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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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have a great tuesday. , 4:30. 3 while you were sleeping snow came doww across the region. our weather tracker daryl orr is driving through the elements now. down. >> our team is spread out across the reason. >> we're going to start with dayle cedars. >> reporter: we found about 5.5 black hawk. down. it's light right now. i have to tell you as we were heading up here the roads were really, really difficult. here in black hawk you can see
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look at the snow that we're talking about. 5.5inches fell and once this really started falling last night, this came down the western edge of the foothills really picked up decent snow. there were reports of 6 inches, by 10:00 last night and the snow kept falling overnight. the biggest concern is a lot of people will think the roads aren't that bad, but farther west they aae very slick. we saw a lot of accidents and cars spun off. we're going to head up into nedderland and show you what you can see farther to the north. now we're live in blackhawk. back to you guys. >> they got good snow there. >> looks gorgeous out there. how we were expecting this to roll through, pretty fast. it's starting to simmer down now.
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>> will clear out this afternoon. >> you learned in meteorology school. >> on page 45. it's that l around denver we talked about yesterday where ww're getting the heaviest snow, up and through boulder, jefferson county, south and through douglas county. here in denver radar starting to clear up. light snow will continue the next couple of hours in a few of these spots before it clears out by it looks like early to mid-morning. nedderland, allenspark coming in. these numbers were at about 10:00, 10:30 last night so we'll likely see these numbers go up. dayle cedars is attblackhawk where they're about 5.5 inches. so we'll have to tweak our numbers. below freezing. upper 20s, low 30s, light snow early on. little to any additional accumulation around town. by noon clearing skies.
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and our highs today upper 30s to low 40s, depending where you are. closer to say greeley, fort collins, they're going to be in the low to mid-40s this afternoon. touch cooler from denver south. not a lot of snow and roads in town mainly wet. >> especially in the core of denver, wet roadways. there are places to the west side where daryl orr is now where we do see snow covered and snow packee roads. looks like you're out to the west side by green mountain. >> reporter: yeah, jayson. we're on c-470 south of i-70. the conditions out here are very treacherous. the ground has been very warm from the 70-degree temperatures we'd earlier this -- we had earlier this week. snow stuck to the road a little bit and melted and it's turned to a slushy very slippery condition out here. we're in a 4 by 4 and we've been sliding around. the higher the altitude, the more you get into the foothills the more dangerous it is.
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direction to the west this very dangerous. we've seen numerous accidents. now they're cleaning up an accident where a vehicle is off i-70. little bit of caution this morning and a little bit later on i think you'll need washer fluid, because this stuff is really getting splash back from other vehicles onto your windshield. jayson. >> here on the west side of town, you can see we have a couple of accidents like tte one daryl jjst talked about along i-70. one c-470 by ken caryl, i-70 to the west and east near e-470. you can see it here at i-70 and c-470. slick conditions and plows are out and they'll go in tandem like that. they'll halt traffic as they clear the roadways, concentrating to the west. been about three weeks
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foot at dia. >> this storm won't be as bad, but could cause problems, so we're going to check in with jason gruenauer in golden. >> reporter: we are here in golden along 6th avenue. a very fine light snow is falling here. i'm glad i'm not the only one that has to work this early. they're here clearing out the parking lots and things like that. we are here, we got about 3 to 4 inches, depending where you're standing here. this is a bush, that's why. good 3 inches of snow on there. we're along 6th, you can see one of the plows heading out here. the road from here it looks dark, so it doesn't look like it's that big of a problem. once the lights shine on it, it's a little bit snow packed. our drive from down denver, roads got wet, slushy, then snow pack. depending where you are, we can
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courthouse in the distance, near c-470, 70 and 6th, and driving on all those roads there will be snow pack. this morning. not a huge total. you won't be driving through snow banks and things like that, but it's slick. our drive out here, just take it slow, that's what we saw people. when you get into the intersections the snow can pack up to a few inches. just continues to fall, it's really light. the other problem is the wind. that just makes things really cold here for reporters standing out here. not too bad overall, but keep an eye out on the roads and driving conditions. now we're going to head to our other reporter, lindsay watts. >> reporter: we're here in aurora near parker road and quincy avenue. i'm glad we're nottseeiig that wind like where you are in golden. we're seeing extremely light snowfall, so light i'm sure the camera isn't picking it up.. about half an inch of
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as for the roads, take a look here, all we're seeing is wet conditions. this is consistent with what we've seen on our drive from downtown denver to aurora. we really didn't encounter rough spots. but we did stick to the major roads. if you're like me and you absolutely despise driving in snow and ice, the good news about this storm is it came after we had such a warm spell, so a lot of what has fallen, at least in this area, has melted. i wondered if we'd be seeing many plows and we have. maybe seven or eight of them. cdot, cities and counties, are taking extra precautions to clear away any snow accumulation and icy spots for your morning commutes. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. >> lindsay, thank you for the update. when it comes to the severe weather, download that snow cast app, you can monitor the live radar, see the snow totals and set up alerts for your phone.
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see in this youtube video, rachel eid, is recovering now from a gunshot wound this morning. she was respondinn to a burglary call yet at grove and 37th. one of the suspects shot at her. that suspect was eventually killed after trying to car jack a woman. the other suspect turned himself in without incident. >> that's shots there. they're shooting now. >> several people had their cell phone cameras rolling as the shots were fired yesterday. one witness says he saw the carjacking take place. >> this guy was running from the cops and he grabbed the lady and ripped her out of her car and then stole her car and fired shots at the cops. >> this all started as an attempted burglary near a home at 37th and grove. the homeowner, lenny atencio, says the family of four was home when they heard loud crashes outside. lenny ran to the window, noticed the criminals standing in the yard. %- >> he was just standing and then when he saw me.
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>> yeah, he was surprised. when i realized they had guns and were shooting, wow, could have been us. >> the officer is the 11th member of colorado law enforcement shot in the line of duty since november. the denver police chief told us the department is pulling together during these tough times. >> well, through the grace, i believe thoseeofficers will be okay, and obviously during these challenging and difficult times. but everyone is kind of putting their arms around each other and obviously we're certainly committed to continue to do what this community expects of us. >> at last check, officer eid was in fair condition. we have a story about her at we're waiting for a verdict in the dynel lane trial, the woman accused of attacking michelle wilkins and cutting her baby from her womb. they'll conttnue to deliberate today, after six hours of deliberations yesterday. the defense lawyer said the
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accountable for her actions. take a listen. >> ms. lane committed a hasty, impulsive and reckless act. you should hold her accountable and find her guilty of attempted manslaughter. everything that happened march 18th was an intentional, the defendant to get a baby. she is guilly of the charges against her. >> the jurors will meet this morning at 9:00. as soon as they reach a verdict you can watch it live on our california hospital now offering 500 patients free testing for hiv and hepatitis. they were treated at a hospital where rocky allennworked. allen is that former surgical tech at swedish, accused of switching out needles, possibly exposing the patients to the viruses. he worked in california before coming to swedish, and now that that hospital ii advising former patienting to tested
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allen is out of jail in a halfway house this morning. a crane collapses in the middle of the day. the dramatic video shows you the moments it happened. >> amazingly nobody was hurt. >> light snow continuing to fall, but will clear up. for the kids this morning, jacket, hat, gloves. temperatures below freezing. we'll start to see more clearing skies and by this afternoon, highs near 40 degrees. >> live look at the roads in golden. snow still coming down, so
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welcome back. we're taking a live look from our roof cam. the now continues to fall this morning. not too bad in town. >> no. little glistening on the street. we have several crews out in the field now just checking conditions so you don't run into problems. we're going to start with jason gruenauer live in golden. how is it looking there? >> reporter: just a very fine light snow is falling. the wind is making things a little bit chillier, though. if you're saying 2 feet didn't fall, why should i worry? slick. snow. we drove from downtown out here, as you can catch a bluster of snow as that gust picks up, this is 6th avenue.
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some snow in front of some of those car headlights. maybe an inch of snow pack or less. it makes driving just a little bit tricky. few inches of snow fell here as they clean up the parking lot. we do have fresh light stuff blowing around with that wind and the temperatures making it chilly. we have the hats and gloves, we suggest you do the same and give yourself a little more time on the roads. it makes it difficult to drive, whether it's the ice, slush or snow pack. back to you in the studio. jason, thank you. at least one person dead after a train derails. you can see the train on its side. this passenger train derailed in the central town in netherlands after hitting a crane that was over the crossing. the train was moving slowly, so this could have been worse.
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the mayor says at least 10 were hurt. new video showing a crane collapse in australia. you can see flames even coming from the top of the flame and that big arm swings, crashing down. several cars were damaged, nobody was injured. in japan more than 150 people used emergency chutes to get off their plane after the cabin filled with smoke before takeoff. snowing at the time. officials say the engine caught fire. the pilots rushed everyone to get them to safety. one woman was injured getting off the plane, but other than that everyone was okay. an elementary school took 60 kids for free this week. >> we caught up with the kids at laredo elementary school. they're fifth graders. theer ride was free, so were
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and they got free lessons. >> where we teach is a little far from the mountains for their families to get here on their home, so this is a great opportunity. >> i'm excited, nervous, and i'm going to die. >> my first thoughts was that bears was going to chase me, and i was going to fall down the hill and flip and die. >> well, the school is considered a class one underprivileged school and the kids worked really hard to raise the money. looked like most of them overcame their fears and enjoyed a great day on mountain. >> boy, did they have misconceptions of skiing. >> it's scary your first time as a kid. i remember thinking that, too. great day for it today. fresh powder in the mountains. a lot of it falling east of the divide. some spots a good 6, 8 inches. >> nice. >> really good. from this view at the airport,
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if you are north and east of denver, you likely saw nary a flake, i get nary from jayson. winds will make it feel more like teens and 20s.. fort collins 32. estes park 19. in castle rock, 26. definitely a colder start to our day. one of the coldest mornings we've seen. you'll find farther south pueblo and trinidad, 20s and 30s. we're not going to see a huge warmup this afternoon. i'll show you that in just a minute. first, getting through futurecast you can see some of the snow that lingers in the mountains this morning. in the next 2, 3 hours we start to see clearing and by about 7:00 from northeas southwest, we'll see more sunshine. by midday today, clear skies. still light snow falling in the southern front range mountains. that will be one of the last spots where we see snow and also south along i-25 into new mexico heavier totals there. sunshine this afternoon.
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afternoon. we'll see most of our totals stopping here in town. anywhere from about 1 to 3 inches around denver. much heaviee in through the denver at 39. winds coming in out of the north still pushing in cool air. 20s and 30s for the mountains. fort collins today you're at 41. cool afternoon with sunshine. boulder today 39 degrees. in greeley low to mid-40s. little breezy at times across northern and northeastern colorado. tomorrow right back in the 50s. skies clear. we have 50s, 60s heading into % the weekend. the bright spot is still saturday, 63 degrees. then sunday a little cooler, chance for a few showers.
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trucks are sleeping. we just saw daryl orr is driving by all the truckers. there's one of them there. all the trucks are sleeping on the side of the road. >> that's such a wildlife. i've always wondered what it will be like. >> they have nice cabs in there, a lot of them. i know they're not really sleeping out there, they're just trying to put their chains on like that guy in. >> reporter: that's correct, jayson. looks like we have chain laws that might be effect west on i- 70. the reason for that, you can see the road here has got ice underneath it. it's got packed snow on top, and the reason for the ice here is, as you climb higher in altitude, the temperature up here is 25 degrees. you can see that car to the left there, that was the car earlier that spun off the road, and he has not called a tow truck yet. that's pretty much the conditions out here as you head further west into the high country. ice underneath, slushy snow on top. kind of starting to freeze. you're getting a little bit
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as you head down the hill, back into denver, there's plenty of slush on the roads this morning. 3 so be very careful. we're in a 4 by 4 and this truck was kind of sliding all over the place, and there's a guy going a little bit too fast up the hill this morning, and that's not what you want to do as you head into work this morning. jayson. >> there are not only chain laws, but traction control laws as well, so four wheel drive or snow tires, mud tires, if you're heading up into the high country and they won't be checking, not like the state patrol is looking, but when you get into an accident and check, that's when the problem happens. cdot cameras at the denver tech center, light snow, but just wet at i-25 and dry creek. same thing at 225. for most of us it will be a wet drive. pretty nice on i-25 north of i- 70. no real big issues into downtown. again, you might find a few icy spots here and there. already to the west is the problem. we still have a couple of
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good morning.
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first alert tracker is tracking a storm. you'll need a jacket, hat, gloves. chilly for the kids. skies starting to clear. through the northern front range mountains we're still seeing in parts of larimer, boulder, jefferson counties, light to moderate snow. maybe half an inch to an inch more. along the palmer divide more snow. closer in things are clearing up in denver. by mid-morning you'll see sunshine. clear skies, temperatures today near freezing early on. we're only going to see highs today, jayson, near about 40 degrees. some neighborhoods will be at about 42 to 44. a little warmer than what we're >> this is i-70 at c-470, where you see the slick conditions, some of the snow pack. then you start going to closer to applewood where it's more slushy and just yet towards ward road and wadsworth. you can see all the lanes and
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farther to the east, i-70 at airport, just wet. pena boulevard no issues there. downtown basically dry. evans and broadway, that's, i wouldd't say bone dry, but basically wet now. and we're not seeing big problems. founders parkway, i-25 to castle rock, not too bad again. slushy there, as well as southeast. take a look at the overall map, a little more traffic, but overall not bad. the worrt by far is along 93, c- 470, 285 and i-70 to the west and southwest here. everything else expect basicakmy wet conditions withstanding water. jayson, thank you. a new winter sport called snowmobile soft ball. this is n greenville, wisconsin. it's so popular, even held a item over the weekend -- tournament over the weekend. >> fielders have to keep their
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the toornament organizers say it's a great way to get rid of the cabin fever blues. >> not going to lie, looks fun. denver police officer still in the hospital this morning recovering from a gunshot wound. coming up we'll bring you the latest information on officer rachel eid's condition and you'll hear from a man who came face to face with the criminal. >> and a live look from daryl orr keeping an eye on conditions this morning, so you'll know the areas to avoid.
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it's 5:00 a.m. check out the snow. i-70, if you're up getting ready, we'll let you know what areas to avoid. >> roads can be slick. we have you covered. jayson luber in ssudio keeping you informed. >> we have lisa hidalgo inhouse tracking the storm. dayle cedars in blackhawk checking on conditions there. >> it's full team coverage for you on this tuesday morning with reporters in the southeast and out west this morning. >> thanks for waking up with us tuesday morning. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson.


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