flakes and a quarter pound of the '50s sliced real thin. that was a joke. >> i want to tell you. you actually have a brand-new restaurant. congratulations. >> i do. >> first in ten years. >> first new inventory in new york city in ten years. la sirena. odyssey" that would sing from it would crash the ships and no one will die in this >> no one will die in this restaurant. >> so we drop our pasta. what we always do, right before
8:05 am
remember. right before i put the pasta in i put the salt. salt is free on today. then we cook it al dente and if you do it you cook it according to the package instructions written right on the box. cook it one minute short of that and then throw it in with all of the rest of the things we call palm de menu. i put three of the links back in the freezer. a tip is, don't be afraid to freeze. don't thaw things, don't leave it on the counter. take it out the night before and put it in the fridge and broccoli is blanched in water and throw it in like that. >> you blanched it. how long do you blanche? >> when you blanche things you bring water up to a boil and you throw it in quickly with a little bit of salt, take it out after one minute, put it in ice water to shock it and refresh it which retains the chlorophyll. >> see, i'm glad i asked. >> retains the crunch and that also helps you know you're maintaining some of the vitamins and minerals. >> very nice. good. all right. >> so if you don't have a colander around the house or a sink. hold on, let me reach for the sink.
8:06 am
>> the virtual sink is so good. what's important in good pasta dishes is don't take the noodles out and just put them naked on the plate. >> ah chlt . >> you toss them into the pan with the condiment so the two separate ingredients -- >> that's such a good idea. >> the noodle and all the other stuff come together as one. >> yeah. >> now we'll add a little chili flakes. >> a marriage of flavors. >> exactly. a little drizzle of extra olive virgin oil. >> cheese. >> just a little cheese. >> cheese is expensive and cheese will mask it. use that grater right there. >> and you buy your cheese in bulk. >> buy my cheese in bulk and also i only keep in the refrigerator how much i'll use that week, a half pound. the rest in the freezer wrapped twice in foil and then in a plastic wrap. >> you can freeze that. >> you can freeze cheese -- the hard, dried cheeses you can freeze. the fresh cheeses not so much. >> we are learning so much this morning. >> i know. >> put the cheese actually in there is what we want. >> put the cheese -- >> in the pan. so that it melts, almost becomes
8:07 am
>> one of the big things about italian pasta cookery is that it's about the balance so it would seem to us abudanza, simple food. you never see giant italians walking around on the street. they eat pasta every day. it's because they eat the right portion. >> all right. thank you so much. this is amazing. >> so good. >> robin is like -- >> a little of that. >> look how much robin is eating. >> robin is a good eater. but she's clearly a responsible eater because she's slim and sexy. >> you're good. >> stop it some more. you can get recipes at on yahoo! i just almost spit it out. let's go outside to rob. >> looks delicious and hot. we're cold out here. good job. chilly for sure. where it's warmer though is the midsection all the way up to the northwest. temperature in the 70s. look at billings, 59 and 60s in
8:08 am
coming in after a dry spell. >> all right. this weather report is brought to you by weight watchers. back to you, amy. >> amazing, $3.21 for this. more fun with the cast of "scandal" live.
8:09 am
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we are back now live with our favorite gladiators in this unprecedented behind-the-scenes look on the set of "scandal" out in hollywood with me so early in the morning and then tonight on back again for the winter premiere. i got to get to the president. i got to get to cyrus beene. so jeff and tony, tell me about your dynamic. tony, so much changed for you, no wife, no mistress. >> right. >> you and jeff are back together. >> we're working together. but as you saw in the last -- things are pretty strained between us so abby really has -- >> are you going to hit on abby now? >> i can't tell you anything about that. >> whoa. >> i think you were just giving us a little -- a little -- oh, look at bellamy. so, meanwhile, bellamy is like, that's fine.
8:12 am
>> bellamy doesn't care about olivia being gone. she doesn't care about you. she is focused on becoming the president of the united states. >> yeah, yeah. >> right? >> doesn't get much help from her ex. >> if she needs it. >> amen. amen, sister. amen. >> so, are you watching -- >> helping other places. who knows. >> hence, why we saw bellamy in olivia pope's office earlier in this show. thank you for sharing a secret. >> could it be? could it be? >> that's what this segment is all about. >> digging, digging. >> all right. i want to talk to cornelius, the very handsome, very earnest gladiator, newest member of the team. getting on the set, working with live family what was that like for you and what was something that surprised you, a "scandal" secret about one of your cast mates. >> first off i was really surprised just how much it felt like a family on set.
8:13 am
get in there, you get teased a little bit. [ laughter ] >> that's true. >> i've had my share of -- let >> a little bit. >> they put a little sprinkle what else? i love to eat. i found somebody who loves to eat just as much as i do. >> who is that? >> this man. >> yeah. >> every morning. >> how long are the days on the set? tell me about the days because i imagine a show like this very long. >> we have the hardest working crew in hollywood. this crew like any of us -- [ applause ] >> our crew is tireless, and they are professional and like they are the family you're not seeing here because no way we'd they work harder than anybody up here. >> and they're here today with us. >> they came in. >> thank you, guys, behind the scenes. so one of our viewers wanted to know who hangs out off screen? you guys are working 13-hour days.
8:14 am
>> i've actually been out with a few and i've seen you all -- the wine flows even when you're not >> yeah, definitely. >> the girls like to gather and >> we do too. >> boys do too. bowl together? anybody? >> no. >> i want to ask you, kerry, your wardrobe changes, which did you like better, being the gladiator in white or the kind of sexy lady in red? >> this one -- it was tricky for me. like our very first sitting, it was in the script that olivia starts wearing bright colors and lynn and i kind of froze. we sat and looked at each other and decided to try again the next day. one of the ways i've distinguished between kerry and olivia is i wear a lot of bright colors and she doesn't. we're figuring it out. >> it was a huge shift. >> on set too. >> your costume designer deserves an award. >> lynn is a genius.
8:15 am
go, can you really remain alone? you've got -- you're flanked by your two loves. can olivia pope stand on her own two feet? >> i think it's also -- that's an interesting question. are you alone when you are surrounded by friends and family. like she still has her maybe that's enough for now. >> is that enough? >> maybe. >> it is what her father wants for her. >> oh. >> stand on her own two feet and do her thing on her own. >> listen, command. >> it's the truth. >> we always worry about what your ulterior motive is. >> my ulterior motive is happy. >> oh, my god. >> or dead. >> raise your hand if you hands down. >> so, who here is going to leave our "gma" moment -- and and for coming in early -- and go home and take a nap? raise your hand. >> that we can raise. >> i don't blame you. >> you guys are going to go -- >> i'm above it. >> everybody from "scandal," we thank you. we love you. keep up the great work. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see how it unfolds. mwah, mwah, mwah.
8:16 am
i'll say it again, "scandal" tonight 9:00, 8:00 central, where? >> all: abc. >> that's right. coming up. we've got deals, we've got
8:17 am
i'm burning up time now for "deals & steals." tory johnson has deals that will keep you comfy this winter. some of them starting at just $5. >> this is for you. roma boots. i love their rain boots for both women and kids. what's great about the company, for every pair they sell they donate. and they've donated 50,000. they start at $49 but everything slashed by 51% so 24 to 57. >> so, a great cause, as well. especially when you come out of the shower. >> diva darling. this is fun for us
8:18 am
turbine or towel. helps it dry faster because of the can't beat that and it helps to avoid excess heat on your hair. a really good deal on these. normally $10 to $12 slashed in half $5 to $6. >> oh, we like that. >> okay. >> what we got over here. >> from butterscotch blankee, these are so super soft. it's their chevron pattern. you can get either both the pillow and blanket or just one or the other depending on what you like. four different styles to choose from. just beautiful quality on these. i love them and actually huge. normally $88 to $179. all of these slashed by 70%. starting at 27 bucks. >> i got to be honest. i love this. >> so here goes. so we brought in some backup over here to demo these. so these look so gorgeous. for a freezing cold day like today everyone needs a beardo. kids, adults, men, women, you walk down the street, you are the star with these. normally $30 to $60 depending on the style you choose. everything slashed in half
8:19 am
our guys not included. >> i just love the name beardo. and finally we have a special guest here, gizmo. >> harry barker, big assortment of dog beds, bowls, blankets, everything, gizmo not included. big assortment when you go online. normally $18 to $200 depending on what you choose. everything slashed today in half, 9 to 100 bucks. can't beat that. fun for the pooch. thank you, gizmo. >> you got to do it for your little dog. >> got to do it for gizmo. great onjob by gizmo. a big thanks to the companies for setting these up. check these out on on yahoo! an exclusive you can only find online.
8:20 am
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader
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to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. if you like "good morning america" is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> before we go, quick update on our "10 dates in 10 states" adventure. our producer erica scott tried out cheesemaking on her latest adventure. you can see it on our facebook page and website, and tomorrow, it's the big finale. we didn't even need any cheese. >> hey, lara, cast of "scandal," see you tonight.
8:22 am
good morning. sorry about that. talking to jayson. %- we have breaking news out of larkspur. this is the scene from airtracker 7. a single family home was on fire. we don't know if the home was occupied, but two dogs were rescued and firefighters had to use water from a nearby pond to put it out. still no word on how this get started, but we'll continue to follow this. time to check on the forecast with lisa. >> temperatures today well above normal. normal high 45. we're going to be near 60 this afternoon, with sunshine. 3 the winds are going to be calmer today, but our temperatures a few deggees cooler. 55 tomorrow. increase in clouds for the weekend. low to mid-50s. few upper 50s saturday. next week still mild. highs near 60 degrees on tuesday. mid-60s on wednesday. >> we're looking at a pretty decent ride around town for
8:23 am
however there are still are a few sticky spots. earlier car fire by 8th avenue, northbound side closed down this morning. it's opened. still looking at slow traffic there, as well as i-70 and 270, you can still see about 20 or % so minutes from the north side to downtown, most of that is getting too84th avenue, then improves the rest of the ride into downtown. delays on i-225, on i-25 getting down to the denver tech center. 20 or so minutes if you have to catch a meeting after 9:00, you can see 225 still a little bit busy. the one accident being cleaned up at chambers and quincy. you can see on the cdot camera conditioos to the west. hasn't been too bad. highway 93, high 40-mile-per- hour winds.
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