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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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pulling up to see this completely smashed in and not knowing if your child is okay is a scary thing.% >> children inside this aurora daycare when a car slammed it. three denver police officers were hurt when they had to shoot and kill a suspect. a feature meant to keep you safe. we need to talk about what is going on in florida. 42 counties are under a state o% emergency bracing for hermine. >> nicole brady is keeping an eye on things there. when is it supposed to make land fall? >>reporter: today. in the last couple of hours a tropical storm issue was issued
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hermine strengthened over the gulf of mexico from early this morning and forecasters expecting it to hit florida with hurricane force winds and a dangerous storm surge. if hermine makes land fall as a category 1 hurricane, it's going to be the first hurricane to hit florida since 2005. dozens of tampa area schools and government office have announced closures and here we can look at the tracker. hermine is expected to head up saturday and so a lot of areas will get hit. the storm is expected to impact new york, connecticut and new jersey has well into the labor day weekend. >> terrible timing for that storm. that's for sure. that's not the only major storm people are dealing with. people in hawaii are breathing easier this morning. even though it lost strength and didn't make a direct hit the
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bringing heavy rain and strong winds. they had to cancel school to be safe. let's get to lisa to see the forecast here in denver. it's beautiful and temperatures this morning that are in the 60s and as we head into the holiday weekend a nice warm up for the kids. 62 at the morning bus stop. by this afternoon mostly sunny and 85. we'll see storms over the western half of the state. you'll notice on futurecast some patchy fog east this thunderstorms again that we see later this afternoon mainly in the mountains and a few in the foothills. denver today a high of 85. here's your first alert that most cities both in the foothills and out across the plains will be about 3-5 degrees we have so much going on this weekend. >> there's huge things going on. we have streets downtown closed
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well as the stage being set up for the kick off village. you see heavy traffic here on 270. we just had that left lane open moments ago. traffic is draining off nicely so you can go ahead and se it if you leave the house. expect an extra minute getting past. take a look at the overall drive. still wrapping up water work there off at santa fe. we had work there at arapahhe and i-2 security wait time is creeping up to 20 minutes. police in aurora are investigating this crash that left a motorcyclist dead. you can see the mangled mess there. this happened late last night on quincy avenue. investigators say the motorcycle bursted into flames after running into a car. the motorcycle's headlight was now to denver where a woman was killed after being hit in the crosswalk. this happened at spear and
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accident and called 911 to report it. two children and a woman new recovering this morning after a driver crashes into a daycare center. this happened yesterday n south havana street in aurora. the driver was wanted in a hit-and-run and crashed after an officer spotted him. the car hit three feet from -?where he was standing. >> i was scared. there describe people give us their children to take care of. >> police arrested he driver. they think he was drunk or high. at 5:04 a suspect is dead and three denver police officers are recovering this morning after a struggle for one of the officers guns. it happened yesterday afternoon at a home on west baits. the man escaped through a window
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gun and that's when police opened fire killing him. we talked to a neighbor close with the suspect. >> i've known him his whole life. it's going to be hard not to have him around. i hope the officers that were harmed are going to be okay. >> the officers were not shot but suffered minor injuries during the struggle. right now it's not clear why they went to the home in the first place. this is the second killed someone this week. over the weekend they killed a man who refused to drop a knife. the officers were cornered in an attic off fox street when this happened. at first they say they tried to tazer him and that didn't work. one of the officers then shot him. local pooice are cracking down on people using drugs in our parks and along our trails. jason joins us with what they're
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safer rfrnlts the denver parks and recreation department didn't shy away from it. they admitted the cherry creek bike bath have become a hub for drug use and dealing. they're stepping up and now denver police are getting involved. if your found either dealing or selling get out. you will be suspended for 90 days from the areas. if you come back you face a fine or possible what's left behind after the drug use. we're talking about needles. they are a big problem here along the trail and parks. just this year alone we are told 3500 needles have been collected by police or the parks and recreation department along the cherry creek bike path. some are from insulin and some are from illegal drug use. heroin a growing problem here in
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parks and recommend are hiring an independent contractor whoo3 special advisories in cleaning up needles here along the bike path as well as trying to kick people out as part of the suspension policy. so between those two city leaders are hoping this works. you just want an example of a problem, denver seven went up the cherry creek bike path to spear and lawrence. one hour on a needles. that's just with us barely looking. hopefully this works and we'll stay on top of it and let you know as enforcement begins tomorrow. boulder wants to follow in denver footsteps and get rid of homeless camps. the police chief is strictly enforcing the camping ban. they say they want to help the homeless population and want to
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the city's largest day shelter which currently moves to church to church. the aclu wants colorado ccties to lift their ban on panhandling. denver, boulder, and colorado springs have altered panhandling law and they're not in the aclu cross hairs. no surprise here. another problem with the train to the plane. thankfully it's been fixed but we're looking into the 20-minute delay. three crossing arms at threee3 intersections stayed down too long. if rtd can get the crossing arms to work properly they could get rid of the flaggers. >> since this line has been opened in april, there's never been seven consecutive days where they work properly. >> the main issue is the amount of time the gates come down prior to the train coming through and staying down through the intersection and when the
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train goes through. so it continues to be safe but the problem is they are going too long. >> rtd says the unexpected extra time is safe for the train and convenient for drivers. the next time you're at dia you may notice a smell. the bathroom air freshener is the talk of the town. >> many of you have asked us to figu it's called black bamboo. >> interesting. pungent. go to our website and you can find more on this fragrance in dia. >> there's no scratch and sniff. we apologize for that. donald trump finally laid out his immigration plan and what he thinks will happen to the country if we let foreigners move here. there are a lot offdeal breakers when it comes to dating but should a credit score be one of them?
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to upper 50s. you will fiid dry conditions here in denver. take a look at the staid jum lit up this morning. we will see a few storms today. here's your first alert. a good drive out of boulder heading down to the game a dead early.
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russia says it has killed a prominent isis leader but our country's leaders are calling the claim pro postrous. . from the first alert desk, this is a strange story out of syria. war ravaged syria is out with a
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beaches and jet skiing. the tourist board released this video showing the coastal town and it ends with the phrase, "syria, always beautiful." >just this morning 17 people have been killed in air strikes there. in the last five yeaas of civil war in syria 300,000 people have been killed and every day refugees try to flee the country. donald trump finally outlined his imm arizona he started off warm and inviting but as he got deeper his tone certainly changed. take a listen. we have no idea who these people are and where they come from. i always say trojan horse, watch what is going to happen, folks. not pretty. >> he made the speech after a last minute meeting with the president of mexico. the two discussed a plan to
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border. hillary clinton is not impressed with the news. she says the meeting is too little, too late. >> ii certainly takes more to make-up for a year of insults by dropping in our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> she says you don't build a coalition by insulting friends and acting like a loose you put in the slow hard work of buildinggrelationships. looks like voters don't like either candidate. a new poll says donald trump and hillary clinton are the most unpopular people running for president in more than 30 years. the number of people who see clinton unfavorably went up three points in the last weeks donald trump's rating is at 60% but when you look at registered voters they are baufkly tied. so speaking of getting
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at a surprising dating deal breaker -- your credit score. >> four in ten adults say they would turn down someone with a low score. credit scores are more important for women than men and college graduates are more likely to care about the score than people with only a high school education. >> but you shouldn't pass ssmeone over because of their three digit number. really? they nned research to tell us this. they may pay their bil but had an unexpected medical issue that ended up lowering the score it yeah, a big talker that people are checking credit scores to go on a date. >> so that's a question they ask now and they're like why is your score at 510. >> that's weird. i wouldn't do it for a date but obviously if you're getting serious or getting married, you check it out. a beautiful start to the day.
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eastern plains. sunshine for the morning drive. here's a live look from our camera in limon. foggy half an hour ago. you will find it patchy on the plains but won't last long as temperatures climb the atmosphere mixes out and we'll get more sunshine around 11:30. in denver and boolder and fort collins, sunshine through midday and we'll see a few scattered storms but mainly west of town. the western half of the state will pick up showers today and north eastern colorado is staying dry through tonight. that's what it looks like at 10:30 this evening. tomorrow morning we will see more cloud cover and wet weather out west and out across the plains a few clouds early on. i want to get you through the afternoon tomorrow to show you what we're in for. ? better chance for scattered storms and showers friday afternoon as we get another system set to roll through the state. our temperatures are still warm
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so today is really going to be one of the driest days this week. we'll see some 60s by 9:00 and 80s by about 3:00 to 5:00. denver reeth around 84 to 85 and overnight tonight, 50s and 60s. denver at 85. some upper 70s near castle rock and evergreen 76. so a few degrees above were yesterday. 60s and 70s cover the state today. better chance for scattered storms on friday afternoon. a slight chance on saturday and sunny on sunday. quite pleasant through the weekend. keep the umbrella in the car just in case especially if you're out for the rocky mountain show down tomorrow night. we'll see temperatures in the 80s and 70s during the game but
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the mid to late afternoon and quieter by night. we have ourselves a roll over near fort collins. >> what do the tow truck drivers call that? >> the dying cock roach position. you see the truck over here. this is the northbound side of i-25. this is just before the harmony exit and you can see the left lane is blocked now and it's going to be some time before both lanes are open. the northbound side is for a quarter mile or so an extra 5-10 minutes here. not horribly backed up but it will be drawing a lot of attention on the southbound side out of fort collins heading towards loveland so be aware of that even though your lanes on the southbound side are open. the rest of the drive around town looks nice including getting out to dia. still wrapping up the water work and repair work.
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later today you're invited to come celebrate the fight of a local teen inspired to use medical marijuana on campus. last week he died and his memorial is at the chat field farms botanical gardens. it will happen in the open air chapel and starts at 6:30 tonight. the army's largest stock pile of weapons is in pueblo. they will destroy the artillery shells filled with mustard agent. it will take four years. some people are so desperate for medicine they are using their pet's prescription. doctors at baylor college polled
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>> many medications we prescribe for animals are the same ones people take. i'm not surprised because of expense and ease. the problem with that is dosage. -?and the age of the drug. it's not safe. >> the american veterinarian med kol association says vets should not give unlimited refills of prescriptions. it hurts to do this but you may n fudge brownies and chocolate chips. some are being recalled after customers found plastic bits in the treats. if your package has a best by date of october 8th, get rid of it. surgeons in canada say throw out your wired bris l barbecue brushes because more and more people are swallowing the bris ls. if you don't want to buy
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wire bris ls fell on your food. >> or just don't brush your grill. >> no, get something else to clean it. i don't know. >> clean it somehow. >> i know. it's a nice day. speaking of grilling, this weekend we should have good weather for it. today mostly sunny and low 60s with pa try fog on the plains. mostly sunny by noon and by 4:00 we're at 85. the storms today in the mountains in the western half of the state. highs in denver around 85. here's our first alert. foothills mid to upper 70s and golden today -- i'm from that side of town -- 82. >> i love golden. bad accident up here in the north side of town of i-25 before you get to harmony about a mile or so there. you see the roll overthere opt side. it's out of the lanes of traffic but traffic as you can see as the camera resets backed up for
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extra 5-10 minutes and the southbound side is also affected. there's a problem at the rtd station, not the a-line but the e and h lines. the train at louisiana southbound due to a power issue delayed at least 15 minutes so delays out of downtown heading south on the southeast lines going towards colorado and into the dtc. >> that is not good news. we all know not to judge things based on looks. some say that fruit too. a local push for stores to sell ugly produce. also broncos last game
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. mon the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa.
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local deputies searching an admitted animal abuser home. what they found inside. pot bow len's son is trying to get his conviction overturned. the broncos getting ready to take the field for one last game. can you believe it? it's here. we look at their chances against the cardinals. first we want to check in with lisa for the first alert forecast. flash backs. a beautiful start out east. patchy fog across the plains. here's your cheat sheet for today -- drier this afternoon and a few scattered storms but mainly in the mountains today and it will get warm as we head into the weekend. today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. you're stepping out the door to


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