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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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breaking news in denver, a man is recovering after crashing his car into a garage overnight near knox and evans. >> this was about three hours ago. the driver took off initially but police caught three blocks away. we don't know what led up to the crash. the school year is just starting but the search is onto find this man. police in englewood say he's tried to lure kids on their way home from school. >> reporter: besides stepping
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want parents to speak with kids about the accident here at baker park. a group of elementary students they they were approached by a man after getting off their school bus. he made inappropriate and sexual comments to kids and it could change the way kids get to and from school. him up now for sure. this will change everything now. >> reporter: police want people to look out for a dark gray or black astrovan with sliding doors. next hour, tips from pd and what parents should talk to kids about.
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5:31 now. a little cooler yesterday. >> i like it. >> good. right. >> we are looking at highs this afternoon in the upper 80s to ?ear 90. in littleton today, a high of 89. it will be a warm day but we'll see morr storms popping up. ?hould see upper 60s 70s, and as kids are coming back from the bus stop, temperatures around 90 degrees. we'll see buildup of the cloud cover around 3:00, 5:00, with a few storms possible. today is warm, especially compared twhat we'll see on friday. right now you can see how
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this is the eastbound side from new york looking back at the flashing lights. traffic is not moving on the eastbound side and barely moving on the webb side as well. this the area, up on 270. going west it's going to be jammed up and going east aa well. then we have the issue with the trains, rtd having issues with the a-line, 0th avenue south of i-70 out to dia. there are up to 30 minute delays no, so plan accordingly
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charges after an accident in may.. police say kyle couch struck 8-3 year-old peyton noteon untilton. a man who was injured when his sled collapsed has died. collapse was killed and n the %- wife is now home recovering. local officers found a stash of 6 pounds of heroin inside some tires. this drug bust took 47 pounds of heroin off the street. it's a huge problem in the state and overdoses are up 300%
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42-year-old jeremy rich of denver went on a sky trip in january and never came home. he is believed to have been found as remains were found at the bottom of that landslide area r. reviewing the commerce city police department after several problems surfaced there. the department lost trust in the the park county deputy involved in a shooting in february will not face charges. we told you yesterday carrigan's family is not happy about the investigation and taking steps to perhaps sue the county. walmart has said some of
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kids. the tory brook four-door chest is being recalled because it could possibly tip over. walmart will give you a free anchor kit . after sports authority's bankruptcy, many wondered if dick's sporting goods could compete with the big markdowns. turns out the store sales were up nearly 3%. groupon has chosen denver as it first city to expand the
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it delivered meals right to your oor from over 100 restaurants. starting today, the larimer county health department will spray for mosquitoess and researchers just got more money to researchage test mosquitoes. we have an update problem. a statement by the
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college freshmen are coming ii this week. >> reporter: the first round of students will show up at 8:00 this morning, at least 6,000 rolling in here. they will say good-bye to their parents and begin a new journey. the sun is just now starting to come up this morning, and a great place for an education. there were 6,000 fresh freshmen that showed up last year. the university staggers when the studentt show up to try and
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>> most people would like have extra cash. one study says if you like money too muchh it could be costing you. >> and a 12-year-old girl's nting pictures posted on facebook lead to outrage. how she's responding, after the break. >> and we have great pictures coming innin a few minutes. we'll have sunshine and close to 90 this afternoon with a chance of storms.
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rock, and this situation on
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, .
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password. she's locked out of her computer. still able to provide you with morning. tiful picture this %- >> just maybe not an accurate forecast. top golf has been a popular% place but some people in thornton are not happy about a proposed location. >> people are concerned about the noise and lights to the community. top golf wants to turn 36th avenue into a golfer's pair dice with 100 hitting bays, full bar, lots of music and lights. they have agreed to make changes to the lighting but for many it's not enough. >> it's like having the mile high stadium in your backyard % with all the lights.
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city council hearing. you can see beautiful golf courses from louisiana to maine. the one he went to ultimate adventure. pat bowlen will not be going into the pro football hall of fame this time. jerry jones was chosen instead,
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losing seasons an jones has nine. a viewer spent $160 on three broncos super bowl replica rings but they never arrived. they were purchased online at the company was traced back to a company in florida and grade. >> there will be new food to try this season, including a taco pizza and street tacos. more on the new foods on our
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michael phelps, katie ledecky and simone biles on the cover. this the 11th time phelps has been on the cover of sports illustrated. if anybody from it is watching, i can't get into my e-mails. i can't online shop, help me out. tomorrow you'll find along the just north of colorado. ront %- we'll have clear skies early on
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by midday today, around noon to 1:00, we'll start to see afternoon storms in the mountains. we'll get darker skies in denver by 4:00 to 6:00, about a 20% chance in denver. you'll find along the palmer divide, getting closer to castle rock and stretching down to the springs, a few pockets there's going to be a better chance of storms by thursday afternoon. that's when we're tracking the next cold front. with those storms by midday tomorrow, it's also a little cooler. today we're near 90 degrees. denver 89 today and mid- to
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we're close to normal. in the seven-day forecast, storms are likely on thursday as question track this next cold front. we were tracking earlier in the week, some 70s to near 80 on saturday. look like it will be about 10 degrees cooler than that with a chance for a few sunday looks perfect. yesterday was a late game for the rockies. today we are expecting temperatures in the upper 80s, storms likely developing after the game. home. 270, this started westbound.
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eastbound side. both sides of commerce city are messed up terribly. it's rock solid red from quebec to new york and heading east. southbound i-25 at alameda, traffic is starting to here. southbound kipling after 285, we have an accident out there causing some delays. on the northbound side of i-25 between happy canyon and castle pines parkway, somebody hit a guardrail. definitely a hazard there. now we have the a-line issue with trains severely delayed all the way out to dia because
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here. jason gruenauer is live taking a look at what's going on. >> reporter: you can probably hear the announcement in the background, just a few delays. we saw a train come nothing and unloaded delays didn't appear that bad. rtd putting out that alert thanks to signal crossing issues, they are experiencing severe delays. it could be going on for at least a few hours.
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what's going on again. some drivers won't have to worry about lights in the future. audi plans to roll out car that is communicate with the traffic signals. it counts down until it turns green. it hopes cars will be safer you. it seems the more you lovee money the emergency room money ewe use. >> nearly 60% of investorr who scored high on a love of money survey had less iicome.
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for $100,348 and its new owner co-owns the hostess brand. 90-year-old hugh hefner negotiated so that he can remain in the mansion for the roast of his life. a young hunter is all the talk this morning after pictures of her kill were >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, a 12-year-old from utah own fire after posing with a giraffe, a zebra, all killed while hunting with her dad in africa. >> it's something that i cherish and enjoy, and i want other people to see what i've been able to experience. >> reporter: they say all hunts
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animal hater, even threatening her life. some are defending the duo: . >> r. >> we're proud to be hunters and we'll never apologize for being a hunter. >> reporter: we'll have more at 7:00 a.m. . coming up, how staff members at one hotel
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a little boy battling cancer got the surprise of his life when his favorite superhero batman stopped by to help him celebrate. then he changed into his own there was a surprise party in
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friends. >> he was diagnosed with a brain tumor after he was four, living in boston temporarily. the hotel where the family was staying decided to allow the >> very cool. straight ahead, parents may want to have another stranger danger talk with after a man approached a couple of local kids after they stepped off the school bus.
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a driver in the hospital after crashing into a garage in denver. >> and police say this man tried to lure school kids in englewood. >> a lot of you saw thunderstorms last night. this 7 rooftop. >> and you can see several lightning bolts in the sky from yesterday. this morning we're wondering if we're going to see more of this. lisa? we'll find a few more storms this afternoon.


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