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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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it's 5:30. it's a tragedy we'll never forget, the shooting at columbine that took the lives of 13 innocent people and we're hearing from the mother of one of the shooters. >> before we get to our top stories, a look at that breaking news going on in new jersey. look at the size of those flames. a warehouse is burning, jumped to several in fact. started yesterday afternoon. still not out. firefighters there hoping the cold temperatures will help them. outdated water supply hard to fight this fire. a firefighter suffered an injury to his leg, but that's the only reported injury. it's got schools closed down there. perhaps the best news of the morning, it's friday. >> finally. >> we made it. the broncos -- >> the parade. in colorado.
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>> today a little cooler. our wind speeds not bad. hour. pretty calm out west now. winds will come in out of the north. next five, seven days no major systems. this week front will bring our temperatures down, but we're still above normal. 50 by noon, 53 by 4:00. you'll finddmainly 50s in and around denver. if you're along 76th to the northeast, greeley, sterling and akron in the 40s. still about 20 deerees warmer with 60s near pueblo and trinidad. >> a pretty quiet drive on the freeways, however, always a however in life, there is this, this is the accident near tower and colfax. daryl orr has been watching the situation all morning long.
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>> looks like they're hooking up the truck now up on the tow truck and they're going to slide it out of here. that's not really how he talks. he's got more of a deep baritone thing going on. anyway, we had this accident where somebody almost hit the 7- eleven sign and they're still investigating that. still, mostly out of the road, which is the good news at tower and colfax. a lot of green out there, including the north side, south side and getting out to dia. thank you. tonight denver 7 will air a special 20/20 broadcast about the massacre at columbine high school. these images ingrained in our memories forever. tonight the mom of one of the shooters sits down with abc'sdy an sawyer to talk about that later. denver7 reporter eric lupher joins us from the memorial with more on what we can expect. >> reporter: mitch, we've seen far too many of these tragedies
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something like this happens you always wonder what the parents were thinking, how they were feeling. now we're going to hear from sue klebold for the first time. her first televised interview. this is what the trailer looks like as abc plans for this big interview tonight. take a look. >> for all the parents who have said, i would have known, i would have just known. >> very silent inside columbine high today. >> before columbine happened i would have been one of those parents. i remember thinking if dylan is really hurting people, i parade he would die. don't let him hurt anybody. >> friday, essential viewing for every american family. >> why now? >> i feel the world is ready to hear a story like this. >> a mother's reckoning. >> reporter: this special will air at 9:00 here onndenver 7. something the whole state of colorado will certainly be watching closely. those who were affected.
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at lunch, came home for lunch, i was 15 years old when i heard the news. being here at the memorial brings back a lot of memories. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. new developments on the man accusee of pushing a snowboorder off of a chair lift in aspen last month. he spent the last three weeks at a psychiatric hospital, now charged with felony hospital. he's suffering from a serious mental illness and will be taken to a facility, treatment facility in tennessee. the man he pushed off the chair lift was not injured. covering the capitol now, law enforcement agencies will have to videotape interrogations of certain felony cases if a ill continues to move forward. yesterday lawmakers unanimously passed this, it's one of five bills aimed to increase public confidence in police. other bills ban police from using choke holds in some cases. tennyear limit to prosecute
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we spoke to two women who think -`the statute of limitations needs o be extended. they say bill cosby seeually assaulted them but time ran out to prosecute. >> i would have been accused of needing attention, of going after money. i wouud have been senn in for counseling. >> i am thankful that i have been flanked by these incredibly strong women and friends who are support, finally for this situation for us to get this bill introduced into the state of colorado where i live. >> we'll cootinue to monitor that bill. check out this big rally in denver. people came together demanding that slavery be taken out of the colorado constitution. >> we've come tonight to say to the worll that we want to be free. free! free!
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slavery no exceptions movement are fired up. the colorado and u.s. -`constitutions ban slavery with the exception of convicted criminals. activists say it's used to justify fooced prison labor for inmates. >> big businesses are making money off these slave wages and it's unfair, it's inhumane, it's immoral, and it's truly undignifyed. >> several state lawmakers are sponsoring bills to take that slavery exception out of the constitution. the presidential campaigns coming here into our back yard. bernie sanders just released this new ad, perhaps you've seen it. first hit the denver 7 airwaves yesterday. >> grew up in a brooklyn 10ment, went to public schools and college, and fought injustice and inquality.
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>> marshall zelinger is putting his claims to the truth test. to see if he passed, go to thedennerchannel. com. it's been years since george w. bush hit the campaign trail. >> he'll be doing it for his brother, jeb. ohio governor kasich is 3 gaining support from the cofounder of home depot, who first supported chris christie, but after the new jersey governor dropped out he decided to back kasich. former senator webb says he won't run as an independent. he considered a third party run, but changed his mind. valentine's day supposed to be romantic. so what's sweeter than running for your life from a pack of zombies? >> this is really happennng. tonight you can take your
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protect them frrm a chainsaw killer, for example. denver7 reporter jason gguenauer joins us to tell us what in the world thii is all about. >> reporter: what better way to %- say i love you than to have your heart rate elevated, your palms sweaty. go back to that first date, even take a first date. we're at the 13th floor, this 3 is a weekend specifically for horror and zombies. i heard a chainsaw in the background. i'm pretty scared. i heard the creepy crawlies are still out. this is a two-night event, friday and saturday night here -- [ sound of chainsaw ] [ screaming ] %--`>> reporter: okay, the creepy crawlies are here. this is a two-night event, friday night and saturday night special valentine's day themeed
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valentine's day themeed, you can get pictures, zombie cupids, i think. this guy is creeping me out. i told you guys i didn't like haunted houses and they sent me here anyway. that is a chainsaw. down denver -- i lost my train of thought. i'm sorry. >> quick, throw it back to the studio. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> look at him. we sent the wrong reporter to that story. >> yes. let's put a go pro on him. >> a first date? i've had some first dates kind of horror shows. >> true. would you do that on a first date? %- guess what, we're going to a haunted house. guess what, bye-bye. bye-bye. >> not a chance. when the school bus goes out of control, two teenagers stayeddcalm and jumped into action and saved their classmates. >> a teen makes the basketball
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>> you have to see that. first alert weather tracking a nice day, this is like day 14 for me, people, i'm losing it. 32 this morning at the bus stop. this afternoon 53. cooler day, but a mild weekend. stick around, we'll how you what it looks like on valentine's day. >> first alert track looks quiet as well. no significant problems. earlier accident at colfax and tower cleaned up.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change
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equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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5:43 on a friday. we have our road wrangler on the roads. this is westbound colfax. %- things looking pretty good. bizarre act of violence inside a centrallohio restaurant, police say a man came in and randomly attacked people with a machete. four were injured but expected to arrive. the man was shot and killed by police after a chase. three new jersey teenagers saved themselves and their classmates when their school bus went out of control. the driver had a medical emergency and lost control of that bus. that's when kayla, angelo and gavin jumped into action. >> the bus driver kept on
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>> going past the red light, throughhthe red light, it's when i pushed it into park. >> i told everyone to get out, get out the bus. >> it worked. there were 25 other kids on the bus. everyone got off unharmed. no word on the driver's condition. good work there. new video shows the moment a california man's life changed. joseph carrillo was on the convenience store surveillance camera. this is the moment he learned he had won more than $1 million in the lottery. >> how exciting. watch his reaction. good old hand shake there. you can see he hugg everyone, shakes the hand. >> he didn't know these people. >> why not, he's so excited. the win comes as this delivery driver was down to his last few dollars. he was even moving out of his apartment because he couldn't afford rent. >> perfect person to win that lottery. >> love ssories likeethat. >> no wonder he's hugging
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>> rememberrone year a billionaire tycoon won millions of dollars. i ike these sttries better. lost their job, need the money. very cool. normal high of 45 today. we've been far above normal the past few days. starting off a little bit cooler. -`low, mid-30s. here's the view from the top of our building. the roads have dried out nicely. a lot of melting on some of the certified streets -- side streets. estes park now 42. quite a bit cooler up and through the mountains. boulder at this time yesterday was in the 50s. because it's not as windy there this morning, it's not going to be as warm. our winds are shifting direction. heading up into the mountains, teens and 20s this morning. closer to freezing near pueblo and trinidad early on. the 0s later on today. 53 for a high in denver. more 40s covering parts of and more 40s for the mounttins. high country has been nice. blue skies, but you are in for
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looks like by sunday into monday. our futurecast, i'm going to fast orward it 24 hours. 6:00tomorrow morning we've got a few clouds east. it's going to stay really dry across the plains. even with today's eak cold front. not a lot of moisture associated with it. later saturday we'll start to see a little snow move into the mountains and by sunday into monday we'll pick up a few more inches there. it's going to be a little better scenario for the high country. they want the snow. i think we're happy with the 60s here. 53 today, a bit cooler. saturday. sunday we're at 55. we've got more warm air next week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 60s. >> perfect. bring in may. >> excuse me. >> excuse me, you're in my way. we'll have a good looking drive as we're making our way around town. no big issues.
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camera, southbound side getting more congested. northbound side is looking a lot better. i'm going to call it congested but not super heavy stop and go yet. that will happen in the next 15 to 20 minutes. overall map, starting to see a little bit of traffic here and there. not too bad on highway 6 or i- 76 yet. again, i-25 starting to see more congestion. 15, 16 minutes there. no big delays through the denver tech center. 225 red at quincy and parker for the traffic light. c-470 to the west wide open. >> love it on a friday. thank you. plans shaping up to iden e- 4 70. traffic is up by 12% over 2014. up to 74 million. the plan is to expand 8-mile stretch from parker to quincy
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>> we've seen the traffic -`increase, in addition to that they are developing neighborhoods along the road that were never there. when the road was first built there were not neighborhoods and now there's significant population and housing. >> the state believes population growth, airport traffic and low gas prices contributed to people using the toll. we'll bbgin with this house, father of the bride. in pasadena, this was 8 million bucks from father of the bride. >> and the home from the notebook. who could forget that guy, right, lisa? >> ryan gosling built it with his own hands. >> excuse me, sir, excuse me, excuse me. >> turns out it as a labor of
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this is in south carolina. the five bedroom home and went for more than half a million dollarss >> i like that. not all movie homes are expensive. the home in edward scissors hands in florida, only cost $1388000. >> wow. >> it's a bargain. >> a steal. >> the shrubs are trimed just right as you recall. >> yes. this next story is nice and sweet. a nashville teenager with downs syndrome made a 3-point shot he and everyone in the stands will remember. robert lewis loves basketball more than anything, so much so he manages that school's team. last week his team played his >> in this special moment, robert's coach asked him to suit up and step in the game. he ended up being covered by his own brother. five seconds left in the game, robert sinks a 3-point bucket and the crowd goes wild. >> after the game everybody was
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>> it's a moment we'll never forget, i don't think we'll experience anything more special. >> i just love my family so much, and i just love everyone. >> loves his family so much. i'm sure they love him. this is his senior year. this came on senior night. could that be more perfect? >> no. >> sink a 3 pointer, win the game on senior night as a `enior. >> everyone there having a great time, too. >> whole crowd is into it. this valentine's day you might go to a fancy steakhouse, maybe a movie. this couple had a different idea, though. >> and sleds can be cumbersome,
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. there's a small town in slovenia that is planning to build a fountain that spurts out drinkable beer. like a water fountain. it would dispense a variety of local beers. visitors are invited to pay six euros for drinks in a commemorative mug. they hope it will becomm a popular attraction. they say it will increase tourism. i'm sure your freezer like mine is full of girl scout thin mint cookies by now. here's a web site with bad cookies. these are drag alongs, dusted with lint and cat hair. the asbestos delight, and radioactive mints, gluten free with glowing uranium core. i think i'll stick with the plain samoas for now. if you want to take your
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level, you need a unicorn horn. as the name suggests, it's hair piled high typically in a braid to make it look like a horn. there are youtube instructional videos. some people are now mixing the horn with the magical rainbow coloring of their hair to take the style to a new my little pony level. you have that going for you for valentine's day. i think this is one of the neatest ideas i've seen in a long time. these things here are called sled legs. they're a unique pair of snow sleds that attach to the front of your legs so you can slide downhill and stand up and run with them still attached to your legs. you can slide down the hill and you get to stand up and run around. the inventors are currently raising money to produce these. the inventors say with sled legs you run up the hill, take a few quick steps, slide and enjoy the ride. how cool are those things? >> those are awesome. >> let me you, if i got on
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would do is face plant. >> like one of those things where you're on the knee boards water-skiing. >> i ssashed my face so hard in the water knee boarding one time, i'm never doing that again. >> we need video. >> it was awful. i got water in my nose. it was so bad. it hurt. >> you get snow up your nose. >> i'm having flashbacks. >> i want the unicorn horn. the department of public health is banning chickens from younger. they say risk of infection is too high. more than a dozen preschools across our state do have 3 play with. twins giving birth to twins on the same day minutes apart? that's rare. it happened to a set of twins
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the sissers had their daughters % just six minutes apart. amazing. continuing an unusual tradition celebrating their 50th anniversary. >> they have celebrated every one of their anniversaries at krystal. they started this tradition because they were dead broke when they got married. >> cheap. >> every year. >> going for 50 more, what are we doing? >> if we can live long enough. >> glad i've had you 50 years. >> yeah. >> aren't they cute? thee knew each other just three weeks before they got married. >> woo. >> there's no rules. >> jayson is at waffle house ever other week. >> love the waffle house. >> it's where you met, isn't it?
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>> we have a waffle house in colorado? >> yes. >> i haven't seen one here. >> we'll have you face plant in the snow and go to south carolina. >> i grew up in south carolina and they have them everywhere. haven't seen one in colorado. >> 43 in greeley, 53 in denver. >> we're looking at the drive and it's looking pretty nice. looking at a fantastic drive. -`you can see that from the south side of town. all checking clear. airtracker 7 will be up and we'll look
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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ba da ba ba ba , i would feel exactly the waa they did, i know i would. i know. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., a mother's agonizing story after learning her son will forever be remembered as a mass killer. >> we'll hear from one of the shooter. >> what one victim has to say to the family. >> the feds get involved after 3,000 patients find out they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. >> taking a look at air


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