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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 7, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MDT

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welce to "world news tonit." major water park.edy at a details coming in at this hour. donald trump facing dangerous poll numbers. the republ nicanominee losing ground. the huge group of voters lining up for hillary clinton. but now trump unleashing a n attack. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. crash course. the frightening wipeout. the cyclist crashing in the middle of a race, rushed to the hospital. and the french gymnast baking his leg on the mat, then suffering another fall when paramedics drop the stretcher. midair takedown. the crowded cross-country plane forced to divert. a passenger accused of attacking a fl attendant, taken away in cuffs. why are these incidents are the
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the cons aumerlert tonight. phone hijacking. thieves taking over your cell phone, cating a fake i.d., and running up huge bills. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with breaking news. tragedy at a major american water park. word of a child killed on the world's talst water slide. the park now least tomorrow. the investigation just under way. marci goalez with the latest. >> reporter: that tragic accident happening this afternoon. authorities confirming a 12-year-old was killed. and we're now hearing from park officials. >> we are saddened to share that a younboyed died this afternoon. >> reporter: billed as the
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liberty. features a 168-footdrop. the park is now closed, and will remain closed tomorrow,ending a full investigation. park officials say the ride was inspected, and we're told the boy's famil was at the park with him at the time of the cident. park officials still aren't saying how thishappened. tom? >> thank you. president. donald trump, new polls showing him losi ground to hillary clinton after a series of damaging heaines. trump, trying to claw back into the race launching a new attack using clinton's words against her. this abc news/"washington post poll showing clinton extending her lead by eight poin. 50% to 42%. devin dwyer, on the campaign
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new weapon -- hillary clinton's own words. >> unstable hillary clinton. and you saw that, did you saw that where she basically short-circuited? reporter: trump pouncing on clinton's answer to a question ouabher e-mails. >> i may have short-circuited. arify.r that i will try to >> reporter: mocking the line on social media. >> so i may have [ zapping noise ] >> reporter: and on the stump. >> theeo don'want somebody that's going to short-circuit up here. >> reporter: going so far to suggest his rival is losing r mind. >> this stuff is so amazing. it amazes me actually. honestly, i don't think she's l there. >> reporter: these latest attacks coming as clinton makes gains. our new poll shong her support from women at its highest level yet. and fewer voters viewing her unfavorably. the poll reveals serious concerns about trump. two-thirds s he has the wrong temperament.
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on "this week," former acting cia director mike morrell said trump has already been manilated by the russian president. vladimir putin has called trump "talented." >> from mr. trump's perspective, right, he simply heard putin compliment him. he then responded by complimenting him. he never thought that he might be bei playe >> reporter: a battle over mental qualifications for the presidency far from settled, as clinton tonight warns ppters about trp by e-mai "he may still beat me." trp tonight quickly changing strategy to try to regain ntmomeum. first, reversing himself to endorse house speaker paul ryan and senators john mccain and kelly ayotte. and this week, he plans to shift his focus to the economy. tom? >> devin, thank you. we turn to the olympic drama in rio. stunning accidents and a new doping scandal. this cyclist crashing head over
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rushed to the hospital. tonight, all eyes will be o michael phelps, competing in his fifth olympics. and team usa, adding to its collection. and matt gutman is in rio for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that dutch clist recovering in a hospital. anniemike van vleuteskdi into that turn earlier wobbling, then launching over the handlebars into a ncrete gutter. and the jeers of zika by brazilian fans, apparently contagious. spreading from t pitch -- >> zika! >> reporter: -- to the pair of americans at the beach volleyball stadium. >> zika! >> reporter: rio's woes not all manmade. gale force winds battering olympic venues, forcing th suspension of all rowing events today. committee slapping a stunning
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>> ive bel the russian government has failed the russian paraathletes. >> reporter: and amidst the turmoil, things go on. earlier u.s. swimming phen katie ledecky notching an ol ael phps is expectedo make hlyis ompic debut in the pool for the 4 b0- freestyle lay, in his fih olympic games. rlier, w spokeit ibtihaj ever compete in a hijab. can to >> as a muslim kid, i had to add long sleeves, pants. and with fencing, it's this unique opportunity to be covered
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>> reporter: she's become so regnizable that she came in seco to michael fphelps in the voting for america's flag bearer at the olympics. >> matt, thanks so much. the family of oscar pistoriufighting against headlines he tried to commit suicide. miss hospital after being found hurt in his prison cell. he has injuries to his wrists. his brother claims he slipped in his cell. he's servingix yearsor killinhis girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. we move on to the midair
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accused of attacking a crew member. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: this man in handcuffs after terrifying moments on this packed cross-country flight. >> i jumped on the guy. i restrained him. basicallgot his hands behind his back. >> rorter: 64-year-old jose de dios ucros taken down by a fellow passenger after witness say he attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cabin door. the spirit flight headed from l.a. tflorida, forced to make an emergency landing in phoenix. moments later, police ard the plane and arrest ucros, who they say appeared to be impred. ucros, who is facing assault charges, is just the latest passenger arrested on a flight. >> sit down. enough! you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. >> reporter: an american airlines pilot taking down an unruly passenger in charlotte on monday after this -- the man slams into a flight attendant. several passengers fight to subdue the man in the red shirt, finally restraining him with tape and seat belts on a rsian plane. and in june, two fighter jets escorting a delta flight to the
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>> he was walking up and down the aisle, anxious, seemed very uncomfortable. wouldn't still down. >> reporter: the flight attendant association tells abc news they are seeing more and incidents of unruly passengers. the leading cause -- alcohol. >> eva, thank you. overseas, isis claiming responsibility for a terror atck in belgium. two policewomen were injured wh isis claiming him as a soldier. the atcker was killed by a third officer. the prime minister today increasing security. and police announcing a terror arrest in france. the suspect, cleared of being the getaway driver in the "charlie hebdo" attack, said to have tried to join isis in ria.
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he was found on the turkish border, and is waiting for extradition in france. and at home,he mystery murder of a jogger in new york. the family with a chilling message for the attacker. she was attacked when running near her hom her mother warni the attacker, u will pay. gloria riviera on the manhunt for the killer. >> i guarantee, you will pay, forever. >> reporter:onight, a raw, emotional vow to find the killer. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. rr: police hopeful that dna evidence will lead to the person who attacked karina vetrano as she jogged alone tuesday in broad dayligh just blocks from her home. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight, right to the end.
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finding her body. the roheartbn new york city fifireghter, thanking investigators ashey relentlessly search for evce and witnesses that could lead to the kier >> justice will be served. >> reporter: police say they don't believe vetrano hewer killer. there is now a $10,000 reward arrest.ormation leading to an tom? >> gloria, thank you. now to the extreme weather moving in on t south. heavy rain, flood streets strong win in tampa day. turning rse as we head into the week. and tropical storm javier closg in on land. and let's get straight to rob marciano. >> it's going to be a multiday event. four ofive days of rain, could see a foot in some spots. you see thdee coverage on the radar, and flood watches posted for t b bend area, including cedar key. and could see four tsix inches
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then along the florida panhandle, and through friday, 8 to2 inches of additional rainfall. tropical storm javie the moisture for thiwill get into the desert southwest. the southwest and southeast rns of this country under the gun this week. >> rob, thanks so much. tonight, a major heaine from one of baseball's most polarizing players. yankee slugger alex rodriguez tearfully ann the strugglsting ar will play his final game in the friday. adrienne banke on the player fans either loved,d to hate. >> reporter: tonight alex rodriguez, countg down the days. >> i love this game and i love is team. and today i am saying good-bye to both. >> reporter: the new york yankees releasing the contversial lightning room his contract. the 41-year-old emotioll reflecngn his career.
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the team. >> reporter: plagued wh troubles his last several seasons. sus pended in 2014 for performance hancing drugs. this year, striking out more oftethan scoring. a-rod himself admitting the struggle. >> it's been painful and embarrassing to sit on the bench. >> reporter: the shake-up, shocking to his fans. >> i grew up watching him. i kind of fe forced out. but the powers that be made that decision. >> reporter: but it's not a farewell to e thanchise. a-rod will remain as a special advisor to the team through december of 2017. and the yankees still on the hook f his salary next year, $21 million. >> he hasn't been a really productive member of thi organization or professional baseball for a long time. >> reporter: and tom, love him or hate him, he's still a major crowd draw. game already skyroetinto s last
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tom? >> again, thosare the bleacher seats. thanks smuch. now to an unusual beach rescue off of cape cod to rescue a pod of dolphins stuck on t sand. a rescue tm eacing against time to save ten beached dolphins on saturday. they were taggedefore being releas into deeper waters. still ahead, a powerful house explosion. what caused it? we have the new details. iphones and charging them to your account. how they're doing it, and how you can protect yourself. plus, airborne. the shark refusing to be reed in. we'll show you how this sh story ends.
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now,t appears some have figured out a way to hijack you. buy expensive new phone with your account, and leave you with but there's a way to protect yourself. here's lauren lyster. >> reporter: tonig, a growing threat right in the palm of your hand. identity thieves hijacking yr cell phone. >> my family let me knowt tha their phon weren't working. >> reporter: lindsey andar heard immediately calling their caier. discovering criminals crafted a fake i.d., fooled store clerks and took over their accounts. buying three brand newphones, >> i think what happened is, they got ahold omy online account because th said they had gone in and checked a couple diffent times if i had upgrades available. >> reporter: this kind of cell phone hijacking is on the rise. over 2,600 cases in january of this year alone. more than double that three yearago. why is thiparticular fraud owing? >> you don't really need to prove a great deal in order to walk into a store and either
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upgrade. >> reporter: and if crooks get access to other personal information ke your credit card, the damage can go beyond your phone. >> i sawlose to $11,000 of chars that i didn't make. they called my cell phone to see if it's actually fraudulent charge or not and e thief actually has my number. he can say, sure, yeah. >> reporter: to protec yourself, experts say call your cell phone carrier and set up a special passcode or pin number that serves as an extra layer of security on your account. tom? >> lauren, thank you. coming up, the new hall-of-famer. the quarterback who never gave up, revealing why he played so hard. the confession, bringing him to tears. and no one puts baby in the corner. the return of "dirty danci the big question, wi jennifer grey make an appearance? don't give you clearer skin.t
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two-story home on thursday. seven people were injured. investigors believe it was a propangas leak connected to the dryer in the bemt. but it's not car what ignite the gas. one woman remains in critical condition. and now the fisherman treated to a wild ark show at sea. this mako shark refusing to be reeled in. leaping into the air, higher and higher. the linely he waable to snap that shark, not giving up. part opro rr green bay tt vr football hall ofame. praising his father's tough love. >> i snt the rest of my career make him proud.m himlfnd i hope i succeeded. >> into the hl,
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quarteack ken stabler of the oakland raiders. his leg in rio, he was being rushed to the hall, olympic staffers dropped the strcher he w on. and, what's old is new again. the '80s classic "dirty dancing" making a comeback. but don't expe to e jennif grey in the abremake. she says she was offered a role, but she turnedt down. rol she originated, baby, will be played babigai breslin. >>still to come, why this ma chose this man to give her away. he's not her father. the amazing bond thabrought them together.
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you to the vaccineere or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, hdache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills,r rash. get this one done. l ask youroc dr or pharmacist about prevnar 13? today. finally night, when the father of the bride couldn't be there to give her away at the wedding, the woman you're about here's john donvan. est thing. >> reporter: when this woman walked dn the aisle today in swi issvale, pennsylvania -- it has been bt y of my life. >> reporter: the man whose arm she held was not h ferher. her dad was gone ten years already, snatched from her life in a murder. so, o was this person byer de?
4:58 pm
not even meet until the day fore the wedding. enhe had to talk him through the routhetohurch. teyears ago, arthur thomas was in urgent ed of a new heart. and the heart they gave him was michael's jenny's dad's. jenny grew up, knowing a living part of h father was out there. >> we've been talking to him, anwriting letters, and calling. >> reporter: but it was all long-distance. until -- >> she wrote me a letter, an d id, if you're willing, would u walk me wn >> thank you so mu for coming. >> are you kidding? were.porter: and so, there we jenny closer to her dad's beating heart than she had been in years. so close, she reached out to feel that beat and on this, her wedding day, that was posble. john donvan, a nbcs. >> an incredible moment.
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we start with an amber alert that has been issued for a prnant mother and her three chilen police say she threatened to hurt herself and her children that range from one to si
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sticker on the back. also eang, a bicyclists was killed during the cycling portion of the bolder iron man. >> thitragedy on a day that is supposed to be about personal achvement. these athletes train for where bicyclistsare just learned about what happened. the road was on to traffic at portion that was coned off for bicyclists and that's where the accident happened. the accident remains under investigation but i spoke to clists who tell me that area


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