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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. and the oscar goes to. leonardo dicaprio. [cheers and applause] well, leonardo walks away with a win ads the host chris rock was something to talk about. the stars started taking the stage, some a lot ofs and few surprises. >> reporter: it was an incredible night of huge surprises. >> the oscar goes to spotlight.
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at the endocrine-ing the biggest award of tonight. >> this film gave a voice to survivors and this oscar amplifies that voice. >> rocky winning award afterward all year long thwarted by this guy. mark rylance. >> i remember seeing him in rocky one and al pacino. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: taking home his best actor and using it as platform for global change. >> brie larson also taking home
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>> jacob tremble for my partner through this. >> beating out kate winslet for best supporting actress. >> it looks like an oscar. >> yeah i believe it is actually. >> and the biggest winner of the night. >> mad max, mad max, mad max fury road. >> reporter: maddmax bringing home six oscars. coming up in about 10 minutes we are going to talk to a movie critic to get his choices. let's talk about the weather. >> reporter: it is nice. a weak cold front moving through right now. an increase in clouds, winds have picked up, but temperatures are really very nice. you can see the storm rolling through. the front is actually getting ready to push through the state through the metro area. we are expeeting temperatures to be near 60-degrees today but
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we have seen a mix of sun and clouds here in denver. right now 56-degrees. as the winds are picking up we actually have high fire danger closer to the springs and pueblo. 61 in greeley and fort collins. still 30s and 40s in the mountains but good start to our afternoon. we will find temperatures continuing to climb and looks like it will be about 66- degrees here in town. you guys it is a really mild start to march. i'll show you how warm. three students were shot at madison high school east of cleveland. all are expected to survive according to the school officials. the school remains on lockdown at this hour and no students
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a truck driver was left dangling over the south platte river. 6th avenue. hard to imagine how this guy was even able to get out of the cab. >> he got out on his own and being treated for minor injuries. the truck was removed a few hours ago. we have new details on the crash that sent six people to the hospital including children. police in littleton said there were six people in the van that crashed last night. police are now saying the driver had been drinks. two children were treated for serious injuries. it looks like the driver hit a curbings over corrected and suv. -- hit a curb. brraking news out of aurora, this is after a car
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an apartment complex near first >> we are learning several people were home at the time. jayson gruenauer is live on the scene. jayson you just talked tt one of the residents? >> reporter: i did. he was actually home with his daughter around 9:00, 9:30 last night. and then a car actually drove through his apartment. the car hopped over this concrete barrier, which is quite tall bolted to the ground, through a fence and into the apartment. last night you could actually see inside the apartment. this is a sublevel, it is actually below grade, so the car was in there. 3 the man inside with his daughter said it sounded like a bomb went off. % the good news out of all of this was nobody was hurt but he
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displaced. >> i had a china cabinet with all my glassware. when he hit it it shot all the the way through the living room. crazy. >> reporter: the fire department was here, they brought out their special team structurally sound. this is all that's left the debris, the dry wall, the bricks, the man said it is just really tough to deal with. the best news out of all of -`this is that the driver and the man and his daughter inside had no injuries. a man involved in a crash david martinez is accused of driving drunk over highway 85
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now recovering from a broken neck. if you drink that's fine, but don't climb behind the wheel. stay where you're at. it's not worth your life or anybody else's life to go out and drive drunk. >> amazingingly the deputy got out of his car to check on the other driver. athina munoz crossed the center lane and killed a mikist and injured another. is back in -- motorcyclist. >> right now longmont police need your help finding this man. she wanted for kidnapping his estranged wife saturday night. the victim says richard munn kidnapped her when they met up to talk. she's okay. police found his truck yesterday.
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hurt himseef or maybe even someone else. aurora police are look for a guy who stole some girl scout money. denver 7 reporter lindsay watts is live. >> reporter: kellie and mitch they really turned things around when they responded to this king supers over on colfax. over the weekend a girl scout troop came over to their table, snatched their box that had all of their money ii it. it was more than $300. officers rinkey and winger said they had to do something, they purchased cookies and made donations with their own money and put out and alert encouraging them to come over here and do the same thing. and that's exactly what happened.
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we can to give back to the community. in this instance that's what we decided to do. we had about 20 officers or more come up with their own money and either donate it or buy a box of cookies. >> reporter: surveillance image of the suspect, he's a black man thought to be in his late teens early 20s '7" and wearing a black hat and white bandanna. i was just talking to a spokesperson for the girl scouts and she said the girls appreciated so much the kindness of the police officers and also the supermarket pitched in and donated some money. >> they got a good lesson about life didn't they. >> well, today we're still
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missing from a sheriff's evidence room and not be noticed for months. tony coablesski. reports. >> dustin zane nester admitted to taking them and trying to sell them. >> as heartbreak i can't say any more than that. >> records show he admitted to stealing and tried to sell two guns in april of last year. charges were not filed for more than eight months. tony asked george brockler %- about it. you can see more on denver 7 app.
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of a white supremacist group. he was killed after pulling a begun on officers. in california 5k k.k.k. members rural route arrested after staging an immigration rally when they say counter protesters attacked them. police arrested a dozen people but the 5k k.k.k. people were released when video showed them defending
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welcome back. hey. we have a beautiful week aahead. today is probably going to be the windest, but the winds are going to kick up off and on. >> we have a nice start. take a look at some of our wind speeds anywhere from 20-40 miles per hour.
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you are going to find with this weak system rolling through not a lot of moisture with it. but winds picking up north of i- 25. we have red flag warnings that go into effect in about 45 minutes. you can see some of the cloud cover that is out east. even a few light showers picking up across parts of north eastern colorado. long 76, near sterling, a chance for a few light showers. we might pick up a flurry or two as well but our temperatures very mild right no. most of the snow we see from this system. most of the moisture is going to fall in your mountains. mid upper 50s even some 60s. aurora 58. castle rock right now at 55. statewide some 30s and 40s in the mountains. durango today 50. grand junction 48.
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north eastern corner. closer to 70 to the southeast. in eagle today 48, and salida 52. we're about 10-degrees above normal here in town and that's going to be a pretty common sight here in town. tomorrow is going to be one of our coolest days and then we warm up even more. the futurecast through the next 12 hours or so, you will find some snow falling in the mountains, 2-4, maybe even 5 inches in some spots. mainly just windy conditions with the front. by 5:30 again, you can see a few showers sneak in. by about 9:00 tonight most everything will move off to the east and clearing behind it and tomorrow more sunshine. we go from 60 today to 53 on tuesday.
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week. temperatures will be anywhere from about 10-15-degrees above normal through the coming weekend. saturday a great place to put a bright spot. 65, sunny, temperatures overnight, 20s, 30s, so yet again, this dry warm weather continues. -- boom. >> i know, i know. >> yeah, we're not done yet. super tuesday is tomorrow. this year's caucuses will work a little different by for republicans. colorado delegates will not formallyydecide how to vote until the convention. colorado's however are binding. sanders says if elected he will use executive action if it
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>> if congress does not do its job i will use the executive powers of the president to do can. [cheers and applause] >> our job as a nation is to item families not divide families -- unite families, not divide families. hillary clinton picked up an endorsement from robin hickennooper. >> she is going to be a great leader for this country and it is inspirational for me to see female or male that is so prepared for the job. >> well, the republican race full of insults.
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endorsements over the weekend from governor chris christie and the alabama governor. but also picked up some in the grand wizard of the k.k.k. david duck. >> i do not know him. -- duke. i'm here at the oscars awards otherwise known as white people's awards. >> it was kind of dealing with like a new era of sort of how we discuss diversity. >> the oscars gave us plenty of laughs sometimes leaving us speechless. did it turn out like they
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>> what about the hotly debated topic of diversity? david bosty is the critic forr nbc news radio. the big talk was about chris rock, how do you think he handled the idea of diversity? -`>> i thought he did a great job. i thought he would be incendiary, he was incendiary, i thought he would be insightful, he was insightful. i thought it was masterful and i thought it was beautiful i. understand there are people out there who disagree, they think he crossed the line, they think there should not have been the show. i think they are wrong. that's something i could spend a lot of time talking about, but bottom line, he did a great job.
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spotlight. were you personally shocked by that choice? >> reporter: i was absolutely not shocked by this choice. the revenant had all the momentum going in but there are usually indicaters that would tip us off as to what the best picture would be and none of those really pannee out. what we had was a guy who was downtown. and alijandro -- but the thing is spotlight is the perfect acadeey award winning movie. it's about a very important topic and that's choose in the catholic church and it's a terrific ensemble performance. it is taylor made for the oscars and movie that i thought absolutely could win and it did. you mentioned the revenant
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what did you think about the revenant? >> reporter: it is fantastic. movie. my problem with it is it long. it's a movie that you really should see in the theater. if you don't you should have a really great home theater system. the sound editing is amazing.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years
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100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. we are back with another look at hollywood's biggest night. 3 there were so many moments that caught everyone's attention. we have a lot of people still talking about those moments this morning. chris rock is at the top of the list addressing the lack of diversity. you were able to watch it all
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eden lane is here with us. she is from colorado public television. thanks for taking your time, were you surprised by the wins and the losses? >> reporter: my surprise was supporting actor. it seemed to be behind sylvester stalone. shocking that it didn't go to -`him but mark rylance. there was a big gasp when he won but spill a smattering of applause. he had the six nominations, in the last years, but leonardo dicaprio finally won. >> reporter: can you imagine him finally stepping up there to accept it at along last whether it was for this particular film or his whole
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kind of a magical moment. and the scene center erupted. >> do you think anybody got snubbed? >> if you were going to call it snubs, i cawould be those that diin't get nominated. maybe eva ablus maybe considered a snub. >> everybody talking about chris rock, how do you think he did addressing the diversity issue? >> reporter: it was a delicate balance to strike and ever since bob hope, johnny carson, even billy crystal, they are going to have many people who think they failed no matter how well they did. i thought he did a great job. they are trying to change how
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what that will help is not just looking at diversity, but looking at inclusion and how theeacademy operates but how the film system works, making
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for a denver man and his daughter. a car hopped a curb and took out a fence before hiding the building near third and havana. >> sounded like a bomb hit my house, man. that's about all i can say, man. it's just loud bro. >> i bet it was loud. the man and his daughtee couldn't stay there at the apartment. tte woman seen her is accused of trying to kill her husband, tracy berky. she shot her husband and took off with their daughter. the police found the little girl unharmed. this person has been acushioned of driving and drinking nearly a dozen times. he will appear for his 11th dui case. the latest involves a crash in
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he crashed into another car head on. two people were seriously hurt in that crash. still no word on what caused christine james 38 years old to die. visitors found her unconscious on top of dear mountain. they tried for more than an hour to resuscitate her. she was pounced dead -- pronounced dead at the scene. a memorial service will be at the faith bibleecapital in arvada at 11:00 a.m. for the fallen deputy. people gathered at theuniversalist church
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>> yes, it controversial. but if we are holding -- it's not controversial. >> stats show more than 600 people died last year because of begun violence. ed to our state takes another step toward the recovery of the gold mine problem. the epa triggered that huge waste spill that happened last august. 3 million-gallons caused the river to turn orange. today construction starts to keep rocks from piling on highway 550. new concrete blocks will hold them off. this story will make you
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a man is accused of stealing girl scout cookie money. when police responded, they knew they had to do something. the chief made off with all of their cash. so not only did they buy cookies and made donationion, they sent out an alert for other officers to come out and donate or buy cookies. we have some surveillance images of the suspect. a bit tough to see there but he's deecribed by police as a black man, probably late teens, early 20s. 5'7", wearing a black hat and white bandanna. that all took place sunday. everything from racism to climate change was discussed at the academy awards last night. >> i'm here at the academy
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white people's choice wards. >> reporter: chris rock took the controversy head on. >> no black nominees. and people were like chris, you should boycott, you should quit, you should quit. how come it's only unemployed people who tell you to quit something, huu? >> it's the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times, black people did not protest, why? because we had real things to protest at the ime, you know. [cheers and applause] >> we had real things to protest, you know, too busy
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about who won best cinema togher. . we want black actors to get the same opportunities, as others. >> we take the pledge, aapledge that says i will intervene in situations when consent has not or cannot be given. let's change the culture. >> reporter: lady gaga's performance of till it happens to you, dozens of survivors standing on stage for her tribute. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: and leonardo dicaprio winning the first academy award using his acceptance speech to address clooi want change. >> it is real, it happening right now.
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facing our entire species. let's not take this planet for granted. i do not take this award for granted. four students were shot at a high school this morning. the suspect is now in custody in ohio. this is madison township, ohio. east of cleveland. you can see some students gathered innfront of the building there. air helicopter lifted at least two of the four students to the hospital. all are expected to survive. again in madison township, ohio. no officials say no students are at risk now. broncos vp public relations wants to put all the rurals to rest. he says peyton has not made a decision on his future and the future hall of famer has been all the talk after a local newspaper reporter says he plans to announce his
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both kubiak and elway made it clear at the combine that they want to keep brock osweiler. we should know by march 8th at the latest what the future will hold. a company will pay big bucks after getting two stars mixed up. and how a celebrity hero is making children smile at the children's hospital. >> reporter: we have already
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counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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hot on the internet today. some people asked a delivery driver to follow some very specific directions to keep their package from being stolen. they asked the driver to leave the package under the door mat. that's exactly what he did. at least the home owner didn't have any trouble finding it. britain's fastest snow boarder, 7770 miles an hour after being towed by aaplane. it was filmed last year, but it is just recently surfacing online. have you ever thought about
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does it sound likes the screaming? one funny guy put a clips of trains and added the sounds of humans screaming to match the varies types of trains. i think this is quickly becoming my favorite video of the week and it's only monday. one of the traditions of leap day is for women to propose to merriman right there, so like this. the beef eater restaurant in england is offering this package if anyone wants to pro- opposed to. the man gets the,"will you mary me" branded into the stake. it's also comes with an onion ring and a beer. also a box of tiisues. i want a camera in the
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is it medium rare? i'll think about it. >> good. and there were so many great lines, one was one of the little baby squids or was it a octopus? >> okay are you ready? they have done studies, you know, 60% of the time it works every time. >> i am 16 going on 17, innocent as a rose. i'm supposed to be flying, dude. >> o i didn't know i had a line. >> okay. ready? okay. >> line, please. line, please. >> goobers. >> there's a company out there that -- a snafu they made. website called total beauty
11:44 am
quote,"we had no idea oprah was tatted and we love it." a ucla professor tweeted back saying could not have picked a worse year addressing diversity. >> they posted an apology tweet. the company says it is going to donate $10,000 to a charity of winfrey's choice. >> the only thing that would be similar is that oprah wears different dresses like that. person. >> and i don't believe oprah is
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>> that we know of. >> reporter: city park, recent wind gusts of about 20. same thing there in aurora. winds along i-25 will be a bit of an issue today. not only today unfortunately it is going off and on throughout the week. today the first in a series of front. it's not doing much to the temperatures ough, 56 in denver; winds about 25-15. greeley right now at 59, boulder, you're at 63. fort collins 61. % so a pretty mild start to the month. a nice warm end of february and tomorrow is going to be a great start to march. most neighborhoods are going to be between about 58 and 62, so it's about 10-degrees above normal. windier and gustier up in the
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parts of south eastern colorado and 40s and 50s out-west, so we are all a few degrees above where we should be. you can see somm of the cloud cover moving through wit. even a few light showers. we are not expecting a a lot of moisture with this system, but up through the mountains we expect a couple of inches of snow. you can see later this afteenoon between about three and 4:00, there is a chance of a few light showers if we get anything, any rain or snow, a light mixer it is going to be by 7:00 again most everything we are seeing is up through the foothills and mountains. skies will clear tonight. tomorrow we are in for some lightly cooler area, 53 on tuesday, closer to 60 on wednesday and in fact we stay pretty close to 60 all weeklong.
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a series of weak front will pick up our winds agaii and as we head into the weekend. >> still nice. i want to say thanks to even who came out or donated this weekend for the polar plunge we took out at the denver zoo.. they have raised more than $90,000 for the special olympics. we had a little challenge between the morning and the evening show, and between the two teams, we raised about $6,000. >> would you do it again? >> no. >> i was impressed at the jackknife. >> he was trying to do a big splash and it worked. >> i thought oh, maybe the
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no, it was 36-degree water. this is what it felt like? [gasping for air. [ patient's watch this week's seven every day hero. >> and his show makes children smile. >> gents tell us what's going on my friend. jetson. >> at the ryan seacrest studios inside children's hospital. one of the hottest shows on the in-house t.v. station stars a young man who speaks from the heart. do you want to know why my voice is so strange? it is because i use the computer the talk. >> he volunteers to host a weekly entertainment program that involves the patients.
11:49 am
me show kids ann their families how people with scene really palsy how they can do incredible things -- seven cerebral palsy. >> reporter: jetson makes it look easy, even if it's not. >> i would say it probably takes him 3-5 minutes to put a sentence together that's five or six words. >> we are very very proud of him. he's a great kid. >> my mom and dad taught me to do my best and they always make me feel good about myself. >> reporter: the words of encouragement are from the
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>> i wish that people would always be kind to each other and no one would be left out especially because they are in a wheelchair. >> reporter: check this out. we have a surprise. so denver 7, the independent insurance agents of colorado can't to honor you as a seven every day hero for your help with the show. >> to nominate a person go to the denver and click on 7 everyday heroes. i could have done a half hour show on him. she just an awesome example for everyone. >> it is so great the kids can learn from that, too. >> and the kids were laughing
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it turns out you can teach an old dog new ricks. they were rescued and trained as ball dogs. their job in well, to grab the
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and give them back to the player. %- >> or runaway a little bit. what dog likes to give the ball back, right? >> they hope the local shelters will encourage people to adopt them. >> i bet they're having a,"ball" do you think that. [laughter] a deppty is getting a hug from his partner. >> look at that. isn't that sweet. it's pretty obvious that he loves his partner chase garrett. a moment captured in a selfy. >> most of the time he will plop his head on my shoulder and justtsit like that. >> he is trained as a specializee detection dog. >> i love that. not on his selfy, he was like looking at the camera like look
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>> reporter: a little windy today. speeds about 15-30 miles per hour. 50s and 60s all weeklong. >> we should give you a hug for that. >> group hug. i'm too far away, don't really want to. as best you know. no, i'm kidding.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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