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tv   7 News at 5 PM Sunday  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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some of you are even seeing snow, some fog. check out this video from leadville, you can see just how thick it was there today. let's get ride to first alert meteorologist, stacy donaldson. >> the winns that are around now though, have beenncausing problems in the high country, just beeause we have the snow coming down. the high winds. outside in denver, yes, we're seeing a lot more sunshine for the area and it does look like we're going to continue to have this sunshine sticking around, and continuing to bring on some warmer temperatures, as we go through the next few days. so, defiiitely some changes on the way. we'll take a look at this full screen, as you can see here, blue skies off in the distance, but generally, we are going to experience some beautiful days. as for, the next week, we are going to have those highs getting in the 60s and 70s, plus we have a high wind warning in effect, so we'll talk more about that coming up.
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here is a live look along i-70 at georgetown. along, despite the snow falling in the area. throughout the night though, you might run into heavier traffic. especially if you're headed back into the metro area. c-dot expects tonight to be a little more than usual because of the presidential visit. both 17-year-old tziah thornton and his 4-year-old brother, ziare mackey left their home around noon yesterday. they haven't been seen since. they were supposed to be home by 8:00 last night. investigators don't suspect any foul play, but if you think you've seen them, please call police. in broomfield, this house caught fire. north metro tweeted out these images. international, no one was hurst, and it only took firefighters 15 minutes to put this out.
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out of its home after aurora firr tweeted this picture of it, on el myra street. this video of firefighters rescuing two turtles from the home. that's great to see. toniggt, the family is getting help from the red cross. we have new developments about this former swedish medical center employee accused of stealing narcotics from the hospital. rocky allen was a surgery tech there. thousands of people at risk for hepatitis. he may be connected to more hospitals. >> reporter: right now, we know %- he worked at two hospitals in arizona, and he was firee one for testing positive for a drug those two hospitals have now sent out letters to patients who may have interacted with allen during his time there in 2014. in those cases, there's no proof he took a syringe from their facilities, as he's
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the hospital is overdoing it as a precaution. the fda and the dea are now working on a criminal investigation recording this case. -`and personnel here at swedish medical center are working to test some 3,000 patients who received surgery in the main operating area at the time may have been exposed to hiv, hepatitis b, or hepatitis c. it's been a busy weekend for politics. democrats hillary clinton and bernne sanders in our state, trying to win votes ahead of the march 1 caucus. the presidential candidates here. denverr7's lindsey watts reports from the campaign >> reporter: at hillary clinton's highlands campaign office. here. candidate helped inspire the crowd, getting ready to do some door knocking. >> we're really happy that you've got great weather out
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>> reporter: former congresswoman, gabriel giffords and hhr husband stopped by to lend support. shooting in 2011, making an incredible recovery, after being shot in the head. she's since become an advocate for gun control, and hillary clinton. >> she will fight to make our -`families safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby. that's why i'm voting for hillary. >> reporter: both clinton and bernie sanders are pulling out all the stops to win colorado. >> it's looking like a tight race. >> and here in colorado, with your enthusiasm on march 1, we right here. >> reporter: it was a capacity campaign rally. thousands upon thousands of people came to hear him speak.
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group of people who are prepared to make a political revolution and transform america. >> reporter: later, the two rivals made a showing at the annual fundraising for democrats. >> most of all, i'm aaking you caucus for me, you stick with me, you vote for me in november and you come with me to that white house. >> reporter: big enthusiasm, huge crowds, famous friends. >> so thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: see if these efforts add up to a win in our state on super tuesday. in south carolina this weekend, the six remaining republican candidates faced off in a debate. last night's debate is just ooe week away from the straight's critical republican primary. the death of supreme court
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>> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's % rein, remember that. % >> trump also tangled with senator ted cruz. maybe you've noticed flags around half staff around the city today, it's in honor of justice scalia who died in his sleep yeeterday. the justice was 79. flags were going to be lowered to half staff on monday in honor of a mesa county deputy, derrick geer. he was shot and killed by a suspect last week. that service is open to the public. % this planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs will reopen this week. this is where a gunman killed three people and injured even more in a shooting last november. only part of the building will
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the rest is still under construction. right now the arapahoe county sheriff's office is looking into whether a man's window was shot out. he was driving on arapahoe near east potomac where this all happened. found what looked like a bullet in his car. the man drove himself to the hospitall new hope tonight for the family of a newborn with life- threatening seizures. right now, little amelia is in the intensive care unit at children's hospital for treatment. kyle renne spoke to her family. they're from new mexico, and relying on cannabis oil for the treatment. >> molly, today in tears, the mother of emelia nunez told me about her daughter having violent seizures. i met the family ouuside children's hospital in aurora today. >> this is a very difficult thing to sit there and watch
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like that. >> reporter: when nicole heard from doctors that hhr baby girl was having seizures, it was devastating. >> she was having up to about 15 seizures a day. they were uncontrollable. >> reporter: this is most of the nunez family. emilia is ssill in children's hospital. nunez says she was taking multiple prescription drugs, but still having violent seizures. >> we came over here,,because it was our last option to save our daughter. >> reeorter: the family became interested in cbd oil, after watching a documentary about charlotte's webb. nn thc. after weeks of persuasion, nunez says the doctors agreed to monitor emelia.
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the cbd oil, as well as to see if there's any long term effects, as they monitor them. >> reporter: that was three days ago. emelia looked like this before treatment. stockholder, she looks like this. >> she was looking at herself on the camera. she was really happy about looking at herself. >> reporter: the nunez family is considering moving to colorado to continue treatment. the study the family is participating in allows doctors to observe theeeffects on children and epilepsy patients. >> what a beautiful little girl. coming up on denver 7, we've alheard of the gold rush, but what about the green rush? see what's now luring settlers
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welcome back, another report of police impersonating in denver. a driver called 911 and as had a happened, the people in the other car drove off. police can't confirm if that case is linked to a similar one friday night. ii that case, two men handcuffed another man and robbed him at 38th and sheridan. officials say the man looked official, even with flashing lightt, and one was wearing what looked like a genuine uniform, complete with a badge. >> very well spoken, very polite, except when they took him out of the car, he was very rough. >> one is about 5'6" with short blonde air, and blue eyes.
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mountains of rural colorado, a marijuana migration, where -`growers take big risks ii hope of making big money. peeple living in tents and campers who may struggle to survive. >> reporter: these mountains, as beautiful as they are dangerouu. >> it's not a afe environment at all. >> reporter: have been luring a new kind of settler to the wild west. >> we call it the green roush. >> reporter: down the back roads hundreds are coming to grow pot and basically be left alone. robert lewis deer moved into an rv on some property there more than a year ago. proclaimed planned parenthood shooter. >> this could be a life and death situation. 3
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going for a tour to see the danger hidden in plain sight. >> that little encampment out there, that was a marijuana grow place. that's part of your green rush. >> reporter: when hartsel fire chief first made this drive, he started counting the new everywhere. >> the first time was 287 just on that one loop. >> reporter: camping trailers, tough sheds, even tents. while some are concerned about property values, as fire chief, what worries him most are makeshift chimneys. >> you can see the chimney over there. >> so what's the danger? >> they'll die of carbon monoxide poisoning. they'll burn the place down. >> reporter: logan isn't worried about his makeshift chimney. he moved here 8 months ago from atlanta. >> we actually burn coal out here, because wood is
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cut it, at least for uss >> reporter: here some are promising cheap land with little regulation. logan bought 10 acres for less than $10,000 with no power, sewer, or water. >> what is it about this place that makes you want to live here? >> the view is truly spectacular. everybody out here is humble about everything. if you needed any kind of help out here, they'd come running. >> reporter: but it's not that simple. in 2008, park county declared a %- state oo emergency during a blizzard. feet of snow. leaving some trapped in their homes for weeks if that happens now, hundreds could be one major storm from needing rescue. >> when you saw robert deer's trailer, county officials sort of said, we've got to do something about this. >> reporter: exactly. that's exactly what happened. it was this one trailer that opened their eyes.
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shooting, they came here and saw campers everywhere. hiring two code enforcement officers and four detectives for marijuana alone. >> everybody wants to make a dollar. >> reporter: the new citizens are cashing in on marijuana, and cheap property. >> it's kind of a perfect storm. >> reporter: but in this beautiful, and harsh land, everything comes at a cost. >> what i don't want to find is deceased people in the spring. >> that was jacquelineeallen reporting. the ffre hief says he's had several calls to these marginal homes for carbon monoxidd concerns. now he gives away free fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. he is also trying to make sure everyone has an address, so if they do have an emergency, he knoww where to go. the power is back on at telluride tonight. apparently a rock hit a power
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crews worked overnighh to restore power lines. this was triggered by skiers. the road was closed for hours last night. tonight, we know the skiers who triggered it are okay. stacy donaldson has your first alert weather and it's going to be warmer this week, despite that snowy picture of the eisenhower tunnel. >> we have a lot of snow in the higher elevations. -`i mean about 3 to 8 inches of snow. but with the high winds, low visibility at times. so as we take a look at th eisenhower tunnel, you can see the roads aren't too bad, but this is a picture from loveland pass as well. about the same. low visibilities at times, but then you come down to the front range, it's absoluteey beautiful. we've seen lots of sunshine for the last few hours showing up, rather than the cloud cover that we had earlier in the day. thanks to a frontal boundary that pushed on through. % so it's causing snow in the `ountains, the winds will
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tuesday. but the winds for us will create 70s into this week's seven-day forecast. as you see here, our high today, only about 522degrees. we were n the 60s yesterday, so it is a cool down, but we're still above normal for this time of year. our low last night, 29 degrees above our normal overnight low of 18. at this point, we have 49 degrees outside. our winds out of the northwest at about 5 miles an hour. and our front range current temperatures are mostly in the 40s, to around 50 degreesshere, from fort collins to greeley, to denver. at city park about 50 degrees. the current wind speeds, these are just the sustained winds across the state. here. but as we put in the wind gusts, everything that's shaded in like a purple, or red shaded area, 40 to 50 mile-an-hour ire winds. because these winds are so strong around the foothills and higher elevations, we have a high wind warning in effect for tomorrow and tuesday for 30 to 50 mile-an-hour gusts.
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outskirts of the metro area, all the way up toward fort collins.. the wind gusts could be around 70 miles per hour at times. so keep that in mind as you're ouu and about. high profile vehicles could be in danger. you know how when the wind gets, that high that we have trouble with high profile vehicles. in the next 24 hours, we'll 30s. tomorrow, back into the 50s and 60s during the day. a really pretty day in store. and really, it's been quiet throughout the west. we just have this small little system push on through. that colder air sinking on in, but this low cold front have moved out very quickly. we have some cold air in place, we have some know for the higher elevations. but it's going to be getting out of here pretty quickly. %- if you is have plans for skiing and snowboarding, a couple of inch it's for or northern, and central mountains. we also have a winter weaaher advisory for these areas. that's an additional couple of inches. so in total, 3 to 8.
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have highs in and around 60 degrees. look at those 60s. almost 70 degrees toward pub low, la junta and lamar. a fabulous looking seven-daa forecast.. we'll have 50sstomorrow, 60s on tuesday, and then, yes, we get % some 70s in here on thursday. beautiful day. slightly cooler on tuesday. with partly cloudy skies. not too bad at all. >> you know next weekend, a bunch of people from our station we're teaming up with special olympics to doothat polar plunge. originally, i was just going to donate, but now i'm thinking it might not be so bad. maybe a hot tub jump. why do we have to sump to raise money? >> i don't know. i think you should sign up. >> you too, we'll do it together. if you enjoy a good steak or making a pot roast. you know buying meat can get pricey fast. next, we'll take a look at
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welcome back, it's probably the most expensive part of your food budget. meat. the average family spends
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and right now, beef prices are at record highs. we want to know how carnivores can ave some cash. if meat makes your mouth water, but the price is hard to stomach -- >> do you know how to find the best deals on meat? >> reporter: even a mother of three meat eaters, knows a thing or two about bargain shopping. >> when you look in my freezer, you'll see the yellow tag on almost everything i buy. all of my meat on sale. >> reporter: all the founder the u grocery price comparison app, and tracks good deals on meat. >> are there things that people do that end up costing them more money? >> absolutely, they plan their meals without regard for what's on sale. >> reporter: these meats are sold at a loss to get people
5:23 pm
this is really just to get people in the store to buy >> exactly. >> reporter: he says the special on the fronttpage is usually a great deal. >> if you sigh a deal like this, you should have pprk ribs for dinner. >> you're darn right. >> reporter: if you're really looking for a bargain, hidden in a lot of grocery stores, you can find the clearance section, you can find meat 30% off. but if clearance stakes aren't your styll, know your cuts. >> i buy a flatiron. >> reporter: if you love rib eye, it's $4 a pound more expensive than chuck eye, for basically the same pieceeof meat.. >> and this will be every bit as good as this rib eye would. >> reporter: same for filet. look instead at flatiron. >> this flatiron steak is one of the best pieces of meats you
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>> reporter: this is a huge cut of meat. pound for pound, at costco, buying in bulk is the way to go. on organic beef. >> the general manager told us they have a hard time keeping this on shelves. >> i'm not surprised. it's 15% cheaper than organic beef anywhere else. >> reporter: apps like u prices. that's why eva's freezer and her crock pot are full. >> i put them in this morning. >> reporter: mouth waters meat without breaking the bank. we posted some stock up prices on and you now. the gooddnews, the readers had many thinking bookstores would be a thing of
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bookstore sales are rising. this is the first time we've seen sales increase since 2007. we have more ahead in our next half hour here on denver 7. the fallout over the death of justice antonin scalia has begun. republican leaders are saying not so fast. 3 and self driving cars could one be part of the future. now experts weigh in on how that part of the technology would benefit us here in the meero. >> one week ago today, the broncos won super bowl l. last night? von miller won "saturday night live." what does von colliding with
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welcome back. a major battle is brewing in washington tonight. this weekend, supreme court justice antonin scalia died. now the lawmakers have begun arguing over who should fill his seat. he served on the high court for 30 years, and died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch. president obama has pledged to replace his successor, but sennte republicans have said
5:29 pm
18 months of 4-4 decisions by a divided court is completely unprecedented. >> the court is set to address major issues, including abortion and unions. well we do have snow coming down in the higher elevations, and then gorgeous weather here around the denver metro. but we do have high winds, and those winds have created the issuance warning. our temperatures were cooler in the 40s and 50s is this afternoon. that winter weather advisory still in effect for our northern, and central mountains, then we also have a high wind warning just along the i-25 corridor, and parts west. so those winds between 30 and 40 miles per hour, could be gusting as high as 70. right now, it looks pretty good outside. we have 49 degrees for the current reading. our windchill only 47. but we are talking about a huge warm up coming ur way in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. 49 looks pretty good especialliy you see this, other parts of the country.
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day. look at this out of boston. is steam coming out the water. it is sometimes called sea smoke. this happens when warmer air moves over the waters. pope francis continues his visit n mexicc today. he celebrated the largest mass in the country in a suburb north of mexico city. during the mass, he urged people to resist the temptations of wealth and corruption. this particular suburb is notorious for its crime. drug cartels hold a lot of power here. last year, the government issued a special alert for this area. back here in colorado, the population boom means changes are coming for e-470. express toll plans to expand the toll highway to come up with demand. the ccmpany managing the highway says traffic is up 12% from 2014. they plan to expand an eight mile stretch. the project is expected to cost $80 million.
5:31 pm
in addition to that, they are developing neighborhoods along the road that were never there. when the road was first built, there were not any neighborhoods, and now, there's a significant amount of population, and housing along the corridor. >> officials believe the state's population growth, airport traffic, around lower gas prices contribute to more people using the toll road. experts are weighing in on those self driving cars. some say they're the solution to cutting down on crashes. others say they could also reduce the amount of traffic in our city. in theory, it could increase the capacity of vehicles using our existing road systems by 10 times over the next ten years, the u.s. transportation department is investing $4 billion to develop the technnlogy. alamosa county wants to use drooes, for search, rescue, and fire fighting. those laws require drones be flown where the operator can
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celebrations we take a look at local celebrations, and a utah student's kind gesture turns
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we're on top of breaking news out of north denver, a man was rescued after he was electrocuted on the roof of a building. this was on lowell boulevard. that man was just rescued in the past few minutes and taken to the hospital. we do have a crew on the way, and we'll bring you details as soon as we have them. hopefflly you didn't forget today was valentine's day. if you did husband's, cover your wife's eyes.
5:35 pm
he just got her a card. but this was not any card. perhaps it was the largest card in the word. >> when i was driving north on emerson avenue, i saw these %- billboards, and i thought, that would make a really nice bii valentine's day card. >> i just started gasping and crying. just like, oh, my gosh, i couldn't believe it. >> pat surprised patty with the billboard this week. it reads pat and patty forever, 27 years and counting. you complete me, love pat. encouraging you to come out and enjoy some skating for the % very last weekend. it is free to skate, and just $2 if you need a rental, it closes for the season tonight northern utah is one smooth operator when it comes to valentine's day. this is hayden godfrey, and his kind gesture is something 800 girls won't soon forget. he bought girls to hand out to each girl at his school this
5:36 pm
he ordered them earlier this week, and with the help of friends, passed them out on thursday with the help of friends. while he has a girlfriend, she loved watching it happen. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and proud of him. >> hayden says he didn't want any of the girls innhis class to feel left out on valentine's day. you can find special valentine's day deels on treats and goodies. up into the hills, we're expecting potentially 70 mile- an-hour gusts, which is why we
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all kinds of people on all kinds of teams
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donaldson. we're tracking snow that is making its way through the higher elevations. this is i-70 at silver plume. on the western side of the divide, as you're movinn through eagle county, up toward vail and beaver creek, we've had problems on the roads, quite a few spinouts. c-dot has had some safety closures. keep that in mind, that the snow will continue to effect your travel plans. at the loveland pass, it looks about the same. every now and then, a car will drive through thhre, but definitely, a completely different picture in the denver metro. cloudy skies with some cloud
5:40 pm
the to break up. the winds will stick around for a couple of days, weeeven have a high wind warning that's been issued for monday and tuesday. we'll even have 70s showing up in the seven-day forecast. `ut today, only in the low 50s for our high, but that's still above normal for this time of the year. our temperature at this point is 49 degrees outside. winds only about 5 miles per hour in denver. it really has been sporadic. but definitely along the front range up into the hills. the winds to 29 in trinidad. the areas shaded in kind of the reddish purple, that's a 40 to 50 mile-an-hour wind. and we could see gusts around 70, as we head through the next couple of days. these winds west of denver, from boulder to idaho springs springs into fort collins and wyoming, those could impact your travel as well, especially
5:41 pm
be getting snow. temperattres down into the 30s overnight, and tomorrow, we'll have temperatures right around 60 degrees. otherwise, it's pretty quiet here to the west. a cold front did move through, but it cooled us down a little bit. then we're going to be stuck with the winds for the next couple of days. as for the snowfall, just a couple more incc as we go throuuh the day tomorrow. that winter weather advisory expires tomorrow night. lows for tonight will be in the 30s, here right around denver. we'll have 20s, elsewhere. 20s in the higher elevations as well. highs for tomorrow up around 60 degrees. closer to 70 for the southeastern part of the state around lamar, and 30s to the higher elevation it's, -- elevations as we warm things up for tomorrow. 60s and 70s.
5:42 pm
we'll drop it down to a reasonable range for february into the weekend. >> we're going to forget what reasonable is, when you tease us with 70s. >> reasonable is not 30 after 70,,don't you think? >> we're spoiled. >> unreasonable. all right lionel, are you all recovered from the super bowl? >> yes, all recovered and ready for more football today. coming upp super bowl mvp in high demabledz. everybody loves von, including % "saturday night live." an epic appearance by von miller last night, and we've got it for you. plus, the new bass pro shop 78 car never got on the track
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wow, just a look back to one week ago today. that will never get old. super bowl champions, everybody! but today is the first day, the first sunday without football since late july. % feels kind of weird and empty doesn't it? but we've got word the broncos are already negotiating a new deal for defensive lineman malik jackson. a priority for john elway, to keep one of the best defenses together as much as possible. but on't expect malik to sign before he checks out his value on the free market, which happens in early march. super bowl l mvp von miller set to cash in with a contract. he's already been catching in on the spoils of victooy. last night on "saturday night live," he was doing sooe talking, he exppained the gravitational waves predicted
5:47 pm
>> these forces of gravity collide like i collided with cam newton, forcing the fumble. >> it sounds like you're bragging.. >> i told you, this is science, man. these waves are everywhere in the universe. just like i'm everywhere when cam newton closes in. >> von, you already won, man. >> look, look, this is huge discovery. no one ever thought it would happen. kind of like no one ever thought that we would keep the number 1 offense to just 3 points, but it happened, and it's amazing. discovery proves that einstein's theory, me equals mvp. >> von miller, everybody. absolute brilliance. maybe von couud drive the 78 car. that would have better luck right now. furniture row raciig, a rough start to the season. truex jr. crashed out, no fault of his own.
5:48 pm
good, and then today, more bad news. the new bass pro shop 78 camry barred from qualifying for the daytona 500. one of the roof flaps was sticking up. nascar officials took the car back for inspection, they missed the qualifying period, so martin will start in the back end of the race. the crew chief disappointed, but not the end of the world. >> but whatever, we'll roll on and see what they decide to do. too bad, i thought we had a really good car and good speed. it would have been nice to see what we could run at least, but either way, we'll move on, and hopefully have a good rest of the speed weeks. >> tomorrow, we'll take you inside the garage at furniture row. a fourth place finish in the chase last somebody. but a new car, looking forward to a new result this season. >> all the steps we've taken are steps towards that.
5:49 pm
know, certainly, not only this year, but for years to come, last year, obviouuly, was great. we had an awesome season. it was the best for me, it was the best for the team. it was the best we'd ever had, all of us. but that makes you want more. >> we start with a better tool box, but it's all the same key characters we have here to optimize everybody and get the most of evvrything. so if we start at the top level and continue to do what we do, i think we'll have a good year. theepuckkdropped at 10:30 mountain time. didn't have ennugh time for a good break taft. his morning cut short. evander kane's long one forced patrick roy to ull the plug. sam reinhart stuck one past cal. the avs lose 4-1. they're back at the pepsi center against montreal on wednesday. %
5:50 pm
mickelson to tie von taylor for the lead. lefty went left, missed it. taylor the winner at minus 17. the fallout from the broncos super bool championship continues, with broncos country. there are bets being paid off. there are tatoos being gotten, and a beard being shaved off. one of our centurylink prison tv fads of the week. he shaved his beard for the first time in two years. >> you all remember this. the beard. % the man has been growing this thing since the broncos lost in super bowl xlviii. >> i decided i'm not shaving until they win the super bowl. >> guess what? today's the day it comes off. how do you feel? >> i'm feeling great. the beard is finally coming off, the broncos areesuper bowl champions, baby! [ music ] we are the champions my friend >> that means one more thing, jamaica, he's all yours.
5:51 pm
>> it was fun while it lasted, but yeah, that's too long. >> i haven't shaved in over two years. so i'm feeling awesome. >> any more bets coming you up, involving beards? >> i don'ttthink there's any more with beards. i think the beard is a one time deal. on a serious note there arr people that might be able to use this. so if this can be donated for a good cause, i'm all for that. `> molly, i've got that beard you want it. >> no, hate hair. you know this about me. >> you hate hair?
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the world a president has to grapple with.
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that beard. that guy grew it it for two years and then shaved it off. you would think somebody would say that's not a good idea.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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