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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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a lot of back and forth tonight. we sell a lot of personality and a lot of differences in presentation and hillary clinton was smooth. almost as if she memorized an encyclopedia. looking at the specifics,
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guy making an emotional connection, the challenge facing families, the two tackles familiar issues, the economy, donatioos, ciiil rights, immigration and international affairs. things did get tense when clinton took sanders to task about how he will plans. and that ii a promise that can not be kept both of us are held to account. >> i don't know who she is talking to. in my view health care is a right of all people, not a privilege and i will fight for that. >> tonight's debate was in milwaukee. clinton and sanders will both be here this weekend for the democratic party dinner. colorado is important. it is a lot more diverse than new hampshire and iowa perhaps a better reflection of the
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already starting to make their presence known. >> every debate matters e specially when they are fighting for votes in swing stttes like ours, almost that dreaded time when you are seeing the ads, coming up. >> we are looking into just how truthful the canidates are. his organs were donated. the deputy was shot on monday in grand junction, this makeshift memorial is growing near where deputy grier was shot. a 17-year-old is in custody. the deputy's funeral will be held on monday, he leaves a deadly week for law enforcement. 5 onduty officers have been killed including two sheriff's deputies a police officer was shot and killed in north dakota last night. phone scams are targeting people in denver and weld
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in weld county a police officer calls to wire you money at eight king soopers. calling they are saying they are a lieutenant and you owe money for missing jury duty. >> now, we now know a little boy that was found dead was stabbed to death. here is what else we know. old's body yesterday while responding to a call of a sex complex. a woman was assaulted, has been released from the hospital and the boy's father who was found next to the little boy with self-inflected stab wounds is still in the hospital tonight. a deputy who was seriously injured while responding to that scene is still in the hospital tonight. bond fees blood center set up a blood drive to help sst them
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to expand just to keep up with traffic, e-470. the mall and liz details, details on these expansion plans. >> we do. and the numbers show why this is a push to expand this toll road 66 million transactions and last year that number jumped to $74 million. >> more people moving to the area. lower gas prices, just some of the reasons for a big increase in driver's on e-470. >> so, hat ggowth and that movement nto the area definitely increases traffic as well. >> so much growth there are plans to expand the toll road from 2 lanes to 3 for an 8 mile stretch between parker and quincy. the project is estimated at $80 million and it is expected to break ground in the spring. >> always room to grow. you know, especially in the neighborhood.
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southlands mall this restaurant is seeing that increase, too. more customers walking in the door. >> yes, for sure. >> yes. according to the numbers, great. but you can tell there are more traffic problems. >> reporter: e-470 has seen 6 straight years of growth. the revenue generated from the tolls goes towards paying down bond debt and future construction. >> we have seen the traffic increase. in addition to that they are developing neighborhoods along the road that were nnver there. when the road was first belt there were not any neighborhoods. >> and that is a lot of people taking the road. that is why a study would have to expand by 2018 to keep up with theedemand and they will be holding an open house later this month to discuss that project. reporting live, back to you. calling for denver calling for slavery to be taken out of
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to say to the world that we want to be free! free! free! >>and you heard that right. these activists with the no slavery no exceptions movement is fired up. right now, the ban slavery wiit the exception of criminals, activists argue it is used to justify forced prison labor for inmates. >> big business is making money off of these slave wages and it is -- it is unfair, inhumane, undignified. >> they are sponsoring bills to take it out of the >> we just got new video of a house fire in larksburg. the sheriff's department facebook this video of the home it caught fire this morning. it is the 5th building to catch fire in 6 weeks. and the investigators don't think the fires are related.
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a colorado reality tv star is now behind bars. richard wyatt. the star of "american guns "and the operator of gun smoke firearm store in wheat ridge is accused of failing to report more than $1 million to the irs. he also illegally sold firearms. the temperatures back in the 60s again today. right now still mild for this time of the evening and this time of the year. 42 at city park. 37 out at dia. across the state more like low 50s for high temperatures tomorrow.
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this time of the year. [crying] >> i keep thinking, constantly thinking about how i would feel if it were the other way arouud and one of their children shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did, i know i would. for the first time in 17 years we are hearing from the parent of one of the columbine parents. tomorrow night, we sit down with her, talks about her son before the shooting and what she now knows she missed. they discuss the issue of you will only see here on "2020" we will talk to her about the interview and talk to a columbine survivor. videotaped interrogation of suspects in felony cases passed unanimously today. the spweul is 1 of tpaeuf aimed to increase public confidence. other bills ban the police use of choke holds in some cases and exponging records. the 10-year limit to prosecute felony sex assault in colorado
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that bill was give approval in a house committee tonight. 2 women who say they were sexually assaulted by a televisionncommodian, cospby testified in favor of that the political reporter is here with a fact check of two brand- new sanders political ads, 'tis the season. >> yes, you will see a lot of these over the next week. one is -- one-minute biography and a 30 second spot on social security. >> growing up in ... >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate sanders debuted two political ads ahead of his weekend visit to colorado. >> living wages, equal pay and % tuition-free public colleges. >> reporter: this is ll true. he introduced a bill to raise
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he supported a bill fighting woman for pay discrimination. and creaeaon-free eges with taxes on wall street investmentsts the cost. >> in the middle the time when senior poverty is increases republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for a cost of living adjustments for social security. we'd you will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security. >> this is mostly true. mostly because denver 7 has yet to find where sanders stood up and said "over our dead bodies" what he is getting at is true. orange line is showing senior poverty, 1 out of 10 people is living below the poverty line. today, the poverty level is shy of $12,000 for 1 person $16,000 for a couple. he this bill that he introduced 11 months expand social
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>> there is thii section of the bikingography ad that references millions of small contributions with dozens of photos, they claim more than 3 million individual donors, that is the majority of his donations although hillary clinton leads him over all, 108 million to $73 million. >> thank you. we are working on a lot for you after the break. a marijuana migration hidden in the rockies. fighting freezing temperatures with little regulations. we are giving you an exclusive look at the green russ. plus, a dog in denver attacked 3 people in 6-months. we are looking into why nothing has been done about it. >> what happens in vegas does
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only on denver 7. tucked into the the mountains of rural, colorado an place where people take risks to make big monstphaoe they call it the green rush. they find people living in tents and campers who may end up strrggling to survive. >> probably the most panoramic view in thh state. >> these mountains as beautiful as they are dangerous. >> it is not a safe environment at all. >> they have been luring a new kind of settler to the wild west. >> we call it the green rush. >> down the back roads, hundreds are coming.
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until a few months ago, they were. >> the investigators spent the weekend combing through the suspect's home. deer moved into an rv on property a year ago. the investigation of the self- proclaimed parent parenthood shooter exposed hundreds of others. >> it could be a life and death situation. that is why we are going for a tour to see the danger hid enin plain sight. >> that encampment out there, that was a marijuana grow place. that is part of the green rush. >> reporter: when the fire chief made this drive he started counting the new everywhere. >> the first time was 287. just on that one move. >> 287 camping trailers, tough sheds,,even tents. some are concerned about prrperty values, what worries chimneys. >> you see it from here and
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>> what is the danger? >> die from carbon monoxide poisoning, burn the place down. >> this is where we have been breaking it up. >> reporter: he is not worried about his chimney. he moved here 8 months ago from atlanta. >> we actually burn coal out hereebecause wood is not hot enough to cut it. not for us. >> here, some realtors are marketing to a marijuana migration. promising cheap land with little regulation. logan bought 10 acres for less than 10,000. with no power, sewer, water. >> so what is it about this place that makes you want to live out here? >> i mean the view here it is spectacular. everybody out here is humble about everything. >> if you needed help out here they would come running. in 2008, park county declared a blizzard. feet of snow leaving some home.
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storm from needing rescue. >> when you saw the trailer, the counterofficials said we this. >> this is exactly what happened. the sheriff that opened their eyes, after the planned parenthood shooting they came campers everywhere. they are now working to strengthen the zoning codes for camping, hiring 2 code ennorcement officers and four detectives for marijuana alone. dollar. >> the new saturdays are cashing in on marijuana and cheap property. >> a perfect storm. >> everything comes at a cost. >> what i don't want to find is deceased people in the spring. . >> the fire chief tells me he has had several calls to these homes for carbon monoxide
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he is trying to make sure everyone has an address so if they have an emergency he knows where to go. >> wow, a wake up call, thank you. by the way we learned today there has been a drop in marijuana citations here in our state. in 2015 there were more than 1,000 driving citations where pot was issued. compared to citations in 2014 that is down 1.3%. csp credits increased training and enforcement for that. a demand for answers tonnght about a dangerous dog in denver. the dog has mauled 3 people in the last 6-months including a 20-month-old toddler who required surgery. a neighbor who is too afraid to show her face says she is terrified of the dog. >> he chased me down the street. chassd me down and i tripped over the porch to get in the house away from him. >> the denver animal contrrl has that dog but would not answer the question yes it took
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documents show the dog attacked four people and a handful of events. in most cases they broke their legs, the dog's owner is now charged with a felony. not qqite as spectacular as the sunset last night but still a pretty good one. this is a quarter to 6:00 looking from the denver area off to the west. nice day. % 64. starting out this morning, 29. formals, 25, 18, the record, 73. 20 below 0. right now under a partly cloudy sky, 40 downtown, 36 at the airport. 67% humidity and the winds from % the south/southeast at 15. 3 around the nation, the temperatures range from the 60s in l.a. and phoenix in the 80s for the highs today. just 14 at minneapolis. and in say cold front that is `liding southward towards eastern colorado. it is going to come in tomorrow. not going to drop us really cold. it will drop the temperatures about 10-15 degrees off of what they wwre today. i want to show you the jet stream winds that will feed into this front. the coldest air f the season
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dropping to the great lakes. they are expecting highs in the teens this weekend around new we are on the western edge of that. tomorrow t is cooler. then, things get mild once again for us. overnight tonight, low temperature, 13 below, cold spot, 11 above at craig. 10. 30 for 10 verand then tomorrrw, we will have some lower clouds across northeastern colorado. easterly winds coming in and that is where the main cold air is going to be. it will not be super cold but still, dropping quite a bit just in the low 40s for highs others north platte, 38. 53 for denver. still, in the 60s front range numbers, coldest to the northup in weld county. lower to middle 40s, 53 in denver, 58 down at highlands ranch and a mix of 40s and a few upper 30s in the mountains, tonight, expect highhclouds, cool temperatures, 28 for a low.
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winds the air quality will be not so great. high of 53. under partly cloudy skies, looking into the weekend, gradually climbing back up again into the upper 50s on saturday. then, check it out. back to the low 60s even middle 60s by the middle of next week. no big storms coming our way for awhile. -`for right now. enjoy the mild and pleasant. >> yes. thank you, mike. after the break, what
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normally what happens in vegas stays in vegas. not this story. people on the strip got a show and one they did not want to see. %- you see they thought it would be fun to ride the ferris wheel while having sex. as soon as they noticed the couple naked. they stopped the ride and both taken into custody and later on, his fiancee bail period him out of jail and check it out for why he did it? >> they thought i was pregnant with another man's child from my previous relationship. >> she thought she was, too ass well. what would that mean? she was cheating. >> well, he and his fiancee
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she says she has forgiven him. >> there is so much wrong with that story. i don't even know where to >> i am speechless. >> wow. a lot to be excited about at the denver center for the performing arts center. >> we found out the lineup ffr the seasons broadway performance, this is an announcement party. this season's lineup includes classics like the "phantom of the opera." >> it is so important for all of us at the d cpa to involve the den vercommunity in that conversation. in the new evolving world of theater. >> coming next summer catch a broadway rendition of "frozen" at the theater. >> oh, nice. >> cool. coming up, the broncos continue their tv tour. what came first?
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the broncos world champions on a world tour. they are everywhere. in pwreuft on, connecticut, there. in l.a., chris harris junior and brandon marshal on the nfl network. `oing strange and crazy things. now, in the studio, so happy. >> what is going on here? now, follow him with this. is it a new form of training like rrcky balboa? %- >> no, you can thank the sheriff for this madness. now,,last night, manning on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallom played. now, he smashed his egg on his forehead. they'd see, we got to do that, too. does he have a commercial coming out?
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then, peyton, he lost the game by smashing 2 eggs on his head. before all of that. in l.a. >> and i tried to talk someone out of retire. man, if you play it again, come to here. -`i was working on him backstage. >> yes. i will even chip in some money. [ laughter ] >> how much, magic. >> $19 million? you might have a deal. we have a rendering today of the nhl, coors field, what tell look like in one weeks. the game, february 27th. 26th. this is what it will look like. there. this? heee we go. over here. >> the avs tonight, 1st period, power play. they shot, back, tough angle,
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and in. 1-0 avalanche. second period, another power play. on the move, back to nate. watch him kidnap his kid later. again. and, yes, he hit another one. it was 3-0. avs went on to win it 4-3. noww boulder tonight, cu, trying to snap a 2-game losing streak against washington state. there you see the bucket right there in overtime to make it 74- 72. tied at 74. another bucket. washington state took the lead right here. then at the end of overtime, down by 3. george king, you hhd to be a big shot. he nailed it. so, 78-78 in double overtime right now. >> oh. >> crazy. >> yes, what a game. >> all right, thank you.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones.


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