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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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i am a unifier, once we get all of this finished i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> what a super tuesday. instead of building walls we are going to break down barriers. >> this campaign is not just about electing the president, it is about transforming america. the presidential hopefuls coming off super tuesday with some confidence others not.
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didn't fair so well in the rest of the country. >> some of the caucuses are binding. we have a recap of super tuesday. >> thank you all so much. what a super tuesday. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: with these super tuesday results, it looks increasingly likely that the november campaign will be a matchup of clinton and trump. she is keeping one eye on bernie sanders but with a lead in the delegate count, clinton already taking on trump. >> america stopped being great -- >> reporter: ted cruz won his home state of texas and oklahoma and marco rubio won his first of minnesota.
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was a bit more gracious to his competitors than in recent days. >> i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. he worked hard on it. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio, he had a tough night, but he worked hard. >> reporter: cruz feeling victorious urged people to think of this now as a 2-man race. >> donald's path to the nomination is much more likely. >> reporter: none of the remaining republican candidates have given any clue whether they were considering dropping out which could lead to a brokers convention. >> people all across colorado were lining up last night. >> it was so crowded in locations in fort collins, they had to kick some out and they had to make their choice outside.
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>> reporter: mitch and kellie, the numbers were incredible, wrapping around streets going for some say a half mile long but also made some people angry because they were claiming they weren't able to vote. take a look what we found on social media overnight. we heard from boulder caucus goers shut out. a number of people were not able to vote despite waiting two boolder caucus line at centennial middle school is at least a half a mile long waiting, just waiting. bernie sanders won it here in
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supporters may be upset because they couldn't vote. how big was the turnout? we're going to dig into the numbers a little deeper. >> reporter: you're right, hillary clinton hopes none of her voters were turned away, bernie sanders did win colorado. sanders is in green here. he won 50 of the state, 64 counties, one still not rrporting. he won the counties in the denver metro area and colorado springs. `anders took 59% to hillary clinton's 49%. as we reported colorado republicans did not take a stray pole and are not committing yet.
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unplugged tonight at 10:15. we take a look at what's been accomplished and what still needs to be done. let's check in wiih meteorologist lisa hidalgo. >> reporter: look at the 50s. boulder and fort collins the warmest spots at 46 and 51- degrees. it is only 5:00 in the morning. statewide 20s and 30s to start in the mountains. high fire danger across colorado. dropping potentially 10% this afternoon for the relative humidity. >> reporter: watching the
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we have some windy conditions. just along colfax and cherry, we had a bad accident overnight. darryl orr is down there. darryl, what's the cleanup like. >> reporter: everything is looking really good out here except for a little bit of debris that you can see, aside from some glass and a couple of beer cans. a gentleman was traveling west at colfax at cherry and he hit the center median, took out a traffic light and drug it about 50 feet. the vehicle then flipped over. police were on scene and said the driver actually got out of the car without any injuries, so dui is suspected in this accident here, but it was closed down for about an hour here affecting rtd bus, but it
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go aroundda couple of blocks. the traffic division came out and said they're not going to repair this because it's actually under construction and they're going to repair the whole area. jayson how is the traffic? >> reporter: not bad, i-25, good. the south side of line looking nice. we have all four lanes up to c- 470 open. a really nice smooth drive up 000 there right now. . a medina alert is out right now after a hit-and-run last night. it happened at treemont place and park avenue. jayson gruenauer has more. >> reporter: we're going to show i don't tu license plate in just a second.
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the scene has been cleared but the hit and run did cause some severe bodily injuries to the pedestriin. the crime scene tape has been taken down but there does appear to be some blood still on the curb. driver. the description of the vehicle, a gray lincoln sedan with a license plate qki- 285. this is a law that was passed about a year and a half here in colorado that also asked for
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they have put up some signs we saw one near hampden to make sure that the publican's, if you see the license plate or something that matches the description you are asked to call 911 immediately. qki-285 the license plate number with some possible passenger mirror damage as police still trying to track down the individual who hit an injured a pedestrian downtown last night and then took off. thank you. we are learning more about what causes westminster house to catch fire. this was breaking news yesterday morning. four people were in the home when it started, they got out and are okay, police think two men were making hash oil when it started. they think that's what caused this fire. sport authority is expected to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. we have talked about this.
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is telling partners over at denver post. this would end the months of speculation that the englewood company was nearing closing. they are planning on closing three in the denver meted row area. lindsay watts with join us with
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it is 513 time a look over denver this morning. a beautiful start to the day. it is all right 50-degrees in denver this morning. should be a nice one. got some sad news to pass along. another law enforcement was killed in the line of duty. deputy travis russell killed yesterday when his suv hit a parked car.
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happened but he was wearing his seat belt they say. you might have noted that the porch lights were turning blue. that was all in honor of the deputies that were shot. home depot donated bulbs given way for free. our state health department says there are two confirmed ccses of the zika virus in the denver area. lindsay, how are the two people doing? >> reporter: both of them have already recovered. they traveled to affected places more than likely the caribbean, while colorado health officials say we will
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shouldn't see an outbreak. most people don't see any ever lasting harms, the big concern is for pregnant women. it can cause birth defects unusually small heads and brain damage in infants. the cdc is urging women to not travel to affected areas. the colorado health department says you should get tested if you do travel to one of those areas. >> if she has traveled we are offering blood testing and if mood testing is positive we're - -- blood testing is positive we're offering ultrasound. lindsay watts denver 7. exciting. after a year in space astronaut
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>> now he's back onearth researchers will compare him to his twin brother marc on how space affects the body. 3 >> reporter: look at this a woman was actually stuck inside a tornado here. >> reporter: incredible. very fortunate. 140 miles per hour winds were hitting this lewis business. bathroom. they didn't know a woman fleeing the tornado came to the door knocking asking to get in. door. it was locked, so she had to come up with a new plan. two minute later the tornado was right over her. here between the coke machine. it wasn't even holding on, it was just to brace myself.
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wow, he works for med ex-and was out making deliveries when that hit. she didn't realize how bad the weather was until it was almost too late. >> reporter: she grabs the door frantically trying to open it. >> reporter: can you imagine the panic? >> calmer day for us. but there's a chance for a few storms. ties the season. we are getting closer to it. >> reporter: at this point wind speeds 15-30 miles per hour. it started to get a little gustier temperature wise and because of these wind it's unreal out there temps in the upper 40s to low 50s. 47 right now. a southwesterly wind 10-20 miles per hour: it's going to be a warm start to the day. a light jacket is needed this morning. greeley quite a bit colder, you're not benefiiing from the
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conifer right now 35. we have 30s and 40s to the west and a big warmup in store statewide today. due to the gusty winds and dry conditions, high fire danger today. wind speed expected to et upwards 30-50 miles per hour. highs we're going to be in low to mid 60s and it's going to stay that way all weeklong. you have got 40s, 50s, 60s out west today. closer in broomfield 63, aurora, 64, mid to upper 50s for our foothills near % evergreen, conifer will be in the low to upper 50s. cooler. winds will again be an issue. again it seems like every other day we're getting a break. the break comes tomorrow. beautiful mid 60s then heading
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what we need is a little bit of rain. this has been a very dry 3-4 week period. we obviously had heavy snow the first two days of february. by next week monday into tuesday, chance for a few showers and our temperatures will drop, but overnight temperatures in the 30s, 60s in the afternoon. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: it is. water the front yard. i-70 and york easy driving conditions. not seeing any wind related issues at least in this part of i-70. we do have winds affecting us where i've seen some of the cameras shaking here along floyd hill and genesee, if ur going between c-470 and eisenhower tunnel about 50 minute, longest time 20 all the way to idaho springs, same
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eisenhower tunnel down here. highway 93 drive is also going drive times look okay about 20 minute there from bold boulder to golden. about 10 minutes between highway 72 and golden, much of the same going to other way as well. time to take a look at what's trending, the tweets. did you see chris christie during donald trump's super tuesday event. tweets say he didn't really look like he wanted to be there. >> if christie links a morris code he's being held hostage. >> look at him. he's almost scowling with his eye brows. >> you know what else i thought the same thing i was like what
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a police officer was
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the ground. this is in north carolina. the man is okay. internal affairs is look to go used. police need your help identifying a man in the shooting death of darnell jenkins. this happened back in january. this is a $2,000 reward if you recognize this person for information that leads to an arrest. police say a victim is in critical condition after a shooting and no word on suspects. a little boy is luccy to be alive. if he hadn't disobeyed his mom,
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bed and she said no, luckily i moved because if i was still there i would have been hurt or dead. god with us us because i'm still here. >> he is still here. a neighbor surveillance camera recorded the whole thing. the driver was arrested and accused of driving under the influence. hit right where his bed used to be. >> thank you goodness he had that -- so weird that he had the thoughh to use the bed. >> he's going to be using this the rest of his life -- mom, we tonight. >> reporter: we have a nice start to our day. winds not too crazy yesterday. by this afternoon it is going to get windier. a few showers out across afternoon. a few thunderstorms might get a little rumble, lightning, rain off to tte east of i-25, but no threat of severe weather.
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town and keeps our temperatures in the low to mid 60s. it is going to be a very warm day, even with a cool down we're still in the 50s jayson. >> reporter: look at this. how cool is that? this is up in georgetown, i-70. this is right over by the chain- up area and the camera has been bouncing around because of the winds, here in town a pretty easy drive, however the windd are a factor and the snow is a factor especially over bertha pass. it is still winder but already time to start thinking about summer camp, in fact many
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i am a unifier, i would love to see the republican party an everybody get together and unify, and there's nobody that's going to beat us. >> soloing as the field remains divided donald trump's lane re- maybes likely. %- and remains likely. >> this moves forward to the crescent city, the motor city and beyond. >> wall street may be against us and the super pac s may be against us, but you know why we are going to win? because your message is resonating and the people when we stand together will be victorious. [cheers and applause] well, it's the morning


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