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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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it's the end of an era for a ledge earned. after 18 years of practices and games making a difference on the field and off. >> extremely gratifying to finish with the world championship. >> peyton manning deciding it's time to hang them up. >> i've finished my football race and after 18 years it's time. >> the sheriff fighting back tears as he announced his retirement. >> one of the best ever call calling it a career. everyone was there. >>reporter: no doubt about it standing room only at duff
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of peyton manning one of the all time greats. after 18 seasons he finished what he called the football race. and it was time for him to call his own number. >> it is something about 18 years, 18 is a good number and today i've retired from pro football. >>reporter: peyton manning choked back tears as he called alone. road before. >> i know this is a tough day for him. because for 18 years he played this game so great. >> the there were other players who were more talented but there were no one who could out prepare me. because of that i have no regrets. >>reporter: according to his former gm, nothing left to prove. >> there is not a guy in the nfl that can walk away and say i have done everything that that can possibly be done at the quarterback position in the nfl. no one else can say that and
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>>reporter: next stop for manning is the pro football hall of fame and the broncos ring of fame. still, life without football is going to be an adjustment. >> i reveer football i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely i will. >>reporter: selfishly weell miss watching one of the all time greats that left us with so many memories and wake off victory in his final game super bowl l. >> it is extremely gratifying to finish with a world championship. it's special day there in san francisco, and one that i'll always remember and cherish with a great bunch of teammates. >> coming up in sports we will hear from some of those teammates. by the waa the broncos will reretire the number 18 in honor of the team's original quarterback frank who allowed manning to wear it on one
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bowl back to denver. well peyton held up his end of the bargain he rides off into the sunset. >> thanks a lot. peyton manning made our team better, he made our organization better, and he made oor community better. >> joel list president ceo of the broncos summing it up really saying what a lot of us already knew. peyton manning isn't just a super bowl winner. >> the contributions he's made to our state and to strangers is also significant. mark stewart is live with more on his legacy off the field. >>reporter: you know you've made it big in denver when they put your pictures on the side of the building. peyton manning is being honored for his athletic skills but his generosity is colorado legacy. peyton manning is larger than life in both stature and soul. `> how are you. >> just fine.
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personally called a colooado springs woman dying of cancer inviting the devoted fan to a game with her daughter. >> we got a lot of people pulling for you praying for you add me to that list. >> oh, thank you very much. >>reporter: peyton manning's kind deeds could filet stadium. >> i called charles when the letter came i didn't even open it. >>reporter: last year manning sent a handwritten letter and autographed picture to a family to a drunk driver. >> as a mother i felt like i should let peyton know how much this young man idolized him. -`>>reporter: something so simple bringing inspiration to a family in pain. >> it's important to see that they are humans and for these other kids to see that you never forget where you come from. >>reporter: a player and a parent himself manning's heart is with children often visiting
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in need at the indianapolis hospital in his name. >> it was very humbling experience to hear his voice. >>reporter: a superstar whose humanity is part of his strength. this is a list of all the contributions peyton manning's foundation has made to charities here in denver all the way to knoxville, tennessee where he really got his start. these are the donations that we know of at least. we are live in low high tonight mark stewart denver 7. >> very connected to the %- community and peyton mailed a point thanking his fans saying many of you are at the core of what makes this game remarkable. >> we found fans standing in the rain outside duff valley some of them in tears a small group showed up to show their support for peyton one last time. what mattered most about peyton he's not just a great player but a great person who inspired us all. >> even in adversity he never gave up. >> one of the greatest of all time. >> fans aren't quite ready to let go.
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comes back ace coach maybe a quarterback coach. a lot of us thanking the sheriff for his 18 memorable years in the last four he spent in denver. the indy speedway tweeting a tribute to our own quarterback saying thank you. >> chase mcbride tweeted thanks to number 18 saying what a lot of us think he's one of the greatest players who ever played the game. you can voice your thanks too get in on it on the denver channel facebook page. brock osweiler meantime bit of a scuffle in arizona. he was just just out getting pizza when he was being heckled he took the high road and you can watch the whole thing little gloomy day, i don't know. peyton's leaving hard to say. alert forecast? back to sunny tomorrow. >> we'll be partly cloudy tomorrow mountains really happy to get a little snow today about 4 to 8 inches but it's mostly stopped in the high country. showers that we've had moved
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a mix of rain and snow over southeast wyoming extreme panhandle of nebraska. overnight temperatures getting cold into the 20s to the west 30s over the metro area. it's going to be a chilly night assader showers end to the north but the cool weather will only stick around for a little bit. i'll let you know when the 60ss and 70s return. it's coming up in the extended forecast. at least 10 people are hurt after a train derails in we're getting pictures into the newsroom now. so fresh in fact here they are live pictures of the scene. it's dark i know. but the passengers have been removed from that train again outside san francisco the train was going from central california to the bay area when one of the cars went off the tracks and into a creek. you're looking at live pictures of that scene. you can see the number of emergency vehicles on scene removed from the train.
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more as we get it. breaking local news colfax near city park reopening in just the last hour after a serious crash there. we're told three cars were involved in this crash near madson avenue. one person as taken to the hospital with serious injuries. place say the driver of another car took off right after the crash. `e're waiting to hear back on a suspect vehicle description. we'll let you know what we find out. pueblo police say this 21-year- old man is accused of seriously injuring twin toddlers. jacob sandoval is friends with the mother of the children. the two-year-olds were both taken to children's hospital to be treated. a woman accused of stabbing deever's fire chief will have town go a sake val weighs. marlene zacevich-rodriguez is accused of getting into the chief's vehicle and stabbing him. developing tonight this principal and assistant principal are off the job under investigation. we're learning this is all over parent surveys.
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parents in the dark about what's going on at that school. >>reporter: that's because the district well he isn't saying much. around 4:00 this afternoon parents were sent this e-mail alerting them that the principal and assistant principal are on leave. but really it's just left them with more questions than answers. right now greeley high school principal shelly robins and john buy diebold on administrative leave. >> to me that doesn't tell me a lot. >>reporter: it turns out greeley-evans district 6 is looking into how the pair conducted parent surveys. here's an example of last year's from the greeley tribune. 14 questions asking parents about everything from school
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they rated exceptiinally well. >> is that consistent with your experience. >> not really not what we've gone through in the last month or so. >>reporter: it turns out those parent surveys carried quite a bit of weight. results are presented to the board of education and used directly to evaluate the principal. >> kind of makes me concerned that maybe something's not going right in the school. i mean, i've had a few issues with my daughter at the school with but iing and stuff and nothing's been done yet. >>reporter: neither was home to answer our questions but the school district releasing a statement saying in part, the investigation does not involve any outside agencies nor do the salary gamess impact the safety of students or the school community. for now assistant principal jeff cranston and act as the principal. we've put in an open records request to find out how many of those surveys were filled out and what parents here had to say about the school.
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right after this break a video showing the exact moment a garbage truck flies off an interstate. that 100-foot free fall caught on camera from inside the truck. improving safety on our roads or creating confusion we're looking into the
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plus gig internet speed from centurylink. we are back with crazy video you've got to see here.
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interstate in florida last week and this video shows the exact momenn it happened. you see the driver loses control and falls 100 feets off the side of the interstate into a park. no one was injured and the driver is already out of the hospital. california police are looking for suspects in this smash and grab robbery four people rammed their car into a store and stole sever firearms. the impact from the crash disabled the store's securities system. fox sports reporter erin andrews just awarded $55 million in her lawsuit over a secretly filmed new jude video posted online an she asked for 75 million from her stalker and the hotel. nancy reagan funeral is set for friday. the 94-year-old died of con gesture heart failure. we learned mrs. reagan will lay in repossess wednesday and
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next to her husband at the reagan library. left turn traffic signals in lakewood are causing confusion for drivers. if you're turning left you get not three but four options and one of them is this flashing yellow arrow. it means drivers are supposed to yield to coming traffic. graves can't find a cap they wait for the solid green arrow. >> the old lights were so simple. keep it simple stupid if another it's either red or green you know what to do. >> lakewood's traffic engineer says the lights have been proven to improve traffic speeds and safety. 14. they plan to add more this year. battle over gun control in colorado played out again today at the state capital. a group against gun violence rallied at the capital urging lawmakers to oppose a group of gun bills they call dangerous. one of the bills allow concealed carry on public school ground. the other repeels gun magazine limits. five out of the five proposed bills died in the democratic
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conflicting messages tonight denver planned to start clearing hooeless camps tomorrow but now it's uncertain when the city will actually take action. liz g is live. notices between up today around the homeless camps. >>reporter: yale. this is the notice saying the city plans to begin enforcement tomorrow. but a spokesperson with denver human services is telling me they don't vey timeline for the clean up. less than 24 hours out confusion about when the city will clear homeless camps. this is what denver human services told us friday. >> once the notice has been posted for 24 hours the city has option to come through remove belongings and ask the people to move. >>reporter: the notice march 8t but an e-mail from the same spokesperson she said quote we don't have a firm time frame on when we might take action on the violations. no decision has been made on what, when, where, et cetera.
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march 8th they have put out other public statements. however who knows. >>reporter: in fact when i talked with department officials sunday night they told me after notice is given the city would begin what they called an escalated clean up. denver homeless out loud is still planning a rally for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow outside the rescue mission. the group is calling on the mayor to put an immediate stop to the sweeps. >> i think they are just making it so that they look better and it's the same thing they do -- this has been going on for two years that i've been on the streets. they say one thing and do something else. >>reporter: we are here on park avenue. this is one of the streets city officials walked with us on friday showing us the conditions many now they are saying that first a warning with will be issued then a citation and possibly arrest if people do not move they will also collect any belongings. left on the sidewalk and the
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130 days giving people a chance to pick those up. this next story is upsetting. look at these dogs. two great deigns severely undee wait. animal control wants to know who they belong to. the person who dropped them off says they have been running whose for a about a week or so they are 20 to 40 pounds under weight. the county is getting more than a half million dollars to help with 2013 flood recovery efffrts. the county's housing authority got a grant for more than $700,000 to help with repair work. the money will go toward replacing homes and rent assistance for a group of families affected by the nude. what a difference 12 hours makes. a lot of you sending in your weather pictures. look at this from rhonda sanchez in the denver tech center some snow flying. this one from jennifer in southwest littleton, some dark clouds out there and rain and slushy stuff and snow. >> everyone wants to know if it's going to happen again tomorrow. >> i don't think tomorrow will
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afternoon man we had a lot of action out. dia. wireless camera network. this is about 2:00 or so. and then by late afternoon look at the difference as the storm moved away. nice glimpse of the sunset this evening and brighter days are ahead. denver our skies partly cloudy it's 37. 34 out at dia. 82% humidity. could be a little patchy fog forming on the eastern plains tonight and the winds light hour. temperature today the high getting up to 55 just before that rain and then snow moved in. 34 the low normal is 52 and 24. 72, 1879 two below zero 1971. as far as conditions around the area precipitation has moved well to north. nasty night rain and snow continuing there. across the nation. we have a lot of active weather. still rain showers southeen california, arizona new mexico and a band of thunderstorms down in oklahoma. watch what these do tonight.
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and here comes another line by early morning moving through dallas and oklahoma city. our weather partly cloudy for the nightttme hours. quieter conditions are expected. there might be just a couple of snow showers the northern mountains and perhaps near the bikes peak area by morning low temperatures dropping into the teens and low 20s in the mountains. mid 20s toolow 30s expected on the plains. tomorrow a quieter day but you see the wind vector still a breezy one. there will be snow showers redeveloping in the mountains. i think we'll stay dry denver and across the northeast plains but cooler temperatures just in the low to mid 50s at best across most of the plains. take lamar. 35 leadville 35 gunnison. front range numbers 52 ft. collins greeley 51. platville 50. metro area numbers look for 51 at boulder 45 blackhawk aurora 53.
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for a low. tomorrow will be a breezy day and still kind of cool about 52 with the winds from the northeast at 10 to 15. but then things warm right back up in a hurry. wednesday 55, but 62 coming up thursday. friday 65 with sunshine. 60s take us through the weekend. maybe a 70 next monday, but by the following tuesday and wednesday i think some colder and wetter weather will return. >> looking forward to that. >> we need the moisture. >> thank you. . >> after the break l using
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you'll be seeing new billboards around the city they will be tracking your cell phone. clear channel outdoor started -`this new program collecting information about where you're going and the company passes it along to advertisers. it will measure how effective the billboard really is in reaching target audience using radar. these billboards will not collect your personal data like age or gender privacy advocates are calling these creepy and interview sir. researchers looked at kids with a high risk of allergiis they say by giving babies peanut paste often before they turn one the risk of developing peanut allergies by the age of 5 was cut by more than 80%. despite the discovery researchers say you need to talk with your doctor before
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they might be allergic to. >> forget the fender bender a lady in texas gave drivers something else to look at. >> after a highway crash in houston a woman decided to strip any good and climb on top of a semi-truck you can see the 5 year-old blurred out okay on of that semi cab where she danced naked for two hours. people stuck in the traffic mess they got quite a show. first responders talked the woman down and took letter to the hospital. police are trying to figure out why she stripped down in the first place. >> called the semi work out. >> peyton manning bared his soul. we'll hear from broncos
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. just the right time and maybe i'll won't run as good as a used you to but i've always had good timing. >> after 18 years number 18 followed in john wail's footsteps leaving the game of football on top with a walk off world championship. tremendous scene at duff valley the entire manning family was there. along with dozens of peyton's former teammates. broncos auditorium was not big enough. needed an overflow room to accommodate that crowd. peyton was able to hold things together fighting back tears. good-byes are never easy. the hall of famer enhis press conference with one word omaha. broncos teammates thought he hit a home run. >> this was all about for peyton it's great and it's just that he had his moment. i think he could have went longer there's so many things
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of influence he's had on the game you can't pack it boo a sport speech. >> he taught me auto be a pro good teammate on and off field. >> you're not going to think about the game without thinking about peyton hang from here on outs. there's few players who make you think about that with football. few players make you think about that with basketball. to know peyton ace teammate is one of the things i'm greatly appreciative for in my life. >> no sign of brock osweiler at today's festivities more importantly no deal. the exclusiveesigning period is now over. brock has hit the open marked. broncos have an offer on the table. according to it could reach as much as $15 million a year. at this point osweiler is free to test the water. vaughn miller gearing up for season 22 dancing with the stars he danced ace high school broncos off season training program. vaughn says he's not sure if he'll be there in camp that far into the future.
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but he's hoping for the best in his contract negotiation. look who negotiated his way back into the net. barley shawn mathias got the scoring started in the second. popped the net. got another one in the second period. power play 2-1 break it's comeau to matthew shayne. number 28 a career high format he. 3-1 final the avs tied for final wild card spot. soccer medics they are walk in the news. ask this poor guy went from the stretcher to the pitch in the bling of an eye. you know it's bad when an injured player would rather hop away than seek help. i think that's what you call team -- >> look at that though. those medics they need to do some work. >> can't win when they do their job we don't show them. >> that's true they are very popular. >> thanks for joining us
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