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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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and say a prayer for him if you would be so kind. you will need every bit of that.>> new the douglas county sheriff deputy is shot. right now the sheriff using surgery in critical condition and the suspect is dead after a shootout on parker road. we have coverage you tonight. we begin with denver7 marc stewart . >> shannon there are significant questions to answer one being the condition of th the identity of the gunman man accused of shooting him. the sheriff is going to update us at 6:15 but woman last talked -- but when we last talked, it was the gun man that fired the first shot. this again started as a suicide call. two separate scenes involve. one at a home. the gunman is believed to have
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away and that had a confrontation with officers . let's take a listen to douglas county sheriff . >> he fired the first shot and those shots -- one hit one of my officers. the second shooting he fired shots at my deputies and he was deceased at this point . >> this all happening in a very public, very high traffic area here in parker. just outside the perimeter of parker/venice hospital far from lifetime fitness. there were a lot of people around at the time when deputies and contact with this man described as suicidal. the sheriff i believe has personally gone to the hospital to check on the deputies condition we are told there will be an update again at 6:15. for now we are live in parker marc stewart .
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liz, you spoke to a man who came face-to-face to the deceased suspect?>> reporter: yes shannon this man shot the alleged shooter. crashed his rv. when people ran over to help a man that is when he opened fire. it was a chaotic scene in parker this afternoon. people in this area heard shots and they saw police cars racing down this road. this is an area withchools very close by. glass appearance very concerned that this afternoon. demand we talked to was on his way to coaches sent up all pr say cops were at the school. he was driving near the camper the one that the suspect was in when he says it veered and crash. he says the driver pointed a gun out the window and listen what happened next . -?>> i see the camper come into my lane and then come on over and hit days about 100 feet in front of him
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so days he was like right here -- item looking right at him. he pulls out his gun as people are running over and he opens fire. >> batman says he is just thankful to be alive thankful none of these civilians who ran over to try to help were hurt but we are also hearing from parents that they are upset because they did not receive an email from the school district until 4:40. we know around 3:30 parker police sent out a tweet said -?there was a man with a gun in neighborhood so the school did not notifying parents until more than an hour later. liz gerardi denver south.>> parents reunited with the children just minutes after getting this notice that liz just told you about. some of the parents understandably broke down as they were finally reunited with their children knowing they were just fine. once again as mark said douglas
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happened about the shooting and the condition of the deputy who at last check is in critical condition in surgery. stay wiih us here. denver7 will carry that news conference live in the half- hour . >> the da dropped the charges against the boyfriend of this missing milton woman. charlie hart disappeared two months ago. her boyfriend has never been named a person of interest or a sp jeffrey meyers has been in jail on an unrelated sexual assault charge. it is those charges that were just dismissed. here is why. the da says the sexual assault case had become intertwined with the missing persons case and that investigators could have enforcement to turn over about that ongoing case. so he is not charged any longer but still could be charged in the sexual assault case down the road . a 35-year-old woman is fighting for her life and police need to find the person
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federal heights police found this woman with a gunshot wound to the head yesterday evening in a car 84 and take us. they are looking for an older model red pickup truck. it had colorado plates that started with 047. the truck was seen leaving thh area around the time of the shooting . i am deborah stacy donelson. very quiet here over the denver sunshine here today but severe weather across the eastern plains over the last couple hours. even a tornado touching down in yuma county. we still have two big cells that are moving through the easternmost portion of our state. scattered showers further to the south and a few sprinkles of towards the northern mountains. here in denver it has been very quiet. we have seen a lot of sunshine. we are very much keeping an eye on these storms here out to the
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effect for yuma county. strong storm to the north of array with hail included. severe thunderstorm for it carter. carson. this one stretches out to the west. keep an eye on this. as for the metro region temperatures in the low 80s. especially for the rocky mountain showdown if you are heaaing out to that looks like we will have a few potential storms possible but generally those will be across the eastern plains. after dropping into the 70s for a couple hours. as we get temperature into the 60s . complete holiday forecast coming up extract that sounds like a plan stacy thank you. if you're getting out of town -?the weekend here is what you can expect for traffic. >> traffic in downtown ii getting pretty thick. not only do we have the rocky mountain showdown at mile high, we have a rock is game in 40 minutes, we have the taste of colorado going on, we have right best and this is traffic heading into the mountains on i 70 .
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tougher policy to try to get rid of drugs in parks along cherry twin trail. the acu causes plan unconstitutional. liz gonzales is live in governors park were today police can ban anyone using or selling drugs.>> reporter: right shannon and police said that parks like this one, they cherry creek trail hhve become hubs for drug users and now that is why they are stopping anyone but one group says they cannot do that. >> now along the cherry creek trail is this sign marked with today's date alerting that the navajo police can ban anyone from coming back if they are caught using or selling drugs . >> this is why we have increased our enforcement efforts down here. >> reporter: police increased air patrol earlier this year along the trails.
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>> this is a situation that has been needed to be addressed for a few months now . >> if band you cannot come back for 90 days or else face jail time or a $1000 fine . >> this is backwards. it is punishment first . >> mark silverstein is against the new order . >> you are calling this enforcement unconstitutional correct? >> kicking people out of the parks based on an officer's process -- yes. that violate the constitution . >> asfoor police response -- i would direct you to our cities office for that . >> i think it is important for us as a law enforcement agency to be able to provide a safe area for our residents to enjoy our parks . the aclu has not received any complaints or cost of people receiving and that they
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against this new band . >> thank you brenda . >> police in longmont have increased patrols after a sexual assault . a woman was walking home a couple weeks ago and was attacked in a field near calvary church . she told police this man has tattoos on his face and he assaulted her on the night of august 20 . >> lock it or lose it as you get ready to head out ttis labor day weekend. douglas county says vehicle break-inar highland ranch and parker. these are getting into carson taking purses and wallets, taking garage door openers. some detectives say they have leads but if you know anything that would like to hear from you. today in denver what can only be called a delicious protest against donald trump. councilman paul lopez parked this taco truck outside of trumps denver office.
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taco truck that every corner if we don't do something about immigration. >> will call it -- colorado lawmakers have set up an election by . they made edits to the voter guides onto ballot initiatives in the primaries. the edit tossed out nonpartisan language and made the wording less appealing. here is an example -- lawmakers of both side of the aisle struck a light about increase voter turnout and instead added a paragraph suggesting fewer that it would change election winners and would raise the cost for taxpayers . >> by next week we could have our hands on documents about the over budget and way past deadline of aurora the age hospital. congresses suggesting subpoenaing the va for thousands of pages in its investigation . to be a found that most of the apex spectators dispositive-based executives responsible for the costs have already retired. the cost of jumped from 600
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>> jared fogel is now serving 15 years in prison in a colorado prison in fact in the parents of the girl he photographed naked are demanding $300,000 but now he is arguing, they are responsible for he most of distress because what he calls an abusive relationship with fighting with the daughter. he wants them to pay some if
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breaking news in douglas county. a deputy is in critical condition and investigators are combing through two different shooting scenes near a shopping center off of parker road. denver seventh marc stewart is rot -- is live. >> reporter: shannon we have been giving a 6:15 start time. as he walks up here to begin, the key question is the condition of his deputy andy deputies identity . he has been in the hospital. we will get a briefing now from spurlock. >> thank you all for giving me an opportunity to share some information. earlier today one of my officers was involved in a situation where there were shots fired. myydeputy was shot and critically injured. a short time later the suspect was shot and killed by another officer just a short time later. the most important part right
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two things -- one that you pray for my officer. i will share his name in a moment. and the power of prayer is important. i think it can help them. he is in critical condition and we need to do whatever we can. also the city of parker has been great in helping us in this investigation. the city of parker is pretty much gridlocked in traffic so -- if you don't need to come down to this part of the city we ask you not to because the roads areevery clogged and there are a lot of problems with kids coming out of school and just moving around on a friday night. thank you very much for that. the detective that was shot and injured is detective dan bright. he has been with our office for 2.5 years. he is married to one of our sergeants christine bright who works in special investigation
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they are together at a hospital. and her children -- their children together are there with family members. other family members are on the way to this location that they have all been notified of. so i do ask again that you have thoughts and prayers for detective bright and his family and we will continue on with the investigation . we have two separate investigations going on in two separate shootings and again with the assistance of the colorado state patrol, parker police department and the district attorney's office, we sure hope that we will come to the conclusion of that and the most important part for me right now is that detective right comes days detective bright comes out of this -- that detective bright comes out of this okay and he can come
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>> it is dan bright spelled and 12 . >> we had our impact team. just so happens they were close by and that is where detective dan brite is assigned to so fellow officers were there . obviously this so it may have appeared that there were civilians out here but they were our detectives that were in plain closed and it was a police officer that engaged him at this location. >> one of the big questions that you still answer tonight? >> i will be honest with you. the most important thing for me
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he is okay. the questions of the investigation -- it is clear to me for my fficers that we had the suspect who is deceased . we will work backwards from that. the 18th judicial district critical response team is conducting the investigation and they will be able to provide me with more information about what caused this individual to do what he did. >> douglas county sheriff tony spurlock briefing be press on that message parker today. a suspect is t with police. really important information day she just gave us the name of one of his officers who was shot. it was ddtective dan britt . he was shot and he iin'surgery in critical condition . he is married to another officer in douglas county christine bright who is a sergeant. she is with him at the hospital. the sheriff is asking for all of us to pray for his detective that he pulls through here. they said they got the bad guy
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exactly what happened. schools were on lockdown for a while. this has all been resolved . the suspect is dead and the detective the only other person hurt is in surgery right no we will stay on top of that throughout the evening. we will have a complete wrap tonight. but for now i know so many of you have a lot of labor day plans and here is help. there is a lot going on. blue skies overhead. thunderheads on the horizon though. off in the distance we have strong to severe weather across the eastern plains. this is what it looks like in burlington very rainy. a lot of lightning and even small hail. it is very quiet here along the urban corridor. but across the plains it has been strong thunderstorm activity from burlington ll the way up to yuma and ready.
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a completely different story across the plains. severe thunnerstorm warning for yuma county. this is southwest of alvin and northwest of rae. that is the picture you just saw. we have the strong thunderstorm moving through this area . now if you are planning a bbq for dinner tonight 70s are our temperatures with scattered showers along the plains. not a whole lot in the denver metro. temperatures in the $.60 to go through tonight and tomorrow warming back up into the mid-to upper 80s. for the afternoon one more cool day for the holiday 87 degrees sunny and warm as we get those polls closing down over the next few weeks. as you see for the future cast by 10 pm very nice here for the front range. scattered showers remain here for southeastern colorado.
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the central mountain terrain moving to denver by about 5 pm to 8 pm period tomorrow evening so keep an eee out for showers showing up into late evening hours tomorrow and overnight in the mountains. as for our forecast tonight will have lows in the upper 50s tomorrow back in the upper 80s like chance for scattered afternoon thunderstorms. still a warm day for us tomorrow from the front range and eastern plains 90s here for the southeastern part of the state and our ve all the way through monday.
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a terrifying day in douglas county. douglas county sheriff's was shot. detective dan brite shot . he isn't surgery right now. the suspect was shot and killed
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