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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:29am MST

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5:00 a.m. we're following breaking news out of aurora. police are n the lookout for three people with long guns after a carjacking at this home depot. >> it's where eric lupher joins us this morniig. -`what are police looking for? >> reporter: they're looking for a gray 2005 chevy equinox. we have the plate number as well. if you hit the streets you can look for this car as well. i'm on twitter right now. this is 255 qke. again, 255 qke is the license plate. imagine how scary this would be
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carjacked. out in front of the home depot around 1:45 this morning. police aren't telling us what the vehicles were doing in a parking lot at a home depot at 1:45 in the morning. clearly the store was closed at thht time. but that's what we're being told by police. this home depot, a lot of people on my facebook page wondering which home depot this is, because there are plenty of them across aurora. this is the one off tower road just north of i-70. again, this happened just after 1:30, around 1:45 this morning. three suspects with long guns. police aren't giving us real clear details about these suspects. but that car is the most important thing. they want to get that car off the streets. if you see it, call police immediately. in east aurora, eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. we've got new video. 3 one of our web producers recorded this around 3:30 this morning. she's coming to work, there's a coyote running across speer boulevard.
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living in the denver metro area and they're starting to attack pets. a study is now being done to find out why they seem to be goong after cats and dogs and leave people alone. >> i hear them at night sometimes. >> do you? >> yeah. they get in packs and start howling. it's not a dream, i'm hearing that. >> they can make a lot of noise out there, which can wake you up. those winds, that was another thing waking a lot of people up. this morning, quieting down. you'll still notice the stronger winds there, the northeast corner. we'll still see winds eaaly on this morning. but that is going to push off east. %- today it will be quieter, stronger winds return tomorrow. wind speeds now 5 to 15 miles per hour. over some of the higger mountain passes. berthoud picking up gusts closer to about 50 miles per hour. do be advised that is something you'll run into. as far aa our temperatures downtown 35 degrees.
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portion of the front range. and farther east that warmup will be intense. we are going to climb to 65 degrees this afternoon here in denver. >> it was really windy yesterday. i was doing a book event in arvada and i was going blown all the place, especially my little car. i-70 and chambers nice driving. easy to that east side of town. will be windy farther to the west. take a look at the overall drive. starting to see a little bit of traffic here and there. but a pretty smooth drive. commute times look smooth. no delays there. i-76 and drive to dia looks good. i saw strong wind gusts especially on highway 285. it will be a problem. you can see the drive here colfax down to c-470, maybe 15 minutes there. >> do you still have that low rider? >> oh, yeah. we're learning new information about what happened when james holmes was attacked in prison.
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wasn't supposed to interact with other prisoners, but a prison gate as left open. punches were thrown apparently. guards lad to pull the two apart. the assault was minor, but officials say it proves the danger holmes was in. he was then moved out of state. we have a few crashes. we start in greeley, a woman was killed last night outside the jbs plant and this is a look at the scene here. the paper says she was hit by a car as she crossed the street to meet her husband. i-70 crews cleaning up vehicles. somehow no one was seriously hurt. we're waiting to learn more about what led up to a fiery crash in el paso county. it was a small plane that went down near palmer lake. two were on board, but not been identified yet. a sergeant in park county resign. this comes after the shooting last week that killld a deputy,
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you can see the scene behind us. our source also tells us the park county undersheriff monty leave. we've reached out for comment, but haven't got a hold of the sheriff. a professor at western state colorado university in jail accused of trying to lure a child online. in a touch of irony, he teaches about the criminal justice system. he seems to be a feature at the university, appearing in several youtube videos for his job. police say he had sexually explicit chats with someone he thought was a 9th grader. air force academy cadet in trouble, just arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in boulder. police say he attacked a woman last year near the cu boulder campus and now dna evidence is linking him to that crime. city denver leaders are taking notice at people
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mall too long and are looking at a way to get more families in the area. jason gruenauer joins s live from the 16th street mall with more. jason. >> reporter: kellie, for many people we spoke to when they travel down the 16th street mall, this is what they do. they walk right across. it's a convenient way to get from one place to another. but not a lot of people are stopping and spending time. not a lot of locals. this area is known for tourists, but the city wants to get more people to spend more time down here. to do that, they started more events. last year they were on sundays. now they'll be on consecutive weekends starting on the 25th. the hope is to get more local people, more good, positive events down here to try to reputation. and homelessness. we spoke to one woman who lives and works here downtown along 16th. she says she is one of those
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because of certain types of characters here she doesn't linner. >> it's definitely something you notice, and i think anything that the city can do to kind of bring more local good. >> reporter: last year they tried out some of these things in a pilot program. they even put sod down in the meddan to give it more of a park-like feel. they say that worked and they'rr going to expand on them. one of the things that could be impacted are the shuttles that run up and down here down the 16th street mall. more on at that coming up in a little bit. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. this morning we are learning more about the hit-and- run we brought to you yesterday morning. denver police are still looking for the driver who took off after hitting a woman as she crossed the street at park and tremont tuesday night. that woman we'reetold is still in the icu. a medina alert is outtfor the
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police are looking for a 1998 lincoln town car with the plate qki 285. it's a colorado plate. you may not be as familiar with a medina alert. it's named after this man, jose medina. he worked as a valet in downtown denver and was hit and killed in a hit-and-run in 2011. a taxi driver helped police find the suspect. in order to issue a medina alert police need to have specific details about the suspect's car and the victim has to have been seriously hurt. it can be issued if officers have lead on the suspect. colorado schools could be forced to make a tough decisson. let students use their medical marijuana or else lose marijuana tax funding. >> that's a bill lawmakers will likely consider last week. last year a bill was passed making it optional for schools to allow medical pot on campus.
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student jack split who suffers from severe epilepsy. since the bill was passed not one school started allowing students to use this medical marijuana. >> they've been able to make this work in the state of new jersey without any problem. one of the things the state of new jersey said if you can't provide services for these funding. >> the bill doesn't allow all types of marijuana, only cannabis oils and patches. work is underway on an affordable housing project in irving. when this $23 million project is done, it will have nearly 100 apartments for low and moderate income families. new this morning, denver 7 taking a look at one of the ghost towns. saint elmo is a ghost town.
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>> very cool. the miners exchange is a popular tourist spot. it's open from may to around september. >> this is a cabin next to the general store. 79 bucks a night. that would be kind of fun. >> cool. check out the pony mill stable. used to be a mill that operated day and ight, and there's the flax smith shop across the street. >> that dates back to 1892. and scroll on that for me, also a ghost town guest house open year round. if you want to see more, go to mitt romney has experience running for president, and now he's offering advice.
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it is 13 minutes after 5:00. north korea fires six short range projectiles. you can see from the headline, this is off the korean peninsula. this is according to south korea. this comes hours after the u.n. approved the toughest sanctions in about two decades. we'll keep watch on this. today nfl lawyers will be in court trying to get a judge toolet them suspend new england quarterback tom brady. this comes after a lower court decided brady didn't need to be suspended for deflating balls. brady might have to sit out the beginning of the upcoming season and will likely take several weeks to get a ruling. we're also -- what are we talking about here? okay. we have developments right now about the man accused of killing two virginia college students. at here. killing them both.
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emotion as a judge sentenced him to life in prison. these are the two women he has admitted to killing. hannah graham and morgan harrington. their families were in the courtroom and told him what they thought about this and are happy for the life sentence they say. we just did the story about deflate gate. didn't we? >> yes did. i think we had our videos mixed up. this was the latest with them trying to appeal the whole situation. when you read that we smitted rom knee, and -- mitt romney and the story there, he'll be talking the presidential race and a lot of people in the gop will be watching that closely. there you see the nfl commissioner again, all over
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. it is 5:18. crazy video to show you, we tried that in the last segment. we want to let you know the boy here in this video is okay. he fell out of the back of a car. >> unbelievable. this van was stuck at a red light.. the gate in the back opens and the 2-year-old boy falls out there on the street. the van kept going. the boy tried to chase it, but couldn't. >> thankfully people in the
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they scooped him up. they followed the van. they were laying on their horn and caught up. the dash cam was still rolling when the grandpa came back for the boy. let's get over to nicole brady. >> a local postal carrier is being called a hero. robert batley was on zuni when he spotted a little girl in the middle of the street. he said he had never seen route. for help. >> held her hand and pulled her to the sidewalk. she wasn't crying. with mouth ] >> shocking, nobody came looking for the girl. he turned her over to adams county sheriff's deputies. they went door to door and about 30 minutes later found
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he is now facing child abuse charges. shouldn't have happened -- >> but the mail carrier was there. good for hii. >> two tough stories with the kiddos. >> the one that fell out of the back of the van, car seaa maybe? >> the fact the kid was okay. >> unbelievable. >> they were going slow. >> tough little guy. crazy. the weather was crazy yesterday. winds intense. the winds we had were way worse than a bad hair day. today just breezy. our winds calmer. 13miles per hour. tempeeatures pretty cool. 23 degrees here in denver. that is out at the airport. downtown it is just a little bit warmer. we have those 20s in the northern portion of the front as well. look in the southeast corner of the state, already in the 30s. salida at 40 degrees. mountain towns in the 20s. today.
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in denver we should top out about 65 degrees and we'll cool things off. but still, puts us well above, should be about 50 as a high. these are unbelievable. low 60s, mid-60s on the eastern plains. fort collins 65. mountains you're going to be in the 40s. 48 in aspen. 41 gunnison. eagle you'll be at 53 degrees. if you head to the western slope, you'll see temperatures climb into the low 60s. zoom into the metro area, and you can see these temperatures well above where we should be for this time of year. castle rock, 66. 64 in kingsburg. erie 65. brighton and downtown denver at 65. really nothing to show you when it comes to our futurecast. a few clouds move in. but look at the clear skies. very dry conditions. good news is those winds have quieted because we're not getting any moisture, so our fire danger is still high.
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having that red flag warning. you still need to be careful as you are out and about and it doesn't look like we'll see any moisture until sunday anddthat will be in the mountains. for the metro area chance for rain showers monday into tuesday, a little mix. we'll see temperatures quite a week. we climb from the mid-60s to near 70 degrees on sunday. i put the bright spot there. going to be an awesome day to be outside. winds will pick up again tomorrow. but they should quiet a little bit for the weekend. >> wind are definitely a factor along south park. this is the weather station we have along highway 285 there in south park. the last wind gust, 60 miles per hour with winds near 41. this is some of the strongest winds seen in the foothills so far. 93 feeling the effects. and along i-70 at floyd hill you can see how the camera is
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shaking a little bit. winds are a factor here. rest of the drive around town looks nice, along 285 coming in from bailey, conifer and aspen park looking nice. longer going south than it is coming north towards metro denver. c-470, drive out of castle rock still super quiet. thank you. it's 5:23. supreme court is considering what is being called the most significant aaortion case in deeades. it challenges a 2013 texas law. >> they began hearing the case yesterday. it forces the abortion clinics to meet standards of surgical centers. if the law stands, only 10 facilities can stay open serving 5 million women. next time you fly commercial you have to keep the e-cigarettes in your pocket.
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smoke tobacco on airplanes. former staffer who helped hillary clinton set up her private e-mail server won't be in trouble. he just anticipated an immunity offer from the justice department. as part of the deal, he'll have to let investigators interview him, something they've been trying to o for months anyway. clinton's campaign is apparently happy he is cooperating. new this morning, a mom is furious after her 4-year-old son sent home from school on the school bus ii his underwear. this is the picture of the boy. the teacher says he had an accident at school, so she took his pants off, tied his sweatshirt around his waist to cover his underwear and put him on the bus. humiliateed. >> every time i talked to him, he'll get this sad look and say my teacher put me on the bus. how do you get on the bus in weather. >> the teacher is resigning and the school is looking into what happened.
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this is an excuse for the books, a man in arizona is accused of burglarizing two homes, but said he didn't know % he was doing it because he was sleep walking. >> if you want to believe this story, you have to believe he walked in his sleep for 7 miles until arriving at the two homes. skeptical about. >> sounds like he was on something. no one really sleep walks that much. >> just seems a little silly. >> the woman came home and found him rummaging through her stuff. iditarod race this weekend. the problem, snow there is melting so they're having to get the snow delivered by train. something the race has never had to do. 85 teams due at the starting line this saturday. this slide here isn't for kids. would you be brave enough to ride it?
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the u.s. bank tower in los angeles, the tallest building on the west coast. see through glass, 70 stories off the ground. my palms are sweating just talking about it. a ride down it will cost $8. >> it looks like it's all open air, but that's all glass. so i guess you can't fall out, right? >> yeah, hopefully. >> but if you're afraid of heights -- >> what's the point of it? >> to get your heart going. did it work?? it worked for you. getting into cuba could be easier if frontier gets its way. >> kids seem to spend all their time online.
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5:30. we're following breaking news out of aurora. police are looking for three
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carjacking a person at a home depot. >> that's where eric lupher is joining us this morning. what are police looking for? >> reporter: they're looking for that gray 2005 chevy equinox. that's what you can be on the lookout for as well, once you hit the streets. we have the license plate as well. here's the information on that vehicle. 2005 chevy equinox. gray with colorado license plate 255-qke. around 1:45 this morning police got the call. it was outside the home depot, just north of i-70 off tower road. this is far northeast aurora. a person carjacked. three suspects with guns, with long barrels. that's what police are telling us this morning. they have a positive identification on one suspect, but we're not going to release


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