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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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home called police from a neighbor's house to report a shooting. inside, they found a man in his sixth these in a woman in her 40s that from gunshot wounds pre- the woman who called police at the -- a hand injury -- head injury and police say she is okay. the neighbors we talked to reach remembers a man and -- which remembers a man and a woman left inside and never thought of -- heard are giving and thought of any problem. they seem to be a nice couple. this is surprising shocking. as a shock to everyone to the neighbors today, neighbors are telling us they believe the man and the woman, he was the father and a stepdaughter are the ones who they found here. they will continue and bring you any
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in the 60s and 70s around the denver area. much warmer across the plains than the hills and we have a red flag warning. outside, 64 degrees, just how cold is it going today -- get in the seven-day forecast. with that warm weather comes a higher risk for grass fires. video on twitter. it began in the golf club. lesson an acre and it's fully contained. not clear what sparked the fire. roads are back open after he beatles caught fire. along highway 119. some roads were closed while they cleaned up the mess. the town of baby is support for law enforcement to
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mountain town you will notice little ribbons on highway 285, in honor of the caribbean and the two depu this week, eric looper without tribute. each step. >> h -- each crystal blue flag. >> it's a pretty close -- close- knit community, represent something bigger than the brief flap in the wing -- wind, this for me symbolizes peeple's thoughts remembrance -- remembrances and sadness. people need to remember what these cops had to do every day. to the town of bailey, these flags were% sacrifice. we stand behind our officers, and sheriff's deputies, the sacrifice he made while shot and killed while doing his job serving and
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they are out making this nation a nation of law and order. these flags to never forget. -`>> we have screwdrivers to help us get them in. him he was a depuuy for 32 years. i don't know how many cops funerals i have gone to a can't even remember. >> -- our can't even remember. >> she knows what it takes to serve in honor. >> they want to do it and they know the price and they do it anyway. >> she has a request is. >> . >> i want them to appreciate and never forget the light all the lives that paid the ultimate sacrifice for doing their jobs. we will be out here tomorrow to. >> and other's, denver police say they have taken one -- one person after figure shy woman inside an apartment this morning, we have they have not arrested anyone. it happened on 30th avenue on
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part of the city, a woman is recovering and she is expected to be okay, police say she spoke to firss responders just before 6:00 a.m. they have not said if it was a random or if they knew each other. neighbors say this is a quiet and safe area and some were woken up i police on their doorsteps. police officers not on my door. and then he asked me if i heard anything. i looked outside the newsstands and i said no. >> there was a shooting in the corner of the i was surprised to hear that. police have not shared the description of the suspect, call police if you have any information. to dangerous robbery suspects are on the run after the shooting at -- shooting at a pawn shop. a customer was shot on the lake, at all american pawn. last night. one suspect is described as 5- foot eight skinny build, no
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will the guys you see are suspected of arson in the campus. damaged playstation machines and fifth street parking garage this morning. the picture was taken around seven this morning. if you were in the area and you think you know something called police. a sad story, one person died after a car crash along i 25 and one 20th avenue. it happened yesterday afternoon, the driver was exiting white -- 125 and went over the median and slamming into a vehicle head-on. three other people were hurt that okay. this one happened last night at the shell gas station to the two men were shot after the got into a fight with five other men. police shared these images that they think are behind it in -- and the man shot world period . the five men involved with driving a dark colored sedan.
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directions at we all weekend o the crews are repairing a leaking gas pipe under the road. we were over the area earlier this week, if you want to go around the area, try that before on smoky hill -- the detour on smoky hill and reservoir road. we have the details on the -- fans turned out in force see the against rivalry in hockey, 43,000 people packed course field for the -- alumni game. it's part of the outdoor stadium series, fans were excited to watch players who made history in the late 90s and early 2000. the players 15 taley cups in just seven years, the rematch did not disappoint. it was exciting. to see the old guys, still got it.
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exposure is great for colorado. the modern-day matchup starts at six. a rough day on the slopes, she broke for the during the crash, it happened during the women's world cup in italy, a patrol team helped her out and took her to the hospital. we have much more in the next half hour. home and commercial construction in aspen is booming. they reported sales reporting $2 billion last year and most sales were out of aspen and snowmass. eagle county came in second with big property deals, fill in beaver creek, total sales was nearly $7.5 billion last year up by $8 billion from 2014. denver 17 went to freeze -- check it out. awesome, employees to the
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the event that if it's special of olympics. the morning team competed against the 19th to see who can raise the most money special olympics reporter hannah asked -- atkinson joined us for the pungent talk about what it needs to -- means to be special olympics athletes. it means to give leadership in confidence and new skills is in everyday. it means to me, we make a difference in life and we can make things happen. denver7 morning team edged out that night siders would donations together, we raised nearly $6000. one of the happiest moments of my life. i want to thank each one of you who had a part in selecting -- selecting me for one of the awards. you're watching video from the academy awards of 1941 the first african-american actress was nominated for an award in
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for her role in gone it with the wind and ahead of tomorrow's awards, the pioneer association is paying tribute to her, they are placing this plaque. she broke barriers when she won her award for the she suffers want to attend the ceremony has a guest not assessor. she's one of the two women in 1900's that won an academy award and the other one was whoopi goldberg. you can watch oscar awards live on denver7 tomorrow and join us afterward for denver7 you. -- food is one of your favorite's come a denver restaurant week's -- is back, more and more than 50 restaurants are offering a multi- cores in a fourth 30 bucks per person, it runs until march 6. working fine the menus? we have a link to that right now on
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about the surgical tech who put thousands of risk for dangerous diseases. the warning signs that were missed that hospitals after hospital. tax time it's peak fishing season for cyber criminals, with hear how many victims they netted last year. time to take the allergies is -- and beautiful warm weather change as the cold front
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topple working news on the campaign trail, the polls just close in the south carolina democratic mayors, they project hillary clinton will score another victory based on polls, this is the second straight victory over her opponent. coming up at 5:30 p.m., we will take a look at what the candidates are doing on the
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new details about the surgical tech who prompted thousands to undergo testing. rocky allen was court-martialed for drug theft in 2011 when he deployed with the army in afghanistan it up orders with the denver post reported pleaded guilty to making all statements and wrong -- wrongly processing 30 vials of enter know, that's is in drug accused of stealing and swedish medical center and replacing with and in the syringe, despite that, he went worked in four other hospptals in three states before coming here. a big relief for woman who was kidnapped in larimer county, investigators say they found hamilton around one this morning during a traffic stop to get over the said three men forced into a minivan in was arrested suspicion of second-degree kidnapping. home owners in boulder could lose your property if they don't pay property taxes even if it's less than $800, this
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there, a real estate agent who wanted those properties purchase their tax liens. the number of people who had their tax information stolen last year's seven than originally thought. they use a popular tool to steal tax forms of 104,000 people now the agency says that number is actually 70020000. victims will be offered free credit detection and a trip in `umber to protect future tax filing. voters are getting ready for caucuses on super tuesday, the state democrats will take up votes for president, republicans don't hold the stroll poll because -- pull because the results are binding and they did not want to be tied to a specific candidate. tomorrow democratic candidate ernie sanders we'll be back in colorado he will host a rally in fort collins. the event is free and open to the public , starts at seven.
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students studying chemistry at cu boulder could get a free pass on their midterms and that's because some tests are scheduled at the same time us the caucuses. the school is allowing students to skip mid term and there's a catch, you have to snap a selfie while attending the caucuses. a couple hundred people can make the difference. only students who have already registered to attend can get out of their exams. -- exam. politics unplugged will hear tonight at 9:30 p.m. and tomorrow morning at 1130 a.m. we will hear from the chair of the parties ahead of super tuesday. there are no leads in the trees but it's not too early to sneeze, seasonal allergies start much earlier than you think. it's still winter, but there are symptoms of spring. running nose, itchy eyes. >> sneezing.
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perrect storm. he says with a combination of tree pollen, juniper and erratic weather, it was very windy last week, if the perfect time to start taking your rather than waiting till you get a lot of symptoms in reacting to those. many of us mistake the start of our role infections for seasonal allergies. i have had a coldest so -- cold so it's hard to say for certain. the viral thing going around in that starts off with congestion and sneezing and they think they are having allergies and later get a key and not feeling welll >> either way there are steps saltwater solution in the nose and a variety of them available, that's a first thing you recommend. over-the-counter sprays and antihistamines help but remember, as the weather gets warmer, opening the windows and airing out the house can keep you congested.
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it can increase the risk and pose a problem for sure. absolutely gorgeous springlike weather across colorado today. beautiful sunset heading readyy to happen in the horizon. it looks pretty good across most of the state and that will change in the next 48 hours as rain and snow showers start to develop. i don't cloud cover across area and look at the tunnel and everything moving allng smoothly. he had plans, cooling things down tomorrow, more high clouds, showers and snow and couple cool cold front, moving through tonight to get 64 degrees current temperature outside. we have very mild conditions and low humidity levels. we have high fired danger in areas. we have some red flag warnings
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mid to upper 60s across much of the front range and the planes and 70s from akron to sterling -- sterling and 70 in denver. mostly toward fort collins and fathers south around pueblo, and it will expire at 7:00 tonight as the winds died down more into the evening. we had wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour today. there's a cold front making its way in northern colorado and it will push on as we go through tonight. a quick mover but another disturbance in the pacific i will bring us another chhnce of rain and snow into monday and early tuesday. it will be cooler tomorrow as it makes its way through the state and pick up the winds more into wyoming. he had high winds last 24 hours or so. we will drop down into the 30s and 40s tonight for low.
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upper 50s in the day. futurecast pretty quiet in the next 24 hours. sunday and monday we will have chances for snow for northern and central mountains. by early monday, mountains will be seeing snow fall and monday night and early -- early tuesday, rain showers snow showers pushing through as well. oveenight lows 30s, 20s and higher elevations, tomorrow upper if these 260 degrees across the eastern plains. mostly 15 -- not too bad in the day tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast, afternoon highs in the upper 50s to 60 degrees for the next couple days, and then we will experience cool down with rain and snow showers and then we will have temperatures warming up nicely into the end of week and weekend and it's been the pattern. every week every have
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it gets right back to where it should be by the end of the week. >> everybody's telling me spring has sprung. >> not yet. >> there's something big coming up at some point. a big whopper. if you lived in denver for a while you probably lost count of the network pot shops, now neighbors are pushing for more regulations as tt2w`tkfd* bt@qzj tt2w`tkfd* "a@qjfd tt2w`tkfd* bm@qamh tt4w`tkfd*" dztq =$h tt4w`tkfd*" entq m ( tt4w`tkfd*" gzt& t'p tt4w`tkfd*" hnt& d)< tt4w`tkfd*" iztq .@d tt4w`tkfd*" jntq
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they just started popping up. commercial pot grows are overtaking a certain neighborhood in denver, we found it next to a school in the neighborhood. it's perfectly legal and that has residents and leaders pushing for more regulation. this shows us what she found. tucked in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood. the facilities are out of sight out of mind. >> that neighbors complain the smell is pretty much constant. very strong. >> . say you can smell marijuana at bruce randolph school specially in the back soccer field near a warehouse where denver dispensary is growing -- dispensaries growing pot. there are days when she tells her two daughters not to play outside. they stay inside.
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bad because they want to, what specially when -- especially when it's a nice day. unlike medical marijuana stores, there are no restrictions about euros being ---gross being locaaed near schools or homes. when it comes to the actual storefronts they must be we need to look into the zoning. we broke it down by counsel district, nearly 200 grows and cultivation in district seven, 150 and 150 in district nine. other districts have zero. >> quality-of-life, counselor represent one of the most concentrated areas in the city. it's overwhelming to see the number of grow facilities in the last two years to have moved into their -- the industrial landscape in that neighborhood. one of these grow facilities could come into your neighborhood and you might not even know what. public hearings are only
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dispensaries and retail marijuana stores. inside grows, these here are following plants, on their -- owner say they are limited. the only reason they are concentrated in those neighborhoods is because that's where we are allowed to live. the battle and constantly changing rules and regulations, he showed us around his 140,000 square foot warehouse. located in the heavily industrial area. the biggest challenge now is when one is over regglation. pieces city zoning lose pay's forces them into industrial area some does happen to -- just happened to be by neighborhoods, it comes down to where they can find space. >> the large industrial parts are usually nationally owned and then we touch the regulation so they don't normally want to rent to cannabis businesses.
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buildings or smaller warehouses like the ones half a block from carmen garcia's home. we talked with her and other residents with the help of a translator. just because we are poor, it's not fair that they bring these kinds of businesses here. these kinds of things do not have -- happen and rich and wealthy neighborhood. these women told us they feel helpless and they were are worried about their children and grandkids. for us, we feel that it's very difficult to change what's already in place but we would like to change what is coming. this is especially important for the children. and neighborhood changed by an industry that is constantly changing, growing. and that was lisko lardy reporting, to put -- is in the
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city to get a reaction, spokesperson tells us denver recognize it has reach what they call a saturation point and says the deer devil is in the detailss they will have a chance to voice their opinion at a meeting next week wednesday. candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday. we have an up it on the campaign trail and the new -- new in addition to donald trump -- trumps campaign today. have you gotten a flu shot yet. coming up later on sports, one of colorado's on, is he prepped for the ride of his life? rent a nurse are back and the opening contest at the face of classic and dad day number two of the combine. stick around mmre news i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive,
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cash money the biggest discount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah.
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bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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we are back with a bit is you look of the campaign trail. hillary clinton is a project that winner of the primaries. candidates from both parties are crisscrossing the country rallying support ahead of super tuesday. marcy gonzalez is in columbia south carolina with more. primary night for the democrats from south carolina. >> the democrrtic party gave me some good options. -- option. even as voters cast ballots today, i am happy with my choice absolutely happy. i think she would be a good president. the president -- candidates looking ahead to super tuesday, campaigning -- confident they are moving forward. if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we're going to win
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race closely are you donald trump -- you donald trump campaigning today with former gop rival governor chris christie who endorsed the front runner yesterday. the only person in the race who created jobs is the guy standing right there. the pair focusing their attacks on marco rubio. he's a very nasty guy and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. he's worse. donald trump will never be the nominee. i don't think it's a good thing to see andidates behaving like schoolchildren bickering. if you like sunshine and more warmer air you are in the right place, upper 60s around 70 degrees today bright sunshine. we are going to experience a cool down in the next 24 hours, temperatures today in the 60s, eastern plains warm as well in the low 70s, right now 64
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warnings in effect at fort collins and colorado springs, that's for another couple hours and we have a cold front singing into the state and how much rain and snow could be expect. we are learning more about the gunmen behind the deadly mass shooting in francis, cedric ford that you see on the video shot and killed three people at a factory on thursday at four police shot and killed him, a -- killed him, a woman stretcher giving him guns is complete it fell in, we are hearing from survvvors in the shooting, at adam miller -- 3 adam miller was trying to help his coworkers get to safety when he came face-to-face with the government -- he was shot before -- save 100 the gunmen has a history of domestic violence and drunk driving. we also know more about the deadly mass shooting in washington state, david campbell shot and killed his wife and her two team children.
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also shot the she survived, it happened in selfless seattle. artisan singer your co-owners doing much better after she was rushed to a hospital last night. the widow of john lennon had flulike symptoms. her representatives said that she would be out of the hospital by the weekend and reports such as she may have suffered a stroke that her son took to twitter saying the only stroke she had was a stroke of june. thousands of e-mails released by michigan governor excited for more of a story about flint water crisis, they show state officials including the governor's aides raise issues about the water supply before the problem was uncovered in september. cover that in efffct methods and dealing with it, the water left kids with elevated lead levels. we can from seven cases of the mumps and investigators believe the outbreak is linked to the one in iowa. if you get the mumps you can
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hydrated. week. good news when he comes to the flu, this year's vaccine is working well. it cut the risk of coming down with the flu by almost 60%. last year's vaccine reduced the 20%. self-service and wi-fi click to bitty pukes active at a coffee shop but what about rocky mountain national park? the push to keep people
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ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh!
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everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way.
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park service to bring more cell and wi-fi coming to bitty to visitors is moving forward to you in rocky mountain national her, visitors have wife i access at the visitor centers and other developed areas. because of the mountains, the park will not be getting any more. those we spoke with, they say it's good or bad. this is good advertisement of the state to you when you get to show everybody at home. brings people to the state. 95% of the park is designated wildlife area so construction of new towers inhibited. there's a new arrival at the denver zoo this weekend, this rhino named will -- ruby just -- will be just came from the oklahoma city zoo. rubies homeless in the pachyderm building right across the holly the hippo and it will be a hile the 40 he could be on display, they are giving her
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what were you doing in 1979? as mitch record -- reports she still going strong. department of colorado. >> they have a saying at the unattended chin of cellry, service not self. beach as montoya answered that in 1979. >> i came to a conclusion that if if it wouldn't be for all those veterans, no matter how they became best veterans, they will not -- we will never have a free country. at the age of 45 while still working time she started to volunteer at the va hospital. some of those patients they run in here with -- she stands up for her veterans. she views that ms. her veterans and she wants
5:39 pm
very best. -` beatrice likes the volunteers carry a sppcial calling that reminds them that in year 2018 volunteers saved -- ate the va more than $4 together, american legion auxiliary volunteers to 9 million hours of service every year. at an age 82, beatrice montoya is leading the way. she's an absolute to war. >> the matter -- jewel. >> no matter what's going on that day, it's always a welcome distraction. >> how are you today ? >> i am very proud. we brought all your friends today. they're all here for you because check this out, denver7 that's the independence insurance agency, we want to honor you as an everyday hero
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this year -- these years, congratulations. to learn more about the american legion of celery, go to the denver and click on the community section and seven everyday hero. the beautiful high temperatures and gusty winds upgraded the need for a red like warning, looks like it will expand tonight and we have
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what a day, what a day. afternoon hike around 70 -- time around 70 degrees, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. look at the beautiful sunshine area and as we see sink the low double rising, across area it's been beautiful. a few high clouds. akron, it's been great all day long, up in the mountains eisenhower tunnel down the hill, beautiful weather. cooling down tomorrow, effort will be pushing on through and cooling is down slightly not as much as it could, but we will have high clouds moving into the area and scattered showers rain and snow showing up next week.
5:44 pm
is close to the record which is 73 degrees are normal overnight afternoon high as 49 and overnight low 22 degrees is normal, 30 low last night. at this point current conditions in the 60s around denver, 64 woodwinds 9 miles an hour and low humidity levels which is why we had fire danger today, highs in the 60s and 70s across the plains. fortys and 50s in the higher elevation and we have red flag warning for -- that will expire on 7:00 and four callers had winds of 40 to 50 miles all the way up to wyoming. here comes one cold front that will cool down tonight and tomorrow. another one in the pacific it will bring a chance for rain and snow to the higher elevations and the front range
5:45 pm
cooler air tomorrow and it will pick up winds across the area and 24 hour forecast 3 temperatures down to upper 30s and low 40s overnight and back into the 50s for tomorrow afternoon instead of 70s like today. futurecast pretty quiet in two tonight and tomorrow and monday snowfall showing up in the eight and 10:00. by the evening, scattered showers showing up as rainfall and light now for the metro area early tuesday morning don't tonight in the 30s from colorado springs to denver and greeley. thirtys southeastern part of the state and highs tomorrow upper 80s to 60 degrees, different than went -- then today and above normal for this time of year. sixtys and gusty winds monnay, late night monday and tuesday
5:46 pm
60s into end of the week and weekend 56 bright spot on saturday mostly sunny skies. a bright week. we had to get out there early this morning because the clouds moving. just as the system pushed on through. they are lined up coming up. you brought your scooter board. >> i am saving it for those hotter days but today was a good one. you should have -- host scooted your way -- have excluded your way to work. may -- maybe neet time, 72 in the board area right, you have an ice hockey game at coors field and i can feel the excitement. we will take you on the trip down the memory lane, red wings alumni to the ice last night and the street continue for -- street continue for the basketball team. saturday afternoon tilt with
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how'' it going, welcome to the sports extra areas i'm jahmai webster. for the first time this season, they are hosting tournament, air force, dartmouth and sacred heart on in town. get your weapons ready. unleashed the beast, trevor back tees wins the face off, his got it, this is what you call an assisted to get five- two in the second quarter, he
5:50 pm
and piles in complete control, 20 seconds in the half, -- easy work that's 10 and answered cools and they were not done. eleven .7 n the clock. textbook, you can close the book, you can close the books -- book and sacred heart, 18- seven. the detroit red wings meet the colorado avalanche in the states worst ever nhl out for hockey game, first of its kind, third since last friday, last night or the 3319 went back to the -- tt enjoy the winds and the avs alumni take on eaceyes -- and ice, the rivalry started to decades ago, they go told you from the helmet you at 42 he still has it. still intact, 2016 teams and seven minutes -- minus, streaking 20 eighth rent csu
5:51 pm
-- posting nevada, wolfpack never had a chance, steel and she's unimpeded to the cup, coast to coast, rams -- share of the mountain west -- mountain west titles 74-56 win today, gustavsson working on the defensive end, they up and csu 26 and one, 16 and zero in conference play. ronco's brass bc at the mid- worth it also known as the nfl scouting combine -- scouting combine, before they could take about adding, they have to solidify first, bond -- von miller appears to be priority number one, broncos and his agent exchange proposals but nothing has materialized get to get a long-term deal will not get done until -- deadline. they number two of the combine for spec and nfl -- two
5:52 pm
on the field today among the buzz bunch, -- spruce is a pack 12 all-time reception leader and in the nfl they have to see life he went through a myriad of trails including pass catching in the 40th clock stopped on him at 4.69, hollywood , 4.64 and they probably first ever job interview. hollywood is become his own pitch man. >> you should drop me because it's hollywood. the bring in a position a receiver who can make the catch and big time plays and be a leader us -- as well. drop hollywood higgins, here i am ready for the team. when you are in the final pay-per-view people nine, you will see a faailiar place, 3 manny perez, a professional with 47 -- gearing up for the fight of his life, never mind
5:53 pm
spends 12 hours and his other full-time gig. for 11 weeks he is that and fight life as he prepares to take on josi ramirez, they are set up for 10 rounds in vegas, the opening bell which is manny pacquiao's last bout. in six weeks, the supported better be ready. had never been 10 rounds. i go out in test him. everything has been for this moment that will come april 9. all my preparation is for this exact moment. this my opportunity show the world. cannot wait to get nine times this season lindsay one was the fastest woman down the mountain now in -- the she finished the finish line after crashing. it happened 50 seconds into the
5:54 pm
victim of the soft eyes, raise was halted 10 minutes while medical personnel and coaches attended to her, she suffered a haarline fracture on her left knee. despite the injury, lindsey vonn did not rule out competing in sunday's super combined. >> golden girl to a bionic woman. she has blown her -- her knees
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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looks like we're cooling things down a bit tomorrow temperatures upper 50s during the day. today we were at low 70s. chance of rain and snow coming and 60s are back thursday -`through saturday. not really accumulation per se. >> starts as rain and mix a little and back to 60 degrees. bring it on, just like that.
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. guys, the last time steph curry took the court, 51 points in orlando, florida. >> steph has no enemies including isaiah thomas and oscar robinson. please kill that story line. >> we're talking about that as steph keeps on dribbling.


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