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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the school. according to the sheriff's report, another bus driver but wasn't able to stop him before he took up with 30 kids on the bus. he was arrested at his first stop. we found out more about the alcohol in his system when a blood test came back -- we will find out more about the alcohol in his system when a blood test comes back in a couple of weeks. we spoke to a man who was on the bus but he didn't want to show his face on the camera. he said he was one of the kids favorite drivers. >> he sang songs and was very playful. in the end, that doesn't seem to matter that much.>> reporter: he is just happy that everyone made it out okay. now administrators will meet with him to determine whether or not to file any disciplinary action. he is next expected to appear in court april 28.
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gonzalez. it was just a few months ago when another bus driver failed a sobriety test after rolling a school bus. she told police she had taken prescription drugs before going to work. two weeks after an adam county deputy is broken in an accident, the person driving the car that crashed into him has been charged. lindsay watts sat down to talk with him -- about the incident.>> reporter: he knows how much worse it could have been especially after seeing how bad the car looked when a driver struck the back of his car. he was stopped here on 120th on
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so forcefully that it launched andy ended up across the street by this light pole. >> i blacked out for a few >> reporter: he actually got out and went to check on other driver when he came to. >> that was just complete instinct. >> reporter: he didn't realize his neck was broken until he got to the hospital. >> initially when they said that, paralysis comes with broken necks or death.>> reporter: he asked gaped -- escaped to that and is expected to makeea full recovery. he will have a new uniform when he returns to work in just a few months. >> they think this ii where i hit the steering wheel. >> reporter: as bad as it was he thinks his car being hit may have been a blessing for someone else. >> if he hadn't hit me he would've hit someone in the intersection. it would have been much worse. >> reporter: a father of three himself, he hopes this will make people think twice. >> if you drink, that is fine but don't climb behind the wheel. don't drive. it's not wirth risking lives . >> that's a good message before the weekend. the suspect david martinez will
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on monday. it has been 17 days since arapahoe county deputy bill forman got into this crash. we are happy to report he is now out of icu. he is now more alert and able to have short positions. he was on his way to a call when he was hit by another car. we are happy to tell you that master patrol deputy kolby martin is getting better, up dated -- updated to fair condition. he was one of the three officers shot in park county. park county deputy nate carrigan was shot and killed. >> from what we are seeing in the profiles of these shooters, we see people that are just far
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officers on. >> several things are being blamed for this trend including mental health wynn everett did perceptions -- naked -- mental of police. money confiscated during arrests -- >> tony kovaleski has a look ahead at this big story. >> reporter: we discovered an interesting loophole. the law allows police to seize the profits of crimes. for example, drug dealer is arrested and they can take the cash that they believe was made from selling the rug. we found that what some are calling loopholes in the legal process, this allows the city to keep the money even if charges are dismissed. tonight at 10:00 we are asking how that can happen. >> all of the original charges were dropped from where the money was confiscated. where is my money? no one knows. i get nothing. >> we get nothing. that's all. >> reporter: the bottom line is lawmakers are calling for change.
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tonight at 10:00 as denver7 investigates. it's an interesting story. >> we look forward to that. the energy and downtown denver is electric today. hockley fans are taking over inside and outside of corfield -- coors field with the alumni game coming up between the avalanche and the red wings. this is the place to be this weekend.>> reporter: that is the place to be. the rivalry. inside. we talked to a lot of people today and there was a lot of anticipation as the avalanche take on the wings on the ice at coors field. this is a tense rivalry. it's a one-of-a-kind setting. it's drawing fans from all over. >> i'm from michigan. >> ontario. >> vancouver. >> reporter: the ice is ready for the cover letter are against
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the detroit red wings. >> it allows us to highlight our city. >> reporter: the denver sports commission pushed to put the nfl stadium series here in denver. >> it's hard to say what the impact will be because this is the first series. as you walk in the restaurants around the area, they will tell you quite a bit of up take is happening this week. were >> reporter: fans want to be part of the excitement outside of coors field. the fan experience continues inside as well. the nhl went all out, even building mountains in the outfield. it is easy to see why tickets are at a premium. >> we are anticipating it to be sold out. i think we have a few tickets left. we will have almost 50,000 people.>> reporter: here to see hockey greats, former avalanche and detroit red wings alum take the ice. >> i want to see a goalie fight. >> reporter: we will have to
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there are a lot of questions about the ice and the weather. we know with the sun shining today, if the ice was going to 3 hold up -- people were wondering. the temperature inside stadiums is usually about 65 degrees which is basically what it was outside here today. they also had reflective blankets to protect it from the sun. that was the main concern. >> it's not going to be like hockey weather this weekend. chief meteorologist mike nelson has our forecast. >> playoff weather is usually april and may and june. it could be that kind of weather. it still in the mid-50s downtown with 40s in the mountains, pretty scene off to
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we have a nice weekend ahead. nothing is showing up on the radar and there will be much this weekend. it is more like april than february with near record high temperatures. late in the weekend, showers and snow in the forecast. if you are trying to get into downtown denver, work on the 20th bridge is now done. the eastbound laaes were closed down for a time for these emergency repairs. all of that work just wrapped up within the last 30 minutes. scammers are looking to cash in on the excitement for this weekend's hockey game. there's a lot of counterfeit avalanche gear out there. there are state she -- steps you can take to make sure you get the right thing, make sure you have the nhl hologram sticker. take a close look at the tags to make sure they are not ripped or looking odd. more changes are coming to sports authority which means the loss of more jobs. they are facing bankruptcy. it has already announced some stores are closing including the sports castle dental.
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means loss of 72 more jobs. we don't have to tell you that colorado is one of the best dates in the country. today it's because of our him on employment rate -- our unemployment rate. we have the 10th lowest, 3.9% compared to the national rate five years ago and the ump -- unemployment rate was a .9%. this was not your average police chase in california. >> this time no speeding cars were involved. juliet the pony who looks like a unicorn ran away from home causing a lot of double takes from neighbors. >> they called 911 and police catch juliet. think that is. it happened three hours later. >> it's a good thing the unicorn wasn't flying. i am just saying. [ laughter ] we are getting closer to picking our next president. heard. cc is allowing them to get to the caucus.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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your help is needed to find to struggle woman who was changing her tyer on 36. the impact was so hard that it broke off the side mirror. this guy is accused of having others do the dirty work for him. nicholas leahy hired people to get metal off property but you had to give him a percentage. the only catch is the property wasn't his.
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for nominees. >> me -- it may go to more than one ballot. we are now part of a bigger role. we're now in play for all of the delegate count going into the nomination. >> you can see more of that interviewed tonight at 9:30 on politics unplugged and again at 11:30 a.m. sunday. young voters want to be a part of the caucus on tuesday as well. the timing is pretty lousy for some students. >> it's midterms and students will be studying like crazy this weekend because some of the students at tuesday night exams but the school is giving them an out as long as they take a selfie of themselves while caucusing. the election isn't uutil
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`ernie sanders cut out is already here on the cu campus. sooe students have exams at the same time is caucuses. >> anyone who was planning to caucus, we want to give them the ability to do so. >> reporter: lucas larson knows there are test takers at want to be president candidate makers next week. he wants and to be able to voice their democratic right. for the chemistry department he made skipping the exam okay. >> the student government has worked to make it official to have an excused abbence to go caucus. exercise your right to go caucus. >> reporter: you can't skip to just hang out. >> students have to be going to the caucuses. they ave to pull up their phone and take a selfie.
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>> that's right, a simple selfie will do the trick. you can't just say you are going to a caucus. you have to be registered as either republican or democrat to skip your first exam and also the final exam counts double. study up kids. it is nice nd warm and perhaps to nice, too warm and to dry -- too nice, too the warm and too dry. we could use a little moisture. we will not see it for a while. this is what we have seen for today. temperatures are still quite mild, 55 downtown, 50 dia and the high was all the way up to 61 degrees officially. 29 was a low this morning and the normals are 49 and 21. the record is 71 and -8. nothing is showing up on radar
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any clouds. warm front will be coming through tonight. it will be even warmer than today, tomorrow. the front won't do much on sunday when it comes through here. it might bring a little snow to the mountains and a little bit of ain to the plains. -- plains. it will be a chilly night in my country but not unusually so, 5 gunnison, 10 craig, 70 and 69 -- 70 in denver tomorrow, 69 lead -- greeley, aspen 51, grand junction 60. 70 in highlands ranch, broomfield, and many other areas. 57 at your green, 67 golden, 68 boulder. disguise will be clear with
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-- 30 degrees. the minor system comes through from the pacific northwest and we kill -- cool off on sunday but very little moisture if any. of it of wind on monday and maybe a brief flurry your shower on tuesday. the mountains might pick up a touch of snow. then it will be clear for wednesday and thursday in another chance for rain or snow on friday. this pattern will shift as we get later into march. denver7 u.s. bank have been making things possible for volunteers who are saving lives. for 30 years senior class officers at overlook hospital -- high school have been recruiting classmates to donate blood. >> we ted -- we set up tables in the lunch room asking people , are you old enough to donate blood. you are saving someone's life. >> reporter: it is the first time that most of these donors have given blood. >> when they are 16 or 17 or 18 a are so much more likely to
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lives, if you have been donate now. >> it could save someone. >> reporter: the lesson doesn't stop with these donations. >> we tell them about people that need this blood by going to the ronald mcdonald house. think that heeps. >> reporter: this helped us give them an extra bonus. >> on behalf of channel 7 and u.s. bank we would like to give service to the community. >> [ applause ] thank you. >> way to go trailblazers. great kids. you can learn how to organize one by looking for the story on our website,
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rings review -- red wings the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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[ muffled audio ] that was peter forsberg. the storied rivalry between the 20 -- avalanche and red wings continues tonight. they are back in the states of second only hockey game. [ name indiscernible ] was just
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the things you worry about post- career. patrick roy, joe sakic and many more will be there. 5 1/2 minutes for the opening score. val kaminsky and center forsberg, it's fitting that he does it here. we are all tied at -- now it's actually 2-1. day one of the on field activities, gm john elway is reviewing all of the potential draftees. there's still no word on peyton manning or any movement on the free-agent front. fastest 40 went to george's keith marchal -- georgia's keith marchal. 225 pounds on this one.
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classsc, duck, duck, goose. he goes after it. [ laughter ] these tied at one over par in 28 place. >> patrick -- patrick walker and those guys are looking really good. they're in good shape. >> they did a lot better than i do on the icee
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hyah! [ whip cracks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 12 megs of internet speed. just $55 a month for a year. only from centurylink. call and switch today. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom
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and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. the envelope, please. the list starts now. >> before the big show, we've narrowed down the five top oscar moves to stream this weekend. >> then take a bath in beer, the new spa trend have people
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>> later, throw a fuller house watch party. our list of character inspired dishes that are easy to make. >> that's so good. >> hello, welcome to the show, i'm teresa strasser. >> i'm donna ruko. let's start with the top three. >> thanks so much, guys. we begin one believable news. a inicorn has been captured. >> a unicorn belongs to california 5-year-old, tatum. >> she likes apples and carrots. >> that's all they do. >> actually, we legally must tell you, juliette is just a pony with a horn stuck on her head, or at least that's what tatum wants you to believe. >> apparently, juliette the pony was looking for a rainbow or something. >> she ran away. >> and the highway patrol ranned
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finally the police reported the unicorn is in custody. >> she got a time-out, because she was a bad pony. >> now from a girl and her uni unicorn, surf is up at number two. >> giant, exciting scary, what everybody wants to see. >> so many adjectives surfing event, but only one truly captures the conditions. >> gnarly conditions. >> the youngest ever winner, 23-year-old john john flaw rens, who won $75,000 for conquering waives up to 60 feet, you know, the height of a six story building. >> and that was impressive, but come on. we all know you're craving some wipe outs, so here you go. gnarly, indeed. if you're wiped out after the


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