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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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wrecks here daily. businesses here want more to be done. >> a body covered in the middle of the street and pieces of the car strewn down about 100 yards down the street. >> reporter: a scene that isn't easy to forget for mighty muffler owner. even though he tried there's been a memorial that sits right % across his shop aa a reminder of the tragedy two years ago. >> it's been quite a problem in this intersection. >> reporter: this is another memorial at the same another victim. >> we've seen quite a feww accidents throughout the years that i've been here. >> reporter: with the latest one happening just last night.. involving cruz hitting aamother and her daughter. sending them to the hospital.
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for vacuums are us owner, hearing those noises seems to be familiar here. he thinks more speed bumps would help and more enforcement by police. >> i've seen more enforcement buttit's something that has to be done daily, it's getting crazy. >> reporter: family members plan to have a benefit for zapata. >> tragic, thank you sally. there was a second person with cruz last night. both took off running, both were caught but the passsnger was not arrested. thanks to a quick thinking neighbor who saw three men go `nside that house, police were theee and they were there quickly. police arrested all three. one was everyone found on the road.
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gusts knocked the semi right over the wyoming border. other semi drivers pulled over waiting to hit the road when the wind died down. and mike nelson is here with the latest. when should we see a break around here. >> 68 miles per hour about the same at neterland. in the metro area 45 to 50 miles per hour. there's still a high wind advisory. the warning in the yellow color. strong winds continue through midnight. here's how it looked this afternoon up at cooper mountain. up here we didn't havvethe precipitation but you can see this wall of clouds being blasted down by the ssrongg winds throughout the afternoon. things are going to get gradually better tonight and quite a bit better tomorrow and really great later on this week. right now along i70. traffic has been heavy, most of the evening.
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people are on their way back from their long weekend in the mountains it was a great time to hit the slopes. denver7 reporter ark hall is live. ski areas are seeing downturn in a certain kind of visitor. >> reporter: that's right. get home. they're from here in state. international visitors. there are fewer of them coming to colorado it's all because of a strong u.s. dollar simply cheaper to go ski internationally elsewhere like japaa or canada rather than here in the u.s. and colorado. it's hard to beat the snow in colorado. skiers and riders are drawn to these slopes from all over the country and world. across the board. lodging, with tickees etc. >> reporter: but because of the strong u.s. doolar, the colorado ski country trade group says fewer travelers are coming in from other countries. foreign currency has less buying power here than across
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still skiers say they're willing to pay here. >> there's more space here. the runs, they're not too -- maybe small and narrow but also steeper. >> reporter: cooper mountain sees most of its business come from within the u.s. and says visitors from other states are more than making up for any loss in international skiers % and riders. the national tourism office boosts the colorado economy by 2.3 million. >> we do offer quite a few deals with things like three is the magic number which is the lodging and lift deal. and we also do lodge and lift sales, you can save by buuing them online on our website. >> reporter: resorts try to steer clear of a financial wipe out. now here's what we mean by a strong u.s. dollar and why some people up here are concerned about it. ` tourist from europe gets 38%
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than the u.s. and a tourist from japan gets 33% morr for their yen in canada than the u.s. the dollar is not stretching as far and they are hoping lift lines don't do the same. marr doyle, denver 7. right now we're playing about $1.56 but those prices areeexpected to continue to climb. this issaccording to gas buddy. because many refineries will be cutting production. and you can go to the enver website and go the traffic section for morr pricing. a seemingly endless line of officers and deputies drove by with lights on. people lined the street to pay their last respect to mesa county deputy derek gre er. the tribute to service. >> reporter: while hundreds of people gathered at the church
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of others are doing the same thing at this roadside me memorial. many of them have posted memooies of condolences like this one. rest easyybrother, we will take it from here. officer. officer greer died trying to arrest a teen. the teen shot him dead. experience. >> showing our kids how 3 important it is to show our respect for police who work hard every day, so that we can be safe and have the freedoms we have. >> reporter: a volunteer stands watch over this memorial every day directing trafficc he told me that the candles are
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that those in attendance then say a short prayer. lance hernandez, denver 7. donations are still being made to the go fund me page set % up for officer greer's family. so far $7,500 have been raised. red paint was found over a memorial. crews were able to get it cleaned up rather quickly. right now there's no informatton on who ay have done this. you may remember the same thing happened nearly a year ago. the two men who threw red paint and charged. the two vandals didn't clean up so quickly because they still had red paint on heir hands when police caught them. >a search tonight for the suspects posing as a denver police officer.
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someone near 38th and sh eraton. later, another driver called 911 when the suspect was trying to pull him over. that driver never pulled over. and a man is accused of swapping out a medical syringe >> how did he ever getthired? >> it's a question we'vv been asking all day. how does a surgical tech get fired and test positive for a controlled substance in one state and oves to colorado and gets fired doing the same thiig. turns out it's a lot easier comes back to state regulations or the lack of them. >> repooter: for thousands of patients that had surgery during the time rocky llen real. >> those are pretty major diseases to think about having to face. >> reporter: swedish patients are being tested for hepatitis
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arizona hospitals are also offering blood tests to anyone who haddsurgery while allen worked there. at john c. lincoln hospital, the hospital said they fired allen after he tested positive for a controlled substtnce. so how did swedish miss this critical information. arizona and 32 other states don't recognize surgical technologies even though they are often at a surgeon's side %- during difficult operations. colorado is one of 11 states that does regulate techs. colorado and washington are the only state that is require them to register with the state. our state does have stricter laws than most. we still rely on something like the honor system. techs are asked to self-report something that sounds like allen didn't do. we asked swedish whether it runs background checks on employees and the hospital was unable to answer our question siting theeongoing investigation. it's not clear if allen was
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positive for a controlled substance in arizona. >> reporter: for the first time since a gunman opened fire on a planned parenthood facility patients were back in todaa. -`the facility opened for just a few hours to see patients who have been waiting to be seen for months. the ffont door still boarded up where a gaping hole was from an armored vehicle that police used to get inside. patients will now see armed security guards at the door and planned parenthood has taken their policies. >> we're not talking in detail about those changes but we're very, very focused on making this a good safe place for our patients as well as our staff. >> reporter: now as for the shooting suspect, robert dear he admitted to killing three people and he could face tte death penalty in thisscase. another super bowl ring and % now some more controversy. what peyton manning did in college is now coming back to haunt him. >> lingering problems across the countrr tonight with tvs. how comcast says it is fixing the probbem.
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just when you thought it was safe to head back to the metro area. eastbound i70 is closed at the vale area. you can see cars just not moving right now. do be aware of this closure. there's multiple closures reported.. peyton manning is now on the defense for something that happened 20 years ago while still playing at the university of tennessee, manning was accused of sexually assaulting a trainer. those claims against manning are part of a new lawsuit just filed in the last week against the niversity. so far he is not reacting to
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and this guy is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from lego enthusiasts online. investigators say that william murray listed lego star wars, murray would cut off any -`communication and not send them any legos. comcast has hhd problees all across the country. these red spots show all the outages earlier today including more than 700 complaints here in the denver etro area. comcast didn't say what caused the big outages but said on twitter that the company was working on the problem. a denver rest restaurant that's been around since the 70s is getting ready to move. the owners think downtown will be a good market for the restaurant. washington state not having the same problems as usswhen it comes to pesticides used on
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already we have had 19 recalls because of this problem. washington haan 't had any. that's because two growers there that used the banned pesticides were fined and had their licenses taken away. what causes bacteria to change? that's what students and researchers are trying to figure out. for the last six years they've been collecting water samples from across the area to get to the bottom of why bacteria mutates. bacteria could become resistant after getting used to the pesticides that really kill them. >> you can get tons and tons of individuals and if you have that many individuals popping up you have a really good chance of that mutation popping up some where. >> some bacteria have resisted antibiotics. in some researchers bacteria have been known to eat antibiotics to grow. the gusty winds statewide,
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last minutes east of dia. we're going to see mild temperatures and gusty winds through tuesday. look at these numbers for today. the high temperatures way into the 60s over south eastern colorado while the mountains it was wind and snow ann 30s to around 40 degrees. denver at 59 degrees for a high today. started out this morning at 25 the normals are 46 and 19 and -`the records are 66 and 20 beeow right now the partly cloudy sky. 54 downtown. 35% humidity. `inds are still gusting out of the west. across the nation, we have a big temperature contrast from the 80s to just the 20s and 30s and even teens up in montreal canada. we get that kind of weather squeezed in there all those temperature contrasts you can bet there's storms around. a nasty storm from boston to new york. extending down to the ohio valley. severe thunderstorms right noo with tornado watching in effect in the panhandle of florida. our system will race off to the
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tomorrow. we're on the mild side of all of these winds for the next couple of days. so tonight, 17 will be about the coldest we will see. 35 in denver. 20s and 30s on the plains. tomorrow another warm day. windy again but not quite as strong as the winds we had today. 60 for a high in denver. upper 60s over south eastern colorado. 35 to 45 degrees in the mountains. 3 50 out west at grand junction. as far as front range numbers for tomorrow. aurora at 81. and upper 50s up to the north and east of the metro area. tonight strong winds, through the evening. lighter winds after midnight. partly cloudy and 45. tomorrow the high temperature at 60. still windy but the winds will 3 be more about 50 and 45. and looking ahead, mild stuff keeps oncoming. a record for thursday.
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then we'll have contrast into the 80s and to the 20s and 30s in montreal canada. we get all that weather squeezed in there. you can bet there'll be seeere thunderstorms moving down. jennstachelski has been fund the sensor ecurity fund. they provide funds for cancer treatment needs. >> it's awesome to hear the storres. >> thank you jen for her generosity. u.s. bank gave her a $100 gift card. check out the denver >> they do great work. coming up one of the bronco's biggest free agents
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welcome to 7 sports extra. the broncos have seven unrestricted free agents. -`vaughn miller is number one. osweiler and jackson the top % three. and it's about 50/50. hh has a good idea of his market value and if the bronccs get really close he's here. >> i have a pretty good idea of what my worth is but i would like to see -- >> a lot. a lot, a lot. >> reporter: i would like to
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to numbers close to where i feel i deserve i would stay. >> the guys really matter. i grew up with those guys with guys with vaughn and all them. but at the end of the day it's a business. and the 20-year-old mckayla congratulations there. now du men's lacrosse, they win it all last year and to the victory goes their spoils. check out their new locker room. it's fit for a king. all the bells and whistles,, players spending more time there than they do in their dorm rooms apparently. this palace is the next step in alive. >> yeah it really is. we've left the graphics with
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so you know, we were national champions here with some room for more addictions and hopefully there'll be those as we move along. >> guys breaking news on twitter. mcaffrey announced hh committed to the university of michigan. dmack the valor christian quarterback is oing to play for jim harbaugh. >> be a wolverine. wolverine yeah. >> weather mike. >> windy tonight but warmer weather coming up this week. a lot of golf courses are opening up. swing easy. >> oh boy.
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