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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:35pm-11:01pm MDT

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to start the week next week, and then we'll have a lot of sunshine on wednesday and thursday, and you can tell our temperatures start to warm up once the sun shines and we get rid of the rain fall moving through. >> well the cuddle business will make a killing. have the broncos covered inside and out. troy is here to talk about the quarterback ompetition that
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good evening. and welcome to 7 sports xtra. the broncos won ppe-season game three over the ram, so the big question is here did siemian win the starting quarterback job. here to answer that, mr. insider mr. outside. troy rank and woody page. welcome to the show. let's not beat around the bush or hem and haw about this.
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>> trevor siemian is the quarterback. he'll start on september 8th. no big deal. he's only going to be the first northwestern quarterback to start since graham. >> yeah, i covered that [ laughter ] >> you put the question did he win the job, but no, the other guy last the job, if you do a backspac go to default you see delete control delete. that's exactly. trevor didn't really do enough during training camp and during the exhibition games to win the sanchez losings the job -- ark losing the job, not only that job, but maybe his place with the denver broncos in the next couple of days. >> well nobody won the job, the
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leen, but that could be -- harsh, ut that could be trevor siemian. kubiak could announce the decision tomorrow. here's what he said about trevor after last night's game. >> i think he's very calm. i can tell by the way he handles the team in the huddle, he has control of what's going on. you know i think what i see is i see a guy betting better every time out and working really, really hard. >> all right, last time a 7t quarterback for that team was 11 years ago. solid last night, not spectacular agginst the rams. no quarterback as we said has been spectacular, that's why we're in this spot right now.. trevor threw his first pre- season touchdown pass. it's a bomb. one yard. he's 27 for 43, 285 yards, a touchdown and two picks. i guess that's good enough to be the starting quarterback for
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about this last night. >> as a group we have a lot to work on, and we're just focused on getting ready for columbine, so i'm not -- carolina, so i'm not worried about me too much. >> we have no choice, it have to be comfortable whoever the center is, so we have to play ball and make plays, but we'll be comfortable no matter who it is. >> you know over the past i've seen mark do great things, and paxton, and trevor as well. you know whatever coach and the leadership make it's comfortable. it's not going to change how we play defense. we'll still go after the ball and have the effort. >> all right, guys, i mean you get the feeling that whoever is the quarterback we're going to go with it that it really doesn't matter because the
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is that kind of a mistake for the broncos to kind of down play the importance of their quarterback? >> it's a situation where once again it's trying to be a mistake-free football team. well, last night we saw an interception for trevor. we saw an interception from paxton, so it's not a mistake- free football team. i continue to look at it and say the defense cannot win every game as it did last no, maybe it can. the question i ask you in return troy, is if peyton manning stale living in -- still living in denver and wanted to come back today would you let him? >> not at age 40. >> and not with this offense. >> right, square peg, round hole, it didn't fit. just put lynch in in the shot gun. >> well, he beat the panthers
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beyond beyond yards a team ever had. the defense scored six touchdowns this year, that's >> if you can convince john elway and gary kubiak, yes inept to go with the -- they want to go with the young guys, but if you ask who could get you back to the super bowl and win it, you're lacking that leadership and control on the field, and a guy that wwuld be healthy thissyear. >> for how long? he'd be healthy practices. >> >. well, i'm just saying since the train -- >> it's going off the tracks! >> i don't know about peyton manning, but i'd take osweiler for sure right now. you talked to someone close to mark sanchez, the forgotten man, who knows the situation and what the future ight hold tuberculosis mark. >> he's in a -- for mark.
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looking at stats he won the job, but he's haunted by his past. when he turns the ball over it's like oh no, here we go again, bbt could he come back as a back up if he takes a pay cut? as of this evening he hadn't been approached about a pay cut, but there's still a chance, and they could also trade him and keep the salary or bring in an older guy just to play this week. but sanchez is not going to the second string at that cost. >> yeah, we know they're not going to trade him. he's got a million in his bonus already in his pocket, but if he were willing to take two and a half million dollars less, play for a million dollars, that's the going rate for a guy that's a third quarterback, but here's the problem with him coming back, if you have him you have to keep him on the
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lynch can go to the practice squad, but then yates is out there. >> as a straight free agent. >> right, bring him in, he made 750,000 with the texans, he knows the system, he could come in and play in the arizona game if you don't want to risk both the quarterbacks, so there'sologists and a -- there's options, and agents you could bring in for a third or less of what you're paying him. >> last night a lot of people just said start lynch, and if sanchez didn't win the job and siemian has been just okay, let the rookie learn on the job. could he be much worse? or did he take a step back last night? passer rating 58.8. he said after the game there's no way when he'll take command of the offense and be ready to play.
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question because i can't say three games into the season i'll be a full 100 percent comfortable, so i can't really answer that, but i'm preparing to play whenever i need to play. >> so paxton not saying he should be the starting quarterback, but after last night, watching him last night you don't feel you can go in with siemian as a starter, lynch as the back up and nobody behind them? >> well i think this, that you guys need to calm down >> paxton lynch is playing with third and fourth stringers, guys cut on tuesday. the idea for kubiak was to play him with the first unit. did he do that last night? no, he put him in the in the second half, playing as usual with guys that will be free agents soon, so i think it's unfair to judge him based on that. i think he was trying to open up the offense last night.
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scope of the game, but physically i thinn he's ready to play. if i was in control i'd have him as the quarterback. >> i'd be a little worriedth about affecting his confidence if he went in now. i don't think he's ready. maybe in a month. not now. we have to take a break, but when we come back more broncos talk. we'll switch to defense, and talk to von miller. and the rockies too
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y23emy yvpy welcome back to the cardinals and texans. let's check in with brock
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griswald in vacation. scored a touchdown on the next play. second quarter deep to will fuller. got it for a 26-yard touchdown. 11 for 13, 146-yard. and denver's own nascar team, furniture roww the 78 car, truex jr. taking the lead, and led for 7 lap, and then a green flag it stop, the tire jack jacked before the tire was stabilize, and the car was damaaed, never the same. martin finished 20th. still 10th in the chase. kyle larson took the checkered flag. >. and arenado got it started quickly with the rockies. blackmon and his amazing beard both scored. nolan was four for four, 35th homer of season.
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home tomorrow to -- in the series. home tomorrow to host the yankees. and back here with woody and troy. broncos asked colquit to taken a pay cut. >> yes, this year he might not be as willing. last year he was. he could get cut and get a job. >> he's not going to. he did it last year, an he wasthe second most valuable player in the super bowl last year, and they've kind of forgotten about that. the job he did punting, i didn't thi he's take a job this -- he'd take a pay cut this year. >> including carolina. >> eight punts for dixon last night von miller had a sack last night.
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missing the off season work outs could be the best thing that's happened to him. gave up less than 40 points. you talked to him last night troy. >> i feel good. any conditioning level, i feel before than i ever felt before with my conditioning, with the ?peed of the game, you know, i'm feeling comfortable out there, and just ready to go back to the regular season. want to take full advantage of that time. i don't want to say we're ready to go right know, thursday, we'll be ready to go. >> all right, cuts are coming before tuesday, right. on the defensive side some really tough cuts because they have some great young player, but somebody has to go. >> yeah, i mean looking at nixon, you look at dora the explorer, the defensive end. he's on the bubble. they have guys that will play other places. >> >. when you have 12 dozen defensive backs, you're not going to keep that many. really the first round of cuts,
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8 guys. i looked at it last night, that are not going to be, forgive me for disagreeing with me, not going to be difficult cuts, but then the next round will be tough. thii team has more depth in the 42 years i've ever seen the team. particularly linebacker, and even on the defensive line, even losing lance walker. they'll have a great deep of depth, particularly at linebacker. all right, time break. when we come back you have to
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all right championship game of the little league world series. usa versus south korea, and america won the title. the team from end well, new york. isn't that appropriate, end well it did. 24-0, perfect one of the championship. it's the first title for the us since 2011. all right, troy and woody, one more pre-season game thursday night against arizona. is it a little more important this time around? >> not terribly, just stay healthy, and find out your returners and special teams, the punter, holder, and who's returning punts and kicks. >> >. the only position that's we've not seen anyone other than virgil green, and the offensive line is still shaky,
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that thursday night. >> all right, guys, thanks so much, now over to stacey donaldson and adam. >> hello! >> hello! >> all the fun is over soon, back to work tomorrow. >> afternoon highs in the 80s the next few days, and more sunshine toward the end of week. not bad at all. >> all right, fantastic.
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