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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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colorado springs. but we still have dark skies overhead here in denver. as we go through the next 24 hours, this will clear off to the east, but we have a little bit more on the ay. so right here in denver mostly cloudy skies off to the west. the bulk of the rainfall has pushed through our region and it is making their way eastward, where it will be a little stronger here southwest of fort morgan and bennett, deer trail, also east of castle rock some heavy rainfall moving towards aggot as well. i also wanted to point western slopes as well, but we don't have any severe here across the state. n effect so really some good soaking rains, but also some lightning and hail as well. we'll talk about this and what we're expecting for tonight and tomorrow coming up. we have breaking news. there's about to be even less parking at mile high stadium. >> that is because cdot is buying parking space from the city to build their new headquarters. we'll have more on what this will mean for you.
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to be a problem for the defending super bowl champs. but where those fans are going to park as the season progresses will get trickier. we're on the south side. here in lot m we found out today cdot has agreed to buy a part of this parking lot for its new headquarters. that means where all these cars are parked by the second half of this year they won't be able to. 367 spots are disappearing for the second half of this season and all of next season. but when cdot finishes its building in 2018, there will be now you are probably thinking if they have enough money to build a nee headquarters, why can't they fix my pothole? that is a long answer that we're working on for denver7 at 10:00. the short answer if you have an older car, would you continue to spend money constantly fixing it or would you finally buy a new car?? we are tracking the impact on taxpayers and the bronco fans tonight at 10:00. marshall zelinger denver7. >> thanks, marshall. some bronco fans were not just
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steal a player's helmet. >> yes, that's right it happened right after practice. here is where you can help. the arapahoe county sheriff's office says that the guy witt the orange hat snatched the helmet, passing it on to the guy on the other side of him right in front of the bronco players and hundreds of fans, apparently it all happened after one of the players set it down to sign autographs back on july 31. now that helmet is valued at more than $400. well everything is okay now at legacy high school in broomfield after a lockdown a couple hours ago. police say that were yelling pro fanties in front -- profanities in front of the school. when they approached them, they motioned as if they had a gun. no guns, no weapons were found. both teenagers were arrested. now we want you to take a look at this, the denver public school van makes that mess. it slammed through two garages near 49th earlier today. no students were in the van i want to say and the driver is fine. no word with what caused that crash. now, we tell you about
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how one manmade the ultimate sacrifice for a friend. >> lisa hidalgo spoke to that friend saying that they did more than just ave his life. >> reporter: both men were walking back after a night of walking and talking, doing everything right. they waited. they got the signal that they could cross the street, which they did. and that is when everything went wrong. investigators say a drunk driver ran the red light and then lost control of his suv on sunday night. he hit 22-year-old dalton mccreary as he was on the crosswalk. before the suv flipped ending up at a walgreens parking lot. the driver christopher o'neil tarr tried fleaing, but witnesses stopped him. tarr is now charged with driving under the influence and vehicular homicide. jordan mulumulu was with mccreary that night and says he could have been killed that night, but he wasn't all because of what his friend did. >> i just remember him putting his hand on my back and telling
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and i started running and i could just feel his hand on my back guiding me across the street. >> reporter: dalton's friends and family plan to have the memorial service for him next wednesday. but here at 6:00 their special request for anyone with a motorcycle on how you can help honor dalton. reporting in aurora brendaliss gonzalez denver7. the homeless sued denver. now for weeks we've been telling you about the group homeless outloud, an a of denver and the chief of police for those homeless sweeps. >> now the group has filed a lawsuit. denver7 sally mamdooh joins us on exactly what's involved with the suit. >> reporter: in the 36 pages right here, they're asking the city and police to stop claiming the sweeps are simply unconstitutional. >> what do we do for the homeless community, where do we go? >> reporter: nearly everyone we talk to living on lawrence street has been told to move. >> i was one of the kids that
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everything going on. >> reporter: his story is echoed by the ten plaintiffs now suing the city of denver and their police chief for their ongoing homeless sweeps dating back to december of last year. the lawsuit claims that the homeless sweeps are unconstitutional and violates several rights. >> this is my sacred hood. >> reporter: he issglad that the suit is filed, but isn't confident that it will make a difference. >> you have no hope at all in this lawsuit? >> none whatsoever. i feel like it's going to make the police madder. >> reporter: norris jones has and hopes that it will stand up for his rights to call the streets home. >> that is their property. >> reporter: most people we spoke to who are not homeless seem to sidd with the lawsuit. >> i don't know that necessarily kicking them out is the right thing to do. >> we reached out to the mayor's office for a comment. but the office saad that the city has not yet received thee complaint. once they do they will evaluate the claims and have a response.
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denver7. >> thank you, sally. we have some sad breaking news to tell you about tonight. do you remember this teenager? he is the one who changed colorado's medical pot law. well he has died. that is jack split, 15 years old. he had just started high school at wheat ridge just last week. he had cerebral palsy, inspiring jack's law. that law allows medical marijuana treatment to be administered in our schools. our condolences to his family. all right, now to the latest in italy, the death toll continues to rise i'm afraid afte earthquakes. nearly 300 people now are confirmed dead, crews are still trying to get to those who may be alive buried in all that rubble. 17 hours after the 6.2 magnitude quake hit, cameras caught this, the rescue f a 10- year-old girl. she was pulled from the rubble. >> you know technology is pretty unbelievable. today the dna of a kiiler is turned into a composite image as aurora police try to get answers on an unsolved murder
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type of theft that might leave you dumbfounded. take a closer look at the man stealing a large flower pot off -?a front porch. the neighborhood facebook post says it all. a flower pot, wow, i'm speechless. but audrey kunin for one isn't surprised by the blooming breed of burglars. >> it is a nice neighborhood. people know that you have nice things. >> reporter: this theft is caatured on camera with one of the new video doorbells ring. this new technology is working because as soon as you step on toth properties, these doorbells are equipped with motion activated cameras, so you don't even need to ring the bells in order to be recorded, which is helping to catch thieves red handed. although this thief has not been caught yet. >> you have access to the information on your pocket. it doesn't matter where you are. >> reporter: edgar muldanado says that every evolving
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crime, catch dumb criminals, and give families a peace of mind. >> you are in front of your house, you cannot defend yyur house, but you know what is going on. >> reporter: the homeowner in this case lost an $80 pot and about $30 in plants. for now keep your eyes peeled for these dirt cheap flower pot prowlers. russell haythorn denver7. well tonight we're getting more details about the the ski train winter park. >> after a seven-year break, the colorado tradition is back for another denver7 mark boyle is in winter park with more. >> repooter: it'll be easier this year to hop into one of these at winter park as the ski train is back with all the money spent innimprovements. they're hoping that this time it is for good. after a seven-year departure from the rails from denver's union station to winter park, the ski train is back. >> winter park express will also come down the track. it'll stop here, unload, then lay over in fraser.
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union station around 7:00 a.m. on board a two-hour train ride. after a full day on the slopes, you can unclip and hop back on the train for a 4:30 departure back to denver. >> i've had phone calls, i've had e-mails. people are so excited about this. >> reporter: and the $39 one- way ticket kids riding with parents pay half of that. it's a big change from the ski train experience that some of you may remember. the new upgrades including a heated platform that will cost .5 pull 500 cars off of i-70 each weekend day. >> with the train your experience starts when you leave denver. so you have added the experience of the day. you don't just dread going home, you look forward to going home because you get to ride the train again. >> reporter: the ski train and and will be ada compliant running through the ski season. those in charge are hoping that it is here to stay. >> of course we have to recognize how the economics are performing on it, but we are
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and try to get it upand running. >> reporter: the first train of the season departs on january 7. it'll run saturdays, sundays, holiday mondays through the ski seasons. in winter park mark boyle denver7. >> i think we all hope that it will go well. >> i think you're right. next at 5:00, using the interstates. getting a closer look at cdot's design plan for expanding i-70. and closing after 95 years. the owner of patsies gets emotional with
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents
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right now there's some big plans for i-70. cdot has expanded its project. lance hernandez is learning new details about what will be included. >> reporter: cdot wants to replace this crumbling 50-year- old elevated section of i-70 from brighton boulevard to colorado boulevard and replace it with a new ffeeway below ground. a 2 1/2-block section between columbine and clayton will be covered with a concrete cap, essentially a bridge. this is the latest simulation from the air. p willook like you can see how the highway will be widened mainly on the north side. for all kinds of goodies will be placed on top of the concrete cap. >> yes, there will be a sports field. we're looking at an area for concerts, a splash park, play space, room for farmer's
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a very active and vibrant space for the community. >> reporter: this cap is something that many residentss asked for, but not everyone is on board with the total project. on denver7 at 6:00, we'll hear from residents who support the project and from some who are concerned that it will lead to more air pollution. lance hernandez denver7. well right now donald trump is in aspen for a fundraiser. originally today he was going to talk about his immigration plan in a speech. that speech was canceled though. recently trump has turned focus o minorities. he stopped saying that he would as president deport all undocumented immigrants. but he has only hinted at what he would do instead. before heading to colorado today, trump met with african americans and latino republicans in new york for a republican leadership initiative. now hillary clinton meanwhile has her own counter attack today in a speech in nevada. she says that trump embraces, this is a quote, "extremism, presents a view of america."
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developments with ryan lochte. rio police have charged him with making a false report of robbery. police said earlier today they want lochte to come to brazil to testify after he and three other swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint. surveillance video showed otherwise and lochte admitted that he exaggerated the claims. and now rumor has it that ryan lochte will hit the dance floor in september here on denver7, it's for season 23 on danci with the stars. apparently it was all decided before the scandal in rio. by the endorsement deal after being dropped from ralph lauren and speedo, pine brothers said that they are forgiving and lochte tweeted, "i look forward to making you proud." a lot of people are disappointed after the announcement at patsy's inn that will stop serving. it's denver's oldest italian restaurant opened for 95 years. well we talked to one of the owners who said that it is sad to say good-bye.
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history is -- talk about the memories, they cannot come up with any memory that it is not a good one. there is just so many weddings at the tables, impromptu, pregnant women coming in saying that i've been pregnant long enough that i want to have this baby tomorrow, i'm eating pasta. guess what it works and they bring the baby in on the way home from the hospital. >> i'm sure a lot of you have memories of that place as and the owner cites health reasons for shutting it down. >> i've never heard that pasta line. >> it's a good one. here is something to celebrate the u.s. national park service is celebrating its 100th birthday. >> happp birthday national parks. instead of a party, we all get to go to the national parks for free this weekend so you can see all the beautiful mountains and the scenery free of charge now through sunday. there are four national parks in colorado. and on, we have a list of the must-see
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problemaaic, the scenic lake trail in loveland lake. this moose along with two others have been there, relaxing for a couple of days. the trail has been shut down because of them because they could be dangerous and hikers were getting too close. now you cannot help, but smile at this adorable baby -?bears. i know, look closely. this is near cheesman reservoir. you really do need to look closely to see the little guys playing on the rocks. but do not get too close because you can bear keeping a very close eye on her cubs. very close eye while the babies are swimming. well, we haven't really had swimming weather outside the last couple of days. it's been very cool and we've had a lot of rainfall. it is moving through the metro area now. we have very dark skies especially across the eastern plains. new rain for colorado and with the very ominous looking storm clouds out there at this point. we've also had snow that has fallen at pike's peak and up around loveland.
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well above 13 and 4,000 feet.$14,000 feet. we'll stay cool throughout tonight and tomorrow. then things will start to change going through the weekend. we will heat it up and dry it out. but for right now this has been some much-needed rainfall here for the urban corridor as you can see the line of showers pushing across into the eastern plains. that is why we are starting to see all the dark clouds on the horizon from some of those verizon wireless cameras. but as you see around denver most of the rain out. we still have some cloud cover sticking around, but most of it to the east of i-25. definitely heavier a little further to the south frrm fort morgan back towards leader with rain and thunderstorm activities, a lot of lightning associated with the cells. nothing severe at this point. yes, a big batch of rain moving overhead. could have very small hail in it, but definitely the rain coming down at a very good clip. as for the western slopes some substantial thunderstorms coming through your area as well. we will continue to keep an eye
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higher elevations, this is where we will get some of the rain mixed wiih snowwthe higher that it goes in elevation. as for the drought monitorr this is much needed here for the urban corridor because we have very dry conditions, drought conditions here for our area. so we definitely need more soaking rains. 70 degrees is as warm as it got today. 86 is normal and 99 the record. tonight we'll have overnight lows in the 50s. tomorrow highs back in the 70s once again. we'll have scattered showers during the day. start and then 78 going home with a few storms into the afternoon. our severe weather risk is still low, but it extends out into southeastern colorado and up north near sterling. now as for our future cast tonight by 9:00, you see that we still have some rain between colorado springs and denver and then it clears out by midnight across the entire state. we will have a pretty good looking condition throughout most of the day tomorrow with a few more scattered thunderstorms in the heat of the day if you can call it that
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it out for your weekend. tonight 53 degrees. scattered showers once again, then tommrrow highs in the upper 70s. possibly some mid -- mid-70s as well. 69 for evergreen and 78 for erie tomorrow afternoon. the low 80s for the western slopes and 70s mostly for the eastern pllins for us. on the seven-day forecast, you'll see how the rain goes away that our temperatures are really going to warm up over the weekend and into next week. if you are missing the sunshine in the 90s, they do wednesday and thursday. all right, you heard the avs have a new head coach, his name is jared bednar and he knows what it is like to lift a
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welcome to 7 sports xtra -?and welcome the avalanche's n head coach jared bednar raising the calder cuu this year right here as head coach of the ahl champion. now jared is 44, no nfl experience, but two championships in the fits the avalanche to a tee. look that no nfl experience thing is not a problem for joe. >> i won two stanley cups with coaches who didn't have head coaching experience when they come in or that they came in. you know, the best coaches around that came right from the american hockey league. i look at the track record and i place a lot of value in winning championships. and i know that jared is one in the east coast and that he just won the calder cup. >> all right, now to dove valley today.
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is going in as quarterback after trevor siemian. i hope that it is paxton lynch. i want to see more of the rookie. i think that we know what mark sanchez is about. is mark going to get any better or worse? i think that he is what he is, but siemian and lynch, who knows how good they can be. gary kubiak wants to know as he praised paxton this morning telling us that he is very excited about his progress, he had a very good week of practice, and he's going to be a fine young player. gary doesn't have any worries going into the season with the starting quarterback with no experience. look, most job not this one. this is how much experience will play in gary's decision. >> zero, zero. i'm looking at what is taking place over the last six months, how they are handling themselves, how they handle the team, how they respond to things. that's what i'm looking at. >> and as far as looking at the leadership qualities of the quarterback and the fact that trevor siemian is not a jump around yell and scream kind of guy, runningback c. j. anderson saas that it plays zero part of the team leader.
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>> he is just so calm. something about him. he's calm and composed, you know, that he does not get worked up. nothing really gets to him, you know, and that when you see somebody like that with that kind of confidencc you look at them even though that he does not have the nfl snap under him and you say that there is something about that kid that makes you want to ppay for him. >> wow, something about that kid. >> that's glowing. >> we'll see him on saturday
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tonight, the new tornado threat as we come on. millions bracing for storms tonight. 35 reported tornadoes already. the state of emergency declared, an ef-3, tearing through a starbucks. the threat from texas, all the way north. donald trump calls hillary clinton a bigot. trump's own supporter behind him reacting. then late firing back, asking which campaign is really promoting racist lies? and trump, moments ago, doubling down, when asked if clinton is really a bigot. pulled from the rubble. the stunning scene. 17 hours after that deadly earthquake. the 10-year-old girl pulled out alive. the air scare. the radar vanishing at two major american airports. pilots suddenly forced to circle. some diverting.


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