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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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colorado utah border, only about 13 people expected to show what there. the big event of the night is the presidential preference poll which is expected to start promptly at 8:00 tonight. a lot of people are also asking, is it too late to participate in the caucuses. you need to be a registered voter. the deadline was in january, january 4. if you are not registered yet, the answer is no. we will be here at north high school and several other locations across the city tonight. we will keep you updated coming up with the results at 10:00. where live in denver, marc stewart denver7. we know this is a lot of information to taken since the caucuses not like a normal vote. if you plan to take part tonight and want to read up on how this will work and what you need to know, had two we have posted an explainer there.
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students had a chance to skip tonight because of the state the department excused them from the exam, only if the student takes a selfie proving instead. was easier than simply rescheduling the final. with 12 states voting, more than 1600 delegates at stake, they are heavily campaigning in now. this morning front runner hillary clinton slated out some time for colorado. she spoke to marshall zelinger about legalizing pot in the banking issues around it. >> i think estates of the laboratories of democracy. i am following this closely. we are going to have to figure out how we provide federal support for banking services. while we watch and see and learn the lessons from what is happening in states like colorado, we need to do this. >> donald trump is still in the lead.
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rubio in ted cruz will be watching the result in florida tonight. you will see the complete results of super tuesday as well as what is in the future for the 2016 race, at 10:15 tonight after our news. developing on denver7 for the first time, a new jumper sheriff is answering the city council votes of changes being made to deal with the trouble department. jennifer kovaleski has more. >> reporter: major changes such as staffing and training are being looked at. if you look at the pie chart, you can see there's a lot more work to be done. there are 400 recommendations and only 3% have been implemented. the rest of them are pending -- many of them are pending. the rest of them are just being drafted. that's a lot of changes for a department in crisis. nine months after recommendations were made to reform the troubled denver
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into his new job, the sheriff gave his first update to council members. >> i believe we have made significant progress. >> we are headed in the right direction. there is always a question about whether or not you are being as aggressive as ou can be. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems is like a stacking witches -- lack of staffing which is why they are looking to hire many in 2016. >> in order to do this effectively, you have to have well rested staff that's not stressed-out.>> reporter: mental health as the other issue. 26% of denver's inmates are being treated for some kind of mental health issue. that makes it the largest mental health unit in the state. >> we have to have a place to put them. the reason they are in jail is because something happened on the outside. >> reporter: they are also looking to get deputies an alternative to using force,
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>> we want to give the deputies the ability to identify people that might be in crisis, and give them tools to de-escalate the situation as soon as possible. >> reporter: the sheriff says his goal is to have every deputy go through escalation training through the end of the -- de-escalation training by the end of the year. he also wants to focus on staffing, culture and mental health. he is also focused on community engagement, getting the community more involved in the process. >> thank you jen. the sheriff is also adding two new divisions to the department brca1 is a new inmate management unit. he says this will help the department --. one of them is a new inmate management unit. he says this will help the
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[ no audio ] 37 at leadville, 40s primarily in the mountains. right now it's a nice late afternoon for early march with mid-50s in denver and littleton, highlands ranch as well. across the area, the big concern we have is going to be the fire danger which will be getting worse before it gets much better. there was no moisture around here. tomorrow a father weather warning -- fire weather warning is in place for the entire metro area. it's all the way to the kansas border is a matter of fact. you want to be careful with outdoor burnable materials. the fire danger is high for tomorrow. when we will see rain is up next. zika virus has now spread to colorado. the state health department says two coloradans traveled to see get infected countries and contracted the disease. >> lance is on this story. we are now being added to the cases. >> 26 states in all.
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-- in this state. doctors at denver health say it is unlikely we will see any kind of and out right here in colorado because the mosquito responsible for spreading the zika virus doesn't live in colorado. >> colorado wins -- as coloradans continued to travel, we will see more cases. >> there are 25 other states reporting travel related zika cases. most coloradans are not at risk because the mosquito that transmit the virus -- transmits that's my wrist is not living colorado. the doctor says zika can also be spread sexually from male to female. >> i think the numbers a very small. i think it will be a minor concern. we will have to wait and see how it unfolds. >> reporter: it is been widely unfolded that zika can cause birth defects ii newborns and in some cases may cause paralysis. in most paralysis -- instances, it simply causes fever, rash and joint pain.
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a week and i thought to have a life long -- are thought to have a lifelong immunity after that. >> we are asking every single pregnant woman that we see, if she has been traveled and if she says yes, we are offering ultrasound if a blood test is positive. this is based on the current cdc recommendations. >> reporter: the doctor says none of the patients who have been tested at denver health had tested positive. he knows they have only been testing for about 2 to 3 weeks and that is how long it takes to get the test results back part of the bigger picture will unfold over the next few months. he says if you are pregnant avoid traveling to countries experiencing outbreaks of zika virus. if you have to go to those areas, protect yourself from mosquitoes. at denver health lance hernandez , denver7 news. fda has released the
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zika virus. they are now saying anyone diagnosed in the past six months is no longer eligible to donate blood tissue organs. the fda did not say how long they would be ineligible. new research has been released possibly connecting zika virus with temporary paralysis. there is a syndrome that leaves people unable to move. in extreme cases they were on life support before they were able to recover. 90% of the patients reported symptoms associated with zika virus days before they noticed the syyptoms of the central. more see church has to be done to establish a -- research has to be done to establish a definitive link. police need your help, this is a person of interest any shooting death of burnell jenkins. this happened outside of a shopping center on peoria back in january. investigators believe it happened after a fight. there is a $2000 reward for information that will lead to an arrest.
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craigslist drug deal that went wrong. at 26th and pierce, there was a man and woman that drove up and shot a man after forcing him out of his car. another memo was with him was not hurt a local home was destroyed after fire fighters had trouble getting to water. this higher happen if the acres green mobile home park in aurora just after 6:00 this morning. something cooking on top of the stove started the fire. look at the flames. one man lives there. he was thankfully not home at the time. quite the surprise in boulder for a couple of see % exploding setting the carpeting on fire in the same room where they were playing video games. the explosion sent red-hot batteries across the room. the students put the fire out. right after christmas see you and other campuses band
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campuses band -- banned hoverboards on their campuses. we look at the hidden dangers of e-cigarettes. a new construction project will impact your commute on sixth avenue. a pretty late afternoon for this view on the top of our studios. duties clouds have any moisture in the?
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just $55 a month for a year. only from centurylink. call and switch today. new at 5:00, they had been touted as a safer than traditional cigarette option. we are learning that may not be the case with e-cigarettes. >> we are looking at that research. they may be as dangerous as tobacco. >> reporter: they do seem safer. non-smokers are less likely to be offended by the vapor. even so researchers say we don't fully understand what we are inhaling. could e-cigarettes really be 1
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polluted air? a new study says yes. >> there may be some health risks that we are not aware of yet because it is such a new phenomenon. >> reporter: this is also promoted -- often promoted as safer than tobacco. >> i started smoking when i was a teen. >> reporter: a private product of burning petroleum, we typically see in roadside air can also be found in e- cigarettes. >> some of those chemicals or additives that are in e- cigarettes are safe from a general fda standpoint but time you change the chemistry or something and inhale it into `our body, it changes.>> reporter: a study showed a type of flame chartt-- retardant in e-cig that can lead to cancer. national jewish says the
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we simply don't know enough or simply don't care. >> we have seen an increase of middle school and high school 3 students picking up this product>> reporter: doctor witkowski says many students that start vaping, simply become dual users. they don't stop smoking cigarettes. if you are looking to quit either cigarettes or e-cig's, national jewish has a helpline that you can try out. >> if you bought blue cheese at whole foods -- 3 if you bought blue cheese at whole foods recently and they want to throw it up. it has pou numbers beginning with 293308 and has sell by dates of january 20 and march 21 at 2016. you can take this back to whole foods where you bought the product for a full refund.
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-- right path this mooning. the 18 mile bike way is part of the u.s. 36 express lanes project. cdot is working on making it safe for people to walk along sixth avenue. a pedestrian bridge started -- was started to be installed on sixth avenue. you can expect single lane losures in this area near vaughn and potomac. it still be finished by august. a big day on the stock market, stocks closing sharply higher giving them the best day in over one month. there was good news including the jump in construction spending, at the highest level in 8 years. j.p. morgan chase and bank of america
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13% -- hertz went up 13%. the legal battle between apple and the fbi played out on the hill today. the fbi is insisting they are not asking apple o create a magic key to all phones go they only want access to one iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorist shooters. apple argues that unlocking that one phone will compromise the security of millions of others. they are asking for the case to nasa astronaut scott kelly today. he and a russian cosmonaut just ramped up a 340 day. he is expected to land in kazakhstan late tonight and then will be flown to houston for physical and scientific tests. businesses fourth mission in space. a sculpture is now going back to cambodia. it turns out it was likely stolen decades ago from backcountry.
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this piece which s called the torso of rob a was taken -- torso of rahma was stolen many years ago. it has been arranged for it to be sent back work why has there been many -- been an increase of coyote attacks on dogs and sometimes people? this project sttrted in 2010 and the sample size was expanded by allowing the public to report sightings and attacks. >> the more reporting we have, the more we will be able to know where theee animals are moving and where they are going to aad where they choose to hang out. >> the city of broomfield is one of the cities participating in the study. at 6:00 we will take you inside that study and show you how you can help the research efforts to keep our communities safe. a pretty day, a nice 1 to start the month of march. comfortable conditions and partly cloudy kies.
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building right now. let me show you a few more views. clear skies. this is looking pretty dry. here was limon this afternoon. this is an old time lapse. good. plains of the high fire danger for tomorrow. that's called a red flag or fire weather warning. the highs for today were 58 -- the highs for today was 58 and the low was 27, normal high is 50 the highs for today was 58 and the low was 27, normal high is 5053 downtown, 49 at the airport, 27% humidity, windsor from the south southwest at 7 miles an hour. watch what will happen tonight. you will see this area that is yellow, that is a nose of a strong band of jetstream winds coming into the state tomorrow. as that comes through at about 25,000 feet that will crank up the wind at the surface as well. we will also have to have a
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colorado high country late tonight and tomorrow morning -- early tomorrow morning. it looks like maybe 2 to 4 inches of snow mainly north of interstate 70. it will stay dry on the plains with the wind increasing. 20s over most of the mountains, and mix of 20s to mid-30s on the plains. a down sloping wind from lower elevations will crank up the temperatures, low to mid 60s north east colorado, southeast low to mid 70s, in the mountains 30s to 40s. some snow over the higher elevations along the continental divide. partly cloudy and 32 tonight, high temperature tomorrow 62, windy and dry conditions. looking ahead, the extended forecast doesn't show a lot of moisture. the king of the next few days we will stay upper 50s to mid- 60s, little if any precipitation. is very leasant weather but we
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weather but we need some snow pack as well. we see a little bit of a shift on monday into tuesday. hopefully that will be a trend for the month of march. >> something that would stick would be nice. from bad weather to dozens of sick passengers, one cruise ship just can't catch a break. for the second time in a month a royal caribbean cruise trip had to end the -- and the cruise early. the reason it is headed back is because of the severe weather advisory. the norovirus outbreak was just in a small portion of passengers and didn't affect their decision to return. there's a new hero out there, and not pinnace -- the anonymous shopping cart guy.
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a new report is confirming what many of us already know. your profession can impact how healthy you are. more than 5000 men and women were in a study that looked at blood pressure and diet etc. compared to their profession. different jobs appear to be linked with different risks. management had unhealthy diet. police officers were among the
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blood pressure. more and more automakers may be creating self driving cars but it turns out that not in buying them. according to a new triple -- aaa survey 75% of drivers say self driving car. 60% say they would like to get some self driving features such as self parking etc. they can't get distracted or drive tired if you are dealing with self driving cars. portland police post to the surveillance video of officers chasing a suspect in a grocery store. a quick thinking shopper pushed his carton away causing the suspect to trip. office ice -- officers made the arrest and the shopper just went on with a shopping. they posted, thanks for helping us out. >> he probably hurt his ankle a little bit too.
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>> i would think. >> were having a good week the -- a good evening? nice weather coming out in the next couple of days but we could use the moisture. the next few days, be really careful. gusty winds and dry warm weather are ahead.
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>> breaking news tonight. the results coming in now. the super tuesday showdown. as we come on the air in the west, what the voters are saying. what's driving them at the polls and can donald trump be stopped. the high steaks battle across a don ez states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> vowing to take him down. >> he will be an embarrassment to america. >> donald trump will be a disaster. >> hillary clinton and how she would take on trump and the


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