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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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. by a landslide. that is the only way to describe hillary clinton's latest primary win. a look at her victory in south carolina just ahead and what it means. >> not a victory for the avs. a look at how many showed up. >> and we're just hours away from the red carpet glam and award show drama. the 88th annual academy awards. thanks for being here on this sunday morning. oscars.
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>> the red carpet is the best part of the evening, checking out what everyone is wearing. you're like whatever, i don't care. you like the dresses though. >> if it's an actress that i have a crush on. >> we'll find out later in the news cast. let's get to our weather. things look decent. a few clouds, but still pretty quiet. our winds just breezy across the metro area. we did have stronger gusts early this morning, an unfortunately this week it's going to be another windy one with those wind speeds picking up later this evening. a cold front rolled in. it's not necessarily affecting our temperatures this morning, it just will affect our warmup. as you're heading out the door, 45 downtown, 32 in littleton. longmont you're starting off the day at 32 degrees. here's how the rest of your day is going to play out. by noon, 57.
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yesterday we hit 72 degrees. those temperatures well above where we should be for this time of year. our average high should be 50. so even with that cold front we dropped down to about 60 but we do have snow in the forecast. we'll look at that next. we have breaking news this morning. a person was killed overnight when they were hit by a car on i-25. this happened on highway 60 in loveland. the state patrol says one driver stopped but they're in the sure if there were others who also hit the victim. the victim's name hasn't been released and no word why the person may have been on the interstate. the highway is closed during the investigation. this morning hillary clinton is basking in the glow of yet another big victory. the former secretary of state beat out bernie sanders in south carolina's primary and it wasn't even close. clinton won 47% of the vote. the win leaves clinton in the
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super tuesday, but sanders remains confident. >> i congratulate secretary clinton on her strong victory tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them. >> now, voters here in colorado will be among those caucusing on super tuesday. >> and lindsay waats joins us now. you have everything that we need to know about super tuesday and a look at the candidates' final push right here in colorado. the presidential primary election. this could maae or break some of the campaigns. on the republican side we still have five candidates in the race, donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz and john the democrats are down to just clinton. so far it's been a strong showing for clinton. she's won every caucus except new hampshire.
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are doing last-minute campaigning. top leaders from around the state are hosting events. supporters will be canvassing neighborhoods in denver and sheridan. bernie sanders is going to be here himself. he'll be in fort collins hosting a rally this evening at 7:00. this is free and open to the public. as far as our caucuses in colorado, there is a distinction between what doing. democrats will choose a candidate, so it will be possible to pick a winner based upon the outcome on tuesday. there won't be a winner on the republican side because candidate until the convention. if you'd like to participate in the caucuses, we'll have more later on in the show. now to the republican side, senator ted cruz is now taking % more jabs at front runner donald trump about his tax filings. cruz, along with marco rubio, released their tax informaaion, however, donald trump has not
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speaking to reporters at a rally, cruz said he thinks trump could be holding back the information because he's hiding exaggerations about his wealth. this morning you can catch an presentation of politics unplugged. the chair of republican and democratic parties are this week's guests. that's today at 11:30. this morning police in commerce city are piecing together events that led up to the shooting that left two people dead. this. police were were called to the %- fight between the father and his stepfather turned deadly. here's the report as it came >> grandmother says daughter shot herself in the chest. >> when police got there, they found a man and woman inside
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the woman who made the 911 call was taken to the hospital but she'll be okay. denver police are still on the hunt for three men who shot a woman inside her apartment yesterday morning. we brought you this as breaking news here on denver 7. it happened on 38th. one person was taken into custody but no one has been arrested. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. police in northglenn are investigating a shooting that left two men injured an are looking for five men that they believe were involved in this incident. it happened behind the shell gas station. the victims are expected to be okay. police are looking for the men who they think may have been driving a dark-colored sedan. and two dangerous robbery suspects are on the run after a customer was shot in the leg during a robbery at all american pawn on friday night.
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talk a little bit about some hockey, the first outdoor hockey game. %- they were a huge success. >> morr than 50,000 people came out to enjoy the historic event. of course this isn't just good for the players. it's great for local businesses too. with hotel bookings and restaurants visits, experts are excited for what it means for the stadium. it even makes hard-core avs fans happy. >> if you walked into any of the restaurants aroond this area, i think they'll tell you quite a bit of uptick is going on this weekend. you'll see a lot of red wings jerseys and it's safe to say a lot of people are coming in. >> the exact economic impact remains to be seen but it's expected to be good.
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>> it's cool to see how many people showed up. >> it was crazy busy. it's great. it is now 7:07, and hollywood of course buzzing this morning. the excitement of the academy awards. >> tonight it will be all about the red carpet and the gold
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coming fast. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. . weecome back. it is 10 minutes after 7:00 on this sunday morning, looking good outside. still do have some clouds out there. we're going to see some more of those as we prepare for a cooler afternoon and changes moving in across the state. right now, though, crews putting the final touches on
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of this as hollywood prepares to come out for the 88th annual academy awards. the red carpet events start at 5:00 this evening our time, and for those of us whose chances of really going to the oscars into the show. >> the oscar are such a big deal, they're broadcasting to 225 countries around the world. >> the official champagne of the oscars, it is piper hytzig. it's german. when it's all done, they have poured some 9,000 glasses of champagne, an i heard gma was talking about this bottle, they say it's kind of cool that the label comes off and i guess
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>> presenters range from vice president joe bidden, to animated characters. chris rock is hosting this year's awards. remember you can watch the oscars and all the excitement leading up to the awards right here on denver 7. eden lane will be live tweeting for us. coming up in our 9:00 hour, eden will be here offering insight into the awards. join us for denver 7 news right after the awards are over. ahead of hollywood's biggest night, the pioneers association of fort collins paid tribute to hatie mcdaniel. she won for her role in "gone with the wind." it's going to be nice again. >> it is, even with the cool front, because our temperatures are still going to be above where we should be. however, we're going to have
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. welcome back. it is 7:16. here's a look from georgetown where traffic is running just fine. we've got a little into the mountains later tonight. dayle is tracking that, so stick around. i was unfortunately doing a story, but you guys were freezing yesterday, and you warmed up, because it was cold. >> it was cold but we were so lucky that the weather was nice. it was right about 69 degrees
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they said the water was 37. it's cold enough that when you jump in, it literally takes your breath away, but it was so much fun. and there were two denver 7s that jumped it. it benefits denver special olympics. take a look. so that right there is lisa, her daughter, jason is in the green shirt and he did a canonball and tried to splash everyone. mitched jumped in in a suit. it was so much fun. that was me right there in the tu tu jumping in. there's conner. he was our special olympics people. the zoo was packed with people for the polar plunge, also because it was a gorgeous day
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it was i think a lot colder than most people thought it was going to be when you jumped in. we talked to our special olympics reporters, hannah and conner, and they gave us some insight about what it means to be special olympics athletes. >> it means you get leadership skills, confidence. >> i think it means to me that we make a difference in life and we can make things happen. >> and he's so right, that's -`exaatly what they do. so it's fantastic to see. all of us on the morning team want a huge shout out to all of you. you know why? because we were able to edge out the night siders. so together, between mornnng and night, we raised nearly $6,000. >> it's so funny. e-mails were going back and
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i thought the donations stopped at 9:00 p.m. lisa was like no, we edged you out. >> it was all for a good reason and it was incredible to see everyone who came out, so thank you to everyone who supported the special olympics and the polar plunge. weather wise, we were lucky yesterday. it was 69 degrees when we jumped in, and that was good news. today a little bit of a cool front. this morning you're not going to notice it. as you look at our current temperatures, you're going to see we're at 46 here in denver, downtown. 39 in castle rock. evergreen, you're starting off the day at 37. fort collins and greeley, you're also in those upper 30s. it's pretty mild as we start off the day this morning out on the eastern plains. some 30s, even a few 40s. lamar at 36 degrees. in the high country, a lot of 20s, so not too bad as you start the day.
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for that major warm up like we had yesterday. eagle may be one of the lucky few to hit 50 degrees. it is going to be cooler in steamboat. you'll see a high of 39. southeast corner, you're still going to be the warm spot topping out in the mid-to upper 60s. downtown denver, 60 degrees. brighton, a little warmer at 65. castle rock may stay shy of 60, topping oot in the 50s. the metro area looking for dry conditions, but as we look at our futurecast, we're going to fast forward this to late this evening. overnight tonight we'll start to see snow move in. we have another system that's going to move into the state and that's going to bring us the chance for snow. but by mid day tomorrow it is all off to the west. the western half of the state is going to be dealing with us, could pick up about 5-10 inches of snow. you'll notice on the far
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rain/snow mix. as the day progresses tomorrow, there is a chance that some of those rain showers will move off the mountains and out onto thh eastern plains. it looks like the metro area is going to stay dry. may see an isolated rain shower, but a better chance for a little bit of snow to move in monday night as we head into tuesday. so as i stop this here tomorrow night at 7:30, you can see that rain and snow along the colorado border and some of that could move across the metro area as we head into tuesday morning, but even as you get ready to head out the door tuesday morning, anything that does fall will be gone. pretty much 60 today and tomorrow. then we're going to cool things off on tuesday after that front, but we rebound nicely back into the 60s. go ahead and put the bright spot on next saturday, not that we're always looking forward to the weekend because the week
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be 66 and sunny. the average high this time of year is 50. can you sing for me? >> it's the oscars tonight, leo is going to finally win. i'm here all night. thank you. >> you're not getting an oscar for that one, okay. well, this warm weather we've been having, has been
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. how is it going everybody? i'm jahmai webster. red wings, avs in the first
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down 1-0 first period. nathan mckinon with a missile. it's a free for all. alex, right place right time, tied it again, and with 6:15 left, it stayed that way until this. nicholas cromwall, oh my goodness. 5-3 wings. they win at 20th and blake. >> i enjoyed it. it was a nice experience. i'm disappointed because we lost tonight, but i mean everything was first class by the organization. they did a super job. i mean every detail. it was a nice experience. >> well, the twiiter verse last night was abuzz, peyton
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according to them, 18 will ride off into the sunset. one of those sources was not archie manning, who was quoted by nfl media saying peyton hasn't told me a thing. anderson was told last night that manning has not informed the team of his decision, later tweeting that the plan was to remain for peyton to continue talks this week. day one of the face off classic, depending national champs face sacred heart, the pioneers. they have a 2-goal lead. he wins the face off and says i've got it guys. he gave the first lead in the second quarter. he sends home a strike.
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seconds left in the half. they made it look too easy. that was 10 unanswered goals and they weren't done. 11.7 on the clock. textbook. you can close the book on sacred heart. 118-17. that's a look at your morning sports. hope you enjoyed it. it was a rough day on the slopes for lindsey vonn. she suffered a hairline fracture in her knee yesterday. 50 seconds in, the 31-year-old ran into soft snow, lost control. she's scheduled for an mri tomorrow. listen to this. despite the injury, vonn says she may still compete in today's event. >> she's a beast. she just keeps going. it is now 7:27. still to come this hour, this week is a big one for the presidential candidates.
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have a pretty good idea who our nominees might be.
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. it is 7:30 and time for a closer look at our top story this morning. hillary clinton's latest primary win. this time she won by a huge margin in south carolina, nearly 50 points over bernie sanders.
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except for new hampshire, and clinton already has her sights set on trump in the election, which she eluded to last night. >> america has never stopped being great, but we do need to make america whole again. >> the next contest, super tuesday just two days from now. of course super tuesday is a huge day. >> more than a dozen states are part of this, including colorado. lindsay watts is with us this morning to explain the caucus process. good morning. >> good morning. it can be tough to understand how this all works. if you've never participated in a caucus, perhaps this is your year. the meetings are held in schools, churches, neighborhood centers and there are thousands of them across the state. this is the first step in the presidential nomination process.
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delegates who then go on to the county assemblies. there's a big differeece between what democrats and republicans are doing in our state. democrats will be staying a vote to determine if hillary clinton or bernie sanders is their choice. republicans have decided they won't be picking candidates this time. if you'd like to be a part of this important process, you have to be registered to vote as a democrat or republican. also you have to have been registered by january 4th. we have a list of all the caucus locations by county on our website, i also just shared that link on my twitter account, so you can find it there as well. >> thank you, lindsey. today clinton supporters are holding events all across colorado. tomtop leaders will be hosting the events. the events kick off at noon
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canvassing neighborhoods in denver, sheridan. you can see the locations and times listed. we also have all of these details on bernie sanders will be in fort collins later today. he's hosting a rally there this evening to discuss a wide range of issues, including the issues of money and politics. it's happening on the csu campus. doors open after 4:00. the event starts at 7:00. it's free and open to the public. remember, you can see more about the caucuses coming up this morning on "politics unplugged." that's on denver 7 at 11:30. going to be preparing for the oscars. for some of us that means sitting on the couch and tuning in on your tv, and weather wise enjoy the morning because it's pretty nice outside today. temperatures not bad. beautiful blue skies. you can see some of the clouds out there but not affecting our temperatures. we had that front that rolled in last night, not causing any
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it was a little windy early on and those winds are going to pick up later on this afternoon, but our temperatures now not bad. a little bit cooler in some locations, so you'll notice longmont you're at 29 right now, but downtown it's 46. 37 in commerce city, 39 in castle rock, an highlands ranch at 39 degrees. the warm up will take place, just not in the 70s like we saw yesterday. here in denver we should top off at 60 degrees. it is going to get a little breezy this afternoon and this evening because we're getting ready for another system that's going to bring moisture with it, which means rain and snow. we'll talk about who and when coming up in just a minute. state patrol is investigating after a person walking on i-25. this is near jonestown. a driver did stop. they're trying to find out if there were other drivers who
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the dangers of drinking and driver. this woman, athina munoz, is facing charges of dui. she hit and killed two people on a motorcycle while driving drunk. the victims are identified as 58-year-old and his 56-year-old wife, bryan and jacquie lehner. overnight one person was injured while being hit by a `ight rain trail. it happened at the station on colorado avenue. the person will recover but it's still not clear exactly how they were hit. scary moments at subway when a car slammed into the restaurant yesterday afternoon. police say one person ran from the crash scene. fortunately no one was hurt and there isn't much structural damage to that building. it is now 7:35. in park county the community is
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from the shooting last week that killed a sheriff's deputy. corporal nate carrigan was shot %- and killed while serving an eviction notice. community members say the flags represent the sacrifice corporal carrigan made. >> this for me symbolizes people's thoughts, their remembrances, their sadness. people need to remember what these cops have to do every day. >> plans for the memorial service for nate carrigan have not been announced yet. the suspect was also killed in that shooting. today folks around the metro area will be gathering in castle rock to show their support for all of those who serve and protect our communities. today is law enforcement appreciation day. the public is invited out to the douglas county fair grounds
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a very sad day for law enforcement in virginia. a police officer there in just her second day on the job is killed responding to a domestic disturbance. she was sworn in on friday. two other officers were injured in that shooting. a civilian woman was also killed. police arrested a suspect who they say is a member of the military. to salt lake city now where a 16-year-old is in the hospital after he was shot by police. the man who was with the teen says police told him to drop a stick that he was carrying, then opened fire when he turned around. the shooting prompted onlookers to start throwing rocks at them and shouting obscenities at police. several people were arrested. to california now where three people there are injured after a stabbing at a kkk gathering. all three were stabbed during antiimmigration rally. this is in anaheim. this is when the kkk members
7:38 am
this happened three miles from disneyland. officials at uc berkeley are investigating a sizable hack on their students. so far they say there's no evidence any information has been stolen but they're notifying potential victims. boulder county is warning pay your property taxes or lose your home. four residents found this out the hard way. tax liens were put on their property. if you feel like you have less and less room when you -- here's the right camera. if you feel like you have less room when you fly, you're in the alone. >> what one lawmaker wants to do about it, coming up next.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about
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and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. . we're back at 7:41. eisenhower tunnel this morning. traffic running just fine if you want to get up and enjoy a
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snow is coming to the mountains. get one day of skiing in and drive back home. we're just hours away pro from the start of the oscars, and the show has been buried in controversy. big-ticket items in the gift bags. >>reporter: as if being a hollywood a-lister isn't enough a prize, this year's nominees will pick up a bag worth $200,000, including a toilet paper dispenser, $3 chap stick, an the most expensive gift in the bag, a $55,000, ten-day all expenses paid trip to israel. >> we're going to tell this story, we're going to tell it right.
7:43 am
nominees and the host will get the gift. israel hopes to boost the country's struggling tourism numberr. >> it will show how good it is here, how interesting it is here, and use this opportunity once you get it. >>reporter: in an awards season where the academy may have been hoping the lack of racial diversity yay be the only controversy, this has set off another one. >> we hope that a great majority of the nominees will reject the trip. >>reporter: omar says accepting the trip plays into what he calls israel's propaganda. >> so we're asking hollywood figures to not give their names
7:44 am
occupation and violations of human rights. >>reporter: israeli minister of tourism rejects that. >> i think boycotting because of the current situation is something that's unfair. >>reporter: this man, up for best supporting actor, has said he won't accept any gift, but most nominees have been silent about the swag bag. in a conflict that has dragged on for decades, the latest clashes have moved from the streets of the west bank to the red carpet of hollywood. >> so as far as the other controversy, of course, surrounding the oscars, the issue of race, rumor has it chris rock will address it during the night. >> you can watch the oscars. our special coverage starts at
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senator chuck schumer says the airlines must be stopped from forcing passengers to sit on planes quote like sardines. he says he'd like to add an amendment that would require seat size. the average distance between rows of seats was 39 inches. now it's about 16 and a half inches. it is now 7:35, an commercial resort towns like aspen is booming. sales are reported to have hit $2 billion last year. most of those sales were out of aspen and snowmass. total real estate sales volume in resort towns was nearly $7 and a half billion. that is up by nearly a billion dollars from 2014. unbelievable!. isten up. this is probably one of your favorite times of the year right here in denver because it's restaurant week.
7:46 am
can check out any of the nearly 250 restaurants that take part in this. they're offering multicourse dinners for just 30 bucks a person. you can find a complete list of the participating restaurants on >> and good luck trying to get into any of them. some of them fill up so fast, but there's still a few slots if you want to eat at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> you can do it. this morning as you head out the door, you'll notice windy conditions in some locations. breezy across the metro area.
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. this is a live look from morning. it's a nice start. breezy in some parts. be aware of that, but the sun is shining, but the snow is on its way to the mountains. when will it start? dayle will have all of the answers. let's talk about weather. when you see i-70 and the traffic is flowing at 7:48. remember yesterday? it was jam packed. that saturday morning commute up to the mountains is a difficult one. on sundays it's the folks coming back. i wonder if the oscars will . >> people stay up there later. >> or come back earlier. we'll see.
7:49 am
we do have full oscar coverage, so you do not need to go anywhere, because that's right here on denver 7. look at the temperatures this morningg 47 degrees downtown. greeley, 41. castle rock, a little cooler, you and deer trail at 39 degrees. as we look at the currents temperatures across the state, you'll see 40s in the eastern plains, in the high country a lot of 20s. steamboat in the teens, and gunnison,. lot of 40s in the mountains. ledville and steamboat should top out at 39 degrees. a few locations will top out in the upper 50s. sterling, you will be one of them. there's the warm spot for the day, pueblo, lamar, topping out into the upper 60s. cooler than yesterday because of the front, but this still
7:50 am
be for this time of year. denver should be topping out right about 50 degrees, an our high downtown this afternoon, 600 a little warm. littleton, high lands ranch, 65. metro. parker and castle rock may top out in the upper 50s. when it comes to ourr futurecast, the next system is getting eady to move in but it arrives late this evening. we'll start with snow in the northern mountains. a few clouds will make their way across the metro area but we'll still deal with cloudy skies earliy n tomorrow morning. clouds increase throughout the day for the metro, but all of the rain and snow stays on the western half of the state. central mountains looking for snow. in the afternoon there's a chance some of the rain showers will make their way off of the mountains onto the eastern plaiis. it looks like the metro area is going to stay dry, but we'll
7:51 am
at 7:00 and 9:00 in the evening, you'll start to see a rain/snow mix along the colorado border and some of that could make its way into the metro area. as we head into early tuesday morning, light flurries are possibly. it would just be a dusting if you see any at all. some of us will stay completely dry. mountains could pick up 5-10 inches of snow. we need that moisture. you saw the red flag warning yesterday. it's gone today but it doesn't take much for that to come back. tomorrow we'll stay right about the same, but once the front moves through, you'll see temperatures on tuesday dropping down. the bright spot next saturday, 66 degrees. that's how we're going to start our march, but long term it does look like things are going to change and we may not be keeping these warm temperatures and the dry weather, which is
7:52 am
stay tuned, we'll keep you up to date with our snow chances. >> and the spring storms are full of moisture. >> yeah, which is really what we need. it's been dry and the red flag warnings we had yesterday, it's scary to see that this time of year. if you have severe allergies to some animals, it probably affects your pet choices.
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7:54 am
. welcome back. we're checking out traffic in the high country. better than it was yesterday, because it's sunday, not saturday. but floyd hill flowing just fine. so if you want to get a quick trip up there, it shouldn't be bad if you head out the door now. the push by the national
7:55 am
and wifi connecttivity to visitors is moving forward. because of the mountains, the park won't be getting any more plugged in. folks say having wifi at national parks is good and bad. >> it's advertisement for the state itself. you get to show everybody at home on your social media, which brings people to your state. >> 5% of rocky mountain national park is designated wildlife area. there is a new resident at the denver zoo. don't rush over to see him, however. this black rhino, it will be a while before he's reaay to go on display. the zoo wants to make sure he's comfortable in his new home and ready for visitors. >> he's a beast. if you want a pet but worry
7:56 am
allergies, you may be considering a hhpoallergenic dog. just because you pick that kind of breed doesn't mean you went have any trouble with your allergies. in recent studies, they may not be the best option. >> there waa no difference, an actually the most recent study showed there was more of the major allergen in the hypoallergenic breeds they found in the fur versus other dogs. >> interesting. our partners say there is no dog. which it comes to what is triggering your allergies around dogs, it's not so much saliva. >> same thing with cats. i know this because i'm allergic. it is 7:56.
7:57 am
much more to come in the next hour of denver 7. >> in this contest, the voting is definitely over. the envelopes are sealed and polished up.
7:58 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes command. just two days till super tuesday. the billionaire front-runner rewriting the campaign playbook. >> we have a really good chance of winning. side. >> i'm proud and happy to be part of this team. >> while his rivals hit back harder than ever. >> worst spray tan in america. this is a scam. donald trump will never be the republican nominee. >> we're covering all the week's stunning surprises. and looking ahead to super tuesday. with chris christie and ted cruz here live.


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