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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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within the last 15 minutes we have learned a glider crashed about 5 miles outside of telluride. both people on board were killed. right now but the faa and ntsb are looking at what caused the crash. closer to the metro, one woman has died following a crash on i 76. dennis north the commerce city. the patrol said the woman hit the guardrail but we don't know why just yet. 3 new developments about the share of he is askew -- accused of taking a woman to his home and sexually abused her. we had team coverage of these new die tales. -- details. >> reporter: many residents say
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and annot believe it. the mapping elected to enforce the law himself, accused of breaking it. >> i am surprised and shocked. i would not have thought that. thomas hanna has been the share for less than two years. when he was elected he broke, i will not let you down. and i will keep the promises that i may. >> it is hard for people to stay on the straight and narrow path in their lives. but he needed to try harder. >> reporter: county commissioners said they don't know what to think. >> we became good friends. i do not until he is proven guilty he is a good man. >> reporter::his neighbor was reluctant to say anything at first. the spoke out in support of the shares wife who has found the separation. >> it is a small town. and he needs some support. >> reporter: while the undersheriff is now running thing, by law the corner is now the share.
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. with marshall's dellinger. >> reporter: thomas hanna worried that jumpsuit normally reserved for theepeople he arrest. he was arrested for the sexual assault of an inmate. his bond is $250,000. if he bought out a chair he will we be gps. one of his deppties is the reason he is in this outfit. the deputy saw the share taking a female inmate into the share is personal truck to the shares home. he alerted the da brought in the cbi and then he was question. and then he told him he was raped by the share of. >> i have the utmost confidence in the other shares in my district. i do not want this to reflect poorly on role shares.
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i believe completely in their work. >> reporter: he told investigators that he made a poor decision taking the inmate to his home. the da has handed the case off to the da for transparency and to be impartial. >> marshall will continue digging into the story will have new details for you tonight at denver news 10 pm. you can also read about his arrest. new details about the young group built woman killed in head-on collision in loveland. she has been identified as 21- year-old breanna boddy. they say that mark stults hit her head on . mark stults was also killed. they believe he may have been
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colorado voters will get to decide to stop what they want to bring back primary elections and put an end to presidential caucuses. and decide if unaffiliated voters can vote in priiaries. someone in the state to be driving a car with the same license plate and sure --? yours. >> reporter: the dmv duplicate license plate numbers. that can have a negative impact on drivers. arthur anderson is a proud owner -?of this 1990 bronco. >> this michael brantley sees this garage. >> reporter: but the bronco left the garage and the one person that i got a letter from the state saying that i owe
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toll road. >> reporter: shocked and confused, they took a closer look and they notice at the car is a gmc with the same license plate as his. >> reporter: took the notice to the vehicle off this and they broke him -- wrote them this letter. >> if there are duplicate plates around the state and the other person commits a crime, but someone catches the license plate, then they are scanning that plate and i could be under surveillance. >> we reached out to the dmv multiple times to try to get answers on what happened. aware of the issue and are
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snow lovvrs you can get excited. the high country is seeing snow. they saw snow on mount evans today and loveland ski areas. mike nelson is here, it's not really unusual for late august. >> this is a view right now for loveland. not much happening there now. just a few showers off in the distance. scattered showers and storms continue up in the north around fort collins. this one has diminished as it was closer to loveland. over the metro area we have had some showers move through, this is a nice break now. also speaking of breaks, look at the break in the temperatures, instead of 80s and 90s, to 60s at lower
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mountains. a few showers are lingering for tonight. a dry, cool start to the day tomorrow but that he will make a quick comeback. the winter park skiitrain is making a comeback. it has been absent for the last seven years. the train grant for two weekends last march. though successful weekends prompted amtrak and winter park to provide regular weekend service. details about schedules and ticket prices, we will let you know tomorrow when they are released. >> camera manhunt near baseline road. this happened after 7 am. daniels was on the run since last night. he is being evaluated and has not been charged. fort collins police are caught up in a nasty lawsuit. denver seven russell hate toward is outside the police
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just one incident ? >> reporter: yes shannon, there are incidents dating back to 2007 alleging racism at fort collins police services. and now a new lawsuit claiming a long history of racism here, yet nothing has been done to stop it.>> fort collins police services now involved in a lawsuit alleging racial deputy chief. if the suit he alleges that his supeeior targeted him. the suit claims he referred to hispanics as lazy as incompetent. and he says he has a history of singling out employees of % hispanic origin for criticism, unwarranted complaints and abusive treatment. when internal complaints were
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his bosses conspired to cover up and retaliate against the officer. attorneys for him say this is not an isolated case. they say several surveys of the police union in fort collins were highly critical of top managers and a long-standing culture of racism within the agency. >> reporter: we reached out to fort collins police today they had no comment. we will continue to follow this developing story. lead to more than 50 days in jail. >> how the book turned him into a convicted felon. it is a way to help a community most in need.
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one superior man is going to send them behind bars. he was convicted of securities fraud for convincing the owner of a pawnshop to invest $250,000 in the series, the series was not finished. he will be sentenned in october. the new service for denvers home is providing something that many homeless do not have. clean laundry. we got a behind-the-scenes look at the laundry truck. >> thh windshield needs cleaning in the air conditioner needs work. but we will turn it into a beauty. >> markets hearest is at the helm of a new project hitting the streets of denver soon. >> and this site will be a
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>> they are retrofitting one of their own trucks to a mobile montreat unit. were denvers homeless can wash their clothes, blankets and sleeping bags free of charge. >> laundry is expensive. and access to it throughout the city is sometimes an issue. >> they designed the interior of the truck, six washers and dryers and shelving fit in this truck. it will will -- work by cooking up to fire hydrant. since it is on wheel to areas where the need is greatest. >> providing a service like clean coal at no cost goes a long way to cultivating a more positive self image for people who are routinely ostracized. >> ostracized and unemployed. but marcus remembers this all too well. >> i, myself have been homeless. in 5 different cities, in 3 different states. one fundamental need of all
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so anything anyone can do to help folks who are routinely treated as though they do not belong, goes a long way. it helps everyone. >> denvers mobile laundry truck begins to operate in november. >> he publicly unveils this idea tomorrow. is the link on the denver center -- the app. just opening up, the colorado state university housing is full. these apartments are for sophomores, juniors and seniors. and they have a full kitchen as well as washers and dryers. very nice. free healthcare is a pipe dream for many. but for tens of thousands of
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health 17-based clinics offer healthcare to 292,000 students. a parent must sign a consent form for their kids to be seen in the clinic during school hours. this big bear tried to make his home in breckenridge on a man's porch. he did not get to stay there. officials went in and remove the 300 pound bear. he had been there couple of days. we have some sad news from the denver soon. dolly, and asian element is not doing well. she is believed to be 52 years old. be and should ccreful about any peanut butter that yoget to your dog. it could contain a ingredient
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than chocolate. xylitol is extremely dangerous for dogs. it can be found in chewing gum, pregnant, mouthwash and vitamins. just in time to check out colorado's fall colors. a new section of thh south platte river opened up today. this new section completes the 2 mile trail along the river. it's part of a $2 million project to add concrete trails pedestrians. between 104 than 120th avenue. the grand canyon is a beautiful place. that is why local college students want to protect it. a rally, they held a rally to stand against mining and logging in the 2 mile radius around the park.
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today. let me show you the numbers. only 68 in denver. colorado springs 58 degrees for the hive. and let phil, how much of a change in the last 24 hours ? we are 20 degrees cooler in the denver area right now than this time last year -- yesterday. it was warmer out over western colorado. as the radar shows, shower activity is diminishing. thereeis still enough around that we will have a chance at some late showers for the next 2-3 hours. you can see a line of showers from really down through boulder. you may want to have your umbrella along. a nice 64 downtown and at the airport. humility is up at 60%.
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57. the records a 98 and 40. here's the situation. as the front moved through and stall over colorado. cooler air and some moisture on the east side of the front. hot and dry further to the west. tonight and tomorrow, the front remaans locked in across colorado. ?cattered shower activity will diminish tonight. and skies will clear by early morning, although there may be some patchy fog out to the kansas border. the low temperatures will be nice. low 40s to upper 50s out of the planes. across the state tomorrow, by e lunchtime and into the afternoon here comes some scattered showers and thunderstorms. i don't hink anything severe. but some rumbles of thunder. 75 per denver, low 80s to the southeast, and 50s and 60s expected up in the mountains. the amount of moisture ? it
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areas will pick up another .252 another .50 inch of rain. tomorrow the high temperature will be 75 it will be partly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and storms. a warming trend continues back up to 80 with a few stores. saturday 83, and sunday are bright spot at a deep time, then back to the upper 80s to around 90 degrees for early next week. just in case you thought we were done with the 90s. coming up we will have the latest on thh broncos cornerback
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
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with just one bite, they knew.
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welcome to seven sports extra pair trevor simeon back at practice today. during the ball. shoulder is still sore but he should be ready to go. he is the starting quarterback for saturday night's game. beyond that, undetermined. we have the latest from dove valley. >> reporter: trevor simeon is attempting to become the third northwestern quarterback to start an nfl game, the first to start in nfl opener since otto graham in 1955. today we talked him about that possibility, you would have thought he was facing indiana at bloomington. >> i'm not reading too much into it. it's a good opportunity for us to take a step as a team.
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>> reporter: paxton lynch is looking online for remedies to help him grow his hair back faster. he got some first-team reps this week. >> with trevor being heard it gave me an opportunity to get in there with the ones in practice with them. i was pleased and happy to get those wraps. i took advantage of them. >> repooter: there is no quit in march chance has. he says he is prepared to take the competition down to the wire. at least he is still giving of content. >> was still doing things to keep it fun. this is the defending super bowl championship team. you probably get bored without it. >> reporter: a quick note, derek will miss practice again to deal with a family matter. cubicle with the rockies and brewers today. nolan arnoldo with the blast in
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the rockets are not get another front. the rockies swept by milwaukee, seven-one the final. paxton lynch wants to grow his hair back faster, and searching for online remedies, or just wear a hat.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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y23eiy yvpy . right now on "the list" -- >> car owe key at the gym. ways to end the exercise boredom. >> afraid of the financial, just follow these simple steps to a secure future. then handy hacks to make the coffee treats. and babies are adorable and mysterious.
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about tiny humans. first, here is what is trending now. grab a napkin and pull up a chair. we want to pass around to your friends and families and how much sugar the kids are consuming. that's trending right now. >> the american heart association just released the recommendations for children ages two to 18 saying that they should take in no more than 16 teaspoons so even one bowl of cereal is too much. they say that kids should only have one sweet beverage a week. here is something that may make it easier. a tax on beverages that went into affect in berkley, california is working in a big way. knocking down the pop
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in the city and even though that it was a cent per ounce. water is the clear winner. thankfully the recommendations are for kids because the next trending story is the pumpkin spice latta wars and we adults are ready for battle. >> pumpkin spice latta. >> people are as we prepare for the pumpkin spice latte. >> some people are more excited than others and some places are faster on the draw than others. >> he lost his pumpkin. >> dun dunkin' donuts is first of the gate and the fall drinks available and the rest coming on board by this monday. >> cool. >> then on wednesday it's mcdonald's turn to roll it out while starbucks the gold


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