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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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i'm d nearly 17 years since the terrible day. >> i had illusions that everything was okay. >> for the first time we are hearing from the mother of one of the gunman. >> i constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around. if one of their children had shot mine. >> sue klebold opened up to
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>>reporter: we sawyer this afternoon in at the end of the story we heard klebold say she is sorry to the victims. >> parents we talk to said why has it taken so long. bottom line no question after watching tonight interview we all have a better understanding of the pain and remorse she experienced. this is an interview that has again stirred things up for all columbine families. sue klebold told diane sawyer at one point she realized she could not run away from this. >> she talks about the shame, she talks about fear. >>reporter: answers to questions that haae lingered klebold accepted any responsibility for what 1999? >> i think she has gone back over her life she says and try
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>>reporter: the events of april 20, 1999 forever change the lives of students, teachers and administrators at columbine. images and facts permanently embossed in colorado's history, in america's memories. >> these are kids at high school what in the world is going on here. >>reporter: one of the first reporters to arrive at % columbine the initial call a drive-by shooting. in the investigations that followeddwe learned eric harris and dylan klebold have planted bombs were attempting to blow up the school ann kill several -`hundred. >> they hated everybody. they said they all deserve to die and we deserve to die too. >>reporter: one of a half-dozen reporters after the shooting watched him klebold. >> what is very clear from these tapes is that these two make this was a meticulously planned attack to kill as many
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>> horrible to see those tapes. i remember at one point standing up because i thought i was going to be ill. >>reporter: during the %- interview sue klebold talked about missing signs in the days and months before the shootings. proceeds from her upcoming book will all go to mental health. some parents have voiced concerns that the klebold are using mental health issues to deflect responsibility. >> i could not believe someone like dylan could intentionally hurt other people. it was inconceivable that could be something he could do. >> how does she answer those concerns? >> i think she says they were killers. one of the things we are examining is how does someone go from a mental health issue to violence to homicide. >>reporter: before the interview denver7 met with him reached out to all the victim families offered an opportunity to comment on klebold's statements and her decision to now come forward.
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did not want to watch it directly. >> no. >>reporter: some told us they were not going to watch the interview, others respectfully declined any comment at this time. >> and the families are thinkinn you don't know the story. we know the story. we are living with the story. >> i just want the families to know we are going to be reaching out to them again and we truly want to hear what they say after tonight. >>reporter: autumn line we are also looking forward to talking to other parents after watching tonight show. we think they will can reconsider possibly talking. the goal of the broadcast educate parents about potential warning signs, discuss mental health issues and possibly prevent the next school shooting. that is a big job. >> huge. you just heard from a couple of parents literally jimena to go with reactionn >> just got off the phone.
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saw sue klebold being brutally honest. parents have lived in sorrow the past 16 and a half years they saw that sue klebold has livedd3 in a lot of pain and we also heard earlier today from another parent who basically said, this is not about forgiveness. this is about where has sue years. a gamut of reactions. >> with sue klebold talking tonight we do not want to lose sight of what is really important. our community forever changed by the shooting and the lives lost and changed forever that day. cassie bernall. >> the most beautiful inner qualities. >> active in church love to buy her friends. steven curnowdreamed of becoming a navy pilot loved playing soccer. >> steve had a huge heart and a big smile corey depooterlove to
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kelly fleminghad recently moved to colorado. >> a very caring and loving person. >> an aspiring author and songwriter mathhew kechter. played football and a student. >> made me feel welcome with his great smile a positive attitude. daniel mauseronly 15. ran hawes country and a member of the debate team. daniel rorhboughso special a blessing. remembered as a fun guy who helped afternoons in his fathers business. rachel scottactive in church and played in the school play isaiah shoels. preparing to graduate played on football and wrestling teams. john tomlin16 and had plans to enlist in the army. lauren townsend. >> she taught me to ove everyone. >> valedictorian candidate and team.
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>> talking about a shy boy who only wanted to be accepted. >> described as a gentle giant who loved helping his dad and dave saunders--. >> i never heard anyone say anything negative about him. >> culture for 25 years, died saving students' lives. >> always that we needed. >> 17 years later still so missed. in addition to the 13 lives lost another 24 students injured,, some shot, some hurt trying to escape. >> one of those students, casey johnson planning to watch tonight interviews because 17 % years later, she still has questions she wants answered. >> columbine probably crosses my mind every day. >> casey janssen remembers every detail of that day in the lunch room. she has scars as constant
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>> the bullet came in back here and left a big hole. shattered this whole third of my arm and came out the front. >>reporter: casey spends a lot of time sharing her story speaking to groups about tissue donation which helped save the arm. opening up to other victims about how to take the next steps after experieecing something no one should ever have to deal with. >> there was no mercy from the shooters. he yelled at me after he shot me and i thought he would shoot and pretended to be dead. johnson is willing to show to the parents of the two boys who left her for dead. >> i don't have angry feelings towards the parents. i don't think any parent raises their child to be a murderer. >>reporter: waa casey does have, questions. >>reporter: do you feel like
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willing to sit down with the parents face-to-face. >> i think i would. >>reporter: she is not haunted so much by lash backs r ptsd anymore. her four kids now her focus and all she can think about is protecting them. >> every time i drive to the school and drop them i am saying a prayer over the school and my kids. and every single day i picked them up i am thankful to be bringing them home. it is a real choice and battle for me to let them out the door to go to school. >>reporter: here is what she wants ou to know. >> if i got to say something about columbine it would be that the good has won. >>reporter: casey became a nurse because of her experience. that is how i met herr she took care of my dad 10 years ago when he was dying off cancer. she had to quit nursing ecause sheewill never have full use of her arm and she faces more surgeries. she is an amazing attitude. more columbine including the
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day 17 years go. . a denver7 news alert. -`if you see these men call 911. they are all parolees on the run after removing their ankle monitors in colorado springs twoofrom the denver area, members of a white supremacist prison game. police tell us they are believed to be armed and dangerous. the arapahoe county sheriff says this man accused of breaking into cars. he hit several tiiee between october and december and police and he is stealing from carson centennial near quebec and arapahoe road. flags at half staff on monday in honor of mesa county deputy shot and killed by a teenager monday. his funeral scheduled monday afternoon. denver7 will have a crew and we will bring ou stories about the deputy's life. swedish medical center under invvstigation by the feds after a former surgery tech
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rocky allen, on the run tonight, accused of potentially exposing thousands of patients to disease. fired after another employee saw him switching out a strange. presidential campaigns coming to colorado. tomorrow bernie sanders and hillary clinton will both be here in denver. and republican hopefuls 3 focusing on south carolina. six gop candidates including donald trump and ted cruz squaring off in a debate tomorrow night. we will have updates during politics unplugged. a lot of news after the break, including a development on the zika virus. >> experts in colorado trying to figure out how it spreads and how it works.. a six-year-old boy brutally murdered and a man accused of killing him is his father. coming up live in aurrra. . live in this lakewood neighborhood on a piece of land that used to an artillery range.
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. back with a heartbreaking developing story. death. investigators say his dad did. we are continuing to follow this horrible story that began this week.
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are hearing from the boys mother? accused of killing his own son police arrested the suspect at the medical centerrof aurora. still in the hospital aater stabbing himself the morning of a brutal crime spree. this video is simply heartbreaking, riley smiling six-year-old boy, his own father accused of killing him. >> for me to find out that he killed his own child makes no sense to me. >>reporter: his biological mother talk to denver7. her ex-husband, brandon johnson, faces preliminary charges of first-degree murder and sexual assault. >> timing not something we can talk about right now. >>reporter: accused of sexually assaulting the mother of his two -year-old son, that child also in the apartment but not harmed. we look to johnson's record. a previous child abuse charge in 2013 was dismissed but he pled
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>> traumatizing for a lot of people. the knowledge that someooe could do something to a six year old child. >> the boys mother wants the community to know who her son was. she believes he died trying to protect the woman inside that apartment. >> i feel like my son is vvry brave and he is the hero. >>reporter: they are sure when johnson will be released from the hospital. he could still be in for a while that is being guarded by deputies 24/7.. live, denver77 it deputy injured on the way to that crime scene still in critical condition tonight. we just got a statement from the arapahoe county sheriffs department. they want to rotc for the continued community support and remain by his side. have you seen this guy? wanted for a stabbing near colfax and ogden. the happened outside a business around 4:00 a.m. last sunday.
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arrests over super bowl weekend in the championship. 276 arrested over the weekend, down from 2014 with the brrncos loss to the seahawks. that year 327 were arrested. at the broncos parade without the feds nabbed more than 350 counterfeit itemm, all merchandise confiscated in danvers civic center park area. trafficking counterfeit merchandise the second biggest illegal trade activity. explosives in the front yard, dozens of lakewood homeowners learning for the first time tonight. >> the national guard wanns to search these neighborhoods in lakewood where jaclyn allen is. they are looking for any munitions left over from an old artillery range? >>reporter: they started searching the park last year and found munitions and some unexploded shells. they think there could be even more in the neighborhood right next-door. this is green mountain estates,
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>> oh my god i didn't realize. >>reporter: they had no idea their front yard might have munitions buried low the surface. >> we haven't received a letter yet. the national guard, state health department and epa have sent letters to more than 100 homeowners near hayden park, asking for permission to search their yards for munitions debris like this and potentially unexploded shells. >> what is the danger? >> we don't know exactly what >>reporter: pre- world war ii hayden park was the national guard artillery range. for five years they have been investigating the amalek behind and they found it may go beyond the park into surrounding neighborhoods, creating concerns about safety and contamination. >> we may have to broaden the search. we want people to be safe and this is better safe than sorry. >> glad they are being safe. >> we do need to know and if there is contamination done to
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report and fall cleanup. open houses next wednesday. information on a quiet weather pattern continues today denver a little cooler 52 for the high. still in the 60s in pueblo, lamarr the hotspot for the south 66 in trinidad. colder in nebraska 30s and 40s. low of 30. normals 45 and 18 record 72 and 21 below. right now mostly clear skies dirty six downtown and 34 dia. unity up, patchy fog forming on the eastern plains tonight. cold farther east right now, single digits across much of the great lakes, teens in st. louiss a cold wave pushing towwrds the east, we are catching the very western edge of the colder. tomorrow, that will reverse and
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have milder weather return to most of colorado. nighttime lows with the coldest at gunnison, seven below 2 and craig 27 denver and 20 north platte and tomorrow fog early in the day on the eastern plains and partly cloudy skies. a few very light snow showers may develop in the northern and central mountains in the afternoon with a minor upper air disturbance. lamarr 72 trinidad in springfield 62 denver and even milder weather to the north ann east. front range numbers looking good tomorrow. 64 avenue broomfield, 61 boulder, highlands ranch mid 60s, 50s farther north and east. a good start to the weekend. 27 tonight, mostly clear that air quality not great. better tomorrow as winds become more westerly 62 degrees. in the extended forecast sunday at the cooler the pretty nice for valentine's day.
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the 27 monday three days in the 60s. bright spot wednesday 65. i think there might be a front coming in next friday. a ways off but 45 with a chaace of flurries. still wintertime. >> it is. >> really? >> not for a while. after the break, zika virus -`research happening right here in colorado.
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the zika virus causing a worldwide public health scare. the cdc were searching and testing samples right here in its fort collins facility. >> senators to her the facility today. marshall zelinger was there with them. >> this is ground 0 for cdc zika virus research. >> in the shadow of horse to reservoir. >> we've been involved since the first known outbreak recorded. >>reporter: cdc research vectorborne diseases think mosquito bites. at this time none of the mosquitoes in the facility are infected with sica. >> we don't have them here in colorado at this point that we know of. >>reporter: senator kori gardner asking the question on your mind that the cdc does not believe the mosquito that ccrries the zika virus can live in colorado. >> we are extremely drive these
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in the tropics primarily. >> this was not a snack for the senators. the cdc believes the essence of grapefruit to be the next best chemical free buu repelleet. >> also effective at killing ticcs and fleas that transmit lyme disease and play. this facility continues to receive overnight shipments for medical centers in other states, asking for samples to be tested for zika virus. >> we are reminded when something like this happens how reliant the rest of the world is on the work done by the cdc. putting the brakes on the big bike race. organizers of the usa pro cycling challenge announcing this summers race cancel. previous owners losing millions every year since its inception in 2011. >> totally a bummer we made an event out offit, so excited the first year it was coming by.
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putting together a new orders -- ownership group and hope to relaunch in 2016. next up really to the stadium series lastly get a
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. the first time for everything. for the first time in nba all- star history, the game held outside the united states. basketball is a global game at two nuggets brightest stars got a taste of the big time tonight. run it, shoot it, never 0 going for the mvp. % 1st half drops it down and does the hard work two of 12. world squad 14 dunks in the 1st half.
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finished with 29. 21 of his own in the 1st half finished with 30. that kid can fly. the finish on top 157-154. avs in detroit. regulation night now there was overtime after being tied at % 2 blake comeau aassmantic issue that goes top shelf. mama keeps the goodies. he had his mind made up avs win 3- 2 earning at all important points. college hockey 13 to break do you host a north dakota state or north dakota, rather. down a goal in the 1st period, grant arnold helped square things up off the ricochet, rips it redirect from arnold 1. second-period tied at 2. trevor plouffe mooreecredited
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the 3rd period du up 4- 3. >> send it to double overtime! >> george king buried the three at the buzzer to force another overtime thursday night against washington state. 80-81 18 and seven type or fourth in the pac 12 they host washington tomorrow afternoon. >> good to be king. >> weekend weather? >> 62 tomorrow not bad sunday but if you have outdoor plants pick one day or the weather tomorrow is your day. >> i am like in the.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel!


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