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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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isis in syria, the family of jordan mctaggart just confirmed about their son's death, he was not there with the military, he was fighting alongside kurdish forces and we are collecting more details and will bring it to you on denver 7 and tonight at 10 pm. aggress fire grows quickly in the eastern arapahoe county, the fire near 1000 acres, there are not flames near buildings or structures and firefighters say it's under control . it got dark quickly here in the metro and you can see storm clouds, here is mike nelson
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showers and it is chilly. we will get back to mike in a moment, breaking this afternoon denver health puts out a warning about a case of tuberculosis and exposure. >> staff members are at risk and list your writing is at the hospital, discuss back a couple of months. officials say they notified the staff members out of an abundance of caution and though stuff for most at risk because they believe a patient at the hospital had tubercclosis and possibly exposed staff members. been contacting them in reaching out and they learned about the possible exposure in late july. the hospital has notified all stuff that came into contact with the patient and they believe those are the only
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is little risk to patients and they believe that the patient was contagious from may until july and when doctors discovered it they put the patient in isolation and there also telling us that there is no present risk at this time. reporting live, denver 7 it is rare with fewer than 10,000 cases and can spread only from person to person throug it's curable but can be deadly. we have new information on the drowning of two little girls and their babysitter at this shows azucena and amaya gandarilla . he died yesterday along with her 17-year-old tv set or named joo lee while swimming at a mobile park swimming pool they asked for witnesses to come forward and
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they believe it was a tragic accident. and 95-year-old woman is pushed to her death, this happened for assistive living center in a just world the death a homicide. according to manor care health services it was another resident that push the woman and she broke her hip and died at the hospital. they say stuff followed protocol the other resident does not live there. tonight an internal investigation is underway at the littleton police depart by denver 7 investigates. they forgot to file a warrant and they uncovered another troubling case, this time the police chief launched an internal investigation into one of his own. >> it appears we made a mistake . >>reporter: at denver 7 investigation uncovered an arrest warrant that they neglected to file, a man
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his estranged wife's apartment, leaving a voicemail and threatening to kill her. littleton police did not follow up on the case for nearly 9 months until denver seven -- 7 investigated and brought it to their attention. >> would you have found this mistake if they did not asked to review records?>> probably not. >>reporter: uncovered this while lookinn at the violence reports in the aftermath of the murder of christopher fenton. the investigation uncovered this deleted report and found that the police decided not to arrest the boyfriend 12 hours before he killed her. both cases involved the samm officer, corporal. andrew schmitt who is under internal investigation. >> 12 hours later she was murdered and corporal. schmidt is the person responsible for the failure.
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corporal. schmidt ? like i said we haven't been investigation we are looking at his actions in this case, he's a good officer and tries hard. we all make mistakes. >> chief said that denver 7 investigations have prompted a number of changes in his department including more domestic violence training. they will lay in a few minutes and he's taking questions at the littleton city council meeting, deep session officially begins at 6:30 pm and we will have an update at 10 pm. convicted of driving drunk 6 times and is only punishment is probation, the da saas that this case sheds light on how lenient the dui laws and colorado can be. >>reporter: it does not take much to see that 54-year-old
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>> you're looking over here. this is not the only time he had trouble following simple orders, it's not his first time driving drunk, they say that he has 5 duis and today he has another one on his record, he was sentenced as you mentioned to probation and the da says the law must change because right now a first-time offender could get a minimum of 10 days in prison but if a felony and it empowers them to permit probation. >> am extremely frustrated that someone can have five or six duis and have two prior felony convictions in other states, served prison in another state for driving drunk and in our roads in this community they can walk out of the courtroom having spent no time in jail or
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>> he says he will not be able to drive but with probation there is no guarantee he won't try to get behind the wheel. a man is going to prison for 24 years after turning the 15-year-old runaway that he met into a prostitute. a judge sentenced 24-year-old matthew weatherspoon, this is a mug shot of him fr ago when he was arrested for stabbing a puppy. he met the girl during the 420 celebration last year. not getting out of the colorado prison anytime soon, the former illinois gov.'s 14 year sentence was refused he tried to sell preside. obama's senate seat , he regrets what he did in his defense tried to convince a judge that he has been a good inmate and he even formed a band called the jailhouse rockers.
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antelope are being shot and left to die, you might find this video disturbing. denver 7 has jacklin allen in hugo where they have come up with a reward for the shooter. >>reporter: cattle are big business and i'm here at the county fair, kids start young showing the cows and they grew up in the industry. the animals are being threatened and some people are worried it will not stop with a few cows. >> we celebrate agriculture in our community and livestock. >>reporter: someone is taking aim at the heart of the community. >> there is a component to this that is disgusting. >>reporter: it started in 2013 and moved to cattle. >> i went out there and found there was 2 dead cattle.>>reporter: for rancher ben orrell it was a huge loss that affects the town.
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in pain and we are afraid they went to antelope to cattle, what is next? >>reporter: all 11 of these or similar in nature. every shooting happened in a 10 mi.2 area using high caliber rounds, the most recent cow was killed 2 weeks ago. >> they leave them to lie and rot and the moral compass of whoever this is is flawed. >>reporter: farmers and ranchers are offering a $10,000 reward hoping to find the person that is threatening their way of life while wondering if it is someone that they know. >> i would bet that i know this person. >> we want this person caught in jail, the sooner the better. >>reporter: the shooter or shooters could face multiple felonies including animal cruelty and no tip is too
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allen, denver 7 so far the shooter or shooters have killed several antelope and cows. the ballot will be lengthy in november, in addition to president coloradans could decide several ballot measures, one would raise the tobacco tax, another would bring back the presidential primaries, we can also vote on oil and gas regulations, raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour and allowing access to life ending drugs and to measure making it harder to amend the constitution. the secretary of state has to review and approve these signatures on a measure for universal healthcare is already on the ballot. a new law passed late this afternoon limits the number of marijuana plants you can grow, the limit drops from 99 plans to 12. they are seeing big row operations going on in the middle f the suburbs and
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their kids outside to play. >> with either illegal activity or unintended consequences comes crime. with that comes a threat to the public safety. >> finds for breaking the limit
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? ? ?
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take a look, argue this brave, a man walking a tightrope across mal evans. >> we were shocked so we sent tran1's reporter up the popular 14 or to see what it was all about.>>reporter: if you are afraid of to watch, imagine being 14,000 feet in the air and walking on a tight rope. that is what a group did here on mal evans over the weekend. it is the skyhigh stunt that you could call scary. this 17 second video shot by ernest campos shows a slack line over mel evans and a person fearlessly wobbling
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guys are with rocky mountain slack line out of fort collins. not only were they walking on a 1 inch wide piece of webbing, they were doing it on north america's highest elevation. >> i wish i had that courage and not strengthen thicker. >>reporter: for their part they were tethered in that they are not the only ones putting their lives on the line. this woman from texas walked across the mountains of janeiro in high heels and this man set a record for the longest slack line walk when he went two thirds of a mile. >> am glad on the -- i am glad i'm on cement. >>reporter: molly henderson, denver 7 this new video shows a fed up road construction flyer, he says this happen yesterday afternoon i-25 detour and you can see car after car going by after the flagger had tried to
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just throws his sign, poor guy. the driver that shot the video hopes that it's a reminder to all of us to pay attention. new developments in the wine drinking church thief. >> yesterday we showed you surveillance eddie was this woman walked into a broomfield baptist church, she has wine in hand and walks around and steals a laptop. >> she is 34-year-old sarah merrill and they arrested her thanks to your tips. boulders intimate dies before completing one last stop, he performed illegal studs for decades and was finally moved to a nursing home a few years ago with dementia. our partners with the daily cameea said he tried to escape several times from the nursing home so he could perform one last start that he was not able to. he was 61 years old. evil cheesy got permission to
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name as evil knievel after breaking into evil knievel's home to ask his permission. there is a mountain lion looking at the north pole. we are talking about the north pole amusement park at the base of pikes peak. the cat showed up last month and is come back several times. the park has installed barriers to protect visitors but he is really after his reindeer. >> there's no doubt that the lien is focused on the deer, all 3 around the deer pen. we consider the lion a threat to the deer but not the public. when the mount my income around the deer huddled together in fear and parks and wildlife plan to set up and meet trap to try and capture the animal and relocate it. to you remember the original movie, independence day? it looks like that kind of. a big ship is parking itself over denver, it's just a big
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look at the view that the loveland ski area, really looking ominous up thaa way with cold rain falling and in the 40s at the eisenhower tunnel. look at the shop travail and copper mountain in idaho springs. heading to red rocks it will be a chilly start to the concert with temperatures only in the 60s. it will not long and things will move out of here. gloomy shot and rain showers already coming into metro. 85 downtown and that will drop quickly probably to about 72 or so. it's 91 at dia and wins out of the south at 25 mph. we hit 97 degrees today, 1 shy of the all time record in the
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look at the highest across the state, 99 in greeley and 90s across the plains. in the mountains it was 70s and 80s and we check the mountains at copper and loveland and it's in thh 40s with rain showers. what happens? the showers do not last long. watch between ow and 9 pm as they are mostly gone, overnight the skies were clear and it with low temperatures dropping into the 40s and 50s in the mountains and mainly 60s across the plains. tomorrow we will have mostly sunny skies and there will be some moistuue coming in again. not a lot, widely scattered showers and storms aer a hot day. the high 95 for denver and 99 in pueblo, the junta and lamarr. mostly in the 90s again and 70s with scattered showers. storms early and partly cloudy and mild. for tomorrow the high
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storms late in the day. a better chance late in the day cooler temperatures and a front moving in and storms are likely. saturday a few storms and 82 and sunday is the bright spot, not too hot, the goldilocks forecast is 85 and mostly sunny. that's an ominous looking cloud . >> it is just a cloud. commng out mark sanchez with the start thursday in chicago and rumpus insider with the latest on dove valley.
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will come to 7 sports extra r&d 13 we have a number one quarterback at least for now. broncos insider troy link reporting that mark sanchez
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thursday night. he tweeted that out players told him it would be mark, here is troy with the latest from dove valley. >>reporter: it's official, mark sanchez will start at quarterback and trevor simeon follows and paxton gets the entire second half, each guy -?will play as they try and fin resolution in the quarterback competition. >> approach like he will play the wholgame and then you always want to start fast and take care of the ball and finish strong. >> practices one thing you have to be able to do your job in opportunity for all of us regardless of what we go out with to execute and carry over some of the things that we've been working on. >>reporter: fake games give real impressions and they mean everything to the guys trying to make the roster. keep an eye on punt returner is he will hunt and kick and lorenzo was another guy to get your ion, a breakthrough camp at cornerback and darian will start at right guard.>> i believe this is a good game to look at all these young
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be the best i can be but i am not there yet.>>reporter: von miller has been a wrecking ball against the offense of line. he has made 4 pro bowls in his first >> seasons in the only other broncos to do that are steve atwater and floyd little, the broncos getting ready to play back to you in the studio. more tonight at 10 pm. rockies and rangers at coors field, charlie blackmon, a.k.a. chuck nasty, nasty blast in the rockies up 1-0 took a ffve-to lead in the eighth and the bullpen reared its head. 2 run double to tie it in the rangers got 2 more and 17-5. rockies, good night's -- 7-5. rockies, good night. they've lost quite a few. >> it was fun for a couple of
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>> a thorr under the saddle, that's one way to say it. >> look at the click band of shhwers moving through cooling things off like water out of a
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first, on the top of the list. olympians train hard and face many obstacles. it's their faces that have us talking. the olympics are all about bringing the world together, united in athletics unless you're michael phelps being blatantly taunted by your rival. >> look at >> #started as soon as they saw this photo not taken full-size, someone who just got cut off in traffic. >> what were you thinking? >> nothing honestly. >> nothing you can say on tv but emotional responses like michael's are all over the game. it's been so entertaining of watching the excitement of the hungarian swimmer and her
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daughter perform. she's okay, we're okay. so much squirming in their seats. maybe they should try this special chair at number 2. you've seen these lawn chairs before but bet you haven't thrown one before. it's a cardboard frame that just needs one element to make the magic happen. >> it can be flown everywhere in at dirt. the frame becomes an actual lawn chair. it is for 2$279 bucks or plant yourself on a smaller version for 1$100. keep in mind like other lawn chairs not exactly portable and it needs maintenance. add mowing the chair to your saturday chores. imagine the possibilities. with that lawn chair, you can


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