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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. we start with breaking news. jefferson county teacher has been arrested for sexual exploitation of a child. >> according to police records, young was arrested december 30th on three counts. he was placed on administrative leave prior to that arrest. the principal of sierra school sent out a letter to parents.
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>> we'll bring you the latest details here on denver 7 and also keeping a close eye on a death investigation from overnight, after police kill and shoot a man in evans. >> happened before sunup. denver7's eric lupher was the first reporter on scene. eric. >> reporter: mitch, kellie, i- 85 is still closed for this investigation. that issbecause you can see the weld county sheriffs command unit is here, the mobile command and they're here still gathering evidence. this comes one day after the tragedy in park county. >> i heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, like that. just like that. at least 10 or 12. >> reporter: witnesses react to what they saw this morning off highway 85 in evans. >> it sounds like the craziest, scariest thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: police fired on a suspect, killing him. >> i don't know what's going
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>> reporter: it started as a trespassing call. police saying officers chased down two men, one of them turning and firing. after police set up a perimeter they confronted the men a second time when ooe of the suspects showed a gun. it's when investigators say police shot him. >> we hope no one is injured, that is primary. on the other hand, there are times when we don't have a choice. >> reporter: a team of investigators from agencies across weld county will gather the evidence to determine if this shooting was justified. that is typical for an officer- involved shooting. in evans, eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. denver7 also following breaking news out of park county, after a corporal with the sheriff's department shot and killed yesterday morning. >> we're expecting the condition of the two other deputies shot in this crime. jason gruenauer is live in jason. you.
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from the home where that shooting happened. that's because law enforcement is keeping everyone out. they're still calling this a very active investigation. they're coming through the crime scene trying to pull even more evidence, trying to figure out exactly what happened. we've just learned the sheriff of park county is going to be holding a news conference at noon today here in bailey to give us the latest. we're also hoping to learn the latest as far s the condition of that second deputy shot and hospitalized. the third was shot and released from the hospital. as for this community, how they're taking it, the word everybody uses seems to be using is shock. that's because when talking about the death of nate carrigan. bailey itself has a population of only 9,000. the high school where the deputy coached baseball and football has an enrollment of only 300.
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was here delivering the county paper with the deputy's picture on it, delivering the news, if you will, to people who hadn't heard it. he said many people were without words when they see that picture on the front page. i'll have the latest on denver 7 and inside platte canyon community church last night, prayers and hugs among those remembering nate carrigan. many didn't know him personally but had a connection. >> my grandson was on the football team and baseball team and had a lot of nice things to say about officer carrigan. >> you can't ask for better. we have great deputies here. >> this is very, very hard. >> he was just doing his job. >> denver 7 uncovering
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had a troubled past, his criminal record to the 1990s. >> in 1994 he shot and killed a man in fort collins after an argument after a chess match, but he was not convicted. >> nonof this is surprised to one man in 2005 who was forced to get a protection order against wirth after wirth made threats to him and his employees. he said wirth was a ticking time bomb. >> i told somebody back when he threatened me that if something crazy in the community were to happen, he's the first i would look at. >> we found troubling posts, including a video where wirth goes off on the government and banking system. >> just two months ago he wrott on the occupy denver page "because i ran for senate i am high value target. cops want me dead ." >> we have more about this on
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find out about the fallen deputy there as well. now in denver 34 degrees. nice day. >> still stuck in the 30s at some spot. yesterday at this point we were in the 40s. getting there. sunshine, clear skies. it's beautiful. we had a few clouds this morning. now nothing. across the entire west it is dry. right now 38 degrees. that's going to be at city park. 37 now in fort collins. 36 in greeley. still pretty chilly out west, teens and 20s up in the mountainss this afternoon expecting 30s to be 50s. here in denver within the next couple of hours low to mid-40s, with a high of 50 by 3:00. plenty of sunshine today. tomorrow it gets a little bit warmer, even more so on saturday. really nice seven-day forecast. there are two days on that forecast that we're watching as far as the chance for snow. we'll detail all of that coming
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federal drug investigation in our state and nebraska ends with more than 60 people arrested. a federal prosecutor says it was a year-long investigation. names of those indicted expected to be released tomorrow. we can put a face to the aspen woman arrested 8 times for dui. she is also accused of hitting her ex-husband's teen daughter in the face before getting into a car drunk. police say a breathalyzer showed she had an alcohol level of .297. she's charged with dui, driving with excessive alcohol content, assault and child abuse. another patient testified positive for hepatitis b after the attorney for the three
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be done to figure out how they were infected. mumps outbreak in colorado that may be related to an outbreak in iowa. three pregnant women in florida tested positive for the zika virus. cdot says it may be able to open i-70 glenwood canyon as early as his afternoon. that's the best case scenario. they will not make the decision until they're real positive it's safe to travel the area 24/7. up until now drivers have had to follow a pilot car. expect an update on denver 7 and that free denver 7 app. we'll tell you about the new video from isis. >> plus the latest on this
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isis has released a new video threatening the heads of the social media sites it uses to recruit people. it shows facebook founder mike zuckerburg and twitter's ceo jack dorsey with bullet holes on their faces. isis is angry because both sites take down isis posts when thhy found them.
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africa shut down indefinitely after protests. election there were protests and the crowds set the science building on fire. in new york, seven fishermen are safe after their beach. as the coast guard was trying boat flipped. >> they were getting water washing over the railing and going into the vessel. they were using pumps and over time they just floated and this is where they ended up. >> all coast guard members made it back to shore and they were able to rescue all the fishermen. no injuries reported. breaking news out of california, brush fire forcing evacuations early this morning in the malibu area. now we're learning an inmate on the fire team was severely
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fire has burned at least 20 around 120 kids were evacuated % from a nearby camp. at last update the fire was only about 35% contained. we'll continue to follow this and we'll update as we get more information. the death toll continues to rise from the powerful storm system in the southeast. virginia. power was knocked out for more than 160,000 in seven states. >> we're not worried about the damage. our prayers go out to the three people that lost their life. >> across the u.s. at least seven people have been killed by these recent storms. we talk about the severe weather and it's been so nice here. but that has dangers in itself, too. >> true. way too dry. yesterday we had red flag warnings. no high fire danger today, but
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yesterday in the mountains at this point we were looking at gusts upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour. not only on the plains, but also the mountains. recent check of berthoud pass, over 20 miles per hour. otherwise, much calmer today. a pleasant afternoon state-wide when it comes to winds. live look over loveland pass now. yesterday we had snow blowing across the roadway. it's a lot drier now. you've got sunshine state-wide and a beautiful start to our afternoon. mid- to upper 30s. greeley 36. fort collins, denver, boulder all at 37 right now. we're going to get into it look like the 40s here within the next hour. castle rock you're at 37. estes park, 36. and still teens and 20s for the central mountains. little closer to 40s farther south. pueblo, lamar near 40 now. clear skies across the region. we have some cloud cover off to the east of us. but it's very dry again out west. fire danger a huge concern.
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pressure building over the region, especially spots like california, next couple of days it will get drier and warmer. denver 50 for a high. greeley 46. sterling low to mid-40s. some 50s parts of southern colorado. today. same thing in montrose. closer in we have most neighborhoods at about 48 to 50 degrees this afternoon. it is a touch cooler than yesterday, but tomorrow we're going to be a little warmer. mid- to upper 50s expected on friday. still looking good on saturday. highs near 70 degrees for the first half of our weekend. we put the bright spot there. our polar plunge is saturday. our entire morning show at the denver zoo jumping about noon. you can still donate and register. by sunday a few showers, highs mid- to upper 50s at that point. that's a disturbance that could bring a little snow to the mountains. we have a better chance at not
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snow in denver monday into tuesday. >> aha. >> nothing major. little something. >> okay. close call for a motorist in tampa after a fed ex driver appears to lose control on the road. >> whole thing was caught on camera. still not clear what went wrong with the driver, but clearly not in control. %- drivers had to dodge the truck. some pulled up next to him trying to get him to stop. >> come on, pull over. it's all right, just pull over. >> i thought he was going to run head-on into a car in the westbound lane. >> that driver was able to talk the fed ex driver into pulling over. at this point the driver hasn't been charged with anything, but fed ex is investigating. story of a young hero emerging out of a super tragic story in san diego. ten-year-old keira larsen saw a run away vehicle barreling to her and three other children. she pushed the children out of the way and was hit herself. >> she saved both my daughters' life.
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and both could have been gone in an instant. she stepped in and took over and did what she knows best to do, and that's to protect those around her. >> the suv that hit and killed her was parked and somehow began to roll down the hill. there's a gofundme account set up to help the family with funeral expenses. a high school athlete in alabama is showing the world nothing can stop him. the senior is a double amputee 3 and state wrestling champ. >> he was born without shin bones and both legs amputateed below the knee. >> he was not pleased, so he made it his mission to finish off this year, and his dreams come true, our dreams come true
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his middle school days. >> he's good. it feels good. >> he won state and capped off on undefeated season. take a look at this woman here, you might think she looks pregnant but it's a 35-pound tumor that's been growing the past 8 years. doctoos successfully removed it. the procedure took more than 3 hours and now the 22-year-old is recovering. the meals on wheels problem in littleton has been driving away hunger since the 1960s. >> and for much of that time, this week's denver 7 hero has been a driving force behind that effort. take a look. >> reporter: more than 86,000 every year. this is the heart of the tlc meals on wheels program, serving littleton and well beyond. >> it's such a good program. >> reporter: marilyn ness knows the power of serving others. >> i've volunteered 45 years.
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45 years of volunteering. >> most marriages don't last as long as, so it's incredible. >> i started off as a driver. >> reporter: marilyn has been here since the early days. mostly littleton. now the program has 26 routes, covering 95 square miles of the south metro. fresh meals for more than 400 volunteers like marilyn. >> in a very loving way we call her grandma. >> only john calls me grandma. >> if anyone gets tired, they look over their shoulder and there's grandma working away. >> denver 7 will honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your volunteering here. >> it's been a long time. >> you have done this a long time. congratulations. >> to learn more about tlc meals on wheels, ttey help a lot of people around littleton,
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click on community and you'll see 7 everyday heros. if you're down in the dumps, we'llltell you about a
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. there's a ministry team at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. jumped off trampoline handing off the ball to that thundering bunk that shattered the backboard. it was a church gym they were borrowing. whoops. looks like the show is over. this metal heavy drummer made the children's song the wheels on the bus a little more entertaining. joey has done the same to other songs like, you are my sunshine, and the power puff girls. this emotional young boy is, well, his mom arranged his food on his plate so there was a smiley face, and he said it
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he was so overcome with emotion he refused to eat it. watch. -`>> poor boy. he doesn't know what he's going to do now. probably went hungry. this woman in romania is the proud owner of this unusual piece of clothing. it's a vest she made from her own hair. that's right, it's her own hair. she's been collecting her own hair for 20 years. she made the vest and said it
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and she doesn't wear it any more. after keeping it about five years she gifted it to a local museum, if you want to see it, mitch. her husband says it feels like soft wool. >> eww. >> 20 years of -- >> this is my question, over all these years where was she collecting the hair before she made the jacket? bags in the closet. >> we can probably make something from your hair brush. >> probably, not gonna lie, it's pretty gross. >> in a drawer in the kitchen. enough of this. our state is one of the top places to live a happy, healthy life. a new report from health ways ranks fort collins as the fourth healthy everyand happiest in the country. boulder 45th and for having the
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naples, florida ranked number one. a washington woman's meal turned into wortt thousands. she bit into a clam and found a pearl. >> he thought i was joking. he thought it looked so round and perfect that someone was playing a joke on me. >> well, she took her discovery to a gemologist and turns out this is a rare purple pearl worth around $600. she says she plans to keep it and turn it into a necklace. >> perfectly round. >> or she can pay for the dentist to fix her tooth. we're going to tell you about a couple of businesses hiring today. >> plus, what you can expect for the latest gop debate happening tonight. we'll also continue following the shooting out of bailey, that's what you're looking at there, from the scene.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom
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and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. just about 11:30. denver7 hoping to learn more about that tragic incident in park county. yesterday three deputies were shot while trying to serve a high risk eviction notice to a man in bailey. >> one deputy did not survive. today we're expecting to learn more about the two surviving deputy. denver7's jason gruenauer has been following the story all day, speaking to those in the
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the deadly incident. >> reporter: law enforcement are calling this still a very active investigation. as we speak, law enforcement are up at the house which is just up the road from where we are now combing and sifting through evidence trying to figure out what happened and make sense of what happened yesterday. we've just learned the sheriff of park county will be holding a noon press conference for members of the media to update us on the status of that investigation. it potentially get emotional, because we know theesheriff was on scene yesterday acting in a backup role because the sheriff's department has had a history with the suspect in this case. much more no still to come -- information still to come. as for this tight knit community, many people we spoke to say they either don't have the words or the word they used is shock. people have been flooding the sheriff's department's facebook page with comments, thoughts
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>> looks like we lost jason's shot there. you heard him say we're going to get an update at noon there. park county deputies faced an especially dangerous task serving this notice. >> a former swat team leader says the homeowner is notified in advance so they typically know to expect law enforcement to show up at the door. in this case, eight sheriff's deputies were at the home because they expected some resistance. >> understand he's had a history with law enforcement, so they knew some of his background. looking at some of his youtube videos, believed he didn't need to pay ttxes or mortgage and he could defend his properties with weapons which he certainly did. >> the suspect, martin wirth, was killed. last month he made comments on facebook saying "cops want me dead." >> reporter: i'm eric lupher in evans. police are trying to piece together the events that led up to officers shooting and
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investigators are still here along highway 85 in evans between 37th and 42nd. take a look at video. here's what we've learned so far, police are saying they were on a trespassing call when they confronted two men. both of those men ran from police according to investigattrs, when one of the men turned and fired on police. that's when officers set up a perimeter, confronted the two men a second time and police say one of the suspects showed his gun and that the officers fired, killing that man. another man was taken into custody. we talked to one witness who saw it all happen. he knows just how scary this is and is shocked at the amount of officer involved shootings lately. >> they have families, just like the rest of us. when they go out and walk out the door in the morning to go to work, you know, the family can only hope they'll come home `afe at night. >> reporter: just like every
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investigators will try to figure out and make sure that this shooting was justified. one man is dead, another suspect in custody. eric luuher, denver 7. the admitted planned parenthood shooter in colorado springs who made several outbursts in his previous court appearance had no chance to do that yesterday. >> robert dear, jr. told the judge he wanted to say something and the judge said he couldn't and as he was being escorted out he reportedly said -- we have video from dear's previous hearing in which he made several outbursts and admitteded he's guilty in the shooting that left three dead. now he is undergoing a mental health investigation. evaluation. it might take another month to complete it.
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bars after making threats to his school. ellicott closed all schools tuesday. they say he warned students on an app not to go o school tuesday. two suspected thieves hitting several convenience stores along the i-25 corridor. each time one man will ask for a pack of cigarettes and he grabs the charity donation box or automatic change dispenser. they've gotten away with about $200. you could earn 10 times that if you help turn them in. state marijuana regulators have another warning about pot. the fourth in just the past week. %- the newest order affects pot grown at the rocky mountain organic medicine business in denver. the pot was sold through a dispensary in golden. tests show the marijuana is contaminanted with unapproved pesticides. you can return your pot to the
11:35 am
our state for pot aren't handling it well. er visits from out of state visitors doubled when pot sells began. the rate of visits didn't change much at all among colorado residents though. the right to die bill fails again. it would have allowed terminally ill patients a legal option to end their lives. sponsors say they didn't have enough votes to get it passed. tonight the five remaining gop presidential hopefuls debate ahead of super tuesday. the candidates' prime focus now, trying to stop a surging donald trump. scott mclane is in houston with more. >> reporter: just a few precious days before super tuesday. the epicenter of the republican race tonight will be texas, where the five gop hopefuls will meet. the front-runner says he'll be ready thursday night. >> we'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. so far everybody that's
11:36 am
>> reporter: marco rubio has 3 been attacking trump. something that won't likely >> the front-runner in this race has eluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> reporter: then ted cruz who faced tough questions. he thinks he's being treated unfairly. >> i'm cure us how many reporters asked marco rubio after losing four states in a row, so when do you drop out? >> reporter: rounding it out, john kasich and ben carson who still believe they have a way forward. any day now peyton manning could announce his plans for the future. partners at the post expect his decision around march 1st. `t the nfl scouting combine in minneapolis, coach you've been
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>> it's about him taking his time to work through things, think through things. there's no hurry here. want him to enjoy what just there. >> one thing is clear, they see a future with brock osweiler. kubiak says they're talking with his agents. a dance production this weekend features the bully, the bullyed and the bystanders. >> it's getting a lot of buzz. >> two of the dancers are in our studii. >> we're going to watch that performance and talk to them. here in denver at this point temperatures in the 30s. this afternoon 40s to near 50. denver a high of 50. mostly sunny this afternoon. gets warmer from here. details coming up. tt0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->:
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tt0w!ti"hz% )8h-xf8 tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% 0ph-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
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who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. `>> right now frontier airlines is looking to hire new workers. it needs 150 new flight attendants. pay is close to $20 per flight hour. >> they're guaranteed 75 hours of flying time per month. all positions based here in denver and to apply you need to be at least 21 and have a valid passport. the rocky mountain region of the u.s. forest service has temporary openings, including administrative support. better act quick, interviews already underway. they hope to make offers next week.
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to the denver performing arts complex. the new plan would include new theaters, new arts high school. there's a drawing of the area. also an outdoor pavilion. according to the denver post, it includes tearing down the concert hall and building a new concert hall. here at denver 7 we're hoping it stays warm through the weekend, especially saturday with the polar plunge. we're on lisa's team and hoping to raise more money than our night time colleagues. if you'd like to donate, share it with the morning team. it's at the denver zoo and admission is free if you're doing the plunge. >> so come out, plunge with us, point and laugh, whatever you want. >> look at mitch in a suit. how funny it would be if you were in front of me and i watched y'all jump and i didn't jump in. >> that better not happen. night time crew. we're at this .300 dollars
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>> between the two teams, that's great. you can help, too. we have a beautiful day. great. 70 by saturday. weekend. will be a slow warmup today. but 50s by this afternoon. still very spring-like. today our temperatures near that normal of 49. the record high today, 74. we'll be talking temperatures closer to the record again by closer to the record again by saturday. i'll show you that in just a minute. estes park now you're already at 40. warmer there than in denver. 39 in fort collins and in greeley. 37 now in aurora. teens and 20s in the mountains and out west, grand junction, montrose, low to mid-40s. 20s near craig and steamboat. we're all right where we should be this time of year. highs near 50 in denver this afternoon. biggest difference today compared to yesterday is it's
11:43 am
you're not going to find gusty winds, but that means our temperatures will be slower to warm. yesterday with the wind we saw a bigger, faster warmup. 43 in the springs today. greeley this afternoon 45. in fort collins 47. most every neighborrood at about 48 to 50 today. little warmer up again through the mountains. estes park 44 there. nice afternoon. skies will stay very clear next few days. a lot of sunshine through saturday. by sunday there could be a few showers and in fact saturday and sunday our mountains could pick up a little rain, a little snow. then a slight chance of that across the plains. it's a week disturbance this weekend. you'll notice what it does to our temperatures. we go from 55 friday to near 70 saturday. then there's that chance for a few showers sunday. we get a better chance next week, this next storm of getting a light mix monday into tuesday.
11:44 am
wednesday we're at 49. a little cooler with better chance of snow at that point. looks good. [ no audio ] two members of the company are with us today. they are both seniors at valor and dance captains. >> thank you for coming today. how did you bring together a dance of bullying? >> it came together with our dance instructor and he had a show about it called cocoon. he decided to do it about bullying, because it's so prevalent. it's kind of where it came about and he proposed that idea to our class and we decided we wanted to do a show about this
11:45 am
>> off it went. >> yeah. >> you're hoping to get peoppe's attention, stop and think about this topic. leave with? >> i think that one of the things that our show can really teach audiences is just how -- starts. how to understand just the mental thought process behind a bully, behind a victim, behind someone who might see a situation and decide not to help. so i think they can really learn about the history behind why bullying comes about and also how they can be more confident in a way a stop it. >> it involves us all. it's like the bully, bullyed and bystander. >> would you stay it's for all age groups? >> we have on the web site for
11:46 am
age 13, because we do deal with harsher messages, because bullying can be intense. we deal with self-bullying, cuts, suicide and eating disorders and physical bullying. we suggest 13 and up. unless certaii kids are more mature. >> you have performances this friday and this coming saturday. i understand hundreds of tickets have been sold. you're encourageed the whole community to come out. >> for suree >> what a neat concept, ladies. good luck. tickets still available. performances are friday and saturday, this coming friday and saturday. 7:00p.m. at the valor center in highlands ranch. >> the art center at the high school. it's beautiful. tickets are 10 bucks. they're hoping families come out, teenagers, moms and dad, everybody. thank you. >> thank you so much.
11:47 am
performances. %
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bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. facebook is branching out
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>> uber for motorcycles. >> in today's tech bytes, apple said to be working on an upgrade for security. >> the company is developing ways to make it impossible for the government to lock into a hacked iphone. >> such a move could set the stage for more legal battles. >> looks like siri could soon be coming to your mac. online reports that claim apple will unveil the new feature in june. >> siri has already been rolled out for all of apple's mobile devices including the iphone and apple watch. uber has launched a new motorcycle launch. gives customers the chance to select a two wheeled vehicle to ride on. >> it's only available in thailand now, and because of the helmet requirement may be here in the u.s. >> he looks happy about it. safety first. those are your tech bytes. following breaking news out
11:51 am
a live look from airtracker 7. jeffco sheriff's deputies are escorting corporal nate carrigan's body from the jeffco coroner's office in fair play. carrigan is the deputy that was shot and killed yesterday up near bailey. again, a liie picture from airtracker 7. we bring this to you because as you can tell there are a few other cars, if any, on the road. might tie up traffic on i-85 and will be taking a portion of c-470 so keep that in mind. a trip to the convenience store turns explosive for a man in kentucky. he was trying pay for food when his e-cigarette device exploded in his pocket. >> he was standing at the front counter, reaches in his pocket and the battery in the e- cigarette explodes and becomes a fireworks show. >> i was like, what was that? you have a bomb in your pocket? i was like that.
11:52 am
i was totally shocked. >> the man ran out the door, trying to get the fire off his pants. one of the workers came to help putting the flames out with a fire extinguisher. this man has second degree burns on his legs. a trash man says he found an american flag put out with the trash, but instead of throwing it away, he put it on the garbage truck. rolled it and found a spot right there on the truck. >> ain't supposed to touch the ground and no funky dirt. in garbage, you know, people fought for this country. it's like -- it's just wrong. glad to be free. thank god for what i got. >> there you go. the flag won't stay on the truck. he said he's going to take it home and display it on his front porch.
11:53 am
sister as his date to the prom, because she is dying and probably won't live to see high school. >> she was diagnosed with a bone disease several years ago after a bone marrow transplant failed. a.j. sister enjoys ever moment. [ laughter ] >> the laugh is pretty good. really fun to just be around her and make memories, because i want to spend as much time with her as possible while she's still doing good. >> it's fun to watch her live part of life where the disease doesn't creep in, where she is just excited to be going and doing something that every do. >> a.j. went all out, taking her to dinner with friends before the
11:54 am
she even got a corsage. >> good brother there. in south korea this pup was being raised for food and she was tossed out in the trash because her paws got infected. but she was rescued and on her way to a family in arizona. >> what a good story. temperatures now in the 50s. will be in the 50 this afternoon. by this weekend a lot warmer. here's our warmup today. we're expecting about 45 by we'll get to 50 by 3:00. it's mild. clear skies tonight. we're in the 30s again tomorrow morning. midday tomorrow. guess we'll show you that again, i'm so excited about it. yep, it's pretty. saturday forecast shows 50s. closer to 70 saturday. sunny skies saturday, winds 5
11:55 am
iffyou sign up for the plunge, you get free entrance into the zoo. with a high of 70 -- >> perfect day for it. >> walk around after it. >> all the animals will be out. >> not including us. >> not counting us. >> tomorrow is friday.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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