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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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i'm far from the first to conclude that donald trump lacking the temperament to be president. this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter, who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle, who mocked a brilliant rival who happened to be a woman due to her appearance. who bragged about his marital affairs and laces his public speeches with vulgarity. punches. he has serious concerns he says election.
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announcement the state of the 2016 presidential race. >> he has been very critical of front-runner donald trump in the past few weeks and today he took it to a new level. >> a person so untrust worthy and dishonest as hillary president. donald trump says he admires vladimir putin. at the same time he's called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. the rules of political history have pretty much all been shreded during this campaign. if the other candidates can find some common ground, i believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. >> mitt romney also wants to reiterate he is not running for office. he said he wanted to offer his perspective on the process of his party. the gunnison professor
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a child faces a judge today. >> he is looking at several charges, including the sexual exploitation of a child. >> denver 7 reporter jason %- gruenauer was in court today and has the latest. >> reporter: this was the first time that professor faced a judge, just for an initial hearinn. we'll remain in -- he'll remain in custody on a $20,000 bond. the judge also ordered he not have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 and not use the internet outside of his job. the professor of criminal justice and sociology at western state university of colorado was arrested yesterday. he faces four total felony counts, including one internet luring of a child and exploitation.
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after the d.a.'s unit that handles child sex offenders portraying a girl, and he asked to have sex with them and used graphic language. he was arrested yesterday. today was his first appearance in court. he has hired an attorney but will remain in custody. he has not been bonded out of jail. his next court appearance is next wednesday. live at jefferson county court, jason gruenauer, denver 7. thank you. we're it upping 50 -- touching 50 degrees now. >> pretty warm. 50 is our average high for this time of year. and it's only 11:03. we still have quite a few hours of heating. >> couple of hours ago it was chilly and now it's nice. >> and that's even with the cloud coverage we have. it's not perfectly blue skies. the clouds lingering on, but made for a gorgeous sunrise. means we should have a nice sunset. here's a look at the clouds. they're thicker in some locations than in other spots and as a result really dependent upon where you are
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sunshine. we talk about the temperatures and it's not affecting much. here in denver, 53 degrees. winds light. breezy, from 10 to 15 miles per hour. at least not gusty like we have seen some of those crazy winds. look at where we're going to climb. how about 65 degrees in denver this afternoon? % again, we should be about 50 degrees. 66 the high for littleton, highlands ranch and castle rock. erie and brighton 65. very warm temperatures and dry conditions. fact, we are really in the need 3 for some snow. you'll remember it was the beginning of february where we saw really decent snow through here. have a chance for a little bit. we'll talk about that coming up in just a moment. thank you. arvada police need your help catching an arsonist. take a look at the video. it shows a man setting a vehicle and trailer on fire. it happened sunday at 58th and sheridan. we have a picture of the man
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if you recognize him, please call or sad da police -- arvada police. denver 7 following a plane crash that happened yesterday morning. two people were on board that plane. the faa and ntsb are looking at the cause. the wind may have been a factor in this crash. we're learning more about a 26-year-old man killed. he crashed into another skier, lost control, hit a tree on tuesday. it happened on an intermediate run. he was from pennsylvania, but lived and worked in breckenridge. new details on a park county sheriffs sergeant facing demotion and decided to resign. this ccmes a week after three fellow deputies were shot, one killed, serving that eviction park county says that demotion had nothing to do with the eviction notice shooting. instead it dealt with another shooting case. we're learning details about the attack on james
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exclusively with abc news and according to this report, a guard at the state penitentiary left the security gate open at the wrong time. another inmate took the opportunity to attack. the other inmate punched holmes until guards separated the two. the officials called it minor, but says it proves why holmes needed to be moved out of state. the inmate who attacked holmes said he regreted not doing more harm to holmes. two suspects arrested in denver police believe related to drugs. rash of crime and homelessness on the mall has turned off some locals. denver will add a series of
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the 16th street mall. they tested it last summer with live music, patio seating and interactive events for kids. a 30% increase in pedestrian traffic. >> things we're going to be testing this summer are results, positive results that we got from last summer. activate the place that want to see downtown. >> the study also suggests that moving the rtd buses off 16th might be an answer. the mayor's office wants to add $1.9 million in new lighting by september. we have a scam. con artists are calling people again and pretending to be with the irs. they say you'll be thrown in jail, face big fines or deported if you don't pay a fine. the attornee general says just -`hang up. no irs agent will contact you
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the supreme court is calling what's being called the issue. the law forces abortion clinics to meet the standards of surgical clinics. if it stands, only 10 facilities will remain open. tonight the remaining gop candidates will hold their next debate. but dr. ben carson will be absent, doesn't see a political path forward for his campaign. but he stopped short of suspending his campaign. he says more information will come tomorrow. the four other candidates will attend in detroit, even donald news. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, do you know where he would be now? selling watches in manhattan.
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is not back. did you hear that one? >> been an interesting season. the nfl will elease this year's schedules and we know the broncos will host big games. >> the panthers will come to town. patriots will come here, too. tickets to the game will cost a little more this time. denver7 reporter eric lupher is live with a look at the new price hike. >> reporter: here's the deal, if you have a resume like this, three super bowl titles, including one wrapped in gold, you're going to have to expect to pay the price if you are a broncos' fan. last year the average price was about $98 for a ticket. this year about $100. we're talking about a man derek freedman who owns sports fans, the retail stores across the street.
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extra dough to see a game. >> i don't think it's going to affect traffic either in our stores or at the stadium. everything remains the same. as the team gets better, you can expect to pay a little bit more. >> reporter: here's what the broncos are telling the denver post, senior vp of business -- the broncos rakeed in an average of $60 million just on regular season tickets last year. now they'll make about $62 million on average next season. doesn't seem like a lot, but for one season ticket holder he may not renew the tickets. you'll hear from him coming up after 11:30. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. thank you, eric. if you want to relive super
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the denver broncos official super bowl championship commemorative book. the first 5,000 will come with autographs from coach kubiak and john elway. costs 40 bucks. you can check it out at check out the new broncos envelope. starting march 5th, this saturray, broncos' fans can buy this collectible envelope. >> it features players, logo and the super bowl game score. each costs about 10 bucks. >> ten bucks for an envelope. >> i guess if you're collecting them. >> maybe if you're a big fan. a teenager accused of being a doctor in trouble again. we'll tell you what he's up to this time. >> an officer caught on camera slapping and kicking a student. now a couple of top officials are on leave. >> a suspected burglar tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x
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tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148
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get the [bleep] -- >> that video leaving parents in shock. this happened at a high school in baltimore. >> police say it started with a call from he school about an intruder. the oncampus officer says he was told the teen did not attend the school. while trying to get the teen to
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acting belligerent and angry. >> but the sttdent's attorneys say he does go o the school. >> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled. the video was certainly something you never want to see anyone treated like that. >> the student's lawyer says the teen suffered from face and rib injuries from that incident. the police chief and two other officers on administrative leave. the south florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor is facing more charges. 19-year-old malachi love robinson, also known by some as dr. love, is accused of making woman. investigators say the teen sold that woman phony vitamins, stole her checkbook and used $30,000 to pay his bills. >> you said you're not a doctor, correct? >> these allegations and accusations will be cleared up and you will hear from my lawyer. >> what is that going to do, malachi? you've been practicing medicine without a license according to these officials. >> that is per what they say.
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undergo a mental evaluation. his lawyer says he is not mentally ill, rather an entrepreneur who should be commended for his creativity. >> okay. a man arrested for burglary says he isn't responsible because he was sleep walking. he said he walked 7 miles from home. police say he broke into a home and asked the owner of another home for a ride. when she refused, investigators say he waited for her to leave and broke into her house, too. >> sounds like he was on something. no one really sleep walks that much. >> just seems a little silly. >> he admits he did take drugs and alcohol the night before, but who knows if he was sleep walking. we've seen people walking long distances before. this video is getting a lot of play on the internet. a robber getting the surprise
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the teen robber pulls a handgun, that's when the clerk slaps the gun in his hand. >> she hits him with the cash register drawer. he ran away, she grabbed a hammer and went after him. she's okay. >> she's really fortunate he didn't pull the trigger. it ended well, but i bet every police officer in the country sees this says don't try that. >> give them the cash register. >> he did ran off. >> she gave him the cash register all right. >> messed with the wrong woman. like. it's really a big tease. we know we have good snow that will be coming, hopefully in march. march is our snowiest month. on average we get about 10.7 % inches of snow during the month
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when it comes to our snowiest month, back in 2003 with 35 inches. 2012 just a trace. let's hope we can fall somewhere between the two, when it comes to snow, not going to happen today. looking at futurecast, clouds quickly rushing across the state today. early tomorrow morning you'll wake up to a few more clouds than we saw this morning and they'll continue through the day. still dry conditions. just to the north might get a little disturbance friday evening, but doesn't look like it will affect us at all really until sunday. here's a look from sports authority field, you can see the camera shaking a little bit. here in denver we have wind speeds about 15 miles per hour. a mix of the sun and clouds. really that's what's going to staa through the afternoon. affected.
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mixture of 40s and low 50s on the eastern plains. mountain towns, aspen it's 46 degrees. head to the western slope and you're seeing temperatures there in the low 50s. here's how the rest of the afternoon and evening will play out. denver topping out about 65 degrees. and cooling down. a mild evening with temperatures in the 50s and to the 40s, and then we'll see some 30s overnight. we ssould be around 50. this puts us 15 degrees above when we look at our seven-day we could be 20 degrees above average as we head into this weekend. 64 the high in platville. 66 in the tech center as well as castle rock, highlands ranch and golden. mountain towns upper 40s. 43 steamboat. 44 in craig. there are the 60s. from the 50s to the 60s for the western slope. on the eastern plains 60s, except that southeast corner one of the warmer locations. tomorrow will be cooler.
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those winds will pick up again. we'll be dealing with strong winds friday. could be gusts upwards about 30 miles per hour. not as crazy as the other winds we saw yesterday. heading into the weekend just breezy conditions, low 60s saturday. sunday 67 degrees. there will be some metro area cities that will see the 70s. that's when some snow will begin to arrive in the high country, could see showers here monday night, rain/snow mix monday into tuesday. very light. >> maybe it will cut down on the dust. it's dusty, isn't it? >> starting to feel it. >> we haven't had a good snow since the beginning of february. while we got good snow at the beginning of february, it's been dry and warm and windy. >> thank you, dayle. what were you doing in 1979? this week's 7 every day hero was just starting to voounteer and she's still going strong.
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>> reporter: they have a saying at the american legion auxillary. service not self. beatrice answered that call ii 1979. >> i came to the conclusion if it wouldn't be for all those veterans, no matter how they become veterans, we wouldn't have a friday country. >> reporter: at the -- free country. >> reporter: at the age of 45 while working full-time she started volunteering at the va hospital in denver. >> she'll come in and hand out hygiene kits. >> some of those patients are in here with no toiletries. >> she stands up for her veterans. she views them as her veterans and she wants to take care of them. >> reporter: she ddmands the best from her fellow volunteers. >> where is your coin? where is your coin? >> left oor purses out in the van. >> reporter: she likes all va volunteers to carry a special
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it reminds them that in the year 2014 volunteers saved the va more than $4 million. in fact, together american legion auxillary volunteers give 9 million hours of service every year. and at age 82, beatrice is leading the way. >> she is just an absolute jewel. >> no matter what is going on that day, a phone call from bea is a welcome distraction. >> how are you today? >> i'm very proud. >> you got broncos on. we brought all your friends today. they're all here for you, because -- >> oh, my god. >> check this out, denver 7 and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado, we'd like to honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your volunteering here. congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> i had a plaque for her, but she was getting into that broncos thing. she's proud of the broncos.
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about the american legion auxillary, go to our web site,, click on community and you'll see all our 7 every day heros. straight ahead we'll tell
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. if the global robot takeover is going to go this way, this adorable, it might not be that bad. the real dog is standing his robot dog. the barking dog isn't giving an inch. it's the only robot in civilian hands now. when a koala is thirsty, what do you do? you giver him some water, right? you stop and give him water as this cyclist did. helped the guy on a hot day. he climbed up on the wheel of the bike and one of the guys held out his water bottle. would you slide down this thing? it's a 36-foot long see through glass slide attached to the
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thousand feet above downtown los angeles. the new attraction ii part of this remodel of this real tall building in l.a. it will feature n open air observation deck and restaurant. the sky slide opens june 25th. some people have really unique business cards that stand out, show off their skills. this one is pretty unique. a company created this business card for cardiologists that measures your pulse when you hold it. they're a bit pricey, 29 bucks each. today is throwback thursday. in my throwback we're going back 15 years to 2001, when our own eric lupher who you saw earlier in this broadcast, wrote this original song and created this epic music video to go along with it. eric calls this song "leaving home." %- it's a tragic story of lost love shot across the denver metro area in fields like this where he's playing keyboards
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the girl is cynthia, who was in theater class with eric. i don't know if she knows it's been released. if you want to hear more of it, go to eric's facebook page. talented. >> he sounds better when he's playing the keyboard in the field with no power. >> he looks like he's 12 there. he said he's, what, 17? >> great. thank you, jayson. got to love people that can laugh at themselves. colorado schools facing an ultimatum. >> new details on a local professor in court today. prosecutors say he committed an
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it's 11:31 now. the gunnison professor arrested for internet luring of a child is facing a judge today. >> this is the suspect here, daniel cress. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer in court today and has the latest. jason. >> reporter: the first appearance before a judge for professor daniel cress of western state colorado university. the sociology and criminal justice professor accused of sexually luring a child on the internet. a judde ordered he remain in
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also made modifications that the professor is not to use any internet access outside of his job and not to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. he was contacted, he actually contacted someone online from the district attorney's child sex offender internet investigations unit. that investigator poseed as a young girl under the age of 15. they had back and forth coalition conversation that was sexually explicit and cress asked that girl/investigator to perform sexually graphic acts. that led to his arrest yesterday. he lives in gunnison, but he will remain in custody again on that $20,000 ond. he'll be back in court next wednesday. at jefferson county court, jason gruenauer, denver 7. the woman in denver that claimed a priest abused her in the 80s while she was a student
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denver, has filed a complaint with the archdiocese of denver, and also with law enforcement. the priest worked at that school from 1970 to 1993. officers say they received numerous tips about richard mun. he showed up at his mother's house yesterday and asked her to turn him in. an alert out for the person who hit a woman tuesday night. the victim still in the hospital at last check she was in icu. police looking for a 1998 lincoln town car with colorado license plate qki 825. tuesday's caucus in colorado has people calling for a primary. >> looks like hillary clinton
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away with the same numbers. many faced long lines, hundreds in boulder county even turned away. some lawmakers think oing back to the primary will fix that. >> conversations are already starting about what the best timing is for sitting down and figuring this out. but there's no doubt in my mind that by 2020 we will not be having a presidential caucus the way we did last night. >> the last legislative session to change it to a primary failed. that saved the state about 3million each election year. colorado schools could get an ultimatum allowing students to use medical marijuana or lose their state funding. a bill last year gave schools the option to allow medical marijuana use on campus. it was inspired by on campus. it was inspired by jack split with severe epilepsy.
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school has allowed students to use medical marijuana. the u.s. transportation department is letting everyone know to leave their e- cigarettes at home. they say they're just like regular cigarettes and won't be allowed on airline unites. the u.s. transportation secretary says it will protect passengers from being exposed to aerosol fumes. eventually you can fly from denver to havana, cuba. the department of transportation plans to decide on which airlines can fly there by march 21 and flights could begin in the fall. we're keeping an eye on the race for colorado mascots to get a space on frontier airlines. >> you can see up there in the left hand corner.
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5500 votes. >> boon and school of mime in the top 15. you can vote now through the end of april. one sports figure made his final stop in denver yesterday. kobe bryant and the lakers were in town to play the nuggets. kobe got a standing ovation at one point. he only scored 5 points. the nuggets won 117-107. broncos reeootedly offered brock osweiler a deal, but they're about $3 million apart. elway said he'd like to give him $12 million a year. but brock is reportedly asking $15 million a year. peyton manning also made a major announcement yesterday. he told a crowd at a florida fundraiser that papa john's is offering 50% off. >> i got a special announcement, 50% off pizza. >> not bad, though. >> still a good deal. it will cost more to watch
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>> going up about an average of $3 a ticket. the broncos say they think it's fair, in an effort to drive revenue. that may not seem like a lot, but one ticket season holder is having second thoughts. prices. ever time they have a winning season they seem to think it's okay to raise the prices and we're going to keep coming. and i'm sure most of the people still will. but i'm one of the few that may >> the broncos' regular season schedule will be announced this spring. kinds of things, but a killer whale? we'll show you a unique pairing. >> a 9-foot long gator decided to join one florida family. >> yikes. our winds not so scary.
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new video of astronaut scott kelly landing in houston. this is a moment coming more than a year in the making. you can see him hugging family, including his twin brother mark kelly. he says it feels great tt be back on earth. now scientists will compare his body with his twin brother's after a year in space. csu will look at the impacts of space on his blood. he is now 2 inches taller. >> suspect that wild -- isn't
11:41 am
future of space travel is being tested here. lockheed martin using a new sound test to test the durability of the orion spacecraft. they use speakers to simulate the vibrations during liftoff. >> we're trying to create the environment the spacecraft will see when it's on top of the new system. one minute. developers say this new testing method will save time and money, sinceethey can test the spacecraft on-site. average. we're at 98% state-wide. not much to worry about. scientists are trying to figure out what the future holds. most of the snow we see fell in the early part of the season. denver water works with climate scientists to try to understand the changing weather patterns
11:42 am
evaluate that, and lso the water supply. >> we are seeing a little bit earlier snow melt, which so far has not had a huge impact on us, because we're still able to store that melting snow. >> now scientists are hoping for a snowy march to bring that snowpack back up to average. any chance of that, the >> yeah. felt like april the past couple of weeks. >> snow the beginning of february, and since then warm and dry. it's difficult to say long-term what will happen, bbcause we don't know what march holds. march typically is our snowiest month. back in 2012 we only had a trace for the entire month. we don't need 35 inches like we saw in 2003, but a foot of snow would be great to see. >> just not all at once, please. >> we are in dry conditions right now.
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the winds causing fire danger. yesserday we had red flag warnings. today the winds are a little bit quieter, so the fire danger has lapsed. you can see winds, it's always nice to see in peetz. 53 degrees. our average high is 50 in denver. we've already surpassed that and it's only 11:43. we're going to keep going up from here. high country, 40s and 30s now. here's how the rest of the afternoon and evening will play out, in denver 65 degrees. you'll see that about 2:00. then we'll cooo things down. little bit breezy, but not going to be dealing with really strong winds, until tomorrow. those winds could pick up. as far as high temperatures, mid-60s. 65 for erie, brighton, downtown denver. 66 highlands ranch, littleton and lakewood and boulder you should be there as well. state-wide temperatures in the eastern plains, low 60s. the southeast corner still one of the warmer locations.
11:44 am
look at these mountain towns, upper 40s. eagle a high of 53. as you head to the western slope you are going to be dealing with low pretty mild and dry across the entire state. we're going to start to see changes. tomorrow it's going to be a little bit in the form of our temperatures and we'll have more clouds. also windy again with this disturbance that will move through. the weekend will calm things down. breezy but not neceesarily windy. low 60s saturday. upper 60s on sunday, with some mmtro area cities seeing 70 degrees. late sunday night slight chance for a little bit of snow to move into the mountains. better chance on monday. late monday night we could see rain showers down here and monday night into tuesday morning a little bit of snow. unfortunately, this one is not going to amount to much. maybe we'll get a trace. some locations could possibly see an inch.
11:45 am
we do want to see bigger snow makers. but we don't need 35 inches. >> i lost my bronco flag outside my house. blew down the street. >> winds were incredible. >> insane yesterday. >> i always get other people's trash in my yard. >> that's what somebody else is saying about my bronco flag now. >> at least it was a broncos flag and not a steelers flag. >> i wouldn't have that. dayle. google, ebay and jetblue jooning the fight against i will likely wildlife traffickkng. each company fighting in its own way. jetblue plans to educate passengers traveling to latin america. ebay and google boosting algorithms to stop the trafficking of illegal animals. speaking of wildlife, a homeowner in florida got an
11:46 am
a 9-foot long alligator decided to take a dip in their pool. >> i thought a golf ball came thrrugh the screen. looked in the deep end and there was a big gator. >> homeowners called out a trapper to get the gator out of the pool to relocate it. they say they've seen the gator on the golf course but never this close. here's a reminder to always watch your pets when they're outside at night. one of our producers spotted this coyote running outside our studio. earlier this week we told you about a thousand coyotes are living in the metro area. some attacking humans and dogs. they're being studyed by a group from csu. you can find out more at >> if you spot a road runner, that will be different. in canada a killer whale and a 10-year-old boy have developed a unique relationship.
11:47 am
basis and says after a while chester began followinn him. >> started following me from one gallery to another. >> you'll be walking up and >> yes. >> special. >> the aquarium manager says there's no doubt the whale recognizes lucas. he said that's special they recognize each other. >> i wonder what it is about that boy. >> cool. very fortunate. a local mail carrier, what
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welcome back. a local mail carrier being called a hero. he delivers the mail and saves lives. >> you're out here everyday and >> reporter: walking the streets every day, postal carrier robert batley is also a neighborhood watchdog. >> i kind of keep my eyes and
11:51 am
there's a lot of elderly on my route. >> reporter: what happened this morning still has him moved. >> that was pretty unusual. almost like out of a movie. >> reporter: he was driving on zuni when he potted a baby girl in the middle of the street. >> it hit your gut? >> oh, yeah. yeah. it takes a little bit right now. >> reporter: a father himself, he stopped his truck, rescuud the 2-year-old and called for help. >> just held her hand and pulled her to the sidewalk. she wasn't crying, just kind of, type of thing. >> reporter: deputies went door to door. took them about 30 minutes to find the baby's grandfather. in fact, investigators say he didn't even realize she was missing until they knocked on the door. he is facing child abuse charges. the girl is back with her parents. this postal carrier is being
11:52 am
>> this is a little special in a way. little special. >> reporter: in adams county, mark stewart, denver 7. check out this dog. he works at the airport, he's being called the coolest dog ever, partially because of that outfit. you can spot him decked out in goggles, ear muffs and a safety vest. >> he's very well equipped, obviously the specs are to protect his eyes. the ear muffs obviously are from sound when he's close to aircraft and vest is so i can lift him up and do all sorts of cool things with him. >> because the weather can be ruff. hees paid innplenty of treats.
11:53 am
doing things like this. >> impressive he keeps the gear on. excessively hunting for food. if a dog had been playing with this -- >> the snake scarfed down a toy teddy bear. swallowed by a carpet python. the snake had to have surgery to remove the bear. apparently she's doing all right, back to her owner. hope the next meal will be something more digestible. >> there's build-a-bear and swallow a bear. a new york city police horse broke loose and galloped through times square. he was spooked by something and bucked the officer off him. eventually they found him at a nearby parking garage. the horse left minor damage on three cars, though, during that ordeal. let's check in with for
11:54 am
on denver 7 at 4: 4:00 on the now. >> how did i get in the animal segment today? don't wait, join us, today gop front-runner donald trump made the cover of "time" magazine. we're also going to hear what trump has to say about mitt romney who ripped him apart this morning. `nd how cutting the costs of fruits and veggies can save hundreds and thousands of lives. and your forecast. that's at 4:00 on the now. final check of weather? >> you can see we've got a mix of clouds on this 303 day as we celebrate our great city. the weather is going to be fantastic for it, which is good to see. looking at those temperatures, we're going to warm into the mid-60s later on this afternoon. we're alreedy in the 50s. well above where we should be. dry conditions.
11:55 am
we'll have to wait until early next week to really pick up some of that. >> we need that. seven-day looks pretty good. thanks for joining us today. hope you have a good one. >> it's 303 day, march 3rd. celebrate. >> yes it is. >> time to party. >> take the rest of the day off. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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