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married at 29,000 feet. at the tarmegan roost tavern. i'm still laughing about the waffle house. this is why i don't like valentine's day. don't take me to the waffle house. it's going to warm up going into wednesday and thursday. temperatures cooling down into the weekend. but all you want to hear is you completely on valentine's day. %- >> no. i don't want to complete anybody. coming up, the broncos world tour continues. von miller made a stop by "saturday night live" last night.
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>> this one's for pat. gives me chills. a look back to one week ago today. wow. that will never get old. super bowl champions. it seems like a long time ago. just one week ago? we had the parade, we had all the tv appearances by the players, it seems. but tooay is the first sunday without footballness since last september. it feels kind of weird, and empty. broncos already negotiating a newwdeal for defenseman malik jackson. a priority for john elway to keep one of the best defenses together. john told me this week, signing the important players, the heart and soul of that number 1 defense is job one.
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john will certainly dry. >> the first step is to get danny to sign. that's something we'll start working on right away, and see what we can get done. >> reporter: the broncos have not started to negotiate with brock. they're waiting on a decision from peyton manning. the broncos will wait, and so will brock. he'll want to see if there is interest on the fee agent market and there will be, and he'll want starting dollars. the broncos need to know by march 8 what peyton is going to do. super bowl mvp, von miller said to cash in with a huge contract. but he's been cashing in,
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will the of dancing. last night, von was talking on weekend update on saturday night leave, and explained the gravitational waves predicted by albert einstein. >> these forces collide and make gravity waves. like when i collided with cam newton, forcing the fumble. >> it sounds like youure bragging. are you sure you're not bragging about this? >> i told you this is science, man. >> okay. >> now these waves are everywhere in the universe. just like when cam newton is chosing in. this is a huge discovery. no one ever thought it would happen. kind of like no one ever thought we would keep the
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but it happened, and it's amazing. discovery proves that einstein's theory, me equals mvp. grant is doing everything. it may be driving the old 78 car. a rough start to the season. ma martin truex jr. crashed out last night. no fault of us own, but the 78 car got torn up. barred from qualifying from the daytona 500. one of the roof flaps was sticking up. nascar officials said hold up, man, and took the car back for inspection. martin will start in back. the crew chief disappointed, but said it's not the end of the world. >> e'll roll on, and see what they decide to do. it's too bad. i thought we had a good car and
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either way, we'll move on, and hopefully have a good rest of the speed weeks. `>> last year martin truex jr., the chase. now, nothing but a sprint cup championship is the goal, and the expectation in 2017. aaron anderson went inside the gaaage, and takes us there, with big news on the way for denver's nascar tape. >> there it was, sitting on a platter. it's like, there's four guys with a chance at this trophy. just going to come and get it. we expected last year to go out and win a championship. everybody thought it was awesome. %- we were not happy. >> reporter: martin truex jr., and furniture row racing shifted gears, from chevrolet %- to toyota.
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champs, joe gibbs racing. decision after that. we got beat by toyotas there. >> we start with the tool box, but it's alllkey character successes to get the most out of everything. if we continue to do what we do, i think we'll have a goodyear. >> reporter: with bass pro shops onboard as a finder, the denver nascar team is talking expansion. they'd like to add a second car, soon. >> a lot of the structure that needs to be in place to run two cars, e're working on that now. >> anyyhing is possible. the need thing is that there's room to grow. amend we're certainly, it's something e would be open to. >> reporter: so there's a new partnership. new paint job, and new parts. the only thing that hasn't changed for furniture row
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championship. >> we're hungrier than ever to get to the too. >> hopefully we can get back to that final four, and this time turn the tables and be that guy that gets the race won and gets the job done.. hopefully furniture row comes out on fire at the dual driver. but i've got a way that can guarantee success. the magical car racing while. cole, martin, if you're watching, let me come back o work, man, i'll try not to let you down. when we come back, von miller, another appearance at. and we've got slam bunks.
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early morning wake up call for the avalanche in buffalo. the puck drops at 10:30 mountain time. his morning cut short. evander kane are a long one there, and patty pulled the plug. it was 2-0 before they knew what hit him. calvin pickard got in there, but not much better. 1st period, stuck one past cal. the avs lose 4-1. back at pepsi center for montreal on wednesday. the du pioneers just swept
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now they get ready to take n colorado college this weekend. du and cc, gold pan trophy, always big. but next saturday, the biggest ever. the battle on blake. it's going to be crazy. check out the uniforms du will wear, old school. much more on this coming up on 7 sports extra this week. nba all-star game in toronto. more von miller. von is not overexposed or anything. making some moves, but odell beckham jr. enjoy it. you earned it. kobe bryant, final all-star game. the fan chanting, as one of the all-time greats will exit stage left after the season. lebron james, rim and juice. hometown hero derosen from the rafters. a crowd pleaser.
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i know, you can't believe it. russell westbrook, beat the tight defense with a few dunks. but the best dunk of the night came from a dude wearing skinny genes and a tank top. came out of the stands. he pulled off the scorpion dunk, and threw ittdown, no look, sideways. sweet millennial hipster. look mosser like a starbucks barista. but nba players were not looking like ttey weren't impressed. back to the broncos. the fallout from the championship continues with broncos country. there are bets being paid off, tatoos being gotten right now. shaved off. one of our centurylink prism fans of the week. he shaved his beard for the first time in two years. >> you all remember this. the beard. michael bowens' beard. the man has been growing this thing since the broncos lost in super bowl xlviii.
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seahawks, i decided i'm not shaving until they've won the super bowl. >> i'm feeling great. off. the broncos are super bowl champions, baby. [ music ] >> and that meanssone more thing, jamaica, he's all yours. [ music ] >> it was fun while it lasted, but that's gone. years. involving beards? >> i think the beard was a one time deal. on the other side, there may be someone that can use something like this. >> if you don't donate it, michael, molly would love to hair.
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von taylor, the last pga victory in 2005. hits another ball. knocks it out of the way, and taylor's ball goes about two feet from the hole. thanks for the assist. boccie ball. then, a birdie on 16. another 30-footer here. dropped it, went into the clubhouse for the lead. here comes phil. down two shots at 15 under. on 17, phil dropped birdie. one shot lead for taylor now. on 18, nicholson, the chip shot on the green, topped right there. 3 needs to bury that put to force sudden death. oh, lefty, it lifted out. horror, but jubilation for taylor. gets a check for $1.26 million. now to soccer, barcelona, lionel messi, the penalty kick, he passed it up.
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and got his hat trick. messi totally fooled the keeper, and barcelona won it. league team. we saw the nba version, but 3 this guy, 5'10", can still get his head up to the rim. jordan, the easy inner. time now for no apparent reason, inspired by editor john hill, as seen here. this is his heed on a platter right there. a john loves animal video, don't we all. something called a love bird on valentine's day. do you think broncos fans are excited about a super bowl? check out this love bird, and a paper towel, for no apparent reason. [ music ]
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hopping around. >> whoa, he's rolling around. he's amused, the love bird. there he goes. well happyyvalentine's day from all of us. the love bird, and the paper towel.. for no apparent reason. that's certainly appropriate in this case. >> if hat's not valentiney, i don't know what is. >> that's the valentines, hearts, love, all ovee it. >> did you get your wife some flowerss >> yes, i did. we had a nice valentine's day at the house with the kids. so happy valentine's day, for the wife and everyone else out there. >> thanks lionel. thank you for joining us have a
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