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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 we begin with breaking news near downtown denver. at least one person is dead after a motorcycle crashes on a bridge over i-25, throwing the two people on board that motorcycle off the bridge and into oncoming traffic. >> denver 7's daryl orr was the first reporter on the scene and what have police told you right now? >> reporter: hey, guys. now i-25 you can see at exit 21 back open. shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning police got a call of an erratic motorcycle driver headed westbound on 20th from about coors field. when the motorcycle tried to go northbound on the i-25, it hit a concrete barrier. let's look at video from last night. the motorcycle stayed up on 20th street, and the two passengers were launched from the cycle and fell to their
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bridge. i-25 was closed off for quite a few hours last night, as was 20th. 20th reopened after about two hours and i-25 just in the last 40 minutes has reopened out here. really sad situation out here this morning. unfortunately, these two motorcycle driver and passenger were not wearing helmets. let's send it into jayson luber,. this is a traffic situation that you northbound side of i-25 after hampden. this is my dash cam video, as i'm driving north on i-25 before yale, all of a sudden there's a cone set up in traffic and there's other debris that's set up on the ramp that comes from hampden to go north on i-25. don't be surprised if you see some of that this morning. we have a decent ride otherwise across metro denver here this morning. we have a big issue into
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last flight that will -- night that will affect your morning drive or even ride on the light rail. jason gruenauer is live at speer and champa downtown. >> reporter: as you can see just to my one side, there go the cops. they've set up these barricades, closing southbound speer boulevard here right at champa street because of what's happenin shoulder. yellow flashing light here. that's where crews are repairing an electrical box. overnight someone veered off the road and hit that. that nocked out power to the traffic light at speer southbound and stout. people simply can't get through there, so they've blocked it off to make sure you can't. that will redirect traffic.
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people off calumet street. this is normally a busy intersection, and will be busier. it may turn into a gridlock situation, because we're not sure how long it will take. the police have left now, but the barricades are still up. the good news is rtd has been running through. i have seen the train going both directions behind me. again, that's the one that runs along stout and goes up and through the convention center. traffic heading southbound, might want to find an alternate. live from downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. we have big developments on the weather front. saw a little bit of rain last night, but severe weather definitely making an impact across the country. this a small tornado that touched down in omaha. >> folks in the area are mainly concerned with flooding, which will be an issue in the southwestern part of our state. lisa is here with our first
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yesterday, wasn't it? good to get a little rain. today same story. you're going to find this morning most of our storms and showers are to the north. north of denver could find light rain. expecting temperatures to be in the upper 50s to low 60s early on. some of those bigger showers north near fort collins and boulder and it does look like we're going to see potentially a few light showers here in denver this morning. temperature-wise, door. we're under a mostly cloudy sky by noon. and by 4:00 some mid-70s. low to mid-70s today. a better chance of seeing showers for tonight's commute. you're going to find this morning a little spotty activity around denver. that's what it looks like at about 7:30. later today, 4:30 to about 5:30, better chance of heavy rain to move through town. we'll talk about potential rainfall totals coming up in
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a couple of drivers still in the hospital after serious crashes. the first happened around 1:00. this is at quebec and 53rd. the driver of the car crushed underneath that semi. similar scene at54th and duir taken to the hospital for surgery and she is still in serious condition. we're tracking a major storyover seas. the black lives matter movement is holding protests in u.k. and they're blocking the road to heathrow. you can seal the backups -- see the backups there. the british movement is based on the one in the u.s. and organizers say too many black
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day of action and protests are happening in several cities. caught on camera, a grand junction woman releases a string of curse words in a racist rant. >> she says it's because the person left a dog in a hot car. [bleep] >> [inaudible] >> speak english. put me on youtube, go for it. down with -- [inaudible] >> the woman's employer saw the video and she lost her job. she is speaking out about the video this morning. you can hear her response in
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kids in parker last night. they were at the parker hill top apartments yesterday afternoon when a man said he had something to show them. he took them to a excluded area where he triid to expose himself. the kids got away without being touched and gave a vague description. homeless man selling a bag tourists there. this is the latest in a long string. issues along 16th street mall. denver7's eric lupher is on the mall latest. eric. >> reporter: it seems like we've been here almost every other day covering something going on on the 16th street mall. a lot of people are concerned about the crime here. they're concerned about people coming in from out of state simply for marijuana, since it is legal heee. there is even a vicious attack recently caught on camera along the 16th street mall, a second attack, not the one with the man with the pipe, but a man
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person. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened there and they haven't told us what charges would be set up against the people who attacked that man. but there are clearly issues and throughout the morning we're going to talk with denver human services, how they're planning to curb this problem. we know police have been mandated by the denver police chief to monitor this area, but they've been having trouble getting that staffed. now private security should be coming at some point th there's work being done to try to curb the problem. clearly, there are still lots of issues. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. marijuana is bringing problemssto places outside of the 16th street mall as well. colorado's marijuana grow houses hidden in residential neighborhoods are being called the new meth houses. >> in an unclassified report, the dea warns about dangers, like fires and explosions.
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agree. this thornton home was an illegal grow ann caught fire last week. some neighbors are fighting back. in a parker subdivision the hoa board president says they were able to shut down a grow house. >> immediately it was the odor. you could come within a block, block and a half of the house and the odor was so bad that it was almost it was really, rely strong. >> one group says there would be illegal grows if marijuana were legal nationally. a police officer may have saved a man's life. >> denver police did a fantastic job here. had the roads open for us when we got here. informed us there was one party inside, an adult house, which we safely pulled him out. >> the man who lived here has disabilitiee.
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smoke, he rushed to the house and helped the man out. us what started the fire. it's 4:40. denver police looking for the person who broke into an armored car. it happened early yesterday morning at a ramada. a swat standoff in parker lasted more than an hour. police say a man at the ranch pointed a gun at another man using a leaf blower. police say the guy with the gun was angry the guy with the leaf blowers interrupting his sleep. the man went into his apartment and refused to come out when police showed up. he eventually surrendered and nobody was hurt. opening ceremonies in rio is opening up in hours.
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begun and former valor christian high school star janine becke scored the fastest goal for team canada. athletes will be in boulder this weekend, because it's the third iron man boulder. >> it begins with swimming, then cycling and ending with that marathon run. for athletes it's a chance to qualify for the world famous race in hawaii. for boulder it puts the city into the local economy. >> the athletes that are racing there are trying to qualify for the ironman world championship. everyone dreams of being here. who lives here. >> the race contract has been extended through the year 2018. if you're in boulder sunday, be prepared for road closures. >> amazing athletes. a con artist accused of
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away after tricking an elderly couple. who lafayette police are looking for. remember your bug spray. we have another
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janine becke a couple of scary incidents involving planes. southwest airlines is
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nose gear hit the ground upon takeoff at baltimore's airport. this happened last night. airport operations back to normal foul. everyone-- now. everyone had to be evacuated but no one was hurt. in italy this crazy video shows a plane that overshot a runway and crashed right into a road. it slid right through the fences there and we have some video from this morning as well, showing what the plane looks like now. there were two crew members on no reported injuries from this. again, that plane just went right through guard rails. it is now 4:45. weld county has a case of west nile. the patient lives in greeley and is home recovering. there have been confirmed cases now in douglas, larimer and bent counties. there is big news in the fight against the zika virus. there are now three vaccines that so far have worked on monkeys. >> now tests are needed to be done on humans. it's taken a year to get this far in this testing.
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doctor we told you about yesterday morning. julie steenhoek, also known as dr. jewel eel, is accused of taking advantage of an elderly couple. she's wanted on a felony count of at risk exploitation. >> police think she might be in louisiana. we talked to the doctor of the victims. she made it clear she blames dr. julie for her loss. >> i think it's incredibly important that we get this d this type of heartache. because my mom is gone, my mom is gone, and she doesn't have to be. she just does not have to be gone. >> the family is encouraging anybody with elderly relatives to look for red flags when it comes to care. if you know anything about where dr. julie may be hiding police would like to talk to you. howdy, welcome to denver.
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broncos. we're excited to kick off the 2016 season and compete for another title. the team appreciates the support from all the fans across the nation and we're looking forward to another great year. go broncos! >> von miller continuing the tradition at dia. you'll be hearing his trains at the airport. in the past, peyton manning, john elway, demaryius thomas have all recorded a message. on the field, thomas has been one of the kind of an emotional time for his family. his grandmother's prison sentence for her role in a drug ring has been commuted. she'll be out of jail soon, and dt talked to us at denver 7 about his first call after that decision. >> first thing she told me, she said, she had called my mom, she said make sure your mama next time i call her answer the phone, because i need clothes to wear out of here. she was so excited. i'm happy for her. >> thomas plans to bring his
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this year. who will be throwing the ball when that happens? head coach gary kubiak said his plan to choose a starting quarterback is still ongoing. you can find out more on our free denver 7 app. the broncos play theebears in chicago next tuesday. >> it's so exciting financial season is -- football season is already here. >> is that cool when they took the jersey underneath the pants? >> i do. >> under the suit? >> real cute. coming down from greeley you'll find on radar it's active. fort collins, greeley. here in denver now we're under fairly dry conditions. we do have quite a bit of cloud cover and could find a few light showers this morning for the drive. here's what that looks like on futurecast. next couple of hours you can see a few spotty showers here along the i-25 corridor. lots of cloud cover across the state today.
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southwestern colorado. by noon today we're still under a mostly cloudy sky. a few light showers possible. it's going to be for the evening commute tonight, around 5:00 to 7:00 that more storms, heavier rain will roll through town. chance for severe weather today is a little bit lower. it's just not quite hot enough to get some of that instability. but we will get pockets of heavy rain through the early evening. then overnight tonight still spotty showers by early saturday morning, and then through the afternoon on saturday another chance for it's going to be pretty unsettled both today and tomorrow. flash flood watches continue again through the afternoon across southwestern colorado and you'll notice it moves now farther east. along i-25 from trinidad north to colorado springs we're expecting that potential for flash flooding, especially around some of those burn scar areas. temperatures obviously the other talker. yesterday we were in the mid- to upper 70s.
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denver 75. greeley 76. it felt really nice not to be in the 90s by 11:00 yesterday afternoon. it was a nice change. still warm, but not nearly as warm near pueblo and lamar with low to mid-80s. today we're at 75. tomorrow we're a touch warmer. we will still see storms saturday afternoon, a little sunshine will work in. sunday storms aae going to be more isolated. it's a little warmer, too. 85. we're expecting a little more sunshine sunday. next week it is hot 90 on monday. and 95 by wednesday. that's not a good way to have to go back to school. >> no, it's not. yesterday i was thinking it feels like fall. feels like fall today and i was missing summer. >> today it's back. we have a couple of problems, including the wet roads to the north. i-25, highway 34, we have wet roads up that way. we have wet roads around the greeley area, loveland, fort collins, so don't be surprised if you see maybe a slowdown or
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condition because there's been a buildup of road gook, and the water makes it more slick. overall drive on the north 40, i-25, 287, the drive on highway 34, or even 85 looks nice. north side of town looks nice as well. big issue downtown denver the closure of southbound speer here at calumet and champa. someone hii this electrical box you can maybe work your way back to speer and 11th. but you will be detoured this morning. as we prepare to celebrate our olympic athletes, great time to help our kids stay active. >> nicole learned about a program helping denver area kids learn to be healthy. it's beyond eating and exercise? it is.
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problem. camp champions is about teaching a complete healthy lifestyle. this week about 20 kids participated. they cook their own food at the camp, they exercise. but they go a step beyond. one of the lessons was about stress and how that can be unhealthy, even leading to more eating. they learned to manage their stress through things like yoga on a rooftop garden. >> we were talking about yesterday about stress and how it can overwhelm you and it can make you stress eat you lazier so you don't want to stay active. >> great lesson to learn early. the kids are patients at children's hospital, so their doctors will be able to follow up this year and see if what they learned at camp is leading to changes. he's only 12, but that's not keeping him from getting political. political. why political.why are bananas bendy? why probably because they grow towards the sun.
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so...bananas have feelings? i...guess that's what i'm saying. do you hear that, alfie? bananas have feelings! sorry, banana, this isn't personal. mmmm! the family favorite. yoplait. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies. try clarispray. new, from the makers of claritin. and nothing is more effective at relieving your return to the world.
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most 12-year-olds aren't standing on a political stage. but one kid isn't your average 12-year-old. >> he started a group for trump. he even got to speak at governor mike pence rally. >> i have about eight kids all and all in the group. and we're on facebook, so that's the easiest way to get to us.
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up, hopefully soon. we'll be getting a twitter page. we are also on instagram. >> smart kid there. imer is planning to run colorado kids for trump from the jefferson county trump office. that opens on monday. pretty soon he could be taking any of our jobs. especially jayson's, right? we've got temperatures this morning in the low 60s, even a few upper 50s. we're going to see low to mi 74 by 2:00. 75 by 4:00. this morning could get a few light showers. there's a better chance of getting wet roads, heavier rain for tonight's commute. >> decent ride for us. we are wet in some areas. not wet here at i-70 and colfax. closer to i-25 and alameda, santa fe, that's moving along okay. the big problem downtown the closure of southbound speer here near the convention center. we'll have a live report of what's going on coming up in just a minute.
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it is 5:00. a motorcycle driver is dead and a rider clinging for life after this crash at i-25 and 20th street. this is right in front of coors field. happened overnight. witnesses say the motorcycle was speeding, then tried turning onto the onramp. it ended up crashing into the barricade. the riders highway below. the driver died on the scene. the rider was rushed to the hospital. someone drove into an electrical box at speer and champa, knocking out the traffic lights. our two jasons are working this. jason gruenauer live on scene, and jayson luber monitoring the situation from the studio. but we need to talk about your weather. your drive to work in some spots will be a wwt one. >> let's get over to lisa.


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