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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the u. s. attorney's office investigation and more charges are possible. if a patient suffers serious bodily injury or death allen could face 20 years to life in prison. allen was fired from swedish medical center after he swapped out a syringe. the hospital asked 3,000 patients to get testifyed for hepatitis or hiv. the feds are also looking at other states where allen worked as a surgical tech including two other hospitals in arizona. we also know that he worked as a surgical tech in the navy. right now he's being held here. he will be held on a 72 hour bond hold until his next hearing on friday. that's when we will find out if he will be released at allment reporting live in denver jennifer kovaleski denver 7. swedish medical center alone 2900 patient may have been exposed to serious diseases. they say at least 1600 patients
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denver 7 checking out two big fires this afternoon. this barn fire near knox court hamden it's been standing here since 1895 when it was part of the mullen high school dairy farm. firefighters say so much damage was done to the barn no one can go inside. the owner says he was only using it for storage. you couldn't miss seeing afternoon. thick black smoke billowing from a metal recycling business at 48th and ivey. it was mainly trash that was burning there. firefighters wereeable to put it out quickly but stayed make sure the fire didn't spread to the during buried trash. were able to get out safely. white right now travel along i-70 is just a nightmare. this time it's not because of snow. this rock slide is still blocking all lanes through glenwood canyon. it got worse when part of the detour was closed.
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between glenwood springs and to go through meeker craig and steamboat. part of the pass was actually closed this afternoon. luckily that is now back open. take a look at this rock slide south of durango it has lanes of highway 550 closed for up to cdot says it will take 70 dump trucks to move all those boulders. as residents on norwood avenue clean up the damage done by a water plain break. the city of boulder is deciding whether to help the multiple monday night. it took 45 minutes before he water was stopped. they flowed into mulliple homes and shut down traffic in the area. city spokesperson says people with damage can submit a claim to the city. edwar snowden is taking the stage sort of the nsa whistleblower is in russia ready to answer questions here. mark stewart is outside the auditorium.
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>>reporter: and the mere mention of edward snowden generates controversy so it's no surprise 2,000 students will come here to the auditorium to hear him for themselves as he speaks on a video link from russia. we talked to organizers he will talkkabout everything from national security to government surveillance to new emerging technology that's getting so much attention. there will be a moderator and students will be able to ask snowden questions directly one- on-one. however, ome restrictions have been given to us the media what we can she see and share. a student objection is paying $56,000 the money generated through student fees to bring snowden to campus thhough this virtual setting. they have brought controversial speakers before. they say this is really no different. again this is a sold out crowd 2,000 seats full.
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%- we ill let you know exactly what snowden set coming up at 10:00. >> michelle wilkins the woman who had herrunborn baby cut from her stomach will be the first on the stand. today a jury was picked in boulder county and opening statements will begin tomorrow. the trial is expected to last over a week. bb sure to tick with denver 7 an denver for updates from the courtroom. even car dealerships aren't safe from they were. 11 cars stolen last night. police are still looking for all of those cars there were several makes and models stolen. to check out the full list go to our web site this impacts any of you who try to avoid traffic. ever since the toll lanes opened on highway 36 hov users have to pay a one time fee to avoid getting charged. lawmakers will try to raisers
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political reporter found out that could make the hov lanes disappear. >>reporter: when these toll lanes on highway 36 opened last year the way cdot monitors hov drivers changed. >> they put this extra step in that makes it impossible for most people to use hov lanes. >>reportee: hov dryers r drivers can no longer use the toll lane for free. they have to buy a switch able responder. >> i'm sure we're catching people with little gotchas on this. let's make hov lanes designed to be used for free, free. >> can i get one of though devices. >> you may not. >>reporter: if you don't have a toll account this will cost you $35. 15 for device and 20 for tolls. you have to have money just in case you allows use the lanes as toll lane. if you drive without a device a
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play and cause charge you the toll. >> more and more people would use the lane and trust me i'm hov i believe it should be free for people here. >> what happens if this passes. >> if this goes through and no one has to declare that they have hov using a transponder we need to very seriously look at whether or not hov is even viable on that lane. cdot sells us there is no way o use the lanes as an hov without using the device. the bill will be heard in its first committee on thursday. how good is the medical care given to our veterans? >> tonight investigation into problems at some va hospitals that vets say puts their health at risk.
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. dozens of whistle-blowers are coming forward alleging widespread problems within inside the va medical center pitting veterans at risk. twin federal investigation are investigation from scripps washington buueau. >> correspondent mark greenblat has uncovered evidence of serious conflicts of interest involving least ship and has the latest from washington. >> i've been going to the va hospital for a good 3 years. eporter: told dickey has long counted on the va in cincinnati for all of his care. >> i have a rapport with a lot of people at the va hospital. >>reporter: but when he needed his seconn hip replacement, the va didn't have a surgeon and referred him outside. >> their way of running the hospital is not doing the surgery and farming it out. >>reporter: 34 whistle-blowers in all including 18 doctors say veterans are getting shortchanged even put at risk.
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devastated and incapable of carrying out their necessary functions. >>reporter: long time surgeon richard friberg joins other whistle-blowers who say many problems began when acting chief of staff barbara to neck came onboard 2.5 years ago and went ight to work cutting corners. >> there's unresttthroughout the hospital. >>reporter: he says she got rid of every specialist in total joint replacements and the va confirms it's now left with just an orthopedic surgeon who can perform noncomplex knee replacements. no one here can do shoulders or hips. >> she pushed them out. they have all left. >>reporter: friberg still volunteers at the va. >> i've seen surgical instruments that once we open that sterile pack they will have pieces of bone or other still on the instrumentation. >>reporter: mike brooks is a
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work as a nurse an necessary think fifth since 2008 he and others have seen proolems. >> it's the microscopic things we can't see that's the potential infect u.s. problem for that poor patient on the table. >>reporter: in fact we found under her tenure the rate of drug resistant mrsa infections has increased substantially turning cincinnati into one of the worst performing va hospitals in the nation. >> nurses and technicians will come to me and say you know i just feel terrible about this. they will fill out the proper forms to get things corrected, but the forms don't seem to go >>reporter: whistle blowers criticize her cost cutting concerns about her pay. >> it's certainly common knowledge at the hospital that she's gaming the system. >>reporter: she earns $137,000
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but she's also paid as a cardiothoracic surgeon getting 194,000 in pay for that. but what'' at issue? >> she's in the room when surgeries happen, but i can't a scalpel. >>reporter: multippe sources tell us she serves only as an assistant an has never worked -`as the operating surgeon since arriving in cincinnati who oversees her? at a regional l that would ricc. turns out let rick an tell me he can go back a decade. she wrote a prescription for generic form of val you in 2012 for let rick's wife. in may of 20138,8 weeks before she landed the cincinnati job she gave mrs. let trick another prescription for 100 pills of classified as a controlled substance by the dea. each time tell me he can used her authorities from an address
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the problem illinois regulators say her controlled substance license expired back in 2011. >> was the person allowed to receive the prescription? from what i can gather they were not. >>reporter: representative jeff miller of florida chairs the house committee on veterans affairs. >> i believe that it needs to be fully investigated. >> i'm with description news we'vv trying to talk to you. >>reporter: she declined repartyed interview requests. >> we understand you've writtee controlled substances for jack let trick's wife. can you tell us why you did that? >>reporter: when when we out asked let rick about the prescriptions he walked out of an interview. days after we met with officials at va headquarters, the agency launched an internal investigation and called for a second inspector general investigation. the va also removed lettrick from all oversight of the cincinnaai hospital pending the outcome of those investigations.
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washington. >> more than a million dollars extent by denver police on public relations. tonight denver 7 is investigating that spending. police administrators say they realize ttey weren't communicating with the public well enough and so they set out `o changg that and spent a lot of public money in the process. hiring a social media and video team buying top of the line camera and editinggequipment and spending money designated for police training and equipment on emmy awards. ttnight denver 7 is asking whether the spending is worth it. >> 2460 bucks for emmy nominations has nothing to do with training police officers and it has nothing to do with equipment. >> okay so john devil rays -- >> wouldn't you agree? >> i'm telling you as a board we believe it fits under the category it may have been labeled as that but that's how we feel and i still support that. >> coming up on denver 7 at 10:00 we have much more from denver police as we ask them about where that money came from. >> right now the city of lafayette is deciding if it should double the number of pot
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there's only one right now. under city rules the dispensaries can only be in the city's green zone far way from schools. for those of you who go to csu football games starting next season you'll be able to games. up until now only 3-.2 beer ssles have than allowed. county commissioners approved a full liquor license or tte stadium this this morning. students say they are respoosible to handle this change. >> you enjoy the sports atmosphere you are going to drink the beer drink it to have fun but you're not going to excess sir hi drink to get plastered. >> the substance abuse prevention experts are not too concerned. they say preventing binge drinking among college age kick off on salt. beautiful day and beautiful as many colorado candy this coming from larry pierce in the steamboat area looking out over the flat tops very nice.
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schafer up at loveland ski a. they picked up powder in the last couple of days they have had 220 inches of snow so far for the season. but right now in denvee our skies are mostly clear it's 53. 46 degrees at dia. the humidity at 50%. the winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. the numbers for today top temperature was 59. 28 way the low. normals are 46 and 19. extremes. from 53 at city park 51 some 40s up into the mountains. across the state temperatures are pretty comfortable around the nation the cold air is to the north and east of us and that's where most of the weather systems have been. they have had snow and some thunderstorm ctivity across portions of the ohio valleyy tennessee valley we have a warm front coming through for us and that means warmer temperatures heading in to tomorrow and thursday. `onight the lows will be a little chilly in the mountains but not bad generally in the teens.
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front range across the eastern plains and then for tomorrow really warm weather especially south and east with 70s pueblo lamar down to springfield. 65 in denver. 40s expected in the mountains across the front range onight. lighter winds we've had in recent nights. for tomorrow beaatiful day with a high temperature of 65 warm and dry. the air quality might be a bit sketch when the leighty winds. looking ahead temperatures even warmer on thursday with 70 degrees. that will be one shy of tying the record set in 1930. slightly cooler weather on friday. mountains might have a couple of rain or snow showers. weekend looks pretty good. dry saturday and pretty mild a little cooler weather for sunday with a minor storm coming through perhaps a few inches of snow in the mountains down here we might have a would be about it. basically it's a quiet weather pattern at least for the next thrre days a really nice one. >> take it. -`>> we have to not a lot of choice.
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>> it's given to us and we'll accept it with big smiles. >> the volunteers denver 7 u.s. bank are honoring a couple you may have seen or your last trip to the denver zoo. brendan and pete's hair spend a lot of time at the pip 0 pot must exhibit they answer questions about the animals. coming dark. >> everyone's in a while i have to remember that i'm really helping somebody because i have so much fun. like the hip pot must exhibit. to thank them for their hard work u.s. bank gave the hairs 100-dollar gift card you can learn about the hairs community section of our denver web page. >> kids like to take pictures by the hippo. >> they do. >> everything owned is new again. the hockey team with nice
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welcome to 7 sports extra the broncos world champion world store stopped at nfl network. aqib talib showing off his $80,000 watch right there. they asked him what free agents do the broncos have to keep and herr's talib. >> maalik is crucial. dany tray is crucial. b. marsh is crucial. may be, depending on what peyton does brock is crucial. it's a bunch of guys man. i'm glad i get to sit here with y'all i don't have to sweat in that office to figure that out.
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open today with the broncos seats expected to tag vaughn miller. the one year tag is 4.1 million. if they can work out a deal click and taking brock osweiler his taking will be 19.81 million. fantastic sparkling jacket this thing has a life of its own. we found out today it cost $1,300 custom made tmz sports showed us the details. vaughn's personal stylist, design archon chon doctor fher area. design it in two days. du goong old school for this weekend's battle on blake sweet throw backs from the early 50s. saturday night du will battle cc at coors ield under lights. coach montgomery excited to tap into the tradition. >> it's a way for us to remember the great players of
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>> i love the old school look the old trademark denver with the cream. i think it's awesome. >> have to get plea one of those. start of the game but it's going to be a beautiful couple of weeks at cools feelsfield. >> i think the jacket that's what ou should get vaughn miller jacket. >> the $80,000 watch. >> put in together and get one. >> for the record this is my watch right here.
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. get ready, the list starts now. you can look young again. our list of tasty foods that will help stop the clock. >> that's so good. >> and secrets to racking up air miles without
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plus, how to trick yourself into eating healthy and still enjoy the foods you love. welcome to the show, i'm theresa strasser. >> and i'm donna ruko. the three stories at the top of the list. here's bradley. >> thanks. manicured nails, ridiculous hairstyles, no, not the grammys, the westminster dog show, that's number three. >> you get here and you win, it's like nothing else in the world. >> it's the night every pup grows up dreaming about. in the life of a dog, it's the world series and super bowl and the miss america pageant combined. the best in show is crowned at the westminster dog show. >> will it be the 4-year-old german shepherd, the bulldog, the don't stop believing. >> there you go. >> we are panting in anticipation.
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and this is no rumor. a baby in minnesota is delivered in subzero temperatures, that's number two. >> i got up about 5:30, and i said i think i'm in labor. >> sounds like a pretty normal labor story for parents. >> i was like, try not to push, try no to the push. >> no, stop, we're having a child right here. >> they pulled over and they had to deliver the baby them self. >> i was holding the phone on my shoulder, and trying to deliver a child, with one hand. >> why was he delivering his little girl with one hand, because he only has one hand. if that doesn't give you the chills, this will. >> it was 28 blow zero. >> 28 blow zero. thanks fully, ben stayed calm and didn't freeze up, because i'm freezing just thinking about it. the baby girl is happy, most importantly, warm. >> now for the mother of one


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