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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it's 6:00 a.m. denver7 live on the scene of another officer-involved shooting in evans. >> highway 85 closed between 37th and 42nd. eric lupher joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: police are trying to get highway 85 at least partially open. it still will be a while because of this investigation. a person is dead and that means it will be hours before things going when it comes to traffic. because of the investigation they have to keep the area closed off. this hasn't changed since i got here at 4:30 this morning.
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surrounding a very large area, between 37th and 42nd. here's what we know from police, a trespassing call they were on. they confronted two men. they ran from police. one man turned and fired at officers. this is where we just got a clarification from police. it's when they say there was a perimeter set up. they encountered the two suspects a second time. that's when one man brandished his gun, he showed his gun, and police fired on him. that man was killed. the other suspect taken into custody. those are the latest details. no officers were hurt in this exchange. you can see how large the crime scene is. for they can who live up here -- folks who live up here, this is evans, highway 85 is closed off in both directions. jayson luber has been keeping track of the traffic. jayson, we're getting closer to
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and will get worse through the morning. >> most certainly will, you're right. hopefully we'll have lanes open. but now lanes closed down in evans, which is just on the south side of greeley now. we can see traffic impacts, slow traffic because of it as euroing the scene. this is -- you're approaching the scene. closed between 37th and 42nd streets, closed down until they can get a lane open or the investigation is closed off. we'll have to use one of the closest alternates, carson to the west, to get around it. there are local streets, but obviously they are very residential so you have to keep the speeds down, as they're not used to seeing the volume i-85 is used to carryinn. take a look in town, a significant accident, this is the northbound side of i-25. too bad we can't zoom in. there's a temporary wall constructed here, aad big
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sometimes filled with water or sand. a single car accident hit the barrels, splashed them all over the road and spun out and landed there. we do have one lane of the highway open. one lane from 120th open. it's going to be a big time delay for that northbound traffic going all the way up from 104th to 120th. >> that is a bad spot. thanks. first alert weather, it will be a beautiful -- here's the other problem, bright drive there morning. eastbound drivers, what a beautiful sun rides, but trouble again for the drive. 19 in enver. wind calmer today. a few clouds mixing with the sunshine. temperatures, near 50 this afternoon. pretty close to where we were yesterday. by 2:00, denver 50. we are dry across the entire state. allenspark, 41. greeley 48 today. highlands ranch 52. pretty mild day. it will get a lot warmer. also a chance for a little bit % of snow. two storms we're tracking on our seven-day forecast.
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lisa, thank you. 6:03. park county sheriffs corpsal nate carrigan was shot and killed yesterday. this morning condolences are streaming in. two other park county deputies were shot and injured as they tried tooserve an eviction notice. it started after 9:30 yesterday morning in the friendship ranch subdivision in bailey. the man who lived there, marrin wirth, met the deputies outside, then went back inside, grabbed a rifle and started shooting. from the start, deputies knew wirth could be trouble. that's why eight deputies, including the sheriff, were nearby in case things turned violent. deputies fired back, killing wirth. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer is live in bailey this morning. jason. >> reporter: the latest on the investigation, it is still a very active investigation. we went up to the scene on iris drive earlier today, the home where this unfolded yesterday, this tragic situation that
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it was flooded with lights. there was still plenty of pa patrol cars. less than 9,000 people here waking up to the realization that this all really did in fact happen. last night here at the platte canyon community church ttere was a small vigil, a gathering of people for deputy nate carrigan. community. a football coach, a baseball girlfriend and several tears. people we talked to couldn't make sense of it all, saying he was simply doing his job. we want to show you that park county asked people to leave their porch lights on. we can see just off in the distance there is home down this road next to this church, the porch lights are on. this community.
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the comments on the park county facebook page. one person wrote, park county citizen, great coach, great man, you'll be missed by all of park county, especially platte canyon high school where you coached and gave guidance. definitely missed. latest investigation. live in bailey this morning, thanks, jason. these are the other two deputies involved in that shooting yesterday morning. deputy kolby martin on tte left. 11-year veteran. he was shot multiple times. doctors say the injuries are life-threatening. captain mark hancock has been with the department for 21 years. he's the man on the right. a bullet grazed his ear. so he is now out of the hospital. this morning we're looking into the past of the shooter, martin wirth. records show in 1994 he shot and killed a man in fort collins after an arm over a chess match. wirth was never convicted and the case was later sealed.
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protection orders against wirth in 2005. he tells us wirth made multiple threats against him and his employees. >> i told somebody back when he threatened me that if something crazy in the community were to have happened, he's the first guy i would look at. >> we also found troubling posts, including this video where he goes off on the government and banking system. wirth was active with the occupy denver group and made an unsuccessful bid for state senate in 2014. he wrote online, because i ran for senate i am a high value target. police know they need to be abolished because i write such things and cops want me dead. 14 officers shot just in colorado in the past three months. the most recent shooting, three days ago. denver police officer rachel eid you see here, she is out of
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being shot in the foot. earlier this month mesa county deputy geer shot and killed by a teenager. a third patient reports testing positive for hepatitis b after surgery at swedish. a lawyer representing several patients says they need more tests to figure out how the three clients were infected. in our confirmed pumps cases and two more under investigation in colorado. this may be linked to an outbreak in iowa. three cases of the zika viruses in florida, all three pregnant. take a look at this big brush fire forcing evacuations now in malibu. a live picture. burned about 20 acres.
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hills in the area. there was a camp nearby, about 120 kids, they are safe now. coast of new york city, all seven fishermen aboard this fishing boat are safe. their boat ran aground right off rockaway beach. as the coast guard was trying to get in there, the coast guard boat flipped. all the coast guard members did get to shore and were able to be rescued and all the fishermen. no injuries reported. breaking news we're following now, university in south africa closed indefinitely. it turned into what some are calling kind of a war zone. protestors lit a science building on fire on campus. you can see how bad it was. this started when a new student representative council was elected at that university. after the election, students began protesting and that
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security on campus. so police were called to the university. they used tear gas and rubber bullets, trying to get rid of the crowd. that made things worse and that's when the students lit the building on fire. again, this campus in south africa closed indefinitely. cdot says it may be able to open i-70 through glenwood canyon to two-way frank this afternoon. this is the best case scenario, crews will not make that decision until they are positive it is safe to travel 24/7. up until now drivers have had to follow that pilot car through the canyon between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. expect an update on denver 7 and the free denver 7 app. update you on that breaking news, a live look at the situation in evans. highway 85. denver7 on the scene of another officer-involved shooting. no officers injured, but one suspect dead, another in custody. >> highway 85 is closed, expected to stay that way for
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denver7 reporter eric lupher is live there, we'll have an update in just a moment. >> first alert weather with a beautiful start to our day. lots of sunshine. it's bright. dry across the entire region. the western half of our country in fact. chance for snow over the next couple of days. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> accident northbound side of i-25, somebody hit the barrels, you can see it here, and spun out across the northbound lanes at 120th avenue. tow truck is hooking it up now. hopefully we'll have lanes open
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and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. ba da ba ba ba 14 minutes after 6:00. evans. lots of police involved. they were involved in a shooting this morning. one suspect is dead, another injured and in custody. important here, no officers were injured.
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expected to stay that way for quite a while this morning. denver reporter eric lupher at the scene. millions in the mid- atlantic are reeling after hard. the storms killed three people in virginia. power was knocked out to more than 160,000 people in seven states and drivers were roads. in chicago, up to 18 inches of snow expected. >> seems we've done this every week, people in the south and east coast getting hammered and we've been pretty nice. >> been mild. really calm for us. the next few days, big ridge of high pressure, warm, dry, >> we'll take it. >> i know. first alert weather with again, sunshine and 50s in store today. pretty dry across the entire if anything, we're going to get a few clouds over the higher mountain passes that might bring a few light snow showers.
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clear skies, abridge drive. 19 press -- bright drive. 19 degrees in denver. enough of a wind that we're in the teens and 20s, but feels like single digits in some spots. evergreen 11. gunnison 2 below zzro. warmup today. right where we should be. you can see our normal high at 45, and we'll be 50 between 2:00 and 4:00. beautiful, clear skies tonight and overnight lows tomorrow, close to freezing. few clouds developed south of denver along i-25. but dry. we talked about how the western half of the country is dealing with very nice weather. akron 46. low to mid-50s covering the southeastern corner. getting up into the mountains
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grand junction near 50 this afternoon. allenspark 41. highlands ranch 52. plattville 50 by 3:00. greeley 48. a chilly morning. yesterday it got gusty in spots, especially across parts of northeastern colorado. calmer today. yesterday the combination of the dry windy weather had us under a red flag warning. not today. not as windy. tomorrow more sunshine. mid- to upper 50s. a little warmer on friday. a lot warmer on saturday. our polar plunge saturday, and this just in, we're beating the afternoon team. our team name is freezing for a reason. almost 70 saturday. getting warmer for the plunge. >> that's great news. >> jayson was warning he might wear a pooh bear shirt. a shirt and nothing else. >> isn't that what he wears? >> you're not pooh bear.
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belly and nothing else. >> oh, no. >> please. >> we have a couple of problems on i-25. this is northbound, there's 120th there, the northbound side. see the police activity here? % somebody hit one of these barrels. somebody hit that, spun out, and that's why we're seeing the delay here. look down here, as we have that, this is the southbound side. look at the two cars here in the left lane. secondary accident. we have heavy stop and go traffic. you can see it from that cdot camera as well. northbound side, southbound side jam packed. it's rock solid unfortunately. coming up from coal tax to 120th, most heavy traffic coming up from 120th, to 120th, rather. coming in from longmont, i'll show you those times, couple of extra minutes, 20 minutes at least from 119 to 120th. those are the biggest delays
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rest of the drive not too bad. offfreeway accident colfax and monaco. % a 15-year-old boy is behind bars after making a threat against a school. ellicott school district closed all schools monday as we told you that morning. a spokesman says the teenager warned students on an app not to go to school. the district reopened classes the next day. authorities in weld county looking for thieves hitting convenience stores along the i- 25 corridor. they've hit four stores between sunday and tuesday. each time one man asks the clerk for a pack of cigarettes. when they're not looking, the other grabs the charity box or automated chaage dispenser. they've gotten away so far with about $200. you could earn about 10 times that if you have information to turn them in. state marijuana regulators have another warning.
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the newest order affects pot grown sold through a dispepsry in golden and tests show it was treated with a pesticide. you can return it if you have it. physicians say emergency room visits from out of towners doubled when pot sales began two years ago. it didn't change much among coloradians. tonight the republican presidential hopefuls debate. the front-runner, donald trump, is in a battle with mitt romney now. romney suggests there is a bombshell hiding in trump's tax returns. >> when people decide they don't want to give you their taxes it's because there's
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>> romney has called on all candidates to disclose their tax returns. trump wrote -- 6:20 now. we're following breaking news out of evans. denver7 on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. no officers injured, but one suspect dead and another in custody. >> jayson luber has your alternate routes if you need to
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yeah, your denver 7 morning team getting ready to take the plunge this saturday at the denver zoo. lisa is heading up our team. trying to raise more money than the night crew.
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can find information at we have got information that we're beating the evening team. %- >> about $2,000 now. >> very good. i'm going in my full business suit. i'm questioning the logic behind it. >> you're going to be very cold. hope you have a change of clothes. >> come out, see what happens. any day now broncos quarterback peyton manning could announce his plans for the future. >> our reporters at "the denver post" expect the decision around the first of march. at the nfl combine in indianapolis coach kubiak had this to say. >> i think the bottom line is we made a decision how to go about it. it's about him taking this time to think through things. there's no hurry here. want him to enjoy what just took place and we'll go from
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>> they do see their future >> kubiak says they're talking with his agent. they cleared the southbound crash out of the left lane and are still trying to open up the northbound lanes here at 120th. somebody hit this barrier wall there and hit some of the barrels, spun out. you can see the debris there on the highway. most of the activity has been shoulder. however as they're doing the sweeping, they have a couple of lanes blocked and backup in both directions getting to 120th. thank you. >> live look from the scene of an officer-involved shooting in evans. another suspect is dead, no officers were injured. >> but it has highway 85 closed down between 37th and 42nd. expect it to stay that way for some hours. you'll have to look for an alternate route. eric lupher will have a live update on what happened after a quick break.
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than 24 hours after a deputy is guned down in park county.
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6:30. denver7 live on another officer- involved shooting. you can see guns drawn in evans this morning. >> highway 85 in evans closed -`between 37th and 42nd. denver7 reporter eric lupher there on scene. we know it's early on, but what can you tell us about what went down this morning? >> reporter: i just talked with greeley police again and they're saying because there was a chase involved, that's why they have such a huge crime scene and it's why highway 85 is still closed in both directions. the sun is up so we can show you where the shooting occured. see that 85 liquor store? that is where a man was shot and killed, a suspect. we'll take you back to what first happened. there was a trespassing call. when police got to the scene
6:31 am
they tried to chase these two men. one turned around and fired at police. that's when police set up a perimeter and they encountered these two suspects a second time, that's when one of the suspects brandished his gun, showed his gun, and that's when he was fired on by police and killed. what's not clear just yet, and i just talked with greeley police about this, we don't know if the man that fired the first time was the same man that showed his gun and was shot and killed. now we don't know if both suspects had guns or if just one suspect had a gun. that is still -- that still needs to be clarified. >> any time we have anything like this that happens, we hope no one is injured. that is primary. on the other hand, there's times when we -- [inaudible].
6:32 am
we're getting a clearer picture where the shooting occured, because this crime scene is so large. there outside the 85 liquors police were trying to try to get partial opening of highway 85, but obviously when you have a death involved, especially an officer-involved shooting, it `ill be a while. they have to protect the crime scene, so detours are in place. now highway 85 remains closed. eric lupher, denver 7. >> it's widely traveled obviously. the south side of greeley in evans. let me take you up there. this is the area we're talking about, the south side of highway closed down. 37th to 42nd, that's the area closed down. you can sse carson avenue to the west, 17th also to the west to get around it. there will be delays up there on that south side. the biggest delay in town is north side of town. couple of problems, this is the
6:33 am
where somebody crashed into one of the walls. northbound side somebody hit the barrels and spun out. most of the activity is to the side. there was also an accident on the southbound side. we have extensive delays and also travel time delays. 25 minutes northbound side and most of that, 20 minutes from 84th up to 120th. >> first alert weather with a gorgeous sunrise. sun is up and we're expecting a bright drive. things are drying out in the foothills, where we had a foot of snow earlier in the week. 20s early on. a few teens in spots. 55 degrees by 4:00. we've got denver at 50. most neighborhoods across northeastern colorado upper 40s to around 50. they're heading home. this morning it's cold at the the mountains.
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these are our -- this is our town. these are our neighbors and the people who protect us got hurt, too. so our hearts go out to everyone. >> the town of bailey in shock and mourning now. a 13-year veteran of the park county sheriff's office gunned down trying to serve an eviction notice yeeterday morning. two other deputies are injured. one of them is in critical condition. the suspect was shot and killed. people we spoke with say corporal nate carrigan you see here was an outstanding member of the community. to see what he meant to the community, look no further than the memorial inside the community church there in bailey. friends came together last night and shared tears and hugs and prayers. even those who didn't know him say they had a connection to him. >> my grandson was on the football team and baseball team and had a lot of nice things to say. >> you couldn't ask for better. we have great deputies up here.
6:35 am
>> he was just doing his job. >> as you know, law enforcement all over the country share a special bond. here are a few of the condolences coming in. chicago police tweeted this in. dear bourne police in michigan. we even saw a tweet from riverside police in illinois. they posted this. >> the shootout began as deputies tried to serve that eviction notice to martin wirth. a former swat team leader says the person living in the home is notified ahead of time, so they typically know to expect law enforcement. in this case, deputies were at the home because they expected resistance. >> he's had a history with law enforcement, so they knew some of his background.
6:36 am
believed he didn't need to pay taxes or his mortgage, and he could defend his property with did. >> wirth was killed during the shootout. just last month he made statements on facebook saying 6:35. 14 members of law enforcement have been shot just in colorado the past three months. denver. injured. the admitted planned parenthood shooter appeared in court begun and -- again and tried to make statements. robert dear, jr. told the judge he wanted to say something and the judge said he can't. as dear was escorted out of court he reportedly told the courtroom "media, come see me. i have secret case files. i'll tell you all about it.
6:37 am
video from that previous hearing in which he made several outbursts, including calling himself a warrior for the babies and admitting he's guilty in the shooting. now dear undergoing a mental health evaluation. we're staying on top of that breaking news out of evans. live look at the scene, another officer-involved shooting. no officers injured. one suspect is dead, another is in custody. >> now highway 85 closed. expected to stay that way for the morning.
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ba da ba ba ba we want to give ou an update in evans. police involved in a shooting, no officers injured. but one suspect is dead, another in custody now. police say it started with a trespassing call.
6:40 am
that area in both directions. we have alternate routes coming up from jayson in a bit. on scene. we're going to check in with him in a couple of minutes. we'll check on the alternate routes now, in a second, want to start with this cleanup continues. somebody hit some of the barrels on that temporarily wall after 120th, spun outt all three lanes are highway, but they're trying to do the final cleanup and restricting traffic off 120th. north side, south of greeley in the evans area, highway 85 closed down between 37th and 42nd. that's the area shut down. to get around it you can go a little bit to the west. carson avenue is open, as well as 17th avenue. both of those are open and they're good ways to get around it. but it will be a busy spot for
6:41 am
>> good info. thanks. 6:40now. you can see across the entire region really very dry. today we have highs near 50. with a ridge of high pressure building in, that's going to boost our temperatures. it gets warmer on friday and saturday. today we're in the mid- to upper 40s by noon. then a high of 50 this afternoon. close to normal here in denver. overnight lows near 30. hourly planner showing us mostly sunny by noon. good looking day today. warmer tomorrow. 70 by saturday. >> wow. >> my goodness. good for the polar plunge. isis has released a new video threatening the heads of the various social media sites it uses to recruit people. reportedly shows zuckerburg and dorsey with bullet holes on their foreheads.
6:42 am
plans on visiting guantanamo bay the next few days. he said he's had this trip in the plans for some time. the president's plan to close the detention center means the prisoners could be coming here to colorado. he has criticized the president's idea of closing guantanamo bay. president obama may be close to announcing his nominee for the supreme court. sources say he's looking at nevada's governor sandoval. he's a republican and former district court judge. the senate says they won't hold confirmations on any nominee coming from president obama. six states have filed a lawsuit taking issue with the provider fee states have to deal with.
6:43 am
highway 85 closed in both directions after an officer-
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welcome back. about 6:45. taking a live look outside from the city cam. look at that sunrise. yes, it still feels like spring. >> we need lisa's giant sunglasses. >> it's on my facebook page. some looked like charlie sheen. >> that's not good. >> calmer today. over berthoud pass recent wind gust of 32 miles per hour. otherwise, fairly calm across the entire state. it's really bright. north of fort morgan, that was a really windy spot yesterday. teens and 20s. city park 23. greeley 16. in bennett now 15. it's a cold start, but a decent warmup today. afternoon. denver 50. pueelo at 51.
6:46 am
30s. closer to 50 on the western slope. here in town fort collins 49. highlands ranch 52. most neighborhoods are going to be in the upper 40s to low 50s today. broomfield at 51. in parker 49. few more degrees tomorrow. skies will stay for the most part pretty clear. dry weather expected until about saturday. by saturday we could see a little snow in the mountains, late saturday into sunday, a weak disturbance that rolls in. it mike bring us a -- might bring us a few showers sunday, so a little cool down. saturday it's gorgeous. friday mid-50s. saturday closer to 70 degrees. the bright spot there. few showers possible sunday. we've got a bigger system, a stronger storm that will bring with it a better chance for rain, light rain/snow mix here in denver tuesday. late monday into tuesday, just keep an eye out for that. in the meantime enjoy that,
6:47 am
>> situation on the north side of town, northbound i-25, movements ago at 120th, cleaning up the last of the crash. all three lanes northbound side are open. still have the police and activity. still squeezing the lanes, still slow traffic. you can see from the map here that we still have slow traffic both directions, not only the northbound side from 104th, but southbound turning into the typical stop and go traffic into downtown denver. the heaviest stop on the southbound side 10 to 15 minutes. 120th to 84th avenue. %- just getting word we have a situation, possibly a dog near brighton boulevard. this is a crash at colfax and monaco still being cleaned up. sounds like there could be possibly a dog, so we have seen slow traffic there. airtracker 7 is on the way. we'll get a better look at that
6:48 am
otherwise, 15 minutes on i-70. thank you. turns out our road wrangler daryl orr is also the elk wwistler. overnight he found this herd. isn't that neat? >> nice. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle working together to come up with bills to create good paying jobs. our partners at the denver post report the proposals aim to get more involved in getting -- getting employers more frontier airlines have 150
6:49 am
pays almost 20 bucks an hour. u.s. forest service interviewed 1200 people, looking to hire fire workers and administrative staff. we'll get you caught up on the big stories, including three deputies shot, one killed serving an eviction notice in park county. >> breaking news in evans, one person dead following a
6:50 am
is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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6:50. breaking news this morning, one man is dead, one in custody after another officer-involved shooting. this time in evans. >> let's get out to denver 7 reporter eric lupher in evans at highway 85 and 37th. >> reporter: this started out as a trespassing call. it ended with the death of one man. this is the scene, still blocked off highway 85 still closed off in both directions through evans here. again, started as a trespassing call. two suspects ran from police. one suspect fired at one point. that's when a perimeter was set up. it was during the second encounter when one of the suspects showed a gun and ttat's when that man was shot and killed. the other man taken into custody. here's what's next in the investigation.
6:52 am
as i was saying earlier, the search team -- [inaudible] -- it's a con glom ration -- >> reporter: it could be a while before i-85 opens. jayson, it will cause issues. highway 85 between 37th and 42nd closed off now. >> people are scrambling for alternate routes. here are some ideas. south side of greeley in evans, this is the section of highway85 closed down between 37th and 42nd. you can go a little bit west to carson avenue, 17th can get you around it. or to the east in golden in evans will get you around it. you are going to see traffic delays because of that. here in town one of the biggest delays is still on the north side of i-25, cleaning up the northbound side. i-70 near brighton boulevard,
6:53 am
but the bright sunshine is a major factor. this morning the town of bailey mourning the loss of not only a deputy, but a member of their community. park county sheriffs corporal nate carrigan you see here died trying to serve an eviction notice yesterday. two other park county deputies were shot, taken to the hospital. the shooting started around 9:30 yesterday morning in the friendship ranch subdivision. investigators say the man who lived there is martin wirth. he met the deputies on the deck and the officers say he went inside, grabbed a rifll and started shooting. in anticipation this eviction could turn violent, eight deputies, including the sheriff were nearby. deputy kolby martin on the left shot multiple times. threatening.
6:54 am
grazed his here and he's out of the hospital. 14 law enforcement officers shot in colorado in the past three months. >> nate carrigan was a coach in plate canyon schools and the schools will have grief counselors and support. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live in bailey, the latest on the investigation, we were at the scene about a mile away earlier today. active investigation. law enforcement still on scene. had flood lights all night as they continue to investigate. as for the community here, they held a vigil at this church last night to try to make sense of everything that was happening. the community flooding the park county sheriff's department facebook page with comments. more than 250 thoughts and prayers. corporal carrigan was a 12-year vet, a baseball and football
6:55 am
the enrollment of the high school where he coached, only 300 people. the community of only 9,000 mourning. several deputies responded because of the shooter's past. records show in 1994 wirth shot and killed a man in fort collins after an argument s match but he was never convicted. a man got a protective order from him in 2005. he said wirth made threats against him and his employees at gateway youth and family services. we found troubling posts online where wirth goes off on the government and banking system. california. still trying to get a handle on the fire. they've called in other
6:56 am
counties to try to help with this brush fire. a third patient reports testing positive for hepatitis b in our area, after undergoing surgery at swedish medical center. nearly 3,000 patients are being tested now because the former surgical technician, rocky allen is accussd of swapping needles and stealing drugs. the attorney for the patients say more tests are needed. denver dealing with an outbreak of muchs now -- mumps now and four under investigation. first alert weather tracking a bright, gorgeous, chilly start. it's now 20 degrees in denver. now the sunshine is officially a problem for that eastbound drive. you'll find clear skies this morning. few clouds throughout the day. greeley a high of 48. fort collins 49. in boulder today 50. close to 50 across the entire metro area.
6:57 am
tomorrow mid- to upper 50s. warmer saturday. gorgeous for the polar plunge. we'll be near 70 degrees on saturday. >> thank you, lisa. commuters in aurora will have to find a way around a majjr closure coming up. intersection of quincy and south buckley it will be partially shut down today. crews are trying to fix a under the road. buckley will be down to one lane in each direction. cdot hopes today is the day they can open i-70 to two-way canyon. it could happen this afternoon. of course that decision won't be made until its 100% safe. that rock slide has kept it closed more than a week. here's something you don't see every day, emergency crews had cleanup to do after a street sweep errolled on its side in fort collins yesterday. the driver said his brakes failed and investigators are looking into what happened. some good news, we live in
6:58 am
>> several cities in the metro country. fort collins is fourth best in the u.s. boulder is 35th. if you're wondering who took the top spot, naples, florida, highest for well-being. the report ranked it on several factors, if people liked where they lived and work and if they >> naples is beautiful. really hot in the summer. it happens. >> in fort collins lately, it's awesome. gotten cooler over the last five to 10 years. >> it's a good spot. >> we leave you this morning with a live look from bailey, as that community mourns the
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. and a blizzard slams the midwest overnight. last chance, marco rubio and trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. about the gop frontrunner's taxes. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he


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