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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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we appreciate your patience today. this has been unfolding throughout the day. we appreciate this because you have been very patient with us as we try to sort out this information. are we ready to go? okay. this is our up dated press briefing for today with regard to the park county sheriff's office -- sheriff's office deputies who were shot today. as we talked about earlier, we were helping that sheriff would be able to join us. he has had a life -- a lot on his plate today, obviously. he has spent the majority of his day in the hospital with his -- the people that were in surgery -- the families of the people that were in surgery. he wanted to stay by the side of the families. that was his priority.
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mountain as we move into the evening. while he wanted to be here, he wanted me to express that reason why he is not typical he also wanted to express his thoughts. this has been a tremendous outpouring. we greatly appreciate this. especially the sheriff. we were -- we are hoping that he will sheriff. it will be tonight most likely. as you know a news release recently sent out detailed the events of the day, it listed county sheriff's office who were shot. it also provided a little bit of an update from the sheriff himself. if you don't have access to it on the jefferson county
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the cbi is also sending this out to their list serve. you have a lot of opportunities to receive this information. before we provide an update of would like to talk a little bit about corporal nate carrigan. i don't profess to be able to share the stories that are going to be released about nate and what he is meant to his community. and what he has done to help everyone around him. what i do know is that he served his community in a superior way and he made the ultimate sacrifice today. as we go into the evening and are doing things with our families, we ask that you keep night -- nate and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers. turn on your porch lights. talk about nate and talk about all of the wonderful things that all of our law enforcement officers are doing on the street to for country each and every day.
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speaking more about nate and what he is meant to this community. it is not my job to do that right now because i couldn't begin to capture that. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> that i can confirm. we will going to questions in a minute. i do have an update on the condition of the others who were shot and injured during the incident today. mr. b told deputy colby martin -- master control deputy colby martin was transferred to st. anthony hospital in critical condition. i am happy report -- happy to report that captain mark hancock who was also treated at st. anthony's and has since been released. he is with his family at this point. an update on the case, earlier today as you know park county sheriff's office requested the
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bureau of investigation. we are looking about 100 people who have responded to this company has the scene back at the house. they are working steadily throughout the afternoon and thee are going to go deep into the night long after the sunsets to process. this will be done as professionally as possible and as our force is trained to do. in a news release, the suspects name is release. i think you have a. i know you have a lot of questions in connection with the suspect. we are still getting the information that we do not have much information at this time. we know there are a lot of rumors and things of that nature but we can make any specific comments about his background or what that may involve.
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that in learning more. when we have the information we will be certain to provide. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> the question is, what is the priority tonight. we talk about processing the scene. that means we had our crime scene vehicle up in that area. any number of agents and investigators are there. the effort is to really understand what happened. they are going to conduct a number of interviews. they are going to collect evidence. they are going to canvassed the neighborhood. they are going to do what they can to reach -- to build a complete picture that relays what took place today. did you have a question? >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> the question is, there was a bomb squad and s.w.a.t. team waa called out to the scene.
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area. they were called out in an abundance of caution. with that many people responded to the scene, we wanted to make sure everyone was safe. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> i don't know the exact players. the question is, why were detectives therefore any fiction. i don't know the exact players who responded to the scene. i know there was a team that went in to take care of the eviction process. as to why they were there, the deeper elements, i can't comment on that. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> pardon? >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> the question is, what did the officers know about this high risk situation. they had backend information about the suspect in this case but we aren't going to talk about it at this time. we have to vet this thoroughly and make sure we have a clear
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] >> i am not sure about the protocols for the park county i don't have that information. i don't that information for >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> who has been assisting park county today. to say there's a massive outpouring across the state is an understatement. the number of officers have been coming and going in wearing different patches. i don't have the list but i could get it for you. people have been bringing food. people have been saying, i am so sorry. they had been bringing food. the community rallies around everyone. the state law enforcement is
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really remarkable. right now with the assistance of the district attorneys county's office and the cbi. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> there were no arrests today in connection with this situation. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too ar from microphone ] >> the question is, do we have all of the details about what happened today. unfortunately outside of the press release, i am not going to me, that the sum. we are only seven hours out of this very comprehensive scene. i am going to let the investigation unfold. we want our agents and rain scene responders to thoroughly processed the scene and get everything they need to tell the complete story.
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too far from microphone ] >> it is such a tragic day in park county. that susan medina with the colorado department -- bureau of investigation. >> we knew that corporal nate carrigan was such an important role. she said that he served in a superior way. palooza football and baseball coach. we also have an update on the other two deputies. nate carrigan is one that passed away today. of the other deputy, master patrol deputy colby martin is out of surgery right now he was cleared to rick -- critically injured. we know that he's in the hospital right now and we know that captain mark hancock is out of the hospital right now. this is a very small community. everyone knows one another,
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department. a tremendous outreach of support, a lot of law enforcement involved in a lot of community members coming together. as you said this is a tight knit community in this is hurting everyone there as well. we are gathering more information and we have several close out in the field right now as we saad, the entire state of colorado is pulling for the other two deputies who were shot. they are being treated at st. anthony hospital in laaewood right now. one of them was just release. deputy colby martin, businesses photo. he is life-threatening injuries after he was shot times below the waist. he is an 11 year veteran with park county. either deeuty, captain mark hancock was grazed in the ear and we were told that he was released from the hospital probably --, probably the best news out of that whole press conference. he was treated and released. >> we have our investigator reporter tony in the newsroom. you have been digging into the past of martin wirth, what have
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found a large public portfolio. we learned he was also involved in a shooting in 1994. this one was in larimer county. records show he was involved in an argument over a chess match. he was named in connection with the shooting death was not convicted. for some reason that court file has been sealed. martin wirth was an activist who fought for several years to prevent today's eviction. he firmly believed the banks and the system were breaking the laws and he reap -- refused to pay his mortgage. >> i did not pay mortgage to a bunch of crooks known as nation star mortgage. `> reporter: you are listening to the man that parquet deputies tried to evict today. this is video from 2014 on a website called the colorado foreclosure resistance coalitionn in this clip he is justifying why he didn't pay his mortgage. >> you know that these people are creating -- committing crimes. you are an accomplice to these
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>> he made an unsuccessful bid in district 2 for state senate in 2014. denver7 investigates also uncovered this telling facebook post from just two months ago. he wrote on unoccupied underpaid, because they ran for senate, i am a high value target. police know they need to be abolished because i write --. because i write such things, cops want me dead. martin wirth also had several documented run-ins with park county law enforcement. deputies were clearly expecting a contentious eviction this morning. i'm not sure if they were >> jennifer kovaleski spoke with a witness lives near the area of the shooting. >> this witness was close enough to hear the gunshots and even called police.
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gunfire and heard this from just a few blocks away. she had just turned on nursery [ indiscernible ] for her granddaughter. >> i just turned it off and then i heard will, boom, boom.>> reporter: she quickly realized they were gunshots. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. they were gunshots. >> reporter: she took these photos out her front window. you could see all of these park block. >> it was tense. i grabbed my phone, grab the baby and just moved her to the floor in the back of the house. >> reporter: she has been here for 30 years. her first thought was which one -`of the officers was a. >> we personally know one of the officers. i was thinking, which one was it.>> reporter: she says she didn't know the neighbor martin wirth but believes that she saw someone waiting to deliver him
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>> reporter: this sally makes it 14 officers shot in colorado in the past three months. the last shooting happened on monday when a denver police officer was shot. oh she survived. earlier this month eight mesa county deputy was shot. lance hernandez is talking with people in the small community of bailey that were shaken not.
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we are on top of breaking news out of park county. this is corporal nate carrigan was killed this morning and baby. he was a deputy with the sheriff's office. he and other deputies were carrying out any fiction noticed this morning when that shooter happen. that news has rattlld people in the small community of bailey were many people know the law enforcement officers personally. >> lance says -- lance is in daily -- in bailey. >> reporter: many of these people are still trying to come to terms with what happened up at this house this deputies who were just doing their job ended up being shot. heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers swarmed the area this afternoon in the event there might be more problems. this is the house where the
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the camper parked next to it. several neighbors heard one neighbor says she heard five shots and another only heard 2. -- two. >> this is a town, these are our neighbors and the people that protect us got hurt too. our hearts go out to everyone. >> we have a lot of in-laws in law enforcement. >> it is heartbreaking.>> reporter: back live can tell you it is an active scene and is going to be for a while this evening. we saw portable lights brought in a few moments ago, officer still up at the house. we saw officers going door to door speaking to neighbors about what happened. obviously a number of neighbors were home entered the gunshots. 3 some of them are able to share what they may have seen. a number of those neighbors left very shaken by what
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reporting live and bailey lance hernandez denver7. >> this is the second time in 10 years smalltime of bailey has dealt with the tragedy. akin 2006 you will probably remember the gunman that took six girls hostage it platte canyon high school and then killed tasting-year-old emily keys before taking his own life. she was able to 10 -- send a text message to her parents saying "i loveeyou. we are getting constant updates on this tragic evolving story. keep it here on denver7 for the latest and you can also get information on too -- crews are now removing all of the sand that you see at lake loveland. brenda, people have considered this a popular hangout spot. >> during the summer, under 10 feet of water, the lake gets pretty high.
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the water goes. it can get even higher except it's a sandbar that is presenting it -- preventing it from doing that. the water at lake loveland is no longer the main attraction. >> this is something i have never seen. >> he's excited to see the big trucks.>> reporter: this week they will dig away what was created after heavy floods. the sandbar has become a popular site to view the lake from. >> i see people out there. >> reporter: the greeley -- greeley loveland irrigation company says much needed water lake. it must come down. the water is worth it.
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lake back to normal. >> the manager of the irrigation company says the sandbar is on private prrperty so sunbathers shouldn't be there in the first place. if you want to enjoy some time on the sand next to the lake, there's a public park on the other side of this lake. reporting live in loveland, brent at [ name indiscernible ] denver7. it is warming up beautiful. sunset is coming our way in the next few minutes. we have nice thin clouds along the front range. get your cameras ready. downtown denver looking to the north and west. temperatures for today are climbing -- only climbed into the 40 for the most part, 43 downtown right now, 44 at the airport. the wwnds are from the east northeast at 20 miles an hour part of the numbers today, high temperature just made it to 50 after starting at 24, normals 48 and 21, 71 the record high
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big storm news in washington dc and philadelphia and the eastern part of the u.s. we through. this will not too much tonight, just high clouds and keeping the temperatures a bit on the cool side for tomorrow. the lows should drop down to 0 at gunnison, low 20s for montrose and gunnison -- montrose, tomorrow will be a day much like today, highs around 50 to 52 degreee in the metro area. 3 48 limon and burlington. 52 dia, 50 and 40s in aurora and parker. elizabeth -- and we should have 30s for the most part in the mountains. we will just have some-clouds and 23 for the low temperature tonight. the high temperature will climb up to 52 tomorrow, mostly sunny and very pleasant. the big jump is for the weekend, friday 55 and sunny, 67 on saturday, a minor system
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for lower elevations and some white stuff in the mountains. dry on monday. a heavier system coming in on tuesday, light rain and snow here and maybe 6 to 10 inches of snow in the mountains. hangout to indian ridge elementary school in the cherry creek district, i don't know if we could get anymore kids in the gym. indian ridge. there was plenty of enthusiasm. it was a good group. i had fun speaking to all of them. i let the camera pan all the way to the other side and then what about getting some close- ups. there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm today. [ laughter ] they were really great. high at a good time -- i had a good time with all f them talking about jet stream send all this. when a jet stream goes over colorado, they learned we get stormy weather. they will be watching for the jet stream now, all of those wonderful kids at indian ridge elementary school. >> they looked excited to see you.
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it was supposed to be cleaning the road but instead this street sweeper was damaged. the road was damaged as well. it rolled over in fort collins. the driver thinks the brakes failed causing it to crash this morning there i 25. investigators are still looking into the official cause. another big road in the metro area will be under construction. right now there's a public meeting being discussed in aurora. discussed. we have sun people plunging into the cold water for the polar plunge. you can go to our website for more information. this is
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they liked where they lived and worked in whether they felt financially secure. >> i think everyone is a winner today when weiss -- weatherwise. we will show you the sunset. it is looking nice. the cirrus clouds are looking really good. get your cameras ready and share it with us at we would love to see your pictures. nice weather coming up for the next 5 to 7 days. it will still get there. we have march and april and
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak. several states, homes destroyed. school children bracing themselves. a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that deadly chopper crash.


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