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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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denver 7 investigates a police response to another vinyl attack at the 16th street mall caught on camera and splashed on the internet. >> chief investigative reporter tony kobol serks ki is live. police are telling you crime is dual down. >> reporter: that's what the late e-numbers are showing as police are trying to cut down on what appears to be a growing number of serious videos that are coming out. viral videos giving the city of denver a black eye. >> was an arrest made? >> reporter: it's one of the questions people are asking after new video surfaced. >> the guy that winds up getting knocked down looks like he might have been the aggressor. >> reporter: the video captured by this guy wednesday night from his window above the 16th street mall. >> that's when he was knocked unconscious and lying on the
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were t the fight location within 3 minutes, but no arrest was made. >> reporter: a lot of people will look at this video and say, why was no one arrested? >> the answer is we didn't have a victim that came forward. if we got there, an arrest would have been made. >> reporter: last 7 cameras captured this video, the illegal sale of marijuana in plain sight xup see the exchange of the product and cash. we also watched this video from back in june, an attack on the mall that brought natiin attention to denver. >> definitely need to address the issues. it's an issue when it comes out. >> reporter: and arrest number from the 16th street mall telliig a story. arrests from july show despite
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month a produced fewer arrests than last year. >> reporter: you would think more police would lead to more ayers. what would you say? >> think the increased presence has moved the problems away from the mall. >> reporter: taking you back inside the numbers, last july, police ade 134 arrests on the 16th this past july, arrests down by 25. police are saying it is still a work in progress. tony kobal serks k wishings denver 7 investigates. the weekend shootout in lodo involved 200 rounds from 18 guns. the denver d.a. just gave us that update.
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so much worse. police believe in this all started with a fight between gangs. no you drive, you've done it, honked your horn at a person who cut you off. but a denver man was run over by a person who retaliated. >> i'm afraid it could happen to someone else. >> reporter: a little road rash on my knee here and my arm. >> reporter: with a cast on leg. jared gramilia never imagined he would end up like this. >> it happened very fast. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend were drive when the driver next to them merged in their lane. >> he decided to basically just push us off the road. >> reporter: so his girlfriend honked. moments later, the driver suddenly slam on his brake. his girlfriend honked again. >> a normal person would probably honk.
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the 2 arrive at their home more than 3 miles away they realized they'd been fold. >> stepped into the middle of the cul-de-sac. put my arms up in the air like this, like, what's the problem? >> reporter: the driver pull down his window. >> the moment i stepped forward to speak with him, he gassed it and did a sharp left turn and crash into my right side. >> reporter: just days later, in front of his home, police marks from where they found him laying on the ground right after he was hit. >> there were no neighbors around. i don't think he would have down don't anything else. >> reporter: these tire marks also remain after the driver took off. >> i don't see how he can go throughout his life with this on his shoulders. >> reporter: and now he has a rod and 6 screws in his right
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driving on the road. it could happen very easily again. >> gramilian describes the man who hit him as african- american, partially bald, maybe 35 to 40 years old. he was in a 2015 or 16 navy blow toyota forerunner with -- toyota 4-runner can w disabled veteran's plates. a man is re he was shot on i-70. he is in critical condition. the driver and passenger of the other car took off we have those descriptions for you on our denver 7 app. a lakewood police officer finds a man dead in an intersection after finding out about a power outage. think can't dinned finite out what happened until after talking to this medicine's
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power pole. the man's wife was in another car nearby and nobody called 911. larimer county deputies rotten receiving end of a violent fight fight. a man attacked people with baseball bat. when deputies show up, they say his wife hit, you of the -- hit one of the deputies with a flashflight. desays say the man then tried to bite them during the the battle over exposed nipples and free speech in fort collins is taking a turn. the city is fighting back against the women who sued them. city leaders seem to be kicking their heels in. >> reporter: this is the first time the city has responded. the court says the free the nipple effort doesn't have a leg to stand on. >> reporter: we live in the country we do for its freems
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they say there's a freedom in what you wear or don't wear. >> culture has had to change as time has changee. a law that allows men to walk around topless buttdoesn't allow women to walk around topless, it may be that that law has outlived its full-time. >> reporter: david lane is the attorney representing br tirks hoglan and samantha six. just the other day, the city's case dismissed, saying in part the ban on toplessness does not violate free speech a rights. >> they draw a distinction between pure speech and conduct as speech. the u.s. supreme court says conduct as speech is in fact protected by the constitution. >> reporter: in many ways with, he come paris this case to those who burn or stomp on american flags. it may be up comfortable to
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he believes his client will prevail. >> as we say in this law office, somebody so somebody got to win, somebody got to pleups. >> a quick reminder, the topless ban does not apply to breastfeeding mothers. we contacted both the city hall and city attorney's office to see if they would speak with us on camera as for where this all goes in the wednesday david lane says it could end up reaching the u.s. supreme court. we have a you tonight. the threat of flash flooding in our state. stooms are already causing some flooding along with mudslides and rock slides. right in the middle of the road in southwestern colorado because of all of the rain. stacy donaldson has the fig alert on where the storms are. >> they are mostly to the southwest. we are expecting thunderstorm and showers to move on in as we
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loveland ski area has been very soggy. all of this rain is coming in from the southwest. we call this training. all of these showers lining up one after another, raining over the same places again and again. that's why we have a flash flood batch watch to our southwest. we reason r expecting rain forb evening. a flasher is targeting kids in parker. police say he lurid 2 children up a stairwell and then reached for the waistband of his jogging shorts. lance hernandez is live in parker. lance, once those brave girls saw what he was doing, they ran off. >> reporter: they went home told their parents. the parents then called police. this all happened yesterday afternoon at the parker hilltop apartment. the girls were on a play
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be flasher asked if they wanted to see something. they ran when they saw what he was about to do. neighbor jim donly say he is has daughtees and granddaughlke along that path. >> we let them know what to do if god forbid -- what to do if, god forbid, something happens. >> reporter: the man is deeply tanned. he's about 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 with a medium build bill and dark, spikey hair. if you know who he is or know anything about this case, contact parker police. in parker, lance hernandez, denver 7. >> thanks. affordable housing and prairie dog, 2 things that get
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a dwoarp will have to relocate 150 prairie dog or kill them. that has wildlife interprets talking. a plan for affordable housing has gotten a snag. >> affordable in aspen is kind of a relative term. those homes go for about $1 million each. >> bargain. 2 deeps run way from home. tonight, we learning this is impacting our lgbt community. >> and an o odd response. the town impacted by the gold
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2 families are srminging desperately for their these girl, both 17 within ran way yesterday. molly, they're not sure if they're even still in colorado. >> reporter: they may have taken a greyhound bus, but the family's black honda ccord is missing. weir thai hoping somebody recognizes their faces and brings them home. >> reporter: worry does not begin to describe the last few days for jen faryn scott
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not able to breathe. >> reporter: their daughter and her friend days period on monday. they left their phones and letter to their parents, saying they were gay and running away together. >> they packed in a hour prescription they just took backpacks. >> reporter: for the ti,000,000,000ts, the revelation was a shock. but for clayton gonzales... >> it happens more often than we would like to see. >> reporter: the story is too con. he see says numbers show 20 are homeless and 58% have been sexually victimized. >> they're so easily involved in trafficking situations, even in the denver area, we get that offen coming through our doors. >> reporter: the tibbits dpleef believe the girls may be driving a 1999 honda accord similar to this one with a dent
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>> my prayer has been, lord, wake her one give her an overwhelming desire to come home. >> reporter: they hold tight to their faith as they pray for her return. >> we will always love her and always want to have a relationship with her. >> take a good look at the pictures. % the douglas county sheriff's office says they've notiiied agencies to be on the lookout. one year ago, remember this? a spill sent a huge amount of toxic waste spilling into the animus river. now the town of silverton is
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they are releasing a dye to make the river a cloudy golden complorp. in the day of yelp and instant feedback, a few denver bars are slapping the bad reviews on a shirt. >> that includes this shoot smipt it reads, good drinks, atrocious music, good tbobd someone help them.. >> i want to go. >> and high dive also created shirt and has sold nearly 500 what a way to embrace it. we have been embracing the cooler air. we've had a bit of sunshine trying to peek through the clouds. up in the higher elevations, we have rain off and on. we've really seen that rain
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the state, but not a lot for the eastern part over state. we're expecting rain to move through the denver area tonight. it will be another mild day tomorrow and on sunday. well. s the mild weather as %- this is where the moisture is coming from, the southwest. it just geep keep up from the southwest. this door is wide open for the upon soon moisture to come in through colorado. for the time being, we're dealing with the rain, and so much of it with very heavy rain that we have a flash flood in effect until mid might nipping
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range is just like the moderate age range but not the veer weather the light to moderate shover showers are breaking up. these are south and east of la junta. we did have afternoon mights in the mid 70s well below our normal afternoon gh degrees. by 9:00, you see these scattered showers here. overnight, it cools down a bit then it will be bearing down
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into the afternoon and evening. some could be strong by 8:30 tomorrow night, and then they leave the state. as for our forecast tonight, we'll have overnight lows in the upper 50ss, cool and cloudy with scattered showers. temperatures tomorrow around 80 degrees. 7 day forecast keeps us between a few more stormmon thursday. light showers potentially tonight. >> and there's august coming back again. welcome to hockey night in colorado. it's a great night for hockey,
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hockey, p.a. mcgauveghty. he does plan to keep the signature incomplete chant.
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welcome to 7 sports exfrap a report number of o fans at the training center. a record number of people so to see the super bowl champs and reigning mvp as well. >> reporter: the cool weather record 5ing 587 here at the valley. they saw some young kids step up. justin zim months basically took the bail from jared grant. >> it's either you get it done our don't. so while you're out there, you learn to have gun with it. i'm feeling good, just want fight sure sur my effort is top-
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sure i'm plying to the ball. >> reporter: best raining camp so far, benny fowler is in the argument. he had a big catch today. there are a few openings as well. a nice scene after practice. texas, got to meet vonn mill miller, part of the we day program. writhely breaking down gender stereotypes by playing football.
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lots of optism that this year will be the year. >> i've within been to jaguars games with fewer people in the stands than they got at the
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. now of "the list," need a break from work, you got to see these three ways to ask your boss for time off. >> i wasn't the same person. >> how this man's near death experience will improve your life. >> what your favorite wine says about your personality. >> this says a lot about you, i think. >> control your dreams. five things you should do before
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first, on the top of "the list". >> the weekend is here and it's special because sunday is friendship day. >> yes, we honor our friends, those facebook friends we never met. >> if you really want to appreciate the people with a positive impact on your life, first thing you got to do. >> get rid of those toxic relationships, that's number one. >> had a headache. felt ill, fatigued. >> while some friends make you feel good about everything, toxic friends you feel sick. >> you feel bad all over. >> it's true and there is science to back it up. researchers found stressful friendships can lead to a high levels of a protein that can cause inflammation and health issues from diabetes. >> this is part of a healthy lifestyle to make sure year round people nurturing and supportive. >> maybe dump the toxic ones and let the good ones come to you. >> even though it was hard in
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a story about friends up unlikely but inacceptable. donna has that at number two. ? ? >> it must be exhausting to be the most shared dad ever. according to social advertising sites, this android spot as 6.4 million shares and counting. but the comradery contrasting creatures is helping endangered species. >> even though the relationship would never happen in the wild, it's been very successful in captivity. >> zoo keepers figured out that hanging with dogs could comfort them, calm them and boost their confidence. >> the point of bonding them from this very young age was that they would have a relationship that would be more like siblings than friends.


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