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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:37pm-12:06am MST

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oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh if you're ready then i'm ready if you're ready then i'm ready if you're ready then i'm ready this is "nightline." >> tonight channing tatum's >> whoopi. >> the star of "magic mike." the guy once named "people's" sexiest man alive takes us deep into the jungle to uncover the mystical properties behind his favorite natural energy source, a sort of amazonian tea. >> very nice. >> why he says all of us should be drinking this stuff. plus motherhood may seem glamorous for kim kardashian who has nannies and hangs out at fashion shows. but the reality star has created an uproar by saying that going from one to two children has
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however, can two really tip the scales for some stressed-out parents? it's been more than ten years since the band ok go went viral using treadmills in "here it goes again." now they are back and defying gravity in "upside down and inside out." how they did it. but first the "nightline 5." >> let's give these dayquil liquid gels and go. >> these are new, mucinex max. >> same difference. >> fast strength and fights mucous. >> the only cold liquid gel that fights mucous. let's end this. rush into jcpenney for the presidents' day sale. spend $25 and get discount coupons. 50% to 80% off with markdowns
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good evening. lots of celebrities sell or endorse products. but channing tatum is really taking to it the next level. tatum, who's played action heroes and perhaps most famously a male stripper, recently traveled deep into the south american rain forest for an unusual sort of market research. and he brought along abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: deep inside the rain forest of ecuador i find myself dancing. with a group of amazonian women. >> i like her, she got a groove to it. >> reporter: the actor once called the sexiest man alive, channing tatum. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. whoo! >> reporter: we're here for a ritual thousands of years old. >> it smells so good. >> it does, right?
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people begin every day like this, drinking tea from the mystical quyalusim. >> oopie! >> they got up before the light, started drewing, and they do it to create community, to talk to their young, and the elder pass their knowledge. whole thing. >> it really is. >> reporter: in the united states quyusa is packaged and sold as runa. stamina secret while working on "magic mike." >> i was going through about six to seven cans. we were exhausted. >> "magic mike" surviving on runa? >> that's it. our blood was runa. it became an obsession. >> reporter: now channing says runa is an essential part of his life at home with wife, actress jenna dewan tatum, and daughter.
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gives me the shakes, that anxiety feeling. this is my everyday. it really has turned into a ritual. i get up and me and my wife, we wake our daughter up, we start our day. that's just what it is for us. >> it's the tatum tea ceremony. >> that's right. >> reporter: runa is marketed as a clean energy drink, differentiating itself in a $50 billion industry. the company says one bottle provides the same stimulating effects as a cup of coffee. with the added benefit of 15 essential amino acids. >> it has caffeine, it has anti-oxidants, gives you great functionality, you can feel it. >> reporter: that's tyler gage, the man responsible for bringing this tee to the masses. he first tasted it 11 years ago while visiting the amazon and believed so much in its potential, he built a company around it. >> i showed up in ecuador with this idea of using it commercially. the farmers literally laughed at us.
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in only six years we've grown to support over 3,000 families. we'll generate almost $1 million of direct cash income to the communities. >> they're not laughing at you anymore? >> they're laughing in a different way. >> reporter: two and a half years ago a business adviser caught wind of channing's love of runa and recommend the tyler reach out to see if channing might invest in the company. >> what was that first meeting like for you? >> it was funny. because this friend of neil's asked if i wanted to meet a guy named date ed d ed d ed d tatting channing. >> i thought they were joking. that was a character i played. >> this is tyler gage. >> turned out he's a real person. >> here i am. >> he happens to be way smarter than i could ever try to be. >> reporter: already a runa mega-fan, channing was in. and while clips like this on lip synch battle may go viral for a
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investment will have a lasting impact. so we traveled far into the jungle. by car. >> hola! >> reporter: and by foot. >> appreciate it. >> welcome. >> reporter: to see firsthand how this ancient leaf is making its mark on the world. ruth is just one of 3,000 farmers who supplies quyusa to runa at a fair trade price. >> she said now with selling to runa they've been able to take this important part of their culture, share it more broadly, use it to materially support their families. >> where are we going now? >> up to the runa factory. >> reporter: channing and tyler take to us runa's headquarters where all those leaves end up. >> hey! >> this is it? >> this is it, this is the dream.
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factory, exporting from the amazon. >> let's take a look around. >> let's do it. >> cool. >> this is where we do what's called withering. the process where the flavor sets into the leaf. >> in this space you say there's how much supply of runa? >> we probably have a month, month and a half supply worth of runa. >> that's a lot of runa. >> reporter: the leaves are laid out on drying beds. >> this is where the moisture gets down to 2%. >> you can feel the heat in this space. i'd say it's about 100? >> probably about right. >> reporter: then sifted and packaged for delivery. >> 100% organic, fair trade, and non-gmo. this is what it basically gets packed into. >> that's perfect. >> reporter: before it's shipped to the stores, there's the essential taste test. run by daniel in this lab. >> mmm-mmm! >> i feel like it's going to come out my nose. >> that's the kind of thick you shouldn't say. >> i always say among the 70
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funnest job by a long shot. >> have you seen the movie "magic mike"? what'd you think of that guy? >> come on. back to work. >> sorry, i had to. >> reporter: back at the tea ceremony, we learn there's no limit on refills. >> how many cups a day do you drink? >> i don't think in gourds, i think in pots. i drink two to three full pots a day. he said in the culture they traditionally have lots of kids. and it's part of the quyusa. gives you strength and -- >> virility. >> life force to carry forward. >> that's how i got my kid. now i understand. >> this experience of just being a part of this tea company has enriched my life to a degree that i don't even know if i can express it. i grew up in the south where i
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you know, mcdonald's culture. i just ate stuff just because it was -- tasted good. there's something beautiful about knowing where this is coming from and what the story is. there's an intentional consumption that i believe is really where i hope that society's going. >> reporter: what do people say to you when you go back home, tell them about your experiences here? >> you know, it's hard. you know, it's hard to see a bunch of pictures and hear some stories and really understand it. and so i give anybody an open invitation to come on down. >> really? you've got to be careful. you're saying this on "nightline." >> if anybody has a lot of money and they would like for me to host a tour, i would totally do that. >> so there is a price. >> i'm buyable, straight-up purchasable. >> reporter: ladies, take note. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in ecuador. next, why kim kardashian says going from one kid to two kids has really been a difficult
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tonight the backlash and the serious question, can two be too much for some people? later, check out the band ok go's crazy video for the song "upside down and inside out." how they pulled this off. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do thattright in my ear? we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose,
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when you're kim kardashian how tough can parenting really be? you've got enough cash to pay
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now kim has come out to say that going from one to two children has been genuinely tough on her. not everybody is sympathetic. her comments have generated some real dialogue. here's abc's reena niner. >> reporter: not many parents with two young kids spend their nights like this. at a mega fashion show in new york. but that's just what kanye and kim did tonight. seen here in this video from "title." even with all the help she can afford, kim now saying baby number two has been a big adjustment. posting this week, i get no sleep. in reference to balancing the needs of her newborn son with those of her toddler daughter north west, seen in this instagram photo. every waking second i'm not with the baby i'm with north. i feel like i go into overdrive to give my daughter attention and make her feel loved. of course as the internet was quick to point out, she probably has lots of help. but there are the sympathizers
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kardashian's comments sparked new dialogue about being a parent in the modern age. when couples go from one child to two or more, the pressure to provide a perfect upbringing for each one has made parenting harder than ever before. it can look a lot like this. corey white and her husband dan gibson are parents to four kids. >> this is levi. olivia. jackson. and then we have emily. if you can see us all. >> reporter: earlier this month the couple posted this video to facebook. showing the ontario mom juggling to put her toddler and three young triplets to bed. the post quickly racked up over 66 million views on facebook. finding out they were expecting triplets was a total shock for corey and dan. >> i went to the ultrasound by myself. and when i got there and they told me it was triplets i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. >> reporter: but sometimes life works that way. just ask nicole mcnamara and her husband melvin.
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and decided to go for one more. >> we got together, we decided on two. i mean, that was kind of the >> easy. >> reporter: instead -- they got these guys, twins hunter and skyler. >> we went into the doctor and he said, well, there's two. and my response was, two what? she was like, two babies. >> i was looking at the screen. i said, yep, i can see two. like a national geographic of watching babies, some wild animal. yeah, there's two there. >> reporter: raising their three kids isn't cheap. the average cost for middle-income families to raise a child in the u.s. is more than $245,000. by the time their kids are 18, nicole and melvin will have spent more than $736,000. and they haven't even paid for college yet. >> child care is extraordinarily expensive. food. food is a biggest expense. >> reporter: it's not just everyday costs that add up.
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a study shows that 53% of moms feel overwhelmed trying to create perfect life for their children. and 46% have incurred debt as a result. >> it's not uncommon for parents to put their kids first. and even put themselves in debt in order to provide certain opportunities. >> reporter: this idea of perfection is taking a toll on more than just the bank accounts. 44% of moms say they argue with their partner over money. at least some of the time. the percentage jumps to nearly 50% in households with two or more children. >> i think the more personalities you have in the household, the more conflict there will be. and every parent has a different way of parenting. >> reporter: and when it comes to having that second child, women and men appear to have different experiences. according to studies, women and men differ slightly in happiness after the birth of their second child. >> we have a lot more women who
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and a lot more women who are, you know, earning the living that the family is living off of. and then on top of that, they want to be the good mother, the good wife, the good friend. >> reporter: even if it's hard, almost every parent thinks raising children is the most amazing job in the world. especially if they've had trouble conceiving. on tlc's new show "rattled" -- >> oh, hi, baby. >> reporter: first-time parents ashley and tyson gardner struggle with infertility for eight years before giving birth to two sets of identical twins, all girls, through ivf. a 1 in 70 million chance. >> just having them makes us appreciate every moment. especially having quadruplets. where some people may not be super grateful for such a hard situation, for us we're like, yay! we're so excited. like they all four have poopy diapers and we're like, this is great! >> we are just running a million miles an hour.
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>> it is very expense ive. formula, diapers, clothing, wipies, medicines, doctor visits. mutt fly that times four. sometimes you're spinning into the ground. >> reporter: seeing they were overwhelmed by the challenge of raising four babies, ashley's sister turned to the internet for help. she helped the gardners set up a facebook page and blog called the gardner quad squad which helped the couple with donated baby clothes and supplies. thankfully for the mcnamaras the newborn phase is behind them. the twins turned 3 in may. it's no walk in the park. both nicole and melvin work full-time, mostly from home. >> work is always here. after the kids go down we go back to our offices. we have to be intentional about saying, okay, this is the kids' time, this is our time. >> reporter: these parents all say they wouldn't trade it in for the world. >> everybody's going to have their ups and downs, their struggles. but children are the greatest blessing ever.
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is with them, they're worth every second of it. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm reena ninen in new york. >> our thanks to reena. the gardner family is featured in the new show "rattled" which airs tuesdays on tlc. viral. tonight she shot "upside down and inside out" in zero gravity, no special effects. behind the scenes footage showing how they did it coming up. lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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coolest music videos i've seen in a while. try watching this without smiling. don't stop can't stop >> this music video shot entirely in zero gravity is racking up millions of hits tonight. don't stop can't stop >> the song is "upside down and inside out." the band is ok go. the video features the band members and a few dancers in flight attendant uniforms performing stunts while flying in a plane thousands of feet above the earth. >> it is truly unbelievable that everything just came together. >> reporter: it required three weeks of training at a russian cosmonaut center. >> we flew in a plane that basically goes like this. wonderful is 20 seconds of double gravity while the plane is throwing you into the air, then you feel weightless for 27 seconds while you go up, over the ground. >> after the maneuver you've lost altitude so it takes four or five minutes for the plane to
12:02 am
>> we wanted the whole video to be weightless. we cut up the song into eight chunks, each short enough to fit into a single period of weightlessness. we'd perform them in order, then later cut out the four, five-minute waiting periods. >> reporter: ok go is known for creative videos. here we go here we go >> reporter: they ran their way into the national consciousness more than ten years ago with "here it goes again." then they turned a car into a musical instrument for their "needing getting" video. i won't let you down >> reporter: and they wowed with these impressive aerials in "i won't let you down." upside down >> reporter: this shoot presented some very specific challenges. >> most people's response to weightlessness is to start swimming. >> the other is just puking. so over the course of 21 flights we had about 58 unscheduled regurgitations.
12:03 am
>> i'm sighing big sighs of relief that it happened. don't stop can't stop >> great video. thank you for watching. tune into gma first thing in the morning. as always we are online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at thanks for watching. good night. welcome to "dish nation," ladies and gentlemen, filling in
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