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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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is big once again. >> water main break in boulder leaves behind quite the mess after it floods part of this neighborhood. a look at the damage and what is left behind coming up. >> edward snowden the nsa whiitle blower will be inn colorado. thank you for joining us for denver 7 i'm mitch jelniker. >> a little windy. >> a little windy. when i woke up at 2:00 it was still pretty breezy. you will find from our current `ind speeds earlier i showed you the wind gusts. we are sustained at 5-10 miles per hour here in denver. still seeing gusts over bertha pass near 50-60 miles per hour. as you plan out your day, it's sunny and breezy. walking out the door at 7:00 to upper 20s and low 30s. we're still going to be pretty windy at 11:00. highs about near 60.
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and it will be a warmer -`mostly sunny 64 degrees. you have temperatures across the front range that are pretty nice once again. fort collins 61. highlands ranch 64. and in aurora you're at 59. up and through the foothills we will see 50s today. speaking of that western edge we will send it over tt dayle cedars. % >> reporter: we are taking out weather chaser. this thing is built ford tough which will be awesome when it comes to storm tracking during severe weather season. right now we are out here where we were seeing really strong winds. it's nice and quiet right now. look at how warm it will be later on this afternoon. % 62 degrees. those winds will pick up a little bit. we could see gusts lose to 20 miles per hour but that will be nothing compared to the 50 and 60 miles per hour winds. let's send it back inside to jason. over all not bad drive.
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some folks especially up into the foothills and along highway 93. the fog is a problem. just a touch north and west of where dayle is. just be careful up that way. a lot of green up there including to the north side of town. a little yellow transitioning from i 26 to i-25. south side of town whether it's c470 the denver tech center running clear. we still have this section of i- 70 closed down. there is no estimate of when the rock slide will be cleaned up. a detour is 3-4 hours going through craig and steam boat and back toward i-70. so it might be worth it to have a long breakfast and wait for i- 70 to reopen. 5:32 now. a pipe burst under streets. this happened in the boulder neighborhood waiting for the road to buckle. it sent thousands of gallons off water into homes.
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grrenauer is joining us live from the scene with the latest. jason. >> reporter: and as you can imagine, mitch, if you introduced thousands of gallons into a neighborhood ssreee, it will leave behind a little bit of stuff i guess you could say on the road. definitely debris and road. this is is some of the landscaping along the road. you can still see it's wet. just washed out as that water came through. we have video of thh water itself rushing through this neighborhood. again we're in north boulder. a few inches at times after that water main burst sometime early yesterday evening. it took crews hours to come through and actually have to they had to shut the water off and you can see ttis is the hole that is left. we still don't have any official cause as of yet from boulder public works but it appears everything from the scene being calm, the road being open, that everything has been taken care of. jason gruenauer denver 7. >> thank you. 5:33 now.
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since a mass shooting at a colorado springs planned parenthood and now thh clinic is back open to patients. this time the facility has added security. >> very nasty my time out here since the shootinn. a lot more verbal than usual. a lot of people blame me. he did shoot the place up. if doesn't represent us many any way, shape, or form. he doesn't respect life at all. >> days or weeks i should say are already booked solid. four suspected burglars under arrest after a stand off. this happened at a home on dexter drive and 25th avenue. so police tell us a neighbor called them after seeing the teens break into the home after about an hour police were able to get all the suspects in custody anddthey are trying to figure out if the teens are connected to other recent crimes in the area. a lot of questions about
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he is that surgical tech blamed for a health scare. % now people want to know how he got hired in the first place. rocky allen is his name. he is accused of swapping out medical syringes, putting thousands of patients at risk. this is not the correct video. before coming to denver he was fired from an arizona hospital. now investigators are currently looking for allen. now let's get to that report about peyton manning accusing the quarterback of inappropriaae behavior while at the university of tennessee. the trainer that made those allegations 19 years ago settled with him but it's all coming back to light after manning was mentioned this in a recenn lawsuit about how the university of tennessee over all handlee reports of sexual assault. we spoke to the sports columnist who wrote a column about all of this way back in 2003.
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plain sight for months. for years actually. we're looking at a squeaky clean guy and i think also the shock value then is more than it would be if someone didn't have the reputation of peyton manning. so in many ways i think he is harmed here by is stellar reputatiin. >> we reached out to the broncos. the team is not talking about this. the university of tennessee says it puts a stop to the students breaking the rules. right now police in denver are looking for the erson or people who poured red paint on the fallen officers memorial in denver. this isn't the first time it's happened. >> lindsay watts is joining us from the memorial. this was exactly a year ago when the same thing occurred. >> it was february 14th when the memorial was vandalized last year. this time around it was february 15th so no coincidence there. it seems like this was planned by people who are antipolice. they did not win, though.
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that red paint was able to be washed off. we got here yesterday just as officers and firefighters had finished cleaning up. the vandalism happened around the same time yesterday morning. it was in thh over night to early morning hours. this is what officers discoveeed when they came in yesterday. the memorial looked the same last year when two guys protesting police shootings defaced it. here is chief robert white. >> i really felt sick. that memorial really represents men nd women who have given their lives to defend this community. and to deface it is a dishhnor to those innividuals. >> reporter: police haven't released any photos or surveillance videos but you can bet they do have something capturing whoever did this. there are a multiple of surveillance cameras all around this plaza. this is actually one of our
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next to a cpd camera. hopefully footage like you are seeing here will help officers capture the culprit or 5:38. and tonight edward snowden will give a talk at cu auditorium. he will be speaking to a sellout crowd. he won't physically be there in boulder. he will be speaking by way of video live stream from russia because he is still facing charges in the u.s.. the cu sttdent group that invited snowden says they justt wanted to start a conversation. we need your help. we joined special olympics colorado for this years polar plunge. >> so we are going against the folks that work at night. eeic connor, hannah atkinson. lisa caught up with our new reporter.
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because they know how to fight. watch out because connor and lisa is oing to rock your world. [ laughter ] >> so we will be at the denver zoo on february 27th. we'll send it over to lisa to learn more about this fundraiser. it brings in a lot of money for a great cause. >> this is really cool. you can help out. we'd love for youuto join our team. you have less than two weeks to do this. it's a great cause. obviously all of that money going to special olympics colorado and to connor and hannah. you can go to their website for more details. we would love for your help. to the weather. winds still a bit of an issue. today you will find gusts upwards of 20-40 miles per hour. 60s and 70s all week long. we will detail that seven-day fooecast coming up. over all a pretty decent ride here in town. weather issues out to the west. here in town the winds will not throw you off here.
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also up on the the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors.
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for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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`>> 5:42. a live look at u.s. supreme court building. boy, it's been so snowy and % cold along the east coast. and yet we have great temperatures here. i guess we could soak it up for international news. fourmens are under arrest. they are accused of
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police is how they are putting it. entering the country when pretending to be tourists. this is one of the suspects. so a lawyer for four of the journalists said they will be transferred to a police station but will be released probably later today. ikea could be in a bit of trouble. the furniture giant is accused of not paying taxes in europe for the past six years. the ikea group says it manages its operations and it does pay its taxes. president obama plans to visit vietnam may. the white house says the leaders discussed relations wean the two countries. last year marked 20 years since diplomatic elses between the u.s. and vietnam were restored. lawyer for elliot spitzer is now speaking out. he says spitzer did not assault
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trying to help an emotionally distraught woman. new this morning a 13-year- old partially blind boy in long island is doing what he can to hhlp veterans. >> he raised thousands of dollars to buy these veterans service dogs. although a service dog is free for the recipient, it does cost about $50,000 to raise and train one of these dogs. matthew's big brother is fully blind and describes how much a guide dog can help. >> it tells you what you need to know. a guide dog tells you ten times that. it would open the word up to me like you have no idea. >> so matt says everyone has their own struggles and he %- hopes his fund raising will veterans. >> he is a seventh grader pulling that off. >> so many good stories from kids and thinking they are going to run the world.
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it will be a little cooler than where we were yesterday. kind of good and bad scenario there. winds west, southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. here's a view from the wireless camera. a lot of sunshine expected this morning. definitely more sunshine than how we started off yesterday. boulder 35. `reeley just below freezing. and in castle rock also at 30. actually warmer as you get farther west. estes park 37. thht is one spot. estes park where winds speeds are still a bit of an issue. as you get farther west eagle 36. montrose 29. pretty mild in the mountains and it will be a warmer afternoon. here's what we are expecting in denver as we climb between about 11:00 and 12:00.. we will be in the mid to upper 50s by lunch. a high today of 64. so it will be a pretty warm afternoon. about 10-15-20 degrees above normal both today and tomorrow.
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now what is not showing up on satellite radar is the light snow that continues to fall. we've been seeing the cameras there over vail pass. light snow this morning. early. you will notice the snow that is still falling. clears up mid-morning. between 10:30 and 12:00 you will find a lot more sunshine in the mountains across the plains by 4:30. heading home from work pretty clear and quiet over night tonight into tomorrow. winds will be an issue off and on all week long. on trash day be careful it will be a windy. 47 in eagle. castle rock 61. and in fort collins today 61. now we will gain another 5-10
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the bright spot still on thursday mostly sunny, gorgeous and warm. but the winds will pick up when it gets that warm typically we are expecting a pretty strong down sloping wind. head into the weekend, things wwll start to cool off. come sunday into monday, low to mid 50s. sending it out to dayle cedars. %- she is out on the western edge of the metro area with a look at the winds there. better. >> reporter: things are so much better than they were yesterday. out here right now with our denver 7 first alert weather carroll. bad. still a little bit breezy and temperatures in the low 30s. by 7:00 we should climb by 39 degrees and midday at noon how about 62-degrees? a mix of sun and a few clouds and later on ttis evening it will be pretty mild. the winds right now are nice and calm. we re mostly seeing around 5- 10 miles per hour winds. however those will pick up. later on this afternoon we
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about 20 miles per hour. right now let's head back inside to the studio anddcheck in with jason. not too bad of a drive along the king carroll. 285 looking okay as well. and the whole city and for the most part in pretty good shape. however there has been one issue that popped up. 3 maybe a sink hole or big pothole has developed right here just south of evans. that could be a very tough spot there. the three lanes are really yale. the rest of the drive doesn't look too bad. this is the second rocc slide we've had up along i-70. and c-d.o.t. is worried about the stability of the hillside. this is some of the pictures we
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by. they are really worried about the slope up here and being stable. thee will bring geologists in and make sure it's stable. there was significant damage. and back around to i-70. so there are ways around it but it will take a long time to do it. a lot of the truckers use i-80 instead trying to wait out the i-70 closure. >> thank you. 5:49. com cast customers now have their cable back. this is after a nationwide outage that impacted thousands of viewers. in today's techhbites com cast says almost all of its services have been restooed but for several hours yesterday customers in major cities throughout the country could not access the internet or watch tv.
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many were effected or what exactly caused the problem. get ready for a brand new type of wearable device. a couple of former samsung employees have developed the smart shoe. >> it contains built in sensors to help coachers create peesonal workouts for the wearer. >> how is this as a way to keep things tidy in the office. chairs that park themselves. >> a clap is all you need to %- have to get the chairs back to where they belong. this was done by nissan engineers to promote their new intelligent parking feature. >> what happens when you sneeze in we will head to a sit down
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here's a look at other stories making news. hot on the internet today. nico of belgium he loved his ferrari but when it cost him too much to maintain it, he found another use for it. he cut it into a mailbox. that is pretty expensive mailbox. >> have you ever heard mary had a little lamb played on car horns?
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okay. >> a prankster decided he wanted to have snow inside his house for his kids to play in. yeah you heard that right. snow inside his house. and he put up evergreen trees a ramp for sledding. according to the behind the scenes video some of the snow is biodegradabbe hollywood snow and some was brought in from outside. the room was kept cold whhle they played. i'm sure the kids will never forget the time it snowed or they skied inside. >> you have heard of leg dogs but have you heard of a sled cat? that is jasper. or jasper the cat who apparently likes nothing more than to tow his owner through the snow while he is skiing. he has become a bit of a celebrity in norway. he loves all kinds of outdoor activvties.
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nothing more than fishing. like swimming and fishing. there goes jasper towing somebody on skis. >> you don't see that every day. >> only in norway. >> only many norway. >> that's a strong cat. >> thank you jason. good news for travelers flying is apparently safer than it has been in the past five years. airplane accidents dropped significantly the last calendar year. it doesn't include the two major plane crashes that were caused on purpose. it's good to be a driver in ohio. two gas stations got into a price war meaning drivers only had to pay pennys a gallon to fill up their car. >> prices started off at $0.49 a gallon. and in a couple hours it dropped to $0.19. >> but the station across the
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computer glitch so they dropped their price tt $0.17. >> that is great. sot price drop lasted for three hours. gas is now back up to $1.51. >> still pretty low. >> i just love seeing the price wars where you can see the neighbor going $0.19? i'm going to top that. >> i filled up my tank for $18 the other day. that is unreal. >> that is a big, big tank in that moe ped. [ laughter ] we've got speeds this temps. whatever they are. % [ laughter ] 30s this morning. you will find this afternoon we're in the mid to upper 60s. denver a high of 64. still breezy in spots
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foothills but mostly sunny. nice day today even warmer tomorrow and thursday. details on he big warmup coming in our 6:00. jason. speaking of gas, here's me. [ laughter ] do you ever find yourself touching a computer screen that is not a touch screen and thinking what is going on? i just did that. colfax looking pretty nice downtown. we still have issues up in the high country with i-70 closed down. i'll have ttose details coming up in a few minutes.. this is really strange. hillary clinton started barking like a dog. >> adele known for being great but something went wrong during
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good morning. it's 6:00 a.m.. we have a lot of stories to get to this morning. these are no ordinary shoppers right here. new this morning how they managed to get away with $20,000. >> and memorial for fallen police officer is disrespected. this is not the first time it's happened either. >> and from a dry street to a little bit of a river flowing down a residential neighborhood in boulder. hares kepts were effected -- how residents were effected and what they have to deal with this morning. >> here's a live look over denver. lisa hidalgo tracking more wind. especially up in theehigh country. >> bertha pass recently a wind


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