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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. she lost over half of the blood in her body. you can't take a baby from somebody, rip it out of their abdomen without trying to kill that person. let's get straight to breaking news in that trial of that woman attacking that pregnant mom and trying to steal her baby from her womb.
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watts has been coreying the case since the very going. lindsay what's the latest? >> reporter: i just ran out of the courtroom. closing arguments finished up about 10 minutes ago. dynel lane's team stuck with their strategy to try to get the jury to not convict her for murder. that shi should convict her of attempted manslaughter. >> the facts are obvious. her intent is obvious. when you look at all of the evidence, all the testimony, it proves to you beyond a reasonable doubt that everything happened on the part of the defendant to get a baby. . >> why would she do this in her
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why? because it was a hasty, impulsive and reckless act. >> reporter: dynel lane could spend the rest of her life in her expression really didn't change as he listened to closing arguments for some parts she was looking down. michelle wilkins was in court surrounded by most of her family. she hadn't been in court the entire time, she went to lane's apartment responding to a craig's list ad and then brutally attacked. lane was trying to convince her common law husband she was pregnant. her attorneys insisted that lane never planned or prepared
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-`lured her to her basement, attacked her and then spent hours cleaning up as wilkins lay dying. they took the baby to the hospital wheee wilkins later showed up. this case is now in the hands of jurors. -` the standoff in rapahoe county now over and the suspect that was hold up inside the house, debt. it happened right near east hamilton avenue and himalaya. jayson gruenauer has been out there all morning. >> reporter: yeah, they were responding to a call of a potentially suicidal person. that is right off of east hampden place. originally when deputies showed up on seen they were actually fired upon by that suspect.
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another shht was then fired. they had to ulllback, swat was called in anddit got very intense this morning as s.w.a.t. teams shot in gas canisters similar to pepper spray. they used a robot to go in and see what was going on. when the s.w.a.t. team eventtally entered the house at 7:45 he was found inside the home dead. they still have the street closed. the good news was that no one was hurt. everything seems to be back to normal outside of that one house. all the roads in the area are now open and back to normal. jayson gruenauer, denver 7. a search is over for a fugitive look out for a man in loveland.
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backyard in and rv. hope crowd enjoyed the temperatures because snow s on the waa. lisa, we could start off seeing this tonight? >> it could start off with rain tonight and then turn over to snow in the morning. it's frustrating to think we may have a frustrating drive tomorrow morning, but this is a much needed good thing. a beautiful look downtown 45 right now. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be in the mid to upper 40s for lunch. this view from our vieira collins. most neighborhoods in and around denver will be about 48250-degrees. 20s and 30s for the mountains this afternoon.. statewide mid 40s, close to 50 out west. we have been watching and tracking some of the know
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you will find a few light snow showers moving through. % i'm going to get you through this hour-by-hour and the snow totals coming up in a few minutes. we have details on the kalamazoo rampage as the suspect goes to court today. >> jayson brian dalton faces six murder charges. prosecutors say he was calm when he carried out these attacks. >> he did the shootings between plots. and hours in-between. >> there was a lot of blank stairs, nervous laughter. trying to figure out did this really happen.
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shooter, are you? and he kind of laughed and said no, i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> the uber company says he had passed a backcheck. a 14 year old girl declared dead did what police are calling a miracle as doctors prepared her body for organ donation the girl reportedly squeezed her mother's hand, so she is in extremely critical condition %- right now but still living. gunman adam lanza shot and killed children back in 2012. since the passing of the protection of lawful commerce and arms act nearly every lawsuit against gun makers has been dismissed. more than 100 colorado
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capitol this morning. they are speaking out against what they call dangerous bills. the women are part of a grrup called moms demand action for gun sense in america. rrght now a group of 4-h kids are reach forking a shooting lane. right now they rely on land owners for access. they are starting to form a rtnership to try to free up some public land just for firearms use. >> we used to shoot in indian creek on a 40-acre lot but it caused problems for people that lived in the area for the .22 noise. we'll be sure to let you know when the meetings are scheduled for public comments. people are looking for a suspect involved in a multicar
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hospital. including a child and a woman pregnant in her 20s. the cash shut down hampden right near buckley for a while. among the people involved in the crash, a woman nine months pregnant. >> it was upsettiig when i got the call and when i came over the hill here and i saw all the commotiin my heart you know -- i was pretty upset. >> the woman's father-in-law tells us she is okay. she was scheduled to be induced today in fact. police say the biggest challenge finding a witness not involved in the cash to help them piece together what happened. right now boulder county investigators are looking for a person that hit a bicyclist. this happened on highway 36 near left hasn't canyon drive
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the cyclist -- hand side canyon drive. cdot continues to work on i-70 and greenwood. traffic expert jayson luber is here to explain all of this to us. >> reporter: it is going to be a long detour and they are going to use daylight ours to get work done and get the rock down. %- the pilot car operations will have all lanes closed down between 9-4 and 1 lane open from 4:00 until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that car will allow you to -- it will escort you either going eastbound or westbound and it will be about an hour detour on the overnight hours, right now because of the interstate is shut down you have to use 131 up to steamboat to craig. right now the traffic looks
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about a three and a half to 4 hour detour rather than the 1 hour detour with the pilot car. three children were mauled by four great danee. michael saa was charged, and we also found he is on is sex offender list. riots in india causing millions to go without water. %
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unrest in india have leftt people with little to no water. this comes after demonstrators are fighting for jobs. india's troops have been called in on shoot orders to stop the protests. the tropical cyclone winston has caused at least 20 people to be killed.
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remote airs are shut out right now. cuba is putting 9,000 soldiers in place to try to keep the virus out of cuba. they haven't had any cases of zika yet but officials say they want to take precauses precautions. and the pope is calling for a moratorium on the death penalty through november. and the wife of comedian bill crosby must answer some questions under oath byygiving a deposition. her lawyers filed an emergency motion just last night saying she had no involvement with her testimony and her testimony would only harass and embarrass her.
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the singer kesha has gained some fighttagainst her producer lucas -- known as dr. luke in claims of sexual abuse against her. she has had help with powering in. dolls are blessed by a monk and given a birthday in thailand. >> he's with me 24 hours a day. sometimes he stays home with my mom. everyone thinks he is part of our family. he just sits besides me on my table. i just ask for an extra plate
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i don't go over the top. i just treat him like normal. >> some people say bringing the dolls out in public violates public space and some people say it frightens them. >> i fess if it is forgood fortune and it's working, whatever it takes -- if it's for good fortune. >> reporter: first alert weather tracking some increasing clouds today. we're expecting highs in the 50s but tomorrow in the 30s. at this point we're still calling about 2-4 inches of snow, lighter to the north and east of us, heavier to the south aad west. denver you can see some high clouds over downtown. dry conditions at this point
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our mountains are expecting highs in the 20s and 30s today. right now we have some spots in the teens and 20s. dillan 29. city park 47. fort collins 46. it's a pretty mild day and we're really close to normal in most cities this afternoon. `veryone right around 57. mid to upper 50s across eastern colorado and 30s and to 40s in the mountains. a nice start to the week. a in number of winter weather advisory in parts of jefferson county, along the palmer divide -`also up along 285, i-70 from genesee west
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through the san cristos, a winter storm warning. you will see that snow comes widespread from north to south. in denver we might see a few light rain showers hater today but mainly after tonight's commute and throughhthe evening that rain will turn over to all snow, so by about 2:00 in the morning, we will see decent snow falling. hire elevations, highlands ranch castle rock, heavier snow. so this clears out pretty quick, by 12:30 tomorrow we have clearing skies and partly cloudy tomorrow afternoon. likely what we get by tomorrow morning will melt by the afternoon. we are expectinn within the next few hours for the snow the
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the mountains a good 6-12 inches, here in ddnver 2-4 inches. sunshine in the afternoon, upper 30s on tuesday, then warming nice through the end of the week. 40s, 50s, by thursday and friday, highs in llw to mid 50s. saturday is still the warmest day on the forecast. 64 and sunshine while we will be out at the zoo. if you're going to jump into water that's about 37-degrees -- >> woo. >> wow. >> reporter: i knew i was going to get this reaction. peopleeask why a polar plunge? and we say well, some of these athletes have to over come
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this video was shared a lot over the weekend. it is called ice trackings the happening in brighton beach, minnesota. a local photographer shot this. the ice is pushed up against the lake as passed through. the ice breaks like glass pieces. one ennhusiastic cyclists decided to turn himself into a real michael anglo. he cycled over 3,000 miles
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masterpieces, drawing animals, queen e elizabeth and darth vader. and these guys are jumping off the rope into the boat. and even knows about grumpy cat. well now this one has 34,000 followers on twitter. her owner says she's not really grumpy, it's just her forward scowl. and this one is an older one, but for some reason it's making a comeback, this is some %
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here it comes, mitch. >> chicken techno yodeling. >> that's unusual. >> reporter: it's on my ipod. >> it would be on jayson's i pod. thank you. so what you were you doing in 1979? this week's seven every day hero was just starting volunteer. >> hi i'm beatrice -- at the american legion auxiliary. i came to the conclusion that if it wouldn't be for all those veterans no matter how they become veterans we wouldn't have a free country. >> reporter: at the age of 45, while still working full time, beatrice started volunteering at the hospital in denver.
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out hygiene kits. >> we give it to the newly admitted patients because some of them come in with no toiletries. >> she stand up for,"her" veterans. >> reporter: and she demands the very best from the other volunteers. >> where's your coin? >> reporter: she likes all coin. it reminds them that in 2014 a volunteer v.a. saved them $4 million. in fact the volunteers give 9 million hours every year and bee montoya is leadiig the way. >> a phone all from bee is distraction. >> reporter: how are you doing today? >> i'm very proud.
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>> reporter: look we brought all your friends here today. they're all here for you check this out denver 7 and trusted choice that's the independent insurance agents of colorado, together we would like to honor you as a seven every day hero for volunteering all these years. congratulations. >> she was more enthusiastic and the broncos jersey wasn't she than getting the award. >> click on our community section and you will see our 7 everyday heroes.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, the middle class
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the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. it's now 11:30 both sides have laid out their case in the trial of dynel lane. it's now in the hands of the jurors. >> lann is accused of attacking michelle wilkins and cutting the baby from her womb. >> reporter: mitch and kellie,
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closing arguments this morning is lane's attorney told the jury that they should convict lane but finn her guilty of manslaughter and not murder. it is squint withhthe overall defense strategy which would give lane tte least amount of prison time possible. she was emotionnlless, looked down at times. she could go to prison for the rest of her life. she is facing six felony charges including an unlawful termination of a pregnancy. she claims she never intended an attack on michelle wilkins.
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she told her common law husband she was pregnant. >> wilkins' testimony was heart wrenching of what she went through. a doctor testified she lost nearly half of her blood. again, this case is now in the hands of the jury. they could reach a verdict. more, we will let you know as soon as it happens and bring latest. county is now over. the suspect who was held up in that house is dead. >> this happened at himalaya and hampden. >> reporter: this started last light when deputies were called out for a welfare check of a possible suicidal person. when they got here they were fired upon. it didn't hit anyone. police say another shot was
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that's when the s.w.a.t. team was called in. eventually s.w.a.t. teams used gas canisters to fire into the home, a robot, and when they finally made entry around 7:45 this morning, they found that one suspect in the house and already dead. investigators are still on the scene. the arapahoe sheriff's vehicle is here. they are not identifying the suspeet yet. all the roads since have been reopened. i'm jayson gruenauer denver 7. let's talk about the snow moving in. >> reporter: so, my map didn't work last time. now we have it -- oh, really again? don't worry, we'll get. -- all right. today temperatures in the upper 40s to right around 50. a few more clouds by this
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seeing pleasant of mountain snow. at that point we'll see a few rain showers here in denver. by early tomorrow morning we're expecting some snow right in and around denver also across partssof northern and north eastern colorado. spots like fort collins and greeley 1-2 inches, this darker blue shade here, 2-4, and palmer divide around 4-8 inches. the snow will continue throughout the day and over a cristos. police need your help finding a sexual assault suspect. police say he sexually assaulted a woman after her car broke down in east parker. the suspect is described as a white fit man about 6'3" in his 20s. he was driving a white pickup truck with flood lights above the cab. 3
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during a welfare check in an apartment over on park avenue west. police took a man into custody. dennis simonton a gang member of a white supremacist gang is back behind bars. he and two other parolees -`escaped earlier this month. a national governors association winter meeting was he would last night. the governor participated in another conference discussing colorado priorities and issues affecting all people of colorado. democrats head to south carolina. over the weekend jeb bush sus %-
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disappointing caucus in south carolina. -- suspended hisscampaign. the colorado democcatic -`and republican caucuses will be speakers on local and national politics had a latino advocacy meeting. they are trying to attack especially the first time vote >> hey, [indiscernible] >> the best video of the day. she surprised all of us when she got bust to move. she's 106 years old and got to
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she visited the white house last week. this was after a petition was launched to get her an invitt to the white house. she even danced with the president and first lady michelle obama. >> i want to be like you when i'm your age. >> put on yourrdancing shoes. come on. [laughter] [indiscernible] >> we're so happy to have you here. look at those nails. >> that's awesome. just keep moving she says.. >> you know, that made the obama's day. she was so excited to meet them. well, colorado's furniture opaquing history in
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look at that nose to nose. even though furniture row had a great showwng and came in second, just lost by that much. >> i guess i'm going to have to watch the rest of that reel for the rest of my life. i've watched marc martin and they still show the highlight. the picture of that race is when you come in tunnel one and i feel like i'm going to have to see the same thing for a long time, so it hurts a little bit but still a lot to be proud of. >> they're using one of the backup cars. if they had finished way in the back, he wouldn't have thought anything of it. >> so close. turns out that a cup of coffee does more than wake you up in the morning. we'll tell you how it might be
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and how a son helped save his own father's life without even knowing it. >> reporttr: we have a beautiful day in store. temperatures near 50 this afternoon.
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welcome back, colorado has
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ttch giant zillow, it is now hiring 150 more people in the centennial office. mmst of the new jobs involve sales and support. drinking coffee could help cut developing a certain type of liver disease. two cups a day could cut your chance of alcohol related cirrhosis by 34%. alcoholism the second most common cause of the condition in the u.s. but they say that coffee will never balance it out for excess alcohol. 1,000 people took the battle of cliibing denver's tallest building. >> denver 7 proudly sponsored the fight for air campaign.
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and the top fisher maids it up in less than seven minutes. >> it's really challenging and using your lungs, so it definitely reminds you of not having the full function of your lungs. hey, look there there's lisa. >> reporter: there's me. >> we are still waiting on the final tally, but they're figuring they raised probably more than $350,000. >> just on that one event. really cool. everything burned, my lungs, my legs. >> i was going to say are you sore? >> i don't, but there are some people who do it multiple times in an hour i think the top was six rounds in an hour. >> is it small? >> it's a little small but i would really recommend that you dd it. >> reporter: first alert
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rain and snow showers starting to develop in the mountains, increasing cloud cover out across colorado. you will find sunshine dominates here in denver. we're at about 45-degrees. our high is 48. we areecoming off of a good, almost three weeks of temperatures above normal. tomorrow i think is what we are due for afterrbeing such a dry warm couple of weeks. from fort collins to castle rock you're going to ind a ry drive, by tomorrow that's going to get a lot icier with heavier snow over the mountain passes. upper 40 to near 50 across most of the north eastern corner f our state. tomorrow about 15-degrees cooler due to the storm rolling in.
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weather advisory -- winter weather advisories through the foothills so for folks in the palmer divide through the foothills you are in the 4-8 inches of snow. by about two or 3:00 it starts to push a little farther east, if you're in denver right now and you look off west you can already see the clouds starting to builds. we may see a few showers and that's going to roll over to snow by about 230 up along i-25 an even 76 like lick only looking at maybe one to 2 inches of snow, you may get an inch or half an inch melting on impact. the ground is pretty warm. by 1:00 in the afternoon the
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sunny afternoon after the snow. sunshine in the afternoon, a high of just 37 tomorrow. we don't staa cold for long. warm right back up in the 50s. saturday is still the warmest day on our forecast. 64-degrees. really pretty mild. by sunday into monday another shower that couud bring a few -`showers. but saturday looks great. >> we grilled this weekends. >> we cleaned off the grill and grilled this weekend. sooa dozen of passengers escaped a mega bus innillinois. the bus burst into flames creating a huge plume of smoke. >> when i heard the first boom
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couldn't hardly get out because it was full of black smoke and as i got down the highway the bus blew up again was fire everywhere. investigators still don't know what caused the blaze. and a father and son just got some clossr. when first responder came to a grocery store after getting a 911 call, he didn't realize that person he was helping was `is father. i took over cpr and the
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right and it was at that point that i realized it was dad. and let him take over. >> i can't express how much i appreciate it. doing much better. coming up after the break- in steady of hearing wedding
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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welcome back, a couple in boston certainly has a wedding day to remember after their car catches fire on their way to the ceremony. they decided to tie the knot after 30 years. >> the flames were going all over the flays. >> she reminded me. the rings, the rings, oh, they're still in the car. >> the crews were able to find the rings and the car and the
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a car bursts into namms and a dramatic rescue. a book came out of this car completely untouched. >> reporter: completely up in flames on the ridgeway exit off 385. >> i said we got to get this man out of this car. >> reporter: witnesses say the jeep was driviig eastbound on 385 when he was sideswiped pushing him down a hill and into this pole. flames. >> i tried to get water to it wouldn't burn him as bad. >> reporter: they tried to find a fireextinguisher.
11:54 am
completely trapped in the drivers seat because the steering wheel was pressed against him in the chest. >> reporter: moments later loud popping noises came from the car, a noise they say they won't forget. >> i said lord, please get the man out of here. >> reporter: he was taken to regional one in critical condition. and the only thing left was this bible on the passenger side completely untouched. >> it is pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: so today a pretty nice day, tomorrow, a little different. we'll start to see some accumulating snow moving into the mountains, timing wise, not
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commute, but heading back home tomorrow with sunshine. 50 today, 37 tomorrow. >> that's not too bad. >> reporter: no. bounce right back. thank you all for joining %- us today. >> enjoy that sunshine.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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if you think some dishes deserve a standing ovation, then join us because we're about to induct our favorites into "the chew's" hall of fame. it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being put to the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen with the hilarious anthony anderson and they're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. we're going for the gold right


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