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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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officer was shot in the foot. one of the suspects was taken into custody, another carjacked a woman and drove north. three blocks away is where another shooting took place and that suspect was killed. officer tony lopez junior was asked the chief about these recent shootings of police officers.>> i believe we will be okay and obviously these are very challenging and difficult times but everyone is putting their arms around each other ann were certainly committed to continuing to do what is best for the community. reporter: this is the jeep and i talked with the driver, she was told it has another bullet hole in theewindshield and some damage
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the side. this will last through the night, lowell is still closed for five blocks. in the last three months 11 officers have been shot. the last time an officer in denver was shot was in december. he was seriously injured during a traffic stop. this is where the officer was shot at 36 and lowell and was taken quickly to denver health.. how is that officer doing tonight? reporter: she is doing well, she is in fair condition, she was shot in her lower left leg and doctors are evaluating her trying to figure out there treatment options. we were alss here as the ambulance arrived, take a look.
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speed boulevard-- speer. they held up a sheet to try to shield her and the injury to her like is not life trip-- life-threatening. she has an outstanding record and has a lot of friends. it has been busy with officers coming in and out visiting yet another colleague shot in the line of duty. reporting live, jaclyn allen. >> lives,-- liz, this happened in a busy denver neighborhood. reporter: people rushed to take cover. and a lot of people just finished their lunch and heard multiple gunshots and saw a man walking down the street with a gun. police are still at the scene and investigators are here
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`ollecting evidence. listen to this video a witness took as they were arriving. >> [ sirens ] police responding. a witness says he heard the gunshots while eating at a nearby restaurant then walked outside as more police began to arrive. to witnesses desc witnesses describe a suspect going up to a car, pulling a woman out of the vehicle and taking off all while firing shots. they saw the person shooting that officers and witnesses describe what it was like when they realized what was happening. >> the customer was the one that told me was walking-- the gentleman was walking down the street. i noticed him as well and he was already poignantly out of the car with a gun. -- pulling a lady out of the car with a gun. reporter: no
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, that is where that woman was when she saw alllof this. very scary situation. >> the crime spree ended here at 36 and lowell. jennifer kovaleski is talking to witnesses who saw the ending of this afternoon. we are taking a close look at the mountains, this s from lloyd hill. et ready for it, the snow is heading this way. we are joined,-- stacy, when will we see this?>> slowly but surely. it has been showing up on the radar for a few hours but not making it to the ground, it has been so dry. we have the rain and snow along the i-25
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fill in through the metro area. you may run into pockets of it but check it outt into evergreen we have snow feeling and-- feeling in. when the snow will get heavy coming up. a fourth hospital is offering free tests to its patients. they accused dr. in-- has treated 500 patients on top of the 2900 patients at swedish medical center who were notified that they need to be tested for hiv and hepatitis. allen was out on bond and his order to live in a halfway house. lance hernandez has been in court all day and they've only taken a couple of breaks.
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judge a few questions, and both of them were answered at the bench with a microphone you didd so we don't know-- on mute so we don't know what they're talking about. prosecutors say she was leaving a desperate life, and had tricked her boyfriend into thinking she was pregnant. lane leeward michelle wilkins to her house and took her baby because of an ultimatum that she either prove she was pregnant are that her your daughters-- or that she and her daughters had to get out of the house. the prosecution claimed that wayne-- lane researched what she was going to do online. >> this is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. why would she take the time to search how to do a cesarean? what if it was an intentional and purposeful act on the dip-- on the part of the defendant to
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she is guilty of charges against her. reporter: michelle wilkins took the stand and told jurors that she went to lane's house after seeing a craigslist advertisement for maternity clothes. after she tried to leave lane attacked her and took her unborn child. lance hernandez. >> when the verdict is reached we will be-- we will be live streaming on our application. this man has been ticketed for owning dangerous dogs. 4 children were mauled by great danes on his property. all the hospital. as for the dogs they are at the humane society. the iron order motorcycle club is being asked to stay home.
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coliseum last month. each group blames the other for starting a fight. the event promoter once iron order-- once iron order to stay away from future events. 120 of the 192 bridges that needed repair have been fixed. a national report says colorado still has a ways to go and 500 bridges need repairs because they are structurally deficient. have structurally deficient or obsolete bridges are in southeastern colorado. >> the transportation builders association says colorado ranked 30th for number of structurally deficient bridges. they need critical safety repairs now. denver 7 continues to bring you all the developments right after the break. we are checking in with
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talking with witnesses shocked to see the shooting unfolded.
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pilot cars are helping traffic get through glenwood canyon. these boulders closed i-70 and are now out of the way. they will run through 9:00 tomorrow morning. if you're heading that way expect about one hour of delay. a national park should be the place to get away from it, right? we went to rocky mountain
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connection. reporter: we are at 10,500 feet. reporter: they are here from new york city to see this. >> this is good advertisement for the state. you get tt show everyone at home on your social media which brings people to your state. reporter: some people spend as much time on their phones as they do looking at the sites they came here for. >> i like to have good cell phone reception because i like to ssare things especially when i click a good photograph i like to share instantly. reporter: sharing images of the national parks may make it easier-- make it easier. which of the 410 national parks could use upgrades to wi-fi connectivity. it may put more parks on the get off. >> i don't have to post them
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i want to enjoy my time off the grid. >> when people are exploring places, safety is the conceen if you are disconnected from your cell phone. that's why a lot of people bring radios to call for help. >> you may have access or not so there need to be other tools you are taking with you in case there is an emergency. reporter: for those who want to disconnect not to worry there are plans to connect-- there are not plans to connect anytime soon giving you more time to look at the sites and not the device. mark boyle denver 7 the plan is to bring them to the developed portions of the national parks, it is unlikely we will ever have wi-fi in campgrounds or other remote areas. denver 7 is staying on top of news. to burglary suspects-- 2 burglary suspects ran from police with one suspect in the
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jennifer kovaleski spoke to people who sawwhow this ended. reporter: and 81-year-old woman was in her front yard and saw the whole thing. she saw five and saw the whole thing. she saw 5 cup cars chasing the stolen car down the street here at 36 and lowell. you can see the suspect's car on the sidewalk and t@ere are a handful of officers rocess-- processing the crime scene. two officers shot and killed the second suspect as he tried to run. the suspect carjacked the car after a burglary went bad and a female officer was shot in the foot. the 81-year-old describe the chaotic moment. >> they ran into that car, i heard about seven shots. reporter: it is not clear which suspect actually shot the
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crime scene tape up here and are processing the crime scene. officers have been out here for more than 4 hours. reporting live, jennifer kovaleski. >> here's one last look at what we know. it started about 1:30 with a home burglary. the suspects took off shooting a police twice aad then stealing a car and the second shooting, one of the suspects was killed and another officer injured. she is in the hospital and expected to recover. slowly but surely we are getting some 3 rain and snowfall moving into the metro area. on lookout mountain we have wet roads but this is what we will exxerience as we go hrough the rest of the storm system. it is going to be more like a springtime storm, it has been so warm that a lot will melt so
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will be light in some areas especially here around the denver metro area. in denver we've seen a little bit of rain and snow coming down in pockets. it showed up on the radar but has taken a while for it to saturate the atmosphere and come all the way down to the ground. it will change to snow in many areas but looks like it could be a slippery commute early tomorrow morning. the snowfall will cover everything but the temperatures are feeling pretty cool. 43 degrees outside and highs for today were not bad. at this is where we should be for this time of year, temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in february. tomorrow they will only be in % the 30s as we get the snow moving through. along the i-25 corridor and often done here in the higher elevations-- and often done
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these right up to the foothills so keep that in mind, the rain and snow mix toward pablo and colorado springs and rainfall out toward the junta-- la junta. we have a rain and snow mix around grand junction. as it goes across the mountains and front range we will get 5- 10 inches near steamboat, 6-12 to the south and 2-5 in denver. 4-8 at the foothills and right around one or 2 inches for the eastern plains. it will be light as we go into the overnight areas we will have more moisture than it pushes out of the way pretty quickly. on the future cast we have the moosture coming in and he will push to the south pretty quickly and clears out as we go through tomorrow into the afternoon and evening. tonight temperatures will be in
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back into only the 30s for cool in denver, 37 degrees. the snow in the morning and clearing out as we go into the afternoon, it looks like it will improve rather quickly, temperatures in the low-50s, 60s on saturday and 68 on monday afternoon with partly cloudy skies. not bad at all. this month, denver 7 and u.s. bank are honoring some of the best volunteers in colorado. sometimes the hardest question is what to call them.>> a puppy raiser. >> this is someone who we have honored here, a retiree who finds a new purpose in training therapy dogs. for everything that she has done you can see that she is making a difference. what adorable puppies.
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train service dogs.>> that is impressive. >> anyone who takes care of our animals is. the csu women's basketball the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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welcome to 7 sports extra. we have one of the hottest basketball teams in the nation. they have a record 21 game when next week-- when streak. we're talking to jamie patrick
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and how she found out that they were ranked. >> my family talk. they say congratulations and i was pumped. we haven't team group chat so i did the little clapping emerging -- emoji and said let's do it. a former first-round pick of the browns, they are going to start contract talks with brock osweiler this week. still cannot finish the results of the daytona 500. all the way to the finish line, he got second by 4 inches. we caught up with the chief today in stapleton. it will be a good year. >> after all the hard work, for
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of hard work, it will make it better to keep everyone's energy going up as we go forward into atlanta.>> it has been great, i really think we could win a lot of races. the avalanche tweeted this video, he is putting on the old sweater today ready to roll against the red wings.>> it still fix. >> he is ready to go. >> that will be soofun. we
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you are hired. >> stand out from the crowd. three easy ways to nail that job interview. >> common ways to stab tauj your own success. >> and how your smart phone could be destroying your
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>> hello, and welcome to the show. i'm theresa. >> and i'm donna. >> in our newsroom here isbradley. >> if you love games, we've got one for you, you probably never heard of. grab your snowmobile keys and let's go at number three. >> you have to try it once and you'll get addicted to. >> what you get addicted to is snowmobile softball. those who love to combine dangerous machines and college intramural. >> what could possibly go wrong with that scenario. >> get stuck in the snowmobile. >> there was a day-long tournament in wisconsin, and based on how fun this looks, we're guessing it won't be long until they're playing it in every cold weather state. >> it's awesome. >> just don't bang up your body, or more importantly, sled. >> some have $10,000 sleds out here.
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>> enjoy winter a little bit. >> from a sport that will make your toes cold to a video that will warm your heart at number two. >> i didn't expect to be a single dad and moving back in with my parents. >> we all know life can throw us a curveball or two. >> i didn't think love would be possible for me. >> jessica was eight months pregnant when her husband was killed in afghanistan. and marcus was a single father of two. their love story keeps hope alive. and internet viewers buying bulk kleenex at costco. >> mark is such an amaze ing father. >> she makes me a better person. >> they met in kindergarten but lost touch over the years. now the single parents have reconnected and love has started to blossom. the only thing missing, a proposal. >> my best friend. i want nothing more than for you to marry me. >> oh, there it is. no surprise the sweet new video from extra gum already has more


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