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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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eastbound at havana. this is a picture of central park from cdot cameras. traffic is not much better westbound. two lanes are closed for another accident. this liquid family's arage completely charred, flames threatening neighbors on both sides. firefighters were surprised to find out what was going on inside. >> adam hammond is talking to firefighters to find out what happened >> reporter: all this damage caused by an old couch, a faulty toaster and a cigarette. they tell me people used to lounge in this garage, smoke inside and they would use toaster with bad wiring to light cigarettes. they believe that is a bad combination. the roof of this garage is completely gone. you can see straight through the house. >> this was really a fire.
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down -- lives down the street and couldn't beeieve his eyes. considering the damage here, it's amazing no one was seriously hurt. >> four people were in the house. all four got out and were transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> reporter: one person was in the basement and didn't know there was a fire. he tried to run back in but firefighters stopped him. sinc garage, it made matters even worse. >> even if vehicles didn't start the fire, there is now probably oil spills and gasoline in the garage. all sorts of things that are very combustible. >> reporter: again, everyone did make it oot safely except that smoke inhalation but they were treated. the fire department says that side of the house could
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garage, this half is a total loss. adam hammond, denver 7. >> and this could have been so much worse. a home in castle pines is struck by lightning. that started a small fire. the damage is so minor, you can't even see it from the street and the family is staying there tonight. what an active night. >> it was indeed. castle pines about 7:15 pm. they have weekend to the north but they -- there are still numbers of lightning strikes in weld county. there is still one pretty good storm in northern el paso county that came on the tail end of a very hot day. near record highs today. some cooler air on the way. a colorado man convicted
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think he's going to prison? he got probation. we just got our hands on this police body cam video. it doesn't take much to see doyle carmack had one too many beers. this is proof colorado laws need to change according to some. a first-time offender can get up to 10 days behind bars but when somebody has more than five offenses, it's a felony and probation is an option. changes in littleton after a denver 7 investigation of the murder of a mother of two. she was the victim of a murder- suicide following a domestic violence call. tony kovaleski is in littleton were the police chief just updated citt council. >> reporter: exactly. this was the police chief that was willing to admit the scrutiny that followed our investigations over the past several weeks made his department better.
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leaders it's his job to find and fix the problems. >> i have answers for hard questions. >> reporter: questions about how his police department handled a critical domestic violence call. >> a high profile tragedy occurred. >> reporter: the chief updated city leaders on what has changed since his department became the focus of a denver 7 investigation. look at how we do things in response to these types of calls. >> reporter: our report exposed problems with how officers filed -- handled the domestic violence call. >> my mom and her boyfriend are in a fight. >> reporter: a call that 12 hours later turned into a
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dead. her boyfriend shot her and then turned the gun on himself. >> the process has been to go through. it's never easy to go on camera and answer questions for the media. i have told mr. kovaleski that i think it's a valuable experience for us because it forces us to look at what we are doing. >> reporter: in the weeks following, the littleton police chief has called for a thorough review, increased training, and changed how the department repos >> we got to step up and say we didn't do that right. we're not going to do that again. we are going to minimize those events. >>reporter: earlier in the day, littleton's policc chief confirmed that the officer that was the primary officer in the christa benton ase is now under internal investigation for dropping the ball on a second domestic violence case, questions that came to light
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we will have more in the days ahead. tony kovaleski, denver 7 investigate. we have new details tonight on the grandfather of those two little girls who died in a pueblo pool. our sister station in colorado springs found that he went to the pool several times with the girl and they would sing in the deep end. tonight, the family has a lot of questions about how they died. they are waiting on a coroner's report. remarks made by donald trump have the attention of the secret service. his comments about the secret -- supreme court and second amendment may encourage violence against hillary clinton. mark reached out to trump supporters in colorado. >> reporter: we were supposed to talk to a member of the trump colorado team but as we made arrangements, it was
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tonight are staying silent. donald trump's campaign appearance in north carolina created controversy with this remark: ?> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment ppople, maybe there is. >> reporter: a remark seen as violent. >> dal the same thing but a complete % temperamental misfit. >> reporter: the trump campaign responding, sending us this email entitled "trump campaign statement on dishonest media." a spokesperson says it's called the power of unification, second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which
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>> people see it as rhetoric. >> reporter: a du law professor says trump likely won't face legal repercussions, yet it would be different if someone in the crowd made a similar statement. >> if you are an observer and you make that comment, you will be questioned for a long time. >> reporter: i reached out to representative might coffin -- representative mike coffmmn. no response from him. the secret service is only saying it is aware of remarks. marc stewart, denver 7. exclusive tonight, how donald trump really got stuck a rally in colorado springs. the details i uncovered when i requested emails from the colorado springs fire department. at we know about capacity overloads before the candiddte % himself put the fire department
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also, hillary clinton's campaign making headlines not because of what she said at a ?ally but who was in the crowd. the man in the red hat behind mrs. clinton is the father of the orlando nightclub shooter. clinton's campaign says they didn't know he was in the audience and it was an open door event. denver 7 with this news alert. another colorado man killed fighting isis in syria. we talked to jordan mactaggart's parents a colorado man and mactaggart were part of the same group. >> both of these brave men joined the people's protection units in syria. jordan mactaggart's parents tell me he did this because he loves people. jordan mactaggart's story starts in colorado but his heart was in syria, where he spent a year fighting with the
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his parents say "our son made a clear minded well researched decision to travel to syria and join forces." levi jack shirley, an arvada man part of the same group was killed there last month. >> they are very kind, openhearted peeple and that's what my son was. very kind, very bighearted >> reporter: his mom tells us their family reached out to mctaggart's parents to offer condolences and support. pictured next this was mctaggart's second time returning to fight. his parents and castle rock say they have unconnitional love for him, writing "jordan admired the kurds from afar and grew to love them. there cause became his. without regress or remorse, he was in syria to do his best to help them." colorado falls in the top three
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mctaggart sums it up in this facebook post. "be passionate about the things you hate." we know mctaggart made the decision to go back despite being wounded durinn his first trip according to an article in the boulder weekly. his parents say they will continue to support the cause. >> surely's family is still hoping to lay him to rest. that has been difficult, to bring his body back to the august 23 would have been his 25th birthday. friends will hold a candlelight vigil at 7 pm. one step closer to appearing on your november ballot. petitions were turned in on two changes to state fracking laws including involving local governments to set rules and limiting how closely fracking operations can be to public places like a playground. signatures were also ttuned in
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you spot clubs in denver. the clerk and recorder has 25 days to verify the signatures. a tuberculosis warring. employees are at risk from a patient who may have been in isolation. the hospital says no one else should be at risk. this popular talker >> is back open after 16 people got sick with salmonella poisoning. right afterwards, the health department closed the restaurant for six days. saving on your water bill. theee is now a legal why -- way
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the police chief of estes park is back at work after his plane crashed in alaska. he spoke only with denver 7 about the unexpected end to a fishing trip. >> the plane took an immediate right and then an immediate left. i remember saying oh no and thinking this is going to hurt because we're going to crash. >> there were five people on board, no one seriously hurt. a denver 7 exclusive. we got our hands on emails that revealed what happened when donald trump was trapped in an elevator and complaining about the capacity of his venue in colorado springs.
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what has been said publicly is different than what you found. >> reporter: i requested emails between the colorado springs fire department and uccs, where the trump rally was held. what i found out was donald trump was tramped -- trapped in an elevator and an elevator guy said what the crap? donald trump was late on july 29 because he was stuck in an elevator. >> we have an elevator rescue. >> reporter: denver 7 is now finding out what caused the delay. we asked for hundreds of pages of emails from the fire department. the colorado springs fire marshal, who would later be criticized by trump wrote this: "turns out someone had an elevator bypass key. one of them urned it off between floors and didn't know how to get it back on. our folks fished them out.
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what the crap? who turn this off? and voil@. when trump arrived, thousands were still waiting to get in and trump blamed the fire marshal. >> we have 1000 people they won't llt the man because they don't know what the hell they are doing. >> while trump was saying this, we found out his staff knew the limits. this email from one day earlier is from the colorado spelling out the capacity for the venue, limited to a maximum of 1500, overflow standing room only for 1000. a uccs spokesperson tells me this memo was communicated in person to the campaign the day before the ralll, two days after the campaign sign this contract that says they will follow all rules and regulations prescribed by the fire and police departments. >> one of the emails also spells out how the trump
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people in the venue with the help of secret service. we have more on that on the denver 7 app. so, tomorrow, you can start collecting rainwater in your yard at you can only collect 110 gallons. set up the barrels at the enn back of your daughter. the tricky part is to make sure the bugs don't breed. you might have gotten a little rain in the barrel today. this is our camera near dia. you can see the bands of rain moving through. some gusty winds out of some of these storms and a pretty good lightning display this afternoon. this was the vantage point looking down at the same storm system this evening. lots of cloud to ground lightning scene as it was moving through the area. storms are weakening in weld county but they are not completely gone. the thunderstorm activity on a line from extreme southeastern
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that activity will draw to a close tonight, and skies were clear by morning. we will probably see a repeat performance tomorrow. 710 downtown, 700 at dia, winds are light from the northwest. top temp was 970. 10 shy of tying the record in 2012 and well above normal. hot and mostly dry across limited amount of monsoon moisture south of us. this front to the north. out to the west, that's a cool front that will move in thursday into friday and bring us a change in the pattern. tonnght, mainly dry as storms come to a close. ?20 in denver, 660 la junta, tomorrow starts as the recent days have mostly sunny. a few clouds and showers by
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those will move out across the mountains by 5:00 along i-25 and diminish out of the northeast plains. 950 denver, 990 pueblo, la junta, and lamar. along the front range, low to mid 90s at lower elevations, temperatures in the 70s to near 800 in the mountains. storms end to the north and east, partly cloudy and mild. tomorrow, high temperature 950 with a few storms late afternoon into the evening as th a better chance of storms thursday. storms likely on friday. the air is cooler but more humid. saturday and sunday, not bad. low to mid 80s. a little better chance of storms saturday. give that woman bright spot on sunday. and then backkto our hot days and wicked ways. temperatures in the low 90s.
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remember how big of a party we had after the broncos won the sur bowl? you can join in on another big party to kick off at all season. september 8, civic center park downtown denver during events
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it is free. >> and a very special gift for some young football players. >> they got new cleats for their upcoming season. >> i had a mom say this is like two or three dinners, these cleats. she had four kids. you think about the impact of not having to buy cleats for all four of her kids and the kids get these are really nice, beautiful nike >> that's really significant. hundreds of athletes got those shoes thanks to dick's sporting goods and broncos alum. >> last year, they gave away 400 tears. broncos camp. let's give them something to talk about. mark sanchez gets first crack gutman.
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welcome to 7 sports extra. it took 14 days to find out who is number one. gary kubiak says mark sanchez will start thursday night against the bears. insider try rank was the first to tweet this out this morning. follow us on twitter. follow us all. players told him that sanchez was getting the first shot. the reason it wasn't announced until today is monday meetings got delayed. >> reporter: it's official, mark sanchez will start as quarterback in the preseason opener. then trevor simeon gutman, paxton lynch gets the entire second half. each guy is going to try to play as a try to find resolution. >> they've been working all
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i'm going to let them play. >> i'm anxious to get going. i know what's going to happen. we are going to play great. you just can't wait for the game. >> that's where you are graded but for me, just going through my keys and keeping it the same , putting the pads on, getting to run around. i'm excited that we all get the opportunity to go out there and on.>> reporter: aqib talib working himself into shape and no von miller. von miller is on everybody's first team. he talkee in person about why he's not ready yet. >> i'm ready to play but i'm not there yet. >>reporter: young guys looking for their opportunity. keep an eye out.
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>> former broncos quarterback tim tebow is giving baseball a shot. this ii tim at batting practice. it's like a lumberjack. he will try out for some major- league scouts soon. hasn't played competitive baseball in 11 years but his tim tebow. anything is possible. rockies and field. charlie blackmon with a leadoff blast. a fence jumper. 1-0, rocks up. the bullpen reared its ugly head. scott oberg, oh no, 5-5 and the rangers got two more. the rockies have lost five of
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they are now five games out of the wild card right now. >> is there any chance they are still in it? >> if they win the rest and everybody else loses the rest. >> and they's tim tebow. >> you can't loss five out of six right now. so many great olympics moments. mallery pugh from mount vista high school scored a goal. the youngest goalscorer for the women's team in olympic history. congratss
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our son caleb was born with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. it means every day mucus builds up on his lungs, making it very hard for caleb to breathe. doctors told us that caleb's life expectancy was about 35 years of age. but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, but targeted the disease. the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. but michael bennet changed that. working with republicans, michael bennet wrote a law to get medicine and treatments approved quicker.
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he doesn't have to think about his disease every day. as a mom, michael bennet gave me a future with my son. i'm able to see him in the future getting married, graduating from college. those were dreams that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality. i feel very fortunate to have somebody representing us that cares so much. i'm michael bennet,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, from "suicide squad," cara delevingne. comedian jeff ross. and music from culture club. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching, thanks for coming. we're in hollywood, more than


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