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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. this morning tales of survival amid an earthquake's instruction. how the peoppe -- destruction. how the people of italy is getting through this. a serial rober strikes again. an easy way to go without getting stuck in traffic. felt like it was almost winter yesterday. >> very fall-like. >> we want to check in with lisa. >> not enough snow in the mountains yet togo skiing. they'll start making it soon. getting cold overnight in the mountains for that.. it will be in the next 30, 45 days. 49 degrees in denver. greeley 46. as you get up into the mountains some overnight lows in the mid- to upper 30s. we've got a pretty cool afternoon in store. some sunshine for at least the first half of our day.
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yesterday. today we'll get more and more scattered storms will develop by this afternoon and could get heavier rain by the evening commute. that's what our futurecast looks like by 5:00 tonight. wet roads tonight, lightning, rain, thunder. but our threat for severe weather is pretty low. that can make for a mess of the evening rush hour. now we're dealing with some of the drying conditions from the storms from last night. now we're looking at a pretty nice easy commute. here is i-25 near 104th avenuu, wide open. really the h side, i-76, 270 for at least right now. have this road work on arapahoe road under i-25 with road restrictions. they're lifting that now. e rest of the ride to the south side of town, including 470 and 285 looks really nice. starting to see a little bit of traffic, but overall a pretty easy commute. the death toll continues to climb this morning after a devastating earthquake hit italy early yesterday morning. at least 247 people are now
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search for survivors in the towns hit the hardest. there are three of them, including one full of tourists for a pasta festival. this video shows heros rescuing an 8-year-old girl. she had been trapped in the rubble, and hopefully more videos like this will come out today. closer to home to indiana, that's where three tornadoes touched down last night. more than a dozen people were hurt. fortunately, they will all okay. the state's governor, mike pence, will visit the affected areas today to assess the storm damage. near telluride investigators are trying to figure out what caused this glider to crash in the woods yesterday, killing two people on board. one of them was this man, he's e pilot and he's a local icon known as glider bob. -?he ran a glider business. his passenger also killed in the crash. this colorado sheriff is in trouble this morning after investigators say he sexually
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home. in court yesterday, the judge set bail at $250,000. tom hanna is accused of taking a developmentally delayed inmate to his home and attacking her. >> i have the up most confidence in the other sheriffs in my district. i don't want this to reflect poorly on all rural sheriffs. certainly the ones in my district. i have seven counties and six other sheriffs and i believe completely in their work and their agencies. ago with nearly 61% of the vote. he's due back in court next month. as sheriff until the sedgwick county commissioners appoint a permanent replacement. another official in trouble, this time the eagle fire district chief. kirk vogel was accused of stealing from his earlier department in sterling. denver police need your
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he's accused of holding up the tcf bank on south broadway this tuesday. his name is shawn scott and police think he has robbed five basks since may. this manhunt we brought to you yesterday morning isover. police caught russell daniels yesterday. 6,000 homes had to be put on lockdown. they caught him after he shot himself in the head. he was alert, they say, when taken to the hospital. all night, when officers responded to a call about this suspicious motor home. after running the plates, police learned the man inside was a felon with an extensive criminal history. when police approached daniels, they say he was uncooperative. he fired several shots they say before running away. they were able to arrest him without anyone getting hurt. hopefully scenes like this at the 16th street mall will be a thing at the past, now that
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patrolling the mall. jayson luber joins -- jason gruenauer joins us from thh 16th street mall a week since beginning their watch. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning. the big question everybody has is is this working? we decided to dive into thee statistics from the denver police crime map. this is accessible to anyone online to see if crime is down here on the 16th street mall, like police have said all along, and if this private security has anything to do with it. different incidents reported, everything from robbery to assault to just drunk people. fast forward to this past week of 2016, only 23 incidents, now that this private security force has been in place for the last seven days. it's impossible to say what was
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and what impact the private security firms are having. but we haven't had major incidents to speak of or report down on the mall. we've been telling you we're going to keep an eye out for the patrols that are supposed we saw our first one reporting for work at 5:00 a.m., one of the gentleman we've seen hhre before. we didn't see overnight patrol. but they go from the park on one end to the park on the other here. it's quite the distance to loop, so we may have missed them. but security, as part of the downtown denver partnership's crime down. g to keep that reporting live on the 16th street mall, i'm jason grnauer, denver 7. 5:06 now. this fall you'll get a chance to decide if our state will go back to the primary elections and end our presidential caucus system. voters will also get to decide whether unaffiliated voters can vote in the primaries. both these measures had enough signatures to make it to the state ballot. donald trump will be in
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talk about his stance on immigration policy. changed his mind, though. the fundraiser is private, costing as much as $25,000 per couple. there is a job fair in town this afternoon for veterans and their spouses. dozens of companies will be there today looking for nee workers. it's happening at mile high stadium from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. someone could be out there committing crimes with your license plate eric lupher is live to explain. eric. >> reporter: dayle, how about it's the dmv's fault, accidently giving out duplicate license plates. we've been in contact with the d. >> reporter: v. with the dmv and they're not telling us how many plates are out there. it's a concern, especially for people like arvid anderson, who contacted us and said he got a bill from a toll way, it was
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when he checked one of the pictures from the stations, it wasn't his car, it wasn't him in the driver's seat and the dmv admitted to him they gave out a duplicate number to another driver who lives in another county. he's not too concerned about the toll bill, but he is concerned about crime. listen. >> if there are duplicate plates around the state, and the other person commits a crrme, but somebody catches the license plate as he's driving away, then that plate, and i could be under surveillance. >> reporter: he makes a great point. the dmv says they are aware of this issue and working to fix it. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. 5:08 now. good news for those of us wanting to get to the high country without traffic. the ski train is coming back. >> yea! we are very excited to see this. the train is nothing new.
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stopped seven years ago. >> amtrak is bringing it back between union station and winter park. should reduce some of the i-70 traffic. some of it. it removes apparently about 500 cars from i-70 each day it runs. the makers of epipen are getting a lot of flak for raising their prices, but they're not the only drug what's causing ttose skyrocketing heights. peanut butter, many of us use it to hide a dog's pill in. why that is not such a good idea. it's almost 5:10 and on this thursday morning we temperatures in the 40s, low 50s. it's a little chilly outside. our normal high today is 86 degrees. we're once again looking at mid- 70s. coming up here's your first alert it gets warmer for saturday for the broncos game. details in just a few. still nice and quiet. keeping a close eye on 225, this section northbound of 225 around colfax.
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it is 5:13. welcome back to denver 7. a look from atop the denver 7 studios this morning. nice quiet start to the day. just 51 degrees. first want to tell you about sad news out of kabul. at least 13 people are dead and many injured after a siege at the american university in afghanistan. this attack ended about 10 hours after militants stormed both the attackers are dead. three officers and two security guards and a door man were killed. so far, no group has taken responsibility. now to south africa, where archbishop desmond tutu is in the hospital. he checked himself in the hospital yesterday. he'' expected to stay there for a week while getting treatment for an infection. by now you have heard about the extreme price increase for epipens, ssmething that can save your life during an allergic reaction. it's the latest example of
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families pretty hard. since 2009, the price has risen more than 500%. it's something a news employee here at denver 7 doesn't think is right. she relies on them for her son. >> it's kind of sad. it makes me really sad. because it is life or death. >> they have the market cornered in some respects. that's what makes it tough for the consumer, because they don't have much of an alternative. >> researchers at harvard medical school says fda a really long time. when the market has two generic versions, the price usually drops 55%. there is no doubt antibiotics do great things. apparently they can also lead to diabetes. that is what a new study in the journal nature micro biology found. they believe antibiotics could impact the bacteria which inflames the cells that
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peanut butter, look at the ingredients. >> it could contain something that is more than 100 times more dangerous to dogs than chocolate. instead of sugar, xylitol is if your dog eats it, your dog could become weak, wobblely, vomit and even refuse to eat competely. it can be found in mouthwash, toothpaste and vitamin. almost felt like fall yesterday. >> it does temperature-wise continue, but we'll see more sunshine this morning. pretty good combination, actually. a few low 50s. winds out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. it is a little chilly on this 3 thursday morning. upper 50s until about 9:00. at that point temperatures will start to climb back into the
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the bus stop this morning. you will find sunshine through midday today and temperatures around 75 by 4:00 to 5:00. so low to mid-70s covering northeastern colorado. some upper 70s to the southeast. our mountains overnight seeing a little more snow above 12 to about 13,000 feet and temperatures there this afternoon will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. allenspark you're aa 59. bailey today 63. and 65 in evergreen. this afternoon. we've got this morning some pretty clear skies. but by 2:00 our mountains will see some storms and this is what we're expecting by 5:30. 5:30through the eaaly evening a chance for scattered activity. even overnight might get rain, lightning, and thunder especially down south, as you get closer to the palmer divide, colorado springs north to castle rock, and east toward limon we could likely see some storms overnight tonight.
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mid-70s. tomorrow closer to 80. still below normal. this time of year normal high 85, 86 degrees. next couple of days we will see that number go down. in fact by the end of the month, on august 31st, our normal high will be 84. it is starting to go down. by saturday we're at 83, with a slight chance for a few afternoon storms. i don't think it will be enough to really mess with the broncos game saturday night. again, a little isolated we'll keep an sunday, 85, more sunshine. the bright spot on both days. it's beautiful. warming back up, though, next week. we're expecting some upper 80s to low 90s by tuesday into ?ednesday, which means that's pop tart number two, pop tart number three. jayson and i have this bet going. he said we were done with the 90s. we had some last weekend and more to come. >> we're not at tuesday yet, are we? >> i already won the bet. >> let tuesday worry about tuesday and wednesday worry
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ahead of our pop tarts. highway i-76 on i-25 and 36 to boulder here this morning, no issues on 93 or that drive through golden. easy driving on i-25. here's the outlets, and so we have that development going in here, the new castle rock parkway that will be connecting the meadows to highway 85 and i- 25. should be opening by just, let's say wednesday. i believe it's going to be some time maybe after the morning commute. looking like another week or so before they get that new road open that will alleviate a lot of congestion at founders meadows parkway. take a look at the drive down that way now, through castle rock. now it's wide open, all the way up into down denver. no issues for us there. look at this big dirt pile near i-25 and hampden in denver. it's part of a $100 million project to replace water storage tanks which have been
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last 100 years and will hold more water. >> this prooect is a good example of denver water investing in the future of our system, because we want to make sure we have a reliable, high quality system so you don't have to worry about it. >> crews will also build a new pumping station in the field where the old storage tanks are now located. the project is set to be complete in 2020. the u.s.s. independence under the ocean 65 years. >> the naay sank it on purpose after it was damaged during some atomic testing. you can see after nearly seven decades ii's intact here. ?here's even a hell cat plane still sitting on the deck. >> that would be neat to scuba dive near. does starbucks owe yoo
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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f0 welcome back. we want to give you a live look outside. nice and dark this morning, and wow, it is feeling a little fall-like. nine staff members at a men's prison in lincoln, nebraska are recovering after being attacked by inmates who would not go back to their cells. all nine workers were taken to the hospital and have been released. in orlando, the survivors of the gay nightclub massacre will not have to worry about % their medical bills. the two hospitals in town say
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gunman opened fire in june. 49 people were killed. the cdc is warning about a deadly condition you might not know much about. we're talking about sepsis. >> it's a potentially life- threatening disease. seven in 10 people who had recently been to the doctor had it and the doctor didn't recognize it. >> here's what you can do. it most often happens to people 65 years or older, as well as people with chronic medical condition or current infection of some kind. if that's you, you should talk to your doctor. catching it early can save your life. if you think starbucks puts too mucc ice in its drinks, stop there. it's what a federal judge said after throwing out a lawsuit against the coffee chain. the lawsuit claimed the 24-
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of fluid.. but the judge isn't buying that, saying the drinks meet a reasonable person's expectations. problems continue for the washington monument. the latest shutdown lasting longer than expected. it's about the malfunctioning elevators, which has caused it to close 24 times in a little more than a year. it probably won't be reopened until likely mid-september. the elevator system hasn't been updated since the late 196 change his image? looks like the disgraced olympic swimmer will be on the next season of "dancing with the stars." >> if so, it could be good news for him. he just lost a bunch of endorsement deals. the cast will be announced next week. >> next week. >> makes me feel old, how many seasons it's been on. >> seems like it just started. beautiful start.
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away froo that. our viera wireless cameras out east will show a lot more sunshine this morning. it's pretty dry, but it's pretty chilly. we'll be in the mid- to upper 50s at the bus stop this morning. kids might need a rain coat. but looks like most of our storms and showers will develop around 4:00 to 6:00, our best chance for storms. 75 for a high in denver today. we've got low to mid-70s co so very pleasant. it's ccld in the mountains this morning. here's your first alert we're in the 30s now in the high country. still so cold and so snowy that they have that section of mount evans road closed down to the summit from summit lake. we have a report of a semi broken down in the left lane. obviously a huge hazard, southbound side of i-25 near meade and mile marker 245. the guys in golden moving the camera around a little bit. not seeing it yet, but i'll keep an eye on that.
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this morning. thank you, jayson. 5:26now. a park county deputy should have never been put in the situation that led to his death, that's what an expert is saying. what he thinks went wrong. a local school superintendent pretty angry, saying his district has not gotten any marijuana revenue and he wants to know where's
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just about 5:30. it's been a week since private security officers began patrolling denver's 16th street mall. is that plan working? a student teacher killed in a wreck. and a park county deputy murdered while serving an eviction notice. his picture behind us here. what a swat expert says this
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should have been in that situation. people kicked out of this denver hostel. we know why authorities shut it down. one of our photographers finding a bit of snow on the top of mount evans. it's covering some of the highest peaks across the state. not that unusual in colorado this time of year. >> no, it should be. and thankfully the snow is there and not down here. but it was chilly this morning. in fact, i even turned on my seat heaters. >> did you really? >> yes. >> what? >> i turn i did. >> stop! >> it was chilly enough. i grabbed a sweater and put my heaters on. >> she has a convertible. lisa hidalgo has your first alert forecast. it is not seat warmer material. >> it was chilly. >> cooler this morning. temperatures in the 50s. but ssies now clearing after the overnight showers that we saw. jayson will show you potentially seeing damp roads out there this morning. we're at 49 at city park.


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