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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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video we took today. the fire burned near highway 148. they shut down the road for firefighters toco their jobs. the -- to do their jobs and they can't help these things from happening. >> and the wins right now, we ask that people -- and sparks or flames. >> reporter: there were about 60 firefighters out here today is. the fire was out by 2:00. they don't have a cause yet, % but firefighters will be investigating the next few days. this warm weather has been nice. it's time we get moisture. >> and is there any rain or snow? >> a little bit and not a lot. it's coming later in the weekend. the winds havv lightened up a bit ann temperatures are mild across the state. and we're in the mid-60s today. and as warm as the low 70s for southeastern colorado. we'll talk about the 148 miles
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and the national weather it's considered accurate on monarch pass last night when the storm jet stream went over there. that is in the center part of the state and the winds there were amazing. they blew the wind gauge way, fortunately. and they're called for the weekend and there is some -- [ indiscernible ] for the forecast for next week. a plan tt steal michelle wilkins' new born baby. >> the defense rested the case this morning. they were calling a single witness. brenda is following the trial today. >> and this happened after the court heard a chilly confession from her. reporter: she couldn't find back the tears. this is the first time the jury heard from lane from aaroaring -`taken after when she first spoke on the day the attack happened. i spoke to an attorney who said he's not surpriied the defense did not have anything to say after a testimony like this one. [ indiscernible ] she wiped the
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lessened to the tape the prosecutors made in court of the interview with police. she originally claimed self- defense saying that wilkins lled a knife on her. >> and seemed live every time i would -- and she would -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporrer: prosecutors are -`going to argue this claim of self-defense is manipulative. >> reporter: the attorney said lane's testimony is key for prosecutors and is not surprised her attorneys chose not to call anyone to the stand. >> it's not up to the defense to disprove any. >> reporter: he thinks the closing argument will be key for the defense. >> the defense is going to be asking a jury to indmis lane guilty. %- they're going to ask her to be found guilty of something less than what the prosecution is %- charged. >> reporter: and having the
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she took the baby from wilkins' womb. >> i -- i didn't want the baby to die, too -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that is what prosecutors want. >> and it was strategic and calculated to have the jury leave for the weekend with that on their blind. >> reporter: attorneys are set to give closing arguments on monday. the case could be handed to the jury to decide some time that day. at 6, the family of the man killed in this crash wants answers tonight. travis wood died when his car was hit by westminster police car. and that officer was on the way to the call. the department said he had the lights and sirens on. the family wants to know what really happened. >> we have a son that has special needs. he needs his dad and now if that s gone -- i can't take him back and i can't -- he
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don't know how to be strong and be mom and dad for him. >> wood was 24 years old and had welcomed a son into the world two months ago. coming up at 10, we'll have more from his family as the crash is investigated. a surggcal tech who is accused of putting thousands of lives at risk is a free man tonight. rocky allen is accused of swwpping out syringes with pain killers meant for patients. 3 liz hernandez is in federal court today. specific rules? >> reporter: he has o move into a halfway house, submit to drug testing, give up the passport and find the job and not at a medical center, 3 veterinary or pharmaceutical business. he lost his job last month after entering the operating room he was not assigned to and allegedly stole a syringe of fentanology. she thinks he did the same thing four days prior but had
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he worked at four other hospitals, two in arizona, one in california, and one in washington. he was terminated from the arizona and california hospitals for diverting drugs or failing drug tests. his employment at northwest hospital washington is still under investigation. d prosecutor describes allen as a drug addict who poses a risk because he was caught scrounging aroond in a sharp's container with used needlee. the defense attorney said the client is a navy veteran who helped take care of patients injured in combat 12 hours a day, seven days a week and that some people grabbed his arm and pleaded with him to save their lives. live in englewood, lapse hernandez, denver 7. >> thank you. and pot grown by two colorado companies is a public safety risk because of the pesticides used during the growing process. and right now, the plants are on hold and they can't be sold and it's not clear how many
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>> a scooter that couldn't go fast is run over by a semi in loveland killing the rider. both drivers were waiting to turn and that semi went too fast hitting the schooler. -- scooter. no one has been arrested. a reminder to move over after a close call with a state trooper in eagle county. the back of the cruiser here is smashed in. the trooper was helping with another crash when he was hit by a silver truck. he was inssde the car so he was injured but we don't know how bad. and there is a new twist in a heavily publicized castle rock murder. and tony has more. >> reporter: at 10, we'll take you inside a document that is raising a lot of questions with the murder of kirsten locket. the mother of 6 was hiding out for days after telling police her husband brutally attacked her. the police all over the state looked for hhm, but authorities say that he found her first. now, we have learned that a
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critical mistake during the search. according to his document, he then tried to cover it up. >> and i should have been able to trust him. >> wore asking the lincoln county sheriff about what happened. we invite you to join us on denver 7 as we investigate at 10. ann? >> thank you, tony. the president and first lady among those to pay the respects to supreme court justice scalia today. the cas get was -- casket was placed in the gray hall ahead of the funeral tomorrrw. all week, flags have been flying at half-staff in his honor and will return to full staff on sunday. and campaigning for hillary clinton and shelby continued her time and -- this week, bill clinton had two events in pueblo and colorado springs. and there is still space available. a denver realtor crimps every time his phone -- cringes every time his phone rings.
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>> and what you need to know if your car is damaged runningg over potholes. >> and one little girl battling 3 cancer surprised many witt her
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... national guard... million children... the presidency is the toughest
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and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. . you can start driving through glennwood canyon. the work continued to try and clear the rock slide that happened earlier this week. we expect another update and if you must get to glennwood canyon for the weekend, the amtrak train is still running from denver. all of our temperature changes have potholes popping up everywhere. one of the worst areas is in highlandssranch. douglas county crews have been out making temporary fixes. highlands ranch peerless tires manager and he said he had a lot of customers is come
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tires adds up. on average,,if we have to replace one tire, we're looking at 4, $500. >> and we checked, douglaa county spends $651,000 to patch holes every year. denver spends $2.8 million. and both jefferson and arapahoe county ssend $450,000 a year. and a promise to help you get rid of your timeshare and it looks legit with a denver realtor's name and all. don't fall for it. denver 7s kristen skovira has more. % he's a victim as well. >> reporter: he's been a licensed realtor for eight years. he's trying to clear his name and warn others about a timeshare scam. he started getting angry calls from people he didn't know starting in the fall of 2014. >> the call starts the same way. you're dan nelson? they're saying this with shocc -`in their voice knowing the person on the other end of the line is not the person they have been speaking with. >> reporter: that man, the one they have been speaking w is not dan nelson.
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he's an identity thief located overseas. >> he represented buyers that didnnt speak english. >> reporter: the timeshare owner -- [ indiscernible ] and the company called -- people to this website. the address, 1450 glennwood place in ddnver is the address to the crown plaza downtown. >> the first five or so phone calls i received were from people who have said i have been contacted by a scammer who knew it was a scam. >> reporter: joe with he better businees bureau said that -- hassan f rating. he's not registered with the state. >> in this situation, it is a real person and a real real estate license. unfortunately, someone is using that for bad. >> reporter: recently, the situation went from bad to worse and a womannin new york fell for the scam. >> i think timeshare owners, unfortunateey, are easy targets because the majority of people buying the timessare end up
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they want a way out of it. >> he's gotten at least a dozen calls from people angry with him and the woman in new york is out 3 grand. the calls are still coming and -`property owners are targeted places on the website like >> thank you. and a request for more money to finish the stadium project at cu. the project to expand the center is $24 million over budget n.2049, when first -`approved -- it could be done for $142 million. this is the thirddtime they needed more money and they say 3 this is the last request. >> and the liquidation sale has begun in downtown denver. we told you that three sports authority stores are closing down and prices could be up to 70% off. and a girl got help today in highlands ranch she is
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a wish foundation and is raising it not for heeself but for other kids. students at mountain vista high school pitched in to help her raise some of the money. with it, she'll donate stuffed bears to other children and her dad is in awe oo her decision. >> and week be more proud of her and after everyyhing she's been through to have a great attitude and great smile aad continue to peesevere, we're proud of her. >> and studented raised money by sslling shirts and special passes to school events. and it may feel nice. we each have a team benefiting in the special olympics colorado. go to join my team denver 7 or join lisa's team. we'll see the plunge at the aurora reservoir tomorrow and denver zoo next weekend. come join us. >> we have a great sunset in denver tonight. 3 i saved a couple of nice shots
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moments ago ann this is in the south, and -- try that a couple of times fast and gett more fire in the sky and beautiful at rocky ford and this is a great shot here south and east of pueblo. for denver, temperatures remmmber warm, 64 degrees was the high tomorrow here and the state's high in pueblo at 71 degrees and way above he average this time of the year and that score is above the normallof 47. 33 the low and 20 is the normal low and the records are 71. and right now, mostly clear and 57, 52 at the airport; 35% humidity and winds from the north at 6 miles an hour and the high is south of us. the storm is gone to the east.
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coming in tomorrow to keep us quiet and pleasant. and the next will spread on suuday and some light snows in montana, idaho and rain and storm nd rain showers into the gulf coaat and miisissippi. and a few high clouds. tonight, the low temperatures are cold as 6 above and gunnison; 13 -- [ indiscernible ] mostly 20s in the mountains and 30s. tomorrow, another warm day. just about as nice as today and not as windy. 62 in denver. and upper 60s in southeast colorado and this it s, 40s in the mountains. front range numbers look nice the low 60s. and for tonight, 34 degrees. lighter winds. tomorrow, the high temperature is expected to be in the low 60s. and the remotely sunnn sky and that won't be the best day out of that and if you like wild and dry weather.
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-- the clouds here and there is a chance of light now in the denver area and that is awhile. the cold of the day and facilitated by a gradual trend toward temperatures next wednesday aad friday and makingtra trans-- that transition from high school is challenging and it's harder when you're the first one to do it in your family. kristen skovira interviews us to a businesssan. >> reporter: students are taking the first steps towards college and that i still have a lot of questions. >> and so, my experience into college. >> reporter: that is where they can help. chris volunteered for the summer bridge mentoring program designed to help high school graduates transition from high school to college uccessfully. >> summer bridge programs deeigned for students who have %- not had anyone else go to college ahead of them.
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>> and that is a great opportunity for students to get connected with people who went through that process. >> reporter: he is attending cool think now and said that having a mentor like chris made the difference. >> and he gave us pointers to go to college and how to get connected and be a uccessful student. >> and not help them wonder when they're going to have time to sleep or eat and anything but go to study and class. >> reporter: today, he thanked chris for the his time by surprising him with a $500 gift card anddhe said seeing jose in %- college is all of the thanks he needs. >> and that ii i great place to start. % >> and just look for the link for this story in the community section on the and he's getting busy. >> and it's friday.
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the battle on blake and both teams reprayyr -- preparing to take the force fie the difference between it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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give us a plan. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president?
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and i approve this message. . history said to be made saturday. i'm jamar webster. in the long-storied history, 66 years, in fact, between denver and colorado college, they have never played outdoors until tomorrow. in the battle of blink, the prelude to the avs and red wings stadium series. the piles and tigers got a chance to practice on the fresh sheet of ice this afternoon. the teams couldn't be more excited. a win saturday and the pioneers
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>> and time to have some fun. like the hooting and hollering and they're like kids, like kindergarten kids today. `t's been awesome to be in the rockies locker room on the field and see the ice. >> reporter: lacrosse continues their early season tournaments late. the cobb county classic in georgia against number three duke saturday. last week, past air force lane -`and this weekend, meeting two of the last three national champions. [ indiscernible ] youuin the back and they're going to have a great season. if we don't, then -- and what happens, they highlight the things you that need to improve %- on for the next time you see him. >> reporter: baseball is back. almost. and today, the rockies with their first pitchers and catchers working out after a spring training facility in % scottsdale, arizona and this
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and thursday is the first full team workout. march 2nd, the rocks open against the d'backs. >> and you promised -- . >> the weather. >> you promised. >> there you go. >> and -- [ ndiscernible ] >> exactly. >> explain what you're going to do? 3 >> this will be good. >> baseball weather. >> and this is going to be so great what he's going o do at 10:00. >> yeah. >> and he's going to be -- .
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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welcome to your weekend. "the list" starts now. >> netflix and chili. three tasty recipes inspired by your favorite shows. >> boom. it bites you back. >> self-talking office chairs
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work adds up. >> and shelling out big bucks for justin timberlake's unfinished french toast. superfans will buy the weirdest celebrity memorabilia. >> this is not a proud moment for humanity. >> hello. welcome to the show. i'm teresa strasser. >> i'm donna ruko. let's start by counting down the three stories at the top of the list. >> in our newsroom, here's bradley hasemeyer. >> when you've had a bad day there's the usual ways to burn off stress like running or yoga. prepare yourself for a smashing new alternative at number three. >> three, two, one. >> like most people shawn baker had stress issues when she was laid off. >> i would cry, scream. >> her solution? she created world of tantrums in houston. their motto, relaxation after devastation. the rooms are filled with weapons of destruction. >> sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, lead pipes.
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big rob to unleash his fury. >> i feel good. >> yeah, letting off some steam by destroying trash and donated props, awesome. tantrums is definitely a creative way to make you feel like you are taking back control of your life. now you can take control of your office chair as well. that's number two. self-parking cars, pretty cool. but nissan came up with something way more useful. an office chair that puts itself back under a desk at the sound of a clap. this cutting edge technology seems vaguely familiar. clap on clap off >> oh, right, the '80s. either way these intelligent parking chairs are taking lazy to a whole new level. they have motors and wheels in the base that sync with cameras placed in are a room. when somebody claps, the chair navigates its way back to the


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