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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:15. it's the day before super tuesday before more than a dozen states will decide who they want for their presidential candidates. bernie sanders tried to get people more involved in the voting process. even though hillary clinton didn't come here to colorado, hillary hickenlooper spoke on her behalf. >> she is going to be a great
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and it is inspirational for me to see any leader female or male so ready for the job. marco rubio went to virginia, ted cruz talked to supporters in oklahoma. donald trump just got another endorsement from -- there's a wall street journal pole that shows hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in texas and tennessee. republican delegates won't formally decide how to vote until the party's convention. big day tomorrow. let's check the weather today
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can we talk about my hair. kind of looks like donald trump's. >> it's got it own weather pattern. >> it does. >> reporter: you can see some clouds rolling in from the west. you're going to find a little rain hitting the western slope this afternoon. this storm rolling in is going to be -- hey jayson -- one second. were you checking yourself out there? >> reporter: yeah i was getting ready for you. >> reporter: normal high today is 50. temperatures to be well above normal pretty much aal weeklong heading into the weekend. right now we're already at 42. fort collins 47. mountains teens and 20s through the central mounts. highs near 60. 10-degrees above normal today. a little different than
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clouds rolling in. 30s and 40s for the mounts. in town 58-62. castle rock a high of 58. watch our futurecast. this afternoon with this weak storm rolling through the mountains will start to pick up a little light snow by mid morning and through the afternoon we'll see the snow increase both through the northern and central mountains, so right along i-70 we'll start to see some light snow. getting up across part of north eastern parts of colorado this system might clip it. looks like denver and i-25 in colorado is going to stay pretty dry. might get some light snow up through cheyenne. we get some gusty winds. we do have a red flag warning going into effect at noon. pretty dry and warm south highs
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cooler. right back. warmmr jayson on saturday. >> reporter: we have a prob over theee in east -- problem in east denver near peoria and a structure fire there. darryl orr the road wrangler is out there. darryl, what's going on? >> reporter: 4701 peoria, fire department responded here about 20 minuting a report of a structure fire upon arrival. they did have smoke from one of the businesses roofs. fire crews were able to get this put out quickly and traffic is not affected here. the fire trucks are on the far
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able to pass through here eastbound and westbound on 47th right up until peoria, so the fire is out. that's the good news. no injuries and the extent of damages we're still trying to ascertain that right now. >> reporter: the rest of the drive doesn't look too one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... p...removes 5 timespmore stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax
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welcome back, to denver 7 following breaking news. this is over at 47th and peoria. you can see fire crews on scene. it's a small business.
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but we will keep an eye on that situation and let you know if anything develops. three girls in florida, major trouble after putting crushed red pepper flakes in their teach's drink. investigators say this was done in retaliation after she sent one of the girls to the principal's office for dumping glue into another kid's backpack. >> they have to be held for their reactions or they're never going to stop. the kids were charged with poisoning and tampering. the teacher wanted something
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kellie and nicole join us for the winners and losers in the fashion section of the oscarss >> the women aware works of art. let's look at chrissy teigen. you can't tell she's pregnant at all. >> we have kerry washington. beautiful i loved her dress. there were a couple of green dresses but i thought it was pretty. let's go to emily. >> here is kerry washington. she ended up on a worst dress list i saw. >> it's not my favorite. >> she can do no wrong but it's not my favorite. emily blunt looking gorgeeus in that suchal pink dress.
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>> jennifer lawrence. >> a little rock star chick. >> oh, this is one of my favorites. jennifer garner. she always looks so pretty. >> i was really happy when she went on stage and was thinking she's making ben affleck regret what he did. >> do you say charlaisse this morning. i decided no not to wear it. >> thank you. thank you. >> our winds are picking up. there's a weak storm rolling in. -`the mounts will pick up a little bit of snow.
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temperatures will be anywhere from five to about 15-degrees above above normal, jayson. >> reporter: we have this building fire out to the east side of town along peoria just north of i-70. just a restriction and you can see from darryl or's it's out towards the shopping area. denver fire is out there investigating nothing really significant to impact traffic. take a look at the map and you can see we have another issue. this intersection very busy at buckley and quincy that's going to stay closed. we are going to have to scramble to find alternates this morning. if a student who invents something at cu who should own
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crews are investigating a business fire. darryl orr joins us with the latest. darryl. mitch. right here at 4701 peoria street. the feed 999 restaurant had a pot on the stove that caught on fire, so arson investigators are out here right now trying to figure out why this was cooking. there's no structural damage inside and from what fire officials told me there were


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