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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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yoo're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m. we want to get to breaking news. fire crews are still working on a massive fire in larkspur. this is video from airtracker 7. crews say it is containnd at this poinn. the douglas county sheriff's office says the fire started around 7:000a.m.. at a home on south perry park road. two dogsswere rescued from the house. it appears no one else was inside. firefighters found half of the house fully engulfed in flames. the other half had smoke pouring out of the windows. crews had a little trouble
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truck in some of the water from a nearby pond. jury selection is underway in the trial of dynel lane, the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from the womb of a woman in boulderrcounty. eric lupher joins us from the newsroom. >> who can forget the shocking details that came out after this happened? iiside the courtroom. here's what we can expect starting today, up o 300 potential jurors will fill out questionnaires. they'll be questioned by both the prosecution and defense before the official jury is selected. opening statements expected by the middle of next week. trial could last 10 ddys. lane's lawyers filed a motion forrchange in venue, but the judge refused to move that case. lane has pled not guilty.
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was seven months pregnant when she was aatacked last march after going to lane's house to looo at maternity ccothed advised on craigslist. wilkins regained consciousness 3 and called police. she survived. `er baby did not. we'll cover this trial onair and online at we'll send important alerts to your phone from our denver 7 app. we have new details on the homicide investigation of a 6- county. deputies were called out to the sexual assault of a woman and made the discovery. investigators still trying to understand the senselessness of this crime. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us outside the apartment complex with the latest. >> reporter: the autopsy for that 6-year-old boy scheduled for 8:30 a.m. this morning, as investigatorr still try to piece together what led up to that boy's death here inside this building yesterday morning. arapahoe county sheriffs still
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of death and no arrests have been made. the boy's father found inside the apartment with self- inflected knife wounds also is hospitalized. a woman called 911 claiming she had been sexually assaulted in knife point inside that same point where the boy was ounn dead. the sheriff's department has two investigations, one into the boy's death and the other into the sexual assault. grief counselors have been made available today inside the elementary school where that 6- year-old boy went to class. jason gruenauer, denver 7. this arapahoe county sheriff's deputy who was responding to that scene never made it there. his patrol car was t boneed. deputy bill foreman, who is 55 years old, is in critical but stable condition. the driver who hit him was not injured but was cited.
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offforeman. more information. support. the sheriff says he performed one last act of service before his death, giviig others life through organ donation. there will be a celebration of junction. he was 40, leaves behind a wife and two children. teenager. this is 17-year-old austin holzer. the governor of maryland has ordered flags to be fllwn at half staff in honor of two deputies shot and killed by a gunman. one was shot and hit in a crowded restaurrnt. the second was killed during a shootout. witnesses say the two were trying to help when it happened. >> le just took out his gun and shot him in thh head, after the day. >> the 66-year-old gunman who
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a lot of tough stories today, so we want to give yyu some good news. the weather is nice. >> it's gorgeous. tracking no storms on our seven- day forecast. everything ill be minor. mountains will pick up snow % sunday. good tiiing for the ong holiday weekend. 3 here in denver at this point some really clear skies and we'rr expecting the next 24 to 36 hours a little high cloud cover. no big change there. -`you can sse here from our shot at the airport it's now 57. clouds are starting to break up and we're getting more sunshine. 60 already downtown. -`those winds comiig in out of the west-southwest, helping to push some of these numbers well above normal. %- boulder already at 62. we've got more 50s out east at the aarport. mid-50s and in castle rock 57. 20s and 30s for the mountains. as you're planning out your
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we'll be near 70 to the southeast. plenty of sunshine. tonight mild. tomorrow another mild day, but it's going to be a little cooler. lisa, thank you. we have a consumer alert this morning from king soopers here in denvee. the store is recalling its gourmet bread pudding sold in the deli. it may contain walnuts and itt was not listed on the label. for more details we have it at castle rock fire says half of its broncos star is out and the suspect is a vandal. the star used to be orange and blue. half the lights are out. the fire department posted on facebook that the department sharrs in the community's disappoint. they say "whoever did it can never kill our town spirit, though. go broncos ." seems a lot of parents decided to let the kids skip -`school to attend the parade. denver public schools put out the tally, and 24,000 students missed class tuesday, about
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we're hearing from some of %- the playerr that were miced up and there was a lot of love and smack talk. >> got three reminders, okay, breathe, don't forget to breathe out here, okay. >> love you too, man. cut it loose. >> i'm happy for my quarterback. >> number two. >> two, two, two. >> hey, letts go. this is a big 2 points. >> 12-point game, this could make it a 14-point game. >> looks right, throws right and the 2-point conversion is good. >> this is essentially over for the carolina panthers. [ cheering ] >> i like that.
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accuracy. the city of ferguson in trouble again. after the break we'll tell you why the u.s. justice department is taking legal action against them. >> plus new developments in the oregon standoff.
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. -` welcome back. more than 50 people are dead after a prison riot in northern mexico.
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between two warring groups. inmates also set fires during the riot. 12 others were injured, including five in critical condition. developments today on that `regon standoff at the federal wildlife refuge. four more protestors have surrendered, including cliven bundy. but one man is holding out, saying he wants liberty or death. the fbi has frey surrounded now. this is clearly constantly developing. u.s. justice department is fed up with the city of ferguson, filed a lawsuit claiming the city continues to violate the rights of african- americans. it comes after communications broke down. mary maloney explains. >> we intend to prosecute this case ask we intend to prevail.
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general says the city of ferguson targets african- americans. >> the residents of ferguson have suffered the deprivatiin of their constitutional riggts, the rights guaranteed to all americans for decades. they have waited decades for justice. they should not be forced to waited any longer. >> reporter: federal investigators say some pollce officers would stop people and arrest them without cause and use unreasonable force to generate city revenue. >> [inaudible] >> reporter: the doj spent seven months negotiating with the city tt reform the police department nd court system. when the deal was council members, they changed some requirements. >> there is no reason to enter into an grammy we know we cannot live up to or financially impossible to live up to. when it ssrves no one's purpose for us to fail. >> reporter: the justice
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and responded with filing. but the action highlights a period of racial tension many in the city want to move on from. >> it's time to stop all this ferguson going under stuff and get it done. police officers in london are thanking a citizen for `hlping them catcc a criminal. police are chasing a criminal and that man on a date with his wife sticks out a leg and trips him. he'll stick his leg out and takes the man down. there he goess two canadian fishermen survived being stranded on the ice more blizzard. the two brothers have been ice fishing for years. they planned to only be on the ice a couple of hours, but that quickly changed into a 26-hour nightmare when the storm took they knew they had enough supplies to last the night, bbt staying positive isshard. >> your mind is your worrt enemy, because you tell
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fuel, truck is still running. but it's that feeling of, you youutry to sleep and you hear that cracking in the ice. >> after spending the night on the ice, rescue crews were able to get them. tte men say their only regret is not checking the forecast before heading out. we have a majoo scientific breakthrouuh to tell you about. this is being hailed as one of the biggest ddscoveries of the decade. gravitational waves exist. they were first predicted by albert einstein. it's so surviving but so cool. >> i think what is interesting, find a solution until years, 100 years down the line. >> people continue the study
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>> we have a beautiful day. i'm so sad all the broncos hoopla is over. >> i know. we kind of have the broncos blues now. % >> it was so fun, and what do we do now? >> we have a gorgeous ddy at least. wind are a little calmer than yesterday. more sunshine involved today. this afternoon skies will clear out. adequate a bit of cloud cover cloud cover this morning. now seeing more blue sky. 15 to 20 degrees above normal. yesterday some neighborhoods near 70. this is the viewwfrom the top of our building. you can see a few of the clouds, but also blue kies. it's 60 degrees now downtown. winds have been coming in at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. all morning long we've seen temperatures in spots like boolder and broomfield in the 50s. right now boulder you're at 63. north to fort collins and it's about 20 degrees cooler.
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to the south in castle rock, 58 degrees. aurora now at 51. 20s and 30s mainly for the mountains at this point. we're going to see a lot of 40s there lattr this afternoon. very mild for the high ccuntry. telluride a high of 40. 62 for near 70s down across parts of southeastern colorado. -`it's well above normal. evergreen today 55. castle rock, 60. and at the airport our official number at about 57. -`there's a few clouds streaming in from the northwest at this point. we're expecting another very dry 24 to about 48 hour period. sunday and monday our mountains will pick up a little bit of snow. we'll get fresh powder in time for the long holiday weekend. a lot of kids have either next monday or monday and tuesday off. good ski conditions up in the 622today. 55 tomorrow. here's the difference. on friday we'll get a little more cloud cover and it is cooler.
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then we'll tay in the mid- to upper 0s through the weekend. next week no big change. tuesday, wednesday still talking low to mid-60s. very mild. more sunshine. no storms, no big storms on that seven-day forecast. we're just gging to be skirting a few of them as they bring a little bit of snow to the mountains sunday. man, it's unreal. it is still february. keep in mind, march typically our snowiest month. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle it out. the two democrats will debate in milwaukee. clinton just picked up a key endorsement from the congressional black caucus. sanders spent part of the day yesterday meeting with reverend al sharpton, buttdid not get an endorsement. south carolina's primary is on the 20th. then super tuesday follows march st. sanders is coming to denver for
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tickets are not required, but the sanders campaign says rsvp's are strongly courageed. if you to get a laugh today, bernie sanders has a new nickname after a blunder. >> railing against pharmaceutical companies and the like, and bernie sandwich, % sanders' message from the beginning. >> so next thing you know everyone was making photos with bernie and corned beef, bernie on toast, bernie betwwen bread. johnny depp has played a lot of characters, but what about deep as donald trump? -`funny or die the web site is trying it out featuring this 50 minute comedy of depp portraying him. it doesn't look like johnnn depp, does it? we have posted a link on our web site, soon you could have a
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-` here's a look at other stories making news hot on the
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valentine's day is almost here and if you know someone who loves potatoes, you can now 3 send them a potato thanks to this web site called potato with a personalized message on it. the creators say they're simple and bring joy and confusion like you would not believe. i must agree. this video from chicago is so cool. you can see the semii huge pile heeding for the bridge. snow, bridge. the inevitable happens. semm with the snow on top heads for the bridgeeand the snow explodes. the video is several years old, but just nowwtrending on youtube. even though i am not sure what kind of an animal lays the
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eat them. this could be my new favorite restaurant, because cadbury has opened restaurant in london that serves the cream egg in everything. `nfortunately, they don't have cream egg drinks just yet. this video has already 7 million views on facebook in 3 two days. this is andy griffith giving cam newton advice. >> i don't think it's very nice of you to walk off the way you did. >> i didn't win. i didn't win. >> i know you didn't win. but the important thing is, you was in there trying. that's what's important. >> they don't give you no edal for trying. >> i know that. % i know that. and it's nice to win something, it's real nice to win something. but it's more important to know how not to win something. >> i know how to do that real good.
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to do this from tennessee and it's brilliant and awesome. >> i've seen this shared so many types on facebook today. so great. >> this morning over 7 million shares and it's growing. >> you can see why. it's hilarious. thank you. imagine the shock when this happened, workers in houston were trying to demolish a parking garage and comes crashing down. it crumbles on top of an excavator with the worker inside. he escaped without a scratch. federal regulators approved google's plannto build a car without steering wheel, accelerators or brakes. decide if the cars will be allowee. a billionaire came up with the idea to build a replica of the titanic and set sail.
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second, and hird class cabins and the grand staircase almost the same. if you thought harry potter were wrong. the 8th installment. series will come out this summer. not a traditional book, though. lisa is reaking out back there. she loves harry potter. the script for the two-part play, harry potter and the cursed child. it will be rowling's first harry potter publication in eight years. remember, iican remember 18 years calling the night before the drafted, guess what, the colts are going to draft me number one in the nfl draft tomoorow. >> that's the look everyone is talking about. our broncos making the rounds on the talk shows. last night peyton manning was on "the tonight show."
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head in a game of egg russian roulette with magic johnson. >> choose your first egg. >> oh, my goodness. >> are you sure? are you confident? >> i had dreams growing up that i would maybe have a chance to play magic one-on-one some day. >> this is it. dream come true. good to see you, buddy. [ laughter ] >> got to love that. only jimmy fallon can get people to do things like this. mayor of charlotte cashing in on her bet. we have to admit, this looks better on her than seeing manning in that panthers' jersey. we're following the trial of a woman accused of taking an unborn baby.
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rin the middle of a time is increasing. republicans and some democratsp for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. you're watching denver 7 at 11:30. jury selection begins in the trial of dynel lane, the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from a woman in boulder county. denver7's eric lupher joining us. her attorneys tried to get a
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gotten too much media attention. the judge denied the request. jury selection is expected to last a few days with opening statements to follow next week. lane remains ii custodyyat the boulder county jail on $2 million bond. she faces more than 140 years in prison if convicted across the board. the victim, michelle wilkins was seven months pregnant when attacked. the d.a. says lane attacked her with a llmp, breaking it over her head. she's accused of stabbing wilkins in the neck with the broken glass, cutting her abdomen and taking her baby. wilkins went to lane's house to look at maternity clothes that havv been advertised on craigslist. we wait to see what happens with jury selection. eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. denver7 following that homicide inveetigation after a 6-year- old boy is found dead. he was killed in arapahoe county yesterday. at this point no suspect or even a person of interest has been named. denver7 reporter jason
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apartment complex near harvard and quebec here it happened. >> reporter: investigators spent 10 hours sifting through evidence here at this apartment building, here in arapahoe county, trying to figure out what exactlyyhappened toothat 6- year-old boy who was found dead upstairs. for 8:30 a.m. this morning. still no cause of death here. still no arrests have been made. arapahoe county sheriffs also tell us the man who was found inside that apartment with self- inflicted knife wounds does remain hospitalized today. this all started with a call to 911 by a woman whh lives in that apartment complex. she called saying she had been raped at knife point. neighbors tell us she went across the hall naked, banging on the door saying she had been when officers arrived that's when they made tte tragic discovery. they're still trying to piece together what happened. still not a lot of details available here in arapahoe county, as they wait for the
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mooe forward with possible charges here nation. grief counselors have been made available at the little boy's school. as for the deputy, the arapahoe county sheriff's deputy injured in a car crash on the way responding to this scene, he also remainn in the hospital. at last check, he is in critical but stable condition. reporting in arapahoe county, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. lawmakers kill a bill that would have revamped the colorado death penalty. it ould have reduced the jury of 12. the bill's sponsor argued the execution system is broken. colorado has executed one person in nearly half a century. now three people sit on sexual assault allegations against bill cosby have colorado lawmakers rethinking the statute of limitations. a bill going before lawmakers today would allow rape victims to seek criminal charges against defenders evvn after that 10 year limit.
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meaning it will not affect cosby's two accusers in attorney gloria allred will be in denver addressing the issue. there's a bill being introduced today at the u.s. house on the draft. they say the draft has outlived it costs taxpayers more than -`$20 million a year and hasn't been used since 1972. a lot of coloradians leaving their ccrs unattended, and that is illegal. but a bill proposed requires a key be put into gear or locked by a fob, some offer more security, that those will be -`exempt. >> if the door is unlocked,
11:30 am
turns on the emeegency alarm. >> the bill's sponsor says if the bill does become law, municipalities can make rules on how long the car can sit -`idle. parking can be a huge hassle. in boulder, city council is discussing wayy to fix it. it appears all options are on the table now. including the possibility of raising permit prices or reducing the number of permits available one councilman suggested the idea of eliminating residential public parking. >> this is a public street. we heard from other council members who thought it's working pretty well as it is. >> any decision on parking changes in boulder still weeks or onths awaa. we'll keep you posted. no secret airlines have been putting the squeeze on passengers to fill more seats.
11:31 am
to put a stop to it, proposing a measure to limit how close together the seats can be, citing a safety issue. airfares are ddwn now, the lowest we've seen in about six years. prices went down more than 6% in the third quarter of 2015. the average price at $72. the drop ttanks to low cost airlines and the lower fuel a local company bringing a `ew meaning to smart technology. with a brain. this is called the ledsense, it can sniff out dangerous odors like carbon monoxide and trigger the alarm. it can gauge the temperature of the room and change the thermostat. >> the interior air quality
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>> the company plans to unveil the bulb nexttweek and they have not shared when they will be up for sale. the zika virus a big concern for olympic athletes.. the olympic committee is hiring two disease specialists to help advise the athletes. soccer player hope solo told "sports illustrated" if they were happening now, she wouldn't go. the house passed a bill in response to the drinking watercress in flint,,michigan. it means the epa will have to notify state officials withhn 24 hours when water contamination is at a certain level. work has begun to transform the baseball stadium into a hockey rink. coors field is hostiig three hockey games later this month,
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du and colorado college. february27th the colorado avalanche will take on the detroit red wwngs. the night before, avs and red %- wings' aleem igh -- alumni. we'll introduce you to today's 7 hero. >> i completely forgot about taxes. temperatures today nice and mild. alreedy we're at 61 inndenver. 61 in boulder. low to mid-40s now in fort colliis and greeley. a really nice start to our
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too.
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power of possible. it is tax time and before you file, how certain are you that your tax preparer knows what they're doing? the government estimates 60% of returns have at least one error. if that preparer messes up, you're still responsiile. >> you have to look at the background, see how long `hey've done it, what kind of rules do they have to follow, if any. do they work on a specific thing you're havinn them work on, thatttype of thing. >> how can you find a competent tax preparer? make sure they have a tax i.d. should never guaranteeea refund without nowing your situation, and never sign a blank form. you can check the irs database -`that lists preparers with proof of credentials.. twitter says it lost 2
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drop 12% yesterday. at the end of last year twitter had around 305 million active users and by contrast, facebook has 1.. billion. twitter been struggling to win ovvr new users for some time, launching new products o address the issue. this seems cool. youtube is planning to launch a streaming service similar to netflix nd hulu. the movies are part of the red service. it costs about 10 months a month to do away with ads. you can also have access of the music service. i didn't know they had a music service. did you? >> no. things us old ladies don't know. >> you were loving the news about harry potter.
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they just came out with a new version of the sorcerer's stone. >> producer is excited as well. >> first alert weather, highs should be in the mid-40s. weere already at 57 officially at the airport. record high is 73. we've been very close to some of these record highs the past couple of days and you can see more sunshine ow here in denver. these are your currents. 39 in greeley. 43 fort collins and 47 in evergrren. city park 62. parker 62. aurora at 51. state-wide our mountains starting to warmmup. more 40s in store there. you're going to find by this afternoon our highs look great. winds are calmer. yesterday at this point we started to see a few neighborhoods pick up. today we're expecting speeds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's not going to be a huge issue, but just enough to get
11:38 am
few clouds treaming in from the north and northwest. more cloud cover tomorrow. a few more clouds tomorrow, leading to slightly cooler aii. but today, 50s, 60s. denver will be at 62 this afternoon. closer to 70 across southeastern colorado. there's those 40s in the mountains. mountains could use more snow. looks like sunday and monday we could see more. boulder today 63. highlands ranch about 65. more low to mid-50s up along 76 and through the foothills also in the 50s. we stay this way the next few days, through the first and middle of next week well above normaa. overnight lows, it looks cold with temperaturessnear freezing. keep in mind we're typically in the upper teens, mid- to upper teens overnight. we'll be doubling those numbers each morning. 55 on friday. we're expecting a little more
11:39 am
the weekend, again, 50s, mid- upper 50s both days and more 60s the middle of next week. a good 15, 20, eeen 25 degrees above normal in some spots. this is not just a two to three day thing. ten to 12 days of temperatures like this. by the end of next week things could change up. >> it's going to give everyone spring fever. >> hen you'll get shocked when we et a heavy snow. thanks. imagine never being rocked to sleep as a baby. it's so important for mother and child. >> i had a rocking chair. >> reporter: deb sandsers is a mom and a fairly new graadmother. no wonder she loves rocking chairs. >> so it's just a wonderful thing to do with your child. >> reporter: she likes logging chairs -- rocking chairs so much she gives them away. >> it's through referral.
11:40 am
the agencies that work with moms in need. >> reporter: her nonprofit is called mommy rocks, which operates under the colorado nonprofit development cenner. >> a lot of moms we see have no furniture. they have maybe a kitchen chair. >> reporter: deb believes a rocker is a must for new moms likelyia. >> i love it, and he loves it. >> this gives them a place of their own to nurse their baby, feed their baby, bond with their child instead of sitting on the floor trying to rock or 3 soothe a baby. >> reporter: st. paul's episcopal church in lakewood provides the space, so she can have an inviting place for new moms to choose a gently used or new rocker. >> she's got a loving heart and wants to be ttere for young mothers. >> reporter: extra donations, deb's mommy rocks effort, has provided more than 760 chairs 3 to moms across colorado.
11:41 am
with gift bags filled with diapers, clothing and books. >> this is like a mini baby showerrfor ttem. >> reporter: we tried to surprise deb for her 14 years of service. but she was onto us. >> h, my god. >> what do you mean? >> oh, my god. >> you know what's happening, huh? >> you know what channel i watch. >> good. it's your turn for all of this hard work. ww have 7 news and trusted `hoice insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your hard work. >> thank you. >> congratulations, congratulations. [ applause ] >> to nominate a hero in your life, go to, click on every day heros. meet 11-year-old jeremy, he's been baking cookies to raise money for police nearly a year. he celebratee his birthday, but he decided to celebrate the
11:42 am
>> how did you come up with >> i found out that all the cops are getting bullyed, so i can relate to them because i've beennbullyed. >> police work sometimes is pretty hard. to see a little boy that old with a heart like that, that he wants to support the police means a lot. >> it's just so wonderful. officers like gary hall traveled thousands of miless from los angeles to attend this party in michigan. jeremy raised $10,000 and donated it all to the police and he was also named an honorary pollce officer. after the break how a little girl stepped up to the plate when her parents couldn't
11:43 am
`> why this kid the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs,
11:44 am
equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
11:45 am
, welcome back. many are calling a new york city police officer a hero for saving the life of a child. but the humble officer is giving all he credit to the sister. the little girl called 911 for help when her brother stopped breathing. she had to tell them everything because her parents don't speak `nglish. listen to the 911 call. >> caller: my brother is abbut
11:46 am
he can't breathe or nothing. he is almost onier old. >> 911 operator: is he >> caller: nope. >> 911 operator: is your mom there. 3 >> caller: yes. >> 911 operator: do you see his chest going up and down, breathing at all? >> caller: no, but he's already purple. >> one of the first responders, first officers there to respond started doing cpr and some pats on the back and finnlly the little boy started breathing again. turns out he had a seizure. after a close call, the baby's family signed up for cpr lessons. a special needs teenager has brought the crood to its feet at a basketball game. he nailed a money shot seconds before the buzzer. >> reporter: inside the high school gym at franklin academy, it doesn't take long to see how much 19-year-old robert lewis >> almost. >> reporter: he's the manager
11:47 am
even has his own nickname. >> money. >> he works incredible hard at everything he does. >> reporter: robert has downs syndrome and last friday night he was at the game against the university school of nashville. when the head coach invited robert to suit up and sub in. >> i ent in and ppayed basketball. >> reporter: not only that, the opposing eam sent robert's brother matthew in to guard him. and then money robert got the ball. >> i got the ball, it wws five seconds left in the fourth quarter. i was back there -- >> reporter: a three pointer that went up and then in. [. [ cheers and applause ] ] >> reporter: there were still those five seconds left on the clock, which explains the delay ii what happened next.
11:48 am
was storming the court, picking me up, saying, money roberts. [inaudible] >> reporter: about that moment that has now gone viral, his parents couldn't believe it. >> i've never seen so much love in one gym in my life. >> reporter: his coaches couldn't believe it. >> a moment we'll never forget. i don't think we'll experience anything more special. >> reporter: but robert knew it. >> i knew that ball was going ii. i was about to jump up and down. i was so happy that i got that reaction. >> reporter: if it wasn't clear before friday night, there's no doubt now there's a lot more basketball. >> i juss love my family so much and i love everyone. >> reporter: for the guy with the nickname money roberts, last friday was prrceless.
11:49 am
when everybody was so happy for me. %- >> that was just so great to `atch. %- >> so cool for him. great lesson for those other kids. if you saw the other team, they were clapping, too. >> yes. that was an impressive shot, too. >> i'm impressed. great story. beautiful day in store. look at the neighborhoods, 60 to 65 in and around denver. we're looking at highs near greeley, low 50s. fort collins about 57 this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. no big change, not much to report, next couppe of days well above normal. near 70 this afternoon across southeastern colorado. up into the mountains low to mid-40s there. aspen 45. grand junction 54. gunnison today one of the colder spots at 27. otherwise, great looking weekend ahead. % reminder, we'vv got our denver 7 book club. this month's book "only love can break your heart." i started this in san francisco when i had two minutes to
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i'm already almost finished. it's awesome. >> good plane book. >> great. 20% off at all tattered covers. for those readers out there, very similar to the gold finch, books. reminds me a lot of it. >> gold finch one a pulitzer
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