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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00am-11:59am MST

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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. you're watching denver 7. straight ahead, a stabbing sends two people to the hospital. we have details on the suspect. >> plus, should middle schoolers be provided condoms? we'll tell you about a heated debate. >> how a local school is hoping to fight bullying with dance. it is still winter but mother nature doesn't think so. >> we had one dose of winter yesterday, but it's gone. >> one day, now spring returns. beautiful outside.
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winds, especially up and through the mountains. pass. at times some of the snow blowing over the road there. you can see it blowing around up and through the mountains. % hour. in denver speeds between 10 to 20. up into estes park and allenspark gusts close to 30. across parts of northeastern colorado, as the storm exiting the region, some gusts over 40. pretty mild afternoon, though. temperatures now in the 40s. low to mid-50s by 3:00. lots of sunshine. looks beautiful anywhere across the state. highs 30s to 40s through the mountains. plenty of snow obviously in the foothills. a lot of that will stick around the next few days.
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in denver melted and by this afternoon you're not going to find much more on the roads. denver, 52. akron 46 for a high today. closer to 60 across southeastern colorado. we are expecting things to warm up more as the week goes on into the weekend. we'll show you how warm it will get heading into the weekend. lisa, thank you. as lisa was talking we understand there's breaking news in parker county. three deputies shot up near bailey. >> tony kovaleski is in the newsroom now, he has been following this story getting the latest information. do we have tony available to chat with about this? >> we're still trying to get that camera working on that end. our understanding is three deputies shot in a confrontation. one may have died. this is going on in bailey in park county. as we get tony hooked up, he's got the latest from authorities we'll get to that. >> hard to believe we're talking about this again. a man is in the hospital
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near 8th and dahlia. we have airtracker 7 video to show you. police say it was a domestic incident and they've arrested a female. the victim is expected to survive. denver police need your help finding a burglary suspect. you could get a $2,000 reward. >> the man is accused of breaking into someone's home earlier this mooth and using that victim's credit card to purchase items. lakewood police are looking for a 12-year-old missing boy. brandon lairs left his lakewood home monday morning -- harris left his lake wood home monday morning. another missing persons case, this time in denver. denver police still searching for this man here, investigators found seth
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today we're hoping to learn the condition of two women involved in this bad accident, happened on i-225 near parker road. apparently went off the road, through a fence, crashed into a this was late yesterday. the force of that crash ejected both women inside. first responders rushed them to the hospital. hospital has not released their conditions. a street sweeper overturns near i-25 this morning in fort collins. police say the driver claims the brakes failed. investigators are trying to figure out if that is true. nobody was hurt. drive around denver and you'll notice several pot shops on one block and several areas without any. >> the city is debating discussing a measure that will limit where the industry can grow. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us live from downtown. how are people reacting to this idea?
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middle. we're here on 7th here things like boss hog is common. this is one dispensary in about four blocks where we're standing. the idea of the cap would be to limit he number of new shops based on how many are already here. this map is from weedsmaps. you can see how there are clustees around broadway and evans, and a grouping around the number would be to cap the number in those neiggborhoods. it would allow businesses to get into the market just in new locations, unlike now where there's a moratorium. the reason behind this to not oversaturate neighborhoods. >> having kind of more of a plan about where things are
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>> if they're going to limit pot shops, they should limit the number of starbucks allowed as well. it's the same thing. you see a starbucks on every corner, so i think the more the merrier. >> reporter: i spoke to one dispensary manager who said t would be more for established businesses to limit shops from popping up on the other than, that some areas have plenty of dispensaries and plenty of competition. this is to try to spread the wealth, if you will. it's an idea, not an official proposal. but it's something they are discussing. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. thank you. now let's get back to that breaking news we spoke of. >> three deeuties shot, one killed, in park county. denver7 investigator tony kovaleski, what can you tell us?
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heading up the hill now. what we know, colorado bureau of investigation, jefferson county, all neighboring counties are moving in o help. three deputies shot. two were injured. they are now being transported to local hospitals. one deputy was killed and the suspect was also shot and killed. just got off the phone with law enforcement source that's on their way up there. the word now is they don't know -`in the suspect was shot with his own fire or shot by deputy fire. there's a command center at the loaf and jug in bailey now. a lot of activity heading up there now. as i said, a large contingency moving in to support. we don't know what kind of call started this, but we do know there's a lot of people on their way. three deputies shot, two injured, one killed. the suspect also killed. that is the latest from the newsroom. i'm tony kovaleski, denver 7. >> again, tony, the suspect shot and killed but we don't
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of the authorities, is that correct? >> correct. two major questions now, exactly what started this interaction with the deputtes and suspect and hoo the suspect was killed. we re on the phones. we'll continue to follow. >> thank you for the update. so unfortunate. donald trump in case you haven't heard won big last night in nevada, leaving ted cruz and marco rubio in a fight amongst themselves in second place. >> trump gained 46% of the vote, this is in the caucuses in nevada. he leads with delegates. trump isn't just happy with nevada, but also with the hispanic population that came out for him. >> do yyu know what i really am happy about, because i've been saying it for a long time? 46% with the hispanics.
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>> ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. the race is still early and candidates are looking forward to super tuesday whee 12 states, including colorado, hold primaries and caucuses. the father of the aurora theater shooting victim robert sullivan is getting into politics. >> tom sullivan wants to run for state senate. he testified at the state house and pushed for limits for high killing. >> i had a story then to tell story, and it was a story that resonated with a lot of people and it wasn't just from mass shooting in denver. those kinds of things happen to single day. >> sullivan is running as a democrat against incumbent republican jack tate. tate says he's looking forward the campaign trail.
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strong record for advocating for education and being a responsible steward of state finances. a former columbine student turned lawmaker is trying to pass a bill allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. it just passed through the senate in our state on a party line vote. no democrats voted for it. that's not a good sign for the bill, as it's headed to the state house, where there is a democratic majority. university of tennessee wants peyton manning's name scratched from the lawsuit. >> the lawsuit mentions a 1996 sexual harassment case against manning. manning and the trainer involved settled it a year later. the school says that has no relevance to this lawsuit. attorneys for the man charged with shooting people inside a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic will go to court. this hearing will be focused on the mental coopetency exam.
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dear announced he wanted to fire hhs public concerneds and represent himself. he also made several loud outbursts in court. the woman who cut a baby from another woman's womb has been found guilty on all counts. >> after the erdict michelle wilkins shared a personal moment, the moment she held the lifeless body of her daughter, who she planned to name aurora. >> i did all the things that you know, a mom would want to do. i read to her, i dressed her. it was such an offering on her part to be there in spirit and feeling her presence really strongly. %- but not being able to witness her first breath or her first smile or even seeing what her eyes looked like. it was extremely difficult. >> dynel lane facing up to 120
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she'll be sentenced at the end of april. we'll continue to watch that breaking news out of park county now. killed. two others injured. we're still collecting information. this just happened. we'll bring you the latest as we learn it. >> new details as well on the toddler accused of killing three people. what it says about the country's legal system. >> and apple supporters speaking out after tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class unless we level with your help, as president,
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denver 7 continues to learn more about breaking news in park county. three deputies were shot in bailey. this is about an hour outside of denver on highway 285. here's what we know, three deputies were shot and one is dead. >> the suspect in this case also shot and killed. we're still waiting to learn what led up to the shooting, how this confrontation began, and also whether or not the suspect took his own life or died in a gun fight with authorities. we have crews on the way to bailey and several people in our newsroom on the phone with authorities. moving on for now, standoff between apple and the fbi heating up in california. dozens of people stood outside
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the company says doing so -- >> this is nothing but big brother. >> the fbi argues this is a matter of national security. attorneys for victims feel the same way. to egypt, a strange story. a 3-year-old boy as sentenced to life in prison in a case of mistaken identity. >> authorities admitted they got the wrong person. the toddler was accused of killing three people. the so-called suspect would have been 16 months old at the time. >> even though it's coming to an end, some say this is an example of the deep flaws in system. >> probably lead to just wide distrust innthe judicial effects.
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murders is allegedly to have been in his 50s and still on the run. concerned parents are blasting the san francisco school board over a proposal to get middle schoolers access to condoms. >> it would allow students to get a condemn after a consult -- condom after a consultation with a school nurse, and to get it confidentiality without parent permission. recent surveys show 5% of middle schoolers are sexually acceptle. >> we're talking between 11 and 14 years old and they're not ready for it. so i don't think this is appropriate. >> it's like, you get free lunch for low income family, but if you need it, you get a free condom. >> we don't see the sexualizeed videos our children are exposed to and these children are starting younger every day, so i believe it's a preventive measure. >> protection is already provided to high school students there in california. some teachers believe many
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television. hopefully you're enjoying this spring-like trend. >> it's nice. yesterday we had very little snow, if anything at all across northeastern colorado. now the wind are picking up. red flag warnings, high fire danger most of the northeastern corner. here in denver not under that, but you get a little farther north, spots like fire stone, as you spread farther east you're going to find along 76 a red flag warning in effect until 5:00 today. our temperatures spring-like. 50s and sunshine today. it will be warmer saturday. it is a nice treat. unfortunately in spots where it's been too dry it stays that way and windy and warm today. now 45 in denver. relative humidity you can see now at 18% here in town. once we get that dropping below 15% that's when we see the red flag warnings pop up. greeley now you're at 50. fort collins 43. city park 46.
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the eastern half of our state. western half. single digits and teens now in eagle at 27. steamboat 15 degrees. in craig 18. cold start to our afternoon there. but you have a lot of sunshine in the mountains today and dry conditions across the state. it will be a beautiful couple of days. sunshine. afternoon. overnight tonight clear skies. temperatures by tomorrow morning will once again be in the 20s. for your kids next couple of days it will be cold to start, but really mild at the bus stop in the afternoon. highs anywhere from 52 in denver to 47 in limon. closer to 60 across southeastern colorado. 40s on the western slope. grand junction 44. looking ahead, tomorrow still in the low 50s. little warmer, touch warmer friday. saturday obviously still the pretty day on that seven-day forecast.
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our bright spot on saturday. if you've got plans this weekend, sunday will be the days. there is a chance for a few showers, plus potentially snow by the middle of next week starting late onday into tuesday.
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welcome back. denver7 staying on top of breaking news now. several agencies on their way to the mountain town of bailey to help after a park county sheriff's deputy was shot and killed. two other deputies shot and injured. >> the person who shot them is also dead authorities tell us. we don't know if deputies shot this suspect or he took his own life. as we learn more, we'll pass it along. now on the phone with us we have jackie kelly with the jefferson county sheriff's office heading up to try to assist. jackie, what can you tell us? % >> i wish i could give you more than you gave to your viewers but we're not on scene. basically the same information, three deputies shot by a
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and one of the deputies involved in the shooting was killed. >> have you heard, i know you're on your way there, but have you been given information as to what led up to all of this? >> i haven't. i think i'll be at the scene in about 10 minutes. very sketchy information that doesn't seem right to share until we know more correctly whether that's true. >> right, until you get those things confirmed as this is just happening, just a short time ago. pretty standard procedure, though, jackie, for you to assist a fellow county when something like this happens? >> it is. park county is our neighboring jurisdiction. they're a smaller jurisdiction and we work closely together when things get tough. i can tell you jeffco is en route with a large contingency as is cbi. >> are a lot of those agencies there on the scene or is everyone en route like you are? >> i think there's a huge
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bailey as we speak. i can tell you the bomb squad has been called. >> jackie kelly headed towards bailey, where three deputies have been shot, one of them shot and killed. we'll get back to jackie when she learns more and gets there onscene. we'll stay on top of this for you.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news out of park county now, where three officers have been shot and one as we have heard has died. >> these are three deputies in the park county area, and unfortunately bailey and park violence. many of us remember back in september 2006 when there was a hostage crisis at platte canyon high school. six female students wasstaken hostage, one of those students emily keyes was shot and killed. that wasssomething that certainly shook all of colorado in that small beautiful town of bailey. here again park county has another tragedy on its hands. three deputies shot, one of them dead. our tony kovaleski has been gathering information, joins us now from the newsroom. >> a lot still happening up there as we reported throughout
11:29 am
piece of information we've received in the last 10 minutes is a bomb squad is on its way there. that tells us this is an active situation. i also just got off the phone with a source, but this is unconfirmed information that they may be dealing with a survivalist group. this may be a fluid situation as we''e talking. as you've said, three deputies shot, two injured, one killed, the suspect also killed. we're still piecing together what's happening. we have crews on the way. the most intriguing information that's come in in the last 10 minutes, bomb squad on its way and unconfirmed, could be dealing with a survivalist group. >> we found that interesting, too, when we were talking with jackie with the jeffco sheriff's office, she was saying bomb squad and i was wondering if that was standard
11:30 am
>> if you starr connecting dots, you have two officers, two deputies on their way to a hospital. you have one dead. the suspect dead. 3 that would tell you in general the situation is over and they're just trying to figure out what happened. if they're sending a bomb squad there, that tells me it's an active police situation, there may be more happening than we know at this point. when you get the unconfirmed information that maybe questions now. we still don't know specifically what started the call, what the interaction began with that led to the shooting and we're trying to figure out exactly if the survivor, or rather the suspect was shot by deputy fire or shot by his own fire. nobody has confirmed either of those facts at this point. questions we're still requesting -- asking. >> for residents who live in bailey, in park county, do we know if roads or areas are closed off so they can stay
11:31 am
>> we talked to a waitress at a nearby restaurant recently. nobody has given us any indication anything has been shut down there. obviously immediately around the situation it's going to be difficult to get in and around. i'm sure there's a large crime scene at that location. i did speak with another source in park county, a deputy, and she talked to me briefly, clearly shook up by what's happening. a lot still taking place. hoping to get more information as we move on through the morning and afternoon. this is a situation that's continuing to develop and as more information comes our way, we'll share it with you. >> tony, thank you. it's been a rough couple of community. >> i was looking up on the computer to remind myself, because i thought ttere can't be that many, but we've now had 14 officers shot in colorado in the past three months. officers from various different authorities, different 14 in three months just in our state.
11:32 am
11:30. are we going to move on to our next story? take a quick break? no, want to let you know about the pot shops popping up. denver has a concern about that, they're thinking about changing some of the rules. gruenauer is looking at this proposal to try to limit where jason. >> reporter: that idea of a cap marijuana industry here in denver. out. talking about here. this is a map f denver. in certain areas f the city the dispensaries by these jars of marijuana are very clumped together, south broadway near evans, 8 th and colfax, those areas, there are several. you mike see one on every corner or several per block. the idea behind this is to try to spread them out. that way when new dispensaries are open they have to be open in areas where there are not those clusters, that saturation
11:33 am
neighborhoods are not exactly happy about. so if new marijuana dispensaries want to come online, they would be allowed to, unlike now where there's a moratorium on new licenses and new retailers. overall the long-term effects of this could be that depending on the number of the cap put into place, again, this is just an idea, is that in a certain number of cap, the cap number is less than the current number of dispensaries, if one closes, one will not be able to reopen at that location. again, it spreads things out and it could in fact over the long-term lower the number of dispensaries within these certain neighborhoods. still a lot of details to be worked out, including the number and those lines that may have to be drawn. denver city council will be looking at that. we'll keep you updated. reporting on 7th avenue, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> big issue facing denver.
11:34 am
deputies shot, one of them killed in park county. tony kovaleski just got an update from investigators. >> we're continuing to work the phones. here's the latest, ittwas a law enforcement operation what we're told from a trusted source. they're calling it a purposeful encounter in quotes. they were thhre conducting business before tte shooting took place. we have good news abouttthe two deputies that were injured. we are told they are nonlife- threatening injuries and another contact with a source very close to the crime scene said that the call was at the friendship ranch subdivision in we're starting to piece together more information. as we told you about 10 minutes together, an unconfirmed piece of information at this point is it may involve a survivalist group and they're calling for a bomb squad. law enforcement from several neighboring counties moving in. shooting that happened earlier
11:35 am
all this hour, three deputies shot, one dead, two injured, nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect was shot and killed. `till not sure if that was by his own fire or by deputies' fire. we are continuing toowork the phones, but clearly more information starting to come in now as this is an active situation in bailey. mitch, kellie. >> thank you, tony. we'll get back to tony as he continues to learn more. information on another situation now, denver public schools is tweeting there is a lockdown at jfk high school. this is due to denver police activity in the area. they say safety and security is en route. so another situation we'll continue to follow for you
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bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan
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build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. welcome back. denver7 staying on top of breaking news out of bailey now, where three park county deputies were shot. one has been killed. two injured. but as tony kovaleski just told us, they do have nonlife- threatening injuries. >> said this was a purposeful encounter is hhw authorities are describing this. they also have the bomb squad en route. if you were joining us at the top of the news hour, neighboring jefferson county is also assisting with this situation. our crews have noticed as we've been traveling up highway 285 a huge police presence there. also a car was pulled over. we don't know if this is in connnction with it all.
11:39 am
scene, even though a gunman has been shot and killed. there may be more to this. that along. >> we're making calls about that area. and tony spoke to a waitress in a restaurant and says there doesn't appear to be any we'll keep you posted. boulder says it's not responsible for that massive water main break that caused thousands of damage to several homes. >> it resulted because of line. boulder city spokesperson says the city is too big for them to predict where the next break would be.. the water main that broke is at least 50 years old. >> denver 7 found other water main breaks in the city could be, or other water mains could be more than 100 years old. southeast. orleans. you can see there are three there, one big one in the center.
11:40 am
>> this video shows the damage from a likely tornado that ripped through a mobile home park in louisiana. two people died. a third was killed in severe weather in mississippi. we have another video, look at this, this wws taken in pensacola florida. several reported tornadoes in florida and the path of this sent several people to the hospital. back here at home the weather looking much more promising, which is great news, because denver 7 is participating in a big polar plunge to help the special olympics colorado. we're on team lisa and helping her raise money against the night side colleagues of ours. it's happening at the denver zoo and admission is free if you're there to do the plunge. >> we're all going to pile on lisa and jump in together as a team. >> is that how that works? >> yeah, keeps you warmer. >> they say because of how all this works, evaporation is a cooling process, the fewer clothes youuwear, the warmer you are. >> okay.
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>> he's going to be freezing. >> now you tell me this. oh well. >> it will be fun. if you want to join us, you can still register. radar you can see on satellite radar very quiet. few high clouds. big ridge of high pressure over the west. we'll be in for a nice couple of days. the problee now, the winds, especially across northeastern colorado. here's a look, this is from our camera north of fort morgan. you can see how the camera is a little shaky, plus it's extremely dry. it's been now weeks since we've seen good moisture up to the northeast. combine that with the wind speeds from 30 to 40 miles per hour and we have high fire danger. look at estes park and allenspark. gusts between 35 to 45 miles per hour. sterling, akron stretching into nebraska windy conditions there. red flag warnings in effect until 5:00.
11:42 am
with the winds as gusty as they are, fire danger is a concern. here in denver we're in the 40s now. we'll be near 50 degrees by 12:00. by 3:00 we're calling or a high of 52. really nice and mild. you have high clouds out there in the distance. not much. it will stay clear through tonight into early tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow morning once again in the 20s. that's kind of the story for the next three days. early morning lows, around 27 to 30 degrees. but afternoon highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. denver 52. mainly 30s for the ceetral mountains. quite a bit colder there today. they'll get a few more degrees week. marker and cass -- parker and castle rock, upper 40s, low 50s. 50s. pretty nice afternoon. temperatures are a few degrees above normal. they'll be above normal through it looks like the weekend. no big change until probably the middle of next week.
11:43 am
for the polar plunge we lucked out. high of 67. the plunge starts at noon. by that point we should see temperatures in the low 60s. mostly sunny skies. on sunday there is going to be a chance for a fee showers and we're watching another storm that will bring our temperatures down tuesday into wednesday. for the first of march we could see some fresh snow. march is typically our snowiest month. we have a lot of winter to get through still. >> held on. >> you had to point that out, didn't you? we need that stuff, though. soon you can step onto noah's ark. a replica is being constructed in kentucky. >> it's more than 500 feet long. 51feet tall. look at the cranes, said to be life sized. the man behind the project says visitors will be in awe of the sheer size of it. 132 realistic exhibits on the ark, including noah's bedroom. >> what we want to show people is this is feasible. because we believe it actually happened.
11:44 am
saying, maybe i'll read that account in the bible, maybe i'll look at the bible, maybe i'll consider that, then that's great. >> the ark encounter will open july 7th, which is 7/7/16ment to go along with genesis 7:7 the story when noah and his family went in the ark. warning about maaijuana products laced with pesticides. it affects products made by xg platinum corporation. >> tests found two offlabel pesticides in the sample. anyone with those products from the company should return them. a jury has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $72 million in damages in a lawsuit over talcum powder. this suit alleges a woman died of ovarian cancer caused by the company's product and that johnson & johnson was after the dangers and -- aware of the dangers and didn't take action. the company ii appealing. they released a statement
11:45 am
of their talcum powder. mars announcing a recall in 55 countries. the ones produced in the u.k., this comes after a customer in germany found little bits of plastic in a snickers bar. doesn't really extend to the u.s. yet, where mars is based. if you're looking forward to seeing caitlyn jenner in denver tonight, her tour has been canceled. she was scheduled to appear tonight, but she canceled saying she had scheduling >> tabloids have reported ticket sales were low and appearance. but representatives for her insist she canceled because of other work commitments. coming up after the break we continue to follow breaking news out of park county today
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. denver 7 staying on top oo breaking news in bailey now. several agencies on their way %- to the mountain town to help with this situation after a park county sheriff's deputy was killed and two other deputies were shot and injured. >> authorities say the person who shot them has shot and killed. our tony kovaleski is gathering information. you mentioned last time, does it appear it may have occured at the friendship ranch
11:49 am
>> that's what we're getting from one park county resident. we've also learned more information. we'vv got a lot of people in the newsroom making phone calls. we have heard and confirmed that it started at 9:23, that's when the law enforcement response happened. first shots fired aboot 9:48 this morning. we know there's going to be a briefing at 12:30 this afternoon. denver7 will carry that live. the most intriguing information that's come in, it appears there's a massive law enforcement response heading up 285 now to the scene. we know cbi is on the way. we've confirmed in the last five minutes the atf is also ressonding. jeffco, other neighboring counties on their way there. they have asked for and a bomb squad is on its way up there. that tells us just piecing together information here that this is still an active situation. we also learned from a well placed source, but this is unconfirmed information from that source, that this may
11:50 am
we expect to hear more at 12:30 during that briefing. a very fluid situation. a lot of law enforcement uppthe mountain now making their way up the mountain to respond to what's happening. we will continue to work the phones here in the newsroom. we have crews at the location and on their way to the location. we'll have more details throughout the afternoon. mitch, kellie. >> tony, thank you. if you're just joining us, three deputies shot in the bailey area in park county, one of those shot and killed. if you have loved ones in that area, you may be curious how this is affecting traffic. our jayson luber has more on that. >> as tony was talking about, we have a large presence of law we had the helicopter heading that way, too. they are on scene, it's just we can't get a signal back from them because of where they are in the foothills. this is the bailey area along highway 285. that's because there's no data here.
11:51 am
subdivision tony was talking about, that friendship ranch area, is just off highway 285. this is deer creek road, many deer creek roads up there. this is pine road, pine lane. this is the subject, or the subdivision we're talking about that tony was talking about. it's off of the beaten path, if you will. restricted because of the amount of law enforcement personnel down there. i have seen slow traffic at that intersection because of the law enforcement that will be there. i wouldn't be surprised if they're going to close off their access. county road 43 a as well. probably will have restrictions there and you'll see the law enforcement also camping out this in bailey as they're going to do these press conferences, we'll see a bit of not only law enforcement but media up there as well. it will be a traffic trouble spot. can get past some of that area, but 285, according to my down.
11:52 am
thanks, jayson. cu boulder women's lacrosse team has a good luck charm. >> he's levi, only 7 years old. recovering from brain cancer treatments, so his family moved to boulder from kansas to be closer to children's hospital. the team quickll adopted him as part of the team. and they haven't lost since. >> there are sticks and there's like a basket kind of thing and you throw the ball into the basket and you throw it to another one. >> reporter: are you kind of getting the hang of this? >> yeah. >> we've embraced it so much and love having him and his family come up whenever they can and getting to see them. >> pretty good description, didn't he? the team has not lost since he has joined the team if you will. they play notre dame friday. arran andersen here, he spent the day with the team yesterday. he's putting together a fun report you might enjoy, it will come up this weekend on 7 sports xtra. now a 9-year-old girl is
11:53 am
>> she's nine. one of a few female boxers at that age. she's gearing up for next month's golden gloves. hazel sanchez has the story. >> reporter: she may only be nine, but pound for pound, she has more heart and ambition. >> when my dad asks if you want to go to the gym, i always say oxing since seven, after her dad took up the sport ed to put on a pa did her gift was undeniable. >> i noticed she started picking up things quicker than me. i was surprised. >> reporter: how does that feel when people tell you you're phenomenal and special and talented? >> i'm happy, and i'm not doing this just for nothing, but everybody and myself, too, so i can become something big about
11:54 am
>> reporter: this 74-year-old phenom works out two hours nearly four dayy a week. she usually spars with older boys like the 10-year-old in this video. she's only had one sanctioned fight, her championship belt hangs in the athletic league boxing gym where she trained. >> i knelt so put when they pand i'm undefeated and i won. >> reporter: she's now training for the golden gloves in march. her trainer says he's never seen a talent with her disc do anything twice. sometimes she's like, coach, what do i do next? she has that desire to be different and that's the unnqueness. at 9 years old to want to be different now, she has that work ethic. >> reporter: you're a role model to a lot of little girls. >> i know, i have a lot of girls following me an
11:55 am
it feels good i'm inspiring little girls.. >> so impressive. we continue to follow at that situation in park county in bailey. multiple agencies are now responding after three officers were shot, three deputies were shot and one was killed. >> there will be an update at the top of the news hour. we'll take a break and come
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