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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 11, 2016 12:37am-1:07am MDT

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>> a woman swims through water and lava. the story behind the adventure of a lifetime. and, a guy making his girlfriend cry. >> because she saw him come out with a box. >> but see why nobody saw this part coming. >> oh. >> oh! >> word has come to animal aid india that a hut has collapsed and you're thinking okay, call their service cruise to come help out but it was their aid that was specifically needed because neighbors said they heard a puppy. >> oh. >> this is the hut that collapsed. >> you can see it is quite a mess. and i'm thinking maybe rain was involved. because you can see that place has very, very moist soil around it. >> looks like a meteorite landed on it. >> that thing's been there for a long time. >> you are right.
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as he starts moving the siding the rescue's a little bit easier than you expect. because right here as he stands on that aluminum and i'm thinking be careful you might need a tetanus shot if you call and get cut out comes a little female pup. luckily she was at the top of all of that rubble and rubbish and not trapped too far underneath it. >> that is a good thing, once you move that aluminum siding it's really clear that she wasn't deep underneath there but guess what mom getting reintroduced to mom. all black with little white tail. white little front paws. mom goes back home and it's not very far away. it looks like she has made her home in what looks like what could be an abandoned house, and you see that puppy has a couple of siblings. they're about three puppies you see, waiting on some milk once mom gets back home.
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absolutely these pups need our help because this dog clearly not somebody's pet but the good thing is that animal aid unlimited always willing to take a chance to rescue something. >> the hard workers behind anything that's televised the cameraman. there's guys back there and girls making it all happen. well, in many cases, they don't know that they're really in danger until danger finds them. here we are at a sports car drop. and then, boom, off they go. the front of the pack gets off without incident. watch what happens towards the back. one guy slides out, taps into the wall, and as the -- >> oh! >> oh! no! >> on the platform, too. >> that car is tumbling down the track. up on what they call the barriers rolls down those
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camera. now what happens is the cameraman -- you see he's kind of trapped in a bundle but he got out uninjured. this next crash happened in texas the video starts after the crash has already happened. >> what? >> and how did this happen? >> did it fall out of a plane? what on earth? >> eventually the camera singles out these two ladies. >> how the [ bleep ] -- >> oh. >> oh, lady in kind of like the -- >> almost hit some kids. >> allegedly the woman in black was the driver. >> and apparently that car was -- >> she's claiming the brakes were false that's how she says the car got where it got. >> you mean to tell me you drove off a car lot with faulty brakes, tell that to somebody else. >> well her and the other girl in the gladiator sandals walk off, bye.
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mustang. >> they just walk off. according to some of the information in the comments and we haven't been able to verify this independently but police did eventually catch up with the alleged driver and that's about as far as we know right now. so, pretty nutty scenes. >> grab your fans, guys, because this video, this video is hot. really hot. >> i'm ready. >> go. >> oh. >> oh, that's >> like -- >> what is she doing. >> whoa! >> hold on. just a second. >> it is so hot because we are near an eruption. in fact the first eruption at the kilauea volcano in hawaii since 2011. that gutsy lady right there is allison thiel. you may recognize her because she is really well known because of all the crazy adventures she goes on. this is basically just another
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>> is this where you go surfing if you don't have -- >> where it's really warm? >> because the water's warm. >> dude that's crazy. >> yeah. so she takes her pink surf board out there. >> i guess. >> rainbow in the background as well. >> spt that great? >> what an experience for her. what an absolutely incredible experience. >> right? i know. >> for our next video we're going to head across the border to our neighbors to the north where cooler heads prevail. right?
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>> video starts and we can see the gentleman walking towards the vehicle. looks like he means business. >> what's in his hands f >> check it out gayle. >> geez. >> police officers extendable baton. >> exactly. and now this guy wants to have a conversation. >> -- trouble? >> no. >> you're going to be. >> already now the threat. are flying. >> you're going to be [ bleep ] trouble if you don't get out of here. >>nd now the guy we're with is like hang on a second. no -- >> you can't bring a weapon around me. >> yes, i can. i have one. >> well, okay. >> feeling confident. >> [ bleep ] >> oh! smashes the window. it's not over yet guys. >> what's your name? >> asks the guy's name. >> dennis. >> after giving his full name he's not done.
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>> ooh! >> smashes the rear window. that's when the guy in this vehicle just says -- >> you're going to jail, bud. >> no i'm not. >> yeah, you are. >> [ bleep ] >> get out of here. >> so what caused this? what kicks this off? road rage? no, this entire situation apparently was caused by a construction job that was done and a payment that was made. it's a lot more complicated than that but i'm really not going to it's such a weird, scary video. you can see some of the photos afterwards to see how glass was just all over this vehicle. >> so what have police said about this incident? >> the thing is the poster does say that the police did respond to the situation. we reached out to them but we got no information back from them in time for our deadline. funnily enough we actually reached out to the aggressor in this video, we were able to find him. we didn't get him on the phone but it was reported to us that
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that his side will be coming out in the courts and from that we were then just referred to his lawyer. >> he's out kayaking. >> really? >> on the hook -- >> whoo! >> see what comes up from under the water. >> oh! plus she's the hotty blowing up the web, and you'll soon see why. >> it's really refreshing,nd be like this. >> find out who she is. create your own tour of italy is back starting at $12.99, only at olive garden. choose 3 of 9 of our favorite italian dishes to get everything you want, all on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks.
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this show there's one thing primarily they call have in common. >> dude. >> not any longer. >> michelle, florida state university, yes, kind of cute. she's got skills along with that grill. boom, mail in the field goal. not impressed yet? >> okay, she's got one. >> yeah. bloop and bloop. >> makes it look easy. >> drop back, fade away. what's that box way on the other side? yeah i got totally awesome to see a woman be a boss like this at the trick shop. >> yeah how about something that can move? she's got that, too. >> oh! >> she can hit moving targets. >> yes she can. now michelle is quite the star over at florida state university. she is a quarterback for the flag football team there. >> okay. >> show me more. >> she doesn't really need to prove herself anymore. she already shows that she's got
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anyway. she's an all-star representing team usa on the female flag football team in the bahamas in september. >> woo-hoo. >> commentator or anything are volunteers. >> how about water board -- >> she's got quite the arm, quite the drop back -- >> her 2015 highlight reel got 1.6 million views. >> oh! >>oh, wow. >> wow. >> she can move down the field like a pro -- >> football player. >> put out this video that i think is pretty neat. >> nicely decorated modern home, wouldn't you say? >> yeah, very clean, minimalist. >> this is also a doll house. >> yeah i could tell. something looked a little funny right from the beginning. but it looked spot on. >> my design i like the illusion, you can't really call is it a miniature or real? >> my goal is my doll house is
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>> this miniature doll house was made by megan hornbecker she has a full-time job. she has kids. but this is what she does as a hobby. >> sometimes it's nice to just have your own little world that you have full control over and you can let your imagination create anything that you want in the space. >> she has about 20 doll houses. it's all about just repurposing things she finds, a 3-d printer has also been used to make this furniture. but some of the furniture has been custom made by big-time designers. entertainment unit so that's an original custom built that he made specifically for this house. >> no way. that is fabulous. >> she says it's all about saying how can i repurpose it? it's the size of my hand. it can fit in the doll house. >> the chandelier is a christmas ornament. i hung the ornament with the metal from the chinese take-out box. >> of course. she said she used other ornaments to look like fancy modern --
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i think you made -- ? >> it worked. >> you know what i'm talking about there. >> this kayaker was out to sea when he says he saw a mound of water -- >> no. >>e water -- >> it all depends on what kind of shark the fin is attached to. >> it could be a reef shark. >> should be fine. >> no it's a great white! swim! >> luckily there was a whale watching tour boat close by. >> and he called for help. >> emergency, emergency, emergency! >> whoa! >> ooh!
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>> oh! >> circling the kayak because that means that shark is about to attack from below. breach the water -- >> well -- >> this gentleman thinks the same because he said he saw it on one side and then the other and he was just waiting for the big hit. although he has a paddle shark comes up just plonk him right in the nose -- >> annoy the shark. >> my paddle would be moving so fast it looked like a speed boat -- >> he says the shark did stick toward the end of the video you do see that whale boat coming his way. >> he actually needed a bigger boat go figure. >> what's the worst thing that could happen at a music festival? >> a dad shows up. >> but what if it's not your biological father? >> i don't want -- i want you to come out and be honest with me are you doing steroids? >> i love this guy. >> and brace yourselves. >> more.
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burn relief. itch relief. promotional considerations provided by -- relief with lido. max strength lidocaine numbs away pain and itch. gold bond. relief starts now. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. what is the worst thing that could happen to you as you are having a good time at a music festival like the one that just happened in maryland. the moon light festival. >> rambo can i talk to you for just a quick second there? >> a dad shows up. >> i love this -- >> and he starts chaperoning. >> reading in the newspaper about the olympics, a couple of guys been juicing. looks like you might be part of
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>> this is the dad's dad. >> everyone responds to him. >> are you -- >> i'm really not doing anything at all right now. >> why do they talk to him? >> he does carry himself like the typical dad. he's got his newspaper. he's gotn the polo shirt. >> he has pointed questions. >> just come off an actual river boat. why you dressed like river boat captain. >> guy looks straight out of a fantasy novel. what exactly is the purpose of the getup? >> i have -- this is very common thing these days when you go to a festival everybody wears weird getups. >> stop and just reassess this. we're going to light off the metal detector like the fourth of july with all the jingle jangle. >> entertain himself -- >> it doesn't really matter what kind of reaction he gets. >> yeah. >> i'm not so sure about that. first base only if he trot around second i'll be coming after you okay young man? >> the funny thing is, he looks
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>> because the delivery is so good nobody's noticing dude you're five years older than me. >> you didn't start this day off with noon mimosas? this is a concussion making machine. >> there's some guy -- >> okay thanks a lot. love you. >> the video is super entertaining. if you want to check out the whole thing head on over to click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. >> don't do it too late it's a school night, gh >> brace yourselves. more. what i'm about to show you is very real and you can find it in california. >> what? >> what is that? >> oh. >> what? the -- >> bleep are we looking at. >> whoa! >> are these underwater -- >> this could be some type of barnacle.
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come out to eat. >> that's crazy -- >> the fun 234es thing for people who live around water yeah, so, we see that all the time but for us west coasters -- >> land lubbers. >> we don't normally see that. >> i have to say matthew wallace is getting the los of clicks on facebook because of this video. >> well it's just that sort of the stunning rainbow of colors, the just not expected -- >> think about it. barnacles are a type of and those come in multiple colors so here you have a barnacle that says, hey, i want to just show up and show out with a bunch of colors. >> it's just fascinating -- >> it contracts and the colors and all of it just >> if you know exactly what this is share it with us, goes to our facebook page"right this minute." >> he's ready to pop the
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he's selling. >> oh, no, no, no.
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>> it's a beautiful day in big bear. >> these folks are out on the lake. >> i'm on a boat. >> here they are just enjoying the view. you hear one of the men say, sit down. he's talking to -- >> she's crying. >> she saw him come out with a box. >> oh. no way! >> no! >> not again. >> no, no, no. >> oh, my gosh. is he that dumb? >> no. >> even the dog's like no kidding, really? >> he messed up -- >> come on, bro. >> if it did i'd be worried. >> some people what's happening as she is crying her little eyes
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his buddies, though -- >> that lady had -- >> he was in on it, right? >> something tells me his friend was in on it because now everybody on the boat except for her is all happy. i think she's relieved. and probably like what is -- he's down to one knee. she says yes. >> hey, whoa! >> that is a kiss for of love. >> here's the thing though. i always have to ask one question, why do men insist on -- >> that -- >> blaming men and there you go. see. women can't even keep their earrings on. >> -- >> congratulations, y'all. >> oh, my god. >> thanks for watching your
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what's up, y'all? welcome to "dish nation." today's a special guy's birthday and we wanted to special lady to tell you. mama dee take it away. >> yes. ? happy birthday to you happy birthday to ya ? happy birthday to ya ? >> gary? ? happy birthday, happy birthday to -- you ?


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