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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. . by a landslide. that is the only way to describe hillary clinton's latest primary win. a look at her victory in south super tuesday. >> the outdoor classic not a victory for the avs, but a local win for the fans and businesses. >> we're just hours away from show drama. the 88th annual academy awards. our expert is here with what's unique about this year's presenters an will chris rock address the racial controversy.
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this sunday morning. >> if you've been outside this morning you know it's nice already. yesterday was amazing. degrees. now, we did have a cold front roll in which means it's not going to be as warm this afternoon but it's not affecting our temperatures this morning. let's take a look outside and you can see it is gorgeous. look at the beautiful blue skies we are dealing with. we will have a few more clouds move in but today we'll see sunshine, which will be nice. across the metro area. those have calmed down for now, but if you look out onto the eastern plains, we are seeing stronger winds there. right now in fort morgan, 20 miles per hour. these are going to pick up through the day and we are going to see windy conditthroughout the week as a result of ome of the warm temperatures we'll be dealing with. we're at 50 degrees downtown already. we have a lot of 40s. few 50s. aurora 49, parker at 45.
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and evening will play out. temperatures are going to warm to the upper 50s into the low 60s. across the metro area those winds are going to pick up, we'll see some clouds, and then still even at 6:00, only dropppng down to right about 54 degrees, but we do have some changes in the form of rain and snow. we'll talk about that and take a look at whhn and where in just a little. we a breaking news this morning. a person was killed overnight when she was hit by a car on i- the state patrol says one driver did stop but they aren't sure if there are others who also hit the victim. they're still investigating. the victim's name hasn't been released. the highway reopened shortly beeore 6:30 this morning. hillary clinton is basking in the glow of another big victory. the former secretary of state
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south carolina. clinton's popularity with minority voters. the win leaves clinton in the power position coming into confident. >> i congratulate secretary clinton on her strong victory. tuesday over 800 delegates are many of them. >> voters here in colorado will super tuesday. >> lindsay watts joins us now with everything you need to know about super tuesday. >> this is the most important day of the election. about 1500 delegates are at stake, and this could make or break some of the campaigns. on the republican side we still have five candidates in the trump, donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich.
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showing for clinton. here in colorado candidates are doing last-minute campaigning. clinton. bernie sanders is here himself. he'll be in fort collins the csu campus. doors open at 7:00 and this is free and open to the public. as far as our caucuses here in colorado, there's a distinction between democrats and republicans. there won't be a candidate on the republican side. if you'd like the participate in the caucuses on tuesday, we'll have everything you need to know about that important process later in the show. >> thank you, lindsey. this morning you can catch a presentation of denver 7's "politics unplugged."
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the race to the white house will be discussed.. we've got a full preview of super tuesday. this morning, events are being pieced together that led up to the shooting death of two people. a fight between a father and stepdaughter turned deadly. here's the report as it came from from dispatch. >> daughter shot herself in the chest. >> now, when police arrived they found a man and woman inside the house, both shot dead. the woman who made the 911 call was taken to the hospital with a head injury but she'll be okay. they hope they can help them figure out what happened. denver police on the hunt for three men who shot a woman inside her apartment yesterday morning. we brought you this as breaking news right here on denver 7. it happened on 38th near high street. one person was taken into custody but no one has been arrested. the woman is recovering in the hospital and is expected to be okay.
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you're asked to call police. police in northglenn are investigating a shooting that left two men injured. now they're looking for five men that they believe are involved. all of this happened behind a shell gas station on east 120th. the victims are expected to be okay. police are looking for the men who they think may have been driving a dark-colored sedan. two dangerous robbery suspects on the run this morning after a customer was shot in the leg during a robbery. all of this happened at all american pawn on friday night. let's change gears ust a little bit. the first ever outdoor hockey games in downtown denver were a huge success. >> more than 50,000 people came out to enjoy the historic events at the stadium. of course this isn't just good for the players. it's great for local businesses.
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with hotel bookings and restaurant visitors, experts are excited for what the series brought to the ccty. it makes hard-core avs fans appreciate red wings fans. >> it's hard to say what our impact is going to be, but i think if you walked into any of the restaurants, they'll tell you quite a bit of uptick is going on. you'll see a lot of red wings jerseys an i think it's safe to say there's a lot of people coming in. >> all of those people are good. the exact economic impact remains to be seen but it's expected to be big for us. coming ahead in sports, jahmai webster is going to take a look at the game itself. it was neat to watch that take place and unfold. >> it's cool. >> it's exciting. the other excitement of course today, the oscars. >> oh yeah. >> hollywood buzzing this morning with the excitement of
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>> tonight it wwll be all about the when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv and they're both delivered on a super-fast fiber network directly to your home, it's amazing. it is amazing, but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? just -- yeah. um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed
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. welcome back. ii's 10 minutes after 9:00, and this is live look at theered carpet all rolled out as we get ready for the 88th academy awards this evening. so exciting. i love getting pumped up for this. you can see they have been working hard to get this all set up. the oscars believe it or not start really in just a couple hours. our red carpet coverage starts at 3:00 this afternoon. >> that's right, and starting right now you can get an expert
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joining uu now, eden lane, the host and producer of " in focus." joe biden will be in the white house. >> yes, he'll be there to introduce lady gaga. it won't be the first time a sitting vice president has appeared. in the fourth year it was vice -`president curtis who was there to speak. so it should be kind of exciting. he's there because he suppoots a program called it's on us, and that's another hashtag to look for us tonight, about sexual violence and abuse. >> there's a lot of controversy around the awards this year. we just keep hearing of more things that pop up. the first one was arguing there's no diversity among the nominees. chris rock is hosting. do you think that's something he wiil touch on? >> certainly, and i can't think
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more with humor and commentary, an all eyes will be on him to make sure he not only comments on it responsibly but also keeps it entertaining. >> we have to talk about leo. no doubt he's got the talents. will he win this year? >> sentiments is a huge part of the voting. it's not about measuring the quality of work, and the momentum and sentiments seems to be behind him this year in his work in the revenant. he's been nominated so many times before that i think most of the academy voters will choose him and reward him this year. >> which will be great to see. so are you expecting any big twists or turns or surprises this year? >> i don't think there's going to be aalot of surprises, but having said that, anytime someone says that, there will be one. i think there will be a lot of
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there's a lot of new things that's happening this year. for example, instead of going over a list of thank yous, all of the nominees were invited to submit their list of thank yous, and you'll see them so they can use their time to deliver a heart-felt speech. >> you will be watching the film sunday night. >> you just print out your ballot and come on down and join us. >> awesome. thanks for being with us this morning. >> i want to steal eden's ballot. of course she's going to be back after the awards show tonight and then possibly yet again tomorrow morning. we're keeping that woman busy. she's the go-to when it comes to the oscars. you can watch that on denver 7. our coverage begins at 3:00. >> and we'll be live at the denver film society's watch party this evening at well, so
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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welcome back. it's 9:16. this is a look off of i-70 where the roads are dry. it just looks so nice out there, but we are tracking some snow. dayle specifically tracking all of that moving into the mountains. when is it going to show up, will it affect your drive home ttnight? dayle cedars will have all of those answers for you. it's so nice out there. maybe head out there real quick, grab a bite to eat, and find a place to enjoy the oscars. you were freezing for a reason yesterday, but it really wasn't
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water was cold. >> just because it was 69 degrees outside when we jumped in for the polar plunge, the water was 37 degrees. we were out at the denver zoo. of course all of this to benefit special olympics colorado. take a look. so the canonball there, that was jason. he splashed the crowd, he was so excited to get everyone wet. plunge. it was our morning show against the night show. that's me in the tutu there. and that's conner. it was a competition to see who could raise the most money. morning show edged out see.
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insight about what it means to be special olympic athletes. >> you get leadership skills and confidence. >> i think it means to me that we make a difference in life and we can make things happen. >> oh, an they certainly do make things happen. so we want to thank all of you who gave to either the morning show or the nightside show, or the teams. it was great for us to raise all this money. $6,000. >> that's amazing! by the way, hannah and connor impress me every day. >> it was so fun. i was joking with connor when i wassjumping with him. i need you to hold my hand when i jump in. the weather was perfect. today is going to be cooler, outside.
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denver, we are at 48 degrees right now. a little bit of a breeze. about 12 miles per hour. really the cold front that moved in not going to affect our temperatures early this morning. we're just not going to be in for a huge warm up. in the high country we have 20s and 30s. out on the eastern plains, mid- to upper 40s. look at lamar. it is already 57 degrees, so pretty warm in some locations. as you look at the planner, here's what you're going notice. degrees in denver. yesterday we were at 72. today will be a little cooler, an then from there we're going to cool things down, an these those 50s are gone. we're going to be in the 30s overnight tonight and tomorrow will be similar to today. we'll have a few more clouds tomorrow. these are the highs that we're going to be dealing with. low 60s across the front range.
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two warmer locations across e state, an in the high country 40s as well as 30s. 39 in ledville and 39 in steamboat. downtown denver topping out at 64 degrees. down in the tech center you'll see a high of 59. as we look at our futurecast, you will see some clouds move in today, but still nice and mild. overnight tonight really early tomorrow morning, we'll start to see some snow move into the northern mountains, so we're going to make up to a few clouds, still have clear skies on the eastern plain, an then the snow is just going to fill in. looking for about 5-10 inches in the high country. by mid-day tomorrow, everything stays off to the west. rain-snow mix on the colorado utah border. as we head into the evening tomorrow, we can see some of the rain showers moving onto the eastern plains. these will be isolated and light and not necessarily hitting the metro area, but as
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late at night you can see right along the northern colorado border, we're looking for snow to drop in. a few of those flurries will make their way across the metro area, an by early tuesday morning could have a light dusting in some locations. other cities won't see a thing. and by mid-morning on tuesday, it is completely sunny and dry. we need some snow to keep us from the fire danger. remember we had those red flag warnings yesterday. we don't want them to return, an it doesn't take much, an we are looking for windy `onditions. tomorrow the winds will pick up again before the next system that will drop our temperatures on tuesday. we will rebound back in the 60s, and on saturday at 66. our average high this time of year is 50. so even with the fronts, you can see temperatures all week long staying right above where we shouud be, so wait for march and some snow. it will come. >> just for that hockey game at
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organizers weren't expecting 70 degrees before the puck dropped. >> no, they had to work hard to keep the ice cold. >> i know, to keep it solid. >> not easy. >> not at all. so what does that mean? they don't have to worry about it anymore, because this thing is over now. >> that's right, which is good to see, but don't worry. if you were not out there, because not everyone could fit
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined.
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and i approve this message. my plan -- and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level with your help, as president, we will. . how is it going everybody? good morning and welcome to 7 sports extra. i'm jahmaa webster. after much anticipation, it came. red wings, avs in the first outdoor hockeyycontest. down 1-0 first period. greased lightning got them even. tie game, people. avs playing catch up in the third.
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and it's a free for all. alex, right place right time, tied it again. with 6:15 left it stayed that way until this. nicholas cromwall with a shot. detroit tacked on an empty netter later. 5-3 wings. they win. >> i enjoyed it. it was a nice experience. i'm disappointed because we lost tonight, but i mean everything was first class by the organization. they did a super job. i mean every detail. it was a nice experience. >> well, the twitter verse last night was abuzz. topic. according to our partners at the post, 18 will ride off into the sunset, citing not one but two unnamed sources. one of those sources was not
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by nfl mediaasaying peyton hasn't told me a thing. broncos spokesman told aaron andersen last night that manning has not informed the team of his decision, later tweeting the plan was to remain for peyton to continue talks this week. john elway reiterated the broncos will give peyton as much time as he needs. day one, defending national champs faced sacred heart. a two-goal lead brought up the beast. he wins the face off and says i've got it, guys. he gave them the first lead. he sends home a strike. du in complete control with 20 seconds left in the half. made it look too easy. that was ten unanswered goals
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11.7 on the clock. you guessed it. textbook. you can close the book on sacred heart. i'm jahmai webster. that's a look at your morning sports. basketball takes a lot of ssill but it's unheard of the still that steph curry has. he was on point last night, make that on three point. >> decide not to use it, curry way downtown, bang, bang!. >> you kidding me? curry made the three pointer from 38 feet out, helping take the warriors to victory. they had been losing the whole game until they came back at the last minute and pushed it to ot. this not to pretty to watch. lindsey vonn is one tough cookie. she'll be skiing today, just a day after this fall. she got a hairline fracture in
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she is scheduled for an mri tomorrow, but she says she's not going to let it stop her and she plans on skiing with >> what? >> she's intense. >> she's a beast. it is now 9:27. still to come this hour, this week of course is a big one pour the presidential candidates. by tuesday night we will likely have a pretty good idea who our nominees might be.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. it is 9:30 and time for a close look at our top story this morning. hillary clinton's latest primary win, this time she won by a huge margin in south carolina. nearly 50 points over bernie sanders. now she's won every primary except for new hampshire. clinton already has her sights
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>> america has never stopped being great [ cheers and applause ] >> but we do need to make america whole again. >> the next contest for all the candidates or both sides is super tuesday, just two days from now. of ourse super tuesday is a huge day in the primary election season. it could bring about the end of some campaigns. >> more than a dozen states are part of us, including colorado. denver 7 reporter lindsay watts join us to explain this caucus process, because it's confusing to some people. >> it can be tricky to understand how this works, especially because republicans an democrats are doing something different this year. there's a distinction between what they're both doing here in colorado on tuesday. schools, churches, neighborhood centers and there are thousands of them across the state. this is the first step in the process. delegates.
9:32 am
mentioned between what democrats and republicans are doing here, democrats will be taking a vote to see whether hillary clinton or bernie sanders is their candidate of choice, so we should have a winner. republicans have decided they won't do a straw poll and pick a candidate, so there will be no top candidate out of colorado on tuesday. if you wants to be part of the process this week, you have to be a registered voter as a democrat or republican. also you have to have been registered by january 4th. we have a list of all the caucus locations by county on our website,, an there should be a location not too far from where you live. >> thanks, lindsey. today clinton supporters are holding a bunch of events across colorado. % top democratic leaders from around the ssate will be hosting the events. the events kick off at noon with lots of supporters canvassing neighborhoods. they'll be in denver and
9:33 am
there. we also have the times listed and we'll have all of the bernie sanders will be in fort collins later today. he's hostinn a rally to discuss a wide range of issues, including the issue of money in politics. campus. the event starts at 7:00. public. remember, you can see more about the caucuses coming up this morning on "politics unplugged." but before that comes on, get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. we had a cold front last night but you would not know it. it is 50 degrees downtown at city park. lakewood an broomfield, a little cooler at 48 degrees. from here we're just not going to have the huge warm up we did yesterday. yesterday was unbelievable. if you were outside in denver, we saw a high of 72 degrees.
9:34 am
those of us at the denver zoo would the polar plunge. today we'll top out at 60. this is still 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. cooler than yesterday but nice and mild. 57 at noon, an then we'll drop back down into the 50s. overniiht tonight we'll see temperatures in the 30s, but still very mild. however, we do have rain and snow moving into the state. this morning, state patrol is investigating after a person was hit and killed while walking on i-25 in johnstown. a driver did stop. they're trying to find out if other drivers who hit the person too. this woman, athina munoz is facing charges of dui and vehicular homicide after police say she hit and killed two people on a motorcycle while driving drunk. it happened on highway 83 about a mile and a half south of
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the vvctims are identified as 58-year-old and is 56-year-old wife, bryan and jacquie lehner. overnight, one person was hit after being hit by a light rail train at the station on colorado avenue. the person will recover and it's not clear how they were hit. scary moments for customers at subway when this car slammed into the restaurant. denver fire responded to the crash yesterday. one person ran from the crash seen. no one was hurt. it is a sad day for the law enforcement community in virginia. a police officer in just her second day on the job is killed responding to a domestic violence disturbance. she was sworn in on friday. two other officers were injured in the shooting. a civilian woman was killed. police arrested a suspect who they say is a member of the military and he is expected to be in court tomorrow. to salt lake city utah where a 16-year-old is in the
9:36 am
police. the man who was with the teen said police told him to drop a stick he was carrying. the shooting prompted onlookers to shout obscenities at police. in california three peoole there are injured after a stabbing at a kkk gathering. all three were stabbed during an antiimmigration rally in anaheim when the kkk members clashed with protesters. you can see it taking place. from disneyland. some witnesses say they did not see any uniformed police officers in the area at the time. in park county the community is taking the first steps to heal from the shooting last week. corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed. yesterday, people in bailey
9:37 am
side of the highway. >> this, for me, symbolizes people's thoughts, their remembrances, their sadness. people need to remember what these cops have to do every day. >> plans for a memorial service for corporal nate carrigan have not been announced. the suspect was also killed in that shooting. today, folks around the metro area will be gathering in castle rock to show their support for all of those who serve and protect ouu communities. appreciation day. the public is invited out to the douglas county fair grounds to show their support. it is open to the public. if you have severe
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. it is 9:39. look at this. what a beautiful start to your
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it's been so nice this february. we got snow early and it's just been unusually warm, but march brings snow, usually, o we'll have to wait an see what happens. enjoy your sunday and then head home for the oscars. because you suffer from allergies, you may be considering a hypoallergenic dog, but our partners say just because you pick that kind of breed doesn't mean you won't have trouble with your allergies. hypoallergenic breeds may not be the best option. >> there was recent studies that showed there was more of the major dog allergen in the hypo arrest hypoallergenic breeds. >> when it comes to what exactly is triggering your
9:41 am
so much the fur, it's actually in the saliva. what a segue. we've got three dogs. >> with saliva. >> we've got suzey q, a chihauhau mix: corrine, a boxer mix. and we've got toby who is a beautiful older gentleman, gorgeous guy. >> such pretty colors. 3 dogs. just because he's a little older, he's a sweet dog. today. >> what we try and do when we go to adoption events is match >> right. >> just because you think it's
9:42 am
not be the right dog for you, for many reasons. that is their saliva, not their fur. a lot of times you can combat that with baths, brushing. i know some people just take benadryl because they don't want to get rid of their dogs. better would be the dogs with hair as opposed to fur, which would be poodle-type dogs. you know, these little . >> they're so cute. >> yeah. are there any adoption events happening today? >> yes.. we have one at the petsmart in
9:43 am
and just to remind everyone, there is an adoption fee when you adopt a dog. there's a lot of money that goes into these. >> that makes sense. >> the fees go into food for them, their general care. >> and it's a perfect day. >> it is. >> it's right there on the corner of parker and 20-mile. can't miss it. we've got cute dogs. by the way, all this information, i'll put this on my facebook page and it will be on which one are you taking home today? >> i don't think i want that information on your facebook page because i think i need susy q. i'm taking her home. very precious. looking at our wind speeds, mild across the metro area. some of them are in the teens, but if youuhead out onto the eastern plains, these are
9:44 am
9:45 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
9:46 am
. welcome back. here's a look at vail, another great spot to be, even though though need the snow. >> the skiers, snow boaters. >> i want to see how that works. >> a snow boat. it would be fun. i'm going to invent that. >> and you're going to make millions and leave me here on the desk. >> that's my plan. the mountains will see more snow later this evening. if you're up there skiing, make sure you grab the sunscreen because you're going to want it. we're at 48 degrees in denver. you can see the winds out of the east. pretty mild here, those stronger winds on the eastern plains. temperatures nice. 45 for sterling, here in denver at 48.
9:47 am
you're already in the 50s. lamar at 57. gunnison, you have moved out of the single digits. you are now at 12 degrees. you're going to see the temperatures warm to right about 60 degrees. so we're going to be dealing with decent temperatures. we should be at 50 degrees. nothing compared to the 72 we had yesterday. lamar and pueblo, warmest locations across the state, an up in the high country, a lot of 40s. aspen 46. eagle will be one of the warmer spots in the mountains at 50 degrees. grand junction at 56. zooming into the metro area, you can see downtown denver topping out at 60. 63 in eerie and 63 in littleton. castle rock and parker may be a touch cooler in the mid-to upper 50s, but all of this puts us where we should be. we need some rain and snow.
9:48 am
our next system move in and that's going to bring snow into the northern mountains. across the front range we'll have clouds. watch the snow as it fills in through the day. fast forward this to 2:30 and you can see more clouds moving onto the plains. snow stays off to the west and looking for a rain/snow mix at the colorado and utah border, but then we're going to see some of that across i-25. it looks like it's going pass the metro area an jump over us, but tomorrow evening some of the snow is going to drop down from wyoming into nebraska and the northern portion of the state could pick up some of that activity. overnight monday into tuesday, a few flurries are possible. you are not going to wake up tuesday morning to a lot of snow.
9:49 am
you see any at all for us. the mountains could pick up 5- 10 inches of snow. clear skies across the entire state and we'll have quite a bit of sunshine. temperatures on tuesday will be cooler because of that front but we rebound nicely back into the upper 50s and 60s as we head through the week. on saturday, put the bright spot there, that's where we're looking for temperatures to climb in the mid-60s for the metro area, great day to be outside and enjoy our colorado weather. but we are looking for more snow, an when we look at the -`long-term forecast, it does look like we could have some good snow moving in in march. it will be great to see. we had the red flag warning yesterday. with that. >> and we talked about it's packed with moisture because it's warmer. need just a couple storms and we're good.
9:50 am
less room when you fly, you're in the alone. >> one law maker wants to do
9:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
9:52 am
potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. . it's sunday, we're almost done with our show, and we can get out and enjoy the nice weather. we are just hours from the start of the oscars. this year the award show has been buried in controversy. >> the latest surrounds one of the big ticket itemm in the gift bags given to the nominees. >>reporter: as being a hollywood a-lister wasn't enough of a price, this year's tom nominees will pick up a
9:53 am
including a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 of personized m&ms. and the most expensive gifttin the bag, a ten-day all expenses paid trip to israel. all 25 of the acting and directing nominees, and host, chris rock, will get the gift. israel hopes to boost the country's struggling tourism numbers. >> they will show how good it is here, how interesting it is here and use this opportunity. >>reporter: in an awards season where the academy may have been hoping the lack of racial diversity would be the only controversy, this has set off another one. >> we hope that a great
9:54 am
reject this trip. >>reporter: omar says accepting the trip plays into what he calls israel's propaganda. >> we're asking hollywood's figures to not to give their names for israel to white wash its occupation and violations of human rights. >>reporter: israeli tourism rejects that. >> i think talking about boycotting israel because of the current situation is something unfair. >>reporter: nominee for best supporting actor has said he won't accept any gift, but most other nominees have been silent about the swag bag. in a conflict that has dragged on for decades, the latest clash has moved from the 3 streets of the west bank to the
9:55 am
>> so as far as the other controversy around the oscars, of course we're talking about the issue of race, host chris rock is expected to address it. >> and you can watch the oscars right here on denver 7 tonight. our special coverage starts at 3:00, followed by denver 7 news. a u.s. senator is pushing for new rules for the airlines, stipulating the minimum seat size. senator chuck schumer says the airlines must be stopped from forcing passengers sitting on planes quote like sardines. the average distance between 3 rows of seats was 35 inches and now it's 16 and a half inches. you're short. home an commercial resort towns like aspen is booming.
9:56 am
with big property deals in vail and beaver creek. foodies, listen up. this is your favorite time of year in denver. of course we're talking about restaurant week. >> now through march 6th, you can check out any of the nearly 25 restaurants taking part. they're -- 250 restaurants taking par year for the event. you can find a complete list of the participating restaurants on there is a new resident at the denver zoo, but don't rush out there because you can't see him. this is a black rhino named ruby. ruby is going to live right across from the hipo that we've spoken about. it will be a while before he's ready to go on display.
9:57 am
before he gets out there in front of all those people. >> you know what would have been better for the polar plunge, if you jumped into the rhino pit or the hippo pit. water is? >> that's the point. >> it was cold as it was. the last thing you wants to do is be gasping for air. he did not jump, so he can say whatever he wants. the weather today is going to be cooler. we're going to be topping out in the upper 50s, low 60s. mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today. tomorrow similar but those winds are going to pick up. that's because we do have a chance for afternoon showers on the plains. snow in the high country, about 5-10 inches. some of the flurries could make its way into the metro area late monday night into tuesday
9:58 am
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>> joel osteen: may god bless you, and thanks for letting us come into your homes today. and if you're ever in our area, i hope you'll stop by and be a part of one of our services. these are the finest people in all of houston, texas, right here at lakewood. but come on out whenever you can. thanks for tuning in. i like to start with something funny. and i heard about this baptist man named bill. he liked to sneak out to the horse races and bet.


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