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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 29, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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(button clicks) clicking) mr. beene? the interview just started. i'm not watching. i think you better. thank you for sitting down with me tonight, mrs. grant. i-i have to say, i was expecting to do. i understand it was your idea. it was, james, and believe me, what i'm about to say...
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it's not an easy thing to admit. i don't care if he's on camera! you turn the damn camera off! you go to commercial, and you put him on the phone with me right now! i wanna talk to my freakin' husband right now! like so many other couples, james, my husband and i... well... (sighs) we have been experiencing some... difficulties in our marriage. (exhales deeply) wh-what do you mean by that, mrs. grant? well, after we had the baby, after the shooting, after i stood by him through that whole terrible ordeal, i... found out that... my husband was unfaithful to me. (exhales deeply) y-you're saying h-he... i'm saying my husband had an extramarital affair. huh. wonder who he banged. i got, uh... stuff.
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i have moved out of the white house to take some time for myself... (inhales deeply) while we work through this heartbreaking betrayal. you're alleging that-- no. i wish i were alleging, james. so you're confirming that the president of the united states has been cheating on you... his wife? yes. and... (both moaning) the american people tonight for their understanding and their forgiveness. (telephone ringing) no one's marriage is perfect, that given time... and space, fitz and i will be able to repair what has been broken here and emerge from this stronger
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(both breathing heavily) hi. hi. (giggles)
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ellen saying on twws nowwinning best picture. michael keaton's celebration as he walked up to the stage, he kind of dropped two words that i cannot say on television. and it's getting a lot of talk. a lot of smiles this morning. >> i was wondering what that was about. abc's brandi hitt explaining it all from the dolby theater. brandi in hollywood, thank you so much. >> he was pretty pumped. let's check in right now with another member of our team who spent hours on the red carpet earlier on sunday and backstage. abc's leslie messer. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have to start with what a huge win for leonardo dicaprio. >> i was so afraid of what would happen if leo didn't win. that is how badly everybody wanted him to take home best actor.
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applause. everyone, i mean, it was like everyone was breathing a collective sigh of relief. >> it's pretty impressive. you can hear him right there. he made a big speech about climate change, as well. passionate about a lot of causes. what was the reaction backstage to chris rock? what are people buzzing about now? >> i think everyone was really impressed that he tackled this controversy head-on. it continued throughout the show. if he hadn't done what he did, i think he would be criticized for that. i thought he was really funny. everyone was laughing at his jokes. nothing really fell flat. i give him credit. he did a great job. >> "the new york daily news" not agreeing, saying he went too far. he did go there. what's it like to cover the oscars? i imagine it's pretty glamorous. you're there on the red carpet. you're rubbing elbows with leo. what's it like? >> as far as work assignments go, it could get a lot worse
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it's just so surreal. it's something everybody grows up watching on television and to actually be there and see your favorite celebrities walking in, looking more unbelievable than they've ever looked. and then also on a sentimental note, seeing them accomplish their dream and realizing this life-long dream is a pretty special thing to see. >> it is a really big deal there. >> abc's leslie messer live in hollywood. our oscar coverage is just getting started. we have a special edition of "the skinny" on hollywood style later this half hour. >> one you don't want to miss. we're going to move on to our other major story that we're following this morning. of course, it is a battle for the white house. this morning donald trump on the defensive after a controversial kkk endorsement. >> his rivals couldn't wait to pounce, hurling a fury of insults. it's your voice, your vote. abc's stephanie ramos is covering the campaign. >> reporter: gop front-runner donald trump taking attacks from all sides including personal insults. >> he is a con artist.
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keep a con man from taking over the party of reagan. >> reporter: trump responding with a series of tweets repeatedly calling marco rubio a lightweight. but getting into some trouble, too. retweeting a quote by mussolini and then refusing to disavow an endorsement from kkk grand wizard david duke during an interview on cnn's "state of the union." >> i know nothing about david duke or white supremacists and so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> reporter: trump apparently forgetting he had already disavowed duke on friday. rubio pounced on the interview. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and and the klu klux klan. >> reporter: a rare moment of bernie sanders tweeting this out. america's first black president by a hate monger who refuses to condemn the kkk.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton retweeted sanders' message as she celebrates her big win in the south carolina primary. >> you see, i do believe america remains great. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. coming up in our oscars edition of "the skinny," chris rock's biggest laughs and the most awkward moment of the evening. from dazzling gowns to plunging necklines. our senior analyst is here with won't get anywhere else. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by head and shoulders. red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma?
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a virginia police officer. the officer was on her very first patrol. woodbridge officer ashley guindon was killed when she responded to a domestic violence call at the home of ronald hamilton. he's also accused killing his wife before police arrived. hamilton is a sergeant assigned to the pentagon. guindon will be remembered today at her hometown in new hampshire. the parents of a critically injured teen in salt lake city are looking for answers this morning. the 17-year-old had a stick in his hand friday night when he was shot by police. investigators initially said that police fired when the teen tried to attack them. now they say they're trying to figure out exactly what happened. the two officers involved in the shooting were wearing body cameras. some new details in the fatal shooting of an ohio pastor in his office. police plan to charge his brother with murder. services were ending when shots were fired. parishioners ran in terror. the suspect had a history of mental illness as well as violence. the reverend william schooler was a former school teacher and
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dayton school board. he was 70, his brother 68. and there's more trouble to tell you about for the cruise ship "anthem of the seas." not only is the ship heading back to its new jersey port after encountering more rough weather, there's also an outbreak now of norovirus. >> this boat can't win. >> they cannot at all. the cruise line says the decision to turn around was because of the storm. earlier this month, you recall that "anthem" was caught in a severe storm and sustained some damage. >> apparently they're offering full refunds and skipping parts of the barbados and st. kitts. but coming back, norovirus not good. >> norovirus, bad weather. >> disembark immediately. >> yes. come up in "the skinny," we're taking it back out to hollywood with a recap of the oscars, including all of chris rock's best moments. >> plus fashion with our analyst jack on the red carpet. you're watching "world news now."
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best actress in a supporting role went to alicia vikander for "the danish girl." >> and for the guys best actor in a leading role went to leonardo dicaprio for "the revenant" and in a bit of an upset, best actor in a supporting role went to mark rylance for "bridge of spies." the most anticipated moment of the night was the start of the awards. >> the start of the award was the moment that host chris rock took the sage about the world waiting to see what he would say about the controversial lack of diversity among the nominees. >> as expected, rock had plenty to say. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars to ever host because you got all this controversy. no black nominees, you know? and people are like, chris, you should boycott. chris, you should quit. you should quit. you know, how come it's only unemployed people that tell you to quit something? i'm sure there were no black nominees some of those years,
3:18 am
why? because we had real things to protest at the time like too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinematographer. jada's going to boycott the oscars. jada boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. if you want black people every year at the oscars, just have black categories like best black friend. hollywood is sorority racist. it's like, we like you, rhonda. but you're not a kappa. because "rocky" takes place in a world where white athletes are as good as black athletes. movie. >> he did get a lot of laughs. i mean, de get the tone right, do you think? >> there was a lynching joke and joke.
3:19 am
>> that was quite a tone. "the new york daily news," as we were mentioning, said that he went way too far. they put him on the front page. but needed to tackle it, in typical chris rock style. >> he did it his way, didn't he? >> he did. he probably won't be back next year. he did a great job. bravo. >> next to one of the most awkward moments of the evening. > when chris rock introduced stacy dash. remember her? the actress turned fox news pundit who has mocked the necessity of b.e.t., and even black history month as the academy's new director of minority outreach. >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month. thank you. >> thank you. >> oh, boy. yeah, you could tell there was a bit of awkward silence and then a bit of polite applause. but really the best reaction may really, really didn't want to laugh.
3:20 am
so he did laugh. >> he didn't know what to do. neither did any of us at home. afterwards dash did take to her blog responding to her critics who charge that she's not black enough saying, i'd rather be a free-thinking black than a cookie-cutter black who thinks and votes just like all of my friends. who knew there was such a thing as cookie cutter blacks. now earlier, an even more awkward moment played out on the red carpet and the internet. a beauty company tweeted they had no idea oprah was tattooed. they couldn't believe, it was kind of awkward. as you can see, that's not really oprah. the woman with the tattoos is whoopi goldberg. >> it's different? and considering there weren't a lot of people of color there total beauty knows they screwed up. they tweeted an apology to oprah, whoopi and everyone else. >> gayle king weighed in with this image of a confused oprah.
3:21 am
reacting to the mix-up. king saying, we all love whoopi, but we all don't look alike. that was great. i loved it. >> love the reaction. coverage of the oscars wouldn't be complete without discussing fashion. >> yes. we're going to get to the women later but first the guys starting with the jared leto. crimson piped tuxedo with a red flower in place of a bow tie. a carnation, to be exact. tremblay who looked amazing. strutting his stuff. > such a cutie. >> he absolutely is, in a classic tux. but what you don't see are his darth vader socks. >> oh. smart kid. wanted the force to be with him. is that the right force? no? sorry. finally our own red carpet host michael strahan in an eye-catching two-tone blue tux but apparently "gq" magazine wasn't impressed. how can you criticize his necktie? they did. and they said when it comes to black tie events, there were only two options, a bow tie or no tie at all. if you can pull it off, hey, michael, you can pull it off.
3:22 am
amazing. now that the guys are out of the way, it is time for the real fashion to begin. >> jack's red carpet round coming up next. he's got his take on fashion. >> yeah. up for it. and it's really impressive. i might be wearing that for my halloween party. >> will you? >> yeah. een party. >> yeah. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only branded cold and flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago and still smell like springtime? unstopables in-wash scent boosters the more you pour, the more scent you'll savor. toss it in before your clothes for luxurious scent up to 12 weeks unstopables by downy.
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okay. for some people the best part of the oscar night is, of course, fashion. our "bachelor" analyst is not one of them. >> but he's here anyway to give us thoughts on the looks of the night. jack sheehan, welcome. >> yes, i got all dressed up for it. let's get right to. who else got dressed up? charlize theron. let's take a look at this. now that is a movie star, ladies and gentlemen. total glam on the red carpet. that is dior haute couture. that strategically placed
3:26 am
old charlize had heads turning in red on the red carpet. >> i got to say jadore. moving on, saoirse ronan, star of "brooklyn" another plunging you see the theme developing emerald green, republic of ireland. she was in calvin klein. earrings. saoirse doing well. who did not do well? heidi klum. oh, dear. march marchesa. that is a whimsical flowing mess right there. >> a nightmare. >> lavender, white, and a disaster. >> they didn't finish it. >> she just got to put that thing away and forget that that ever happened. holy god. it didn't get any better with olivia wilde. >> oh, that's wild. >> that's a pleated cream something from valentino. it looked like strips of tape to be honest.
3:27 am
>> when it comes back up, that weird choker necklace didn't do anything for anybody either. olivia wilde. >> thanks, olivia. >> yeah, thanks for nothing on that. also cate blanchett. we're going to disagree on this one. >> she looks beautiful. >> she looks stunning. > i'm going to go on the record and declare that a flowery seafoam green disaster from armani. >> no. you couldn't be further from the truth. >> we love it. >> somebody in hollywood called that good and they should be fired. >> we love this. >> oh, no. >> we disagree. >> get her out of here. who's next? sandy powell, this woman is a costume designer. orange hair, aquamarine suit. she was misidentified on e!'s who knows what was going on here. full credit to her. if she designed that, she might never work in hollywood again. the first annual analyst best dressed award goes to naomi
3:28 am
i'll tell you what, shimmering in sapphire blue and purple from armani prive, there with her partner liev schreiber. looked absolutely fantastic.
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning. good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." a surprise win for best picture at the oscars. the journalism movie "spotlight" taking home the top prize. it was a big night for leonardo dicaprio. he finally gets his statue. stay tuned for extensive coverage ahead. under fire. donald trump attacked from all sides after refusing to condemn an endorsement from former kkk leader david duke. but trump is still leading the republican pack in many states as we head into super tuesday. a virginia police department is mourning the loss of a rookie
3:31 am
her first day on patrol. an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon is being held in connection with the murder. the "anthem of the seas" is cutting another cruise short. it encountered bad weather off coast of north carolina and some passengers are sick with norovirus. it's the second time this month the ship has cut short a cruise. those are some of our top stories on this leap year day, monday, february 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good monday morning, everyone. of course, we're going to start this half hour with hollywood's most glamorous night, which is leading into its longest morning, no doubt. the academy awards ceremony held last night. and the after parties probably still in full swing. >> i would hope so, right? there were a few unexpected wins last night including oscar for the best picture. abc's brandi hitt is standing by with all the details.
3:32 am
>> reporter: thank you. good morning, reena and kendis. we still have people trickling in and heading over to the oscar after-parties and the governor's ball. what a night. my goodness. you had "the revenant," you had "mad max: fury road" taking home so many oscars overnight. the best picture ended up going to the film "spotlight." >> mark rylance, "bridge of spies." >> reporter: the best supporting actor category was full of hollywood heavy hitters with the oscar going to mark rylance. >> if you ever wondered about acting with tom hanks, would it help, the answer is clearly yes. took home best supporting actress. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: while "mad max" swept several awards, including sound mixing and editing and makeup and hairstyle. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't get this job. or the oscar host chris rock didn't pull any punches
3:33 am
>> i'm a danish girl. >> reporter: placing black nominated films. >> don't worry, black astronaut, we will. >> reporter: even calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist. dashgs rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> reporter: best actress went to "room's" brie larson. >> i want to start big because the thing i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. >> reporter: after five acting nominations, it was finally leonardo dicaprio's year winning best actor for "the revenant." >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> reporter: then the biggest award of the night -- >> "spotlight." >> reporter: -- best picture. what a big moment for "spotlight." everyone is now over at the governor's ball where they are
3:34 am
by wolfgang puck, of course, the celebrity chef who comes here every year and makes these fabulous dishes. we try the food all the time. it's wonderful. as we mentioned before, more than a thousand bottles of wine. that might not be enough. i'm not sure, reena and kendis. >> i don't think so. >> i hope we're not in the way between you and that bottle of wine. before you go, i want to ask you, what was that moment like, the vice president of the united states, joe biden, introducing lady gaga? you know, the vice president said he thought he was the least qualified person to be here at the oscars, but it was a very important moment, talking about sexual assault and coming forward and reporting it. then lady gaga's performance when she had several rape victims come out on stage with her with messages written on their arms, you looked in the crowd and you saw rachel mcadams tearing up, kate winslet moved, a lot of people in that crowd brought to tears. it was very powerful. it did not win an oscar but still a very powerful moment. >> it really was.
3:35 am
and so many fashion trends so little time. anything you noticed in particular besides the people lined up behind you at this hour taking photos at that wall? >> reporter: it's a nonstop party here, kendis. i was noticing a lot of black. i love jennifer lawrence's dress. you saw jennifer garner wear black, as well. kate winslet in kind of a snakeskin black dress. my favorite of the night, though -- and she's in teal right now. looking beautiful, looking beautiful, my dear. charlize theron in red. drop dead gorgeous. >> and, brandi, who are you wearing? just a little bit. looking good. thank you. >> let her go. she's got a party to go to. >> she and the ladies in teal clearly. live from hollywood for us. thank you. what are the experts saying about the 88th academy awards? >> we spoke earlier to our good
3:36 am
tomatoes grae drake. >> start with best picture. were you surprised by "spotlight's" big win? >> i was delighted. because "spotlight," "the revenant" and big short" have all taken all kinds of different awards all awards season long. that was a very worthy movie to win. >> after five tries leo finally got his oscar. was he a lock? >> this was a win for all of us, my friends. he was a lock. we were all expecting him to win. it's been a long time coming and "the revenant" was great and so was he. >> yeah. and brie larson, boy, i tell you, she was incredible to watch in "room." she's only 26 years old. what happens next for her? >> oh, what a sight to behold she is. we have so many great performances coming up from her. but i'm really excited about a big hollywood movie she's going to be in which is "kong: skull island."
3:37 am
teeny tiny jacob tremblay and she's going to be amazing with the ginormous king kong. >> it certainly was cute seeing jacob throughout the show last night. >> she has such a great touch with him. >> history was made, alejandro innarritu, the first repeat winner 65 years. think he can make it three? >> what an amazing director he is. this is rarely achieved in oscars history. and what i love about him is he's such an innovator in film. i'd love to see him win three times because this guy is really advancing film and making it exciting for viewers. >> great. what about this year, how does the oscars compare to previous years past? >> i've got to tell you, even though thises on cars was a very socially important one, the ceremony bored me to tears, you guys. >> i actually enjoyed every bit of the ceremony. >> you did? >> i did. >> i'm glad you did. but i'll tell you, we must have been watching different ones. >> thank you so much.
3:38 am
thank you so much for joining us. >> absolutely. >> and we'll have more coverage from the oscars coming up including our own awards and a look at the after-parties. that's later this half hour. we're going to get to other stories we're following this morning. erin andrews may take the stand as early as today in her civil lawsuit against a nashville hotel. the broadcaster claims the hotel was negligent in allowing a stalker to film her naked through a peephole. the convicted stalker will testify via video today. so will andrews' mother, who will talk about the emotional toll the release of that video had on her daughter. syria's fragile cease-fire is holding, barely. the government and russian allies are accused of stepping up air strikes on opposition forces. the rebels say there are not as many attacks as before the cease-fire took effect two days ago. the u.n. plans to deliver aid to the besieged syrians during the lull in the fighting. dozens of people killed at a crowded baghdad market. islamic state is claiming responsibility for the suicide
3:39 am
nearly 100 people. iraqi officials say the bombings were in retaliation for the victory by the government over isis forces. they were the deadliest attacks in baghdad this year. a navy s.e.a.l. who protected the life of a u.s. hostage is being honored today with the medal of honor. edward byers is the first navy man in years to be given the nation's highest award for valor. he was part of a team which rushed into gunfire to rescue dr. dilip joseph who was being held by the taliban four years ago. he says that his greatest regret is that a fellow s.e.a.l. died in the rescue attempt. the university of california-berkeley is the latest school to fall victim to a cyberattack. the school has begun notifying more than 80,000 students, alumni, employees and contractors of the breach. officials say the hackers may not have actually copied any data from the system which handled purchasing and payments, including financial aid. the breach occurred two months ago.
3:40 am
oscars for now. a change for the statuettes that everyone wanted to bring home. they were created by a different manufacturer than was used for the last number of decades. >> that's right. last night's oscars were made in new york's hudson valley at the polished tallix foundry. first, they had a model of the 3-d printer, then cast plaster ones, then the finished mold. >> the statuettes are bronze underneath and are covered in 24 karat gold. no word on whether the same foundry will be used to create next year's oscars. >> you can't really tell a difference, can you? >> no. >> still look pretty. >> they do. >> yep. well, coming up, our own version of the academy awards. pretty funny. the "world news now" nowscars. wait until you see who's won. >> also ahead the real oscars and the star-studded parties going on right now. >> tomorrow is super tuesday. donald trump's latest endorsement is stirring up
3:41 am
that after our forecast map. great falls, montana, where the oscar-winning movie "fargo" was filmed in montana. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by flonase. nts are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. choose to move freely. move free ultra has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. i did everything i could to make
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hillary clinton is looking to ride her momentum into super tuesday after a blowout win in sout hillary clinton is looking to ride her momentum into super tuesday after a blowout win in south carolina. clinton spent much of yesterday crisscrossing tennessee and continuing to shore up support from the african-american community. sanders is not letting his defeat in south carolina slow him down. 6,000 people packed a convention center for a rally. he repeatedly calls for clinton to release transcripts from her wall street speeches. to the republicans and a battle for the nomination. >> a controversial kkk endorsement has donald trump taking fire from every direction. here's abc's mary bruce. >> donald trump! >> reporter: donald trump on the
3:45 am
this answer when asked if he condemns the klu klux klan and its former grand wizard, david duke's call to vote for trump. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the klu klux klan here. but -- >> i don't know anything. honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met i'm pretty sure i didn't meet and i just don't know anything >> reporter: the backlash was his rivals pouncing. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the klu klux klan. we cannot be a party that does that. really sad. donald trump, you're better than we should all agree, racism is kkk is abhorrent.
3:46 am
>> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? okay, all right. i disavow, okay? >> reporter: trump is poised to win big on super tuesday which includes six southern states. the rival campaigns have turned into attack machines hammering trump for not releasing his tax returns speculating about what he's hiding. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, making it harder, donald trump just nabbed another big endorsement and he now has the backing of alabama senator jeff sessions. mary bruce, abc news, virginia beach. >> we're going to return to our oscar coverage next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
the awards may be over in hollywood, but here in new york we still have a few to give out of our own. >> absolutely, yes. there are some special performances we'd like to honor on our very own "world news now" nowscars. for our first category, best performance by a background news room worker. and the nominees are, brian, as the guy who sits behind me and does strange things. >> this is brian's first nomination. many consider him to have been snubbed for a previous nowscar worthy performance. also, brian wrote that. >> i did. >> yes, he did. we would nominate, deb, our writer but in keeping with the serious theme, no black nominees. next nominee, jack sheahan.
3:49 am
he has been previously nominated for his role as "bachelor" senior analyst and fantasy football league commissioner. and the winner is -- jack sheehan. >> yes! >> jack, come and get your nowscars, aka the golden remote. >> beautiful. >> thank you. that is outstanding. thank you very much. thank you very much. i'd like to thank my wife for putting up with my eccentricities, my parents for bringing me into this world and good luck to my sister-in-law erin who is possibly having a boy today. bring on number 11. >> number 11? >> you get 45 seconds. >> oh, okay. i'm getting hooked. sorry. >> grashgts thank you. and, brian, you know, since you lost, you can present the rest of the awards. >> well, gee, guys, thanks. i really appreciate that. >> you're welcome. >> i'm not really prepared. wait, i think i'm okay.
3:50 am
it's time for the "world news nowcars." first category -- >> not prepared or anything. >> not prepared at all. there's just golden remote controls sitting on this table. here we go. being a news anchor can be difficult. a lot goes into being the face of the broadcast, sometimes you have to do things you otherwise wouldn't. but you also don't. like when it comes to eating meat. it's something our next nominee simply does not do. >> these are so good. i'm eating the vegetarian part. not vegetarian. i can't partake. there's no tofu dog. >> well, since there are no other nominees in this category of best performance by a pescetarian, reena ninan, the nowscar goes to you. >> me? >> yes. this is for you. >> wow! well, i really wasn't prepared for this moment. i wasn't expecting this.
3:51 am
who believed in me. i want to know -- wait, is this a real verizon fios remote because my kids lost this one. threw it in the garbage. can i really use it? >> it might be. but we can't say for sure. you are getting the hook. we have one more award. it's a two-for-one combo award for best hair and best wardrobe. the nowscar goes to kendis gibson. look at all those beautiful looks. that's the trendy man bun up there in the left-hand corner. >> wow. >> what's your inspiration? >> i got t the previous black anchors, bradley, t.j., rob nelson, asher blake, martha stewart. i mean, so many who have blazed a trail here. thank you. this moment is bigger than just me. >> it is. >> we want to bring in all our winners. we want to bring them all in. we want to say congratulations to the winners.
3:52 am
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by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. well, the statuettes have been handed out. and the lights have faded and hollywood's biggest stars have moved on to a night jam packed with plenty of after-parties. >> and our friends at the red carpet are out in full force at tonight's hottest shindigs. here's some of their coverage. >> chris rock was for sure amazing especially the way he started the show. i was like, what, de just say that? >> get to hang out with everybody. >> it's the top night of >> my favorite moment was leonardo dicaprio winning and
3:56 am
glitz and the glory and the agony of defeat is always fun to watch, as well. >> the best thing, winning. >> this is the second one i've been lucky enough to win. it makes writing my inheritance quite a bit easier because i have two kids. this is such an amazing piece and it's so timely and so important that we remember what and our culture and our democracy. >> charles randolph won an oscar "spotlight." the film also won. this is probably one of the best nights of your life. >> it is. it's my birthday today. i'm 53 years old and i've wanted this for an while. it's truly one of the best nights in my life. >> we already felt like it achieved so much. >> reporter: you clutched that like you're never going to let it go. >> nobody's getting it. no, it's really -- we're just so grateful to be here. it's been a long haul for us. five years. the film has been embraced around the world.
3:57 am
tonight. >> i'm still very, very overwhelmed. i kind of look down and i just got my name on it. so it's actually -- first i was like, oeshlgsz h, this looks like an oscar. i can't really wrap my head around it. it's just wonderful and i'm so happy to be here with my fellow colleagues and hopefully go out and celebrate tonight. >> everyone who pays great money and a lot of money goes away satisfied and wants to come back next year, but we deliver the goods. >> i ran into harry connick jr. and i turned into a 15-year-old girl and i played with a hair a lot. he couldn't be more charming. >> i got pretty star-struck with daniel day-lewis coming to this party when he won. i sort of lost the ability to speak and my husband thankfully was there and was able to speak on my behalf. >> it's funny to see celebrities get star struck. >> they still do. the parties are still ongoing at this hour. >> we've got folks everywhere. every single after-party. you can imagine.
3:58 am
>> more from the oscars ahead
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, big winners at the academy awards. >> and the oscar goes to. >> leonardo dicaprio finally bringing home an oscar. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> and host chris rock ripping into racism with humor. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> a night filled with a lot of laughs, surprise wins, snubs, glitz and glamour. we're live in hollywood. and "your voice, your vote," countdown to super tuesday.


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