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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. the break from winter is over. mother nature serving up different conditions. >> our team is spread out covering everything for you. our jason gruenauer out west, where you can't even see the lanes in some spots. lindsay watts in aurora where it's mostly slushy. >> we're going to start with dayle cedars up in the foothills. we're seeing good totals there, dayle. >> reporter: the snow totals change the farther west you head.
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what's falling now is pretty light. look behind me. some of this issdrifts. but look, we've got more than a foot of snow when it comes to the drifts. i'm not very tall, up to my knees doesn't mean much. but look at the snow on top of this car. you can see lots of snow. about 8 inches that has fallen in this area. it's the reason the boulder mountain valley school are on a two hour delay. it affects only the mountain valley schools. these ggys have been out all morning long clearing the sidwalks, the pathwayss a lot of snow the farther west you head. but in town, definitely not dealing with as much. we're live in nedderland.
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but not absolutely frigid. >> that's why i live in nedderland, a good 4 to 8 inches in most spots. here in denver, very light. our totals about half an inch to 2 inches. you can see from this camera shot, this is at the airport, skies are starting to clear. might find a flurry or two this morning, but radar clearing up from northeast to southwest. up and through parts of jefferson county, boulder county, in douglas county, still snow there. denver. any additional accumulation today is going to be pretty light. we'll continue to see our skies clear. sunshine expected this afternoon. highs are going to be in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. a couple of neighborhoods like greeley, you're at 43. sterling, 46. jayson in a few pockets where we'll get more sunshine early on it will get warmer. >> where we saw your radar is where we're seeing the worst of the road conditions, along c- 470, parts of theehigher elevations in douglas county.
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wet roads, 6th by sheridan. eastbound side. coming in from wadsworth a couple of extra minutes. should be clearing this up fairly soon. take a look at the map, you can still see for the most part a fair amount of green. speeds are on the high side with all the wet conditions. but there are a couple of accidents, like one on hamden at i-25. one at 6th avenue by sheridan. we have another one on the ramp from i-76 and pecos, and another one on the ramp at highway 36 and i-25. otherwise, the south side doesn't look too bad. extra traffic on 285. drive times getting a little bit longer, but overall not too bad. also c-470, about half an hour, the entire ride on c-470, most of the heavy traffic from wadsworth to i-25. daryl orr has been driving on the tougher areas, including by green mountain, where daryl, looks like it's pretty slick on some of those ramps.
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ramps and overpasses are very icy this morning. new incidents to report, westbound 70 just past 6th avenue. couple of rtd buses on the side with two police cars behind it. looks like maybe one of the buses broke own and they're trying to get passengers onto another bus. going to be a little delay with that. headed to eastbound, or most southbound. you can see the conditions crossing over the bridge, icy, and we get back onto the main land here, same conditions. use caution on the west side of town this morning. we keep saying, washer fluid, you're going to need it out here this morning. temperatures 29 degrees. these roads re still a little bit icy and it will splash back on your windshield. >> rtd will be a little bitt delayed if you're making your way around town, but light rail
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if you're looking out the window and asking where is the snow? not everyone got it. `> let's head to jason gruenauer in golden. >> reporter: i think we got a little bit more of that here in golden. we're along 6th avenue where driving is a little bit tricky. there is still a good amount of snow pack. you can see out to the, way out on the roadway you can see the sun coming up. that appears to be the last of the snow bands. no more snow falling here. we are. you can see that onramp with the arms, that's for the light rail to come by. it's where you'll run into some of the issues. the snow is packed up. even though the plows come through, they leave residue, those intersections up here in jefferson county that we drove through had a little bit of pack on them as well. the roads look clear, but as the headlights go by you can see the snow pack. you'll have to take it slow because stopping will be
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here like 6th, near i-70, near c-470. we have seen cdot plows, but even after that snow is cleared away, the other problem is where we're standing, the slush, the water, as things start to warm up and the snow starts to melt, it's still a little ways away. 3 it is chilly. but that's as cars drive over it and warm it up. that will kick up on your windshield. take a little bit of extra time out there when you're driving along the roads. we are here west, we're going to send it out east to lindsay watts, she's in aurora. what's it like out there? >> reporter: jason, conditions are so different across our state this morning, emending where your -- depending where you live. dayle 8 inches in nedderland and me in aurora, an inch or less on the ground. cherry creek trail looks pretty this morning. we'll step out and give you a look at the roadways. this is the intersection of quincy avenue and parker road. it's smooth sailing for drivers.
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this is consistent with what we've seen driving around downtown denver through glendale. there are quite a lot of plows out, though. we're going to bring up cdot's web site. the department has added a feature recently that allows you to see exactly where all of its plows are across the state. right now the majority of the plows are centralizeed in the denver metro area. you can go to dot's web site and click on the plow icon. if you are waking up in aurora this morning, the good news, the snow has stopped. there is no wind at all to speak of. and the roads are looking just fine, mitch and kellie. thank you. seems like forever since we've seen snow. how quickly we forget. the first two days of this month denver got hit with its >> the city's official measurement they take at dia came in at 11.6 inches. some communities outside the
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foot and and a half. sirens sirens [sirens] this morning a denver police officer recovering in the hospital after she was shot in the foot. you can see six patrol cars 3 escorting the ambulance carrying rachel eid to the hospital. this is video from the department's youtube page. it's from six months ago. she's talking about how much she loves her job. a suspected burglar shot her as she trieddto aarest two people for burglary near 37th and grove in denver. officers arrested one of them, but police say the other suspect pulled out a gun, started shoottng through the window of a business near 32nd and lowell and witnesses describe watching this person car jack a person and fire at officers. >> this guy was running from the cops and he grabbed the lady and ripped her out of her car, and then stole her car and fired shots at the cops.
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the suspects a few blocks away where he was eventually shot and killed. the shooting started with a reported burglary and denver 7 tracked down the homeowner. >> heard this big, like, crash, and then i heard it again. he was just standing there, real, and when he saw -- >> reporter: he looked surprised? >> yeah, he was surprised. >> lenny atencio says he tried to chase the man, but they got away down an alley. he says he didn't realize he was armed so he's thankful they got away. jurors pick up their deliberations in the trial of dynel lane, accused of attacking michelle wilkins, cutting her baby from her womb. that baby died. prosecutors claam lane was leading a secret and desperate life, making her boyfriend and family believe she was pregnant. she posted these pictures f herself appearing pregnant. the defense argues the crime
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didn't have an intent to kill. during the trial jurors heard an interview between lane and -`police and at that time she claimed the attack was in self- defense aad cut out the unborn baby in an attempt to save the baby's life she said. live look in nedderland. snow really coming down. here in the metro area, tapering off. let's get over to lisa with your first alert weather. >> it's moving out. if anything you'll find a few flurries. skies are clearing. temperatures at the bus stop near freezing. it's going to be a cold one. windchills in the teens and 20s. by this afternoon, low 40s in some neighborhoods. upper 30s in others. still chilly, but sunshine returns. >> problem along i-70 near i- 25, thh accident they just are clearing it up, still see flashing lights back in here on the eastbound side of 6th before sheridan.
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6:13. check your first alert weather. if you're new to cclorado, this is normal. temperatures one day in the 60s and snow the next. >> mother nature reminding us it is still winter in case you forgot. you can see the radar checking on the roads in the metro area. we continue our team coverage this morning with jason gruenauer in golden where it's kind of slushy. >> reporter: we're running the full gamut of things out here, along 6th near i-70 and c-470. still snow pack on the roads. it is cold, it is windy. there is snow here. there is ice here. there is slush here. then there are places where it's just dry pavement. every condition you might have, except for warm, we have in golden. if you're heading west especially, that's where you'll run into the snow, which now i can't really tell if it's blowing or falling, but it is going this way.
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inches where we're standinggas well as all this slush left over from this overnight snow. just take it easy on the roads. be aware of the snow, slush and wind and wear your gloves. >> got to have that blue juice, today with all that spray back. >> will be like this probably the next couple of hours with the cloud cover, light flurries. mountains likely picking up another 1 to 3 inches. foothills anothee inch. pinecliffe, jefferson county at a foot of snow. ward, just over 8 inches. in bolden we're at over 7. closer to denver and fewer, about 1 to 3 inches closer to the metro area. a live look now over denver, looking off to the east. you'll see a sliver of sunshine cloud cover. the louds will clear. we're expecting windchills this morning in the teens. snow continuing off to the west and to the south of us this
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also in through the sangre de cristos. our southern front range mountains will continue to see it. closer in on radar, quiet in denver. farther west where jason is and you'll see light snow falling there. wind speeds now at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. makes it feel colder with the windchill there probably of 15 degrees where he's at. within the next two hours skies to southwest. we'll still see a little light snow in parts of jefferson andd douglas counties. also through the sangre de cristos where we're expecting over a foot of snow by this afternoon. later today our mountains to the southwest will pick up snow. you'll likely find clouds still building up and through the mountains today, before we get more clearing tonight into tomorrow. sunshine by this afternoon. very fast storm, it's not going to linger long. temperatures this morning near freezing. denver and city park at 30. fort collins and greeley same
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teens in the mountains. pretty chilly up there. leadville at 13. 3 highs this afternoon upper 30s, low to mid-40s in spots where it's sunnier early on. closer to 50 pueblo and lamar. here in denner, upper 30s. officially at the airport not expecting much snow. good thing we had what we had early in the month on the first and second. boulder one of those spots picked up more. you're looking at a sunny afternoon and highs in the upper 30s. tomorrow skies clear, back in the 50s. a very spring-like seven-day forecast, with everything jumping as it is. upper 30s today. 51 tomorrow. in the 60s on saturday. beautiful day. lots of sunshine. chance of a few showers sunday. we're going to send it out to dayle in nedderland where we picked up snow. good 7, 8 inches there. just beautiful this morning. >> reporter: lisa, this is
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take a look, this house here just ccvered in cicles along the edge and the trees, yeah, we've got decent snow here in `edderland. overnight about 8 to 10 inches. really dependdng where you are. that's prickly. you can see it's got some really thick snow out here, so it does make for pretty conditions. the roads, however, that's a different story. it is very slick. that is one reason why boulder valley mountain schools, which does include all the nedderland schools, elementary, middle and delay. looks very pretty if you're watching it. goes. one minute it's really light and the next minute we get the big, fat flakes. it's going to quiet down and as far as any extra accumulatton throughout the day, looking for about an inch or less. back inside to jayson. how are the roads looking? >> rest of the roads improving
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wet conditions around town. spots. highway 36 by the flatirons mall. it's basically wet at this point and some of the roads are starting to dry out, which is nice. cameras we have up to the north side of town, i-25, 88th avenue, the heavy typical stop and go traffic. again, basically wet roads. there are as you see on the map a couple of accidents, including ne at the ramp highway 36 and i-25, one on the ramp pecos and i-76. that one sounds like it's a rollover crash being cleaned up and most heavy traffic on i-25 through 84th avenue. the rest of the ride on 270, still have that accident at 6th and sheridan blockingth right lane being cleaned up. a new one on the ramp from castle pines parkway at i-25 and castle pipes parkway. commute times, along highway 85 about 20 minutethe meadows parkway to c-470. thank you. itts 6:19 now.
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will open after that threat of violence. the district canceled classes. the threat no longer exists. the district wouldn't go into more detail because any say -- they say this is an active investigation. the fall out from this surgical tech continues to grow. a fourth hospital offering free tests to 500 of its patients, this is rocky allen he worked at a hospital in california about three years ago. nearly 3,000 patients are undergoing testtng in our area at swedish medical. allen is out of jail on bond, living at a halfway house. scripps green hospital in california says it fired allen after just 20 days on the job after he was caught they say swapping needles and stealing the drug fentanyl.
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colorado. the post reports he concealed his history as he went from hospital. we're seeing highest snow totals in the west near the foothills. and you can see on the left the snow coming down in nedderland. >> expect snow packs, slushy roads in the west metro and you can see jason gruenauer's live and on the right a live look in
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. welcome back. it's 6:24. this is a look at nedderlann. gorgeous shot. we have crews spread out, so you can see where it's snowing and we might see the most accumulation. >> aurora you can see wet streets. few slick spots we found on bridges today. just be mindful of that. also a look in golden, it's looking pretty good there. closer to the mountains we're finding you're getting a little bit more snow. we'll send it over to first alert weather lisa hidalgo for a look at the forecast. trailing off as you promised
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>> good for us to ease back into what will be march. `arch is typically our snowiest month. been a good three weeks of dry weather. `umber of alerts still in place. just west of denver up and through the central mountains, those alerts until about midday today. down in through the sangre de cristos a number of alerts in effect until later this afternoon and early evening. they will continue to pick up snow there. here, skies will clear. cloud cover right now, but sunshine expected this afternoon. highs near 40 degrees today. it's a chilly one. definitely below normal. state-wide you'll find 20s and 30s in the mountains. mid- to upper 40s up to the northeast. >> we did just finally clear this accident on the right lane, right shoulder area of eastbound 6th by sheridan. that's cleared now. we have that accident still at hamden by i-25 causing slight delays. as i move the map, you can see
6:26 am
not too far from conifer and ramp from 25 to castle pines parkway. delays, especially from bailey to c-470, longest commute times from, aspen park to c-470. otherwise extra traffic on the north side as well. thanks, jayson. colorado weather at its finest. 60s one day, and we get snow the next. >> that's right. we have a live look at golden. a gorgeous sunrise. hopefully that will warm things up today. snow totals vary. we have team coverage from
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so long 60s, as lisa promised, winter is back. for the commute this morning expect slushy to the south, wet in the city, snow pack out west. the denver 7 brady bunch is back. >> it's been nearly a month since we've had this kind of team coverage checking out the snow. we'll kick off our team
6:30 am
in jefferson county. >> reporter: that's right. we're just off 6th avenue and as the sun starts to peek up, you can look at the roadways as more traffic is driving on them they've gotten a lot better. you can see more pavement than you could earlier when it was pretty much all snow pack. we had seen plows. as we look up to the west and it gets. you can see the first row of foothills here. about maybe 10 minutes ago you couldn't. the snow, the lines, the bands of snow that are pretty much ending moved through, eventually visibility goes up and down. you can still see along the road, that's the good thing. you can see some of the snow starting to fall now and just within the last few minutes or so our visibility behind the jefferron county courthouse has gone down. once again, on again, off again. they are expecting a little bit -`more snow here out west and once that snow end, you got to deal with the slush. mother nature doing other best lunch lady impression, making
6:31 am
daryl orr says windshield washer fluid. i'll have to get extra for my car, you should for your car. take it slow. no ludicrous speed. lisa hidalgo. >> i'm glad your tossing it to me. i don't know how to say that guy's last name, jason gruenauer. some of our totals were impressive through boulder and jefferson counties, 8 inches to boulder, 7 inches. in denver half an inch to 2 a wide range of numbers. morning. teens. our winds now at about 5 to 15. south of denver. it's not going to last long. probably the next couple of hours we'll still see light to moderate snow.
6:32 am
to even 2 inches through the foothills today. that's where we find our own dayle cedars. down here temperatures are going be in the 40s this afternoon. you're going to be colder up there. >> reporter: yeah. and it's quite a bit colder now. the good news is we don't have the winds and that makes a big difference. we rode out the beast, denver 7's storm chaser. his or her name, i don't know. nedderland 8 to 10 inches of snow. it's a little bit quieter now. we were seeing really big flakes falling down. you can see this entire road has been plowed. there's good snow. while it's 8 to 10 that fell last night, some locations around here had pretty good drifts and good icicles also. temperatures, you're going to notice it as you head out. a quick reminder, boulder valley mountain schools they
6:33 am
of course, school is not canceled. %- this snow and they'veeneeded it. we've not had a lot of snow in the area, so this is great news for us. but that two-hour delay for the schools in nedderland and boulder valley mountain schools. >> you'll likely see where you're at snow continuing to fall the next couple of hours. by 8:00, 8:30 skies will rapidly clear and still snow in the sangre de cristos and across parts of southwestern colorado. but sunshine by this afternoon, covering northeastern colorado. very fast moving storm. >> we still have icy spots, slick spots, slush to deal with. rory is driving in castle rock. you can see the slick conditions on the surface streets along front street getting to i-25. mostly slushy down there. there is an accident northbound i-25 exiting castle pines parkway. you're not seeing too many problems for the drive. been a few accidents here and
6:34 am
most of of them cleaned up already. north side of town is heavy stop and go, typical for us. 25 minutes into downtown from that north side. we have more traffic on 270 and i-76 and also on 225. like i said to the south side there's that one accident on castle pines parkway. commute times not too badly. daryl orr has been driving around in some of the worst spots around town, including to the west side. looks wet and sloppy for you out to the west side now, daryl. >> reporter: it is very sloppy out here, jayson. we keep having to hit the buttons to clean off the camera lens, because of all the splashback from the vehicles and the chloride on the road, which is making driving quite challenging this morning. i think another challenging issue later own is going to be once these clouds pull out, that sun is going to come up and there's going to be really bad glare factor if you're headed to the east. you'll need washer fluid,
6:35 am
might need coffee to wake you up so you're not driviig too crazy out here this morning. like you said, there are still icy spots out here and give yourself some extra time. let's send it back into that nice, warm studio, mitch and kellie. >> maybe a doughnut, too, huh? >> i know, run through it all. daryl, thank you. here's a live look over denver at 6:35. been a while since we've seen snow on the ground like this. sorry, kids, not enough to ccncel class for most of you. >> that close. we have a handful of delays. they're on our denver 7 app. let's turn our attention to the southeast corner of the metro. denver7 reporter lindsay watts in aurora just off e-470. lindsay. >> reporter: mitch and kellie, nowhere near enough snow to cancel or delay snow here in aurora. there's barely enough to build
6:36 am
this guy is about the best i could come up with. we're at parker and quincy. i'm sure these drivers aren't complaining. who wants to drive to work in that? the roads are just fine. only wet and this is consistent with what we've seen driviig around in downtown denver and glendale, too. i've been saying throughout the morning i'm surprised by how many plows i've seen considering these conditions. we want to bring up cdot's web site for you. the department has recently added a feature that lets you see exactly where all of its plows are all across the state. you can see there how many crews are on the roads. this is in real time. if you zoom in on an individual plow you can see exactly where it is, you can see where it's been before, and where it's heading next. a handy feature there. if you live around aurora and denver, you probably won't be needing to check that out this morning because these roads aren't in need of any plows.
6:37 am
the denver police officer you see in this youtube video, this is rachel eid recovering morning. she was responding to a burglary call at grove and 37th yesterday afternoon. one of the suspects shot her, hit her in the foot. that suspect was eventually killed after trying to car jack a woman trying to escape from police. the other suspect turned himself in without incident. today president obama will submit his plans to close guantanamo bay. among the federal facilities under consideration in colorado is the super max near florence, it already houses the union in a bomber and shoe bomber. and in kenya city an option. several colorado lawmakers say they'll oppose the plans. the department of defense %- toured both facilities in october and they're considering sites in kansas and south
6:38 am
6:37, taking a live look outside. it's really coming down in nedderland. >> most of this will clear out warmer tomorrow and we're in for 60s on saturday. details coming up. >> not too bad. i-25 near colorado boulevard, drying out nicely. dry roads this fternoon.
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welcome back. it's 6:40. live look in nedderland this morning. dayle cedars has been up there all morning long. lisa says more snow on the way for those folks. >> gorgeous shot there. let's check out the scene in denver. a little different farther east. less and less snow. people are getting along just fine. lisa, it's 29 degrees and
6:41 am
>> snow is really pretty much done for us in denver. might pick up a few flurries with that cloud cover. skies will continue to clear today. jacket, hat, gloves for the kiddos at the bus stop. definitely chilly. this afternoon we have highs that will range from upper 30s to even mid-40s. mostly sunny. temperatures below normal. last time we had highs in the 30s, first week of february, the 5th. been a warm couple of weeks. today cool. highs upper 30s, greeley 43, so some 40s. warmer tomorrow. >> we have a pretty decent ride overall with the conditions, because the conditions really aren't that bad, as you see the drive times are looking nice between castle rock and the denver tech center. the streaming camera on c-470, that is showing us some of the slow traffic on that northbound side coming up from morrison road up to alameda. flashing lights back in there,
6:42 am
reported up at alameda adding to the slow traffic on the northbound side of courtroom 470 with the -- c-470 with the slick conditions. here's a quick look at what you can expect before you head out the door. highest snow totals in the west and foothills, that's the shot on the left. >> snow pack and slushy roads in the west metro. in the center you can see jason gruenauer's live location in golden. a gorgeous sunrise there. live look southeast aurora on the right, just wet roads in
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:44 now. let's get you back outside. we have crews spread out so you can see where it's snowing, what conditions are like, who you're looking live at golden. >> it is pretty out there. situation in denver, this is studios. some of the roads here in up. our road wrangler daryl orr is on alameda checking conditions. how is it looking? >> reporter: yeah, mitch, it's looking pretty good compared to
6:45 am
alameda was snow covered and a lot of ice pack on these road surfaces this morning. but as you can see now, a lot of it has melted down. city crews have done a really good job out here getting everything cleaned for your commute to work. i don't think we're going to have much of an issue for the commute home. don't forget your sunglasses and windshield washer fluid. >> yeah, the blue juice. >> got to have it. >> he better bring me back a jug of that. i think i'm out. look at this shot, you can barely see, i don't know if officially we got anything at the airport. we'll have to wait for those numbers to come in. this is the view about 10 miles east of dia. it's right now 29 degrees there. downtown we're at 31. wind out of the northwest. the winds are definitely going to play a factor. we're in the 30s now. but it feels more like mid- to
6:46 am
windchills, up in the mountains, windchills single digits there. allenspark 15. mid- to upper 30s puebbo, lamar. teens and 20s in the central mountains. a chilly start. still snow falling, mainly south and west of denver. north and east of it, again, very dry conditions. we'll likely still see light snow fallinn up and through our foothillss jefferson counties into douglas county will pick up a little more snow. our foothills might be in for get more clearing. here's what that looks like on futurecast, starting at 6:30 within the next two to three hours, by about 9:00, skies clear out. we have more sunshine expected across northeastern colorado. light snow will still fall in the central mountains, but a lot of that is going to be over the higher mountain passes. as you get closer to the divide, light snow, likely not any additional heavy accumulation, maybe another inch or two there.
6:47 am
bit quieter. highs today upper 30s to even upper 40s. wide range of temperatures. we're going to see a lot more ssnshine out east and northeast this morning. then we'll see starting here -- than we'll see starting in denver. skies will clear and a beautiful afternoon. fort collins, cool, 41. boulder at about 39. in greeley a little breezy at times. watch for wind speeds at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow skies clear state- wide. 52 thursday. still above normal, though. by friday mid- to upper 50s. and saturday we put the bright spot there, our polar plunge, things are still cooperating at the denver zoo. our team will be out there for special olympics colorado and low to mid-60s. pretty good weather for saturday. chance for a few showers sunday. we want to get out to dayle cedars. she took our big weather truck up to nedderland.
6:48 am
>> reporter: it is gorgeous. forget the polar plunge, we have the snow plunge up here. 8to 10 inches of fresh snow. what is falling now is pretty light. earlier we had really big fat flakes. look how much snow you can see they got up here. if you look up the roadway, there's the plow trying to clear some of these side roads so residents can get in and out. we are looking at some decent snow. the snow here, good news is, it's light. it's very, very fluffy. this can literally be picked up and tossed around. unfortunately, i can't even make a good snow ball. no snowman. ttat. nice and fluffy, which means we'll get a little bit of what we need. there is enough snow here that the schools are on a two-hour delay. this is boulder valley mountain schools, and that includes
6:49 am
school here in nedderland. back to jayson. >> snow isn'ttthat bad in town. it's starting to dry out on a lot of the roadways. i-25 around 88th avenue, southbound side typical, heavy traffic coming in from around 120th. you can sse that on the map. some of the heavy stop and go typical stuff for us. most of that heavy traffic is from 120th to 84th avenue, taking about 15 minutes there. typical traffic on 225 to the east side of town. there is one crash near i-70 and green mountain. that's causing delays. you can see some of the heavier traffic on 225. c-470 at morrison road, still you can see the snow flying there, look at c-470 basically wet at this point. 6:49 now. let's turn to headlines new overnight. first, two people in the hospital after a hit-and-run
6:50 am
it shut down highway 36 near baseline road for about an hour early yesterday evening. according to the boulder daily camera, a man and woman were % trying to change a tire on the side of the road. someone hit them. suspect car describe described as a silver or gray sedan could be missing passenger side mirror. a meter reader attacked by two dogs. it happened yesterday morning, back yard off sumner street. 49-year-old worker says the dogs bit her on the arm, also on her nose. animal control worker told the paper her injuries are significant. we have bigger breaking news from the international space station. an ape has taken over. astronaut scott kelly sharing %- video. got bored yesterday. no explanation for why. i don't think that's quite the right video. we'll go over to kellie first, then. we'll talk about this. republicans face their next big
6:51 am
with the win in south carolina, donald trump has is leading. overnight trump rallyed his biggest crowd in vegas. he had a 26-point lead in nevada at last check. bbt a lot could change a week from today on super tuesday. that's when colorado and 11 other states ill hold their primaries and caucuses. now we think we have that video, the new video in. check this out, internationnl space station, ape has taken over. no explanation why a gorilla -``ecided to chase the crew. who decided to pack that was it allowed? what are you going to do now? >> maybe it was a delivery, one of those big cargo delivery. >> freeze dried peas and
6:52 am
all the things you need in space. we're looking ahead to the academy awards sunnay night here on denver 7. >> sylvester stallone is up foo an award for "creed." >> he won his first golden globe last month. >> you can see the oscars here on denver 7. we have team coverage on
6:53 am
in is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth
6:54 am
100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. following breaking news out of phoenix this morning. an active shooting situation ongoing. live picture there. our sister station abc 15 reporting two people shot inside of this home. there's a fire there now at that house. reporters told by police the situation was over, but now they're hearing more gunshots come from the house againn again, police are telling us the abc 15 station there in
6:55 am
inside, still alive they believe. it's not clear if anyone else is injured. they're following this closely with this live picture, we'll bring you updates as we get them throughout the morning. right now we have a team coverage of all the weather we have here in our back yard. daryl orr is out on the roads now. `aryl, we have him out there. >> we also have jason gruenauer in golden this morning. we have lindsay watts in aurora watching conditions as well. and dayle cedars in boulder county. a lot of snow in the foothills. >> reporter: we have quite a bit of snow in nedderland. it's where we brought out our first alert weather chaser. it's great to have out here. about 8 to 10 inches. what's falling now is light. we had fat, thick flakes that have been coming down. this is going to continue pretty much kind of throughout the day today. again, any extra accumulation will be very light.
6:56 am
at what they were able to plow off the roadways. quite a bit of snow in many of these locations. schools here in boulder county in the mountain schools, they are on a two-hour delay this morning. live in nedderland, dayle >> reporter: every time we think the snto stop falling here in golden in jefferson county, some more flakes. i'm jason gruenauer. we're here along 6th avenue where traffic is picking up. slush. a lot of that snow pack has been moved away. you can see a lot of the snow getting kicked up here. about 2 to 3 inches fell where we're overnight. the rest slush. but the good news as they plowed this parking lot, we were able to build a snowman. jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> reporter: smooth sailing the snow has stopped. what was on the sidewalks has melted and the roads are starting to dry out. we're at parker road and quincy avenue. as you can see, drivers here
6:57 am
to work. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. overall the drive isn't that bad. you can see the roads drying out, along highway 36 and pecos. starting to dry out nicely. overall map, a lot of green out there. one new accident on that north side of town i-25 near 58th avenue. heavy stop and go traffic coming in from 120th. typical. 25 to 30 minutes there. i-70 and i-76. and c-470 busier than normal with the wintry conditions there. otherwise, we're seeing very typical stuff around town. >> if you wanted more snow, first alert weather tracking what's to come. march our snowiest month. more snow to come. the winter weather advisorres in the central mountains expire at midday today. -`farther south those are in effect until 6:00 tonight. they will continue to see snow there and through the sangre de cristos. here's a look from northern
6:58 am
skies are clearing. more sunshine today. highs here in denver near 40 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful afteenoon. lots of sunshine returning today through the end of the week. heading into the weekend, saturday 63 degrees. pretty mild, even warmer next monday. chance for a few showers sunday. >> that's the polar plunge saturday. >> yeah. you can still get on, register up until the day. >> hot tub dress, right? >> let's do the hot springs nnxt time. >> i know. >> it would be fun. >> not how it works. >> those aren't the rules, jayson. beautiful look at golden, beeutiful sunrise. quite a bit of snow in the foothills this morning. >> "good morning america" is coming up next and we'll keep
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. that's all ahead of the next big severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface.


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