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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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and because the smoke was so thick. we're told it burned more than `wo acres. tte cause is still unknown and, again, a denver firefighter was injured and transported to the hospital. right now, fire crews are just getting things wrapped up. reporting live, denver 7. gusty winds along the front range as a cold front moves through with winds 20-30 miles per hour out of the northwest as the front was approaching. this is off to the west with rain and snow shower activity and rain showers on the far eastern plains. snow lingers up on the mountains and it will for the next couple hours, not a lot, a couple of inches but the roads have gotten slick. northeast colorado and the panhandle of nebraska getting rain and snow. but march will come in pretty much like a lamb. big changes coming for your wallet, no, not money here but your driver's liccnse is getting a makeover, much more
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>> part of the change is to protect your identity, and jen, what are some of the new security features? >> reporter: the biggest change has to do with the picture. this is the old one and this is the new one. you can see that the photos are in black and white with a laser overlay with enhanced racial features. the dnv said it will help with fraud. what do you think about it? >> uh,hm. i guess it's okay. >> reporter: out with the purple and in with the green. >> 7 probably like oh, that's because they legalized marijuana. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: it's an image that is getting mixed reviews. >> i think it looks fine. >> reporter: we showed the new designs to the drivers at the littleton dmv. >> from a cosmetics standpoint, it's ugly.
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there is the image of a state capitol. >> it doesn't look that much different, a little green. >> reporter: littleton was the first to operate the new design so it was closed for training. the question everyone we talked to wanted to know, why now? design? >> it's the result of a contract with a new vendor allowing the department of motor vehicles to change the design of the car and enhance the security features. >> reporter: as long as it doesn't add to the weight, these drivers didn't care. and you don't have this, don't worry. you don't have to get a new 1 just yet. it's valid until it expires. you have to to the dmv and get a new design but it won't cost more money to print. >> thank you, jen. aurora and frisco will issue the new design later this month.
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statewide in the next few months. the old design was in place since 2003. denver 7 is following a news alert. a maintenance worker at west middle school is fired after he reportedly acted inappropriately against a student. richard smith has not been arrested but police are investigating. target of violence has many police officers turning in their resignation, a trend we're seeing in colorado springs right now. so far, two deputies in our state have been killed in the line of daughter. last year, 52 officers left the springs department, 11 in the last two months of the year and in their letters, the reason for leaving is fear against violence against officers and one another reason, the shooting at planned parenthood in colorado springs.
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man who admits to killing those people. this is what was said. >> killing is not the problem. if you're killing to save lives, that's a different story than murdering people that are innocent. i did it to save lives. >> dear's mental state is being evaluated and in the next month, we should find out more about what doctors found. extra help is flooding into park county after a deputy was killed and two others injured last weekkand now the department is having proolems filling shifts. they are coming from laplata county. and services are coming together for corporal nate carrigan. it will be held in arvada %- because that church is big enough to hold a big enough crowd for the service. reaching out to the community, aurora's police chief is taking a closer look
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joining his force and how they are trying to match the diversity of the city. >> reporter: when you live in aurora for 20 years like melting pot. community. >> reporter: for her, it's hard not to notice those protecting and serving her community don't represent her. >> there's no diversity. there's not. >> reporter: natalie wilson said that officers she has seen around town are -- >> mainly caucasian. >> in terms of our reflection of the community. >> reporter: and now, the lieutenant said that the department is on a mission to bridge the gap. >> we want more inclusion within our police department. >> reporter: the proof is in the numbers. in 2009, 89% of officers were white and so were 62% of the city. over the last six years, the city was more diverse with the
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42% but the number of white officers stayed high at 87%. minorities now only make up 17% of the department. >> a part of this commit was to identify a summary strategic view for how we wanted to go about recruiting. >> reporter: recruitment police officers are at the headquarters instead of city hall. >> the chief's office has communities connections. >> reporter: the new approach is making progress. 30% of the new academy class is made up of minorities. and even with the progress, this is an endless project as the community will continue to change and the department will try and keep up. a suspected drunk driver is accused of being descrcted moments before a deadly crash. a police report said that a
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at a text message and looked up and killed two motorcyclists and also admitted to smoking marijuana that day. and the driver in this crash was very lucky as he was dangling over a bridge. he was unhurt. the governor is looking at the super fund money for clean up at the mine that turned the animas river orange but even if it's okayed it could take months to have start. this year, our state is right in the middle of things for super tuesday. and we are live at a caucus site here, and marshal, it's republicans. >> reporter: democrats nd republicans will both gather in a classroom like this but only
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be determining delegates for the presidential race. you come to a this, and you might hear from the democrats, a hillary clinton supporter hearing why to support her and then a bernie sanders' supporter hearing the same thing and then you will be moved around and might have to raise your hand and say, whoever supports bernie sanders, get on this side and whoever supports clinton, get on this side. >> very passionate candidate to candidate with enthusiastic followers like trump could bring in people where the quote, unquote, good old boys wouldn't have shown up. >> so if you want to take part and are registered with a and we will have more ffr you there. money you may be owed in a
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this is all connected to the hospital provider fee and the attorney general said any tweaks made by lawmakers will be legal. they are pushing to free up money particularly for schools and roads. but you are more likell to get a chamber refund in a few years even though the governor said it could help cdot's money problems, and republican leaders are not yet sold. >> it said we could, not whether we should. and whether we should is going to come down to the opinions of the people in the building including myself. >> i am happy to sit down and say we are willing to commit a certain amount of money going to transportation. and it will go to the bond again. it will have to go to the voters. >> you haven't lost the potential refunds yet. the house and senate very to -- will have to agree on the proposal.
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to work. `> tonight, we're looking at the companies that will allow to you work from the comforts of your home. >> and this has been ha tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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bernie sanders -- the courage because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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a bold statement from pueblo saying that marijuana legalization is credited with the economic recovery in that city. since legalization, $15 million was spent on new commercial building projects, an industry that was struggling for decades. working from the comfort of your own home use to be risky and the jobs were low paying but that's changing. >> larger companies are hiring and letting you work from home. we have some of the best work from home jobs for 2016. [laughter] >> yeah.
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school teacher until her little boy, austin, arrived. she realized she couldn't bear to be away from him all day. now, though, she no longer has to leave her fort thomas home. >> spenn from 1 to 3 hours a day doing my work and i'm intentional about that. i want to be focused on him. >> reporter: she is a coach and sales rep for the 21-day fix weight loss program. >> i am able to do everything from my computer. >> reporter: she is able to earn $1,000 a month while austin takes a nap. >> i never thought i would be able to make the money like i do from working from home. >> reporter: more and more companies are saying why do we need people to come from the office when we can do it from home. >> we can use things like web
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>> reporter: angie is with unitedhealthcare, an insurance company that just made the top 10 list of work from home employers,. >> they love it. we do see higher engagement with employees who work from home. >> reporter: and they continue to hire. >> we have a thousand postings with tell communicating opportunities. >> reporter: we are on your side with companies that are hiring including a cloud-based call center; teletech and sutherland global. amazon, dell, ibm and work solutions for customer service, and uhd and humana and aetna where millions of calls are handled from people working at home. `ela said it's worth it knowing she will see her baby's first step.
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put off my work and snuggle with him for a nap. it's been a blessing. >> a last word of caution. %- be aware of the work at home scams are out there. if it's a company you never heard of that wants to charge you $100 t may not be legit. four months after canceling, the dalai lama is coming to boulder. the spiritual leader will be on campus in june. he had had to cancel because of health issues. all the details are being worked out. starting tomorrow, there will be a new way to commute from denver to boulder, the bike lane. it will be open for you and your bike and it gives commuters a new option especially as the weather gets nicer. every four years, we celebrate an elusive holiday, leap day.
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birthday every four years like poppy acres born this morning. she is a leapling. for leap babies, the chance of -`being born on leap day is 1 in 1461 or .07% worldwide. >> i was unsure at first but i think it's like anything inn life. it's special. >> so what about those birthday parties? well, her parents say they'll need to decide which day. they are a little busy right now. a pretty good extra day to have today. 63 the high in denver. 38 was the low this morning. the normals, 15 and 22 and 7 shief tying the record from 1992. conditions, 47 right now and winds shifted from the west northwest as a cold front is
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snow off to the west of us and a few light rain showers and most of the moisture will stay in the mountains. we may get a sprinkle of rain or a flurry over the i-25 corridor. and there is a cold front comoog through right now. and it will race off to the east and be over the mississippi river. behind it, clearing skies and slightly cooler temperatures but not a lot. it will be a nice forecast coming upstarting the month of march. 10 in gun son and a mix of 20s and 30s on the plains. tomorrow, cooler than today but above normal for the first day of march withh50s and low 60s on the plains. 39 up in steamboat and front range members, 57 in broomfield and aurora, bennett, 55 and a mix of 30s and 40s back to the west in the mountains, mostly
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skies and occasionally gusty winds. 28 tonight and a few light showers possible early and winds lighter later and for tomorrow, not as warm but nice and winds gusty. ed - - this does not look like march, folks, 60s in the forecast. it's a windy month for sure and the lion in march is not going to be roaring any time in the next seven days but in the middle of the month, i think the weather pattern will change significantly. nap. feel it.. >> we'll know it.
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i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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welcome to 7 sports xtra. the nhl trade deadline, the avalanche went in fast and furious. say goodbye to the last member of the avalanche stanley cup champion team of 2001. alex tanguay, traded to the coyotes today. fast forward, third in scoring innthe coyotes this season, 13 goals and 26 assists and will probably skate on the mackinnon a nd landeskog line. avs also gotta defenseman from the devils. making moves to make a play-off run. >> we expect to make the playoffs. and that's what the moves are for, to get the team better. >> they're willing up top to
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possible to win and go deep in the playoffs, and that -- that's what we want to do. >> that's the group going forward, and we have our push for the playoff spot. you know, march starts tomorrow. it will go quick. it's exciting to be in the mix this time of year and look forward to playing. now to the broncos and von miller. his agent and jon elway talking about a long-term contract but it probably won't get done before tomorrow. von will be hit with a franchise tag saying, franchise tag? whatever. he wants to be in denver long- term and it will be done. >> i have never been franchise before so i can't say i don't want to be doing this. i can tell you i want to be with the denver broncos, derrick wolf, hris harris, i want to be with them for my whole career. whatever it takes to get it done, i'm down for it. i like the sound of that but not this. tulo is angry about last yell's
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he told usa he will never talk to those people, the rockies again, saying he was lied to straight to his face and ripped the rockies with their beautiful spring training headquarters saying it's a country club and guys get too comfortable and they get soft. >> oh, what you. >> we'll hear from walt weiss about that zinger. >> yeah. sour grapes? >> it was seven months and he went to the playoffs.
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get social. >> "the list" starts now. >> hey, holly, will you give me a ride to the airport? >> i replied, sure. what am i really saying? the meaning behind text messages. >> it is actually creating
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>> social media is ruping your life, without having to logoff. >> our list of three ways to share your life in realtime. >> hello, welcome to the show. >> let's start by counting down the top of "the list." >> in the newsroom, here's hadley. >> you heard about the big winners from leo to spotlight, but the biggest winners were girl scouts of america. they're at number three. >> what a night at the oscars. and what a night for chris rock's daughter's girl scout troop. tina as well as charlize theron, joe biden and many, many shelled out to get the goods. all in all, about 16,000 boxes of cookies were sold at the ceremony. making chris not only a great oscar host, but a shoo-in for dad of the year.
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>> rich and famous, or just regular like us, we all love girl scout cookies. >> thank you very much. >> from chris rock, to rock, paper, scissors, an anti-bullying video that is so uplifting we had to feature it at number two. school is tough enough. add bullies to the mix and it can be brutal. but this new video from android already with about 100,000 youtube views for standing up for one another. st. elmo's fire. come on, people, it's scissors can be friends, can't we all get along, too? and one thing, a love for all things disney. one thing that bonds all parents, the fact that the theme parks keep raising their prices. that's our number one story of


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