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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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are plenty, but tonight denver 7 found out denver doesn't have enough parking for the disabled. >> and a historic denver restaurant closing its doors. the good bye for patsy's. and schools in the headlines for the wrong reasons. >> a high profile sex assault case, and now parents and students are worried about safety. the university is taking a new approach with this new school year. >> we like learned a it in my high school, but yeah, i mean, i feel pretty well equipped. about it, and i'm really careful. tonight on the cu campus, an awareness among freshman about the importance of good decision-making outside the class room. >> i feel safe with somebody, not by myself. >> reporter: school is starting just weeks after a controversial decision involving student austin wilkerson, convicted of rape he
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it's just one case putting the issue of sexual assault front and center. this class is one way the university is trying to curb chilling statistics, revealing 28 percent of female students are victims of sexual assault. it's called bystander intervention. >> the standards of dealing with someone that'' had too much to drink or hurting themselves are the same if there's a potential sexual assault, so that relevant to me. i can see it happening. >> reporter: all entering students have to take the class, and will get refreshers starts at sophomores. >> having more consciousness about what make it is situations difficult, and strategy, a range of strategies that are safe and effective helps people do better in the moment. >> reporter: cu is trying a
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south of route errorties and -- sororities and fraternities, and talking with parents about the serious issue of sexual assault. live in boulder, mark stewart, denver 7. thank you. a rare apology tonight from the city of denver to stewart shapiro, the assistant attorney on suspension over the jail beating of jamal hunter. tonight the city signed off a settlement, and issued a statement says it's a full and complete exoneration of mr. shapiro, and we just learned city council just approved giving historic designation to the unitarian church. they were the first to open their doors to the gay community as early as the 1950s. the city of denver is
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parking. liz is looking at how it evens some projects -- effects some projects out there. >> reporter: shannon, this fence surrounds a lot where a developer wants to build apartments with absolutely no parking. the moratorium passed tonight. the city won't change anything here, but it could be the first step toward preventing projects like this in the future. in this historic neighborhood, to come by. >> terrible. it's really bad. and the more restauraats come in, the more people come in, it just gets worse and worse. >> reporter: according to city planners, 11 projects are in the pipeline, including this one at 16th and humboldt. 108 units proposed with zero parking spots. >> >. we're in dense hype traffic area, and -- high traffic area, and barely have
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>> reporter: tonight the council approved a 7 month moratorium on the development of small lots without parking, we're walking 250 square feet. they original ly allowed the communities, but developers are building lots and microcommunities with limited or no parking. >> advantage. >> the prompts proposed to be -- project proposed to be built was never the intent of the ordinance. it's a loophole. >> i think it's important to take the time out. >> reeorter: and the neighborhood association here are still trying to fight to stop this projects, or actually bit. nd scale it back a little so what happens next? well the city council is going to put together a committee to
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code. denver 7. >> thank you for calling patsy's, it's with deep heart felt sadness that we are closing patsy's permaneetly. effective today. new tonight it's a sad day for fans of patsy's italian restaurant. the popular restaurant locked doors for the last time. navajo and 26th, and we were there today as people came by to finn it closed. >> we fell in love at a booth inside. >> we did. >> we had our rehearsal dinner here. we come every week. it's part of family. >> the food were always the best, and the owners were always there with a smile. >> on the website the owners wrote a note saying it was a
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part of so many family traditions over the years. >. republican presidential candidate donald trump will be here this week, but don't expect him to talk immigration. there were several report he was going to be making a big immigration speech, but instead he'll app attend -- attend a fundraiser in as spent. >. and first thing -- aspen. >. first thing tomorrow president obama will be touring lo >. and it looks like thomas moore will stand trial. he's accused of groping patients while sedated. a judge ruled there was enough evidence to move forward. he's also facing charges in weld county and nebraska. >. and there are not enough parking spots, and snot enough people to -- not enough people
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violators. jennifer kovaleski is live where you found a parking lot that highlights this problem? >> reporter: this is what's left of what used to be the wheelchair symbol, but it's sense been turned into a regular parking spot by painting this number on it. we found these downtown. the city auditor says the system is in desperate need of repair. >> sometimes i think about going to a place, then think about the parking and decide not to go at all. >> reporter: he found 65 percent of the parking lots reviewed didn't have sufficient disabled parking and they found a lack of enforcement about people illegally parking in the spots since most are written by volunteers.
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>> reporter: -- gotten bolder. >> reporter: chris hines was paralyzed, and has since become a disability advocate, and took us to this parking lot where we could see the problem firsthand. >> it looks here there used to be a were disabled parking lot. >> reporter: there appears to be left over blue paint and a place where the sign used to be. >> there's a systemic failure. >> reporter: and some businesses with painting over the spots because no one is checking up on them. >> it should be enforced. >> reporter: a reality people like hines have to deal with, but now hopes male hispanic finally change. >> -- may finally change. >> i see this as an oppounity for denver to get back into compliance. >> reporter: now we reached out to the company. the parkg lot on 19th and logan. and a spokesperson says ttey
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plan to repaint and install disabled parking soon. at this late hour the search continues innocent driver of a stolen -- for a driver of a stolen car that hit a police cruiser and took off, and then he tool a white f-250 pick up. and check out this video, accident was drunk and high and going 80 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. while, he struck and killed a man in the crash. he was sentenced to 38 years in prison, but the victim's father says it's not enough. >> i'm not happy at all, but it's the best we can do for the state of colorado. >> the man also hit several other cars that day. he then ran from the scene,
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caught. do what you can to protect yourself from mosquitoes. that warning tonight from weld coonty. so far this year they've seen four cases in zika, all in people traveling to infected areas. but it's not just zika. there's also a rise in west nile cases. >. and this medical helicopter will spend the rest of the night on top of children's hospital. it's stuck, mechanical problems kept crane was brought in to move it, but the crane wasn't tall enough. tomorrow another crane will be brought in. until then emergency flights are being taken to other hospital. >. the fight against drug use starts in your medical cabinet. >> a new pill bottle made right here making it harder for kids to get the pills. >. and a video of vandals
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caught red handed this cell phone video shows a man spraying bright orange paint on rocks at look out mountain. a man heard the spray paint cans, pulled out his phone to record the guys doing it, and now the sheriff's office is looking for them.
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shot the video, and he wants someone to be held accountable. >> i feel like it's my daughter to put it out -- duty to put it out there, and show that there's accountability, someone could video you doing it. >> pretty brave, but the police say shooting video like this is dangerous, but if caught the men could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. and tonight we're learning more about an alligator attacking the disney. the final investigation was released today, and lane graves bent down near the water and was grabbed by the gator. the father tried to pry open the animal's mouth, but the gator was able to get away. the staff was warned about the gator 45 minutes on the way to the attack, and while on the way to the beach hard the screaming. imagine this, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, going through years of treatment, only to find out
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is facing lawsuits for two abilities for that reason -- patients for that reason. this seems like a no brainer. knocking up addictive -- locking up addictive prescription drugs so teens can't access them. it's the back to school story probably not on your radar. marshall zelinger is lye, a colorado company trying to do this. >> reporter: yes, we told you about a private facebook page where students were buying and selling drugs probably taken from their parents, and kept in child proof containers that could be opened by children, but a colorado company is introducing this. child proof child proofing. >> it's what we call an lpd, locking prescription bottle.
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you didn't know needed upgrading. >> we've been sending the i quiff lent of her oh -- equivalent of heroine home, and the children could get it. all they have to do is line up the combination code and take the dose. >> reporter: safe rx wants this to be the way you store 3 addictive pills at home. >> if this were used nationwide from initiating abuse over a ten-year period. >> reporter: this secret facebook page was shut down of middle scoop high schoolers -- and high schoolers selling and using drugs. >> >. the number one use of drug use is pilfering from parent's medicine cabinets. >> reporter: that means stealing a pill here or there.
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screwdriver, and then the next time the patient opens it they'll see the visual cue. >> reporter: rx plus pharmacies is working with them to test the bottles. >> we're cutting off the number one source for teen prescription drug abuse in the country. >> reporter: here's a closer look at the four pins, and you can see this one on the right here, the top so you'd see tampering. i asked how much something like this would cost, and it's still being worked out, but likely a couple bucks extra per prescription. marshall zelinger. very interesting. another attempt to get you to quit smoking will be on the november ballot, and if it passes it would raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes to $2.59. that's just the tax. about triple what it currently is.
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it will cost ryan lochte. four sponsors cutting ties with him after he lied about being robbed in rio. and that may not be all. considering it's future with lochte. and as athletes leave rio they're leaving messages for the host city, and by the looks of the picture they're apologizing for loche's behavior. well, the summer games are over. the summer weather still continues today in the denver area. our skies looked very typical starting out with sunshine, and then this afternoon the wireless camera out by dia catching somef the scattered thunderstorms. mostly gusty winds and only a little bit of rain, but this came in today. that's a little aspen gold, the
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away. scattered showers and storms on the radar over the last few hour, diminishing into the 10:00 hour, and conditions much quieter across much of the state. denver, hardly anything left. acouchiable of sprinkle -- a couple of sprinkles near bailey. in the city partly cloudy, and very comfortable. 72 downtown, 73 at the airport. winds breezy from the west at 12 miles per hour. numbers 93, and 358. the normals 86 and record low at 40. as far as conditions aloft, this is the jet stream, the southwest flow keeping us nice and warm, but look at this, a bit of a change coming up. the upper level tough for wednesday and thursday -- trough for wednesday and thursday bringing cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers. at the surface is a cold front from montana down to northernn nevada arriving late tomorrow, limited moisture over the four corners, and that means we'll get a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms again
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tonight, scattered storms pretty much over. a few of them exiting into kansas. it's going to be a mostly clear night, and lows in the 50s in the plains. low 60s to the southeast. mostly 40s and upper 30s expected in the mountains. here's the front tomorrow. not a lot of moisture to work with, so storms in the mountains and southwest, through the metro area moving through, and late in the day scattered showers and storms moving to upper 80s. the 90s down to the south, and mostly 60s and 70s across the mountains. this isn't going to be a huge one as far as moisture, but tuesday through thursday there's some good signs of an inch or so over the mountain areas. just not seeing that much for denver and the northeast plains. maybe squeezing out a quarter to half inch of rain over the next several days. partly cloudy and 58 tonight. tomorrow it's back into the upper 80s with a few storms late in the day, and the
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thursday with scattered showers expected. i don't think a real super soaker of a rain though, but the temperatures definitely drop. by friday mostly sunny and 80. a slight chance of storms and 83 on saturday, and we'll put the bright spot on sunday with a very nice 85 under mostly sunny skies. >> it's not fall yet, what are you doing with the 70s? >> we have 90 coming up. >> but in bailey, a little taste. >> that's right. thank you mike. you're expected to be on time for the first week of we're talking to parents about the late start to the school year. >. and a new twist in the broncos quarterback
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these are grillers. at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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so take a look here, it might be tough to see what it is, but what it is caused a scare in it's filled with world war ii grenades and round. it was taken to the fire department forrdisposal, but nearby businesses were put on alert. it's not how some parents wantedth their students to start off the school year. the bus isn't picking them up on time, in some cases two hours late. the schools are in the brighton school district, and take route
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they called it beginning of the year kinks. the parents are upset, but the district says it should be
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welcome to 7 sports xtra, and gary kubiak named the starting quarterback today, and hii name is siemian. if he plays well saturday against the rams he's the guy. troy rank has more from dove valley. >> reporter: yes, status quo for the broncos quarterbbcks, that's good news for trevor siemian. he'll start again, gets first
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the others will come into the game. coach explained what he saw in siemian. >> i think he did well, he had one play he'd like to get back, so aisle going to go back and give them a chance to do that again, but we'll play equally. it's down to the nitty-gritty here, i'm going to make a decision next week and go to work. >> reporter: siemian is not a veteran, but continues to impress teammates like one. virgil green said it feels like he's been there for years already. >> he goes in and commands the huddle. i think a lot of guys here in years passed have learned about what it takes to be a true professional quarterback. >> reporter: so could mark sanchez go from first team to off the team? he knows he missed that opportunity saturday night. >> i know i can play this game and i know i'm better than i
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from a great performance, and winning the job like i said, so that's it. >> reporter: kubiak again hopes to have his starting quarterback named after the rams game. clearly trevor siemian has the advantage now in the competition. back to you in the studio. >> all right, troy also says ware will practice for the first time saturday. check the denver 7 app, great woody page and his take on this quarterback issue. >. and congrats to the denver outlaws. the champiinship is won. it's back in dove valley today. another title for pat. the outlaws owned by the broncos, and it's a dynasty over there. >> the broncos winning this championship, a super bowl
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last three years, best organization in all of sports, and it means to world to bring the trophy back. >> finally the rockies, kirk, based loadeddsingle for the brewers, they won it 4-2 the final over the rockiis. local boy making good. >> great story. >> cooler, go >> for awhile. for like a minute. >> there's a 90 in there. that's yours next monday. but a lot of people looking forward to the 70s david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
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..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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