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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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terry moran, abc news, mexico city. >> a man passionate about his work and a man beloved by his colleague. >> reporter: we'll hear much about it in the weeks one person is dead after a two vehicle crash in arvada. darryl has been there all night. darryl, what happened? >> reporter: sometime after 10:00 an accident occurred smashing into a chevy malibu and killing a 15 year old. they may have taken off and ran from the scene. we are trying to get this confirmed from arvada police
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from the resource officer we're goong to pass it on, but in the last few minutes at eighth and sheridan, the intersection has reopened. there is a crew cleaning up remnants from the glass, so if you come through here, use some caution. monday. it's also president's day. looks to be another nice week ahead, but let hear from lisa. >> reporter: you can see a little snow activity popping up on the radar here. there will be gust winds. this gold that's covering quite a few counties. that's a high wind watch.
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75 miles per hour. we are warming back up. today is going to be the coolest day on our forecast. 55 by 11:00. 59 by 3:00. we have a huge warmup. we're going to talk about 60s, even 70s jayson. >> reporter: take a look at this the snow over vail pass. we have some very slick roadways. up over the eisenhower tunnel. you notice something, we have a new map. you will see some interesting things. we'll detail this aa we get on with the program. this is where darryl was eighth and sheridan. but that's open right now. c-470, 225, open. you have the high winds and
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profile vehicles, light trails if you rr headed out to the eastern plains. thank you. it's 4:32 now. we are following a story about broncos peyton manning. >> we want talk a little bit with jayson gruenauer. >> reporter: one week ago peyton manning walked off the field a super bowl champion, now he's facing a lawsuit. the suit focuses on several
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references 1996. it claims he placed his naked gentiles on the face of a trainer. a lawyer for the university of tennessee says that the university,"acted lawfully in all the named in the manning. manning currently deciding his future in the nfl. reporting at sports authority field at mile highly. when an officer pulse you over how close to you look at the officer? >> two cases of impersonatorss over the weekend. the first happened 1:30 a.m.
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a man hand cuffed him and stole his wallet. then another one near augden and kentucky. he thought that the turn signals were flashing. >> while police say the `mpersonators lights ere at the bottom of the windshield but un-marked vehicles have lights on the top. a man took himself to the hospital after being shot near
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some new information of this surgical tech exposing people to hiv and tip `epatitis b and c. he worked at banner thunderbird hospital in arizona and authorities are searching for him. state officials say dennis simon is a member of the 211 crew a white supremaciss group. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous,
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approach him, call 911. in colorado springs part of the planned parenthood offices that were attacked back in november are reopened today. this morning flags across our state in half state in honor of justice scalia and mason county deputy gear who was shot a week ago trying to arrest a 17 year old boy. the boy is behind bars now. it stretches for more than a deputy gear believed in saving those, he was not only a mountain of a man but the man to match it. >> denver 7's lance hernandez is on the way to bring you
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justice scalia's body is back in texas. %- this is a look at his body being take on the the el paso airport. he and his family say there shouldn't be an autopsy. they say he died in his sleep. his death will majorly affect this year's presidential election. leading republican lawmakers say the decision for a new justice shoold be up to the new -`president. the driver's licenses office will be closed vital records offices and colorado sparks and wildlife offices will also be closed. a new proposal that would allow pot to be sold at
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton in denver over the weekend. this is just ahead of that south carolina primary. >> reporter: it's now 4:39 and tracking more snow in the mounts. up to a shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, months on a ford suv. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designed to help you be unstoppable. no wonder ford is america's best but hurry, 0% financing on ford suvs is a limited time offer.
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take a look from vail right now this is from i-70. snow still coming down in the mounts. lisa will have a little bit more for us coming up in a moment. this is the valentines day mountain top ceremony. 89 couples were there to get married or renew their videos. >> it looks like a nice rommntic day. >> we had a dry week up there. it was good to see people come to colorado and then they get out. >> reporter: we have temperatures that are going to be anywhere from 20s, 30s even
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of the southwest at about 5-10 milee per hour. i'll get you through the futurecast in a minute. bloomfield and boulder very mild. colder near greeley and 40 collins. it's going to get lot worse with the winds by midday today. you are watching satellite radar. it's pretty quiet and not picking up snow hat's falling over the hire mountain passes. here in town you can see to the east very clear skies. yesterday we had quite a bit of cloud cover. today you're going to find things stay pretty clear all day long. at about 6:30 in the morning. things will stay pretty active.
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said and done. by about 10:00, we still have snow falling. by early tomorrow morning 6:00 on tuesday things will start to clear out. we're expecting again more sunshine for the mountains by midweek and warmer air. 50s to 60s for most of north eastern california. greeley 54. more mid to upper 60s across south eastern colorado. very warm near pueblo and lamar. look what's happening. the magneton my watch keeps catching the magnet keeps catching. i could put the bright spot all across the week here.
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camera here at i-70 and genesee. you see winds are a factor with it bouncing around. we still have the high wind advisories and there's the chain laws in effect. here's a pretty cool map here. also, you see the drivi times like here between c-470 and koe fox. -`how cool that -- cofax. wait. it's getting used to this -- >> ooh, ah. ooh, ah. >> reporter: isn't that cool stuff?
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>> reporter: if i can find where the buttons are. >> that's better than a week off. >> thank you. it quarter to five now. the south carolina primary is this sad, but democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are there. gifford was shot in the head. she will stand up to the gun lobbyists. that's why i am oting for hillary. >> bernie sanders says 18,000 people attended his rally on
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enthusiasm on march 1st we are going to win right here. >> the colorado caucus is coming up march 1st. bud first could be the equivalent to brew fest. special event permitting is proposed to be sold at public events. unlike the brew fest public goers could not go to it but 21 and older should be allowed in. >> associate the fun part with our busy. gives everybody an opportunity to kind of see what everybody has to offer. >> so he bill goes before state lawmakers tomorrow. we would love to know what you think about this. you can sound off right now
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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hot on the internet today sometimes it could be entreat upsetting to think you are the only one in school without a valentine. this kid found a solution to that problem.
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gave to every girl in school. he paid for it with his own savings aad said he had been planning that for quite sometimes. one of the strangest commercials during the super bowl was the puppy-monkey-baby, one guy wanted to make his pug into the puppyymonkey-baby. >> watch this anchor's shoe fly right off her foot, she keeps on going and never misses a beat. this guy spent a ear throwing
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who would impressively catch it would yell no, and catch it. didn't matterrwhether she was inside or outside, only occasionally she would drop one and of course he would have to clean it up. % what do you think? >> that's impressive. i love this ady, yyu've got to figure he's ready for it. >> exactly. >> reporter: it's a little windier starting to pick up. by this afternoon by mid morning we're going to see speeds from 50-75 miles per hour up in the foothills. we are warming back up close to the 60s. >> reporter: we have snow up in the hills.
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here in town and t's great. a real easy commute. here at harp den and tamerac. hampden. in theory, experts say technology could increase the capacity of vehicles using our existing road systems by 10 times over the next 10 years the u.s. transportation department is investing $4 billion to develop the technology. here are today's busy headlines from new york. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money, fears of another re-session.
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nearly half think there's another good chance of a recession thii year. top vw managers reportedly warned the auto maker could be in trouble over diesel emission over a year before -- vehicle software was giving soft results. it was a record setting weeeend at the box office. dead pool a foul mouthed superhero was the biggest opening evvry. how to be single was third and panda was second. >> - it's 4:54 and pope francis is mexico preparing to hold mass. his hope is to boost faith there.
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children. he will be in mexico for the next couple of days. so the meals on wheels has been driving away hunger for years. and we're taking a look at the drive behind the force. >> reporter: more than 86,000 meals are made in this kitchen every year serving littleton and well beyond. marilyn ness knows well the power of serving others. >> i volunteered for 45 years. >> reporter: you heard right. 45 years of volunteering. >> most marriages don't last as long, so it's incredible that someone volunteered this long. >> reporter: marilyn has been here since the early days where
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but now it has 26 routes covering 95 square miles. nearly 400 clients leave here every day thanks to volunteers like marilyn. >> we calllher grandma. >> only john calls me grandma. >> we want to salute you as channel 7's every day hero. >> thank you. i've been doing this a long time. reporter: you have been doing this a long time. go to seven every day heros on our website so submit your
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come by and see us at sing soopers. >> imagine getting stuck in a tram 45 feet off the ground. `e'll show you the rescue two cases of police impersonations. we have details for you after
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we are following breaking news out of arvada after a deadly crash. this is at eighth and sheridan. >> darryl orr joins us. >> reporter: right now the intersection has reopened. street sweeper crews have come in and cleaned up all is it grass from the accident from


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