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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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good morning, america. storm watch. a tropical storm warning for the carolinas. one of three big systems growing in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert for heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous winds. out west, two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii. >> scandal in the clinton campaign. hillary's closest adviser huma abedin now separating from her husband anthony weiner after donald trump already on the attack calling it a national security issue. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married >> how clinton's campaign is reacting this morning. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. ten cars piled up trapping a woman inside a burning car. brave bystanders rush to the scene and pull her free. the all-out search for the good
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte now heading to "dancing with the stars." before he takes on the ballroom he's here for his first live interview answering tough questions about the scandal in rio and his relationship with his teammates only on "gma." and good morning, america. how about that announcement? let's take a look. ryan lochte standing by here live in times square. surprised a lot of us with an announcement he's going to be on "dancing with the stars." >> he was booked by the "dancing" team before the controversy at the olympics. we are revealing the list of all of the names on the show and this morning ryan lochte will be here answering questions about those new charges in brazil when we speak with him in just a few moments. we are also remembering gene wilder this morning. what a giant in hollywood. you see him right there. his humor and heart touched so many lives. what a sweet face. what a sweet man. we'll get into that coming up. first those two tropical depressions brewing in the atlantic threatening rough
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two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii as many families enjoy their last week of summer vacation. ginger, you got your eye on a lot of storms. >> i don't remember the last time i've seen this many storms on a map. it is td number 8. quite a bit of rain with it. the tropical storm warnings in place for coastal north carolina and there along the outer banks. the path takes it out to sea after today. it's quick but that's why we have our linzie janis in nags morning. >> reporter: good morning. as that depression gets closer and closer to shore, the winds are picking up as you said offshore it's packing sustained winds up to 45 miles per hour. as it brushes this area later today and into tonight, it is expected to bring heavy rain as it brushes past this area. later today and into tonight, also the waves are picking up as you can see. one of the big concerns are the rip currents.
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life guards are warning people not to get into the water. it is simply too dangerous. also, the good news is as you the bad news is for those people trying to enjoy a last week of summer vacation, well, they could get hit twice. it could come up the coast here later on this week. ginger. >> that is exactly right. let's look at that other tropical depression which could be strengthening into a storm very quickly. hurricane hunters are investigating at this we're most concerned about it between tallahassee and tampa hitting as a tropical storm. that's what's in effect. fly to the pacific. you got to see madeline headed toward hawaii. the rough side of it could be a category one as it brushes past, and then lester right behind. a lot going on. i can't emphasize that enough. i'll have a whole lot more in moments. >> you certainly have your hands full.
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officials across the country on alert after reports hackers targeted voting systems in illinois and arizona. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us from washington, d.c. with all the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the fbi is increasingly concerned about the potential of a cyberattack in the coming november election. following those attacks in arizona and illinois, the fbi sent out a bulletin calling on states to check for suspicious activity. arizona election officials are saying the attack on that state may have been based in russia and comes amid suspicions that russian intelligence officials were behind a recent hack against a democratic national committee, amy. >> pierre, we're hearing from a very powerful u.s. senator who is expressing his grave concerns. >> reporter: yes, senator harry reid, the democratic minority leader from nevada wrote a letter to the fbi director expressing concern that russian intelligence officials may be taeting the election. in the letter reid tries to implicate the trump campaign but
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challenged by trump and his surrogates. >> pierre thomas with the latest from d.c., thank you. we move on to that bombshell involving hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abedin announcing she's separating from her husband, anthony weiner, amid reports of another sexting scandal, the third one for weiner who is forced to resign from congress five years ago when the first ones became public. >> reporter: sources tell me hillary clinton's closest aide has been with her family and her boss in the hamptons where clinton has been fund-raising. her son right there with her. this announcement of the separation did not come as a surprise to people close to abedin. as you said this is the third time in five years anthony weiner finds himself at the center of some very embarrassing headlines. just about as soon as this tabloid cover hit newsstands huma abedin hit send on a statement announcing her split from anthony weiner saying after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. this latest allegation accusing
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while his young son was next to him in bed. it comes after a sexting scandal in 2011 that forced him to resign from office. weiner heckled as he made the announcement. >> i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> all: yay! >> reporter: then two years later, another sexting scandal. it doomed his bid for mayor. >> let me just reiterate to my wife how sorry i am. >> reporter: behind the scenes -- >> can you leave the room for a second? >> reporter: a documentary filming all the cringe-worthy moments of that tumultuous time. >> it's like having a nightmare. >> reporter: but in front of the cameras abedin stood by her man. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the couple has been estranged for months. their last known public outing in may on the red carpet at the met gala. abedin, hillary clinton's closest aide, has been in the clinton's inner circle for two
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the former president. donald trump turning the separation into a political attack. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married to him. >> reporter: calling it an issue of national security. >> huma abedin has access to classified information. it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. >> reporter: well, you heard donald trump there. he is not holding back so is the clinton campaign worried that them? they don't seem to be, george, one source telling me huma has to do what's best for her and her family. >> let's talk about it with political analyst matthew dowd. the clinton campaign, a personal issue, painful for huma abedin but you saw donald trump pouncing on it there. how deep does this cut in the campaign? >> there are so many things to say about this and to quote gene wilder as willy wonka there is no earthy way of knowing which direction this campaign is going.
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you're breaking new barriers every day. >> i mean it's hard to fault huma once you married to quagmire from "the family guy," it is a problem for the hillary clinton campaign because in the course of the whole thing, voters look at this, not hillary supporters and trump supporters aren't going to like it but sort of independents look at it and say do we really want to go back to all this again? >> it's trouble. >> but we really have to draw a line around her private life, and this is her husband. campaign. >> meantime, donald trump continues to be bedeviled about issues about race and saw david duke, the former clan member talking about supporting trump and running for senator in indiana. and trump disavowed that and has a pastor tweeting hillary clinton in black face, yet, we've seen from some of the recent polls he appears to at least stop the bleeding. >> when you take a look at the average of the polls, he's almost where he was preconvention when he took a hit after the convention and the mistakes that were made in this race. he's back to where it was.
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be changed fundamentally until the debates. >> you have reports of russian involvement in the elections. this could create a real crisis of confidence in whatever the outcome is. >> when we reflect back on what happened in 2000 when there was a sense that there wasn't a legitimate president elected because of what happened in florida, we're back in that same case again. if people feel russia is involved many will look at the aftermath and not accept it. >> thanks very much. >> a passenger tryi to open a door in midair and another flight greeted by emergency crews after a suspicious item was spotted on board that plane. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with those details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. in that first incident the calmness of an alaska flight attendant is cited as a situation that was happening at more than 30,000 feet in the air. new video this morning of the man taken off an alaska airlines jet after he reportedly tried to open a door during a flight. >> he said he needed to cancel
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>> reporter: the plane with 187 on board was flying to seattle from jfk when the man began yelling he needed to get off the plane. the pilots quickly diverting to minneapolis with a bit of wit on the radio. >> we're going to end up dropping off one of our passengers early. this customer having a difficult time working well with others. >> reporter: they escorted him off the aircraft. >> the air marshals were there quick and the flight attendants sort of surrounded him. >> reporter: that man is currently in a minneapolis hospital. some other tense moments f a southwest plane with 89 passengers and 5 crew taxiing for takeoff in albuquerque, new mexico, a suspicious item was spotted in the cabin. emergency crews surrounded the boeing 737, alarmed passengers immediately evacuated onto the tarmac. the plane was taken to a remote part of the airport grounds and searched. and nothing was found in that search. nothing suspicious. so the passengers were rescreened. they were on their way in about
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gives you a sense of the tension of flyers these days in america. >> you see it every single day, thanks very much. now to the growing debate sparked by colin kaepernick. the pro quarterback's national anthem protest has drawn a barrage of criticism. others including the white house defending his free speech rights. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, it's not tacklers that 49er quarterback colin kaepernick is dodging but a growing swarm of critics. fans burning his number 7 jersey. >> move to canada. >> reporter: a sentiment on monday echoed by donald trump. thing. maybe he should find a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. >> reporr: the famously tattooed kaepernick drawing flack for sitting on the bench at a preseason game last week as the rest of his team stood for the national anthem. that sit-down, a stand, he says, he was making against racial injustice. >> i'll continue to sit, i'm going to continue to stand with the pele that are being oppressed. when there is significant change
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represents what it's supposed to represent, i'll stand. >> reporter: even the white house weighing in. >> reporter: while the nfl does not require its players to stand for the anthem, kaepernick says he won't actively recruit his teammates to follow suit and in what could be seen as a truce, team leaders at the 49ers have agreed not to openly criticize him. the same can't be said for former teammates like alex boone whose brother is a marine. >> you have to show respect. especially in this position that we're in where we're playing a game for a living. it's shameful. >> reporter: kaepernick said he would encourage others to join him but his anthem sit-in has attracted followers. mike tavares said he will sit out the national anthem. kaepernick says he's committed to boycotting "the star-spangled banner" for the rest of the season. >> matt, thank you. now to a search for answers after a murder on cornell university's ivy league campus. a student from a nearby college
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his family says because a young woman was bumped into at a party. abc's gio benitez is on the scene there in ithaca, new york. gio, good morning. >> amy, good morning. police at cornell say you can see in surveillance video that other students were recording that fight. but none of them have come forward. 19-year-old anthony nazaire, a sophomore, worked hard all his life to escape the inner city streets shlgs but hisif cruelly cut suddenly short after an altercation on the campus of one of the most elite schools in america. cops launching a massive manhunt for possible suspects. it all began when nazaire a sophomore at ithaca college went to a party at nearby cornell university. his friend shared this video with us. showing nazaire dancing with fellow partygoers shortly before his murder. now this morning nazaire's sister is sharing heartbreaking new details.
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accident, and he apologized. the both of them apologized. even my brother apologized and he didn't bump the girl. they seen that it was a situation that was going to escalate to more than it was supposed to be. >> be advised i have two patients. patient number one unresponsive, stabbed in the upper left quadrant of the chest. go ahead and send a helicopter. >> we've had a lot of videos that have been submitted by folks that were in the area. that video has helped us put together but not quite everything yet. ? >> reporter: as the ithaca community mourns nazaire's family is left grief stricken with so many questions. >> i don't understand how someone could just take someone's life away like that. >> reporter: and overnight the family attorney releasing a statement saying this, the family wants the person responsible for his death to be apprehended and accountable with a sentence of life in prison. amy.
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we hope they certainly get that justice. thank you so much, gio. we turn now to some dramatic video from a ten-car pileup in upstate new york. take a look on the left as a tractor trailer comes crashing into several cars there in a construction zone igniting a fire and pinning a white car into the barrier. you see there was a woman trapped in the driver's seat. well, bystanders rushed in to extinguish the flames and then pull that driver out. carrying her across the highway to safety. the tractor trailer reportedly had faulty brakes. the mayor of binghamton released e find those brave people and recognize them for their heroic efforts. >> so selfless right there. okay, we switch gears and celebrate the life of gene wilder. the hollywood legend's unique blend of comedy and empathy touched generations of fans. he's died at the age of 83 after a battle with alzheimer's. abc's david wright is here with a look back at a remarkable man
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good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. nobody could panic quite like gene wilder, right? even when he wasn't doing the full-on freakout he had such vulnerability and comic timing that you got the sense at any moment he just might lose it. >> i cannot function in these conditions. you make me extremely nervous. >> reporter: whether he was playing an accountant in "the producers" or the doctor in "everything you want to know about sex." >> i am in love with a sheep. >> reporter: gene wilder could make you laugh without speaking a word. >> oh. >> reporter: married in the '80s to comedienne gilda radner here they are on "gma" 30 years ago. >> what would surprise people about you all in your private lives? >> i think people always expect we go home and like i sit in a chair and gene does scenes from his movies and then he sits down in a chair and i do characters and we're just laughing all the time. i think they'd be surprised at how kind of ordinary we are. >> we just want to have love in our home and not worry about the
7:17 am
>> reporter: when she died of cancer he set up a charity in her name. we've now learned his own health had been failing for years. he struggled with alzheimer's but chose to keep it private. preferring his fans to remember him in his prime. ? come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imination ? >> reporter: as the musical and slightly menacing willy wonka or as the frankenstein. >> that's frankenstein. >> i beg your pardon. >> my name, it's pronounced frankenstein. >> reporter: sorry. >> why isn't it frederick frankenstein? >> it isn't. it's frederick frankenstein. >> i see. >> you must be igor. >> no, it's pronounced igor. >> reporter: the straight man
7:18 am
>> reporter: whether he was silent or paraphrasing shakespeare. >> we are the musicmakers. and we are the dreamers of dreams. >> reporter: according to his nephew he died holding hands with his wife of 25 years and his family hearing ella fitzgerald sing "somewhere over the rainbow." mel brooks who directed him in three movies tweeted that he blessed every film he did with his magic, and he blessed me with his friendshi he will be missed. >> beautiful. >> he wanted to keep those going. you mentioned his nephew and talked about how he receded in recent years. he didn't want children to see him suffering with alzheimer's. he said he couldn't -- >> everybody knew him as willy wonka. >> he couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world. >> wow. >> thank you, david. over to ginger. >> straight to that tuesday
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good morning. it is beautiful. we have sunshine for the eabo bright one. you'll find aamix of sun and clouds early on. temperatures that will top out near 80 degrees. denver and highlands ranch both at 80 today. upper 60s to low 70s in the foothills. we are still going to see a few scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. does not look as intense as what we saw yesterday especially down near the >> coming up here ryan lochte for his first live interview since the olympics opening up
7:20 am
rio and his new adventure on "dancing with the stars." and caught on camera shocking video showing a mother cheering as her 4-year-old son is thrown off a bridge. the child is now okay, but police now investigating. the big question, will she be
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jay cutler deputies are investigating on what lead two dogs to attack and kill a woman and injury her son. the dogs are in quarantine. they are terrier pit bull- mixes. in adams county investigators are investigating how a 6-month-old girl died the girl's family called 9-1-1 yesterday morning after she would not wake un. the baby's family is cooperating. on this tuesday it is beautiful. look look at the airport. you can see sunshine. just a few clouds this morning. more sun for the first half of our day. second half we are going to see a few scatteeed thunderstorms. that's what it looks like by 2:. here along the i-25 corridor it is not nearly as intense as what we saw yesterday afternoon. but we are still dealing with
7:24 am
you'll find some scattered thunderstorms through the early evening. deer at a 20% chance for a few storms. overnight skies will be pick up to the northeast. on wednesday afternoon we'll see some afternoon storms. more isolated tomorrow. 82 on wednesday. 85 on thursday. it is warmer through the end of
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big problem now is getting into downtown from side. northbound side of i-25 after you casee the ba up is rock solid. that's the northbound side. this is the southbound side from the sunshine. take a look at the map. it is not a fun drive on the northbound side or southbound side of i-25. it is going to be a lot of extra time. latest accident is highway 36 on the eastbound side into the sun before i-25. center lanes blocked up. heavy from pecos.
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on c-470 across highlands ranch. northbound side is very busy. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
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looking. welcome back to "gma" looking live at ryan lochte. he'll open up about that scandal in rio and learn about his future. the carolinas facing a tropical storm warning. three big storm systems spin now in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert during thisas summer vacation. heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous wind could all be moving into that area. and then hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin making headlines this morning announcing she is separating from her husband, anthony weiner following a new sexting scandal. we'll have much more on that in our next hour. >> that's coming up. jesse palmer here this morning. you have an answer to a big question from the vmas. where was taylor swift. >> that's the big question everybody is asking. taylor swift leaving a noticeable mask space.
7:31 am
nothing to do with her bad blood with kanye west. >> ding, ding, ding. puns already at 7:30. >> on fire tuesday morning. >> looking forward to that. ryan lochte joining us for his first live interview since the olympics and the international incident, his actions set off. he will join us in a moment to address august of that and his upcoming turn on "dancing with the stars." but first a look at the scandal putting lochte in the spotlight and still making headlines around the world. it was a celebration. that turned into an international incident. all sparked from a very public lie. >> and then the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it and put it to my forehead. >> reporter: leaving brazilian authorities to charge ryan lochte with filing a false police report. his lawyer telling abc news they have not yet seen the indictment and will cooperate with brazilian authorities. this as one of the swimmers involved, james feigan admitted
7:32 am
certain aspects of the evening most captured on gas station surveillance video. all four olympic swimmers now back in the u.s. with feigan having to pay an $11,000 fine before leaving the country. lochte who had nearly $1 million worth of endorsement deals has since been dropped by ralph lauren and speedo. >> i've done the training. >> reporter: jimmy fallon poking fun at the mtv vmas. >> i gave adele the flip phone. back. i got a call waiting. drake, the hot line -- >> reporter: lochte ready to take on his biggest challenge not in the pool but on the dance floor. joining us now is ryan lochte. and, ryan, you initially said that you exaggerated about what happened. >> yes. >> that opening. why did you lie? >> you know, i think it was
7:33 am
and, you know, i'm not one to make excuses but i mean i was still intoxicated. i was still going through the emotions of, you know, having a gun pulled on me and i mean i just -- i'm human. i made a mistake and that's something that i'm going to have to live with. >> you never technically filed a police report. theyctlly came to you. >> yes. >> would you still characterize what happened that robbery? >> i don't know if i would consider it as a robbery or extortion or us just paying for the fine for just paying up for the poster being ripped. >> do you acknowledge that you ripped up the poster? >> i did. yes. walking back through, but and then, you know, "usa today" and other people have been finding out, investigating it and there
7:34 am
>> you say you never even entered the bathroom. >> i never entered the bathroom. it was locked so we couldn't go in there at all so the story about me vandalizing the bathroom is absurd and never happened. >> so what was the lie? what was the thing you told that wasn't true? >> the thick that i told that wasn't true was having the gun pointed to my forehead and cocked. that was -- that was overexaggerated. >> but a gun was pulle pointed at your head. >> yes. >> how will you respond to the charges recently filed by the brazilian government? will you go back to brazil and face those charges? >> you know, i definitely have a great team and they're dealing with it. all the legal issues. and we're just trying to get this over with. i mean, it's been dragged out
7:35 am
been -- the media has taken this to a whole new level and i just want to put this behind me and move on and move forward and i think, you know, the rest of the world wants that too. i mean we've been talking about this way too long and there's other bigger issues that this world is facing. >> your teammate james feigan settled with authorities and paid more than $10,000. have you thought about paying him back since you took the lead on the lie and do you plan on paying anything to the brazilian government? >> like i they're dealing with it and whatever happens happens. and i reached out to jimmy saying i know you had to pay that fine. you know, it is my fault. i'm taking full responsibility for this and i will pay that back if he will let me. so -- >> what have you said to your other teammates? have you reached out to them. >> i reached out to everyone.
7:36 am
important thing that i did because they mean so much to me. and when i found out that they were pulled off the plane and everything that's been happening to them in the media like that hurt me and because i wasn't there and i wanted to be there and i wanted to help. i left on my own time. i didn't leave -- i didn't leave them for dry or anything like that i left when i was supposed to the authorities, they cooperated with me like, everything was perfect. they said, congratulations on your gold medal and i left. they didn't say you have to stay here or anything like that. so it just -- i've been really trying to be supportive and be positive for them being like i'm really sorry, i mean, that's all i can do right now. >> what about your mom?
7:37 am
this. >> yes. i mean, not much i can say. i mean it's my mom. no matter what she's going to stick by my side. >> did you apologize to her. >> oh, i definitely did. everything that she's done in my entire life, she's been there through thick and thin and especially this, i just hate how it's -- this affected my entire family and like the people around the world, no one deserves repay her for what's happened, but i mean we're a family. we have to stick together. >> what do you say to people who say you've embarrassed your country? have you? >> i mean, i -- i think it's -- it's everyone is blowing this y out of proportion. i think that's what happened and, you know, like i said, i did lie about that one part and i take full responsibility. i'm human.
7:38 am
something that i learned from and i know that that will never happen ag ain. >> "dancing with the stars," you actually agreed to be a part of the show before this incident happened. but now that you've dealt with the incident and still dealing with the backlash do you still feel like it's a good idea to put yourself out there on a reality tv show while you're still legally dealing with this, financially dealing with this and emotionally dealing with this? >> the emotional part is the it's been the past two weeks have been like the lowest point of my life and it's been really hard but like the fans, my family, my friends, they've all been really positive, keeping me going and that's what i want to do and this is perfect with the show because i want to put that behind me. i'm never the one to dwell on the past. i just want to move forward and
7:39 am
forward. i don't want this -- i mean everyone's got to be sick and tired of hearing about this. i know i am and i just want to move forward and -- >> put on your dancing shoes. >> put on my dancing shoes or at least try to. >> all right, ryan lochte, we're going to have much more with you in our next hour talking about "dancing with the stars." thank you for joining us. >> yes, thank you. >> coming up on our big board, this video getting a lot of reaction. look at that. it shows a 4-year-old thrown from a bridge in a his mom right there. the boy is okay but the mother is now under investigation. then amazon trying something new, a 30-hour workweek for many so of its employees. is it a good idea? could music at the office make you a better team player? our insiders join us in two minutes. when i put on a great pair of pants... i can move, be myself
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids. welcome back. time now for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories.
7:42 am
story. it is a doozy. the disturbing video that is getting hundreds of thousands of views online. you can see why. it shows a 4-year-old tossed off a bridge as his mother watches from the river below. take a look. [ screaming ] >> oh. >> you can actually hear the boy screaming as he plunges 27 feet into that water. the boy's mother reportedly is also heard there cheering as acquaintance throwing her son from the bridge and later playing it off as fun. thankfully the little boy is okay and, sunny, we know that he was shaken up but authorities are investigating and we can all see why. what do you think should happen. >> i'm looking at george. >> this is crazy. >> horrific. >> it's horrific. the bottom line is he has to be taken out of the home at this point. a full-scale investigation by child protective services. i think his mother should be
7:43 am
you look at that and you think society now has to step in and take care of this little boy because his mother doesn't know how to do it. >> the investigation still going on. amy and i were talking before and remember the story, last week we had the story of two kids, their mom left them alone for 45 minutes and charged with a misdemeanor. a lot of give and take of these laws that vary state by state. >> especially when it comes to parents. i think the parents should be held to a higher standard. if we saw a baby-sitter tossing this 4-year-old boy off a bridge or a be sitting in jail right now but now that we're talking about his mother, she is just free sort of walking around. i think the rue of thumb when it comes to parenting is what you can't do to an adult you can't do to a child. you can't beat an adult. you can't throw a kid -- an adult off of a bridge. you can't do it to a kid. >> it's a great rule. just stunning, stunning video. thank you, sunny, very much. that big headline from
7:44 am
of a 40-hour worker's pay and rebecca jarvis is here to talk about it. we know some european countries adopted shorter workweeks. why is amazon taking this on now? >> because it sounds great, george. that's why. this makes the company -- it's a great, great bit of news for the company and maybes them sound more competitive. it also makes them me attractive to mothers and these companies, the amazons of the world are trying to attract a different group of employees. speculating maybe this is in reaction to the story from "the new york times" last year that criticized the work environment at amazon, maybe that's the case but amazon says this is a pilot program. they're trying it out with a small group and maybe if it works out with a small group they'll expand it into the rest of the company. >> sounds good, rebecca. thank you so much. to a fascinating new study about music at work. take a listen to this. ? i'm walking on sunshine ? whoa ? ? i'm walking --
7:45 am
for george. 'dancing in his head. researchers at cornell found happy songs may spark cooperation in teamwork in the workplace. clinical psychologist dr. elizabeth lombardo is here with more. dr. lombardo, it makes sense to me. what do you think? >> wanted to look at the impact of music on teamwork. they had people either listen to happy music, sad music or no music at all. the people who listened to the happiest music were more likely to concluded they were better team players. >> george. >> i'm guessing we're ready to start playing music. what about the overall environment at work? how does that affect people. >> it has a huge impact. another study out of cornell found that colder environments, about 68 degrees cause people to be 44% less -- make more errors and 50% less productive than warmer environments so we really want to optimize our temperature and our music at work. >> there you go.
7:46 am
morning. >> sound machine with white noise on. >> that makes george happy. george, sunny, dr. lombardo, rebecca, thank you all for being with us. speaking of music taylor swift shaking off the vmas, the new picture showing where she was and why in just two minutes. i can't imagine doing anything else. i was twenty-eight years old when i felt my first lump. i told my students, i promise you i will come back. cancer treatment centers of america, i felt like they really cared about me. i met my team of doctors and my care management team. they helped me manage the side effects of my treatment. the most important thing is that miriam knows that her team is doing everything they can to look out for her, to make sure she has treatment options. in miriam's case surgery,
7:47 am
een less than a year since my diagnosis and i'm back at work, back with my students. i feel like i have so much to give them now. if i get to live another day or one hundred years, i want to make that time count. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. wow, what kind of underwear are those? thfrom fruit of the loom.ear wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear?
7:48 am
ay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. back now with the call of duty. jury duty, tha one famous face notably missing from the vmas lineup. that was taylor swift's face but the superstar instead in tennessee reporting to court. here is jesse with all the details. >> that's right, guys. taylor swift is not the first person or star to be called to jury duty but many of those big names in the past, well, they've been excused because of their celebrity. however, swift, she's one of the most famous people in the world. she reported to court ready to serve.
7:49 am
but sunday night t. swift was nowhere to be seen on that white carpet. ? so where was she? turns out she wasn't in new york but instead making a decidedly less glamorous entrance nearly 900 miles away reporting for jury duty ? we never go out of style ? >> reporter: the stylish singer heading to court bright and early monday morning in her adopted hometown of nashville quickly recognized and even snapping selfies with potential one fan tweeting, met taylor swift today at jury duty. she is so nice. #civicduty. so nic iact she gave a few shoutout. >> we wanted to say hi to max, alex, will, cole and deniya and have a great carpool, you guys. ? shake it off ? >> reporter: while she wasn't selected for a trial reported for civic duty is something even the biggest stars don't try to shake off. madonna, samuel l. jackson, brad
7:50 am
called. and swift didn't shake it off by doing her civic duty. she was excused,however, because she has an ongoing lawsuit that she's involved with in colorado, guy. >> she couldn't judge another lawsuit. >> that's right. >> interacting with some of the other jurors. >> i love her happy carpool, everyone. coming up we are just moments away from the big reveal. who is heading to the ballroom for the biggest season of "dancing with the stars" yet from olympians with finesse to a politician? we have the full cast reveale
7:51 am
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7:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought at the you by the alzheimer's association. start a walk to end alzheimer's
7:56 am
rtd says it is not going to pay some money it owes to the contractor in charge of the a- line. the agency is with holding $65,000 from denver transit partners. it has to do with the problems since it started operating in april until june. rtd could with hold more money for problems since july. get to a computer now if yo the winter park ski train. they go on ale in four minutes. tickets start at $39 for a one- way adult passs the train to winter park will run weekends january 7 to march 26. it is 7:26. we are talking 80s today. here's a live look from northeastern colorado. our wireless camera showing mostly sunny skies.
7:57 am
clouds this morning. 76 by noon. high today in denver of 80. then the chance for a few more thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening. it doesn't look as intense as yesterday. we could have a few cells get heavy rain. 80 today. 82 on wednesday. fast forward to the end of the week by thursday and friday things start to warm up mid to upper 80s. more sunshine and drier on thursday. lots of things just happened the last two minutes i-25 at 6th avenue. all the activity is gone. all the lanes are opened. heavy stop-and-go traffic from lone tree up into downtown. it is rock solid. we have had a the couple new problems. accident on e-470 at guard trail. you can see heavy stop-and-go traffic on c-470 to the west side. 6th avenue has been messed up because of the problems on i-25 as well as an earlier
7:58 am
traffic on 225 but also he on ee470. we are ying to get pa this crash south of i-70. double trouble on the toll highway this morning. north side freeway 04th and
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. popular vacation spots bracing for big storms with heavy rain, dangerous rip currents and high winds, the carolinas and the gulf coast on alert. ? in your imagination ? new overnight, as the world celebrates gene wilder, details emerging on his battle with alzheimer's and why he kept his private struggles such a secret. ? wake me up when it's all over ? marriage and betrayal. one of hillary clinton's closest aides separating from her husband anthony weiner after his high-profile sexting scandal. how to save your relationship or when to call it quits. ? i wanna make you feel good ? and it's time. the most dynamic "dancing with the stars" cast that's ever entered the ballroom. wait till you see who is joining maks, val and swimmer ryan lochte to face off for the mirror ball trophy.
8:01 am
? good morning, america. welcome to a big tuesday in times square. welcome to tom bergeron of "dancing with the stars." he's polishing up that mirror ball. we're getting ready to reveal the "dancing" cast for the 23rd season. now we know ryan lochte is in. so is another gold medal winning olympian. >> wow. >> ooh. that's a good tease, all right. >> revealed moments away. also this morning, becky is back with when to splurge or save on beauty buys. this morning, it's about something we all use, hopefully, deodorant. are better brands different than drugstore brands? becky is breaking down the science just ahead. >> looking forward to that. we all need it. we go to paula faris with the morning rubdown. >> we all need it but we don't
8:02 am
the big story this morning, a major warning from the fbi about hackers possibly trying to jeopardize or influence the election this year. the agency is putting state election officials across the country on alert after foreign hackers apparently breached voter databases in both arizona and illinois. in one particular case, a russian hacker reportedly gained access to log-in credentials. this morning senate minority leader harry reid is asking the fbi to investigate whether the russian government is as part of an effort to support donald trump. people in both parties are closely watching arizona today where senator john mccain is in the political fight of his career facing two challengers in today's primary ahead of a tough general election fight. and two powerful storms are heading for the southeastern united states right now. one tropical depression is moving up the atlantic coast heading for north carolina's outer banks. flooding is expected a little bit later there today. the other is targeting florida's
8:03 am
people in tampa are filling sandbags. they're bracing for up to ten inches of rain this week. meantime, look at this in colorado, a storm dumping nearly two feet of hail in august nonetheless. snowplows had to be ed in colorado springs. and a very dramatic rescue at sea to show you. the italian coast guard has helped save more than 6,000 migrants off the coast of libya fleeing africa for europe in overcrowded boats monday. 700 people packed onto one boat alone including a 5-day-old boy and his twin brother right there. a possible new lead in the unsolved murder of a new york city jogger. the parents of the woman say police want to interview a man that jogged that same trail several times a week and they say that man hasn't been seen since their daughter's murder back in august. a $300,000 reward is offered in the case. and a major tax ruling against apple. the company has been ordered to
8:04 am
ireland's government after the european union ruled that tax breaks given to apple were illegal. and a new partnership in the retail industry. nordstrom has struck a deal to sell some of j. crew's collection of women's wear. now, this is an effort by both chains to boost sluggish sales. and we do have new details this morning about actor gene wilder's battle with alzheimer's. his family says wilder battled the disease for three years, but they say that it never stole his core personality. the family says that it was wi diagnosis private so that the countless children who would recognize him as willy wonka would not have to worry about him. gene wilder was 83 years old. and finally for you on this tuesday morning, a new entry in our don't try this at home file. it's getting thicker. this daredevil's video is going viral. yeah, i almost can't even watch this, you guys. he tried to juggle oranges while riding his unicycle around the
8:05 am
that's 840 feet high. he still managed to record himself with a selfie stick. he is a pro stuntman, we should say, and did this before a 500-foot chimney. if you were wondering, 840 feet, 77 stories. >> but w is just recording him there from behind? >> i don't have all of the answers, jesse. >> paula. >> come on. >> you're lying to america. >> maybe could you do a "pop news" investigation? maybe a follow-up? >> no safety harness. that's incredible. >> crazy. >> stupid human tricks. >> all r >> of course. >> you guys ready for some "pop news"? >> yes. >> liven it up here a little bit. well, it's the moment of truth for "pretty little liars" fans, one of the biggest shows on tv with a massive social media following, but unfortunately the ladies will be leaving the small screen after the seventh season wraps in april 2017. the cast broke the news along with creator marlene king. take a look. >> it's been such an amazing chapter of our lives, and we're so glad that you guys could
8:06 am
>> the stars also took to social media to thank fans and their creator teased that they will finally have all their questions answered. the midseason finale airs tonight on freeform. >> i don't know what my daughter is going to do. >> i could say the same thing. >> she's going through the shakes right now. >> your daughters too? >> big time. >> like they say, all good things do come to an end. maybe they can try unicycling around -- what was that again a chimney in europe somewhere. no. they have to find something to do because "pretty little liars" is over. lara spencer pitched an amazing "pop news" story even in her recovery. one for you, lara. here we have quite the dynamic duo, phil collins and leslie odom jr. rocking the u.s. open at the opening night gala. collins came out for his first major public appearance in six years sharing the stage with the
8:07 am
shared co-hosting duties. other stars including anna wintour, mike tyson and emeril lagasse who is here with us this morning, guys. the event brought in over a million dollars and the proceeds are going to tennis youth programs. nice job by lara putting in work even in recovery and, of course, we continue to wish you a speedy recovery and know you'll be back here and on the tennis court. she loves her tennis. finally we have a "pop news" exclusive. bill murray cutting loose recording the voice of baloo in "the jungle ok take a look at this. ? the bare necessities the simple bare necessities ? ? forget about your worries and your strife ? >> a very good baloo, i must say. >> i love it. >> there as he murray behind the scenes of the live action movie that came out back in april. it turns out life really is all about the bare necessities. >> including deodorant. >> including deodorant. that's a must today, so now it's time to take a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." marriage and betrayal. one of hillary clinton's top aides leaving her husband after
8:08 am
the experts weigh in when you should forgive or move on. plus, tom bergeron is looking at his watch, guys, which means -- >> i'm waiting for an uber. >> -- it's dancing time. you're here to reveal the full cast about to face off in the ballroom. can't wait for that. ubers, in new york city, they always take too long. and we have keegan-michael key, jordan peele fresh off hosting the vmas and they're here with a hilarious new movie all coming up on "gma." ? i like to move it move it ? ? i like to move it move it. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum multigummies now available for men and women. ? all over the world ?
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8:13 am
out marriage and fidelity. hillary clinton's close aide huma abedin and former congressman anthony weiner announcing their separation following his latest sexting scandal. their six-year marriage becoming a string of indiscretions. abc's mara schiavocampo has a closer look at why they are calling it quits. >> reporter: this morning, the very public exposure of one couple's most private problems. former congressman anthony weiner once again caught sexting with another woman. "the new york post" publishing this lewd photo of weiner with his 5-year-old son beside him. his wife, huma abedin, announcing she's had enough. "i have made the decision to separate from my husband." >> when he dragged her child into this, i think that was when her motherly instinct said it's time. i'm done. >> reporter: the couple's marriage has been under the microscope since then congressman weiner accidentally posted a graphic photo on his
8:14 am
>> i've done things i deeply regret. i apologize to my wife and our families. >> reporter: in 2013 the couple re-emerged during weiner's new york city mayoral bid. the documentary "weiner" gives a behind-the-scenes look at the couple's private life during the campaign. >> but i don't have any prep. >> on what? >> on what to say. >> to whom? >> is the press going to be there? >> i'll give you some prep. i'll give you some prep. >> you don't know anything. >> no, i would say you act like a normal campaign candidate's wife. i think anthony is doing an amazing job. >> reporter: as weiner vied for a second chance, he got caught up in another sexting scandal. abedin remained by his side. >> i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. >> reporter: but now abedin is done playing the role of the supportive wife. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and joining us now relationship expert dr. logan
8:15 am
as we know, there was no and this other woman, but einer betrayal takes many forms, yes? >> betrayal takes many forms. i think it's first important to remember that we are not in this relationship. we're not in any of these public relationships, so it's really hard for us to judge. i think it's helpful and certainly kinder if we talk about what we might do differently as opposed to judging someone else, but, yes, betrayal can be physical, sexual, emotional and technological. >> right, technological aspect, i mean, this is something where this is happening in your spouse's phone. is it ever okay as a spouse or a girlfriend or boyfriend to look at the other's phone if you're suspicious? >> in a healthy, high functioning relationship, we should not be snooping at all. i think there has to be assumed trust built into a relationship. however, in a case where someone has betrayed a partner before, then that trust needs to be earned back, so while i don't recommend snooping, a spouse or partner has to be willing to
8:16 am
i'm doing and i want to prove to you i'm making a change. >> i've always been curious. i always felt like if you felt the need to look that perhaps there is another issue you need to address. >> relationship success or failure is not really just about one partner but about both and it's about talking about expectations and really communicating. we're not mind readers and sometimes we assume that. >> i know that this has been a very public battle for this couple over the last five years and we saw huma stand by her man the two times before. couples or for women, men to say when enough is enough? is there a breaking point? >> it looks like when family members, when children are involved, that's when all betsa. there are a lot of things we can handle as adults and there are a lot of sacrifices that we make for our family but when certain people come into the mix, when our kids are thrown into this, that's usually the time where people cut the cord and say, enough is enough. >> that makes a lot of sense. dr. logan levkoff, thank you so much for joining us.
8:17 am
and coming up, the moment we have all been waiting for this morning, we are revealing the entire "dancing with the stars" cast just ahead. stay with us. ? before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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8:21 am
? ? wanna make you feel good ? there is the big mirror ball. "dancing with the stars" 23rd season coming up. we're here with tom bergeron, ryan lochte. we're going to hear about the whole rest of the cast in a minute. but, tom, 23 seasons. kind of hard to believe but how do you keep it fresh season after season? >> well, i work tirelessly as you can imagine, george. actually it's our producers and amazing production staff that does it. >> well, it's pretty exciting because we're seeing some familiar faces come back this season. >> yeah. >> we introduced maks last week as coming back and derek hough is coming back, as well. how exciting is that to have your old pals back? >> well, it's wonderful. i think they all would echo that we have at best a feeling of a work family and it's great to have, you know, family members come back into the fold on a given season and go off and
8:22 am
season. >> we've gone forth and multiplied. >> it's true. you have. ryan, this has to be something new for you. thank you for doing the interview with amy. a lot of twitter reaction coming in, some positive, some negative. but that's kind of part of the show too, you know. you have to win voters' support. how do you feel about that? how are you going to do it. >> you know, i'm definitely really excited. this is completely new for me. you know, i think it's time for me to hang up the speedo and put on my dancing shoes and get in that ballroom. >> you don't need a big hanger for that. >> yes. >> can you dance, though, ryan? seriously have you danced? i saw you wince right there. >> no, i can't. >> so you're starting from scratch? >> i'm starting from scratch. this will be fun, though. it's a new experience. i'm going to treat this kind of like going into the olympics like you train for so long and you have that one shot to put it all out there. and i think that's what i'm going to do. >> by the way, to make ryan more comfortable, we're chlorinating his spray tan.
8:23 am
eclectic mix. do we want to start revealing who we have? we want to see more of the stars? everybody ready to see? >> yeah. >> let's see who is in our giant mirror ball. it is 16-year-old gold medalist laurie hernandez. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> great to have you with us. >> laurie, congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. that was some -- i thought they were going to keep you going all the way around. another olympian right here. you guys have had some great success, not only in the olympics but also on "dancing with the stars." laurie, how do you feel? >> this is amazing. i mean i'm so excited to start dancing. >> and you are a dancer behind the scene, by the way, right?
8:24 am
shakira? >> they call me baby shakira, yeah. >> baby shakira. >> yeah. >> we've had olympic gymnasts in the past on the show who have done very well. are you going to incorporate any moves into some of your numbers, do you think? >> maybe. >> all right. fair enough. >> maybe. >> can i ask both of you, because you're both used to winning and gold medalists have done well in the past, so how do you think you're going to take that on to the dance floor? ryan, i'll start with you. >> you know, i'm going to treat it just like how i do my swimming. and then when i have that shot, i'm going to go out there and i'm going to try to go for the gold, i guess you could say. >> laurie. >> i mean, with olympic athletes you'll notice that we train so hard you don't just get a gold. you know, you train hard for it, and the gold is the reward. so just going to go out there, train hard and -- >> he is ready to go. also have some ambulances in times square this morning. coming up, we're going to
8:25 am
competing for that mirror ball trophy. first we have to go to ginger. we all remember her on "dancing." >> i'm over here hiding behind the mirror ball with the best fans in the world. we are so happy you are all here with us this morning. three generations. i love it. let's go ahead and talk about the tropics because that is a huge story this morning. folks in north carolina waking up and wondering will tropical depression 8 become a storm? well, we've got a tropical storm warning. those shifts will twist away so a brush and that's today, then we look on thursday for tropical depression 9 to affect florida between tallahassee and tampa is where it goes right now. impacts again would be wind and hefty rain. good morning. it is now 8:25. here's your first alert. we'll see highs near 80 degrees in afternoon. denver 80. fort collins 82. graham 82. we'll see a few thunderstorms pop up this afternoon. could get pockets of heavy ain
8:26 am
warmer by thursday 85. storm. on friday we >> our production staff did such a great job out here. i had to say i can't to be on "dancing" again. can i do it, george and amy? >> coming up, for, the full cast of "dancing with the stars" right here on "gma." ? >> the moment we've waiting for the full cast of "dancing with
8:27 am
those of you hoping to vote on fracking won't get the chance this november. two ballot issues limiting the practice in colorado did not get enough signatures to make it on the ballot. we learned some of the signatures may have been forged. now that the political advertising season is in full swing you'll donald trump ads on tv. trump campaign is spending $10 million to buy adds in nine states. one is colorado. hillary clinton pulled her ads in our state after she started winning in polls here. saturday and sunday we expect more mid to upper 80s. today we are on the low end. highs near 80 by 3:00. with a chance for thunderstorms.
8:28 am
we have a rockies game tonight at 6:40. be prepared for a few storms in the ea 82 tomorrow. on thursday we are atle 5. it is warmer through the end of the week. we are trackiig early next week a cold front.
8:29 am
still a big traffic jam on the south side to downtown. started with an accident at 6th avenue. it is congested orchar you can see on the map a lot of congestion through the tech cenner. gets tight after colorado boulevard to downtown. southbound side is not much fun. that's an accident at colorado near yale. you can still see heavy top and go traffic on e-470. another accident near 6th avenue. double trouble on the toll highway. 225 busy. 15 minutes to parker road. c-470 has been busy.
8:30 am
and i- ? welcome back to "gma." it is the time we have all been waiting for. it's the moment we've all been waiting for, the big "dancing with the stars" cast reveal. >> you see tom bergeron right here, also two new cast members. olympic gold lochte and laurie hernandez right here. >> are you ready to hear who you're competing against? here we go. first up, it's marcia, marcia, marsha, maureen mccormick from "the brady bunch" vying for the mirrorball. does it take you back to your childhood? >> yes, marcia was the best. >> every rose has its thorn. will blond bombshell amber rose
8:31 am
"little women la reality star terra jole is known for her lady gaga act. pit little shakira against her in this. "taxi" actress marilu henner. she's one of those annoying people who has a perfect memory. >> yes. >> for everything. i've known her for years and remembers everything. and then we have former presidential hopeful governor rick perry who on remembered three things. >> ouch. >> also -- >> he hasn't even started yet, tom. >> and so rick perry will be cha-cha'ing george. >> tom delay tried a couple of yearsago. >> helpfully rick will do better. and you know former tween heartthrob jake t. austin from the great show "wizards of waverly place." calvin johnson was one of the best wide receivers in the nfl.
8:32 am
but can he transform in a great dancer? will he throw a football at marcia brady. we'll find out. how will that go. he might have a baby face but he has a sultry voice, see what we did, 11 time grammy winner, kenneth "babyface" edmonds will be competing and so will rapper and renovator, how many times you hear that in a sentence. vanilla ice. will he play nice, nice baby on the dance will champion race car driver james hinchcliffe cross the finish line first to win the competition? he's had quite a year. he came very close to dying a year ago. and why you want to go up against country music sensation jana kramer. all right. >> it's one eclectic cast. it's a good mix. okay, there's the competition. what do you think? >> oh, i'm just excited to go
8:33 am
going to be dancing with? >> sure. >> yeah, i think you do. let's find out who is going to guide you to glory. ginger, bring out laurie's partner. [ cheers and applause ] >> come over here. >> mwah. >> handsome handoff. >> val, i hard to top ginger. what do you think of your new partner. >> oh, my god. i'm her biggest fan. i saw her on tv killing it at the olympics and representing our country. i want to -- i know she's got a couple of gold medals and i would love to get her a gold mirror ball. >> you got to take laurie out to breakfast and give her a couple >> i think we have to. you know what, i would just say if i had to give you any advice, number one, keep this guy fed and hydrated.
8:34 am
give him chicken salad. >> does he get angry. >> black coffee and water, he's good. >> you can tell by how much his hair kurs in yeah, don't try to make your hair better than his, it's not going to happen. at the end of it just enjoy. he taught me something i will never forget. that's to just enjoy that moment. when you walk out there, it goes so fast and he is the king of admiration, gratefulness and being in that moment so i know you're probably pretty good at that. >> a few moments to enjoy over that's exciting. ryan, are you ready to see who you're going to be dancing with. >> yes. >> can i get a drum roll, please. >> it is two time mirror ball champ cheryl burke. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> how are you? >> hi. i just want to kiss all of you. >> welcome back. >> how are you? >> welcome back. >> thank you, tom. >> i missed you.
8:35 am
>> as i get hit by the mirror ball trophy. >> cheryl, how does it feel to be coming back. >> sorry. >> how does it feel to be coming back in amazing. i miss my family. it's been three seasons. feels like it's been a decade since i've been back and so excited to be able to be back and dance with ryan and just put that spray tang and glitter back on. you know, i just can't get rid of it. >> what made you want to come back other than the glitter and spray tan. >> right. well, i've been fortunate enough called "love on the floor" and dancing in japan. it's a live stage show and for me it was about, you know, performing again and i felt inspired and i'm ready to be back and do what i was born to do. so i'm really happy to be back. >> welcome home. >> yeah, ryan. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, we'll win this mirror ball trophy. >> he's got a big smile. cheryl, maks is coming back. this is fantastic.
8:36 am
the dancing pairings by going to our website. we'll have the whole cast here on september 7th. you got to go back to work. >> let's do that. i just want to dance all day but let's go ahead and start with colorado. want to see hail, why not? yes, that's it. colorado springs had that hail, the flash flooding, one to even four inches of rain falling very, very quickly. now we have flood watches from west texas up through missouri. and that rainfall going to be trapped and smashed don't you love when i talk weather, val. >> i love weather. >> he learned so much. all right. >> good luck, guys. on both side, all that weather
8:37 am
>> i'm excited about vanilla ice. the chances of "ice, ice baby" on the dance floor. spend low or yolo. you only live once. we are breaking down a beauty item that most of us use. deodorant. does spending big bucks make a big difference? becky worley is back with some refreshing news. take a look. >> reporter: drugstore deodorant. it costs a few buck, you swipe it on after a shower and t hat' it, right? wrong. deodorant is a business and growing. today designers are getting into the odor control mix. donna karan $25 cashmere mist and tom ford's neroli portofino. 50 bucks for deodorant? the brands that advertise as natural are selling faster than ever and come in cream, wipe, even primal pit paste. it ain't cheap either and can cost double your drugstore
8:38 am
to learn more we head to the princeton consumer testing labs where this man has 20 years in the deodorant business. >> i sniff under people's armpits. >> reporter: you heard it correctly. >> you hold your arms up. i would apply the sniffer here and then -- oh, lord. >> wow. >> reporter: did that just happen? okay, poor barry has possibly the worst job in america. but -- something different than less expensive brands? >> people think that and pay a lot more for a product it's going to be so much better, that is just not the case at all. >> reporter: barrie explains they don't prevent you from sweating but absorb odor and masks it. what you're paying for is that scent like a high-end perfume. so with these deodorants -- >> you will still sweat but the smell will be controlled. >> reporter: if you want to
8:39 am
odor forget deodorant and try an anti-percent pi rant. >> it clogs the pores that produce the sweat. >> reporter: he points to drugstore anti-percespirant bras that contain aluminum. some people pay more for great smelling deodorant, the expert's advice to preventing odor in the first place, anti-perspirant. >> go to the box and pay $ $10. >> reporter: the nose knows. >> wow. he went right in there, becky. here with products. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow, that has to be one of the worst jobs in america. i have to imagine. >> listen -- >> no quantitative scientific test for smelling. you have to subjectively smell. >> this is not smell-o-vision. the expensive ones and drugstore brands. >> take a sniff.
8:40 am
>> not really. >> listen, deodorant is about scent so if you're spending $400 bucks for three ounces of tom ford's cologne you're probably going to shell out another 50 to keep the smell going. >> if i'm going to be $50, it better cook dinner for me too. work it, though. >> one of the things that's interesting is deodorants are generally all in the same classification is that they mask odor. anti-perspirants prevent sweating and that also if you add in a deodorant also in so what barrie said anti-perspirants are more effective. they have aluminum. they have different time release sort of methodologies and so you might want to try different brands to see which one works for you. >> mix it up. make sure this natural brand says whatever you get, make sure that it is an elite assassin of odor. that's what you're looking for everyone. >> critical.
8:41 am
>> i'm okay. >> coming up, emeril lagasse is here. he's going to take us around the globe with his delicious dishes
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now with emeril lagasse. he has a brand-new show "eat the world" with emeril lagasse and travels the world to share great food with great chefs. take a look. >> doesn't matter if it's in new
8:44 am
chefs get together, magic begins to start happening. i'm excited to be here. this is great. >> my favorite thing to eat as a know it is yours is anything anyone else makes. >> that's right. >> this one you got the sweet in one bite. >> god, that's >> you know what we say, bam. >> you and mario batali. trying to get all the best chefs. how far you traveled. let's take a look on the map. there we go. >> pretty amazing, right? >> well over >> 100,000. >> fantastic. let's get -- >> around the world twice. the premise of the show, george, is about understanding the culture, understanding people and then understanding the food of where we travel. to have a chef companion at least one, sometimes two, let's take south korea, for example. this is -- >> there we go. >> this is danny bowen. south korea together and he made one of these dishes he made was spicy chicken wings from mission chinese, dynamite but in south
8:45 am
maple market and learned about the culture and the people, then we took a bullet train 1 0 miles outside seoul to a buddhist temple to find this buddhist nun jean kwan considered one of the best vegetarian chefs in the world and cooked with her all day long and italy with nancy sulitan. i consider her probably one of the gods of dough when it comes to dough. la brea bakery, et cetera, et cetera, she wanted to bring ee to italy to she considers the best pizza maker in the world. you know what makes his pizza so special, his ingredients. 14 kilometers from his restaurant, the buffalo mozzarella, olive oils, wine, amazing experience. then sanchez, we went to cuba together. i was just talking with somebody. if you're having a bad day, call harroun, he will make you bet ever. we went cuba together before it changed.
8:46 am
farmer who has a pig farm and he did roasted pork for us and we got to cook with him and made dishes for him and his family and had sunday dinner. mario batali. >> we just saw him. >> we started -- you would think we'd go to italy. we started at babo and made a ravioli with calf springs his grandmother makes and is the noodle from italy or china. mario, let's go to shanghai. that's what we did. we went to shanghai and we were searched for the best soup dumplings on the planet. sweetened with mark cal samuelson. i'm fishing in the middle of the ocean with marcus and a hailstorm, 26 degrees. >> all your friends having such a great time. >> unbelievable. >> we wanted to thank you for coming today because we know you lost your mom hilda. >> yes. >> over the weekend. our condolences and we know she was also such a big fan of "gma" and all your time here so thank you. >> if i wouldn't have come today, she'd be really mad at me. >> then we're glad you're here. thank you, emeril. really great.
8:47 am
this friday.
8:48 am
8:49 am
good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> yep, that's a very special greeting from alpha wolf and beta wolf who star in the movie "storks" and they're joining us now in person. actually great to have keegan-michael key and jordan peele. the duo who is here with morning. before we talk "storks" i want to talk about vma and your play-by-play commentary. we had great memes come out in that night. very funny. you were in character, social media influencers but you had some mixed reviews. how do you handle your critics? you put yourself out there as comedians. >> you know, that's part of the job. you put yourself out there and, you know, it's like we love our fans and everybody else, it's like get out of here. no, we have fun. >> yeah, there's just a thing you're trying to achieve.
8:50 am
the thing you wanted to achieve that's the best thing at the end of the day. >> you achieved a masterpiece with "storks." i watched it last night with my little girl. we laughed. we cried. it is an awesome movie and you play two wolves who are competing to be the alpha, beta of the pack. let's take a look. >> hey. >> listen, i'm the alpha. i'm going to eat this thing first. >> i'm going to be the new alpha. >> there's no need for a new alpha. i'm the alpha. you're not even a beta. >> no, i'm not. [ baby cooing ] >> ah! >> tell me what -- >> every day. >> who was the alpha? who was the beta. >> it changes from every day. i'm definitely the portly wolf. whoever the animators are -- >> a bone to pick with the animators.
8:51 am
sketches. are you going to be the alpha in this sketch? >> that's right. >> in real life we're both betas. >> tell me what the heart of the movie is. i mean, it really is touching and this baby captures the emotions of everyone. >> i think a lot of the story is about family. it's about the family that you make and find yourself in a situation making the best of a situation andhat being related to somebody is not necessarily the number one thing. like that finding friend is just as much family. >> yeah, really sweet movie. really funny movie. i mean it's got classic like vaudevillian level comedy. >> absolutely. >> it was right up our alley. >> how was it making it? i know you guys when you were doing some of the voiceovers were in like two sides of the country, right? tell me what that was like. >> we've done sketches like that. >> we've done sketches like that. >> digitally put -- >> stood next to each other. >> it's interesting because the fun challenge is the timing
8:52 am
director is like, say that in unison then look at each other and we're going -- >> yeah. >> comedy is all about timing so it has to be even more difficult. andy samberg, some other incredible cast members a part of this as well. you weren't all in the same room. >> it's funny. animator puts it together and looks like we're all next to each other and but did something not a lot of others do, let us talk at the same time and they never let you do that but it works well in the film. >> and we got to really -- you know, in it we don't just play two wolves but the entire wolfpack. all of the wolves, like 250 wolves. >> you guys are so great to interview. do you do everything together. >> just about everything. >> yeah, we are on different coasts but we -- >> sometimes. >> even on different coasts we will sometimes finish each other's -- >> sandwiches.
8:53 am
key & peele, very well done. can i call you that. >> yes. >> "storks" opens nationwide on september 23rd and we will be
8:54 am
8:55 am
? hey, michael. >> good morning, michael. >> looking cool, mike.
8:56 am
>> strahan rocks. >> hi, guys, i'm on the way. >> michael, you're looking good. does he look a little different. >> a haircut. ? no way somebody ? >> looking good, strahan. >> some people were just born to say -- >> good morning, america! ? good good ? "good morning america" brought to you by cheerios. >> that was a fun tuesday. >> that was. it was a busy tuesday. >> it sure was. have a great day, everyone. >> bye-bye. deputies in arapahoe county say this man told him he crashed his car on purpose hoping to kill his 2-year-old son.
8:57 am
quote man enough to raise a child. he is in jail facing attempted murder charges. the boy survived but suffers a concussion and broken bones. one of the united airlines pilots arrested for being too drunk to fly is from colorado. fort collins native on the left in the video bailed out of jail on monday. he was arrested along with his co-pilot on saturday in scotland. they were supposed to fly from both and to new jersey. it is a beautiful start to our day. we have sunshine this morning. we will see a mix of sun and clouds early on with the chance for a a few more thunderstorms this afternoon. we had big pockets of heavy rain yesteay. could see a few today. heading into the holiday weekend it is going to get warmer and drier by the end of the week. today denver a high of 80. greeley 82. low 80s across southeastern colorado. 60s and 70s for the colorado mountains.
8:58 am
each day it gets a touch warmer. tomorrow a high of 82. on thursday that's where the bright spot is. first alert will be in the mid to upper 80s from thursday through sunday. >> unfortunately we have a big problem on c-470. you can look from kipling. it looks like the rear tire is gone from the truck. this is the eastbound side of e- 470 near kipling. all the activity ii you can see on the map heavy stop and go traffic in both directions on ee470. still have problems on e-470 near 6th avenue. those are getting cleared up.
8:59 am
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