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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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it is 4:30. troubling news out of italy about the search of those missing after the earthquake. >> those new details and the latest on the rising death count coming up in just a moment. plus. >> reporter: a license plate is supposed to be exclusive to your car, right? apparently not in colorado. there are duplicate plates and the question this morning, is the dmv doing anything about it? >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live on the 16th street mall. it's been one week since the private security force debuted. how re things going? we'll check live coming up. thank you for joining us on this prefriday. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm dayle cedars. there is no doubt we felt the change in the temperatures yesterday.
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on a hike. it's snow. not unusual this time of year, it's covering some of the highest peaks across the state. lisa, what about down here? will last today and tomorrow, and then more of a warmup for the weekend. back to summer-like temps. this morning we're in the 40s across the plains. you get up into the mountains, 30s. estes park 37 now. dillon it's 39. it's definitely a cooler start to o will be a good 10 to 12 degrees below normal. for the kids at the bus stop this morning, send them out with a sweatshirt, light jacket. between 8:00 and 9:00 at 57 degrees, and mid-70s by this afternoon. pretty pleasant. nice temperatures. more sunshine for the first half of our day today with a few thunderstorms this afternoon. that's what it looks like by 4:00. here's your first alert we could still see a little snow
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yesterday. we did have that little section of mount evans road between summit lake and the summit closed down because of that adverse conditions. we have good driving conditions on florida. you might see damp areas but shouldn't slow down your drive. a lot of green, including on the south side. road work on arapahoe at i-25. 225 the drive to the north dia. the death toll in italy is now more than 340 people, this comes after yesterday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake which has devastated several cities. >> we are learning from officials they are unable to determine the number of missing because they don't have a
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risk of landslides following the quake. >> this will continue to develop several days. we'll keep you updated on denver 7 and on our denver 7 app. tragedy in telluride after a glider crash killing two people. one of those killed is a local pilot, bob sanders. he ran a glider business in telluride. his passenger was also killed. the cause is under investigation. us, that guy swinging a plastic pipe along denver's 16th street mall has sparked calls for increased security in downtown denver. >> officials ddcided to add private security. jason gruenauer live on the mall to see how officers are doing. jason. >> reporter: the good news, as of this morning, no major incidents. no more of those viral videos,
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days since those security forces started patrolling. we've been here half an hour and we haven't seen the patrols, but they walk the beat all the way down and back. we'll keep you posted if we see them. the allied barton security force, this has been hired by the downtown denver partnership. this is a private security force on top of denver police here that will be patrolling the mall after businesses got fed up with th and wanted to see things change. the big concern when they were brought in, they don't carry guns or have the power to arrest you. they only focus on voluntary compliance of local ordinance. they can ask you to leave, but beyond that, it's calling police. there was uncertainty when they first started. again, no major incidents here. however, we want to inform you if you're walking down here on the mall this new sscurity, private security force, is not
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let's say homeless people or gatherings and things like that, denver police want to remind people that is not illegal. panhandling is not illegal. coming up at 5:00 we're going to look at hard numbers when it comes to crime down here on the mall, is it in fact down as denver police says? how big of an impact has this private security force had? we'll break it all down in about 30 minutes. reporting live along the street mall, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. this colorado sheriff arrested in northeastern colorado, accused of sexually assaulting an inmate at his house. tom hanna is now in an orange jumpsuit. he was in court yesterday where he learned it will cost him $250,000 to bond out of jail. sheriff hanna is accused of taking a developmentally mentally delayed inmate to his home and assaulting her.
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i don't want this to reflect poorly upon all rural sheriffs. >> the sheriff denies it, saying he took the inmate to his home to talk about the investigation and didn't want the other people in the small town see them talking. meanwhile, since he's in jail, state law mandates the coroner will become acting sheriff. in park county a former swat sergeant believes the tactics used in a deadly shootout in february were a mistake, never should have and killed and two others wounded. the former swat team leader says it should have been a swat call from the beginning. deputies were searching a high risk eviction on martin wirth, a man who threatened to kill police. >> there's no reason to go back in after, because it's so
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>> the police report says deputies talked about making it a swat call but the team leader decided that wasn't needed. more than 72 shots were fired inside that house. a cold case s coming back into light 32 years after a woman is attacked. rusty barnhart and another man are accused of raping a woman in 1984. now the suspect will std trial. it was an untested rape kit that led to the arrest. since the crime was so long ago, the suspects are now being charged with kidnapping. a serial bank robber is back at it. these pictures show the robber holding up the tcf bank on south broadway tuesday. his name is shawn scott, and police believe he's held up five basks since may. if you know where he is you are asked to call police. news alert this morning, now someone could be driving around with the same license plate number you have on your
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other driver's fault. the dmv is responsible. eric lupher joins us now. eric, the dmv is aware of this issue. >> reporter: dayle, they say they are working to fix it, but the question is how many duplicate plates are out there? there's a good possibility maybe somebody has a duplicate plate like you see on our news vehicle here. watch this, one man received a notice telling him he owes money. he never took the toll way. whoops. he found out it was another car with the same license plate number as his. turns out the dmv issued a duplicate number to another driver who lives in another county. it's a mistake that has arvid worried, obviously. the dmv says they are aware of this issue. the question is, what is arvid doing about it, what is he asking the dmv to do about it? you'll hear from him coming up
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creek, where's the money? the superintendent of schools there calling attention to the fact the school district has not received any pot money. the superintendent wrote a letter to parents explaining his district has not received any marijuana tax revenue. now the district faces a $20 million short fall for the next school year. earlier this year denver public school officials say they have yet to see money from marijuana taxes. >> they say what about the marijuana taxes? funding problem? we explain actually the amount of money that comes in from the marijuana taxes capped at $40 million for capital construction projects. really, zero dollars go into the classrooo. >> the superintendent wrote so far the only thing that legalization of marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana. we have an update on the denver youth hostel shut down for not being up to code.
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residents were moving their things out to stay in shelters to stay in hotels and we were there. the denver post says there was a gas leak. no word when it will reopen. soon you will have the chance to decide if our stateingwill back to denver -- will go back to primary elections. both measures had enough petition signatures to make it to the state ballot. pres state today for a private fundraiser in aspee. he was also supposed to talk about his stance on immigration during a speech in denver, but that's been canceled. university in afghanistan is now over. we have the latest on what happens and about the victims this morning. plus, we have the results of a lawsuit over ice cubes. yes, we're talking about ice
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sold in our state. on this thursday morning, it's chilly. upper 40s to low 50s early on. you're going to find highs this afternoon in the low to mid- 70s. by 4:00 denver at 75, with more scattered storms. here's your first alert it does
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4:43. let's give you a look at the
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world. we start in kabul. nearly 10 hours of violence is now over, leaving at least 13 people dead, after a siege at 3 the american university in afghanistan. among the victims, seven students. no group has claimed responsibility so far. police say the campus is now safe. good news this morning, archbishop desmond tutu is on the mend. he checked himself in a hospital in south africa yesterday. he is expected to stay in the hospital for at least a ek destruction this morning after at least three tornadoes ripped through several cities yesterday. more than a dozen people were injured. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence, also the governor of indiana, left the campaign trail to survey the storm damage. in canada officials there believe two tornadoes touched down last night. it brought down trees and caused other propertydamage. several homes were also left without power. we do know at least three people were hurt in one town,
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should be okay. want to check our weather. lisa has our first alert. yesterday felt cool. >> it was nice. today will be ccol, but we also get sunshine the first half of our day. the threat for severe weather is low today, but we will get thunderstorms this afternoon. denver now aa 51 degrees. we have quite a few neighborhoods in the mid- to upper 40s. it is a chilly start to our thursday. at city park it's just 48 now. 38 in allenspark. and 44 in conifer. with some sweatshirt, even light jacket wearable weather, i guess what we would say. mid-70s this afternoon, so still will be warm today. mild this afternoon. few degrees off from normal, a good 10 degrees cooler than normal. up into the mountains, upper 50s to low 60s there today. 70s and 80s on our western slope, and again, 70s will dominate, even down near pueblo
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below normal today, with a good chance of scattered storms later this afternoon. sunshine through about 12:00. and around 1:00 should see buildup of cloud cover. 2:00to 2:30 storms first in the mountains and things look active in time for the commute. between 4:00 and 7:00, we're expecting scattered storms and showers in denver, along i-25 from the palmer divide south to colorado springs. could get some pockets of our foothills are still seng scattered storms and even a little light snow once again above 12 to about 13,000 feet. overnight tonight we're nder a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky and we have storms and showers across southern and southeastern colorado into early tomorrow morning. friday we'll start to see more of a warmup. still below normal, but we're closer to 80 tomorrow, with another round of afternoon storms. it starts to get a little bit
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weekend. we'll see more isolated activity on saturday. broncos game, 83 for a high that day, which is likely at about 4:00, which means by kickoff we should see it looks like upper 60s to low 70s, and then low 60s by about 10:00. it will be cool. and we've got a slight chance for a few isolated thunderstorms saturday afternoon and saturday evening. we're missing a bright spot. >> what? >> 85 sunday and warmer next week. 90 by tuesday and wednesday. ooh. we do need a bright spot. we are so desperately needing that bright spot. hhre's a bright spot, i-34 heading to greeley wide open, looking nice, whether it's through johnstown, greeley, longmont, all in good shape. prospect restricted with that project they're working on west
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closures at arapahoe and i-25, doing more of the bridge work there. you're seeing some slowdowns, at least registering on the map. it's that widening project on e- 470. no delay down that way. crock, 85 is -- castle rock, 85 is wide open. the castle rock parkway, i have details when that will be opening, and i'll have that coming up. and we have details about something that could possibly help with traffic. in a few hours we're going to know more about the return of details are expected to be releaaed later today. >> the train ran for years of course. it stopped about seven years ago. now amtrak says it will bring it back between union station and winter park. ski shops are excited. >> for sure it will definitely help the store. it brings more awareness to how great colorado skiing is. gives it another option that a lot of other states don't have. >> not only will the train help skiers get to the slopes, but they also say it should reduce
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removing about 500 cars from the interstate. >> i like it. i'm glad it's back. check out this mound of dirt. -?it's piling up, this is in southeast denver. maybe you've seen it. this is the view from above as a massive denver water construction site near i-25 and hampden is underway. for the first time we got to see this $100 million project from the they have excavated three football fields worth of dirt. the project is set to be complete in the year 2020. prince fans listen up, you will soon be able tour the late legend's home in paisley park. if you donnt mind taking a trip to minnesota, that is. fans can start buying tickets online this friday for tours that begin in october. no word yet on the price. prince's sister said this is something he always wanted to
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permission from the city to use paisley park as a museum, recording studio and concert venue. you could call it 50 shays of fraud. a support -- 50 shades of fraud. 47-year-old brett gardner is convicted of securities fraud after convincing the owner of a pawn shop in longmont to invest $250,000 in the book series. gardner ll be sentenced inhed. cannot seem to catch a break. policies in the employee handbook have been deemed illegal, violating labor laws. the national labor relations board says the restaurant can no longer ban workers from criticizing the company on media and they must change a policy prohibiting workers from talking about politics and religion. do you think you're getting
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starbucks? a california judge through out a lawsuit against the company claiming a 24-ounce iced drink only has 14 ounces of fluid. the judge says the ice drinks should meet a reasonable person's expectations. >> i could give a 3-hour tour, there's that much information. >> stick around, we'll give you a back gearheads... and those with green thumbs. to the sticky... the stinky... even those who get a little icky. to all the beautiful mess makers, keep it up... with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can.
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the denver performing arts complex is the world's largest performance facility under one roof. >> it covers 12 acres. this week's 7everyday hero can take you behind the sccnes. >> from a 1950s version of taming of the slew. >> reporter: each month, barbara thorngren pulls back the curtain. >> this is the set for menagery coming up this fall. you get a preview of the set. >> reporter: she volunteers to give back stage tours. >> i am a tour ambassador. >> really, truly are the historians of this complex. >> i was a teacher for aalong time, so it's another form of teaching. >> reporter: barbara leads guests through the maze of magic behind each production. >> when an actor comes in they're going to take about 68 measurements so they know exactly how that actor is put together. >> reporter: past the sewing
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department, with its drawer of miscellaneous body parts. into the massive set shop. >> they can work on three sets at a time here. >> reporter: and onto the stage of the buell theater. >> how does it feel to be on the other side of the foot lights? >> sounds fun. >> it is fun. it's very fun. i wouldn't keep doing it if it weren't. >> reporter: no two tours are the same. but a favorite spot is >> the custom at this theater is while the show is on, the poster gets painted on the wall. then the cast and crew sign it during the show. >> reporter: and there to down it all are volunteer tour guides like barbara thorngren. >> i volunteer because i want to promote the things that i love. >> for all your years of volunteering here, check this out. >> ohh my. >> denver 7 and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado, want to make you a 7everyday hero.
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>> congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. it's 4:55. here's your first alert we are in for another cool day today. we'll be near 70 degrees by noon. some sunshine the first half of the day, and 75 by 3:00. scattered storms and showers in the afternoon, even through the early commute. looks like our threat for severe weather will be low today. 3 likely rain, lightning, thunder, even pockets of heavy rain. denver today at 75. getting up into the mountains we've got 50s and 60s for highs this afterno roads here and ttere, but won't slow down your drive. it's on the north side, west r side or through aurora now. it's a nice, easy, quiet commute, including getting out to dia. thank you, jayson. if you're driving one day and you see your license plate on someone else's car, there's a reason, and it's not a good one. >> we're going to tell you about the dmv's bigamies take. plus, ryan lochte may be
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sponsors, but one tv show is looking to pick him up. tried that apple cider vinegar detox? we have a warning for you this morning so stay tuned for
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it is 5:00 a.m. this morning tales of survival amid an earthquake's instruction. how the peoppe -- destruction. how the people of italy is getting through this. a serial rober strikes again. an easy way to go without getting stuck in traffic. felt like it was almost winter yesterday. >> very fall-like. >> we want to check in with lisa. >> not enough snow in the mountains yet togo skiing. they'll start making it soon. getting cold overnight in the mountains for that.. it will be in the next 30, 45 days. 49 degrees in denver. greeley 46. as you get up into the mountains some overnight lows in the mid- to upper 30s. we've got a pretty cool afternoon in store. some sunshine for at least the first half of our day.


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